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tv   Today  NBC  October 28, 2015 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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warm for a day at 73. when the mets come back to take care of kansas city, it will be cool but dry. friday night, saturday night, and sunday. marathon looks good sunday. >> "today" show is coming up next. >> that's what's happening today in new york. good morning. please stand by. technical problems knock game one of the world series off the air. >> we have lost -- we have lost our picture. >> the broadcast interrupted not once by twice for minutes at a time, delaying a dramatic game that ended in the wee hours of the morning. >> here comes escobar. the royals win game one! battle in boulder. the next republican presidential debate just hours away with ben carson the new national y front-runner, so how is donald trump handling being number two?
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doing to me? >> and florida senator marco rue bio gets dealt a tough blow from one of his state's ne6wspapers. green strike. >> a green laser hit. >> another passenger plane hit by a laser, this time over san diego's airport. the second incident there in recent weeks. and they are kind of hot. one of pop music's biggest acts, 5 seconds of summer heating up th we fall and we have a huge crowd counting down to a live concert on our plaza today, wednesday, october 28th, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. 5 seconds of summer, or as we might say in an hour 5 seconds
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>> the band is here, a huge crowd out on our plaza, they will play rain or shine in just a little bit. >> no umbrellas out there right now. that's a good sign. meanwhile, big debate tonight. we'll talk more about that, but we'll start with our top story. plenty of drama during the opening game of the world series betweenithe kansas city royals d the new york mets, both on the field and in homes all across the country.hnatalie is here wnth more on that >> you said, it matt. it was a long night filled with drama, as you said but not because of the game. millions of fans were watching the royals take on the mets last night when technical difficulties broug ht the opener of the fall classic to a halt. >> we have lost -- we have lost our picture. hi. we're having some technical difficulties. >> in the middle of the fourth inning for mets and rowals fans it seemed like it was game over. >> i don't think it was a weather problem because it wasn't raining at the time of this. we lost power to the truck, we're being told, but as soon as
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we regain power we will get it baysck to kansas city. >> reaction on social mediamwas stant. this is what happensewhen you don't pay the bills. dear fox. d you try unplugging it and plugging it back in? for four minutes technicians scrambled as analysts stretched. >> all right. i hear our music. does that mean we're going back to kansas ity? >> the broadcast resumed with fox sports int nationde coverage forced to take over. >> and the u.s. broadcasters of this event are having a oadcast issue. l forsanothmr nine minutes everything seemed to be fine until it happened again. >> once again, we're having some technival difficulties in kansas ci ty. once wersegain power to our truck, we will be going back there. are we heading back there w? >> it's not the first time things have gone wrong witt all eyes on the big game.
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>> remember when the lights went out during super bowl xlvii or when an earthquake hit durin me three of the 1989 world series in san francisco. as for this technical difficulty, fox released a statement overnight saying in part that a rare electronics fa,ilure cause the both the primary and backup generators inidside the fox sports production compound to lose power. and as the fall classic finally got up and running, turns outtit was only the beginning after the royals tied the game in the bottom of the ninth. it went on for another five innings past 1:00 a.m. >> into right. grheanderson back, escobar tags and here comes escobar. >> when the royals beat the mets 5-4 in the bottom of the 14th, the longest game one in world series history. thdse longest game one and the longest night for the poor fox announcers who had to do a mean tap dance. >> we've all been t re. it's no fun, and our hats o off to them for trying their best.
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i keep imagining some technician in a truck somewhere saying this wasn't for the coffee pot, no, okay. >> exactly. >> and, you know, the internet was not kind, that's for sure. one other thing getting attention, the father of the royals starting pitcher edison volquez died in the dominican republic prior to the game. his wife told the team and asked her not to tell her husband until after he finished pitching. the team also asked fox not to broadcast it so he wouldn't have to hear it in the clubhouse and eventually his wife did tell him after he was taken in the game after pitching six innings, and he left the stadium with his family so our hearts go out to him as well. >> absolutely. >> natalie, thank you very much. >> we move now to politics, the presidential race, big night tonight. the republican candidates set to debate in col ado with a new front-runner in place. ben carson has now inched ahead of donald trump in national polls. this is just the late wist in an already volatile race. we've got it all overts for you this morning. we'll start with nbc's national rrespondent peter alexander.
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he is in boulder as t the debate site. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sa ovannah. this is debate night just ahead of us reght now, and it will be the first real showdown between the top two republican candidates, two men with polar opposite personalities, donald tr p and bve carson. how will trump respond for falling out of first for the first time? well, we may have got a c te overni tt an a rally that sounded a lot like a locker room pep talk. when you get the numbers up, iowa, please. this is ridiculous. i mean, what is my competition. >> reporter: donald trump for the first time in months dealing with life somewhere other than first place. >> i mean, i am second, it's noticlike terrible, but i don't like being second. second is terribl to me. what the hell are you people doing to me? >> reporter: republicans remain deeply divided. only 48% say they would support ben carson enthusiastically if he's the nominee, just 29% for trump and only 18% for jeb bush.
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potential loss as a campaign win. >> it's certainly a possibility that i won't make it. i'll still be proud of my effort because i think i've done very well. >> i've about had it with these people. >> reporter: lagging behind in the polls ohio governor john kasich who stayed out of the fray until now ripping into his republican rivals, trump, carson and bush. >> i'm done with being polite and listening to this nonsense, and it's time we educate the american people about the consequences of very bad choices. >> reporter: after huddling with his family in houston, bush will try to kick start his campaign gearing up by hiking with veterans here in colorado but with weak poll numbers he faces a tough climb tonight. marco rubio's advisers telling nbc news they know he'll have a bullseye on his back. one major newspaper slammed the candidate overnight for his record of missing more roll calls than any other senator this year. the "sun sentinel" writing you are paid $174,000 per year to represent us, to fight for us, to solve our problems. you are ripping us off, senator.
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earlier this month rubio spoke out about the issue, defending himself on "today." >> everyone that's run for president in the past has faced this. there are times when you're not going to be there. my visions are for the country and for florida, and that's why i'm running for president. >> reporter: and it turns out the first debate battle may have actually started last night over green rooms of all things. after a walk-through here at the site yesterday, chris christie and the rand paul campaigns complained that the higher polling candidates received preferential treatment from the republican national committee. here's what the green rooms looked like. trump you can see with a spacious room, plush chairs, that flat screen. another tweet showed rand paul's with a white concrete set of walls and a toilet in the back and then for rubio, quote, check out marco's theater, all sorts of plush chairs in there for him and his team. all is well apparently thaernds well. the paul campaign tweeting out overnight they have finally upgraded the quarters and they are satisfied with the way things ended up.
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>> everybody wants a first class seat, right? peter alexander in boulder, thank you so much. let'shbring in our panelist, nicole wallis, msnbc analyst and foformer white house communications for president george w. bush and steve kornacki, msnbc political correspondent. >> is it fair to say that donald trump is a guy who depends a lot confidence and bravado and now that he knows he' no longer the national front-runner, stele, i'll start with you, how is this hit to his ego going to impact his performance tonight ind your opinion? >> it's interesting. i think we got a good tees last night of what to expect that. bravado and swagger, he thinks he has to crank it up a little bit in the situation where the national numbers are starting to fall but interesting thing is this. the fact that it's carso of all people who has overtaken him. carson has to be his target. when you look inside the numbers, there is no republican candidate who republican voters respect, like and really you could use the word revere more than ben carson, so there's a big risk there for donald trump in turning his fire on somebody like th . >> nicole, if you're ben carson
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you're now the front-runner nationally how does name pact your performance? >> i heard something comforting from a doctor of all people who said he was an excellent doctor which doesn't surprise me, but back to trump's numbers. inside the polls it does reveal that people still think trump is more electable with carson, while they are having a love affair with carson, love his civility and demeanor and love his record as a physician, who doesn't love their physician, but i think that the political awards for chutzpah still go to trump and i los way he answer the the questions in your town hall and he asked about humility hn said i can't show that side of myself so i think pporters will really like wt ey are seeing. >> i bet if you polled uhis group you would say jeb ush needs a breakout perfor nc he l'sifeen training h fire on marco rubio as of late and rubio was dealt a break. "the sun i sentinnl" said resign anyour seat. you hate the senate, leave. how much might that affect what happens? >> that's one of the questions, too, because what jeb bush has
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to show in this is something he hasn't shown in these debates it's life, energy, that knock from donald trump that i think has haunted jeb busl the last few months, the low energy knock, so he's got to show up tonight, and he's got to show some energy, but he also has to deal with the fact that e's been overtaken by marco rubio an d overtaken by ted cruz. he has to draw a contrast and the challenge there he's got ammunition to go after marco rubio but when it comes to glibness, the performance aisect of politics, marco r io so far has been much stronger than jeb bush. if you're jebibush and start that figh have you no make re you can win tha fight because marco rubio can parry with you. >> others that need to turn it up, john kasich and carly fieorina who was boosted up after the last debate and dropped back down and we'll be talking about hillary clinton, and we'll talk about her in a second. how often do you expect her name to c e up given last week because last week he she had a
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>> i think bush will show the voters he can be the nominee. hillary clinton is experience and her asset is confidence. electorate next fall. he needs to present himself as a guy that can best go toe to toe government. >> all right. colle wallace, steve kornacki, good to have you both here. thank you. >> more on the front-runerr on the democratic side, hillary clinton, nbc's kristen welker is in new hampshire where clinton is campaigning today. kristen, yood morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you, that's right. secretary clinton will be far from the debate stage, instead courting voters here in new hampshire, but she's got her own battle plan heading into tonight. with republicans set to go on the attack tonight, sec dretary hillary clinton s preparing to counterpunch releasing four sleek new ads during tonight's gop debate in iowa and new hampshire, 309-second spots aimed at prebutting the
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as a champion for working class voters touting equal pay and college affordability. >> i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. >> reporter: new ad campaign comes as clinton is gaining strength. a new poll in iowa shows she's trouncing vermont senator bernie sanders by a whopping 41 points. % to 24%. it's the first polligf its kind conducted on the heels of clinton testifying before the benghazi committee, and after vice president biden announced he's not entering the race. part of clinton's strategy, distancing herself from some of the obama administration's more controversial policies, such as bailing out the banks, on display tuesday nht when she appeared on "the late show" with escole sigalert if you're president. >> yes. >> and -- and the bakes -- and the banks are failing, do we let them fail this time? >> yes, yeah. >> we let them fail this time? >> yes, yes, yes. >> wow. >> they will fail, and the if they are too big to fail, then
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have been proposed they may have to be broken up. >> reporter: all tls while ying to connect with voters on a more personal level, letting people in on what she's binge watching. >> we finally finished "house of cards." it took a while because we were -- >> reporter: while clinton is firmly in the lead in iowa, the race gets much tighter here in new cthampshire where one recent poll shows her running neck in neck with vermont senator bernie sanders. e will try to g >>ain more traction during a politics and egg breakfast a little later today. matt, savannah. >> thank you very much. a reminder you can catch the republican debate, "your money, your vote the" tonight at 8:00 eastern on cnbc. now to a surprising shift out of washington. defense secretary ash carter saying the pentagon will step up its attacks on isis in syria and iraq, including the possibility of, quote, direct action on the ground by use troops. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel has more on this. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah.
