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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  October 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:33pm EDT

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a heartfelt send-off. the final touches for a final good-bye. the fallen fice,ng randolph holder. the search for this man and his alleged partner in crime. the storm set to drench the tri-state. good evening. i'm chuck scarborough. >> and i'm sibila vargas. the rain should start falling just in time for the morning commute. >> some of that rain may continue into thursday morning. we're not going to see any steady rain until after the morning commute. it will be light to start. by the evening commute heavy rain with downpours and some areas could receive more than 3 inches of rain with the system neas it comes through. wind gusts over 40 miles a fon ho ur. at the coast they may be higher. th sat could result in coastal
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you can see the moisture extending from south washington, d.c. through chicago. we expect it to be here in the morning. on the light side to start. let's track that. you'll see that it's pretty quiet for the rest of tonight. here's a light rain coming in at 7:00 a.m. by midday we're starting to see it pick up in intensity to the north and west. we get a l tle bit of a break and then thursday morning the actual front comes through with a heaviest rain before it clears out in the afternoon. coastal flood advisory is in effect for wednesday. we'll talk more about that in just a few minutes. back to you. all right, janice. to baseball now. it's game one of the world series. right now the mets are going head to head with the royals. >> and this is a live look from kaufman fman stadium. the storm sweeping in our area is long gone from kansas city. >> bruce beck is liv in kansas city. bruce?
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of ball game and the mets t lead by a score of 4-3 in the bottom of the eighth inning of play. the mets cored on an error by the royals in the eighth. the royals escobar led off the game with an inside the park me ruof the mets came back with runs in the fourth, fifth, and six. right w, it is 4-3 mets in the bottom of the eighth. the game was stopped for a short time because power was lost in the fox truck, which was televising the game. mlb stopped the game because of the replay tituation. both teams wanted to play. eventually they got back to baseball. because of the checks and balances, they had to stop the game for a short time. right now, the mets have the
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lead, 4-3, against a very good royals ball club in the bottom of the eighth in game one of the fall classic. chuck and sibila, back to you. >> mets fans are glued to televisions sets across the tri-state. >> john chandler is live in queens with a look at the excitement there. it hn, can hear it. >> reporter: yeah, you can. you can hear it. trust me. a few minutes ago you could hear a pin drop in this place. then when he came around to score, bedlam. and it's only game one, guys. >> let's go mets. >> reporter: a rowdy crowd was silenced shortly after the first pitch. the mets quickly dug themselves a hole. some even had to step outside for a breather. >> needed to get a little air. it was y,utal, but get it out of the way early.
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get the circus out of the way and put some runs on the board. >> reporter: they prayed. they paced. you're pacing around here like a caged animal. are you okay? >> it's been 15 years. you know how excited i am? >> reporter: michael group ew up across the street from him. he was at the mets victory parade in 1986. plans to take his three kids this year. yeah, that's right. these fans are that confident. they never lost faith, even when the television signal lost power. yes, these fans had fallen hard for these mets this october win or lose, but really they got to win. >> a lot of the excitement exists because of so many years. it's only game one. >> you've got a long way to go. >> pace ourselves. >> reporter: all right. even as kansas city threatens to tie this game in the eighth
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inning, these guys aren't losing ith, guys. we'll see if the mets can do it as we ride the roller coaster that is game one. >> okay. thank you. billy joel is set to sing the national anthem friday at city field. the first home game for the mets. they have a long-standing darelationship. piano man is a favorite during the eighth inning break. billy joel even sang meet the mets last week at a concert. we have a fan allery on send your pictures by going to our website or to our app. in other news tonight, a line of blue stretched down a city block today to pay tribute to fallen nypd officer randolph holder. tonight, final preparations are being made for his heartfelt send-off.
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brynn gingras is in queens where tens of thousands will embrace his life and legacy tomorrow. >> reporter: officer holder's funeral is expected to draw thousands of officers not only from the nypd, but from across the country. outside the allen ame church in jamaica queens barricades are still lined across the street. wednesday brings another day of emotional good-byes to fallen officer randolph holder. today at the wake it was just the same. >> everybody is just weeping and crying. >> reporter: 33-year-old holder came to the u.s. from guyana where his father and grandfather were policemen. he wanted to follow suit. draneamed big. and for five years, he proudly wore an nypd uniform. >> we came to support. >> reporter: but holder's dreams were cut short last week when tyrone howard shot the officer
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today a grand jury indicurd howard on what charges remains unknown until the indictment is unsealed next month. police arrested howard on a murder charge. they found the gun howard used to kill holder before he allegedly chucked it into the hudson river. news 4 investigates has learned the gun in holder's case was bought in 2008 in columbia, south carolina, but how it ended up in east harlem is unclear. what matters tomorrow is the final good-byes at h funeral. news 4 new york. >> officer holder's funeral will be held tomorrow at the greater allen ame cathedral in queens. the service starts at 3:00 p.m.
