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tv   Today  NBC  October 27, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. 's boozeday tuesday and october 27th, and that song is called "toothbrush." >> that's a lyric right there. >> by demc which is joe jonas' new band. would you think that there would be a song would be called toothbrush?
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>> no i would not. >> maybe a children's album. >> but for joe, okay. it could be a hit. >> i wish we could hear it. and we have a fun show for you today, and finish this sentence -- like fans through the hour glass, so are the -- it is very iconic. we are celebrating 50 years of the drama, day time drama with some of the soap's biggest stars. and we have some fun for the die-hard fans. >> and let me tell you the fans are capital freak. and now, this is the godwin brothers who ended up saving each other's lives and was it lucky coincidence or divine intervention intervention? >> i love, love, love these stories. and if you need some spooktacular god dis the hostess with the moes tess donatella
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did i say it right. >> i love it when you use the accents. >> donatella arpaia. >> and we are going to be using in the vaults for a long time. >> it is probably the cave it >> and kathie lee was a multi-pronged professional. >> singer and actress, yes. >> and so it is the big 50th birthday, kathie lee was on "days of our lives" and you were an audio voice. >> no, i with as in the atmosphere. i was like this, hode. they told me not to act so much. >> and then she got five lines or less. >> no, no no then flight 22 to portland, because it was a dismembered voice. then i started to do under five.
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>> under five means under five lines. >> and that is a big pay difference, and then the most minor character ever. >> this is nurse callahan. and we have not seen this video. this is going to be fun. take a look. >> get away. >> you to eat. >> you have to eat. >> i said it wanted a steak. >> that is no on the diet. >> i want soft foods. on the i.v. >> well, then they have to use somebody else's nurse. >> you do that. >> a we having trouble with callahan. >> she won't eat. >> that is our girl. the kitchen. she'll eat soon ore later. >> well, i hope it is on
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somebody else's shift. >> irs first of all, snap, snap, snap. >> that is the worst acting. >> your high pitched voice. look at what happened with your voice? >> well, sailors and whiskey and cigarettes and late nights. >> by the way, you are so adorable. >> i was so thin and young. i was 22. >> 22. around cassidy's age? >> yes. >> and this is the stern, you better eat. >> somebody else is just go g ing to have to do it. that is so bad. thank you, "days of our lives" for putting up with me there. >> and we will have a big reunion and we will meet some of the cast. >> and you know what else is embarrassing jimmy fallon yesterday.
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>> and yesterday he made the fell down at harvard over the weekend. he fell down and now to be fun with it, he had on the hard hat and goggles, and he called himself trippy fallon. and four months ago he hurt his hand really bad and now he has fallen down at harvard holding a bottle of jagermeister. >> is that to a beer? nobody knows. it all goes down same. >> same place. >> and he was presenting it to the band as a gift, and the fall was caught on tape. i didn't see that. >> oh. >> here it is. is this after? ooh, ooh, ooh. he fell over, a girl, apparently on the ground, he said, and he was bleeding. so he went to hospital, and he got stitched up, and he joked
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drive ag driving a really expensive car. >> really expensive car. >> yeah. >> anyway. >> anyway. he showed this video of something just went out in the air. >> somebody was asleep there on the prompter. >> this is the explanation. >> some girl was going to kneel down to give me a flower or something, and i didn't see her and i was like, what? and this hand is already gone and so i threw the bottle and i >> wow. he needs to stay home on weekends, like i do, because i am accident prone as well. no, stay home, jimmy with that beautiful new baby of of yours. >> he has brand new video of the new girlfriend. >> can you say yes? yes, daddy, yes.
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wait a minute. what are you doing? say da-da. >> no respect. >> that is so -- >> i love kids can, because think are so unfiltered and then life ruins us. >> and with winnie is 2 and one due in december. >> i never agree with the studies, but have you ever been introduced to a stranger that has kissed you on the cheek, and this is more familiar. >> and yes, when you show up at a party or the friend's house and there is somebody who you don't know and they reach over to kiss you on the cheek, do you find it offensive or like it or love it. and a new study from oxford, most people don'tt like to be touched by anybody except on their hand. >> the older i get, the less.
