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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  October 28, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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right now on news 4 new york. rainy and raw. soaking showers and whipping winds making for a rough evening commute. right now, we are in the thick of it. >> within the last hour, pockets of heavy rain have pushed in and bringing gusty winds. here's a picture that really says it all. a trash can filled with broken umbrellas. this the rain coupled with high tide made for a mess in free port. some streets were underw ter. thankfully the water has receded. let's get on over to meteorologist janice huff for an update.
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>> free port, things have quieted down for you. you have light rain but there's still a chance of. more of the same minor coastal flooding. most of the heavy rain is moving t and heade northward into connecticut. you're getting down pours around stanford, richburg. it's more spotty in nature. you're starting to see a break around madison and plainfield. there is more on the way. even though the rain is moving north and out of the area, the back edge of the system will not move through until tomorrow morning. there's a chance for more down pours overnight. possibly even a few understorms. wind gusts around 40 miles per hour. we've seen much of that. the airport delays will continue. the coastal flooding could come along at high tide. that's the for the the south facing cities.
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the higher elevations, there is a wind advisory until midnight for gusts up to 50 miles per hour. >> ose winds kill continue for tonight. i'll tell you what that means in a few minutes. back to you. weather changes quickly. count on news 4 to keep you connected with the nbc 4 new york app. select the weather tap you'll see the latest forecasts, interactive radar and more. we have more information in the take down of what police in new jersey say is a major car theft ring. luxury cars targeted by thieves and snatched from the suburbs. brian thompson explains how they pulled it off. >> reporter: these are just some of the 90 luxury cars recovered by state and local police in what has been nearly a year and a half intensive investigation. with where do they come from?
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restaurants, malls and suburban driveways. >> reporter: their haul included bmw's mercedes and more. they would be hidden away anesent to ports in new jersey and new york. many of the thefts running through the shopping mecca of pamams. they were to be ship today west african nations where they could be resold to two to three times their value. similar to the short hills mall car jacking of two years ago, armed car jacking were part of the investigation. owners some find it hard to believe it could happen here. >> this is a very safe town. and we have an excellent police department. >> reporter: 22 people are charged are first degree racketeering. 18 have been arrested so far.
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the key to their success, the key fob. getting it anyway they could. so valets were also victims. >> one got out and pointed a gun directly at the valet. demanding the keys to a mercedes s 550 and a bentley continental gt. >> reporter: that's enough to make the owner of this lexus think twice. >> it makes me think twice. i'll walk to dinner. >> reporter: the attorney general wouldn't go that far. he emphasized never leave your car with the engine running. if approached don't resist. most of these cars will be going back to the insurance companies for them to resell. brian thompson, news 4 new york. authorities say these thieves had their eyes on extremely pricey luxury rides, 4 found out it's more likely for more affordable car to get swiped. according to the national insurance crime bureau, the
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mosten most stolen car was the honda accord. here in new york, the accord and civic are at the top of the list with ford econo line vans, camryes and nissan altmus along the top choices. a drama teacher is accused of having sexual contact with several opportunities. the 41-year-old surrendered to police in chappaqua. that is where he taught drama and speech for 12 years. police say he engaged in sexual activity with one of the victims on school grounds. he faces four years in prison if convicted. an mta bus driver has been arrested in a violent road rage case. news 4 obtained cell phone video of that incident. a college student told us a mou dragged him out ofvhis car and beat him. today the mta said that bus driver david garcia was arrested and charged with assault.
