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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  October 29, 2015 12:00pm-12:29pm EDT

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details in a press conference right now. >> news 4's shelton doubts read the complaint and joins us now with what we know so far. sheldon? >> reporter: according to that 29-page indictment this pharmacy behind me is one of the two locations that allegedly sold oxycodone to people who had fake prescriptions or didn't have a prescription at all. we saw investigators from the dea and nypd here at the store on fresh pond avenue. they were walking out with boxes of evidence to their cars and taking off from there according to the indictment, the owner and operator of the pharmacy, a licensed pharmacist worked with her husband and another man to allegedly sell oxycodone by fraud lent means much last five years, the u.s. attorney's office says 500,000 tablets were sold for a street value,
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approximately $10 million. now, lillian is accused of making fake claims to medicare and being reimbursed for those claims. i talked to a woman who works here in the neighborhood, she had been to that pharmacy before and told me she is not surprised by this investigation. >> i work in the area, i very rarely see anybody in there. and i know the rents around here are exorbitant and i wondered how they stayed in business. now i know. >> reporter: prosecutors say the husband and wife used some of the money they made selling oxycodone to buy a $2 million home in greenwich, connecticut. right now, the u.s. attorney's office is outlining the details of all the charges against those three defendants and we expect to have much more information coming up later this afternoon at 5:00 right here on news 4. that is the latest live here in ridge wood, queens. i'm sheldon doubts, news 4, new york. a hempstead village police
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abusing a woman in front of her two young children. lewis ar sill low pleaded not guilty to charges in court this morning. he was offdoubt pi but had his police shield clipped to his waist when he followed the victim who her car and sexually assault nerd june. his lawyer says his client is being exploited by a district attorney running for re-election or election, i should say, in four days. changes on capitol hill at this noon, congressman paul ryan was just elected, speaker of the house. news 4's carrie barrett watched it all unfold. miami votes did he get? >> 236 votes, as you mentioned it is official, paul ryan now speaker of the house, although the role call continued. he had the votes that he needed by midmorning. now, former speaker of the house, john boehner, gave a nod to his weepy ways during his farewell address by holding up that box of tissues. he was given a standing ovation by not only republicans but democrats as well. meanwhile, representative cathy mcmorris rogers nominated ryan for speaker saying the house was eager for a fresh start and that
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there was no one better than ryan to lead them in that calling. ryan asked members to bork together to make the house functional once again and he asked if they put the concerns of working families front and center. >> but let's be frank. the house is broken. we are not solving problems, we are adding to them. and i am not interested in laying blame. we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. >> we also understand that ryan and boehner spoke in the ceremonial office in the capitol. neither of them would say what advice or words they shared. david? >> carrie barrett reporting in the newsroom, thank you, carry. the tristate marks an anniversary today of a super storm we would all like to forget but can't. three years ago, sandy roared onto our shore lines and showed little mercy. it is one of the worst natural disasters in city history and some people are still not back in their homes. in about an hour, mayor de blasio will talk about the
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city's recovery efforts at one of the hardest hit neighborhoods on staten island. more. >> reporter: you see this little street right here, maple terrace, it is about to get some major attention, as you said. mayor de blasio will be here at 1:00 this afternoon to talk about sandy recovery but also what else needs to be done. superstorm sandy left much of statin island devastated. three years later, many houses remain shells of their former selves, like this one, gutted, unusable. >> it has been pretty rough, the road recovery. >> reporter: this man survived sandy in many ways, he and his wife have their health and their home. the storm nearly destroyed their house on mapleton avenue. this is what it looked like one year after sandy hit. numerous charities help them rebuild. we were there. >> you guys are beautiful people. >> it has been holding up pretty good. yeah. very good. >> do you worry about another storm? >> yes.
