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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  October 27, 2015 5:00pm-5:29pm EDT

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>> reporter: despite the bad weather, both teams in kansas city are ready to rock. the atmosphere will be absolutely electric no matter how much rain falls on game 1. how pumped are you for tonight? >> i've been waiting literally 22 years for that. >> the mets in the world series. how does that sound to you? >> it sounds great. otmets! >> i've been waiting 15 years for this. >> you're a mets fan. you don't mind if i hide in your umbrella, do you? >> are you kidding? anything for a mets fan. >> how cool is this? >> unbelievable. after all the years of losing, it's such a breath of fresh air. >> reporter: the mets have not won a world series since 1986. the royals have not won a world series since 1985. both fan bases are hungry for a winner. we're getting set for game 1 tonight. the tarp is on the field. 8:07 the scheduled time for the first pitch. r now i would say we're still going to play baseball.
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it might be a little bit later than that. chuck and sibila, back to you guys in the studio. >> but no doubt it will be ex'sciting. bruce, thanks so much. bruc is posting constant updates to twitter and instagram. follow him @brucebeck4ny to get all the action at the stadium. check this out. citifield. that is the world series logo being painted on the grass. crews spent the day decorating the stadium where the world series is being played today. fans are there to cheer h ou on. >> reporter: chuck, you can hear them here be nd me. they're lined up right now just to get a chance to watch the game at a bar near citifield. the energy just keeps getting hotter as we get closer to the world series. at citifield, grounds crew spent the day painting the words on the field "world series."
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>> reporter: citifield employees are prepping the field for game 3 on friday. everywhere you go, people are talking about the mets. in downtown manhattan, a puppy parade marched through the streets and all the dogs wore mets jerseys. even at lincoln center, mr. met led the met opera to sing "meet the mets." it's official, the city has gone mets crazy. >> i think it's nice to see because the yankees have dominated for so long, and it's really nice to see the mets on top for a change. >> reporter: david cronheim has been a fan since the team was founded back in 1962. he says there has never been a better time to wear orange and blue. >> i used to be a rarity with that on, but i see more and more people wearing these. >> reporter: the world series
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fans, like silverio labron. how long have you been a mets fan? >> uh -- uh -- >> silverio took so long to answer because he's actually a yankees fan. take a look at this sea of orange and blue. as we get closer and closer to the game, people are getting louder and louder. we also want to mention the average ticket prices here at citifield, over $1,000. that tells me just how excited people are. michael george, news4 new york. >> we have a fan 4 gallery on nbc downpours and possible flooding. that is what storm team 4 is tracking for you tonight. janice huff is here to tell you when you need to be ready. janice?
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see the light rain come in for the morning commute, but it's really not until the afternoon and evening commute that we'll start to see the heaviest rain. we're talking two and three inches possible in some areas. there will be a low with this system, maybe 50 miles an hour right along the coast and the possibility of coastal flooding as well. this moisture-soaked air mass is the same air mass that's flooding kansas city right now. it's raining there, but they're going to clear out there in time for the game or maybe just after the time. it should start to clear out there. here we are dry tonight. it's tomorrow morning when we'll start to see the first signs of rain coming in, light to moderate at best. buert during the afternoon is when we'll see the soaking rain coming through, there will be ponding of water on roads and it will be difficult driving in spots and those downpours will continue into early thursday morning. we'll talk more about the rainfall totals and the wind and all associated with this storm coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. >> keep an eye out for the nbc4 neew york app.
