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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  October 24, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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time warner cable. now at 6:00, patricia's power. the strongest hurricane ever recorded. tears across mexico. incredibly at this point, it looks like a catastrophe averted as millions of americans now brace for severe flooding. how the remnants of this storm will impact us. plus, homecoming horror. an accused drunk driver slams into a crowd of people leaving three dead and more than two dozen hurt.
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honoring a fallen officer. the reverend al sharpton and the widow of eric garner, paying tribute to randolph holter. patricia has fizzled out, but it came ashore a powerful category 5 storm. it leaves remarkably little damage there in mexico. >> the officials assessing that damage and trying to reach some of the hardest hit areas. puerto vallarta and another major port city did avoid a direct hit. joe fryer reports now from mexico's pacific coast. >> reporter: hurricane patricia strengthened very quickly, and today the storm is weakening quickly. now a tropical depression. a sigh of relief for people up and down mexico's pacific coast. officials are now assessing the damage. washed-out roads and landslides.
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>> translator: i live on the southern end, and the truth is, it really destroyed a good portion of our home. and took a lot of trees. but thankfully we are all okay. >> reporter: but officials say no major catastrophic damage in well-populated areas like puerto vallarta and manz nil la. winds were blowing at 165 miles an hour. a strong category 5 storm. but not as strong as it was before hitting land when winds were at 200 miles an hour. still, it was a wild ride for thousands of coastal tourists unable to evacuate before patricia hit. the strongest part of the storm appears to have hit more sparsely populated areas. already today airports in puerto vallarta and guadalajara are reopening. i'm joe fryer in ixtapa, mexico, now back to you. >> the remnants of patricia are
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have you seen this video yet? floodwaters rose so quickly today, that freight train just overturned. the good news, though, it was not a passenger train. two crew members had to be rescued, but nobody was injured. it happened in navarro county, one of the hardest hit areas so far. so far, more than 18 inches of rain has fallen since thursday. many roads in that area completely impassable. you see them pushing the car through there. we are also going to feel the remnants of patricia. we have erica here with what to expect. >> people forget how powerful moving water is. it only takes 6 inches of moving water, if it's moving fast enough, to knock you right off of your feet. you can see on the salt late and radar, this is a six-hour loop. patricia is a remnant low. slowly making its way to the north and east in that general direction that the arrows are moving. it is going to continue on that
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northeasterly track, as we head through the next few days. this is what we can expect in the tri-state. the heavy rain from patricia moves toward us, as we head into the middle of the work week. it will be with us from wednesday evening most likely, into thursday morning. and then it turns gusty on thursday as that storm pulls away. in the immediate future, we do have a weak cold front on the way. that will bring scattered showers. i'll give you the timing coming up in the seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. new info there, always track the forecast anytime with the news 4 new york app. horrific scene at a homecoming parade in oklahoma when a car plowed into a crowd of people. this was the scene near the university of oklahoma campus. stillwater police say the driver, chambers, crashed into a motorcycle, a police motorcycle, and then a crowd of people today. three people were killed. 34 injured. 8 of them critically.
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charges. >> at this point, the police department's accident reconstruction team is on scene. we treat these like we would any homicide investigation. it will probably take several days to get additional information as to cause of the accident. >> chambers is not listed as an osu student. a moment of silence was held before today's oklahoma state game against kansas. the tributes continue pouring in for officer randolph holder who was killed in the line of duty. family, friends and members of the community were holding a candlelight vigil in just about 20 minutes. meanwhile, reverend al sharpton honored the fallen officer today. >> reporter: the number of handwritten cards from school children and the candles and flowers, outside of randolph holder's station house have grown tremendously. and this morning, reverend al sharpton, and members of the national action network also
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paid their respects when they laid this wreath. >> and we who unapologetically fight bad policing, we unapologetically support good police. his loss is a loss to all of us. it also should be a call for this city to unite around what we do with violent offenders. >> reporter: members of the national action network gathered at the nypd station to pray for officer holder and for an end to gun violence. eric garner's mother was among the dozens who visited the memorial today. >> i wanted to come and show support and give my condolences to the family. you know? these senseless killings has to stop, on both sides. >> reporter: before the vigil, sharpton addressed criticism that he hasn't been more involved since holder was killed. he expressed his condolences on twitter, and members of the national action network had met with the family.