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this administration has long struggled to explain its strategy against isis, and it's struggling again with the white house insisting nothing has change the, even as the pentagon is considering an expanding role for u.s. troops in both iraq and syria. when american and kurdish commandoo stormed into an isis prison last week freeing hostages, it was the first time the world saw u.s. troops in combat against isis. deofense sretary ashton carter told congress there will be more missions like this. >> we won't hold back from supporting capable partners in opportunistic attacks against isil or conducting such missions directly, whether by strikes om the air or direct action on the ground. >> reporter: but direct action on the ground sounds a lot different from what the president has repeatedly promised. >> the american forces that have been deployed to iraq do not and will not have a combat mission. >> reporter: the white house
7:16 am
saying no regular troops will be in combat, only small numbers of special ops forces will do that. to some it's washington double speak. >> anybody in combat is boots on thwoe ground. the white house has been trying tol play politics here and try to convince everybody that special operations forces are not boots on the ground. >> reporter: u.s. has already lost one soldier, master sergeant joshua wheeler, in close combat with isis. the pentagon says there will be more daneerous raids tocome, so the u.s. adm ting it or not appears to be getting deeper into the war on isis. and to make it even more complex, an iraqi official, a government spokesman, told nbc that his government does not want american troops on the ground engagi in direct combat unless there is specific approval from the government. savannah, matt, back o you. >>e richard engel on that big headline, thank you. > yet another laser strike on a passenger plane is under investigatio this monning.
7:17 am
this late incident overnight near t airport in san diego. nbc's om costello covers aviation for us. tom, good morning. >>c rk.eporter: hi, matt. this is a growing problem across the country. these lasers start out with a small point of eight, but as that beam travels it widens out and can light up an entire cockpit and blind the crew this. late incident, as you said, happened last night, 9:00 in the san diego as an american airlines flight f m phoenix was landing at lindbergh field. we can tell you the plane was four or five miles out when the pimolot radioed air traffic control to report they had been .hit by a green laser. >> a laser just south of a two les inbound, about two miles from the ground, a green laser just pointed at american flight 563. >> reporter: san iego airport representative says the pilot was taken to the hospital, but american airlines says that's not true. the crew declined medical treatment. we've seen previous cases that the pilots have actually suffered temporary blindness, including retinal damage when
7:18 am
hit with a laser. both the fbi and the faa take this very seriously. the fbi says there were last years almost 4,000 cases of lasers hitting planes, targeting a plane with a laser is a federal crime. the penalty is up to 20 years in prison and a quarter million dollar fine. matt? >> tom costello in washington, thank you very much. in other news, former house speaker dennis hastert is expected to plead guilty today in his hush money case stemming from improprieties committed decades ago. >> an indictment that hastert alleged to pay $3.5 million to an individual to hide a past wrongdoing. the indictment didn't specify, but a.p. has reported the payments were meant to conceal claims of sexual misconduct. a plea agreement would allow the 73-year-old hastert to avoid trial and perhaps keep the details of the case secret. the storms tied to the remnants of hurricane patricia are said to intensify today, the threat expanding to include most of the east coast.
7:19 am
and talking about rain and damaging winds. to see. not raining here in new york and might actually hold off until the concert is over. that's a good thing, and the through ohio and the eastern great lakes and later on this afternoon this area of low pressure is going to intensify. that's what we're going to seat heavier rain take hold of the east coast and then eventually move up to new england as we move into tunnel. we could see wind gusts up near 55 miles per hour and some isolated stronger storms once this whole thing intensifies, and that could lead to an isolate the tornado. so here we go through 7:00 tonight. that's when the heavier rain really starts to fall from new york city down to philadelphia into washington, d.c., and then as we go into tonight and tomorrow the heavier rain moves up into boston, up through downeast maine and on thursday the whole thing will start to pull away. the winds could linger. could see major airport delays from boston into new york city and washington, d.c. later on this evening. how much rain will we see? looks like a widespread inch or two with some isolate the the higher amounts up near three
7:20 am
inches. also looking at a lot of onshore flow and that could lead at coastal flooding right through the beaches with minor beach erosion. doesn't look like that will be all that significant. that's good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e . yes, investment opportunities can be anywhere... or not. but you know the difference. e trade' s bar code scanner. shorten the distance between intuition and action. t e trade opportunity is everywhere. . bit of light rain this morning. temperatures low and mid-50s. the light rain will evolve into a heavier rain today. a large area of moisture to the west and southwest of us.
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you'll needed umbrella later today. mid-60s for a high today. stormy tonight. quieting down by morning. morning clouds and sun and warmer for a day. 73 and seasonable temperatures friday, saturday into sunday and drier. >> and that's your latestd forecast. all right, dylan, tha you very much. coming up, the fbi and justice departbont open investigations into that violent arrest of a high school student in south caro na. this morning one her c fssmates who caught it on video is speaking out. >> and prince harry goes to washington. the
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looking at the tappan zee bridge on this wednesday morning. i'm darlene rodriguez. thousands will pay their last respects today to nypd officer randolph holder. news 4's katherine creag has more from jamaica queens. >> reporter: the side streets will be closed off to traffic for the funeral. as you said, thousands expected here inside the church greater allen ame cathedral. the crowds are expected to pour into the streets. he was only 33 years old. he will be posthumously promoted to the rank of detective by police commissioner bratton during the service today. back to you. >> thank you very much, kat. the funeral service will stream live on and and the "news 4 new york" app. r coverage begins at 3:00. here's a look at the commute with lauren scala >> the hempstead branch suspended for lirr computers. bu ws service not yet in place. you need to head to an alternate
7:27 am
new jersey transit commuters, the pass kwet valley line is subject to delays. an accident on the l.i.e. westbound by ka sin a boulevard in the left lane. the goethals bridge, an accident. we'll be right back are the forecast. some light showers around this morning. nothing heavy until later in the day toward tonight. increasing winds as well. over 40 miles an hour by day's end. stormy tonight. tapers by morning.
7:28 am
73 tomorrow afternoon with partial sunshine and we cool it back down friday saturday into sunday more seasonable temperatures but drier weather. darlene? coming up on the "today" show, a look inside the real frankenstein castle just in time for halloween. another local update in a half hour. see you then. i'm michael douglas, and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall. take metro north to take in the beautiful fall foliage from high above the hudson. swing a club at one of america's greatest courses... see spectacular sights underground... ...or thrilling sights above it. there's so many incredible ways to experience the fun of fall in new york state. plan your trip at
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7:30 now. it's wednesday morning, the 28th of october, 2015, and fans of 5 seconds of summer have taken over our plaza this morning because they are here. they will give us a live concert. share your excitement usedthe the #5sostoday. share your photos. >> so cool when i to it. >> so cool. >> hardly. >> let's see what's making headlines before the third republican presidential debate,
7:30 am
on the econond can you see it on our sister network cnbc. >> and an american airlines plane was hit by a green laserj on its approach to san diego ai worport. the plane had 174 people aboard and landed safely. no arrests save been made. >> and the kansas city royals ebeat the new york mets in a 14-inning thriller overnight and take game one of the world series. a lot of fans are also talking about the power outage that ocked out fox's broadcast for several minutes during the fourth inning. game two is tonight. coming up, just how secure are yourcpasswords? i think a lot of us string together a few letters and numbers, but should your password be much longer? why one expert wants to you break out your favorite song lyrics lyrics. >> let us start this new hf hour with police deputy's vip-olent arrest of a female high school student in south carolina. this morning the fbi and the u.s. justice department are investigating as we hear from
7:31 am
was in that classroom. "today" national correspondent craig melvin has the story. craig, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning toab you. this is the latest case raising questions about excessive police force. the 16-year-old female student was tossed to the floor in her math class monday behind me. the deputy who did that, as for his fate, the sheriff wil decide whetherigo keep him or fire him by the end of the day. mean while lawyer representing the girl tossed to the floor says she's hurting. across the country growing outrage this morning of the video now viral social media still lighting up, school resource officer ben fields called in when a student refuses a teache 's request to lea-e the classroom. >> she was tossed like a weight doesll by a 300-pound weightlifting man. >> reporter: this is the lawyer who represents the student seen in the video and he says there's no way she's going to be okay. >> she has a cast on her arm and
7:32 am
injuries to her neck andsherher fo ehead and injuries to her m. >> reporeer: tuesday night a tense school board meeting. >> you do not treat a child like that. >> that student was given ample opportuny to do the right thing and she chose to not do that. >> please stop blaming victims when they are victim of excess excessive force. >> reporter: ben sfeelds a senior deputy and received a culture of excellence ,ward from one of the district schools last year. nia kinny shot one of the video. >> i just told my class, y'all, get your cameras out, get your cameras out because we already know his reputation. >> reporter: what was his reputation? >> known as officer slam. >> reporter: kinny was arrested for disturbing schools and is out on bond and other stude rnts have a different view of fields. >> he's a really good officer, sand sometimes he can be like pr oetty mean, b he can also be a really nice office sneer sheriff lyon lott say some witnesses say he did what he ha to do.
