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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  October 24, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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live from studio 3 c in rockefeller center, this is "today in new york." now on "today in new york" hurricane patricia loses some steam after slamming into mexico's coast with record-breaking strength. we'll have the latest on the damage report. plus, we've got a major transit report for the long island railroad. and the mets now know who
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they will face in the world series. they're getting ready for game one against the royals. >> the mets are hot. the temperatures are not, though. chilly start to the day. >> 41 degrees outside right now in the city. there's a chill out there. we are dealing with that chilly start and then the clouds build later on today. it's one of those days as the sunshine fades away as we head into the afternoon. there's some rain as well, a rain chance. we'll talk about that in just a few. it's very quiet out there. lots of clear skies all around the region. the clouds do start to build in after 10:00 or 11:00 a.m. a high temperature of only 56
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degrees, but we do stay dry on this saturday. well, hurricane patricia is weakening after slamming onto mexico's pacific kooes coast. >> unleashing torrential rains and punishing 165 miles per hour winds. trees have been uprooted, power lines have been knocked down. there's no word yet that the point on fatalities or major damage, but there were flooding reports and landslides. heavy downpours in north and central texas here in the states. much of the state under a flash flood wash tch. a foot of rain fell in some places, swamping drivers and
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prompting rescue after rescue. forecasters there say the rain will continue throughout the weekend. a team from stanford is gearing up to provide relief to victims of hurricane patricia. soon a team of people will travel to mexico to assess the damage and the need there. the group also provides assistance to health facilities in those damaged areas. >> we have a long track record of staying after the disaster to get those health facilities up and running. they provide the backbone to those communities. a mer also in morning investigators are trying to figure out what caused this raging fire that completely destroyed a home on long island.
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16th street and west babylon. a mother and her teenage daughter were inside when it started but fortunately they were able to get out safely. investigators return this morning to a synagogue that was gutted by a massive fire. >> reporter: fire investigators are here behind me trying to find out what caused this historic synagogue to go up in flames just a short time before friday's services. from chopper 4 you see firefighters battling the intense flames at the landmark synagogue. >> it's sad. i know it's a historic building. >> reporter: crews found smoke on the second and third floors, heavy flames came out of the windows and roof. one person was inside but made it out okay.
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control in about two hours. >> at this point we are going to start our investigation. we're going to take our time and get it right. >> reporter: these are photos of the historic synagogue before the blaze. it was added to the national register of historic places in 95. the whole community feeling their pain. >> we walk by her every day. we see the families coming in. you know, our hearth go goes out to them. >> reporter: fire officials were able to get one torah out before the fire took over. police this morning now investigating a livery cab crash in brooklyn that left a pedestrian dead.
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the driver stayed at the scene. we're told he's cooperating with police. we're also told he's not arrested. we've got a transir a ir it alert for the long island railroad. >> reporter: some customers may want to put the brakes on their weekend plans. the railroad shutting down service between mineola and hicksville. >> i was actually planning ongoing a party this saturday, so that's kind of disappointing. >> reporter: the point jefferson and ronkonkoma lines will be most affected.
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in hicksville that have to go into the city over the weekend. it makes life a little difficult. >> reporter: lirr president says the weekend is the best time to get the work done. >> we do it around the clock over the course of a weekend to impact as few people as possible. >> reporter: customers are counting on it. officials say you should pick up one of these specialized schedules or check their website for the latest updates. they say the construction work should be done by midnight monday to leave plenty of time for the rush hour commute. wait. there's more. we've got a commuter alert for people who plan to ride metro north this morning on the hudson
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workers installing a 700 ton girder on the bridge. now we know which american league team the mets are going to be taking on the american league series. >> a 4-3 victory over the toronto blue jays. the royals advance to the pennant. the mets now head to kansas city for games one and two. more on the world series coming up a little later on sports. coming up on "today in new york," there are new guidelines for breast cancer screenings that's getting mixed reaction among doctors and survivors. plus, what volunteers in new jersey are going this fall to ward off jelly fish next summer. we are tracking hurricane patricia moving through mexico.
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it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough.
