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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  October 24, 2015 8:30am-9:30am EDT

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high temperature a cool 56 degrees. there could be some patchy drizzle off to the south of the jersey shore later on today. we'll talk about the timing and how long that rain will last coming up in your full forecast. >> thank you. the reverend al sharpton is going to lead a rally for fallen police officer randolph holder. >> sheldon? >> reporter: good morning to both of you. reverend al sharpton and others will gather for that vigil here at the police station where officer holder worked. i want to show you how much the memorial outside the station house has grown since officer holden was killed. more and more visitors have laid down candles and flowers.
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officer randolph holder was shot and killed on the job tuesday night here in east harlem. police have arrested 30-year-old tyrone howard. he has been charged in holder's death. this morning we are also getting a closer look at the three then police are trying to track down from the night of that shooting. now, these men are not suspects but the nypd does want to talk to them about a shootout that happened before officer holder was killed. police are asking anyone with any information on their whereabouts to give them a call. we're also tracking new information this morning a deadly shooting out of the bronx. two men this morning face charges in the killing of 20-year-old kimberly velasquez. she was taken to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. the investigation, ongoing.
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investigators try to figure out what caused this raging fire that destroyed a home on long island. look at the smoke and flames shooting out of this house on 16th street and west babylon. a mother and her teenage daughter were inside when it started, but fortunately they were able to get out safely. investigators trying to figure out what gutted an historic synagogue in new brunswick, new jersey. you can see from these pictures from chopper 4 the flames were burning through the roof of that building and out the front door. it fortunately no one was hurt in that fire. >> no injuries to anybody, firefighter or otherwise. we're going to take our time and get it right. >> and we are told that one torah was pulled from the synagogue before fire gutted the
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entire building. police now releasing the identity of a man that was struck and killed by a livery cab in brooklyn. he died at the scene. the driver did stay with him, cooperating with police. and we're told that driver has not been arrested. hurricane patricia no longer a monster storm but it's still capable of causing a frightening amount of damage. >> the storm roor ared on shore yesterday, the strongest hurricane on the pacific coast when it made land full. although the storm is now weaker, weaker authoritities say it could cause mudslides.
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distribute relief supplies and medications. a team will travel to mexico to assess the damage and the need there. that group also provides assistance to health facilities in damaged areas. >> we have a long track record of staying beyond the disaster to get those health facilities back up and running. they provide the backbone to those communities and they need to get their health restored. hurricane patricia is causing some heavy downpours in north and central texas. more than a foot of rain fell in some places, just swamping roads, trapping drivers and prompting rescues. much of that state under a flash flood watch. also this morning we are now learning convicted colorado movie theater shooter james holmes was attacked by a fellow
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inmate in prison earlier this month. they said the incident took place in a hallway as holmes and daniels were being moved. daniels lunged at homes and swung at him. now to a transit alert for anyone planning on riding the long island railroad this morning. the mta is suspending service along two major brarge nches for construction work. clearly we beg your pardon. we've got some technical difficulties there. >> we'll get to the lirr story in a little bit. there's limited service on the hudson line. they're installing a 700 ton
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the metro north tracks in tarr tarrytown. the kansas city royals wrapped up the alcs last night with a victory over the toronto blue jays in game six. the mets will now head to kansas city for games one and two. more on the mets and their chase for the championship coming up. >> you're liking our pitching better. our, like i picked up the ball. >> good vibes, good vibes. coming up on "today in new york," a story that may make your skin crawl a little bit. why rodent reporteds are on the rise across the city. >> this week's trivia is inspired by the new york food film festival.
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blinds to go. blinds for life. now up to 42 degrees as we fake take a look at sky cam. >> wouldn't you want to go leaf peeping if this is what you had your sights set on? this is out in the catskills. i thought it was computer generated it's so good. the governor is on a motorcycle ride in the mountains. you see how beautiful the leaves look already. yeah, the farther north you go, right? >> yeah. this is it.
