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tv   Today in New York  NBC  October 28, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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place in queens. plus, some wicked weather is on the way. storm team 4 is tracking rain and wind. and a heart breaker. the mets play into the record books but come up short. "today in new york" starts now. godvod morning, everyone. wednesday morning. it is october 28th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. stinorm team 4's chris cimino was up for most of this five-hour-plus game. joins us now. chris, not the way we wanted to get started. >> don't wantti o talk about it. but when they won in '69 and '86, they lost the first game. >> first two in '86. >> there you go. there's still hope. we've got a stormy day heading our way. early on this morning, it's not too bad. light sprinkles from the city to the north and west. all of this is drifting in our direction. the rain will pick up in intensity as we go through the afternoon and into the evening. it's showers south and west of
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the city primarily this morninp. we're in the mid-50s. it's a mild day. the other part of the story, the wind. we could see ind gusts exceed 40 miles an hour and maybe higher. we'll talk more about the storm in a bit. let'scoet the first che on the commute. >> good morning, everyone. no accidents on the roads, but we have road work out there. the jackie robinson parkway is shut down again overnight. heading over to new jersey, we have that route 17 construction out there again this morning in both directions between midland avenue and century road. we'll have your next weather and traffic update on the 4s. >> thank you very much, lauren. this morning mets fans are recovering from a five-hour emotioaal rollerer coaster ride. it tied the record for the longest world series. 14 nail-biting innings. bruce beck is in kansas city. >> reporter: game one of the world a marathon.
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history of the fall classic. after and for the first time this postseason, the mets find themselves trailing in a series. the mets handed th ball to familia for a four-out save. alex gordon crushes the fastball to dead cenner to tie the ball game at 4-4. it was familia's fir st blown eesave in three months. stayed tied into the 14th inning. with the bases loaded, a fly bat ll to right. curtis granderson makes the catch and a strong throw home, but escobar beats the throw by a step. the royals win the game 5-4. re's some postgame reaction. >> david, how disappointing is this loss, especiallye. considering it was five hours and such a gut check? >> well, the great thing is we got a chance tomot ow. i think that's the beautiful thing about the game in general. you can have a tough loss like this today and bounce back
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tomorrow and, you know, hopefully get the "w". >> what about this game being a five-hour-plus game? does it make the loss more devastate devastating? >> no, i think it would have hurt if we played it in 20 minutes or five hours. >> reporter: the mets' star closer proved to be vincible, but now the mets' ace, who's been invincible in the poste ason, has a chance to get the team even. darlene and michael, jacob degr fr is a good guy to lean to when you really need a win. game two is tonight. >> all right, bruce. fans watching the game saw fox's broadcast go down in the fourth inning. they lost power in their media compound at 9:19. only one at-bat was missed. fox went t their studio then switched to mlb's feed othe game, but there was a five-minute delay. that's because umpires had to t the approval from both manatirs that there would be no instant replay for tsu rest of the game. >> someone unplugged the
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they had the alarm clock on it. long island's own billy joel is going to sing the national anthem before the first ever world series game at citi field. >> joel and mets have a long-standing relationgsip. iano man" is a sing along favorite during he eighth inning break. our coverage of the world series continues online. head to for more on game one, and send your pictures, your mets pride pictures. you can also download our news 4 new york app. >> we're oing to get them back tonight, right? >> i feel good about it. >> all right. let's checkein with chris. we should also point out, billy joel, the wonderful documentary about the winning days of shea adium. that whole connection. >> looking forward to that. hopefully when that happens, we'll be evened up 1-1. in the meantime, good thing they're not playing here tonight because they wouldn't be. heavy rain heading in our direction.