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garcia has been a bus driver since 2001. a $5,000 reward is being offered to find the person who buried a tiny kitten under a pile of trash. sanitation workers say they found this black and white feline barely alive during a pickup. two bags of trash were thrown on top of the kitten. they rushed it to a hospital and veterinarians were able to save its live. caught on camera, a woman hangs from the side of a car as it speeds off, dragging her for half a mile. what the mother of two says set off the frightening ordeal. we want to remind you take it slow on the roads. here's a live picture near la guardia. the rain making for a dicey drive home. i'm bobby flay and new york is my home. there's no place
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we're back with our storm tracker radar. you can see the remnants of the
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once powerful hurricane patricia in the green pounding the tristate with rain and gusty winds. storm m am 4 is back in just a few minutes with a look at where ere could be heavy down pours and more. if you don't happen to be looking at the screen, look at it right now. a disturbing video has emerged oj online showing a woman being dragged along a highway. this happened in delaware the victim says her friends was the driver. they got into a fight at a gas station. she said her friend tried to leave her. when she tried to get in the car another passenger pushed her out. >> i felt that i was never going to come home top my kids. i thought i was going to die or something. >> i thought i was going to go to jail. >> i think they almost took my fe from me. >> the womol suffered on cuts and bruises. no charnels have been filed against the driver. if you plan to go trick or
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announced a curfew to keep kids safe. children 16 years old and younger must be home by 11:00 p.m. on october 31st unless you're with an adult. there's an exception for teens leaving work after curfew. you ave 30 minutes to get home. vireolators willabe taken to the nearest police station and your parent will be notified. check your credit card bills because you e ght find a mystery charge. where it's coming from, and lester holt has a look at what he's working on tonight. nightly news is back on the road from san francisco. here's what we have coming up. we'll tell you about the drama involving an army surveillance blimp that caused havoc in pennsylvania. our political team reports from colorado where republican candidates are debating. how will donald trump regain the look. we take a look at the risk of e-cigarettes and why the faa is
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coming up, last night's game was the se nd longest game in the world series. a startling new crime wave against food cart vendors who are becoming easy marks for heartless thieves. those stories and much more when we see you at 6:00. a consumer alert for anyone who ordered alaskan salmon. you may not be eating wild salmon at all. it probably isn't from alaska. researchers from the conservation group say they
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here in new york, they found 43% of the samples were mislabelled and diners were eating a cheaper bstitute. in 2/3 of the cases the somen was farmed atlantic salmon. a mystery charge on a department store credit card is causing a headache for one new jersey woman. better get bequero for what it is. >> for those of you who have a macy's charge card, take a look at your bill. did you notice the $2 interest card even if you haven't made purchases? we investigated and here's what we found out. for as long as she can remembered she laz has enjoyed shopping at macy's until this summer. >> i went to macy's to shop and they declined my card. i went home and started making phone calls. >> heidi found out her credit limit had been lowered from
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1,500 to $100 and the card was declined because the purchase was more than $100. she took a closer look at her monthly statements showing a balance of $2. >> because the bill was paid off i was kind of questioning why i got a bill because i did not charge $2. >> she was being billed $2 a month for the last several months even though she didn't make any purchases. because she didn't pay the credit limit was lowered we looked online and found the macy's card which is run by the department store's national bank says if you're charged interest it will be no less than $2. it goes on to explain why you could get a billing statement with only an interest charge because of the way they calculate when interest begins. >> i paid the bill. what is the interest on is what i need to know. >> so is there a way to avoid
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if you see it in addition to the interest charges, subtract those two dollars. if you realize you've already paid it, contact macy's and ask for a e refund. >> what did they have to say about the fee? >> our consumer had questions, she wanted to find out what the interest is on. we asked macy's for a statement. it's 5:48 and we did not get the statement. >> a lot of useful information for macy's customers with the card. to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, be sure to send an e-mail to this lady. better get bequero or call us. some nastiness moving through the tristate. let's check in with jan e. >> one thing we've noticed are the temperatures. it's been rainy and nasty. the readings are in the 60s. it's mild across the area at this time. 60 across long isla . a few 50 degree temperatures sprinkled in there. we don't need heavy coats walking around. wind remain strong and coming
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out of the east. that's why we've been seeing minor coastal flooding in a few spots here and there. not expecting anything major. in the past 24 hours the rainfall totals have been the heaviest over new jersey from a rain. storm tracker shows the last batch that came through the city moving north now. still raining hevly in parts of the hudson valley. thunderstorms. all of this will clear out by midday tomorrow. a few drenching thunderstorms are possible across the area mainly after midnight is when you might hear a bit of thunder. tomorrow morning a few showers left over. then the warm breeze kicks in and the temperatures are into the 70s. you could end up with over three inches of rain in some spots by the time this is all over. friday is going to be beautiful. bright blue sky. temperatures right around 60. great fantastic weather for the
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the the marathon as well. temperatures in the 50s during e day on saturday. in the 60s during the day on sunday. we've got sunshine for both days. for tonight's low temperatures, well, they'll remain steady ere they are. low to mid 60s are a few 50s spri led in. gusty winds and a few scattered thunderstorms are possible over night. after a few showers in the morning across long island it dries out with the west wind in the afternoon. sun comes back out and the temperatures are near 70. the city will be in the 70s tomorrow late in the day. mainly mid to upper 60s to start out the day with lots of sun and a few flouds. jersey shore, 65.searound 70 by midday. a few lingering showers in the morning. there might be one or two in the afternoon. it's a mild day and drier than what we're seeing now. our seven-day forecast has a high of 74 for midtown.