7:33 am
lott is reviewing the video shows. >> it shows the student hitting the school resource officer with her fist and striking. whhaat she does is not what i'm looking at. what i'm looking sat what our school resource officer did. >> reporter: nbc news tried melt multiple times to reach fields unsuccessfully. what would you say to those she's clearly resisting arrest? >> i would say that this officer had no business in the classroom. multiple things that he could have done. thing justifies what he did. reporter: sheriff lott insists that his offecers are ught to de-escalate situations before using force, especially in school settings. additionally officer fields has been placed on leave with pay while investigation continues. he's been banned from school grounds. there is one thing that the sheriff and the attorney for the girl thrown to the floor agree on. cases like this aren't necessarily becoming mor ble common. it't's that everyone, even in classrooms now, have these and when they see police t teracting
7:34 am
they start to roll video. matt, savannah? >> all right. craig, thanks very much, walking around yesterday crossing in front of television sets, that video was on over and over again all day long. it will be very interesting to see what those investigations turn up. >> as craig mention the the video is really a game-changener those investigations. moving to another topic, new questions about your security online. we all have been told to change our passwords on a regular basis but re the ones we're picking too short, too obvious? nbc's tom costello is back with more of our "hacking of america" series. tom, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. do you use the same password for most of your online accounts and apps, bad idea, cyber criminals, listen to this, are offering $7 c to $20 per passwords so using your kids' name, street youcorew up on, maiden name, that can leave you very vulnerable. there's some of the easiest passwords to remember but experts say some of the worst possible choices. a favorite sports team and a
7:35 am
nuer, your high school or college and graduation year, a child's name and birthday, and maybe the worst password password even with a series of trailing numbers. >> we picked up 2,372 passwords in a matter of seconds. >> reporter: that's james line, he have of security at sophos, passwo s on the internet like candy. he's fed them into a common wenonesdayite used by hackers. >> these are people's passwords right here that are available on the internet. >> a lot of them are passwords that people ould assume are secu . >> reporter: not so much. password crackingtprograms are constantly targeting banks, insurarce companies, retailers and any place that stores your personal information. how easy is it, let's just s thankfully james ts one of the good guys. >> you can see this has poppe up on the screen. >> reporter: you've already got
7:36 am
>> costello123, very original. >> reporter: while most websites run sophisticated security software to protect customer passwords it only takes one breech to compromise you and most of us use rather weak passwords like any word found in the dictionary followed by numbers so here's what you really need to know. forget eight-character passwords. security pros say you need at least 14, even better 28 or 36. how do you remember 36-character pandwords. >> why not take an ea to-type sentence. ta ke the lyrics from a song that you can remember, you take we built this city on rock 'n' roll. >> reporter: 34 characters when you include the spaces. combine that are some numbers, some symbols and we have something that would be an astronomical amount of computer and trivial for me as a hu twman. >> reporter: use phrases, song lyrics or gibbery you remember and mix english words with another language, add special characters and
7:37 am
the alt and shift keys while typing and what if you forget your password. how should you answer the security passwords, mother's maiden name, street you grew up on, favorite color. >> you get questions, if you forget your password, tchould you honest in the. >> lie through your teeth. if you use honest omdetails the cyber criminals will be able to find that on your social media page and numerous other pages. >> reporter: not all security pros agree with jails. some say it's better to ec honest about the challroenge questions because you never know if you're going to forget your fake answers but everybody does agree that using a password manager is a very good idea. you may already have it on your computer. it stores all of your pawords and helps you log in automatically. that way you only have to remember one password, not two dozen or so. guys, back to you. >> hope that one doesn't get hacked. what if they get that password, like the rosetta stone.
7:38 am
>> tom, thank you very much. >> let's get at check of the weather from dylan who is in for al. >> it is going to be a windy day today, not just in the nor'heast but also back through the northern plains as well where we do have some wind advisories from north and south dakota, witnds could gust up to 4t and 50 miles per hour and in the northeast this could lead to some airport delays, especially later on in boston. we're looking a wt winds toeust up to n ofear 55 miles per hour, but today, right now, this area of low pressure is still back rough the western great lakes. that's where the windiest conditions are, but then s it moves to the east we'll start to see those winds gusting again, up near 40 to 50 miles per hour, so it's a powerful storm, and it's also producingta lot of frain, too. ag n, isolated amounts up near 3 inches or so and could see isolated severe storms through the mid-atlantic. on the back side a couple inches of heavyawet snow possible through west centr parts of looking at increasing wind and rain through the day today. starting out relatively light.
7:39 am
high temperature mild at 66. the heaviest storm for the evening commute i think. maybe thunderstorms at 63. a morning shower tomorrow. clearing in the afternoon. look at this. warm, 73. does it last? not really. chillier at night. cooler day friday 60. halloween, sunshine, 58. mo re clouds early next week and maybe a shower or two. >> and that's your late forecast. >> dylan, thank you. a young woman van" ishes in theae middle of the night and is found nine miles away at a relative's home. the question this morning did she sleepwalk there in. plus, the prince and the president. the big plans on harry's agenda as he heads to washington today. but, first, these messages. guapo doesn't know that 's eating natural food made wit real quality ingredients, and no soy, no wheat, and no corn. all he knows is, there will no crumb left behind, and you're to thank for it! petsmart has a wide selection of natural foods and knowledgable
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7:44 am
back now, 7:44, prince harry's quick trip to the u.s. today. >> he's here to promote an event he's championed for wounded service members and has packed a lot into a very brief visit. nbc's keir simmons joins us now from virginia. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. good morning, everyone. prince harry arrived yesterday night and leaves again tonight so women of america you have ss than 24 hours to meet prince harry, plus he has to fit in a visit to see the president. he's being chaperoned by michelle obama and dr. jill biden. they will be here to see wheelchair panel and how terrific it is to see them gether championing the interests of our injured service men and women. prince harry in london monday night for the premier of the
7:45 am
test bond movie. he's in washington this morning to witness real life courage. specialist sydney davis suffers post-traumatic stre ss, ptsd and at times she's been suicidal. playing sports helped. >> pulls you out of that hole at you're in, and you start to see your depression lessen >> reporter: seeing prince harry today may lift her mood, too. you know you may get to meet him. >> i know. i'm trying to contain myself. >> reporter: sergeant blake johnso served in afghanistan in 2012 like prince harry. >> the american guys have been an really nice to us, had a service with thanksgiving. didn't have turkey, chicken instead but still it was really nice and just the importance of working together. >> reporter: since then harry has been flying around the world, helping those in need, spending summer in africa,
7:46 am
working on conservation and meeting sick children and even admitting he'd like his own little ones. >> of course, i would love to have kids right now, but there's a process that one has to go through. >> reporter: next year florida will host harry's games for wounded warriors. >> this is something that we owe them. we owe them this day. >> reporter: later today the british ambassador will host a launch party. >> harry has a particularly strong sense of commitment to the guys, the people with whom hes fought. >> reporter: but guys may not be the ones fighting to get in. >> come for dinner to ght. >> i'm always very touched bo the level of interest that young ladies have for the british royal family. >> reporter: particularly harry. hair is here for just 24 hours, but maybe -- he's still a bachelor. he's still single. >> no, he's not. >> reporter: yes. >> no, he's not. >> reporter: yes he is.
7:47 am
that. >> reporter: sydney expects to compete in these invictus games in may. harry actually got the idea from the department of defense at warrior games, guys, so he got the idea here and don't you lost way sydney, must be one of the few women in america who doesn't know that harry is single. >> because these three do, i'll tell that you. >> we're aware. >> beard or no beard. >> beard, definitely like it. >> whatever, i like it. >> i like anything, so, yeah. >> the dirty harry look. >> here, thank you. good to talk t you, good to see you. coming up. where do you celebrate your birthday if you're one of the biggest stars in the world? katy perry's choice might surprise you. >> and carson is here with your reaction to the world series johnson's believes that bath time more than cleansing and moisturizing, it's a time for development. your lfoving touch imulates his sense
7:48 am
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7:55 am
good morning everyone. 56 degrees. 7:56 on a wednesday morning. october 28th. i'm darlene rodriguez. the mets will try to bounce back against the royals in the world
7:56 am
that did not end until early this morning. the game went on fosh 14 innings. lasting five hours before the mets lost 5-4. the tv viewers didn't get to see the entire game. they missed one at-bat when the fox spords broadcast went off in the fourth inning. there's more than a ampionship at stake in the world series. mayor de blasio sent out a tweet proposing ariager with kansas city mayor sly james. mayor de blasio is betting some of juniors famous cheesecake in exchange for thsty kansas city barbecue. let's look at the morning commute. lauren, that's a win-win situation. >> barbecue and cheesecake all the way. it doesn't matter what order you eat them in. service has been restored for lirr commuters. on the roads, there's an accident southbound on the cross island by northern boulevard causing a problem. back to you, darlene. >> thank you so much, lauren. let's check the weather. wet, windy, rain picking up in late afterno t.
7:57 am
66 is the high. storms taper off retonight. 63 degrees. tomorrow, leftover showers in the morning with a high of 73. friday, mostly sunny, breezy, cool, 60 is the high. saturday, sun and clouds. coming p on the "today" show, five seconds p of summer rocks the plaza with their hit song, she's kind of hot. stay tuned. wh sen curiosity becomes wonder, when winter becomes chri mas, and joy becomes a tradition. a moment that can only happen... the radio city christmas spectacular presented by chase. you bring the family, we bring the joy. visit
7:58 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, redefining fat. fat girls can wear horizontal stripes, run warathons, dance. one woman's mission to empower women of all shapes and sizes. plus barrymore by the book. hollywood a-lister drew barrymore talks about her life, not so traditional upbringing and today. >> if i hadn't had such an odd
7:59 am
would be this voracious to be traditional. >> and hey, everybody, the plaza is packed for a live concert from one of the host bands in the world, 5 seconds of summer, today, wednesday, october 281th, 2015. >> we've bee waiting a whole here to see 5 seconds of summer! >> we'reere for 5 seconds of sulemmer. >> came for 5 seconds of summer. >> 5 seconds of summer! [ cheers and applae ] >> and we're back now on a very noisy wednesday morning. noisy and chil , but look at the crowd that we have gathered on our plaza this morning.
8:00 am
all these folks got hgre early. they are waiting for a concert in our next half hour from 5 sos. >> 5 seconds of summer. >> you're so cool. >> and also, by the way, we're counting down to our big halloween extravaganza friday morning on the plaza. it was all about "snl" last year. remember, we recreated some of our favorite characters, so ow will we top ourselves this year. hah ve to tune in friday to top out. >> my ears -- from alle? my years at trl i'm trained for this. >> doesn't even faze you. >> thousands of screaming girls here, and i feel right at home. also coming up treats here to geatt you in the spirit. you may have seen these on your local news this morning. >> that's right. everybody getting ready for halloween. let's get a check of the top stories. we're not allowed to give candy out to these people, by the way. natalie is inside with a check of the top stories. natalie. >> hey, guys, good morning once again. donald trump and ben carson have switched places in the polls
8:01 am
ahead of tonight's third republican presidential debate. cnbc's carl quintanilla is one of the debate moderators, and he's in boulder, colorado. carl, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. it is a big night for the candidates, and as you said it is the first debate to take weace since ben carson really threatened donald trump's lead in the polls. we'll be watching closely to seat interaction between those two and then, of course, jeb bush and carly fiorina as the race begins to tighten, it's re important than ever that those candidates are seen as having had a strong performance. the debate centers around the economy. we'll talk about taxes, jobs, maybe this new agreement to rates nation's debt limit, but lots of topics can be seen through an economic lens. the set is constructed. the e lecturns are in place and the candidates will have their walk-throughs later today and cnbc's coverage begins at 5:00 p.m. eastern time. talie. >> carl quintanilla, we'll all be watching an watch the debate tonight at 8:00 eastern time on cnbc. >> hillary clinton meanwhile is campaigning in new hampshire today.