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>> when reverend mccarl and minister john fort met with members of the family, they said that the sister had said yes, we need justice. the family called me out. >> reporter: officer holder, a third-generation police officer was shot and killed in east harlem tuesday night while on the job. tie ron howard, a career criminal, has been charged in his death. >> we grieve with this family. we grieve with this community. we mourn a good man. >> reporter: officer holder's funeral is scheduled for wednesday. at the greater allen a.m.e. church in queens. news 4 new york. >> so many expected to show up for that funeral. as for the investigation, police say they're still searching for the motor weapon. law enforcement sources tell 4 investigates that four guns were used in the fire fight. at least one of them has been recovered. a grisly murder has landed a
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charles cole is accused of strangling his own mother to death in august. police say he and his wife kept her body in their motel room for seven weeks. they allegedly then drove to lodge, south carolina, and dumped the victim's body in a wooded area. concerned family members made a call about the welfare of the 76-year-old betty cole. that led to the discovery of her body and the arrest of her son and daughter-in-law. the coles are held without bail. car owners in one manhattan neighborhood got a rude awakening, their cars vandalize vandalized. michael george is live tonight in washington heights with the details. michael? >> reporter: well, natalie, take a look at this. the back window of this car completely smashed out. this has happened to about a dozen other cars on this same block. is this a prank? an attempted robbery? nobody seems to know. neighbors here understandably
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a frustrating and costly act of vandalism. neighbors living near amsterdam and 190th street woke up to find someone had smashed the windows to 10 to 15 cars. this car was untouched but he's furious about what happened. >> i think that's terrible. that's thousands of dollars worth of money that was being spent. >> reporter: up and down the sidewalk, there are piles of broken glass. pedro rodriguez found his car windows broken, too. he's not sure who did it and why. he told us -- they didn't steal anything, they just did it for no reason. neighbors believe this was meant to be a prank. but no one here is laughing. >> they should be arrested. this costs a lot of money. people work. to feed their family. for somebody to come and do this, that's very reckless. >> reporter: now, people here in this neighborhood tell us, they have no idea who the culprit is. they have reported this to police. we did talk to neighbors who live here and they say they
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right now it's a mystery. michael george, news 4 new york. >> michael, thank you. still ahead here on news 4, a synagogue up in flames. a rabbi hailed a hero for running inside to save one of the toras. remembering a hollywood star. a look at the life and career of actress maureen o'hara. a countdown continues. still three days until the mets take the field for the world series. can you believe it? now we do know who their opponent will be.
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protesters took to the streets of manhattan today. holding signs and chanting the familiar no justice, no peace, hundreds marched from washington square park to bryant park. the event organized by the group rise up october is calling for action against police involved in the fatal shootings of unarmed civilians across the u.s. now, while many protesters are angry, they said retaliating against police is not the answer. >> that disturbs me tremendously. that shouldn't happen. that's not accomplishing anything. it's not doing anything to help our cause at all. people need to rise above that. >> marches also took place in a dozen other u.s. cities, including los angeles. tonight new information about the devastating fire at a
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historic synagogue in new jersey. accidental. but the exact cause is still under investigation. this fire ripped through the synagogue in new brunswick yesterday. a man who lives nearby said he watched the rabbi risk his life to save a sacred scroll inside. >> the flames were going up, he ran in to get some of the scrolls, and ran out with it. hold. and he told me as he was running out, there were more in there. i was asking him if he wanted me to go in with him to grab more, and he said that the ceiling was collapsing and they wouldn't let him back in. >> the tora is being kept in a safe place. the synagogue was built in 1923. and in 1995 the building was placed on the national register of historic places. so intense there. long island woman and her teenage daughter escaped a fire in their home. this one broke out in west babylon after 1:00 a.m.
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house on 16th street. flames shooting right out of the roof. the mother and daughter got out with any injuries. no word on how it started. coming up here on news 4, rain moving our way. but will it spoil your sunday? that's the big question. erica's got your forecast coming up. check it out. halloween comes early for some of our four-legged friends. a look at some of the crazy -- is there a dog in there? crazy pet costumes at the annual
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hollywood is saying good-bye to one of its legendary actresses. maureen o'hara died in her sleep last night in idaho. she was known as a strong woman. hollywood called her the flame-haired irish movie star. her family said they celebrated her life listening to music from
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o'hara with as 95 years old. thomas roberts joins us with what's on "nbc nightly news." great to see you. we have a lot coming up tonight. especially this exclusive that richard engel just brought to us. video we can confirm, new body camera images from that isis raid inside iraq that left master sergeant joshua l. wheeler dead. we'll have richard reporting from istanbul on that story. the body cameras give you the firsthand perspective like you've never seen before. we'll take you down to texas and talk about the weather as the flooding continues. and also the remnants of patricia, this hurricane that is the strongest on record. what's left as it's cruising through mexico now. and this great story of a dad, redefining what the field of dreams means. i know everybody's excited about the mets and royals. wait until you meet this dad and son as they redefine what it means stepping up to the plate. we'll have that coming up for you shortly.