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turn the clocks back one hour on saturday night. we get an extra hour of sleep. don't oversleep for the marathon if you're going to be there. temperatures in th 60s ring the afternoon. it's time for this week's wednesday's child. ambeis a compassionate girl who jumped at the opportunity to help people and animals. we took her to the animal care centers of new york where she was able to share her love with new furry friends. i love them and i want to le arn more about babies and animals. >> amber's personality really shines as she holds this little kitten in her arms. she's a natural when it comes to taking care of others. that's one of the reasons why she wants to be a nurse. >> she's always talking about it she wants to help hin some sort of way. >> amber loves school and is very athletic. >> i like them because i like playing basketball and football.
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>> amber is hoping to become a part of a big forever family with brothers, sisters and of course a pet. >> there's no one like her. and anybody who could be a part of her family would be lucky to have her. >> they could like, help you with anything that you need help with and like, if you h e a problem or anything. ey will love you and che sh you as long as you're with them. they will take good care of you. no matter what happens. >> we want to head back out to jamaica queens right now. you are watching live coverage. this is the end of the funeral service for now detective randolph holder. he was just posthumously promoted inside his funeral service by police commissioner william bratton. here is his casket being taken out of greater allen a.m.e.
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a two and a half hour long ceremony. >> let's take a moment and let this sink in. he's followed there by his
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randolph holder was 33 years old. shot and killed over a week ago. in pursuit of a suspect. commissioner bratton saissd today he offhred the best that the nypd could offer to his citizens. mayor de blasio said he w ll be missed. his family said he was a humble man. >> a lot of cameras clicking outside the great haallen a.m.e. church. as the nypd honor guard solemnly brings his casket to the hearse. from here, he will be taken to kennedy airport and then flown to his native guyana to be laid to rest. >> randolph holder came here about ten years ago from guyana. always wanted to be a police officer. he started as a security guard and eagerly took the exam for the nypd. spent the last five years
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working some of its toughest assignments. though it doesn't get a lot of attention. >> his father being consoled in the front surrounded by a lot of family. we heard from detective holder's fiancee as well speaking bravely with two women by her side talking about the meaning of being courageous and how the loss of her soon to be husband has taught her a great lesson in being courageous. one of them talked about how fiancee and detective holder had dreamed about building a life together less than a month away from moving into a new home and all of that broken apart by the senseless murder of detective
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day a day in which the mayor said has been a solemn day. detective holder's body will be flown to guyana. we'll have more for you on nbc new we want to move to our hurricane sandy coverage and three years ago, the hurricane made landfall in new jersey. many storm victims believe the garden state's recovery efforts are coming up short. >> news 4's ted greenburg takes us on a little bit of a journey to show us how all this time later neighbors are till helping neighbors. >> reporter: it' a dusty work in progress. >> great to see everyone working. >> reporter: but ed can see the finish line. three years after hurricane sandy swamped his family's house in seaside heights and a storm of red tape that followed. >> there are good people in this world. >> reporter: the st. bernard project the disaster recovery
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organization that assists low to moderate income families coordinated the construction by volunteers, including this group from farmers insurance to rebuild the home. >> it's an amazing experience to be part of all of this. to me, t means a lot to be able to help my community recover. >> reporter: a state where many ndy victims are still struggling struggling. a new survey released today shows that while new jersey's main recovery program is viewed more fav ably now compared to a year ago. a large majority of the hardest hit residents are still dissatisfied with the state's recovery efforts. >> it makes it difficult when you have to pay mortgage, rent, utility bills, it just become very hard and not enough mone >> reporter: ed and his family are currently living in an ap artment. he knows the dust will soon clear and hopes this year's thanksgiving dinner will finally
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be at home. ted greenburg news 4 new york. it's that kind of togetherness that off sets the reality here we are three years later and we still have ises. ne >>ighborhoods you still see it some p gress being made, >> good news. that will do it for us, we thank you for watching. stay here as the news continues at 6:00. storm team 4 is on the wind and rain and flooding making for a miserable commute. vulnerable targets. food card vendors are finding themselves victim of a crime wave. >> thousands brave the elements to honor a police officer. >> new york city pays homtooj a
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what a privilege to carry >> officer randolph holder remembered a, a son, brother, mentor and ultimately a hero by family, friends, and thousands of police officers from across the country. we're live in jamaica, queens where his funeral was held. >> reporter: i spoke with the holder family they said they can feel the support the city is giving them. we want to show you video from a few minutes ago when officer holder's body was brought out in front of thousands of officers. there's a huge number of support here from officers from around the country. the rain was not enough to keep people away. a big, big out pouring of support. it's been an emotional day. this service has brought family members and even the police commissioner to tears. a good bye to a fallen hero. officer randolph holder was remembered at greater allen
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a.m.e. church with thousands of
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