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i was man handled or woman-handled or elderly handled and they, i find, and i'm one of them are so e effusive. >> yes, wrap you up. >> and yes. i got a bad neck, too, and you are sort of bracing yourself, but kissers will often adopt d a armhold maneuver. show us what happened to youhe other day. somebody came, and you thought that they were going to hug. >> yes, i'm a big hugger, and i would rather hug ban shaking hand, because that is boring. >> you hug strangers. >> e ke y. >> and when they come to hug you, and they have a big arm, and it is like this, hold on. it is a strange and unusual. you either embrace all of the way in or let it go or just shake hands if you are going to go that way. it is okay, but the etiquette experts say upon greeting a stranger, offer to shakehands. >> the standard way. yes. >> and you know what i'm excited
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or to dai day at 2:00, i'm going to an acupuncturist. and i have been horrible hot flashes, and now it is starting to be out of control, and like yesterday, it came on in an interview or right at the end. >> and it is upsetting your life. >> and somebody said that if you do it. do you think that it is going work? >> with well, i tried it, and it didn't work for me, but it helped with something else. and it didn't help with that in particular, but try another time. are you taking donna awe doerable with you, and tape it? we wo want to follow your progress on this. >> to see if it works for real. >> yes, it is interruptin the quality of the life, hoda. >> no sleep. >> yes, and no -- hmm. >> well, anyway. >> no nothing. do you have a bad nightmare or dream that you don't understand? go to the facebook page and tell us about it, because we might decipher it.
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>> i am usually running and it is in slow motion, and i'm really trying to run and scream and i can't make any noise, and i'm going in slow motion, and the person is coming fast. >> after you. >> after me. >> mine is about gum, and i have such a wad of gum that i can't get out of the -- >> can you prooet or breathe or just not talk talk? >> i can't can't doing something because of the wad of gum. you will love it today, because it is give away, and spank day. i love to spank hoda. >> and now, call your grandma and your daughter, because we are about to have fun with som the challenges facing the country never stop. so neither does the u.s. army. we train. adapt. and get smarter. every soldier. every unit. every day. not to keep up with change; but to drive it. nobody knows what problems tomorrow will bring. but we do know who
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is to live it... naturally. our veterans are all around us, but it's hard to show them our appreciation when, out of uniform, they're more camouflaged than ever. america, this veterans day, let's shine a light on our veterans by changing one light to green, and keep it glowing every day. because even if we can't see them, they should always be able to see our support. visit to learn more. now shgs , to longest r ning drama in nbc's history and one of this year's emmy winners, "days of our lives." >> "days of our lives." and if you are are a can devoted
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scene from tom and am are lis horton which premiered on november 8th, 1965. >> that means five deed -- decades of love triangles, and shocking villains and more twists and turns than we can count, and think are all captured in a new book filled with rare photos and it is called "days of our lives 50 years." >> and join g ing us is deeder hall, and lauren koslo, and tao, and billy flynn. >> and standing on the side is a group of super fans from the plaza. and security is ready, because these people are crazy. >> they are. >> whenever we do one of these anniversaries, does it feel like years.
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>> 39. >> does it feel that long? >> no. it has been on for so long, that it is home and safe there. >> and it is such a good gig for an actor to get, because it is security, and most of the acting is what is my next job and you can get a job for 39 years here. >> and kristin, it s is fun, because hope's character had all of the crazy arcs -- >> you have seen nothing yet. >> and you can't give it away. >> no, seriously, i'm still recovering. >> and what is the craziest arc with the exception of what is ahead? >> the craziest, i would say it is as corny as it may sound, i have enjoyed every storyline i have been involved in, but the the craziest was the sleeping pill episodes that hope was having when she was branding men in salem.
10:16 am
>> and i have to say it is a whole other character again, and the princess gina store yline which was amazing, because i was playing so many characters and aged 50 years, and younger, and going to the plastic surgeon and the wardrobe, amazing. good story. >> and my mom used to tape it on vhs and send it to virginia tech when i s in college, because it had that fo owing. and so it goes from are young old. >> yes, the way it is pass ped down on the lineage, and that is one of the neat things that r are issues that are topical on the show and then families share them together which is a great thing. >> did you see that wonderful hair back there, lauren? >> i have had it for five years. it is really fun.
