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tv   Today  NBC  October 28, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. it is hoda's favorite day of the week. and not only wednesday winesday, whatever, october 28th, but it is hump day. and we will get back to that and this groups has been rock ing the plaza all morning, and this seconds of summer. >> and not all of the way, but >> yes. have the
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performance by 5 seconds of summer, and they are going to be performing for us later in the show, and they are great, and the rain heod off. >> yes, and a beautiful actress jacqueline bis it is s star in something that is starring with drew barrymore and it is something that you are going to want to grab your mom ndhgo see. sweet ideas for the halloween bash, complete with the monsters to help us play "who knew?" >> 1 how fun does that sound. all right. >> all right. tthhis is for all of the nerds out for all of the nerds out there. here we go. when i was young, i used to wish that i would fit in, and i'm glad i didn't get my wish. the source is steve mariboli. isn't that great? everybody ehse, a so happy not. >> and i said, if god went to so
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much trouble to make snowflakes different, every single one of them, how to make us all unique. and only cookie cutters should be cookie cutters. that should be a words of wisdom sblchlt yes >> yes, write that down. so i did the acupuncture. >> and i singled that we take a camera along. and donna adorable went. nd a lot af people want to know if this is going to hurt for you. >> and dr. william kai did it -- ooh, that is what it looks like? by the way, they don't hurt. oh! are when you are doing it. so they put the pins in, and you just lay there, and then he did something here where he is supposed to hit every pressure point of 800 points on the body and he kept poking them, and the having flashes, hot flashes that are not doing to go away. >> they are like rivers. >> nothing is is working, and i
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can't take hormone replacement or anything like that because of my medical history, and anyway, the hot flashes are shorter in dur rigs and ation duration, and i did it yesterday. but yesterday i took the dog for a walk and i went into this awesome sleep, you were high and sleep, and it is awesome. and when i woke up, i felt alert and not groggy. so anyway. i like it. i'm going to go back on friday. >> oh, good. >> would you like to go? >> not on friday. but, yeah, i will come because i want to see if it can help me with the sleep. apparently, you can tell whoever it is what your issue is, and they do it. it is interesting. >> the funny part, and talk tact hot flashes, and he goes, oh, lady thing. lady thing. and the lady thing was down the around your ankles. >> i thought that lady thing was
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someplace else, but who knew? you know. >> and if you were watching the world series last night, and a lot of people were. it was a rough broadcast. and kansas city was playing the ts, and was the bottom of the fourth and everybody with it and then all of the sudden the game goes to the blackout, and take a look at what happened. >> we have lost our picture. . we are having some technical difficulties, and i don't believe it is a weather problem, because it was not raining, but we lost power to the truck we are being told. i hear the music. does that mean we are going back to kansas city? >> and the u.s. broadcasters of this event are having a broadcast issue. >> can you imagine? the feed die ed d for more than four minutes. >> the matter of a plug or what? sometimes it is. i used to visit frank many in the booth and the trucks in
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somebody trips over a plug. >> and the network switched over to some international feed and came back, and anyway, a lot of people were -- >> people were upset. >> and people are tweeting, and they said, did you try plugging it and unplugging it back in which is how things work. >> and "esquire" showed clark griswold's, remember from the "christmas vacation" and they say, this is the man who brought back fox's world series broadcast. have you been in that sich waation, where where it is a -- situation, where it is a live broadcast and you can lose it. >> yes, i was in the middle of a long "dateline" interview, and everything was so tense and because there is so much plugged iopn, everything just goes dead. >> and now, this is the fox statement. >> a rare e e lectronic failure caused both the primary and the backup generators inside of the fox sports production compound to lose power.
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anyway, the game lasted until 1:00 a.m. it was like 5 1/2 hours or something, and the longest first game in the world series ever. all righty. the mets lost. >> all right. still time. still time. and speaking of baseball, the "daily news" is saying on the front page today that the former new yorkian key ian kee ian ian ian -- new york yankee great derek jeter is off of the arket. >> you were with his significant other. >> yes, i was t.alking to anna davis and she was talking it in the long haul. we will live here, because tat is where he wants to spend his life.