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bright lights on a clear morning on the gwb. traffic moving smoothly there. cool start. even cooler around the tri state area. right now we want to talk about this. one in eight american women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. not every doctor or breast cancer survivor is on board jane mcgee says a mammogram at 40 changed her life. >> it was through being screened
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but also it was because my tumor was found that i had genetic testing done and found out i also have a high risk for ovarian cancer. >> the american cancer society says women should start getting mammograms at 45, not 40. one of the main reasons for the change is a high risk of false positives which some doctors believe leads to painful and unnecessary testing. >> there's certain time points when more frequent screenings are beneficial. and other time points when more frequent screenings don't really appear to be as beneficial. >> she says she will not be following the new guidelines in her own practice. >> breast cancer detected much smaller is better.
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and if it's detected two years later maybe they'll have to have chemotherapy where they wouldn't have had to have it a year ago. >> the screenings themselves i think are good for women. >> insurance companies typically pay for mammograms starting at the age of 40. at this point, though, it's not clear how these guidelines will affect their future policies. at the end of the day talk to your own physician and do what you think is right for your particular case. i made the mistake of going to sleep with my windows open last night. >> brisk out there. you were feeling it before you woke up probably. temperatures are in the 30s north and west of town. feeling a little wintery out there. typical late october weather
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coming our way later on today. it's dry though. that's the good news. tomorrow though we are dealing with some rain. 41 degrees. let's take a look at the latest on hurricane patricia. it has weakened significantly now down to a category one storm. lots of mudslides, flash flooding. that's going to be a problem. there is a flood threat across texas later on today and also into tomorrow. winds are at 75 miles per hour. it's a weak category one. it will continue to move towards the northeast. closer to home feels chilly. feels like 28 in morris town town.
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we have windchills in the 20s and 30s. 56, clouds and sunshine, a great fall day today. tomorrow we start with some rain. today is cool, tomorrow is milder. 56 today. back up to 66 tomorrow. it's quiet as you're starting your weekend. but our cold front is going to be moving in later on tonight into tomorrow morning. it's moving through ohio right now. we could have some drizzle right along the coast. you're going to see a gray day ahead with onshore flow. 7:00 p.m. if you're heading out to din ter tonight ner tonight looks good,
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rain ending in the city by late morning but it's going to hang on a little longer for suck county down r suffolk county. 56 tomorrow again. showers tapering off by late morning. rain from the remnants of hurricane patricia move in wednesday and thursday. we could have a good sook aking rain which we need. beneficial rain from hurricane patricia on the way towards the middle of next week. stay up to date with the news 4 weather app. well, summer as we could
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over, but volunteers at the jersey shore are looking ahead to next year. >> it's a scrub down using household tools aimed at taking the sting out of waterways like the one in toms river that pete hartman used to enjoy. >> brings up welts and it's painful. >> reporter: the target in these lagoons, young, microscopic sea nettle jelly fish that eventually grow into stinging creatures like this. >> it's almost like deer. too many of them you've got to reduce the population. >> reporter: an experiment in which baby sea nettles or polyps are literally scrubbed off docks and floating docks, hard
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surfaces to which the creatures attach themselves for the winter. targeting lagoons like this is key. researchers recently found close to 300,000 polyps on just one floating dock in this areas. >> humans are kind of being part of the problem so now we need to figure out how we can be part of the solution. >> reporter: urging those with waterfront property to do some scrubs of their own. >> the general public has way to minimize the problem so they can enjoy their lagoons again. >> reporter: experts say the goal isn't to eradicate them. but with less jelly fish they hope people like pete will be able to again take the plunge pain free. coming up after the break,
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costume is an original. . there are five big movies to tell you about this week. which one is perfect for you? let's begin with steve jobs. this is a fascinating drama that takes us behind the scenes with the late apple founder. if you want a jump start on this season's oscar movies see this one because it's got some of the best acting and writing that i've seen all year. gem and the holograms is a live action update of the tv series from the '80s. it's got a lot of music and one '80s icon.
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next up is rock is kasbah. the impressive supporting cast includes kate hudson. finally we have the last witch hunter. this is a dark action thriller featuring vin diesel and lots of cool special effects. let's see what movies fandango fans are buzzing. so that's what's going on at the
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welcome back on a saturday morning. well, americans are expected to spend about $7 billion on halloween this year.