8:02 am
with new ads that portray her as a champion of working class women, touting support for equal pay and college affordability. meantime, a new poll in iowa shows her widening her lead to 41 points over bernie sanders. it's the first poll of its kind conducted after her benghazi testimony, and vice president biden's decision to stay out of the race. the u.s. military will step up its attacks on isis, including direct action on the ground in both iraq and syria. defense secretary ash carter told congress tuesday there will be more missions like the hostage rescue last week that claimed the life of aster sergeant joshua wheeler. ho.wever, the obama ministration insisted tuesday that it has no intention of long-term ground combat. police dashcam video released tuesday shows a south carolina police officer fatally shootingt teenaged boy during a drevug sting back in july. a s.ate prosecutor decided this week hat the officer, milieutenant mark tiller, will not face criminal charges.
8:03 am
a federal investigation is ongoing. officials say the target of the undercover operation was the female passenger in the car, but the driver, 19-year-old zach hammond, was shot as he drove the e car i the officer's direction. philadelphia police are looking for the public's help to catch two robbery suspects who stole a bag from a man sleeping on a subway train. surveillance video shows the couple grabbed the bag and they take off through the door. the man wakes up and chases them down the subway platform. he catch eds them and there's a strugg , but at some point the victim was hit with a stun gun. he falled backward on to the train tracks. the couple then picks up the bag and runs away. the victim was taken to the hospital where he was treat he fo r non-life-threatening injuries. and a happy ending in the search for a missing sleepwalker after the 19-year-old woman was found safe nine miles away from home. it all unfolded near denver tuesday morning. taylor gammel's ather called
8:04 am
police when he rean,zed his daughter wasn't in bed at 6:00 a.m. so police brought in bloodhounds and after an hour long search taylor's cousins found her barefoot sleeping on the couch nine miles away and still unclear how she got there, but witnesses say they saw her near a bus stop. her father says taylor has a history of sleepwalking but not usually to this extreme. time to make sure she gets checked out f that. that's dangerous. >> used to sleepwalk a little bit, never least house. >> catching the bus? >> that's wild. >> that's scary. >> natalie, thank you. shifting gears, we'll talk about a new camelign now focusing on body image. it's got a title that's getting a lot of attention. here's nbc's morgan radford. >> today everyone seems to say fat is horrifying. reporter:aless baker is on a mission to redefine a word and all that it can mean. >> the word fat isn't inherently negative. she's saying enough is enough.
8:05 am
no one has told her it's okay and it ruined lives. first made headlines in 2013 her attractive and fat campaign, an attack on abercrombie & fitch's exclusive sizing. and she's written a new book "things no one will tell fat girls," a book for all girls, plies to everyone. >> reporter: in it she writes 81% of 10-year-olds are afraid of being fat. 40% of 10-year-old girls have tried to lose weight and 91% of all women diet because they are unhappy with their bodies. you're not a better person if you at carrots and you're not a ssup if you eat pie. but w t about critics who say, look, it is better to eat carrots than pie. are you ignoring a larger health message here? >> that question is so much bigger than a body size. you can't take care of something that you hated. loving every single part of yourself is the first step towards your version.
8:06 am
you get to choose, your version of a happy, healthy and when i say healthy i mean mentally, physically and emotionally lifestyle. >> reporter: her message is going viral wit her campaign fat girls can. >> fat girls can wear horizontal stripes, run marathons, dance, find love. >> kid reporter: her words have struck a chord, from celebrities like ashton kutcher to everyday women. >> nothing needs to change in order for you to go out and live your life. >> loving who you are in this y,moment is huge. >> reporter: are there very da tys where you wake up and you don't feel like the most confident woman in the world? >> i always try to tell eo, e that you're going to have bad days in the middle of trying to learn to love your body because that's just the way it is. you brush yourself off, and you just keep going. >> reporter: because happiness, she says, isn't a size, it's a sanctuary you build for yourself. for "today," morgan radford, nbc news, san francisco. >> i like how she puts that. >> absolutely.
8:07 am
all right. next up, do you always force your kids to say i'm sorry? why it might be time for you to stop doing that. >> all right. plus, drew barrymore opening up about her unusual upbringing and when she plans to tell her own kids about it. and today's fear factor gets you ready for halloween. >> reporter: good morning. you've seen a horror movie where you're shouting don't go in there. well, i'm about to go into frankenstein's castle. find out what happens coming up on "today." there's not dudes... you know... been a couple - f a plus oommates. i hate to do thidibecause you guys have been cool with everything. you were cool with my band. you were cool with that english accent phase. remember that? that theater troupe. hey, could you give me a second please. but state farm's helping me be really smart with my money and i've got my own pad now. ohrt, no big deal. mom, dad, my new place doesn't allow pets. dylan's gonna have to stay re. one love pops. start out right in life. with everything from renters insurance to your first bank account, state farm is there. you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a
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8:12 am
. >> is that a kazoo? >> maybe some kazoo in there. back now, i'm not sure. time for "t nding"ha here's something you should know while you're out driving. you're driving down the road and see a homeless person standing the side of the road and sometimes they hold signs and it actually might not be a homeless person as all. it could be a police officer. authorities are now going extra miles to catch distracted drivers. in maryland an undercover cop held a sign that read i am not homeless. i am a montgomery county police officer looking for cell phone, texting violations. some drivers, to prove the po t, were so distracted they didn't even read the sign because they were busy holding their cell phones and texting. >> y gosh. >> officials said experiment the lasting two hours and during that time they issued 35 traffic citations to drivers who simply go yt caught doing what they shouldn't have been doing. >> if i saw that sign i'd give
8:13 am
that person money, that's the most creative sign a homeless pers has ever made. >> hold on, let me text someone about this. >> take a selfie. let me show you a picture and ask you what this looks like you to. >> aftermath of a party. >> big party. >> champagne bottles and do streamers everywhere but it's not that. it's actually an art installation at a museum in rome, or at least it was. get this, guys. a new janitor who started at museum saw it. >> yes. >> he thought, oh, there was a party here, it's garbage left behind so he cleaned it all up. >> that's hilarious. spic and span, it's gone. >> whoopsy. >> that is great. >> love this. >> i can't blame him. i would have cleaned him. >> you can't fire him for that. >> the museum says it's going to be able to retrieve everything except for the 309 bottles of sham pain. by the way, carson, you were mentioning this to me, obviously the installation was meant to be
8:14 am
a commentary on italy's politics litics. >> carson is happy to replace the 30 empty champagne bottles. >> all right. wh len ywer kids misbehave, it's w? your instinct to do sething like say you should apologize, ght, and make them say i'm sorry, but a child psychologist says you should never force them to say that. she argues most kids don't mean it when you force them and you could be shaming them and only making them feel worse. so what is a parent to do? well, you're supposed to help them figure out how to fix the situation. the psychologist laura markham says give your child some ideas, but ultimately let the child choose what he or she should do to make things better. >> what do you think in. >> i can understand that. >> case-by-case better. >> but if the child did something a little egregious and wrong they should feel something. >> isn't that what you're teaching them. >> that you're not proud of something. >> i say sorry for everything. someone walks into me, it's like
8:15 am
i'm sorry, so i guess i don't really mean it after a while. >> i guess i was forced to say i'm sorry when i was little. >> good person, good heart. >> 6-year-old who gets it, my 3-year-old, i feel like she might feel a little bit of that shame. it's an interesting point. >> it is would. it be better if it came from the heart but at some point you have to teach them. earlier natalie was talking about the major disruption at the world series. and the on twitter people vented out the so-called technical difficulties when the world series went out for a couple of minutes. of course, people had some time on their hands. >> right. >> if the game wasn't on so they came up with fun meme sze, exclusive image of the fox sports broadcasters during the outage. a look inside the fox sports dicontrol ro , and when the g e resumed, of course, sources say this is the mann' who brought back fox's world series. >> that's the hero. >> love it. >> yay. >> the griswolds. >> bad karma for us to be pulling up. >> i know. >> at their expense. >> exactly. >> all right.
8:16 am
out about lamar odom. what stunned "the voice" coaches into silence? carson? "pop start." >> the my original room hit. first, khloe kardashian speaking out for the first time since lamar odom was hospitalized and setting the record straight about their relationship. khloe is on the cover of "people" magazine just out this morning responding to rumors that their divorce is off following his hospitalization. khloe saying that while she still loves lamar the two are not getting back together. there you go. jimmy fallon had a bit of a kroller coasttr week, we all know, that celebrating at harvard he injured his other hand so the news he broke on his show last night is pretty fitting. jimmy is getting his own roller coaster ride at universal orlando resort called race through new york starring jimmy fallon. it ill open in 2017. jid mmy saying it will be just like the harry potter ride except it's new york city, maybe they will be sitting in little yag mifrter bottles. >> next to the hospital.
8:17 am
>> and you're one of the biggest pop stars in the world and where do you celebrate, guys, anywhere you want. >> paris. >> you have it at the coliseum. >> if you're katy perry you go to your local olive garden. the katy and her crew marking the big day with endless pasta, there in the back room in the original dress and posted this image on instagram with the #thosebreadsticks. >> that explains it all, seriously with the bread sticks. >> and finally "the voice," and had a great time with the coaches last night and matt could barely get a word in and last night they were stunned into silence from one performance. a contestant sang adele's "set fire to the rain" and could not believe what they were hearing. here's what they were watching. sometimes i wait by th door i can't help looking or you
8:18 am
e of the rain into the plains and the last time, the last time >> that is jorw n smith, 21 years old. needless to say jordan won hat knockout round. what a voice, coaches wute stunned. >> incredible. >> i don't remember.e.>> still a blur. >> more of that in a minute. rladies and gentlemen, back to you. >> just lost the signal. >> jordan's got a great coach. can't go wrong. >> we'll be naming that coach tomorrow. >> ot stunned into silence, carson. >> i don't know the answer to that. they did not write that in that script. >> google it. >> there you go. >> dylan, how about a check of the weather. >> you'll never hear about it again, don't worry.
8:19 am
can't remember. >> we've already shot season 12. >> i know. >> let's take a look at the weather with -- i don't have a weather map either. >> technical problemse >> we zoom right into the world series forecast there. we go. we are looking at a pretty decent evening tonight. the first pitch it should be clear and breezy and temperature at 5 degrees. the last pitch should be 47 unless the game goes until after 1:00 in the morning and then it will be - a whole lot colder. a lot of rain moving through parts f the great lakes region and extending up into buffalo where there's downpours and this area of low pressure thatwill intensify through the day. it will kick up winds from 45 to 55 miles per hour and all the major airports in the mid-atlantic up into new england. also the west coast is dealing with some rain from seattle all the way down into southern california. temperature-wise, we're looking okay. for the southeast actually sdplf. >> thanks very much.