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that's where you can track our interactive radar and get weather alerts. police chief james burke is stepping down after 30 years with the department. they discussed the reopening of the fbi investigation of a 2012 arrest of a man that broke into burke's car. that mana accused several other officers and boourk urke of beating him. burke says his decision to retire ie not related to it and he looks forward to the next chapter of his life. crowds gather in queens to pay respects to 33-year-old randolph holder, a man who was fulfilling his dream to serve and protect just like his father
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lori bore don donaro is live. lori? >> so many officers out here who came from all ot ver to pay their respects. a tribute to their fallen the pd's honor guard carried his randolph holder's casket into the holding yard. >> we came to support him. else the bravest. >> reporter: she never met the 33-year-old nypd officer. today she grieved with the nypd, lining merrick boulevard to pay their respects, many holding his native flag. >> he protects us and keeps our city safe. >> reporte it was holder's dream to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather who were also police officers in guyana. he came to the u.s. to fulfill his dream five years ago. that dream came to an end last week when he was shot in the
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head in east harlem. >> we lost one of our officers who was doing what we ask them to do each and every day. >> reporter: he is the fourth nypd officer in the last year killed on the job. >> i really weighs heavy on all of our hearts. >> reporter: and reverend al sharpton has decided not to give the eulogy tomorrow, saying he doesn't want a side show. he wants the focus to be on officer holder's brutal and senseless murder. we're live in jamaica tonight, lori bordonara, new york, news 5. tonight at 6:00, the dna of a deadly shooting. news4 investigates and takes you inside the atf gun lab. how agents are tracking the history of the gun used to kill the new york city officer. mark santee ia has that report tonight at 6:00.
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that left a teen dead downtown. he flew outside an applebee's. you can see teenagers running in one direction and running back when the shots rang out. local police want a boost of police patrols. >> the 88th precinct needs more resources, more manpower, more capital infrastructure to make sure they can secure this area as safely as possible. >> now, the shooting also injured an 18-year-old man. he is expected to be okay. on top of the heavier police presence, the brooklyn borough president is calling for more funding toward anti-violence programs. this video was capturing the nation's attention, a school resource officer taking down a st.udent in a south carolina high school. tonight the justice department is joining the investigation of this. news4 shiba russell is here with new information. shiba? >> reporter: chuck, no matter how many times you watch it, it is jaw dropping. it appears to show a white
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deputy grabbing a student by the neck, flipping her and throwing her across the classroom. experts tell nbc news that it was unlikely the officer's actions were justified. a classmate's cell phone video shows the confrontation inside spring valley high school, a school resource officer taking down a student while seated and throwing her across the floor. witnesses say she refused to leave the classroom after being asked several times. opinions are mixed on the deputy's actions. >> i think he took it way too far. i don't think a woman should be handled like that in any circumstance. >> the force was a little excessive, but if the student had done what she was supposed to do in the first place, it never would have taken place. >> reporter: police arrested that student and another for, quote, disturbing school. more is coming to light on the officer seen in the video. ben fields has been with the sheriff's department since 2004. he was sued in 2007, along with several other officers, for
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he's also named in a second suit along with other school officials. the claim, that fields unfairly targets african-american students with allegations of gang membership and criminal gang activity. that case is still pending as a new round of investigationsi begins. the school district and sheriff's department are now investigating this latest incident. the justice department has opened a separate civil rights inquiry. sibila? >> that is hard to watch. shiba, thank you. the united states and cuba are no longer at odds but a trade embargo remains. they were the only two nations to vote keeping it in place. president obama supports lifting the embargo, but that decision is ultimately up to congress. the fire hazard you need to
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know about on certain vehicles. the story we first broke here on the sergeant accused of driving drunk, the scene inside his car and what the department is doing about this.
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we have a consumer alert for you tonight and this one covers over a million general motors cars. >> the cars can actually leak oil and even catch fire. brenda has the details. brenda. >> reporter: this is the first time in seven years gm is recalling cars for this issue, and you have to be careful because the fire could lead to damage in your home or garage. they're recalling one million vehicl going back to the 2007 year. most caught fire after dealers fixed them. a faulty gasket is what's allowing oil to drip onto the
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the latest recall is for drivers in north america who own cars with 3.6 liter engines. you can call your dealer to get more information. but you can also find the full list of all the cars that are being recalled on our website. it's nbc new brks krrks bc nbcn the house has approved a plan to take an extra three years to make upgrades. the system is designed to automatically slow trains as they approach curves. investigators say the technology could have prevented deadly amtrak and metro north derailments. the senate is expected to vote on this bill later this week. new details tonight that may shed light on a whale watching boat that capsized and leaves one man missing.
