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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  October 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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>> rush hour chaos. shots fired in a busy intersection. teenager is dead. then -- >> i cried day and night. and i know god is going to bring her back to me. >> a mother's anguish. her 7-year-old girl choke on food at school. >> he went like that and pulled the skin off my face. >> road rage as a driver is dragged from his car and beaten with a baseball bat. the search for a wanted man. >> chuck and sabila have the night off. people ducking for cover when shots rang out on the way home from work. >> this terrifying scene played out with one of the busiest intersections in downtown brooklyn. ida segal is there with more on what witnesses say happened. >> reporter: we can report tonight that one of the
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teenagers was killed and a second teenager was shot, but he is expected to recover. it happened outside the applebee's restaurant. the shell casings are still on the ground outside the subway entrance. this is a bustling block here, especially during rush hour. when shots are suddenly fired, chaos follows. detectives took over this busy strip of flat bush avenue after two teenagers were shot outside the applebee's. one shot in the head and killed. >> they started fighting and it was like ten gunshots and it started in front of mcdonald's and ended over here. >> reporter: this security video shows the chaos just before the shooting. teenagers running down the block towards applebees and retreating after shots were fired. one victim is seen limping backward. police tell us an 18-year-old man was shot in the ankle, but a
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17-year-old was hurt much more severely and shot in the head and died at the hospital. >> everybody was devastated. the kid got shot. he was a young kid. when it was over, i don't know. it was sad. he was a young kid. >> reporter: what the fighting is all about is not known. violent fighting among the teenagers is common, especially after school lets out and it's a serious problem. >> you have high schools in the back over here. it's only during that time period when the kids are out. >> police are still on scene here preserving the crime scene as their investigation continues at this point. police told me they do not have the gunman or people in custody. from downtown brooklyn, news 4, new york. >> thank you. still looks like an active situation. new tonight, police released a sketch of a person of interest for a sexual assault in a popular connecticut park. stanfort police released this sketch today.
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they are trying to track down a man who attacked a 30-year-old woman ten days ago. that victim was jogging and claimed he had a knife and assaulted her there. if you have information, you are asked to call stanford police. >> now to a story you saw first on 4. a 7-year-old girl on life support after choking on food at school. did the school wait too long to call 911 for help? ray is live at nyu medical center with more on what the girl's parents are saying. >> reporter: i just spoke to the mother of the 7-year-old who is devastated. the girl is here at nyu brain dead after choking on food at her school. her mother wants to know how the school handled it and when 911 was called. questions we asked the department of education and we were told protocol was followed. she is on life support and her family said she is brain dead,
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but her heart is still beating. their faith is strong she will pull through. >> i cry day and night and i know god is going to bring her back to me. >> she ended up here after she choked on food at school. ps 250 in brooklyn. it happened wednesday afternoon. a paramedic told news 4 he was stopped at a red light and a safety officer and another person started banging on the door for respect. he said he was working with a patient transporting them back to a nursing home when he jumped out to help. he said children and adults were circled around the girl. >> i seen them on the floor, blue in the lips, not breathing and not talking, foam coming out of the mouth. >> 911 was not called fast enough, they believe. >> i believe no one called 911 before they came to me. they most likely would have been there before me. >> they got the call around 2:33
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minutes later. they asked what was done and how quickly 911 was called. we were told the staff followed protocol and called for help and called parents and no explanation was given. her family is at her bed side wondering what more could have been done to save their daughter. >> if they did something to her, she wouldn't be in the hospital. >> we are told the department of education is monitoring the situation. in the meantime, the family hired a lawyer. i asked the mother how the prognosis was and she said doctors say it is not good. the family is praying for a miracle tonight. i'm ray villeda. >> a tough situation for the family. tomorrow marks one week since randolph holder was shot and killed in a foot chase in harlem. tonight hundreds took part in a
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show of community and pssumolice solidarity in east harlem. the goal was to remember holder and the police officers and community members killed by gun violence. vigils were held outside of more than 40 police precincts with leaders, clergy, police officers, and residents standing united. forensic tests confirmed that the gun found in the harlem river was the weapon used to kill officer holder. they searched for five days. we showed you them finding the pistol 20 feet under water and is being tested for fingerprints and dna. tyrone howard is charged with murder and robbery and he is due back in court tomorrow. a public viewing will be held tomorrow at the greater allen ame cathedral and that runs from 9:00 to 6:00 p.m. the funeral will be held at the same location on wednesday at 3:00 p.m.