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you can watch it l e on or the app. suffolk county's police chief is stepping down amid allegations he roughed up a burglary suspect. a man suspected of breaking into his official vehicle claimed burke assaulted him during the arrest and again when he was questioned. today's decision to retire came after burke met the county ex utive about the federal case being reopened. however, burke's lawyer says his decision is not related to that probe. right now, police are searching for two suspects behind a string of armed robberies. now they're tied to two more hold-ups. >> we are live with details and video of one of the suspects. >> reporter: police say these guys are behind several robberies throughout new york, including this store here at bathg beac the common link in all of the crimes a red handgun and police
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i just spoke with the victim who described the aggressive and scary heist. investigators believe this man may be behind a string of robberies. surveillance cameras captured him going into a convenience store. seconds later this store clerk on flushing avenue came face to face with a gun. >> he wanted money, everything, myx. wallet. >> reporter: police believe this man and another suspect are behind robberies in three different boroughs. th crime spree started in late august. days later and blocks away another hold-up on bay 35th street. the same men are believed to be behind the flushing avenue hold-up and a bank store robbery on staten island. the suspects had a red handgun and a royal blue string bag.
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they stole not only from the registers but took clerk's phones and wallets. they wasted no times using those stolen phones and credit cards. if you know anything about these bandits, give the nypd a call. ws 4 new york. and we're getting answers tonight from the brooklyn school where a 7-year-old girl choked on food is n left brain dead. she remains on life support at the hospital after the incident last week at ps 250 in williamsburg. the department of education says we believe the principal and faculty re onded ed ed swiftly to the emergency notifying 911 and the student's family immediately. the family accused the school of waiting too long to call 911 for help. >> they're hiding something. they're hiding something and it's not right. my baby maybe would have been saved. >> e says the girl was already
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blue when he arrived. the nypd says they have a record of one 911 call but it's unclear how much time lapsed before that call was made. republican presidential hopefuls are getting ready to battle it out in colorado tomorrow in their third debate. donald trump is likely to take aim at bencarson. carson is at 26%, trump at 22. carson's team says he won't attack at tomorrow night's debate but he won't back down either. >> a lot more republicans are more attracted to carson's personality style and professional experiences, but we'll have to deal with the details and the policy. >> the same poll found that 7 of 10 republican voters aren't yet sure who they'll vote for. the debate airs at 8:00 tomorrow night. we'll have a full recap for you here at 11:00.
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tasered on a subway platform. what happened moments before a man was tasered and tumbled onto the tracks. a deadly crash of a bus carrying a college team. the bus flips over. what investigators say happened. while some stores will stay open around the clock this black friday, one retailer will close
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in pennsylvania one person was killed when a bus collided with a car on a highway. the force of the crash flipped the bus on its side. none of the students suffered any major injuries, although some were taken to the hospital for treatment. the bus' driver was prow
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nounced dead at the scene. a victim who fell asleep on a train chased two suspects off the train out onto the platform. the robbery victim is then pushed onto the tracks and the suspects flee. police say the victim was able to make his way off the tracks and he was treated for minor injuries. a veteran new jersey state trooper whose duties included a security detail for president obama is accused of driving drunk while behind the wheel of his patrol car. michael roadside rear ended a car on the garden state parkway. when the state police showed up, they found an open bottle of booze and empty beer cans in his r r. the 51-year-old was stripped of husband weapon. a violent cell phone video
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it happened at spring valley high in south carolina. e student took out her cell phone and refused a teacher's orders to leave class. that's when officer fields arrived and things turned very ugly. >> i feel like the grown men were scared in there too. i was scared. i was in eighth grade. >> it's ridiculous. it's not even necessary to do that to her when she is just a child sitting in the seat. >> fields also works as a sheriff's department. the richland county sheriff says he is, quote, disturbed by the video. general motors is recalling nearly 1.5 million vehicles for the third time. we have listed the affected hicles on the screen they're being recalled because of an oil leak that can cause an engine fire. the defect has caused more than 00 fires after two previous re lls to fix the issue.