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>> and starting to use the word we. >> and dating three years? >> yes, and he played the field on and off of the field, right? >> yes shgs , he did. >> he fo d out nsat he nts, and that is good for him. >> and bridget jones and we told you another installment coming out, and people were wondering, it is going to happen, and we have a photograph. check it out. colin firth and renee zellweger were photographed at a baby's chris kristening -- christening scene. >> and oh, the hair is so poofy. >> he is so aandsomeh > and leaned down to kiss the bab y and bridget on the orehead. >>rt but they didn't have a ring on that one shot, and that is the only one we can show, because they the cost a lot of money, a lotta. >> you can find more on the
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daily h. >> in is one of the best workouts. >> oh, right. >> and now every now and then so smebody says this is a unique workout, and now clara has posted a unique workot in honor of winesday wednesday. and they are a part of a group, and they do burpees, but they are called the wine burpees, down and drink. and up and clab. and down and drink. and they drink with the straw and burn it as they are drinking it. i think that it is working. they are cute. >> and artist turns pumpkin into donald trump. look at this. dndonald trump is now a pumpkin can. it is called -- this is terrifying picture and clever an d created by an artist in ohio named jeanette garis and painted it in his likeness and called it the trumpkin. >> a is t weighs 374 pou s. >> oh, my god.
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>> and now,r.e have a big >> yes, to a member of our staff. his name is rope. we call him out all of the time on the show. caban cabana. is a grandpa. and little liam james egan was born on october 24th. >> yes? >> and coincidentally that is the same day that roka's son was getting married. >> right. >> and so the son -- wait, i'm confused. >> the daughter didn't make it to the wedding. >> right. >> well -- >> had to drive back to albany at 6:30 in the morning. >> how beautiful is that baby, rope? >> gorgeous. >> and first grandchild? >> yes. >> and everyday we ask him what the excuse is. whe at it is today? >> i don't have one today. >> and lilliana is going to tell
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or they should always be able to see our support. visit to learn more. she is a golden globe winning actress and a career that has spanned five decades. >> and we are talking about the lovely and talented jacqueline bissett bissett. and she has performed in "airport" to "flick murder on the orient express." and of course, who can forget her in the sexy white t-shirt that she wore in "the deep" in 1977. >> a dream. >> and now jacqueline is co-starring in "miss you already" whose mother get s s a devastating diagnosis and she turns to her mother's best friend for help. >> and flying around the world,
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and husbands and boyfriends, and selfish. >> you had an exciting career. i can't have any drama in my life right now, and millie is drama. >> please, jen, help sort everything out. i know she is drama, but she is our millie. >> oh! >> and an amazing actress, and she is great actress and the two of them were amazing in this. >> and is this about real life, because it is a battle of lifetime friendship. >> and yes, you saw it in the makeup, and everybody got along really well. >> and the two girls kind of grow up together, and one of them gets a devastating diagnosis, and the other one is her daugt hter who doesn't want to share her good news or the good parts of her life with her best friend, because she feels guilty, right? >> yes, one is -- i don't want to tell all of the story, but
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yes. >> we can see that she is pregnant and has a child coming into the world. >> yes, and she wants a child, but the imagery of the film was quite, well, it catches you, you know. >> it is like a "terms of endearment" or "beaches." >> people talk about "beaches" but it is about the trauma and the drama, and i am the sort of the dingy mother who was not a good mother. >> but she knows it. >> no, she knows it now, but she didn't know it. she was an actress and doing god knows what kind of television series and absent and vain and self-preoccupied and the character toni plays found her difficult and she infers that she is a pain in the neck. >> when we watch you in all of the films, do you are to the audition for a spot for the role roleer, or do they say, jacqueline, we have the perfect
10:16 am
>> no, which toent -- no, i went to see catherine hardwick about the role, and it was film 13, and she was doing a hair fitting, and toni was at the movie, and i thought, yeah, i could play her mom, and i felt a connection to her. i met drew when she was a little girl, and she was like 12 and she came up to me at a party once. she was adore able. i thought that well, i thought that it was fun, and i thought that it was sad, and it has a lot of emotion in it, and the role toni plays is extraordinary. you know what she doesn't -- she just gives it 100% htd she does not pull back. >> she is fearless. >> yes, and i am getting to the point where i am feeling fearless, but she took off her hair, and they shaved her head right in front of you. >> for real? >> yes, and we wer all nervous about it than she. but she -- >> she has always been that way, thfoough, hasn't she?