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>> reporter: on the third anniversary of the destructive storm, breezy point in the rockaway section of queens continues to rebuild as well. a horrific fire burnt to the ground more than 100 homes. mayor de blasio visited the other day and credited the community with what it's done. >> we saw a lot of pain. we saw real devastation in breezy point and some other communities but also saw some of the very best of what people can do when they are up against adversity. >> reporter: at the home where the floors still look like new, the walls seem freshly painted, they are thankful for so much. and as we await mayor de blasio's arrival here, whether it's a family or business, they do believe a lot of improvements have been made. for example, raising homes, lifting them up, higher up off the ground, stabilizing buildings, making them stronger, but they do believe that more needs to be done getting this area back to 100%. reporting live, katherine creag, news 4, new york. >> all right, thank you. to new jersey now where
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and caused catastrophic flooding in a number of communities. today, governor christie will talk about the recovery efforts at several events, including a roundtable with sandy-impacted business owners. the man accused of killing an nypd officer is expected to appear this court soon to face drug charges. tyrone how board has already been indicted by a grand jury on murder charges for last week's shooting death of officer randolph holder. today, he is facing a judge on an unrelated prior drug charge. howard will be arraigned on the murder charge next month. holder's body has been flown back to his native guyana for burial. this follows his funeral in jamaica, queens, yesterday, where police commissioner bill bratton choked up as he promoted officer holder to detective posthumously. mayor de blasio spoke, offering his condolences to the holder family. police looking to surveillance video to help them find a drive here hit an off-duty police officer in queens. this happened last night around 9:30 at the intersection of 80th
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street and cooper avenue in the glendale section. police say that off-duty officer was just trying to cross the street when he was struck by an suv, which then sped off. neighbors say traffic at that intersection has been a problem for a while. >> it's dangerous, drivers get frustrated. they often speed around the corner. they often bolt the light. it is not safe for pedestrians, especially at the peak of the rushes and the early morning and evening rush. >> the off-duty officer was taken to a local hospital where he is recovering from a head injury. we are told he is expected to be okay. okay. down but definitely not out. the mets are back in home territory here in new york and hoping that home field advantage hole. w he hope some news 4's sports reporter, john chandler is at citi field where both teams are holding practices this afternoon. john? >> reporter: well, shiba and david, no way around it, these
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are is he is desperate times for the mets after losing the first two games of the world series in kansas city. hopefully, they come home and try and get some momentum going. now the royals will work out this afternoon at 2:00 and then the mets will take the field for a workout at 4:00. they arrived home, the mets did, early this morning, as the buses pulled into citi field. there's really no way around it for these players as you're arriving on that bus, you can't help but think about and replay the last two games in your mind that crushing 14-inning loss in game one, which looms even larger now after a listless performance in game two last night. they just flat out ran out of steam against a brilliant johnny quite toe. the mets' bats couldn't muster more than two hits against the royals and their dominant starter last night. and jacob degrom, well, terry collins coming into this world series had mentioned that he was worried about fatigue with degrom and we saw it as he got into the fifth inning last
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runs to the royals, who run away with it, 7-1, take a two games lead on the met. the question for the amazings, they get back to city field, can they get some home cooking going and put together a win streak? >> you know, we just got to concentrate on one at a time and it will be nice to get to our part, you know, our house, you know, sure the fans are going to be going crazy and utilize that home field advantage, 'cause we have done it all year. >> get back and situate and when we step on the field at friday, one pitch, one at-bat, one game at a time and we got to roll from there. >> reporter: so the reality is the mets now have to win four of five in order to win this world series. the odds are long. let's talk about those odds. 41 of the last 51 teams that won't first two games in the world series went on to bin the world series. but in 1996, the yankees lost the first two and won it all and in 1986, the mets lost the first two and, of course, the last time the mets won the world series was 1986. so, just some positive vibesize