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he will be buried in his native guiana. >> traffic is frustrating when another driver cuts in line. in this story things turned violent. >> a driver is dragged from his car and beaten. we are in wood side queens with video of a man police are trying to track down. >> reporter: monday morning, heavy traffic in what sometimes is a construction area. it's enough to frustrate anybody, but a college student said he was the victim of extreme road rage and said it was an mta worker to came after him. bloody scratches all over the face of andrew tejada, standing with the help of crutches. he was pulled from his car, beaten with a bat and clawed by a man. >> he put his hand around my face and went like a cat and pulled the skin off of my face. >> this cell phone video was shot by a witness who knew what was happening was not okay. it started after the two cars tried to merge in a construction
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zone on the westbound entrance of the bqe. the man on the far left of the screen was a man wearing an mta uniform. >> when i find out it was an mta worker that attacked him because of road rage, i said this is ridiculous. >> they have not confirmed the man as an employee. they found police responded to the assault and investigators are looking to identify the man. he said he didn't instigate any argument and not that had to be settled on the side of the road. >> i said there is nowhere to go and there is traffic. what do you want me to do? he was so riled up. this man carried a baseball bat in the front of his car and tried to beat me with it. >> that sent the 24-year-old to the hospital with bruising, a busted ankle and awful scratches. >> road rage became surviving. it shouldn't be that way. >> i want them to catch him and serve justice.
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>> the family told us they got a shot of the suspect license plate before he drove off and handed it over to investigators. they hope it leads to an arrest. news 4 new york. in new jersey a 10-year-old was kill and several others hurt in a car crash. it slammed into a minivan carrying the children near west 9th street and arlington avenue. video from chopper 4 shows the minivan flipped on its side. the intersection is dangerous and police have not said wa caused the accident. so far no arrests. >> more than 250 people are dead tonight following a powerful earthquake in northern afghanistan and that number sadly is expected to climb. we want to show you the video. they chose a tv news anchor struggling to stand. eventually having to take shelter as the 7.5 quake shakes during the live broadcast.
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it shook from kabul to new delhi. 12 school girls died in a stampede as they tried to evacuate their school. many areas in northern pakistan were cutoff from emergency responders. >> bill deblasio may throw support behind hillary clinton for president. he told the associated press he would likely endorse her before a presidential forum in iowa. he managed clinton's 2000 senate campaign. he refused to endorse her saying he needed to hear more about her policies on income and equality. that drew criticism from democrats. >> we are now less than 24 hours away from game one of the world series. city. hundreds attended a rally filling the streets with blue and orange and they hosted this rally in q gardens.
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city, many have never seen the mets win a world series. of days. >> a long time, i have been rooting since 84. i think we have got it. >> the last time the mets won, i was only 4. >> i'm psyched. it has been a long time coming and i think we are going to do it. god willing a couple of years after that. >> we will take this. >> they look fantastic in orange and blue. we will have a live report from kaufman stadium in a few minutes. >> show us your mets pride. we have a photo gallery. send us your pictures or the nbc 4 news app. >> twaflers, the item you don't be allowed to pack in your luggage the next time you fly. >> meat lovers, beware. a new study pointing to a cancer risk is getting a lot of attention.
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portions matter. we will explain. >> great weather to view the last super man of the season. we will talk about that and the rain that is on the way that we are tracking coming up for
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. >> a psychological evaluation ordered for the woman who plowed her car in the homecoming parade. four people were killed including a 2-year-old boy. chambers was driving under the influence. the family said she is mentally ill. >> do you believe your daughter deliberately drove into the crowd? >> no. >> why? >> she is not that kind of a person. >> during a bond hearing,
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chambers purposely drove her car into the crowd. the judge set a $1 million bond. she spent the day with her aunt. >> i tried to wrap my mind around that. if she was in such a bad state, why didn't i see that? >> a lawyer for chambers said he is anxious to see toxicology results. he said she has a history of suicide attempts and when he talked to her, he didn't even know she had driven into a crowd. >> hope is fading to find a person in a whale watching trip that left others dead. the search and rescue was called off more than 24 hours after a boat capsized. emergency crews and local boaters managed to rescue 21 people. the five victims were british and it is not true what caused the vessel to sink. terrifying moments for passengers aboard a british airways flight when the landing
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the pilot landed at the international airport after leaving from capetown. they showed the left wing touching the runway. all 100 people on board are already. >> if you had bacon for breakfast or a burger for dinner, you want to hear this story. red and processed meets are linked to cancer. we heard similar concerns, but the world health organization is putting meats in the same category as smoking and asbestos though the risk of smoking is far greater. based on 800 studies, they said 50 grams of processed meat, about two slices of bacon increases the risk of cancer by 18%. red meat takes only 100 grams a day to raise the risk. the findings with the american cancer society have been recommending for more than a decade. >> limiting consumption is
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increases with the amount of red and processed meat consumed. >> the north american meat institute disagrees saying evidence said cancer is a complex disease and a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle choices are essential to good health. experts saying eating meat in moderation is key and stick with lean red meats for the most nutritional value. >> all electronic cigarette smokers out there. the department of transportation banned e cigarettes from checked backs. it caused fires in the bags that they were packed. despite the ban, travelers will be allowed to carry them on board in their pockets or in the actual carry on bag. >> a black bear caused quite the commotion at a park in new jersey. viewers sent videos and photos. fiduciaries say people spotted the bear hanging in a tree this
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morning. after spending time there, it decided to climb down and moved over to another tree. animal control officers managed to safely remove the bear with the help of a tranquilizer. it will be relocated to a state-owned forest. >> glad he is okay. the gulf coast is dealing with the remnants of hurricane patricia. kicking up the high surf and waves up to 11 feet. the floodwaters took over. there even reports that wind gusts are causing a bridge to shake. in mississippi sand was left behind after strong waves swept across parts of highway 90. we are expected to get rain here. we have a little bit longer. >> they had over eight inches of rain and that same system, the remnants of patricia is coming our way. good rain around here on wednesday and we could use it too. the clouds though are not here
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just yet. that's good tonight. they will be here tomorrow. the super moon is out tonight. look at this beauty. this is the last super moon of the year. last month we had a lunar eclipse coincide which was cool. this super moon is also known as the hunter's moon. the full moon will be full in the morning and have a little bit of it left over tomorrow. too many clouds tomorrow. mostly clear and 50 degrees. the temperatures are falling across the area. some 30s on the map. another chilly night is in store. north and west you might see patchy frost early in the morning. it's cool and dry tomorrow. no problems, but the clouds will be here late tuesday and through most of the day on wednesday as well. we can see 30s on the map north and west. you are at 33 and definitely have patchy frost there in the morning. 30s in poughkeepsie.