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peak is now north of town. we'll get to that in a few minutes. in the city little pops of color going on. >> central park hasn't turned much yet. >> maybe one or two maple trees. we'll probably get to near peak here in the city by next weekend. you can see lots of sunshine out there this morning. it's not going to stay sunny today so enjoy it while you can. we have an update on patricia. now downgraded to a tropical storm. still a lot of heavy rain across mexico and especially into texas. that's going to be our flood threat to watch in the united states. the winds down to 50 miles per hour, rapidly weakening, almost as quickly as it strengthened over the past 48 hours or so. and now the pressure is rising. moving towards the border with
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day today. feels chilly out there in the suburbs. windchill values in the lower valley. today the sunshine fades behind clouds, drizzle along the mediate coast, jersey shore. otherwise it's dry. tomorrow starts out with some showers overnight. tapering off by 10:00, 11:00, depending on where you are. here's a look at storm tracker. this is our next weather maker. it's a cold front off to the west. not a ton of rain in here. we need a ton of rain we have a drought. not going to get it this time. long island you could see some of that drizzle too with an on
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around 10:00 tonight, nice and dry. there comes the front. tomorrow morning you could see it falls apart here. light showers. kind of a nuisance rain through the morning. it's going to linger a little longer to the east and then the sunshine makes a nice come back. overall it is a nice fall weekend ahead. 56 is the chilly half of the weekend. increasing cloud throughout the day. low showers develop after midnight towards dawn. temperatures on the cool side. tomorrow in the 60s, back down to the 50s on monday. the remnants of patricia will team up with another low and bring us rain wednesday and thursday. not a lot of rain tomorrow. wed, thursday we could see a decent soaking of rain with that
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the storm. we want to go back to that transit alert we were telling you about. anyone planning or riding the long island railroad this weekend, you might want to make other plans. >> reporter: some lirr customers may want to put the brakes on their weekend plans. the railroad shutting down service between mineola and hicksville. >> i was planning ongoing to a party this saturday. so that's kind of disappointing. >> the port jefferson and ronkonkoma lines could be most effected.
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customers between mineola and hicksville. >> i have a lot of friends in hicksville who have to go into the city over the weekend. it makes things difficult. >> we do it around the clock over the course of a weekend to impact as few people as possible. >> reporter: the railroad promised the second weekend shut down tied to the bridge project will be the last. customers are counting on it. new york city is overrun by rats. you see them everywhere. and now it's even easier to file a complaint, which could be why the city is fielding a record number of them. but does that mean the problem is getting worse? >> reporter: the neighbors are all talking about it. >> you could hear them at night. sound like big dogs.
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get away from you. >> in the building here they sound like horses in the walls trampling over your head. >> that big and with a tail about this big. rats. these new yorkers are among the 24,000 plus who complained about rats this year. the new 311 app has become a magnet for people to report other problems like noise and pollution and of course rodents too. complaints about every subject on the app up 150 %. even raccoons like this one that scampered near a central park playground this summer can prompt complaints under the general rodent category, which
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tick in rat complaints. >> every new york citizen can do their parts by containing their garp garbage and not littering. >> reporter: but for yvette staying away from rats has been a challenge. >> ran through any my kitchen, my living room. it makes you feel horrible about your home. speaking of rats, you remember pizza rat? >> sure. >> he went viral. he's not the only creature who can't resist new york city pizza. it's pizza ya raccoon. >> they say the raccoon grabbed the pete from a garbage can and
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climbed up a tree to enjoy his meal. some lucky hotel guests are going to pay 1906 prices for a historic stay in the nick knickerbocker hotel for $2. that's what they charged when john jacob astor iv stayed in the hotel. the mets are going to work out this afternoon as they prepare to travel to kansas city for game one of the world series. >> yes indeed. john chandler has more in your saturday sports. >> good morning, everybody. we know the mets have a pair of aces.
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the mets held a voluntary workout on friday. another mid season pick up in the cage on friday, uriibe took batting practice. one guy no one wants to see taking time off, daniel murphy with six straight homers in playoff games. >> he's feeling pretty good about himself and he should. that confidence speaks. i've never seen anybody that hot before. >> we're fortunate to have taken care of our business quick. it helped guys that are banged up. it helps the rotation. . >> the world series starts tuesday. if we weren't talking about the
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this week dissecting jets, patriots. gang green boasting the nfl's top storing defense. the pats, the league's fop scoring offense. >> as big as you want it to be, as big as you want it to be. for us, we still trying to get better and better each week. you know it is a big game because it is a conference game. it's till still early in the season. giants host the cowboys. the way the giants lost in dallas to open the season, well, it's not really something tom coughlin wants to dwell on with his team. >> other than the fact the way in which the came unfolds, but
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the plus three and losing a game is -- you know, that's the one they grind on. and of course through defensive plays which really amounted to 14 points which is terrific. other than that you know the kind of physical game we're in here. >> it's a big change and for rutgers. still ahead on saturday morning, lawmakers behaving badly. sfloo and and it's time to ask produce pete. >> what did i get? kau
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so you know the music. it's time to ask produce pete. today we're talking about what he calls the queen of garden vegetables. that would be madam cauliflower. >> yet i went to a farm in new
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jersey. what i did was we got some cauliflower. we all see it in the stores in these little packages. usually most of it comes out of california or mexico. and we see it in these little packages. we don't know what cauliflower looks like. this is basically what it looks like when it's growing. they take the leaves on stop and they tie them to protect the cauliflower. now, you'll see local flower like this. california flower and mexico flower you won't see it with the tops on like this. trucks go by what the weight is.