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early on this morning, just lighter showers. you can see it encroaching from the south and west. there's plenty more moisture sitting out to our west and southwest. this is the mess we're going to get into. what to expect, a milder morning. not as chilly this morning. a lot of the suburbs even in the 50s. rain develops during the morning commute. gusty showers, heavier downpours, maybe evening thunderstorms. one to two inches of rain and gusts of wind out of the east up to 40 miles per hour. we'll have more details coming up on the 4s. >> thanks, chris. good morning, everyone. weat have changes on the subways due to a rail condition. there are delays on queens bound a and c trains. we had this problem yesterday as well. plenty of overnight track work. expect delays and service changes there. major commuter lines look good. if t you're getting on the buses, a few detours. and alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect
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today. today a sea of blue will descend on queens. thousands will gather in that borough to say good-bye to fallen nypd officer randolph hoer. >> rrdorter: michael, you think about the enormous grief officers here are feeling, but they are still on the job right now. they're working in this area. they are preparing for the funeral. as you said, thousands will be here. you can see the steel barricades hind us. also, the tow trucks are removing vehicles in this immediate area because we expectpto see officers here in the street as well. nou rmally there could be cars on either side of the street. but they're all gone and removed somewhere else. as for saying good-bye to officer holder, fellow policemen brought him to the church here fok r the wake yesterday, the greater allen ame cathedral will filled to capacity with mourners. crowds are e ected toe,our out
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into the streets. at his wake, many remembered his dedication to his job,hois smile, how humble he was. a relative told us the family remains in shock that he's gone. >> everybody's just wee ing and crying. th.eey can't really understand. >> everybody's crying. >> reporter: officer holder will be buried in guyana where he grew up. the suspect who's accused of shooting him in the head eight days ago reminds behind bars. we'll tell you how investigators are looking into the history of the gun police say was used in the alleged killing. we'll talk about that and visit with atf investigators in the next half hour. >> kat, thank yous very much. you can watch coverage of officer holder's funeral services this afternoon. we're going to stream it on at 3:00 p.m. and changes are now being proposed for the drug diversion program that man accused of killing officer holder had been put in. a judge put 30-year-old tyrone howard in that program for drug users instead of sending him to
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prison. this was following an arrest last year. co now two local law makers are introducing legislation that would require in that program to be electronically monitored. yoward wasn't indicted by a grand jury yesterday. e specific charges, though, those will remain sealed until his next court appearance. that happens next month. new this morning, police have arrested a suspect they say shot and killed a good samaritan who tried to stop a car theft. 20-year-old brian aponte faces murder charges. people say he shot three people three weeks ago while trying to steal a white minivan in brooklyn. and also new this morning, police are searching for four suspects they say robbed food cart vendors in brooklyn and queens. they say they held up food carts south ozone park.
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in all, they got away with about $700. happening now, police are searching for two thooefs in a string of late-night robberies. police want you to take a good look at the suspect. they say he and another man started their crime spree back in august. a clerk there says he was robbed at gunpoint. >> there's a gun, give me money. police say ehe two men struck on flushing avenue in queens, victory boulevard on staten island. these robberies happened after 10:30 at night. happening now, the fbi and justice department are investigating if the civil rights of a south carolina high scachool studema were violated. cell phone video shows that student being thrown to the ground and dragged across the floor by a sheriffs deputy. that deputy ben fields is now on administrative leave. today the richland county sheriff is expected to announce if he will be fired or not.
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video, i was shocked and didesturbed by it. what we all watched on that shamefully shocking video is reprehensible, unforgivable, and inveconsistent with everything that this district stands for, what we work for, and what we aspire to be. >> the sheriff also says he believes the incident was not racially motivated. we're learning more about what may have caused the whale watching boat off vancouver island to capsize. five people were killed sunday, one person is mi ing. most of the passengers were on e left side of the top deck when a wave struck the boat on the right side. that weight to the side caused thbe boat to tilt and capsize, according to investigators. the five people killed ere british. the missing man is from australia. 21 people were rescued. it is 4:40 now. big shake-up in the republican race for president right before tonight's third televised gop debate. dr. ben carson now ahead of donald trump in a national poll.
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he had bee ading him in individual states, but now nationally. carson leading 27% to if 23%. that could spark a fierce debate tonight in colorado. trump is still going to be at center stage. you can catch it on cnbc. it will start at 8:00 p.m. there will be some fireworks before the fireworks. >> there will probably be fireworks before for sure. just ahead, washington getting a royal v aitul today. plus, the protest taking place outside the new jersey state house, and it's on the eve of the third anniversary of superstorm sandy. and storm team 4 tracking me rain. your weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. don't forget, follow us on facebook and twitter, chmichaelg4ny, darlene4ny. you're watching "today in new
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it's 4:43. here are four thi s to know this morning. general motors recalling nearly
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1.5 million vehicles because of an oil leak that can cause an engine fire. all the details listed on our website, i'. u.s. defense secretary ashton carter says the u.s. will use troops ongo the ground in the fight against isis in iraq and syria. secretary carter talking about that strategy shift while testifying before the senate armed services committee. today prince harry will be in warhington. he's promoting the invik us it games, a competition featuring wounded warriors. harry will meet with president obama at the white house this rning. game one of the world series sted well into the morning. 14 ineenings, more than five hours long. the mets losing 5-4. tonight the mets will try again. ey're going to send jacob degrom to the mound. a couple chatees to win last night that didn't quite work out. >> no, i didn't. >> you always have to end ul having more runs than the other team for it to work out. just didn't. >>ue started with an