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morristown is down to freezing at 32 as well as west hampton. winds are calm. that allows the air to settle down to the surface. they are light at this time, but a lot stronger when the storm system gets going on wednesday. maybe gusts around 30 coming onshore. now. the high clouds and the rain moving in across the southern states. there is that remnant low of patricia spinning near new orleans and the gulf coast of mississippi. chilly enough for jackets and the lightweight coat newscast 30s. 50s in the jersey shore and 40s in the city. tomorrow afternoon the temperatures approach 60 and the clouds increase. we start to see the rain moving in by wednesday morning's commute. for tomorrow it's nice and dry. temperatures in the 50s and low 60s by the afternoon. it is a rainy, windy wednesday for the tri-state. 65 is the high temperature.
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and the rape rain is moving out. we have halloween and the marathon and clocks are going back. >> we can enjoy more of the great weather. >> an extra hour of sleep. >> bruce is live in kansas city and the mets ready to go with the royals. what do you have coming up? >> david, the mets have won five consecutive playoff games tomorrow night. they try to keep that streak going in kansas city. coming up in sports, the countdown is on. it's game one of the world series between the amaze ins and the royals. we will check out media day for the fall classic when news 4 new york at 11:00 rolls on from the
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an american claimed the title for wing suit. >> he outflew 40 athletes in the red bull event. ittic tas the concept of snowboard cross to the sky. >> athletes wearing nothing but wing suits. you see him racing to a finish line. about 8,000 feet above sea level. >> you are just like a ski race. you are flying around the gate and flying around the gate. it's no question whether you
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made it or not. getting that direct feedy feedback and the results is good for the sport. >> the fellow american had a repeat second place in the competition. athletes from norway, sweden and australia clinched finishes in the top eight. that is intense. >> quite something to see. >> bruce is coming back with the sport we are perhaps more familiar with and will be live
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>> it is the eve of game one of the world series. the mets and royals in kansas city. everyone believes this fall classic could be an absolute classic. it was the official work out day for the 2015 world series at picturesque kaufman stadium. the mets swept the cubs in the nlcs were all smiles in enemy territory. why not? this is the culmination of a postseason run that no one ever >> it's the ultimate. when you are a manage or a
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player to play in the setting. it's hard to get here. you have to have fun with it. even though it's pressure packed as it may be, you have to enjoy it. we are going enjoy it. >> walking down the street, you get high fives and you can tell on their faces how excited they are. that's what make this is it will be exciting for me and the royals. >> this time they are looking for a different result. a year ago they lot of an emotional seven-game series to the san francisco giants on their home field. >> it has been a long year since that last out was made in the world series and you can see the intensity and the look in
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and the determination to be back on the stage. >> they're accomplished everything they set their minds to up to this point. we have one big series left. >> in the nhl, the surging islanders shutout the flame, 4-0. they won six of the last seven. finally what about the hottest hitter on the planet. daniel fur fee with seven playoffs. at least one round tripper and a newfound celebrity that has both teams marveling at his exploits. >> he always has been a good hitter, but what he is doing now is amazing. >> pretty unbelievable. >> what murphy has done has been historical. >> baseball you don't have to explain everything all the time you just let it happen. we need to enjoy it. >> have you ever seen anything
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>> not the way he is swinging. the magnitude of the games and who he has done it off of. it's special. >> try to get a good pitch to hit and hit it hard. >> murphy has 11 runs stored and 11 rbi in the postseason. he is batting an amazing .421. i can't wait until they say play ball. david and natalie, the barbecue tonight was outstanding. >> check out bruce's twitter to
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