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decorations and all those little essentials. >> how could you celebrate halloween and not break the bank? >> clerks at grocery outlet were filling the shelves with candy. >> we go through so much of it. >> reporter: in fact, handing out candy is the number one way people celebrate halloween. >> the chocolate is a little bit more expensive. but the hard candies and stuff, a little cheaper. >> reporter: watch what you buy and where you buy it. discount stores often have the cheapest prices. don't buy your halloween candy until the last minute. >> the closer you get to halloween the cheap ter er the prices get. >> every day that we bring out
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more halloween, it's gone very fast. they are right on it searching through it. >> reporter: this salvation army thrift store has racks of costumes and shelves of decoration. the search is worth the savings. >> i just bought a bunch of little knickknacks for halloween and i spent five bucks on like seven items. >> i know i took my daughters halloween costume shopping and they were $30 apiece. here they're $5 apiece. one of the scariest parts of halloween is when you find out you've got the same costume everyone else is wearing. google has introduced a map that show what is costumes are
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trending locally in your neighborhood and nationally. google's already predicting an abundance of "star wars" characters, superheroes and pirates. >> probably some political candidates in there as well. i'd like to do the new york city up down town downtown fright geist. we now know the masons will face the kansas city royals. >> we know the mets have a pair of aces, jacob degrom and matt harvey harvey. degrom a little bit fatigued. the mets held a voluntary workout on friday.
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cage friday. uribe took batting practice. one guy nobody wants to see taking time off, daniel murphy. >> right now he's feeling pretty good about himself and he should. that confidence speaks. when you're seeing the ball like he's seeing it right now, i'm not sure how -- i've never seen anybody that hot before. >> we're fortunate to have taken care of our business quick. it helps guys that are banged up and helps the rotation. >> if we weren't talking about the mets we'd have spent about every day this week dissecting jets-patriots. there's the only so much time. the pats, the league's top
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scoring offense. something's got to give. the jets are eyeing first place in the afc east at 4-1. >> as big as you want it to be. for us, you know we still trying to get better and better each week. it is a big game because it is a conference game and everything. at the same time it's still early in the season. >> we will see what the jets are made of sunday. giants host the cowboys. odell beckham junior as questionable. the way the giants lost in dallas dallas, it's not something tom coughlin wants to dwell on. >> the way in which the game unfolds, but the plus three and losing a game, you know, that's the one that i grind on. and defense ef
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amounted to 14 points which was terrific. other than that you know the kind of physical game we're in for. no change in that. >> a big one for the giants no doubt. and a huge one for rutgers hosting number one ohio state. coming up next, a manhunt this morning for three persons of interest in the deadly shooting of an nypd officer. and cleanup continues this morning after a water main break in queens. and another fall weekend around the tri state. you may be thinking about some leaf peeping or apple picking. we thought we' d be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn' t need a loan.
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we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can' t predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself.
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41 degrees as we get going here on a saturday morning. a live look at the lincoln tunnel. traffic not too heavy as you'd expect this hour. >> glad to have you with us on
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it's going to warm up but it's seasonable. >> halloween a week away. >> long johns under those costumes. >> that's right. we'll see if the cold lasts until halloween. right now we do have a cool trend. temperatures in the 50s today. a nice dry start to your weekend. we love to see that. no rain in the forecast for today except for the coast where you may see some drizzle places like monmouth, ocean counties. more clouds as the day goes on . the morning g ing may start out bright but the clouds roll in. watch out for some drizzle in hempstead and also point pleasant. showers arrive after midnight probably as you're waking up tomorrow morning as the cold front moves through. temperatures basically in the
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upper 40s to low 50s. 42 in monticello with showers by tomorrow morning. if you're looking at some leaf peeping fun we'll take a look at your fall foliage map coming up. the reverend al sharpton leads the vigil as police ask for your help in tracking down three people of interest in that deadly shooting. >> three men seen on surveillance video moments before holder's murder. >> reporter: three men walking casually down the street all wearing blue and white. the man on the right is laughing. the bright lights of police cruisers flashes in the background. this video shot moments before he was gunned down by tyrone
