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tv   Today in New York  NBC  October 26, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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shooting of an nypd officer. plus, as cars drive by, a wild scene on a busy street. a robbery ends with bullets flying. and tragedy on the water. the search that lasted all night. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. it's monday, october 26th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino here with the forecast. already a different kind of week from the temperatures we had last week, chris. >> a chillier start. good morning on this monday. temperatures in and around the 40s. 48 in town. a lot of 30s in the northwestern suburbs. sussex, 35. 36 at bridgewater. a little milder across long island. nice looking day ahead, on cool side certainly. about 55 at noontime. forecasting a high of 58 degrees. look who's back.
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morning. >> good morning, chris. we have some problems out there on the roads already. we'll head to duchess county where route 9 is shut down southbound between main street and middlebush road. and an accident on the new york state throughway southbound at exit 14. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up. >> thank you very much. right now police are waiting for test results to see if a gun taken from the east river is one used to kill an nypd officer. tracie strahan is in east harlem where that officer was stationed. >> reporter: darlene, a lot of work ahead for forensic experts this week. now that they have that possible break in the case, they have to tests that 40-caliber block to see if it was the same one used to claim the life of randolph holder.
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by side sunday, looking for evidence to help the d.a. prosecute 38-year-old tyrone howard. authorities say the firearm recovered early sunday has the same characteristics as the one that they're looking for. >> it was down in 20 feet of water, and he recovered it. the conditions down there -- it's dark. they can maybe only see 12 to 24 inches in front of them, and they're out on their bellies looking. it's a good find. >> reporter: meanwhile, a very emotional night. loved ones honored randolph holder with prayer, song, and performances sunday night. the 33-year-old will be laid to rest wednesday of this week. forensic experts now must match the weapon to shell casings recovered at the scene the night
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he was murdered. that gun will be tested for dna and be dusted for prints as well, but they say that will be difficult because it was in the river for so long. back to you. >> all right, tracie. thank you. the head of the police union is calling for a boycott of filmmaker quentin tarantino. he joined hundreds of demonstrators to protest police brutality around the country. tarantino said he was standing against murder. union president patrick lynch fired back, calling tarantino out for his violent movies and urged a boycott. in canada, five people have died after a tour boat capsized. it's a whale watching boat with 27 people on board. it sank off of vancouver island on canada's pacific coast. authorities say the vessel did make a mayday call yesterday afternoon. it was partially submerged when rescue boats arrived. 21 people were pulled from the water.
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one person is still missing. happening today, counselors will be at schools in fairfield, connecticut, to help students having a hard time coping with friday's lockdown. the town's entire school system was placed on lockdown after several schools received a call from someone threatening violence. students were then sent home early with heavily armed officers standing guard. police say every school was searched. they found no evidence these threats were credible. 4:34 right now. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, still looking at world series baseball weather, what we're going to get this week. >> i'll tell you that in the seven-day forecast. so far looking nice. kansas city, game one tuesday night may be a problem. right now it's just chilly this morning. suburbs in the 30s, city in the 40s. some high, thin clouds mixing with our sunshine. temperatures this afternoon will bounce back into the 50s. certainly not as mild as yesterday afternoon. we'll have the gentle breeze out of the north and northwest 5 to
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a cool day but seasonably cool. 48 now in the city. breaks down this way. 8:00 a.m., 48. noon, about 55. 3:00 p.m., 58 degrees. that seven-day forecast coming up. let's get to lauren. >> we have another road closure out there, this one in marlboro, new jersey. . you're getting on the trains, major commuter lines look good. something to keep in mind, the christopher street station for path commuters is closed until the 5:00 a.m. they're actually cleaning it. you'll have to use the 9th street station. more weather and traffic ahead. >> thank you, lauren. we're learning more about the victims of the homecoming tragedy at oklahoma state university. a retired professor and his wife were two of the four people killed when a driver plowed through a crowd of parago
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de goers on saturday. 25-year-old adacia chambers is being held on four counts of second-degree murder and driving under the influence. her lawyer insists she was not drunk. >> in my opinion, ms. chambers suffers from a mental illness. exactly what type is yet to be determined. >> a 2-year-old boy and a college student from out of town were also killed in the accident. at least 46 others were hurt, four of them critically. new this morning, the nypd released video of a shooting on camera. it's a mugging in queens on a street that ended in gunfire. island city. >> reporter: you're about to see a forceful struggle between the suspect and the victim, this after the victim had been shot in the stomach and the leg all over a gold chain. it happened here at 43rd avenue and 13th street. there's a surveillance camera nearby, and it captured these images of the suspect and the