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they trim it down. today i brought the purple va variety and the white variety. purple is pat's favorite. the purple variety, when you cook it, it won't bleach it. it will stay the exact same. it's milder and probably a little sweeter. i like both flowers. try to go to your farm stand. you want to help the farmer and these farm stands. if you're lucky enough to go and see the flower with the tops on, you want to bring it home and leave it in your refrigerator with the tops on.
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it protects the flower. you have to refrigerate cauliflower of course because otherwise it will go bad. when buying it you want to look for the flower to be nice and hard. that's the most important thing. what happens with cauliflower, it's made up of thousands and thousands of tiny flowers. when the head is not hard, when you cook the cauliflower, it's not going to be crunchy or have that good taste. it's going to have a softer taste to it. the local flour is out there. it's available. whether you pick the white or the purple, get out there and buy it. >> when you see this little black, that's not mold. what is that?
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has to do with the sun. it's perfect. i'm going to be out at donaldson's farm. that's where we picked the pumpkins and the apples. i'll be throughout from 11:30 to 3:00 today. anybody out there, come out and say high. and happy birthday to the twins. they're 15 today. >> i told alex i'd give her a quarter. zbhoekd to she could go to the mall. a lot more ahead on "today in new york" including a vigil
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>> reporter: i'm live in east harlem where reverend al
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. live sky cam look at the brooklyn bridge this morning. beautiful day along the east river. 44 degrees in the city. further north, you're dealing
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>> did you sleep in your onesie last night? >> i was all bundled up. >> it is chilly. temperatures in the 30s like gus said north and west of town. getting a little warmer as we head throughout the day but not much. quiet picture, clouds and sunshine. the clouds are going to roll in throughout the day ahead of low pressure. these are your high temperatures below average. 54 for your high in chappaqua. maybe some drizzle along the jersey shore and long island. not a lot of sun for you at all. patchy drizzle. no heavy rain today. 59 degrees, clouds and sunshine in millstone.
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eventually we see some rain after midnight. 49 for a low in the city. and wind out of the south five to ten miles per hour. some of that rain is going to stick around into your sunday morning. also we'll take a look at your fall foliage map and show you where the best colors are if you're going leaf peeping. the reverend al sharpton will remember a police officer lost in the line of duty. >> reporter: apparently officer holder's sister questioned why reverend al sharpton was not at the suspect's arraignment earlier this week. sharpton released a statement saying he tried to get in touch with the family to set up a visit. he also said he hopes holder's
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vigil here at the police station where holder worked. the nypd wants to question these three men about a shootout that happened before officer holder was killed tuesday night. he was shot and killed on the job in east harlem tuesday night. all week long people have hon on nor honored his memory. >> he was a very good officer, respectful, quiet. >> reporter: police have arrested 30-year-old tyrone howard. they arrested him the night ot f the shooting. he has been charged in holder's death. every day more and more people are coming by to pay their respects.
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officer's holder's funeral will be held on wednesday in queens. mayor de blasio wants bail reforms following the fatal shooting of officer holder. tyrone howard, a repeat drug offender with numerous arrests was out on bail when police say he killed officer holder in a shootout. >> when the risk to the public cannot be legally considered in the bail process, when it's not required to be considered in the diversion process, something is fundamentally wrong. and it inhibits judges from using their best judgment and doing their jobs to the fullest. >> new york is one of the few states where judges can't consider potential danger to the
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community when setting bail. there was an emotional fair well on long island for an innocent 12-year-old girl struck down by a bullet while standing in her home. she died on saturday after a bullet came through the window of her home in hempstead. >> very mad and sad and you didn't know why. you were like questioning god. she's my girl scout sister. it's just sad to see her go. >> why did this happen? her life was cut short for no reason. >> the killer is still on the loose. police are looking into whether gang activity was the cause of that shooting and whether someone inside her house was the target.