10:17 am
>> and that s is much more than alice horton, come on, let's be honest. >> we love alice forton, but yes, i have great fun. >> when you go down the road, do people yell "patch." and what about tao. >> because i have played two characters over the time, they ask me who i am at the time. and right now i'm the villain of salem, andre. >> and this is not salem, massachusetts, but salem, illinois, and just as bad stuff goes on here. >> yes, but you can't have a hero without a villain, so it is great to have the disturber to come. >> and the villain, we love. >> and we have a ton of fans, but who has a question over there? >> this is jamie from nashville, tennessee, with a burning question about bo. >> are bo and hope going tot get
10:18 am
back together? >> are bo and hope going to get back together? >> i don't know. you have to wait and see. >> you cannot reveal. >> let me just say that there s is so much coming up on the show, and it is moving so quickly, and so fast. but it is very exciting. you are going to laugh. you are going to cry. you are going to sell celebrate, and emotions running through through us. getting the scripts and doing the scenes. you have a lot to look forward to. to. >> and yes, what about the young hunk in the back, billy. >> yes, let's hear from billy. >> oh, this guy. >> how about it? >> how long have you been on the show, be billy? >> i started airing september of last year. i am just soaking it up. >> and now, put up your hands if you have been on the show -- wait wait, how do we play in? >> wait. here it is. raise your hand if you have played multiple characters. raise your hand if you have
10:19 am
killed someone on the show. and raise your hand if you h e been abducted. have you been in a coma. >> everybody! >> no coma for me. >> brainwashed? back from the dead? who has actually levitated? >> yes! >> don't go anywhere, because kath is going to be back with more trivia. laundry can wreak havoc on our clothes, ruining them forever. sweaters stretch into muumuus. and pilled cardigans become pets. but it's not you, it's the laundry. protect your clothes from stretching, fading, and fuzz. ...with downy fabric conditioner... it not only softens and freshens, it helps protect clothes from the damage of the wash. so your favorite clothes stay your favorite clothes. downy fabric conditioner. wash in the wow.
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this homely dirt dweller just transformed from a spud... into a stud. you're welcome!z [mooo] return to real food. dairy products made with california milk. from our family farms to your table. return to real. look for the seal. all right. we are are celebrating a big anniversary, 50 years of "days of our lives" and some of the cast members are here today. >> and also two s er fans that we plucked from the plaza are ready to put their trivia to the test. deb from pennsylvania. >> and kirsten from minnesota. >> all right. are you ready?
10:23 am
first of all, whoever wins this is going to get a humongous prize. crazy. >> as donald trump would say, huge. >> whose real life twin has made multiple appearances, deidre hall or casey moss or -- you got it. >> b. >> yes. deidre hall. >> what u.s. state is salem said to be located in? wisconsin, illinois -- >> illinois. >> you to have to be quicker, deb. okay. come on. >> come on. here we go. >> which cast member who may be in the studio member right now won the gold medal in figure katinging at the junior olympic olympics at age 13? >> hope. >> hope. yes, indeed. n in the it is c friends, which character had a storyline of getting on "days of our lives," phoebe, rachel or joey? >> joey.
10:24 am
>> oh, she hit it, and she said it first. i don't know. >> okay. 2 2-1. >> what is the famous line that opens up every episode of "days of our lives." hit it. >> it is okay. she got it. >> she is nervous. >> like sands through the hour glass, these are the days of our lives. >> okay. which cast member, and which member who may also be in the studio right now, enjoys doing standup comedy in hollywood. >> yes. marlaina. deidre hall. >> and which personalty has not guest starred or appeared on days, charlie sheen, michael buble or kathie lee. >> michael buble.
10:25 am
>> and which decade was the one where most of the character s s -- >> 1970s. >> and marlaina is going to tell us what the grand prize is. >> okay. >> congratulations, you are both knowledgeable and we love that about you, and i don't have the glasses, and what you are getting is two live round trip ticket tickets to new york, and you can what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next, after the next? so predictable and so unsatisfying? what about pulling up a chair, a stool, a beanbag, and actually tasting our food. we are a creamy cheese that still believes in the beauty of a knife, in the elegant swipe of a . . . swipe. of course, that doesn't mean you can't dunk us or scoop us up. enjoy every single, sol-i-tar-y bite. the laughing cow.
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. good morning.