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was turned off or unoccupied. according to a spokesperson, gm hasn't come up with a final fix for this most recent recall. walgreens is set to buy out rival rite aid. wa.lgreens is doling out more than $9 billion in cash to acquire rite aid. the company runs more than 13,000 stores in 11 countries. well, he waited until the last minute, but new york mayor bill de blasio has joined the long list of politicians to make friendly bets on the world series. tonight the mayor sent out this tweet proposing a wager with kay nsas city mayor sly james. de blasio deciding to bet some of junior's famous cheesecake in exchange for tasty casey barbecue. >> that's interesting swap. cheesecake, barbecue. it's a nice meal. >> you got youy dessert. >> i can g
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for evat. >> sure. >> junior's. >> we can swap out this weather, can't we? >> not yet. we've got a couple of days before we swap it out. we have to get through tomorrow with this heavy rain that may extend into thursday morning. things are quiet around the tri-state area as t rain approaches, but what we'll begin to see and feel is dampness and the winds that are going to pick up around the area tomorrow too. mostly cloudy and 52 degrees right now. the temperatures won't be that cold tonight due to the could cover, but it is mainly dry tonight. you might see a few showers showing up south and west of the city before the sun comes up, but generally it develops throughout the day. the rain will be heaviest tomorrow afternoon and evening. nice and dry this weekend. temperatures 40s.
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42 approximate in poughkeepsie. 52 in midtown. it's quiet. the winds are quiet right now, but you can start to see the rection. there's changing and shifting to onshore winds. lo ok at the winds. by 7:00 a.m., we' already seeing gusts up between 20 and 30 miles an hour. in some cases close to 40, 50 miles an hour, especially right along the coastline tomorrow afternoon. this is midday wednesday going into wednesday evening. they're still pretty brisk. they really won't die out until late thursday or early thursday morning we'll start to see the winds calm down a bit. this big high pressure system that's over us is keeping it at bay right now. but it will slowly filter in. the rainfall totals could be significant in some spots. maybe as much as 3 inches or maybe a little bit more north and west of the city. so places where you have the
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drains maybe clogged by leaves, if you have that near your house, you may want to get up in the morning and clear that away. lighter rain for the morning commute. there will be some rain around early thursday morning but will taper off during the morning commute. we'll have highs in the 70s on wednesday afternoon. clear, breezy, fall temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. halloween and the new york city marathon the weather looks great for both days. light rain will develop overnight. the heavy rain will be for the evening commute. 72 on thursday. back to the upper 50s on friday. saturday 63. and more rain coming up on monday. so here's what jimmy fallon has coming up tonight. >> drew barrymore is here. it's a great show.
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hasbro wants a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit filed by a fox news anchor. harris faulkner filed that
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lawsuit last mon th. the hamster also has that name. hasbro says the toy and the newscaster share nothing in common except for their name. > now to a retailer who is getting a lot of attention tonight for what it plans to do this black friday and it has nothing to do with sales. rei announced they are cancelling black friday. that's right. no lines, nor door busters. no promotions. they plan to play employees at their 143 stores to spend the day outside. the company is also encouraging e ing kmus customers to do the same thing. >> we'll be right back with bruce beck live from kansas
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well, bottom of the ninth and the mets are in the lead. let's check in with bruce live from kansas city. >> reporter: w t a ball game, sibila. 4-3, mets lead. bottom of the ninth. familia is on the hill for the
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a five-save performance thus far in the playoffs and an e.r.a. of 0.00. the amazing took the lead in the top of the eighth by an error. wilbur florez s hit that ground ball. mets looking for their six straight win in the postseason. jason pierre-paul returns to the giants. he tweeted a link to his instagram page showing him signing on the dotted line. j.p.p. said i'm iery excited to be back. i'm just here to help the team ouitt. he's now eligible to train with
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the giants, ut won't be on the orleans. whenever he does return, he looks to provide a much-needed boost to a feeble giants to pass-rush. new york governor andrew cuomo was born in queens. his father the late governor mario mario cuomo played one year of minor league baseball. i decided to talk baseball with the present governor since he was on the field before the game. so what's your bet with the governor of missouri? >> this was a serious bet as gubernatorial bets go. we're going to have an exchange of products. new york bagels. barbecue. the losing governor has to wear the jersey of the other team for an eight-hour period during the week, a full workday, and must appear before the press with the
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so this is serious stuff. now governor nixon, distinguished fella, the blue and orange is going to look very good on him. it's going to bring out his es, his complexion. governors can do trash talk to, you know. >> reporter: well, just moments ago alex scored a home run to tie the ball game for thy royals in the bottom of the ninth off familia. right now, it's 4-4 in the bottom of the ninth. thtoe royals are going to try to win the ball game. the mets hope it goes to extra innings at this point. we might play until the wee hours of the morning. 's oy y game one of the world series. a lot of experts think this fall classic could be a classic and it's starting out that way. you never know. it's baseball. you've got to play it until the final out.
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team starts practice today. coach called to see how i was doing. i blew out my knee last year. ju st allcollege football ograms began calling me. i ondidn't realize i'd get hooked on the pain pills the doctor gave me.
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