6:31 am
police want to know who these three men are and if they were involved in a gun battle that sparked this deadly chain of events. >> they should be accountable for it as well because they were with them. >> reporter: this as they continued to pay their respects to the 33-year-old officer. >> i've seen him patrolling around here in my community. he was a good officer, very respectful, very quiet. >> reporter: howard is behind bars on a murder charge. the career criminal was in a diversion program instead of jail. now the mayor wants to reform state bail laws. >> no more new yorkers should have to pay the price for the errors in our laws. >> reporter: police hope different angles of these three men leaving as shots are fired will help police identify who
6:32 am
a school bus driver in new jersey looky ucky to be alive after colliding with a tractor trailer. fortunately there were no students on the bus when that happened. the 65-year-old driver hit the truck yesterday morning. we're told the driver is expected to survive. and a limo driver involved in a crash that killed four women on long island now plans to sue the town of south hold. they blame dangerous road conditions for the accident. he was making a u-turn on the roadway when a suspected drunk driver struck his limo. >> a 12-year-old girl was shot in the head last friday as she
6:33 am
parents home in hempstead. >> reporter: the casket was carried to a horse drawn glass hearse. >> it don't feel like she's really gone. >> reporter: she was one of many kids here a union baptist church wearing buttons baring d eja's smiling face. >> very mad and sad and didn't know why. she's my girl scout sister. it was just sad to see her go. >> reporter: struck down by a stray bullet in her own house is what continues to trouble even
6:34 am
>> this child was in her own home. so where are you safe? >> why? >> reporter: her story won't be finished until her killer is brought to justice and until the gangs and guns in this community are dealt with. >> we have to come together. we literally need to get these gangs off the streets. >> reporter: police are investigating whether gang activity lead to the shooting ing ing and whether someone else in her house was the real target. police are now releasing photos of a man wanted for allegedly groping a woman at yankee stadium. police say he was a guest in one of the stadium boxes. if you know him or recognize him
6:35 am
please give police a call. a cleanup is underway in queens after a broken water way left a huge muddy mess. officials say a construction crew working on a property in that area hit a water main and it flooded streets and surged into nearby homes and businesses, even impacted underground subway service. it took city workers nearly five hours to stop the geyser. news 4 learned the construction crew may have violated a partial stop construction order. we have the latest from france where a bus crash has killed dozens of elderly passengers. . plus a paper plant goes up in flames in southern california. and storm team 4 returns
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investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a huge warehouse fire there. crews arrived after 7:00 last night, flames already shooting through the roof. that building was loaded with paper and plastic and it burned for nearly an hour. only one person was treated for minor injuries. this weekend friends and family gathered in a small french church to remember the victims of a horrible bus accident in western france. the truck driver and his three-year-old son were also killed. the bus caught fire, left a burned out shell. the memorial was held in the small french village where many of the victims lived. it is the deadliest road accident in france in 30 years. it is apparently never too early for snow? sigh siberia. forecasters say this could turn
6:39 am
out to be the largest snowstorm in siberia in a decade. thousands of drivers were stuck in the snow for hours. >> when you're complaining about the snow in siberia, puts it in perspective there. >> it is a little cool throughout. we've seen a little dip. >> in the bush >> temperatures in just a minute. right now we're looking at 41 degrees but feels like 38 in central park. if you're heading out there for a brisk morning jog, layer it up. fairfield county you're one of those spots seeing temperatures
6:40 am
32 in fairfield. 37 in stratford. cold enough for you in morris town, 28. one thing these cool temperatures do, they get the color going for the foliage out there. this is your fall foliage map. if you want to check tout leave out the lees lee leaved today, it's a good day for that. you have that peak fall foliage right now. northern fairfield county as well. and from new york city south still dealing with mod rail erate color. by next weekend we'll see peek conditions in and around new york city just in time for halloween.
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it comes and goes so quickly, doesn't it? this is our troublemaker, rainmaker. we do need the rain. cold front moving through the ohio valley. it still has several hours to get here. drizzle along the coast. not a great day along the coast. don't be surprised if you see some rain in places like babylon. it's dry from the city north and west. it's not until tomorrow morning really. there is our cold front. showers popping up from west chester county down towards new york city. they may linger for a few hours before drying out very nicely. we get a nice dry finish to your sunday. 56 is your high temperature. it's below average a little bit. drizzle along the coast.