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a live look at the queensboro bridge. 52 degrees on this tuesday, ocurtober 27th. i'mkterry barrett. the moment mets fans have been waiting 15 years for. the return to the world series. hundreds of fans attending a rally for their favorite team. this is in queens yesterday. game one played tonight in kansas city. it has been decades since either won the world series. the mets in '86. a t quick check of the weather. cloudy, mild, 60. tonight, breezy, 52 degrees. rain overnight, especially south and west of the city. tomorrow, wet and windy. rain heavy at times. 66 the high. thursday, a little more rain before we dry out at 73 degrees. up next, the halloween snacks
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it is boozeday tuesday and as the weather is getting cold, you will be probably spending more time indoor s s and noticing the things that you like least about your living space. >> so why not some changes. to inspire you for some home room design re-dos, we have francesco. >> hello. >> and do you have a theme that runs through the whole gamut before we show the before and afters? >> yes, don't give up. don't give up, and see what you can diy and what you can't diy,
10:30 am
bad after, but the afters are impressive. >> and so people are afraid to spend the money and then not know how to do something to fix it if they mess up >> and what about in one? >> i would have lit a match and walked away. >> it is 1950s. >> yes, the the dark, dark cabinets and above, and if you is see the fluorescent lighting and the harvest gold appliance, and truly a challenge. and the flooring is to be designed. >> okay. what d did you id you do? >> it is quite easy. white bistro paint, and the homeowner decided to do the interior and not the exterior, which helps to chip away. and they did open.concept shelving in the kitchen, and they could not afford the marble count countertops so they did the for
10:31 am
micah and -- >> dead they change the floor, because now you won't mind the floor floor. >> and they did extend the entrance way and the ceiling is redone, and striking before an after. >> ye, that is a difference, and can it cost a lot? >> well w paint is something that you can easily do and affordable, with some paint and elbow grease. i would have gone with a little rug or something in the middle there. brass detailing. >> and this is the before and the after of the bathroom. >> and the cat is real. >> it is like from the 1920s that big bathroom. >> it is an interesting bathroom, and art deco, and 1936 spanish home, and they came with the pink and black tiles, and the old fixture, and if you go to the after shot, and you will see the dramatic transformation.
10:32 am
>> it is not the same space. >> it is not, but it is. and they moved a window, and let me tell you, if you are going to take on the challenge, it is ex expensive and not terribly expensive, but you have to have a good contractor, because you have exterior as well. >> where was it before? because i don't remember. >> it was cloes ser to the vanity, and the arch over the tub there, so they moved it. it worked for them, and that i have a larger mirror, and the seamless shower and tub is a trend. >> i love it. >> and the one take away -- oh, you can see the seamless with the glass door. and the one take to away here, and the tip for people at home with bathroom remodeling or d iy. keep the integrity of the home. so i hate a patchwork where you have a 1930s home, and then to a 2000s bathroom. >> this s
10:33 am
>> yes, this is what my aunt would have in the midwest. and so if you have traditional furniture and arrangement like the after, the floors are in good shape. good bones to work with here. >> and the after. >> wow. dramatic. >> that is like malibu now. >> it is really dramatic, and what i love about this and another note to take if you are going to be doing something, create a focal wall or the focal point, and here they did it with the tv flat wall and the fireplace. and the gorgeous charcoal paint, and what i like about that wall they hid the cords from the tv. and so it is going to set the tone, and come in and watch a movie, and have a good time and relax. >> tha is impressive. >> and a little office at the end. >> little office. yeah. >> it is like everybody's office.
10:34 am
>> but maybe where where? >> this is an office at 30 rock. names will not be revealed. >> samantha. >> and we have spent so much time in the home offices and work office, and so why not invigorate it and spark up the personality, and the focal wall, and the personality, and the pop of color and the art from home to make it familiar and layer a rug. the wall treatment is removable. many people think that because they rent a space, you can't do anything, but you can. >> a lot eore fun. >> and we have a little bit more work to do in there folks, but it is a nice steppingstone to make your day a little bit more enjoyable. >> and you have a patio? >> yes, if you are fortunate to have a patio, and this is a new yorker's dream. the drab brown color, and the basic pat e owe, and nothing wow about it. >> a place the to do the steaks. >> yes. and this is the after. wow. it is pretty amazing, what i
10:35 am
whole home like a shade of beige, and she wanted a yellow door, and they placed it in the the back. i believe that your neighbors tont want to see the yellow door in front, so do the party in the back, and the basic in the front. so they put the basic diamond pattern there. and exthe tended the paver s ed -- extended the pavers. >> and what a beautiful lanai. >> yes. >> and the medical miracle that ocan only be described as a i use what' s already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what' s within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it' s supposed to do release its own insulin.
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experiences something that is a miracle or maybe divine coincidence. it>> squrie rushnell calls them " od winks" and he has heard stories from all over and shared them with us in a book. good morning, squire. >> well, it is one y ago this past weekend that a favorite song became an amazing godwink, linking two strangers don and tim, and what they thought was a godwink ended up to be a triple godwink godwink. >> my name is pastor tim jones and my church was holding a saturday craft and bake table. and so i set up a speaker and
10:41 am
sang a song by the gaithers "so ercy mercy." and so one of the members there said he loved the song and we said it was common and then don got devastating news, because dockers or the at duke university hospital told him that he needed a kidney transplant. after family and friends could not meet the rigorous requirements, his wife dawn pleaded on social media for help. so i decided to take a test. a godwink, my match was perfect. so we decided that i would go first and don would follow. our wives waited with don for three hours and then five and then seven hours. they worried. what is going on? finally as don went into
10:42 am
that they had discover d ed a deadly aneurysm hidden in the artery behind my kidney, and it is a bulging vein, and when it rup chuck, ture rupture, certain death. and n in the godwink, you saved don's life, but in the process, you saved your own. >> how about that. tim and don are doing fine, and they are grateful that their the godwink link sharing of a favorite song "so mermercy" by the way has amazing lyrics for another godwink. if you have ever helped a friend, the hand that you use may lift you up. >> that is a great, great songd writer and singer. >> everybody has godwinks. >> you to pay attention.