10:17 am
>> she said that she has done it before, but still, it is so.mething. >> and are there still projects or things tht you want the to do? yes. >> v what is on the ucket are list?v>> thfe is on my bucket list. life, learning, educating myself, friends, and ventures of some sort. i t.ow that i didn't want to the travel as much as i thought that would. >> yes, it is happening. >> age or political situation, i am not sure. >> but it is everything, a combination of all. we love to see you, and t nks for coming to see us, and i want to see this movie, "miss you already." we are going to be throwing a halloween bsh, and w e have everyt what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next, after the next? predictab and so unagsatisfying? what about pulling up a chair, a stool, a beanbag, and actually tasting our food. we are a creamy cheese that still believes in the beauty of a knife, in the elegant swipe of a . . .tswipe. of course,
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bash this weekend, but you haven't had a chance to think about food or decorations, don't worry, we have you covered. >> this is jill simonian, and this is the "parenting" contributor, and here on behalf of the sponsor mars, and she has i love the word whip. and that is going to be in no >> good. up. >> we are whipping it up, and this is monster mash style, and th mis is the ultimate halloween party table. inexpensive and easy and fun, nd i love to decorating for alloween. >> where where should we start? >> i know. everything. start with the theme, and the theme going on here is trick or treat, and we have the tri cks and the treat. so i like to start out with a creepy crawler thing, and they are skittles so good to eat it. and we have the cobweb table runner cheap at any fabric
10:22 am
ore or cheap, $10, and build the table around the center piece, and this is the taste the rainbow cake, incause of the twix around the outside stuck on with frosting, and it is an actual cake, and you can stick the twix on the outside and du as many skittles on the ins e, and that is trick or treat. and i like to use the skittles inside of the candle decorate, because they won't melt, and the skittles add a pop of color, and easy and edible. >> and the bug juice? >> yes, novelty bugs inside. this is what happens if you eat too much candy. >> gnacamol . >> and you carve out the mouth of the pumpkin. is it real ga walk. >> it is delicious, and i had some, and try it. i promise it. here we go. you just got to make shur ure that
10:23 am
>> oh, no, double-dipping here. >> so good, right? abend carve the mouth of the pumpkin close to the table to display the guacamole. and here is the candy coated quesadillas, and the pumpkins and the peeled tangerines with the celery stuck in the middle. and the decorations. >> nobody wants that. >> why can you v have that when you have a cake like this. and the frosted white chocolate frosted ghosts with one of the red skittles as a mouth, and the mon monster mash dip and tea. aovnd so you want to make that stuff? >> all right. no, we want to eat. >> i know you k can, and you can go back to eat. > and start with the fros the ti ghost s s. take any kind of cookie at your choice, and dip many in the -- just a little bit. and no, the whole thing. >> see they know what the to do. >> you guys do this all of the time at home, right? >> well, we don't do it well, that is the trouble. >> and go ahead and put it on
10:24 am
the board, because then, you r du re, very nice. and so that is the ghost, and yomau will get th red skittles for the nose, too, and you can make the mouth with a skittle and then the eyes with chock olate chips. oh! and see, we have the finish here, and it is halloween and good. you have to lick it off, and it is trick or treat, right. remember. and we have the monster mash teeth. these are -- >>ts that is so cute. >>do and this is quartered apples, and peanut butter on the ininse lnd stick the marsh mel e low s s. >> i like that one. >> and then you can dip it in the monster mash dip which is cool whip, cream cheese, pistachio instant pudding and then chill it. >> can you have it? >> no, but it is looking delicious. >> say cheese. >> tricks so much. and thank you to you and mars
10:25 am
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10:27. good morning.