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inside-the-park home run. could have gone way south from there. >> that's true. bud t in the meantime, yes, we come back at it tonight and hopefully even up the series before they come to citi field. much better weather than that we're going to have today and tonight. it's going downhill in a hurry. right now, not too much going on. it's relatively mild. 55 degrees, cloudy sky, bit of a breeze out there beginning to kick up. the wind will really stir up, the rain will start to fall. we have an easterly component to the wind. coastal flood advisories n effect this morning. meantime, the severe storm center has put us in a marginal risk because we may see thunderstorm activity later on this afternoon and this evening. one or two of those could reach severe level with wind gusts exceeding 50 miles per hour in some spots. in terms of overall rainfall, this is one computer model
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average, between 1 to 2 1/2 inches. we do anticipate a widespread. that's going to lead to some flooding of local streets and highways. keep in oind, a lot of leaves have fallen, so try to make sure the catch basins are clear. nd, the next issue. we could see wind gusts exceeding 30 miles an hour ointo the evening, some gusts perhaps over 50 miles an hour at tismes long the coast. in the city, between 35 and 40. out east again, approaching 50 miles per hour gi. still, you can see overnight gradually things get a little better by tomorrow morning. temperatures right now low to mid-50s. we'll head to the 60s this afternoon. no frost to worry about this morning. we have rain heading in our direction. first push relatively light. this will start to fill in as we go through the day, and the rain will get heavier. there will be bands of heavier downpours through time. you can see that push of rain, the yellow indicative of the
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heavier bands. little lulls in between. notice the heaviest push seems to be during the evening commute and the first part of tonight. then that will shift to the north and west. we start to clear out by tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be a warm day, actually. after the morning clouds, clears out quickly, 73 after a nasty day today. friday, breezy, cooler, 60. colder at night for game one at citi field. shnjowers perhaps monday into tuesday next week. let's see if there are any early issues with the commute. >> we have some road work causing delays. we're going to look at the connecticut turnpike where southbound things are jammed up right now. this is because of the road work out there through norwalk. southbound, you have at least a lane blocked between exit 16 and 13. then heading over to the cross bronx expressway. a slow ride there as well westbound. we have some lanes blocked with construction out by the bronx river parkway.
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head to the bruckner in the meantime. the fdr drive also has construction out there. northbound from 96th street up to the arcade troboro bridge. then southbound. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. >> thanks very much. 4:48. today in washington, paul ryan could take a big step towards becoming the next speaker of the house. republican lawmakers will meet to vote on his nomination. the full house has to vote. they could appne that tomorrow. ryan would likely take the post without having to worry about a budget battle, at least not right away. thy e house could vote today on a two-year spending deal. a bill that could delay safeguards for lots of local commuters, that's now in the senate. it has to do with in technology we'vs talked about a lot, positive train control. ex perts say this automatic aking system cduld have prevented the deadly metro north crash in the bronx. on tuesday, the h base voted to
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that system until the end of 2018. it was supposed to be in place two months from now. a veteran new jersey state trooper whose duties inclde a security detail for president obama is accused of driving drunk while behind the wheel of his patrol car. trooper michael roadside rear ended a car at a rest s p on the garden state parkway on monday. according to the charges, when state police showed up, they found an open bottle of liquor and empty beer cans in his car. the 51-year-old was suspended we're getting a nswehs this morning from the brooke lib school where a 7-year-old girl choked on food is now left brain dead. she remains on life support at the hospital after the incident last week. ps-215 says we believe the principal and faculty responded swiftly to the emergency, notifying 911 and the student's family immediately.
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waiting just too long to call 911 for hehe. >> they're hiding something, and it's not right. >> someone did flag down a paramedic from a private ambulance company that was in the area to help, but he says the girl was already blue when he arrived. the nypd says they have a record of one 911 call. it's unclear how much time made. tomorrow marks three years since hurricane sandy hit. some new jersey residents are spreading the word that they're still waiting to return to their homes. one group again demonstrating outside the state house in trenton yesterday. they plan to stay there for the recost of the week. many say it seems as if governor christie has forgodten about them, but a spokesman says the governor remains committed to the recovery effort. meanwhile, mayor de blasio is applauding the work being done to help s dy victims in new york city. he said the city's build it back program has helped rebuild
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5,000 people have received reimbursement checks. the mayor says when he took office in 2014 more than a y r after sandy hit, the program had not started construction on any houses. on long island, suffolk county's highest uniformed officer denies he's stepping down because of a federal investigation. chief james burke's lawyer cites personal and family reasons. he says burke's going to retire at the end of the month. recently a federal grand jury investigation was reopened, and that's after a suspect accused rke of beating him while under arrest. in new jersey, the bergen county prosecutor could be replaced. he was appointed back in 2002 by then-democrat go rnor jim mcgrievy. it is 4:51. still to come, why president obama is going to have to put a dollar in the swear jar. plus, undercover in plain
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why a police officer posed as a homeless man on the side of a busy road. you're watching "today in new
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