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>> perfect timing with the mets stuff. >> yes. everybody looks good in their blue. you got the memo to -- >> to dress like you today? >> yes. we look like twins. speaking of attire, thank you so much, thomas. if you're looking for costume ideas, disguised dogs might give you some ideas. >> look at that. >> that's cute. >> owners showed off creative halloween spirit about a week early, during the 25th annual dog parade at tompkins square park. costumed pups even put on a mini circus for the crowd. all donations from the parade help maintain the dog run year round. >> you just missed the teddy bear in the break there. at first it didn't even look like a dog. >> it actually looked like a teddy bear. >> rain quickly approaching. it's not from the remnants of patricia. we have one more system to get through before this rain arrives from that remnant storm.
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it was kind of a chilly day especially with the cloud cover. in the weather headlines, we have a cold front on the way. that will bring showers starting during the overnight hours. by about midnight we could have the rain falling. mofst us in the tri-state will wake up with the rain. in the afternoon hours it will dry out. it will be breezy. today was the better day of the weekend. temperatures consistent throughout the area. 51 in slopesburg. 54 in central park. 54 in farmingdale right now. future tracker showing that approaching rain. we have just a few of those showers starting to enter the picture as we head into our 11:00 newscast. we'll have rain falling north and west of the city. the rain gets a little heavier and more intense as we head into the early morning hours. here we are at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning with the steady rain falling throughout the area. as it pulls away as i told you in the weather headlines, we'll see the breezes pick up.
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about 20, 25 miles per hour. the peak wind gusts, not sustained wind speeds. this will be as we head into the evening hours on sunday. starting to dwindle as we head into the overnight. by monday morning, we're in better shape. then, of course, we're watching the remnants of patricia, as i mentioned before. right now, the winds of only 30 miles per hour. so that should give you some solace that we know that the wind is no longer going to be an issue with this storm. it's kind of moving fast now at 30 miles per hour. the winds, and then the movement is to the northeast at 22 miles per hour. overnight tonight, winds dying down. 42 degrees. it will be clear as we head into the early part of the night. and then clouding up. and a high of 65 degrees tomorrow, with a few showers in the morning. giving way to some sunshine and breezy conditions in the afternoon. in the seven-day forecast, it's going to be a sunny one on monday. then the clouds arrive again on tuesday. and we're looking for that rain to start on wednesday, and
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>> the quintessential fall forecast. >> back to normal here. >> thank you, erica.
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the mets world series pitching rotation is set. matt harvey starts game one, followed by jake in game two. at city field, . they'll be ready for game one. the slugger opted not to work out today with the team. he admitted playing golf the morning of game four wednesday, but that is not likely the cause for shoulder pain. given the level of competence that the mets have in the starting rotation, collins told the team this morning, harvey would get the ball in game one.
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gave them all the reasons. with what the rotations were. i said, you ready for it? and he looked at me and said, damn right. >> we had a pretty significant layoff at the end of the season. after we played the nationals here, then opened up in l.a. as a ball club, i think we responded well to that. hopefully we can lean on that experience. now, as we have a few days off to rest and get ready for the royals. >> as for the royals, murphy calls them relentless. this was the finish in game six last night. tying run 90 feet away with no outs. and stranded him. that was josh donaldson grounding out to end it. royals host game one of the world series against the mets tuesday night. >> our guys just -- from the first day of spring training, their focus was to get back to
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the world series, and they accomplished that. rutgers hosts ohio state tonight. buckeyes three touchdown favorites against the scarlet knights who put up 55 last week. giants and jets tomorrow with big divisional games. des bryant is ruled out for dallas. they're already missing tony. this is a huge opportunity. not that tom coughlin needs to remind his team about it. >> second time around already early in the season. but they know, believe me, they know how important this game is. and they know within the division who it's against. in fact, we play them in the first game and so on and so forth. the jets visit the patriots with first place on the line. pats undefeated so far on their deflategate redemption tour. new england sunday, with the chance to reintroduce themselves to their rivals.
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an offense can pose a problem. they need to slow down tom brady and gronkowski. good luck with that. brady said he wants to play another ten years. 48-year-old tom brady playing football. steve weatherford will play again this season. the punter returns to the jets this weekend. they signed him today with ryan quigley injured. he was cut by the giants before the season started. this is eric decker and darrelle revis right there. the last thing i need is ten more years of tom brady. >> you want ten more years of tom brady. >> i don't know. thanks.
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we just might be hitting our cuteness quota with these pictures from china. six pairs of giant panda twins born in a chinese breeding center got together for this photo-op.
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>> the 12 cubs, 6 boys and 6
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