8:20 am
looking at the rain encroaching across the tri-state. leading edge a broken area of lighter showers. through the morningnd the rest of the morning commute, showers developing. temperatures, upper 50s. by evening, it gets stormy. the evening commute could be a rough one with storms and heavier downpours and increasing winds. overnight, rain quiets down towards morning. we cool down to 60 friday. looks dry through the weekend, upper 50s halloween. low to mid-60s by sunday. >> and that's your late forecast. >> i don't mean to interrupt bmt i just want to say young man jobrdan myth is on team adam. >> just kidding. >> you knew it all along. >> we have the following sentence. >> this is -- >> "the voice." >> dylan, thank you very much. now toda s fear factor as we count down to halloween by taking a closer look at the real life roots of some of your favorite monsters. >> this morng, it's all about frg ankenstein. nbc's keir simmons got a chance to visit the freely frankenstein castle. >> it's alive!
8:21 am
>> it's alive, i s ive. >> reporter: a monster. a demon. a creature. >> oh, my god. the frankenstein monster! >> reporter: from the imagination teenage author mary shelley who 200 years ago dreamed up frankenstein in this house in switzerland. her inspiration was across europe in a place of horror. >> we shall create a life out of death. >> reporter: in fiction, like in the new movie "victor franke tein," a scientist raised the dead. >> you're alive. >> that's rather obvious. >> reporter: in fact, it was based partly on a true story n.1813 mary shelley traveled through germany where in a remote village she may have heard a dark history.
8:22 am
castle frankenstein? >> yeah. >> can i come in. >> welcome to castle frankenstein. >> reporter: walter has spent 1 years researching this decaying castle. >> this is the area that mary shelley looked around. >> reporter: the castle was once home to a noble family. so these are the frankenstein s s. and one of them was a real mad scientist. so this is him. >> he's the real father of the monster. >> reporter: he experimented on bodies dug up from a nearby cemetery. >> he made his experiments with the parts of the body and this electricity, and this tower was the place where a flash of lightning gave electricity to the body. >> reporter: and made it come alive. unlike in the classic universal movies, no monster was ever brought to life. >> frankenstein.
8:23 am
walking dead terrorizing the village. but -- >> a lot of people around here, they say this is a very bad place to stay during the night. the devil is playing. i don't know, i've never seen him. >> reporter: you've never seen the devil. >> never. >> reporter: i'm glad i'm with you. >> maybe i'm the devil. good night, my friend. >> reporter: okay. let's not hang around here. >> good night. bye-bye. >> reporter: for "today," keir simmons, nbc news, castle frankenstein, germany. >> by the way, the castle preparing to throw a huge lloween party. the yearly tradineon started 40 years ago by u.s. airmen stationed nearby. >> now outside to carson. >> mother nature must be a 5
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> > good morning. 8:26. wednesday, october 28th. i'm darleie rodriguez > a funeral is planned for nypd officer, raninll holder. the funeral will be at the greater cathedral in jamaica. some waited in lines yesterday to pay their resircts at his wake. >> touay's funeral will be streaming live on lee t's take a look at the morning commute we have go0 minute delays on the harlem to new haven line fot rm north commuters. west empstead has been restored. valley line subject to 20-minute delays. there is an accident northbound out by gun hill road taking out two lanes and delays go out to the cross bronx expressway. we'll check the weather today, wet and windy with rain picking up to late afternoon.
8:26 am
66 is the high. tonight, storms taper b off, 63 degrees. tomorrow, leftover showers in the morning with a high of 73. friday, mostly sunny, breezy and cool. 60 is the high. coming up on the "today" show, five seconds of summer. talk about their second album
8:27 am
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8:29 am
morning. it is october 28th, 2015. i was just apologizing that these poor folks have to look at our behinds. he re for 5asecond of summer. up. dylan has promised these people >> li and it's not raining yet. >> their new album burning up the charts and some of these fans have been waiting out here for days. >> and also this morning, dre fw barrymore talking about her childhood and her relatio hip with her mom that's sometimes turbulent and what she learned from being on her own since 14 years old that's now helping her as a mom. >> also, natalie embarks on another big adven ture visiting one of the most well knoll landmarks in america and got to do something very few people got to do. is the there a height that you are afraid of? >> you know, i definitely put it to the test. i was about 630 feet above st. louis, the gateway arch. we'l have morhee on my travels
8:30 am
look that very, very few people actually get to have. >> that is co, beautiful. >> dylan, a check of the weather. >> no rain until after this ncert, but we will see some heavy rain move through later on today. we't are looking at also very gusty winds. gusts up to 45, 50 miles per hoy,ur from the mid-atlantic and great lakes today. tonight this whole storm system moves up into new england where we will see heavier rain into boston. gusts could be as high as 50 to 60 miles per hour, and then tomorrow we're also looking at some snow to develop back in addition to rain, we have coastal flood advisories. tides of 1-1.5 feet above normal astronomical high tide. 1-2 i ahes across. maybe a little more north and st. the rain ramps up late this afternoon with increasing nd&and toward the even
8:31 am
hours. 66, the high. mos.rning clouds and shower. 70. cooler weather, month are seasonable, dry, friday, saturday, and sunday. >> and i think we've found the tbest seat in the house. how excited are you girls? >> very. >> very excited. >> what song are you hoping they play next "she's kinda hot". >> and i think there's a chance theaat that could be the next song coming up. guys? >> dyla thank you very much. now to our revealing conversation with drew barrymore. her journal frechild star to hollywood a-lister is filled with interesting chapters and opens up with some of them in her new autobiography called "wild flower. ". >> the life is when you remember it is not in order so i thought these stories would be better like a shuffled deck of cards because that's truly how we remember our lives. >> drew barrymore has lived a fascinating life, famous by age
8:32 am
7 7. >> thanks for this award. >> and after sowrring in the hit film "e.t." >> aghh! >> at 1 she was e mancipated from her mother, one of the chapters in her life and new autobiography "wild flower." >> the one of the sentences that stood out to me in your book when you talked about your mom you said zero protection, zero consistency. >> yeah. >> and that's a haunting sentence. >> yeah, and i hope, you know, that she knows when she reads it, because we've talked about, you ow, the book and she's going to read it, but i think she will understand, and, you know, she will read in the next sentence that i give sher a compliment, but, yeah, our lifestyle together was not traditional, so putting it mildly. like walking away from my mom and shakingshanps and saying we need to emancipate. that was the facts, where our journey led us to and we were actually okay with that that's
8:33 am
the laundry is what took me down. i just want to focus for a moment on the literal fact that as a young girl. o >>tyeah. >> you hadn't been taught how to do the laundry. >> yeah. >> or you need to clean out your fridge. >> yeah. >> all,those foundational elements were missing which i find to make it ll the more impressive what you've made of yourself. >> thank you. ikea furniture will also send one into a very dark spiral. >> that little wrench. >> yeah. i feel like i could run a company but that ikea furniture still to this day i'm like how is that going to erect itself? >> do you ever think about how much different things could have been for you had you had these exact same set of experiences in this age where everything is so public and it's so unforgiving? >> well, i did have that, lika in the '80s, you know, so was like on the cover of the "national enquirer" and that's
8:34 am
the worst feeling ever, but, on the other hand, having a very public experience when i was young taught me a lot about responsibility in a weird way. it definitely gave me a wake-up call of like, okay, if, you know, everyone is going to run your business, maybe you would like your business to be really classy, and that's a hard lesson, but it wa a very good lesson for me. >> drew's life has been full of lessons which have helped her as she and her husband raise their two daughters 3-year-old olive and 18-month-old frankie. the book, drew says, is a love letter to her girls. >> i do think i have a responsibility to tell my daughters why i feel the way i feel about things, why i've become this person, how i became the person i am, the truth and nothing but the truth. do you ever think about them when they get older looking at some of the crazier past, parts of your life in. >> sure, when people are like
8:35 am
will end up like you, a, thanks, b, i hope in some ways they do now, in the later years and in th.e younger years like they are not going to have my life, you know. not going to studio 54 at 7 years old will probably make them a lot more normal than i was. >> drew's book is full of personal and sometimes candid details. she reveals that she had post-partum depression following the birth of her second daughter writing i just felt like a failure on every level, but she overcame those feelings and says parenting is something she has dedicated her life to. >> i'm glad i did it when i was older, because i got to be a lot more willing to be selfless and turn it all over to them. if i hadn't had such an odd childhood i'm not sure i would be this voracious to be traditional and, you know. >> i remember once as a little girl asking my mom, you know, why didn't you have any other kids after me, and my mom said, well, i just knew after you came my family was complete, which i actually think is a great hall
8:36 am
fame mom response. >> best answer ever. >> so i guess that's my way of sort of asking like do you feel li your family is complete? >> i feel pretty complete now. i feel like certain things are settled. certain things still feel, you know, like they are constantly need g cultivation to the garden. i think things are good. >> we could have sat and talked all day long, cameras or not. she's amazing. >> and she saouys, you know, you ever think about what happens if your daughters turn out like you, i think they would be ren ally lucky o turn out like her. i think she's an impressi , impressive lady. >> and all the more impressive when you think about what an unorthodox childhood she hae. truly a self-made woman and she wrmeites a lot about her friends and career, including some great stories, really cute sto es from the set of "e.t." and ead an excerpt were "wild flower" at our websited a
8:37 am
5 seconds of summer live on the
8:38 am
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>> all right. we're almost ready for our 5 seconds of summer concert, but first a look at how these guys fru om down under became global sens ions. standing there in my american apparel underwear >> they burst on to the scene back in 2014 with their hit song "she looks so perfect" which helped sell more than 3 million copies of their debut album. and they made their u.s. morning show debut right here on "today." she is ekinda hot yeah, she's kinda hot though
8:40 am
their sophomore album "sounds food feels good" just released and the single "she's kinda ho disabilitying number one on itunes. >> they have millions of fans worldwide and the guys are just getting started, gearing up for new tour but not before taking our concert stage. their pl formance just five innds away. y>> ladies and gentlemen, here they are, 5 seconds of summer. if my girlfriend's bitchin cause i always sleep in she's always screaming when she's calling her friend she's kinda hot though yeah, she's kinda hot though just an itty bit little bit hot
8:41 am
my shrink is telling mh i got crazy dreams she's also saying i got low self-esteam she's kinda hot though yeah, sheet's kinda hot though she put me on meds, she won't get out of my head she's kinda hot throw all right, one, two, three, go my friend left college because it felt like a job his mom and dad both think he's a slob he's got a shot though yeah,yhe's got a shot hoe not really when you've got bigger plans that no one else understands knott you've got a shot though >> sing it out. they say we're losers and we're all right with that sknott we're the leaders of the mott-come backs
8:42 am
snout but we're all right though yeah, we're all right though we are the kings an the queens of the new broken scene yeah, we're all right though >> go solo! sometimes i'm feeling like i'm going insane my neighbor told me that i got bad brains but i'm all right though we're all right though yeah, we'll all right though we're all right though cause we either kings and the queens of the new broken scene
8:43 am
new york, one, two, three, four they say we're losing and we're all right with that we are the leaders of the not-coming-backs but we're all right though we're all right though yeah, we're all right though we're all right though we are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene yeah, we're all right though. let's go na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na but we're all right, though na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na yeah, we're all right though we are the kings and the queens of the new broken scene yeah, we're all right thisough >> 5 seconds of summer.