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they had been struggling, trying to get -- the suspect trying to get away with that piece of jewelry. that suspect attacked the victim and another man he was with. it happened at 6:20 in the morning yesterday. after shooting the 29-year-old victim in the stomach and leg, the suspect struggling with a large gold chain he had been wearing around his next. suspects also shot in the direction of the second victim, but bullets missed him. the victim who was shot was transported to an area hospital. police don't have the best description of the suspects. they're working on getting a better description. they're described as being 19 to 20 years old. >> shocking to see it all on video. thank you so much. happening now, police need help tracking down persons of interest in a deadly shooting at a bronx deli. these are the men police are looking for. they were seen on surveillance video just before a worker was killed at the deli. they allegedly argued with the
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46-year-old worker and left the li. then police say one of the men came back and shot that worker twice in the chest. >> he didn't mess with anybody. you could come to the store, he would treat you nicely. >> you know, friendly. he good guy. >> police believe the gunman escaped in a gray chrysler that was spotted on surveillance leaving the scene. 4:38 now. in the race for president, donald trump is in new hampshire today, and that's where matt lauer will interview him one on one. trump will take voters' questions at a town hall meeting. you can see all that live coming up on the "today" show. they'll also look at how donald trump is taking on his closest competitor in the polls. of course, that's dr. ben carson. it all begins at 7:00 a.m. mean while, vice president joe biden is now telling us why he did not run for president. >> i couldn't win. i'll be very blunt. if i thought we could have put together the campaign that our supporters deserved and our
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have gone out and done it. >> biden says he will not run for office again, and he insists he was not taking a swipe at hillary clinton when he said the republican party is not the enemy. republican presidential candidate governor chris christie got a quick lesson in train etiquette. yesterday he was kicked out of the quiet car on an amtrak train from d.c. to new york. the passenger who took these photos claimed he hopped on at the last minute and immediately started making phone calls. later a conductor asked him to stop or go to another car. christie went to another car. christie's camp issued a statement saying in part, the governor promptly left once he realized the serious nature of his mistake and enjoyed the rest of his time on the train from the cafe car. sincere apologies to all the patrons of the quiet car that were offended. >> can't be unquiet in the quiet car. happening today, it's a rally to cheer on the mets held in front of queensboro hall.
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the team right now is in kansas city for game one against the royals. today they're going to hold a workout. they'll take part in media day. we're going to hear from the starting pitchers for the last time before the game. matt harvey is going to speak at 3:45. manager terry collins is going to come up shortly after that. so there's also a rally tonight. the nassau county executive building. if you're going to either rally, we'd love to see your pictures. send them to us using the hashtag nbc4ny. what an exciting week. mets in the world series first time in 15 years. >> we are so excited. 4:40 right now. lots more coming up. just ahead, the cause that brought a famous comedian and senator to the steps of city hall. plus, gunfire in a quiet neighborhood. what police say was happening when shots rang out. and your weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. don't forget, follow us on facebook and twitter.
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it's 4:43. here are four things to know this morning. an nypd diver found a gun in the east river believed to be the weapon used to kill nypd officer randolph holder. police are waiting for test results to confirm. >> a whale watching tour boat capsized off the coast of british columbia and five people are dead. one person is still missing. today counselors will be at schools in fairfield, connecticut, to talk with students about last week's scare. schools were locked down after several schools received threatening phone calls. police found no evidence that the threats were credible.
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ahead of tomorrow night's world series game one. today's media day there. here at home, there's two rallies planned to support the team. one is in queens, the other on long island. and there's a third rally in the weather center. >> there is a third rally. >> i understand it's completely catered. >> it's out of control. >> we'll have the filet mignon. >> a little sushi bar. >> we'll wait and see. we talked about the weather in kansas city. looks like it rains during the day. may start to pull out in the evening hours. could be a close call for game one in kansas city with the weather. for us, it's quiet, just a little chilly right now. 48 degrees in central park. not a lot of breeze. don't see those flags moving anywhere. skies mainly clear. some high clouds sitting to the south of us. sunshine filtered by high clouds at times, especially south of the city. the clouds will increase tomorrow. looks like a soggy day middle of the week. looks like a significant rain, and we need it.