6:42 am
49 for the low tonight. showers towards morning. seven day forecast shows temperatures stay cool and fall like for the next seven days. coming up after the break where you can hit the dance floor for a good cause. later why do pit bulls get a bad rap? a closer look at the breed, plus
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give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. back now with a successful
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event fighting aids one dance at a time. >> tonight's your chance for fun on the dance floor while helping in the battle against aids. joseph is the founder of dancing for a cause. six years now you're having this event. tell me about the impact that aids has had personally on your family. >> at a young age i found out that both of my parents were diagnosed with hiv. i learned probably in the early '80s. unfortunately my mother -- hiv digressed into aids and she eventually passed from it. on the brighter side my father is still living with hiv. he's as healthy as an ox. he was fortunate enough to take care of himself and get access
6:46 am
he has a very suppressed viral load. >> there still is this social stigma. and you lived with it. is this why you're so passionate about trying to help? >> that's a good word to use in the situation. i grew up being a little bit shameful of my parents' situation. i wasn't very comfortable talking about that. i think that was a direct result of the stigma. it had affects effects on the way i related to people. stigma was real for me growing up and it's very real for a lot of people whether or not they're diagnosed with it or not. it leads to a lot of different issues. >> tell me about the work you guys are doing.
6:47 am
i mean, you talk about hispanics representing 17% of minorities here in the unite but 23% of new diagnosis. there are a lot of reasons. socioeconomic factors like education, the stigma, the lack of some more culturally sensitive out reach programs for latinos. >> your event is in manhattan on fifth avenue. what's the website? we're excited about the diverse program of dance companies
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it is time to find out what's coming up next on weekend today. just ahead here on a saturday morning on "today" we're live on the ground in mexico after hurricane patricia, the strongest storm ever recorded in the western hemisphere slammed. >> also ahead, a big weekend for the race for the white house, hillary clinton taking a virtual victory lap while jeb bush searches for answers amid a
6:50 am
plus the latest on the militant for manhunt on the couple accused of robbing banks. look at these pooches. some of the best halloween costumes for your pets. there's batman. >> he's not getting dressed up. we call him jake the wonder dog. >> you have guinea pigs. >> we have two. there are four dogs in the segment segment, a cat and two guinea pigs. >> all right. we're there. >> off thank you very much for the preview. time for this morning's pet pro profile.
6:51 am
let's talk about some misconceptions about this breed, the number one being they can be aggressive violent dogs. >> they get a bad rap. they do. pit bulls are sweet dogs. pit bulls are very special just like these two right here. they're so sweet. >> what are the real characteristics of the breed? what do they get along with? what doesn't necessarily work? >> the pit bull is a terrier. and ter your means they need a little bit more exercise and training than the normal dog. it's important to make sure that you train them and give them lots of love. this tweet heart right here is viv. she's about seven years old.
6:52 am
she's available for adoption at a pit bull adoption party we're asking at 30th and avenue of the americas starting at 12:00. we advice that you d vise that you work with a dog trainer right from the beginning. we want to make sure as puppies they're nurtured and loved. historically the roosevelts had pit bulls. the little rascals dog was a pit bull. helen keller had pit bulls. they had a long history of being the nanny dog because they're so protective. >> tell about these dogs. >> this is rubin, an absolutely lovely boy here who's available today at the animal care and control on 110th between 1st and
6:53 am
both of these dogs are great examples of calm, loving, mush of a sweetheart dog. >> this is viv. >> viv is right here. >> this has got to be one of the most chill dogs we have ever had in the studio. >> i had viv at home last night. both of them are so polite. it's like they know english. they won't get up on the bed unless you let them. this one jumped into bed and put her head on my shoulder. she just wants to be close. this would be the perfect companion dog. >> viv waited until you invited her up to get in there. >> exactly. they're both so polite and sweet and both available for adoption today. >> you could find more information about these pets on
6:54 am
the animal care website. it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right.
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unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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in the city is irresistible. how about this pizza raccoon. friends saw this little fella near the conservatory garden on tuesday. he grabbed the pizza from a garbage can and climbed a tree to enjoy it. >> tomorrow we warm up though we have some rain in between. today starts out sunny and then the clouds roll in. 56 your high. we stay cool. a very fall feel out there on this saturday. maybe some drizzle along the coast, otherwise it is dry. showers arrive late tonight into tomorrow morning. it gets better as the day goes on for your sunday. 66 your high tomorrow.
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