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that the survivors described a down. he said that waves were so high, even he was scared. the weather was seemingly calm over the weekend, but mariners turn violent. a walmart is making sure it doesn't get left behind in the drone game. the world's largest retailer has asked the faa for permission to be able to test drones outdoors for a number of uses, including deliveries, curbside pickup and being ambulatory. would you believe it's three years since sandy hit in the tri-state area? we remember the homes destroyed, the tears. tonight we're focusing on what's risen from the rubble. we get the progress from freeport, long island.
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>> this man is said to be legall blind, but today the father of two's ears told him that a nearly three-year nightmare was coming to an end. >> ever since the hurricane, he's always lived in fear. >> reporter: like so many victims, he didn't get sosa and aid money to rebuild after the water flooded his lyeeport home. but today crews and other non-profits began that work, removing old and re others. >> families are still looking for aid. >> we would love to say this is a unique situation three years after sandy hit north carolina, but unfortunately it's the norm. >> reporter: it could take four more years before all sandy victims get the help they need. if you're a sandy vic
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m like the sosas and simply don't have money to rebuild, the organization that helped this family say the best thing you can do is simply dial 211 and k for help. even that's no guarantee help thwill come. her agency only has 1 $1,000. the $35,000 work they needed should be done in about a week. three years ago today, we were gathering and jus watching sandy approaching. >> coming right up the coast. and the year before that was the snowtober. this time we have sort of a
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remnants of a total system come our way, but a chance of some minor custom push on shore. a y lot of wind. here's the top of our camera looking at one world trade. 76 degrees in the city. most locations were right around 60 or just below in central park, in newark, in la guardia, bridgeport at 57 today and 58 in islip this afternoon. relatively mild. ouclose to average. the ni t starts dry. we're not expecting rain until tomorrow morning. it starts out light for the morning commute. it ends up heavily for the evening commute. might even have a couple showers here and there. but the weekend is fantastic. it's great for everyone, for the marathon. the first part of the day looks
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condittons for the runners from madison to ten a fly. jersey shore is point pleasant, sea sirks dk it's pretty steady everywhere because of the -- back lou. temperatures generally stay in the mid-50s. it's quiet, it's cloudy but it's not raining yet, by the time we get to mom's commute. .
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but we're generally talking 30 to 40-mile-per-hour wind gusts. , and thursday is a sunny day at 72. the weekend looks great and warming up. thousands of students across the cianty will have a chance to see it thanks to a generous program. the rocky horror picture show teamed up. this program will run through 2017. and the holidays are approaching, when families gather to. our darlene kickoff has partnered with city har stroes
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show show. they have gotten over 5 million pounds of healthy food. several of you have reacting to a story on our facebook page. here's a hipt. it has nothing to do with. the prosecutor accused of
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>> we're just three 30 days from thanksgiving and 90 days from black friday. >> rei announced they are cancelling black friday. no lines, no doorbusters, no
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they plan to pay all their employees to spend the night outside. the customers are encourage ld to do the same thing and then share it on social media with all outside. >> it's partly why we've chosen this day to spread a different message about what's important to us. >> rei was named by fortune magazine as one of the top 100 companies to work for. >> we posted this story on the facebook page and the response was overwhelming. >> most of it positive, many of it thinking it's a great idea. >> in fact, one writes, what wonderful 't sing. >> what a wonderful advertisement for rei. get outdoors, everyone. work off those desserts. >> and lauren says, it's about time someone took a stand for decency.
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thank you, rei. so what do you think about the move? head over to our facebook page and let us know. >> dining out with your dog is now legal in new york,ut before you grab your pooch's leash, there is a catch you need toan know about. a state police sergeant charged with driving drunk in a patrol car. i'm here with how he got caught. > in a race for the white house, donald trump usually touts polls putting him at the top, so what does he say about a new survey that knocks him from the top? listen up w york. th aere's a new drug out there. and it's trying to destroy our generation. it's called synthetics. . . so, some guy thought it might be a good idea to spray poison on some herbs, and then sell it to you. no, it's not marijuana. it goes by names like k2, spice,
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