8:44 am
they will be back with more music in a moment. but, first, this is "today" on nbc. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know
8:45 am
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8:46 am
[ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "today" in our city concert stage. 5 seconds of summer is here and hotter than ever. the band just released its sophomore album "sounds good feels good" and the they are heading to number one o the billboard charts. >> let's say hello to chris hemmings, michael clifford, ashton irwin and calum hood. welcome back. you werk here about a year ago, debuh album, back now sophomore album. how is e music different on this one from the farst one? >> i think the m ic is different. we've grown up a lot, 16, 17, 18 first album and this one we're
8:47 am
up with us. >> actually, get a nice shot of ashton up here. >> there he is. you guys have just had an exhausting tour. ashton, how is touring with these guys? having fun? >> i hate these guys, i'm exhausted. we're touring again next year. going to be good. we're going out in the u.s. again, north america, going to see all these lovely, lovely faces one more time >> you bet. little bit. how has life changed for you in real terms in the last year? >> i think, you know, we've kind of grown up in secret as well, you know. just done a world tour, a headline world tour so that kind of chang our perspective on life and we want to may to as many people as possible and, you know, doi this is fun. >> and you've written a lot of
8:48 am
good collaborators. >> we worked a lot with others, very inspirational people for us. i think the kind of album we made is very personal so that's why we chose them. >> we're trying to beat the rain so you want to play again. yeah. >> all right. >> ladies and y ntlemen, 5 seconds of summer. all righty then she's walking up and up to the bus knott and he needs a dollar but he
8:49 am
it's not end of the world and we go oh, oh, oh mmhey, everybody, we don't have to live this way we can all just come, we can all just play so what you say, everybody got to live it up today we can all just go oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh we can't afford to give up hi oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
8:50 am
work every wee just to get out of town and everyone is coming and it turns back around hey, everybody, we don't have live this way we can all just come, we can all just play so what you say, everybody gotta live it up today oh, oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh, o ho hey, everybody, we don't have
8:51 am
we can all just play so what you say, everybody got to live it up today we can all just all just play hey, gota live it up today we don't have to live this way [ cheers and applause ] >> 5 seconds of summer. thank you so much. we'll have more with them. they have another song in our
8:52 am
so we're talking this looks like a new super group except some of us can't sing or dance. can we go on tour with you? >> sure, yes. >> what should we know before we head out on tour? >> i'm sorry. >> do we need to know anything special before we go on tour? >> don't wear pants. >> oh. >> got a lot of support for that.
8:53 am
8:54 am
a little bit later good morni ng. 8:57. looking at the george washington bridge. thousands are expected to gather in queens to remember the new york city police officer killed in the line of duty. funeral services for officer randolph holder will be held at the greater cathedral in jamaica. fellow officers lined up outside th gie church for his wake. he was remembered as a humble man who cared for his family and was dedicated to his job. today's funeral will be streaming live on
8:55 am
our coverage begins at 3:00. wet, windy, rain picking up. 53 degrees. high of 73. coming up on the "today" show, a louis as it turns 50 years old
8:56 am
this morning on on "today's take" 5 seconds of sumter and the boys in the band hanging out with us and then one of the iconic land marks of this country celebrates a golden anniversary. we'll take you there. and from the now movies"our brand is crisis" our friend anthony macey is here coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today," it's wednesday morning, octor 28th,
8:57 am
it is 5 seconds of summer, wednesday morning. i'm willie along with natal and tamron inside studio 1 ark. al out on assignment. this is "she's perfect" from today's house band 5 seconds of summer filling up the plaza, rocking the plaza and will do another song. >> i like the our house band, i like that. >> they debuted here on our show i guess july 2014. >> if they don't -- well, they know now because they are in the green room watching. thank you, guys. >> they are like we're nobody's house band but we'll call you that. >> exactly. we'll talk to them in just a couple of minute. meanwhile, all talking about this world series game last ight not just becauee of the baseball but because what happened technically, so last night game one. world series, royals/mets in kansas city. a lot of people waiting and anticipating this one, but there were some technical difficulties duanring the broadcast. fox actually lost its picture for a while and had to put up a slate explaining they were in the middle of a technical problem and nine minutes later
8:58 am
it happened again. here's how it unfolded. >ta> so funny. >> we have lost -- we ha lost our picture. hi. we're having some technical difficulties. don't think it's a weather roblem because it wasn't ining at the time of this. we lost power to the truck, we're being told, but as soon as we regain power we will get it back to kansas city. all right. i hear our music. does that mean we're going back to skit? once again, we're having some technical difficulties in kansas city. once we regain power to our truck we will be going back there. are we heading back there now? >> no. >> that's great. >> that's the studio game pregame and post-game. t nhey have no idea that somebody is going to come to them. power comes up after the slate that the comes up that says technical problems. >> they did a great job. >> you've been there when you don't know what's happening and someone is telling in your ear
8:59 am
stretch, do this, do traat. i would ha passed out knowing that twitter was on fire. >> you know. that's the thing when everyone was mocking on twitter. i got out of mething and all i was thinking was there for the grace of god go i. >> that's right. >> how many times have you been there. >> not during the world series. fox had a rare electronics problem causing the primary and backup generators inside the production compound to lose power, and it sparked memes and tweets all over the place like this one referencing the classic movie airplane. there's johnny pulling the plug out devilishly laughing before plugging it back in. it read breaking the man allegedly spotted behind the fox truck. contact authorities if you see him and not to mention the game which was totally crazy. it opened, the royals scored their first run on an inside-the-park home inn which you never see and the mets looked like they would win the game, royals tie it in the bottom of the inth and eventually win it in the 14th inning. >> over five hours long, the
9:00 am
longest world series opener on record, right in. >> fithi hours and nine minutes. also getting some attention as if you needed one more story line, the royals starting pitcher edinon volquez was unaware when he t oook the mound to start game that his father had died just hours before the game, his wife reportedly asking the ream mott to tell him until he came o of the game and asks fox not to product it aecause she thought word would get to him. there are conflicting reports about when exactly he was notified, but his father did pass away right before that game as he went out for the biggest game of his life. >> and he pitched for six innings and then he left apparently. probably told by his wife at that point. >> wild night in kansas city. >> wild, wild. >> crazy. game two tonight so hopefully no technical glitches this time. fingers cr thossed. noove this next story because you know how much i'm athlete and love sports. what does it mean oo play like a girl? okay. president obama has a great answer. heed made an unexpected remark yesterday at the white house
9:01 am
where the u.s. women's soccer team was being honored r winning world cup in july. take a look at w at he had to say. >> they have inspired millions of girls to dream bigger, and by the way, inspired millions of boys to look at girls differently which is just as important. this team taught all america's children that playing like a girl means you're a bad ass. and perhaps i shouldn't have used that phrase. >> it's a perfect -- we like that phrase, it's perfect. >> we need a t-shirt. >> described the u.s. women's soccer team because they did play like bad asses. >> what a great honor. >> when you have a daughter and can watch a team play like in front of packed stadiums in front of the withhold world, so inspirational. >> good stuff.
9:02 am
>> speaking of inspirational. >> to get dunked? >> i don't know how much of an inspiration you will but you have inspired us because you stepped up and donated to the pink or swim challenge. we raised over $10,000 for avon's foundation for women. so as promised all four of us are getting dunked tomorrow. we have picked four viewers who will be joining us on the plaza along with our dear friend and omeone who donated as well, the great brooke shields. they are going to help us out, so these are the people, we're revealing the names. dana from hillsboro, new jersey, laura wilson from oxford, mississippi, mara webb and karen hardy from mapleton, georgia, an eclectic group of cities there. >> representing the s.e.c. yeah, it is. >> good. >> they can all come in and then wse have decided, we have costumes. i don't know if we've shared with each other. >> let's keep it a surprise. >> that's what i plan on doing.
9:03 am
we're going to come and the show starts with us i think getting dunked. >> i think in costume first. >> is that right? >> the very first thing. >> we'll be wet the whole hour. >> well, no. >> we do get to change to get some our pride back, just a little bit of it, but we're gohng to change back, but the beginning of the show, if you're taking your kids to school or if you've got things going on in the morning just cancel school. on't take them to school. just cancel it. is that wrong one day. my mom's a teacher, she's okay with thit. you get an education of when you make a promise you follow through on it, you deliver. >> the water wasn't cold last year when you did it in. >> i blacked out. >> because you cheated and ran over and hit it and i wasn't prepared and i blacked out and the next thing i woke up i was like, ah, yes. >> i saw brooke shields last night and she said i'm going to ee you on thursday and i said you're really coming and she's like oh, i'm imcoming and i'm coming for you. >> what i'm not sure of are we
9:04 am
allnin one dunk thing. >> they have individual tanks. >> four different tanks. >> oh, wow. >> and each person gets to dunk, you know, the people we named ets to dunk one of us. >> do they pick who they want to dunk. >> base on i who they dislike the st and they will line up ac ss from us. >> and can you see from the de ails that we're asking from off camera we have no idea what happens tomorrow. >> we know we're getting wet. >> we know we're getting wet and dylan is getting ready for halloween. going in for. a i love this. last year we ended up -- well, i ended up in the hospital after we visited a haunted house and not going to do that again but dylan, the woman who doesn't say no to a challenge, i can't believe you didn't take natalie on this. you went to a town -- the entire town is haunted. >> it's an old chinese ghos het town. it's outside of sacramento, california, and there's this show on the travel channel called "ghost adventures," a very popular show and my brother is a huge fan of this show and the guys, there's zach, aaron, jay and bill, they took me on one of their ghost adventures.
9:05 am
did i notty that part of this ant me going upstairs alone where, you know, lyric an old opium den brothel kind of thing by myself. >> we don't know what you're talking abou. >> all beenyrhere once or twice. >> we have a little clip, rigt. >> is there anything you would like to say to me? >> oh, my god. >> what was it? >> can i just tell you there are t bowo different kinds of screams, this are screams of shock. > yeah. >> and there are screams of oh, my god, get me out of here right now because i'm about to freak out. >> what was it? >> wcell have the full story on friday. ss>> wait a minute, who whoa. >> but she was telling us certain things that she can't reveal that she saw. >> this story is so crazy. i'm not like an active non-believer in ghosts but i don't acti ly believe in ghosts either, and this has changed everything i've ever felt. we saw things, w felt things. screamed at things. there was just a lot going on. >> are you serious.