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that should be out of here in time for the world series coming back to new york, which would be friday, saturday, and sunday. 34 in belvedere. 37, franklin. lots of 30s in the northwestern suburbs. through the hudson valley, you're in the 30s. interior connecticut as well. across long island, between 45 and 50. you can see the area of high cloud cover, again, the leading edge of a storm system well to south of us. high pressure to the north of us is trying to keep away the clouds. look how fine that cloud line is just south of the city. again, these are high clouds. for the most part, the sun will be filtered through them from time to time. future tracker shows throughout the course of the day, that's where they stay, ocean county on south. from that point north, i think we get a good deal of sunshine in the picture. clear skies for tonight. tomorrow we start out okay with sunshine, but the clouds take over as the day wears on. watch what happens as we move toward wednesday. here comes the rain. by 7:00 a.m. wednesday, rain
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knocking on the door. looks like a soggy day. it rains throughout the day. heavier bands possible wednesday afternoon into wednesday evening as well. it's going to be a good soaking rain middle of the week. then again, the end of the week should dry out nicely. for today, sunshine, high clouds at times. high temperature 58. tonight, 44 in the city. frost possible in the northwestern suburbs. midweek, temperatures mild in the 60s. starts to cool down toward the end of the week. that would be game three of the world series friday. the games will generally be played probably in the 40s. lots of sunshine saturday. sun followed by clouds sunday with a high near 60 degrees. let's say good morning to lauren, see how the commute is moving. >> good morning. we have road closures out there. we'll head to duchess county where route 9 is shut down
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southbound from main street to middle bush road. the new york state throughway southbound at exit 14. just got moved to the right lane. no longer blocking two lanes. really not causing any traffic right now. that's good news. heading to route 18 in new jersey, we have a closure there in the southbound lanes between tennent road and newman springs road. we'll take a live look outside. better news at the brooklyn bridge. no construction today. the manhattan bound side of the span is open. you're in for a nice ride. and alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. >> lauren, thanks very much. 4:47 now. two men were shot at a house the victims were hospitalized, one of them with serious injuries. neighbors say hundreds of people attended that party on a quiet street in bayside. they say the large home was event. the homeowner's daughter was take into custody. there's no word as to any charges.
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new video shows police investigating a shooting at north carolina central university. the school's campus in durham was put on lockdown for about 45 minutes just before midnight. officials say a student was shot and taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. a tweet had gone out to students urging them to seek shelter and warning about an active shooter before an all clear was given. no word yet of any arrests. comedian amy schumer and her cousin senator charles schumer took their fight against guns to the steps of city hall. they stood side by side promoting a new social media campaign, aiming for change. it urges people to contact their senators to pass a gun bill. that bill would call for closing loopholes that allow guns to be sold at gun shows or online without background checks. it would also strengthen the checks that are done. >> i'm saying if you're a violent criminal, a domestic violence offender, or severely mentally ill, you will not be able to purchase a gun.
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>> amy schumer actually started teaming up with her cousin on gun control issues after a shooting at her movie "train wreck." two people were killed in that louisiana theater that was showing the movie back in july. a long island community is taking a stand against violence following the shooting death of a 12-year-old girl. the guardian angels hit the streets on sunday in hempstead. residents called for patrols after 12-year-old dejah joyner was killed by a stray bullet. police say they're investigating a possible gang connection to the shooting. the guardian angels want to help find joyner's killer. >> we need to put our boots on the ground. we need to get people locally involved from hempstead to help the police, help the community to put these thugs in jail and to send out a message that crime time will not be tolerated. >> the guardian angels have patrols in several communities in suffolk county to combat the area's growing gang problem. this was their first patrol in nassau county.
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in south jersey is the scene of an apparent murder-suicide. police say a man shot and killed his 85-year-old mother at the genesis health care center. he then turned the gun on himself as a facility worker walked into the room. investigators say 62-year-old george bolt of lumberton had been visiting his mother. they had dinner together shortly before the shooting. nobody else was hurt. a fifth person has been arrested in the hazing death of a fraternity pledge app suny albany. all are charged with a misdemeanor in the death of trevor duffy. he and other pledges were ordered and encouraged to drink a 1.75 liter bottle of liquor. duffy was found unconscious with a blood alcohol more than seven times the legal limit. we're getting more video from the dangerous mission to
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the pentagon is letting us see how an air strike destroyed that compound. 70 hostages were quickly moved out. this new video was released by the kurdish forces known as the peshmerga. they took part. one american delta force commando was killed in that raid. what a remarkable video that shows you what really goes on in these dark, night, secretive missions. >> things we have no idea are happening. >> it's 4:51. coming up at 5:00 this morning, the investigation into whether you're getting what you pay for when it comes to your high-speed internet. and then we're going to get a first dplim glimpse inside the newly first family.