10:43 am
>> thank you, squire. >> and here is something else to put a smile on your face, dessert. >> and i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto . hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there's limited information on how xarelto and exwarfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. you ow, i tried warfarin, but the blood testing and dietary restrictions... don't get me started on that. i didn't have to. we started on xarelto . nice pass. safety first. like all blood thinners, don't stop taking xarelto without talking to your doctor, as this may increase your risk of a blood clot or stroke. while taking, you may bruise more easily p and it may take longer for bleeding to stop. p xarelto may increase your risk of bleeding if you take certain medicines. xarelto can cause serious,
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he did the monster mash >> if everyone is coming oveghto your house, lucky you, and we have some sweet treats for the kids and the adults will get into for the halloween spirit. >> and here to help us whip up some goodies is donatella arpaio. >> this is two parts vodka and one part sour apple snaup h
10:48 am
shnopps. this is mummy buns. and easy, peanut butter, pumpkin pie spice, and fondant and but butter rolls. we have butter, and brown sugar, and pumpkin spice, and you want to mix? >> what is that? >> pumpkin pie spice. and here's the big cheat. you don't have the make your own rolls. you can buy butter sweet rolls in the stores. >> like the hawaiian bread. >> yes, king's hawaiian, or you can go to the bakery and get the bread there. and so this is a square, and you take it there, and the same mixture here, and super simple, and if you want the do a cheat, i swap out and add some mas car
10:49 am
>> and then i add a little bit of extra butter. >> oh, why not. >> and sugar, and bake them in the oven for ten to 15 minutes at 325. and now, kathy, get to work. >> okay. >> and each of you get a mummy, and the sweet rolls.r and you r are eating hoda? >> i have to taste it. it is so good. >> okay. and the fondant here and a good tip is the pizza wheel. and start gluing. >> i think that he has these hard, because they were sitting out a little bit. >> and put in the cornstarch, and put this as the glue and you will make your eyes and, and what about this? >> these things are very gloppy. >> what aboui, what are you talking about? >> and these are mummy buns.
10:50 am
>> all right. >> we are making popcorn -- and you like them though? >> yes. >> it is so easy to make. popcorn monster ball, marshmallows, popcorn, mix it up, and the marshmallow, and add the food coloring whatever you want. and it is not working. >> you see. >> oh, no. the hand. >> you just food colored your hand. >> mix it up, and you ladies like, and just make ing me go forward, and okay. spray your hands, because we have time, and it is a trick with pam. and start mixing, and go ahead. >> you didn't spray your hands. >> celeb ri rity chef. >> they look like that in the end. >> yes. >> now, we have to go. >> do we have to go? >> with yes. >> why is she still talking? >> you add the eyes and the hair and the teeth. >> and donna tell la is
10:51 am
atella is going be here a week explaining those. >> by the way, those are great.
10:52 am
all right. we are about to make five lucky viewers jump up and down with eldxcitement, because it is time >> and th week's prize is ultimate home entertaining home from george foreman an black and decker worth $450. s the george foreman e evolve grill with removable plates, and thee one-pot wonder, black and decker multi cooker. and you will be whipping up frozen drinks with the xl blast machine, and also, fry ing ing with the purifier air fryer. >> look at that air fryer. >> all right. let os let's do it.
10:53 am
>> first is linda a.catonna from zanesville, ohio. >> and we have cynthia from east st. louis. >> and we have maria alvarez from boynton beach, florida. >> and terry smith from lafayette, indiana. >> and the last winner. >> who is it? >> it is bibliana bedoiya. she is from hollywood, florida, and i know there is a story there. and crank it up. >> anyway, congrats to all tof of the winner, and make sure -- >> i have to do it. [ laughter ] >> anyway, go to and hit the enter button. and tomorrow, we have the award winner jacquelin bisette is here.
10:54 am
>> and lilliana is bringing back the bling. >> it is starting to hurt. >> you know you love it. winesday wednesday is tomorrow. be here.
10:55 am
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