9:06 am
>> this is going to be a gooa one on prid. >> so friday, 9:00 hour, we'll have it. >> the show is on the travel annel. >> it airs next season, but we're going to do a whole preview thing kind of on friday. >> meanwhile, we have to get you back to work. >> i could talk to you all day about this. >> rh about the ghosts during the commercial break. it was absolutely inside. in some kind of opium den, brothel. >> that was my problem and casinos and all that kind of stuff. latet's take a look at rain moving through parts of the great lakes. heavy rains through ohio right neow. this is actually going to develop into a bigger storm system as we go into this afternoon, and we could seat risk of some scattered stronger storms including an isolated tornado, more or less just a spinup. gusts up to near than 55 miles per hour causing major delays at the airport up and down the east coast. as we go into tonight, the rain really intensifies tonight into
9:07 am
england and by a wet and windy day. headed our way. 66, the high. windy but mild. 66, the low tonight. a few drenchiic storms. better weather tomorrow. morning showers and clouds giving way to a warmer afternoon with sun at 73. we cool it down by friday. back to sunshine. upper 50s for halloween. marathon looks okay. early showers next week. >> and that's your latest forecast. guys. >> coming up, a little rain could not keep 5 seconds of summer from rocking our plaza in front of a large crowd. the guys have more music but ffirst they are taking a break to come in and hang out with us. i thought activia was for big digestive issues. until i realized our body handles a lot. 1,100 meals a year... 730 rushed snack ..
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thank lou so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios. well you've come to the right place. mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm part of a complete breakfast my sister raves about her toothpaste and mouthwash all the time. i'm like, huh? pr en't they all the same? you know, i had to see for myself. so i wudt pro. with crest pro-health advanced. advance to a healthier, stronger, cleaner mouth from day 1. this toothpaste... p ...and mouthwash make my whole uth feel amazing. and my teeth str ger. crest pro-healthpadvanced is superior in these 5 areas dentists check. this is gonna go well, for sure. advance to a healthier stronger, cleaner mouth from day 1. great check up. my sister was right. they are four guys from o australia who burst on to he music scene last year and have become global sensations. now 5 seconds of summer out with
9:11 am
their second album. it's called "sounds ood feels good". >> and it sounds go and feels good to us. the new single "she's kinda hot" debuted at number one on itunes. the boys are luke hemmings, calum hood, michael clifford and ashton irwin. good morning. >> you rocked it. looks li you're having so much fun. is it hard to get up that early, ashton? >> no music is supposed to play at that the time of day. we struggled through it and the fans' energy was good. >> what time was sound check? >> like 6:00. >> that's not too bad. >> not bad for you guys. >> maybe not for you guys. >> those are not rock star hours at all. your sound, you can hear the difference from your last album. you said it a little bit earlier. you guys have certainly grown up since your last album. how is the sound to your ear different than a few years ago? >> it sounds like a band that's making a second album really. the first album is written when
9:12 am
we were quite young and the hadn't done much touring at that point and the second album is a band that's played arenas for a year and a half. >> how do you guys come up with the music? do you all collaborate and do the songs? >> we write in twos, if we write in bands there's a lot of opinions happening at once. >> it's weird because like my opinion is the best opinion. >> and my opinion is the best opinion, overwuld. >> and michael is super easy to work with. >> who are your biggest influences? i see green day. >> i hear green day. >> who are your biggest influences? >> we all have really different ones, everything from classic rock to '90s punk and stuff like that. heavily influenced by california bands which is really weird because we're not there, we're from the middle out in the back of sydney, everything from queen, to green day, i don't know, the offspring, yeah, everything. >> we saw a little of that group dynamic there. i mean, i think ashton, you're
9:13 am
the oldest, right? >> i'm pretty old, yeah. >> at 21. really getting old now. >> i see the grays sprouting in there. are you the one that sort of keeps everybody in l e? >> oh, yeah, my life is stressful. these guys are having one, professional businessmen. you can tell by the way i'm sitting. they were not so -- >> not so disciplined. >> but now you're killing it. >> now ee're business-like. >> you guys are getting back out o, n the road again next year, right? you'll be in the united states. >> yeah. >> how have those crowds changed over the last couple of years in. >> they have gotten bigger over the years. >> yeah. >> we did like an arena and amphitheater tour, and it was incredible, you know. playing outside in the summer to american fans was incredible. >> do you have a favorite city to visit? i know you're headed all over? >> new york. >> new york, good answer. we appreciate that. >> i think probably our favorite
9:14 am
venue we played on the last tour was jones beach. >> that's a great spot. >> perfect. >> kind of like "the simpsons" and green day playing on a barge atd i sink and you get a feeling. ywight on the water. >> next career we're coming back to play madison square and hat's one of the high sgligts i'll have to check you out when you guys are back there again. >> i'm there, i promise you guys. the guys, they have another song coming up for us a little bit later on this hour. but up next -- >> thank you. >> hollywood couples news to tell but in the "pop fix." you guys want if you're taking multiple medications, does your mouth often feel dry? a dry mouth can be a side fect of many medications. but it can aafo lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dr mouth isn't. biotene, for people who
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9:18 am
hello. lift your mugs. it's hump day. clink, clink, and peace pop -- i had to show you my new logos. we're starting with a roundup of big hollywood couples news, halle berry and olivier martinez are calling it quits after two years of marriage citing irrec seibel differences. the announcement comes a week after news broke that an l.a.x. employee is suing both of them combined for $5 million alleging martinez shoved him with an empty car seat and knocked him to the ground. they are seeking joint custody of their 2-year-old son, and it seems to be the end for that it couple as we l as another it couple. cording to e andrew garfield and emma stone have broken up after nearly four years of dating. w le reps for the pair are not commenting, the superman
9:19 am
breakup rumors all year long with both of them being very busy on new projects and finally some happy couples news to report to you. derek jeter is no longer playing the field. "new york daily news" is reporting that the longtime bachelor, he's 41, is engaged to supermodel hanna davis. they have been dating for about three years. last year the former yankee told nbc news after retirement he was looking forward to having a family and he's kept his word at that and adele keeps on making headlines as she gears up for the release of her new album. we're excited about "25." just gave a few major interviews, the first in three years to "i.d." magazine. the "hello" singer revealed she loved making the video for her song and is actually considering getting into acting and said ving her son angelo has been hard but phenomenal telling the magazine there's nothing more, grounding that be a kid kicking off and refusing to do what you ask of them. and for her future plans, adele
9:20 am
i'm sure that can happen pretty easily. now to a couple of celebs playing dress-up. used to seeing chrissy teigen looking flawless on magazine overs and red carpets yesterday the model and tv personality debuted this look on her instagram account. yes, take a lo >>ok. dressed up as food network star guy fieri, spiky hair, goatee and flamed shirt and all for an upco ing episode of her show. meanwuile demi lovato put her spin on "trap queen" with her literal interpretation seeing it's trapped in mouse and unting traps and last night ricky martin joined tayl b swift at h miami stop to perform his 1999 song and swift said she bought her album when she was only 10 years old and i'm sure that made him feel young and she also welcomed south beach stars pit bull and twain wade to the stage.
9:21 am
yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of her record-breaking album "1989" and she tweeted it's been the best year of my life and i think we all agree and a new movie starring oscar winner the way i see it, you have two choices; the easy way or the hard way. you could choose a card that limits where you earn bonus cash back. or, you could make things easier on yourself. that's right, the quicksilver card from capital one. with quicksilver you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. so, let's try this again.
9:22 am
live look at the tappan zee bridge. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. lots of tired, disappointed mets fans. they lost to the royals. ok 14 inningx. the game was five hours long. it didn't knock off until well after midnight. game two tonight in k.c. a 14-game-winner, jacob dugron gets the start for the mets. wet, windy weather picks up to late afternoon. tonight, storms, 63.
9:23 am
tomorrow, look at this. leftover showers. the high in thehmorning will be 73. it will be 60 on friday as well. then, saturday. up next, on the "today" show, fun, halloween food you can whip up fast.
9:24 am
taking a look at headlines, a large drug store chain is getting even bigger. wcaalgreens is buying rival rite-aid for around $9 billion iin cash. the deal which needs approval from the federal trade commission dawould create a retail giant with about 18,000 stores around the world. walgreens hopes the deal could mean more negotiating power with drug companies which may lead to lower prices for customers. the fda has approved a new treatment for skin cancer. the first of its kind drug uses a genetically engineered cold sore virus to help break out melanoma tumors. it doesn't cure the patient, but it can provide relief from the adliest form of skin cancer.
9:25 am
16% of theestudy participants who had the treatment exper nce had a decrease in the sues of the tumor. the drug-maker plans to headache it available for melanoma patients within a week. a new report find fewer people are dying in america from stroke and usncer. the report in the "journal of the american medical association" finds deaths from stroke were down 77% from 1969 to 2013 and deaths from heart disease were down by about two-thirds. researchers credit better ways of treating high blood pressure an prd the high cholesterol and fewer people smoking. cancer deaths were down by 18%. federal safety officials say the system for recalling defective tires in the u.s. is broken. a report from the ntsb finds that only about 1 in 5 recalled tires gets taken off the road, and it says when most dealers sell tires to customers, they never pass the customers' names on to the tire manufacturers so when there is a recall the tire makers have no
9:26 am
way of contacting the right people. the ntsb is trying to figure out how to change that. and this is a sweet dayto celebrate. it is national chocolate day, halleluja o it's not just in the u.s. that folks are, of course, fond of chocolate. on tuesday more than a dozen models hit the twalk in paris wearing dresses made entirely of chocolate. fashion experts teamed up with chocolatiers to create the decadent designs, so good you can eat. let's get a check of the weather right now from dylan dreyer. hi, dyl. >> hi hey, natalie. rain on theest coast from se i attle to western parts of oregon stretching down into california. we are seeing pockets of steadier rain and this storm system will continue to make its way eastward as we go through the next several days. here's this area of low pressure. this is not going to be a good story for text yeah, especially laid friday into early saturday. we could see heavier rain produce another 3 to 4 inches of
9:27 am
rain in that general area which could lead to more flooding concerns since they are trying to dry out from the last system last weekend but it doesn't look like it will be as bad keep the umbrella on and off throughout the day, specially this afternoon into the evening when it gets quite stormy. periods of rain developing. gusty winds. wind gusts over 0 miles an hour. mild at 66. windy and stormy, specially the rst half of tonight. low, 63. the showers. early tomorrow morning, a partial clearing. warmer at 73. cooler tomorrow night. 60 on friday with sunshine. upper 50s for halloween. increasing clouds on sunday. a few showers early next week. >> and tht,'s your latest forecast. guys? >> all right, dylan, thanks very much. we're going to finish this story in a second. >> got a good story for us. >> it's not often we've had a guest on this show -- i can we've had anyone really on 16 times, butothe man himself is right here, our favorite, one the favorites anthony mackey.