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dangerous road conditions along route 48 in south hold. there is is a major cleanup underway in queens after a broken water main left that big muddy mess at a construction site. a construction crew struck a water main that sent water fwush gushing from the grounds. it even impacted underground subway service. it took city workers nearly five hours to ghaet et that gies eyser under control. we have new information on that raging fire at an apartment building in pa
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new jersey. three firefighters were hurt and hundreds are now out of their homes. a pa in southern california investigators hoping to figure out what sparked a huge warehouse fire there. the building loaded with paper and plastic burned for nearly an hour. a lot of fuel there. part of the roof of the building collapsed and one person had to be treated for minor injuries. friends and family gathered in a small french church to remember the victims of a horrible bus accident in france. a bus slammed head on into a truck. the memorial was held in the
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of the victims lived. at least ten prost testers were arrested after clashing with police and cabinet members in kosovo's parliament. they're angry over the government's agreements with serbia and montenegro. some family members haven't heard from each other in 60 years. the reunions last through the weekend though. families return home on monday. still ahead on "today in new york," weeks after it was washed into a jersey shore channel, crews start to clean up what is left of a one time waterfront hold.
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. for weeks now that house you're looking at there has been sitting underwater in channel at the jersey shore. >> just after storms washed it away, crews finally began removing it. >> neighbors are happy to see it go but they're concerned about who's going to foot the bill for it. >> reporter: a house in ruins now being removed from where it was washed by mother nature. >> i'm glad that they were quick in response to deal with it. >> reporter: piece by piece demolition contractors hired by the state are pulling debris from the wrecked home out of grassy sound channel in north wildwood. it's been there nearly three weeks. the house collapsed during stormy weather and floated downstream and settled into this
9:10 am
the cost of removal between $150,000 and $175,000. the state is footing that bill for now. >> i wish they'd fix my house first. nobody lives in that house. >> reporter: the house that collapsed crashed into his pier as it passed by the the 75-year-old says he can't afford to fix what the home rips down. >> i'm frustrated. everywhere i turn no one is responsible. >> neighbors complained for year years about the home's deteriorating condition. >> he should have full financial responsibility. >> reporter: the current job is expected to take another day or so. a wrecked piece of jersey shore property now destined for a
9:11 am
landfill. >> stormy weather caused that. we're covering the hurricane down south and we're going to see some remnants of that. >> we will. we do need the rain so it is good news. we have a drought going on around here. any rain will help. we're going to get a little tomorrow morning. when i say a little, i mean little, not much at all. you still have to water the plants out there is what i'm trying to say. less than a quarter of an inch of rain on the way. we are dealing with windchills in the 30s and 20s still. feels like 37 in danbury. a little better for long island. you want to follow the red and the pink. pink is peak. we have those conditions now in rockland county, northern west chester county.
9:12 am
the best color if you're driving into the hudson valley. all the orange shaded areas including nassau, suffolk, new york city, moderate color. not much yet. give it another week or two. already past peak in northern new england. it's a quick changing season. we'll keep you updated with the latest. here's our next weather maker, a cold front moving through ohio. this is all sliding on towards the east. it has a while to get here. almost 24 hours before it's really moving through. on the future tracker, drizzle along the long island shore as well. as we put this into motion, 10:00 p.m. clouds are around. there's our cold front.
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6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m., showers around the region. they're going to slide on through and then they're gone. it's really an overnight event. and then we get to enjoy drying and clearing conditions. overnight tonight showers develop mainly as you're waking
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question number seven, corn is not an essential element of which product. the answer is number one, glass. question number eight, how much of our diet comes from plants that are pollinated by insects? 30%. and bees are responsible for 80% of that pollination. question number nine, in the
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cuteness over load coming up. look at that. six pair of panda twins born at a breeding center in china. 12 cubs including six males and
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good health. they're gaining an average of 1.7 ounces a day and soon they'll leave the nursery to live with other adults. they're cute, aren't they? >> we've been following patricia. i guess there's some encouraging news out there. >> it's over. >> i'm weakening. >> the name will retire. it was such a record breaking storm. we will be feeling the effects of patricia later on next week. wednesday and thursday, that's when we're expecting some heavier rain showers.
9:23 am
for the weekend showers possible late tonight into tomorrow morning. otherwise some drizzle at the coast. high of 56. tomorrow the morning might be little damp and we improve as the day goes on. temperatures are back to the upper 60s. >> thank you for spending your saturday morning with us.
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