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a storm that swamped texas
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is now heading east, threatening to soak louisiana and new orleans. remnants of hurricane patricia and another weather system combined to dump more than a foot of rain in south and east texas. the downpour set off flash floods and sent crews scrambling to rescue drivers. >> the water started coming in. he got out of the back window. we could have been drowned right now. >> the storm has left roads and streets covered in potholes. a house teenager had to climb out of his truck after it was swallowed by this massive sink hole. despite the damage, no injuries were reported. 4:54 right now. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, so much concern as that storm was approaching mexico. over 200-mile-an-hour winds. it downgraded quickly. >> we said hitting that terrain t would do that. but that moisture from there getting hooked up with the moisture from another story. unfortunately now maybe a foot of rain in parts of louisiana.
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moisture traversing northward through the middle of the week. for us right now, the start of the week is just cool, crisp autumn weather. starting out in the 30s this morning in the suburbs, 40s in the city. we end up in the upper 50s. tonight it's mainly clear. another chilly night. 44 in the city with 30s in some of those frostier suburbs north and west of town. looks like rain in the middle of the week. just in time for the world series to come back to citi field, perfect weather. >> world series at citi field. >> still has to register, doesn't it? >> good morning, lauren. >> good morning. if everyone is getting on the trains, they're in for a nice ride still. one change for path commuters. the christopher street station will be closed for just a few more minutes. they're cleaning it. in the meantime, head to the 9th street station. we'll take a live look outside at the inbound george washington bridge. smooth sailing into the tolls at
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both lev weels. >> okay, lauren. thanks so much. good news for drivers. a consumer alert. gas prices continuing to drop. the latest lundberg survey finds gas down another 10.5 cents over the past two weeks. national average now $2.24 a gallon. lundberg also says many retailers are really passing along the savings that they're getting on a wholesale level to consumers. so around here, aaa says new yorkers are paying the most for gas. on average, $2.35. still pretty good. connecticut, $2.30. in new jersey, drivers, under $2. in news for your health, pediatricians are calling for a crackdown on e-cigarettes. doctors warn the growing popularity could addict a new generation of smokers. today the american academy of pediatrics is officially
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purchase all tobacco products to 21. the group also wants new fda restrictions on ads and online sales. some lucky people got to see mayor de blasio's renovated home. there was an open house sunday at gracie mansion. you had to win an lottery drawing to get into this sneak peek. the mansion has been closed to the public for some 21 months. some repairs were made, and 50 new pieces of art were installed. >> it was a chance to see gracie mansion for the first time. >> this is an incredible building with a storied history. >> i find it very interesting that we are allowed to go into the gracie mansion and look at where our mayor lives. >> that's fantastic. well said. and you can have a look inside gracie mansion. the public tours will resume on november 10th. well, this morning the giants are back on top of the nfc east taking on dallas. the defense came through.
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rodgers cromartie picks off matt cassel and takes it back 58 yards for the score. cowboys tie the game. in the fourth quarter, dewayne harris runs past everybody to take the kickoff in for a touchdown. the giants win 27-20. at 4-3, they have the only winning record in the division. and the jets were in foxboro to take on the patriots. early in the fourth quarter, brandon marshall drops a touchdown pass. the jets have to settle for a field goal. on the next drive, tom brady and the patriots go 80 yards. they score a touchdown. new england stays undefeated. 30-23 the final. >> the last minute so was exciting. the jets got the onside kick, the field goal, and they just ran out of time. >> extend the game. coming up on 5:00 a.m. f you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4
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our next hour starts right now. this morning, a critical clue may be in the hands of police. the gun believed to be used in the murder of an nypd officer. plus, just into our news room, new video of a tour boat tragedy. what we're learning about the whale watching boat that capsized. and new this morning, the investigation into whether your high-speed internet is as fast as it's advertised. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. 5:00 p.m. on this monday, october 26th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. chris cimino here with the forecast. >> good morning. it's on the chilly side, particularly in the suburbs this morning. crisper than it was yesterday. that's for sure 37 . you get closer to the city, temperatures in the upper 40s. across long island, mid and upper 40s as well. getting close to the freezing
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mark in places like sussex,
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