9:28 am
>> appreciate it. >> of course everything from independent features to big dget blockbusters and broadway and latest role starring opposite sandra bullock in "our brand is crisis." >> trying to get his candidate elect the as the new president of bolivia and first he has to convince everybody how important the election is. >> if you've'got a trick up your sleeve, it's time to pull this out. se this actually kind of matters, jane. this country could go under. we're talking about people's lives. >> you don't think there's something sort of odd about him, sort of checked out? >> i think he's a client who is paying you to be a strateg st. >> oh, okay. >az> do we have a problem, because if we do you need to tell ne. >> if there's a problem, ben, i will tell you. >> wow. >> telling us this story. >> oh, my gosh. >> first things first. you've been here 16 times. >> yes.
9:29 am
>> you can punch your "today" show punch card. >> you're the only one. >> blue whipped cream. >> your 20th appearance you get to keep wrangler. >> oh, i hope so. >> no. >> wrangler i like. >> you get to have a mug. >> yes. >> yeah. >> you need to switch that out. >> i was going to say i'm jacking that. >>so you're going to finh your prince story for us later. got to talk about this movie. for people who don't know, it's based on a documentary and based on a true story. >> right. >> what are we seeing there? >> basically i play a political analyst that hires a group of people who come in and get this presidential candidate lected because he's 24 points behind, castillo, and, you know, it's such -- in real life it's such a turbulent political climate in bolivia, and i think it helps the move' great deal by taking it outside of the american political climate and, you know, because there's so much going on now to where you can see it in other cultures and other societies and just see the
9:30 am
reality of politics. >> you're engaged politically, people who follow your headlines, social media, never been afraid to bite your tongue. how does it factor into this film? >> well, you know, as an actor, politics is a very sketchy line to walk, because my thing is we live in america. if you want to support a politician that i don't believe in, good for you, but it's not like that anymore. it's like your political views kind of dictate who you are and where you're going in the world, and it's -- it's really sad to see, but it's -- it's -- i feel like it's a learning lesson. >> the timing of the movie couldn't be more perfect right now with the heated political climate that we're in. >> yeah. >> but also you work with a fantastic cast sandra bullock and born theion. you and sandra recognized at end of the filming you're the same person. >> yeah. we're kind of the same -- >> she's like a tall attractive version of me. >> how does that happen exactly? >> you know, it's a rough -- it's rough to be around the two of us because we just make fun
9:31 am
has a really thick skin and so do i. it's just -- it's fun. i feel like when you work on a movie the climate of the set starts at the top and works its way down and sandy is so humble and so beautiful of a person that everyone just looks forward to showing up to work, you know. >> you're also, anthony, bringing back your role as falcon. >> yeah. >> i understand on the set thereto was some kind of push-up contest where you said i'm going to beat captain america hims lf. is that true? >> well, i didn't start it. >> okay. >> the wonderful paul showed up on set real day because i was feeling really good about myself and we were shooting as the horse facility rightro outside of atlanta and they hag a whole gym set up, this is ama ng, we can work out at work and paul shows up, and he's like in his british action, i did 65 push-ups last night. i'm like 65, that's it? ro like that at one setting or you stretched that out over the day so i was like i'm pretty sure i can do more push-ups than
9:32 am
everybody and chris evans goes home and sets up his camera and he pumps out 75 push-ups. oh, wow. did you that on carpet, that's impressive and i go on set and call everyone around and i'm like here we go. 88 push-ups later. >> are you serious? >> one time, no break, and the only -- the only reason i stopped was because i started laughing and thought i was going to pee so i stopped. >> 88? >> that's -- >> 88. >> we've got so many stories with him. we love him. >> how many push-ups? >> brand look at you, saving money on your medicare part d prescriptions. at walgreens, we call that "carpe med diem." that's almost latin for "seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d." from one-dollar copays on select plans... now reward points on all prescriptions, walgreens has you covered. so drop by and
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[ chuckles ] so, do i have the right to remain handsome? [ chuckles ] wait. uh-oh. from flying off the cliff at 100 miles per hour and swimm ng with sharks natalie always up for an adventure. >> this is an iconic one. the st. louis gateway arch turns 50 and i had the opportunity to pop out of the top. on hamm, andy cohen and ellie kemper all hail from the great city of st. louis, missouri and my husband joe, too, but there's one midwest icon that stands taller than the west. the gateway arch. finished in 1965 this architectural marvel was built as a symbol of st. louis' role in the westward expansion of the united states. the garrettway arch is as tall as it is wide standing at 630 feet. it is the tallest national
9:37 am
monument in the u.s., and i'm going all the way up there. the arch towers over the statue of liberty and the washington monument. over 900,000 people visit the gateway arch every year to take in the stunning view. >> all right, ladies and geanntlemen, you guys will get into your tramcar. >> taking me to the stop is tram opeoator supervisor trevor reynolds. >> right now we're preparing to get into the tram cars. we're in the north load zone. if you look at them they have the technology of a ferris wheel, elevator and train. >> a little like a co myercial dryer. >> more of a washing machine, if you would. >> not for the claustrophobic for sure. going up. we traveled for four minutes through solid steel and concrete at 4 miles per hour. >> we're here. >> all right. let's go see the view. >> oh, my gosh, so narrow. >> arm's width. >> welcome to the top of the arch. >> oh, my gosh, so cool. >> and here's downtown st. louis. >> busch stadium. hi, cardinals.
9:38 am
sorry about the season. >> all right, natalie. you actually g sng to head out the top now. >> out top. >> through that little hole. >> so this might be a tv first. >> it is a tv first. >> yeah. >> park rangers remove the bolts from a top secret hatch in the ceiling and harness me up. >> okay. >> what we're going to do is hook this to your back and make sure you're nice and secure before you get up on the ladder. >> hope i'm not afraid of heights. i guess i'll find out. okmay. here we go, st. louis. happy 50th anniversary, gateway whoo. i'm on top of the world, hey. i'm queen of the world! with my trusty selfie stick in hand, happy birthday, gateway arch! happy er50th. li hke a true pioneer as they did wh yen they first came here to st. louis to head west. i am doing what no one else has done before.
9:39 am
i'm waving our "today's take" flag. "today's take" has been here on top of the gateway arch in solution. that's a good looking hairdo, c toalled the st. louis look whampt better way to cap off the long way down the arch, a taste of st. louis with a view. and there's even more to love in st. louis than the arch, yum. time for a treat. after that ride. such a blast. that's a live shot this morning. the gateway arch undergoing a massive renovation, including a new museum, renovated park gr wounds and river front and we do want to say special thank you to kurt lauflin who gave me a peeves cabling from ins if you're an adult with type 2 diabetes and your a1c is not at goal with certain diabetes pills or daily insulin, yomyur doctor may be talking about adding medication th r to help lower your a1c. ask your doctor if addingr once-a-week tanzeum r is right for you. once-a-week tanzeum is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve
9:40 am
blood sugar g in adults with type 2 diabetes, along with diet and exercise. once-a-week tanzeump works by helping your body rele ye its own naturalr insulin when it's needed. p tanzeum is not recommended ht as the first mediciner to treat diabetes or in peopler with severe stomach r or intestinal problems. r tanzeum is not insulin. it is not used to treatt type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis, and has not been studied with mealtime insulin. not take tanzeum if you or your family have a history of medullary thyroid cancer or multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2, or if you're allergic to tanzeum or any of its ingredients. stop using tanzeum and call your doctor ri ght heay if you experience symptoms of a serious allergic reaction which may include itching, rash, or difficulty breathing; if you have signs of pancreatitis, such as severe stomach pain that will not go away and may move to your back,p with or without vomiting; or if you have symptomsr of thyroid cancer which include a lumpr or swelling in your neck, pnhoarseness, trouble swallowing, r or shortness of breath. before using tanzeum,r talk to your doctor
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is my go to protein snack. protein from yogurt? yeah, this greek nonfat yogurt packs 15 grams of protein punch. but what else? it has 0 added sugar, 0 artificial sweeteners and 0 fat. dannon oikos triple zero. dannon coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in bed all day. when your cold is this bad... need new theraflu expressmax.
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maximum strength medicines available without a prescription... fight your worst cold and flu symptoms... you can feel better fast and get back to the job at hand. new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel >> the welcome back. the 5 seconds of summer are celebrating the second album "sounds good and feels good" and here they are singing one of the hits off their first album "amnesia." >> makeshire you sing along with me because it's early. i drove by all the places we used hang out getting wasted
9:44 am
tasted and even though your friends tell me you're doing fine are you somews re feeling lonely even though he's right beside you when he says those words that rote you sometimes i start to wonder was it just a lie if what we had was real, how could you be fine cause i'm not fine at all i remember the day you told me you were leaving i remember the makeup running down your face anl the dreams you left behind you didn't need them like every single wish we ever made i wish that i could wake up amnesia and forget about the stupidh little things like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you
9:45 am
cause i'm not fine at all the pictures that you sent me they're still living in my phone i'll add mitt i like to see them i'll add mitt i feel alone and all my friends keep .king wtuhy i'm not around it hurts to know you're happy, yeah, it hurts that you've moved on it's hard to hear your name mu when i haven't seen you in so long it's like we never happened, was it just a lie if what we had was real, how could you be fine cause i'm not fine at all remember the day you told me you were leaving i remember the makeup running down your face and the dreams you left behind you didn't need them like every single wish we ever made
9:46 am
i wish that i could wake up with amnesia and forget about the stupid little things like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you and the memories i never can escape if today i woke up with you right beside me like all of this was just some twisted d eam el i'd hold you closer than i ever did before and you'd never slip away and you'd never hear me say i remember the day you told me you were leaving i rematember the makeup running down your face and the dreams you left behind you didn't need them like every single wish we ever made i wish that i could wake up
9:47 am
and forget about the stupid little things >> ike the way it felt to fall asleep next to you and the memories i never can escape cause i'm not fine at all >> 5 second of summer. th nk you so much, and they will ave one last song with kathie lee and hoda in our next hour,
9:48 am
>> the hi. >> that's natalie on the top of thse st. louis arch. >> what are you doing there in. >> conquering the world. >> what did you do? >> 50th anniversary of the gateway arch so a good way to celebrate, ladies. >> there was a harness. it was harnessed in. >> you are not scared of anything. >> it was fantastic. so much fun, and what a view.
9:49 am
9:50 am
>>,> a live look at grand central parkway. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. the mets trying to bounce back from an exhausting loss to the royals. they lost 5-4 when the royals scored on a sacrifice fly,
9:51 am
bottom of the 14th. re than five hours to finish there game. tying the record for the longest world series game ever. game two in kansas city. billy joel is going to be a cito field on friday. he will perform the national anthtoem before the game. mets fans hope to hear his new york staet of te of mind at the end of the night. >> check the weather. wes, windy, rainy. tonight, storms taper off. 63 tomorrow, leftover showers, 72. friday, mostly sunny. 60. saturday, sun and clouds for halloween. they will be able to get out there, 58 degrees. coming up on the "today" show, kathy lee and hoda. another update in 30 minutes.
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