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i'm michael gargiulo. >> more st ets will be closed in preparation for today's funeral for nypd officer, randall holder. merrick boulevard will be closed outside the church to accommodate the thousands that are expected to attend. officer holder's funeral was scheduled to begin at 3:00 p.m. we are going to stream that service live on deehe newsbr new york app. if you want to check the weather, wet, windy rain. 66 for the high. tonight, the storms taper off, 63 degrees. tomorrow, leftover showers with a high of 73. friday, mostly sunny, breezy and cold. 60 for the high. coming up on the "today" show with kathy lee and hoda, the dden risk of mixing food and medicine. join us for news 4 at noon on nbc 4 new
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hey, everybody. it is winesday wednesday and it is time for a weekly version of trivia that we play called "who knew." kathie lee is across the street to give $1,100 for those who get the question right and those who don't, get a siped cd by her. >> that is what they want. >> and now here to help me is henry goldblat from " "entertainment weekly." >> keep your eyes open, because a few of the ghouls and monsters are going to be makings their way here, because they are on a
10:31 am
hayride in new york and they are lurking around. nice job. >> well, i went to the prom with this guy years ago. and lovely, lovely family from massachusetts. according to guinness world records, the most frequently used sound effect is used in film s lms is a specific scream, floor creek, crack of thunder. >> flor creek. >> she wanted my cd badly. >> and the answer is a, scream. >> i would have have gone with the floor creek, too, because we hear them. and he h, this scream is fr a 1953 movie, and we have a clip of it. ate is aim maizing. e ing -- it is amazing. >> it is like a gif.
10:32 am
worked on everything from "star wars" to "aladdin." >> there it is over and over. >> and now a lovely lady from georgia. according to the ranking by entertainment weekly, which of all times was the most scariest movie? >> "the shining." >> why is that top honors? >> because it was scary, and a lot of debatr:around the office, because my personal scary movie is --? i don't even want to watch that. >> and who would try to lose matthew mcconaughey and not date him. >> all right. >> and now, from michigan, which of these actors played frankenstein's monster on the big screen, robert de niro, george clooney or jack niolson? >> i would say robert de niro.
10:33 am
>> you'd be >> and she took a wild guess. and robert de niro? >> yes. and it is from a filmywit t kenneth branagh, and he was looking for somebody who could act with the makeup, and de niro could. >> and now, this 2015 horror film starring cassidy gifford and we have heard of her, and it follows teenagers investigating an ill-fated school, and what ishe name of it, the gol lows or the visit or -- >> you know, you can get it on demand now. it is "the gallows." >> kath is an overly protected mother. "gal e is a very good film. >> and she has deprived herself of food and sleep, and improvised some of the die alogue saor did her own stunts. >> okay. over you, kath.
10:34 am
national chocolate day, and this woman is from her i have, pennsylvania, and a great place to take your family. and what was used as fake blood in the 1968 horror film "night of the living dead"? >> chocolate syrup. >> she is right. >> yes, today, a lot of the producer producers and the medical dramas use corn syrup or petroleum depending on the viscosity and the blood they want, because the cut on the head versus the blood gushing from the stomach and you need it from different thickness. gross, huh? >> henry, thank you for all of that information. thanks f the haunted hayride for loaning us their monsters. and why don't you step right out here, why wouldn't you. if you are taking any medications, madelyn is telliot you which foods you may not want to mix them with. and get ready for one of the hottest boy bands in the world. we will get some music from 5 seconds of summer. where are you going now?
10:35 am
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if you are one of the 7 of 10 americans taking prescription medication, you want to the listen to this. >> the foods that you are are eating, it could interact with the medicines you are taking. so joining us is madelyn fernstrom, and she and her husbandave p together the ultimate guide called " n't eat this, if you're taking that, the risk of mixing food and medicine." >> a book with a big title, but we are so proud of you, madelyn, and your handsome neurosurgeon husband. >> and people take a multivitamin or a statin. >> or even a baby aspirin, and you don't think about how it interact teracts with the food that you are eating. >> one of the giant category is
10:39 am
grapefruits. when you think of grapefruits, you think it is healthy and wonderful, and yes, it does have vitamin c, but if you are taking certain statins or depressants, can be a risk, because grapefruit has a compound that ocks the digest n of some of it, and thinking of a chemistry set, if you think of the grapefruits for many of the medicines, is it is going to be blocking the breakdown, and so the dose can appear much higher than the doctor intended, and this can be a problem. and so for some of the new statin, no grapefruit at ll, and you can have some, but limited amounts. eople drink a quart of grapefruit, but something small, 6 to 8 ounces. >> and marmalade. >> it is a weird category of oranges, and they are the oranges that you get in marmalade. >> okay. >> and 'rafy green, and i'm healthy and eating the leafy greens and taking the meds.
10:40 am
>> yes, for some blood thinners and people from 20 to 90 are taking them for a variety of reasons. >> a baby aspirin? >> blood thinner, and aspirins count in, that and when you take the vitamin k, it promotes clotting, and when you take a blood thinner, it is going to be going against each other. and there are some that don't is have this effects, and you can talk to your doctor, but it is not eliminating them, but eating them in safe amounts. >>dando be sure, because we want to -- can you have it if you are on a baby aspirin? >> yes. >> and onions? >> i they are great fo you, and garlic, when you are cook, and that is fine, but these have bn,lood thing effects as well. so sti wck with the food, and don't, and avoid the capsules that you can take that are trois trons -- concentrated, because this is acting like a medicine.
10:41 am
but skip the supplements. >> and calcium. >> yes shgs , you need to limit this when you are taking iron or certain antibiotics, and the main issue is that calcium and to the avoid the calcium supplements when you take to a lot of antacids. >> not too much is bad, and too much is bad. >> and avoid the supplements, and the calcium fortified products with calcium when you are taking the antacids. >> i wish that doctors would read it, because they don't know. >> and it is like a dictionary, tand you can look up the medicine. >> and wine and cheedz. >> and alcohol in general. >> there's lunch. >> that is funny. >> and red wine and hard cheese for a certain antidepressants, and moai, and people know if they are on it, because it can cause a blood pressure is dangerous. and anything that affects the
10:42 am
at is annffective to anti-depressants. and anything like the st. john's wort or anything in that category, it s is not like over the counter prescription meds, so read the labels. >> and the book is amazing. it is called "don't eat this, if you are taking that." to find out more go to k lshgs gshgs g and >> and nou before there could be a nation, there had to be people willing to fight for it, to take on the world's greatest challenges, whatever they might be. so, the u.s. army masters not only tactics and strategy, but also physics and chemistry. we make battle plans and create breakthroughs - in medic e, science and engineering. our next mission could be anything. so we prepare for everything. aging is not just about wrinkles. your skin could be
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the four guys known as 5 seconds of summer have skyrocketed to fame since they hit the music scene. >> they are celebrating the release of the second album called "soundkigood, feels good."
10:47 am
and here she is with one of heir new hits "she look s s so perfect." hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey simmer p down simmer down they say we're too young now to the amount to anything else but look around we work too damo hard for this just to give it up now
10:48 am
you look so perfect stand g ing there in my american apparel underwear and i know now that i'm so down your lipstick stain is a work of art i got your name tattooed in an arrow heart and i know now that i'm so down hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey let's get out let ees 's get out ancause this dead beet town's only here just to keep us down while i was out i found myself alone let me hear you
10:49 am
if i showed up with a plain ticket and a shiny diamond ring with your name on it would you want to run away too you look so perfect standing there in my american apparel underwear and i know now, that i'm so down hey hey hey hey i made a mixtape straight out of '94 i've got your ripped skinny jeans lying on the floor and i know now that i'm so down hey hey hey hey hey hey you look so perfect standing there in my american apparel underwear and i know now that i'm so down hey hey hey hey hey hey
10:50 am
so down hey hey hey hey hey hey you look so perfect standing there in my american apparel nderwear and i know now that i'm so down your lipstick stain ies a work of art r i got your name tattooed in an arrow heart and i know now that i'm so down zen is in when it comes to jewelry. >>on d weziin bring it in.
10:51 am
lilliana vasquez is here and she has the trends for jewelry in "luxe for less." >> and this lovely long necklace -- >> that is jessica alba. >> and so cute. >> and to be to the more funky stackable rings like ree ihanna. >> yes. ansed show us what you have, lilliana lilliana. >> well, it is all about the yankees, and the super thin, and donna is show g ing them. >> adorable. >> and from april faberstorm, and you can layer the cuffs with them, and have more impact, and how cute is that? >> yes, that is cute. >> and these are from charming charley for $5 and the more the merrier, and mix the metals and the stones and so they are ffordable so you can stack them up. >> yes, you can. >> and these are the long layered necklaces, and these are
10:52 am
joanne who is wearing two of them. look at how cute that looks. mix the shapes with the round and angular piece, and the layered bracelets. >> and everybody loves that. show those bracelets. >> these are from wonderlust and co oshgs and so just add more so you can make a statement with the delicate jewelry, but you have to layer it together. >> all right. >> and good job. tomorrow, we will talk with oscar winner sandra bull lock. >> and a performance by natalie merchant.
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