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send it back to you guys. we will be here all afternoon long for the workout and have some stories for ought 5 and 6 and later at 11:00 on that >> all we need to know, john. it has been done before. so, let's not give up hope. >> you can do it. >> thanks, john. coming up here on news 4, new york at noon, chinese lensaders abolish the decades' old one-child policy but that doesn't mean parents are free to have big families. the loophole in the landmark vote. and the gloves did come off during the gop debate. and a democratic front-runner managed to get a few shots in as well. we have all that next. our last few showers are moving through the tristate right now, drier weather and also cooler weather arriving just in time for the weekend. we will talk about it in your
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mare de blasio expected to launch his 2017 re-election campaign tonight but not expected to be a quiet affair outside. a number of groups are planning to protest outside the event at the sheraton hotel. they claim mayor deblass joe "a fake progressive who is helg out the -- who is helping out the city." cnbc's debate covered tax reform, medicare, social security. the consensus today seems to be that it was a strong night for some of the candidates not at the top of the polls. jeb bush and marco rubio got into it over rubio's missed
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senate votes. work. i mean, literally, the senate, workweek? >> someone has convinced you that attacking me is gonna help you. >> surprisingly, there were no trump attacks on ben carson coming off trump's slip to second in the polls. the next gop faceoff takes place weeks. shiba, among those watching the debate, hillary clinton, texting from new hampshire. she started with this message, seems to me, ten candidates zero ideas, took aim at the new republican front-runner saying, in part, for a surgeon, ben carson has a pretty poor diagnosis. today's money report, a milestone for the world wide web. >> cnbc's bill griffeth joins wuss a look at that and how the markets are doing. bill? >> hey, guys, how are you doing, happy thursday a down day right now, but that could change. a lot of earnings still coming out. this follies yesterday 200-point ral employer the dow, down 63
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points now we learned this morning that the economy grew by an athemmic 1 1/2% in the third quarter, that was below even lowered expectation, and there's a bank merger in our area here to tell you about wall street is not impressed. new york community bank is buying astoria bank. they are based in new york city. and in long island. the deal is worth about $2 billion. essentially, astoria bank will become a subsidiary of new york community bank. they have about 300 branches around the area. but right now, new york community bank is down 9% on this announced deal. astoria is down 8%. not sure what the problem is. but wall street is not impressed by what they are seeing. so the next time you log on today, be sure to wish the internet a happy 46th birthday, this date back in 1969 that researchers at ucla and stanford were able to connect two computers remotely for the first time. thus creating what was initially
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called the arpanet which you know for years was used mainly by the military. think about the impact it has had on our lives and business especially. by one estimate, roughly $1.5 million in transactions occur in the interset it every 30 seconds. i mean it has been transformational technology in communications, in business, in tech -- in entertainment. think about what our lives would be like if there was no internet today. think about 1969 when it was first conceived by those researchers back in the day. >> 46 years ago. a lot of us weren't -- some of us. of the internet right now, he was 5 years old. >> there you go. bill, thank you. >> see you tomorrow. all right, erica, go. boy, it is beautiful. >> it is really nice outside. it is a little bit breezy, now that return of the sunshine, just a couple of sprinkles still showing up. i will show them to you in just a moment right now, taking a
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rock cam and we can see some sunshine reflecting off of those buildings, it is 71 degrees right now, can you believe it under a partly sunny sky, here is a look at those weather headlines, it is going to be a little breezy this afternoon. showers still possible, see them in the hudson valley in a moment. breezy and cooler tonight and then the weekend is looking good. of course that is good for halloween plans and also good for the marathon. right now, 72 in middle village, 73 in florham park. these temperatures just unreal. you can see where the cold front is starting to move through and the showers have already moved through, it is 61 in sussex, compare that to 73 degrees in morristown. the winds are picking up with that band of showers, 32 miles per hour, peak wind gust now, 26 miles per hour in dan burry. here are the showers, they are moving at about 40 miles per hour. not going to be with you long in places like poughkeepsie, entering duchess and also orange county, you will
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ulster county seeing the showers, nothing coming behind it, women clear out the showers that are in the great lakes states are not going to impact us. so, for today, a very warm afternoon by late october standards a high of 75 degrees a chance for another sprinkle or shower, but that's it. we are going to see breezy and drier weather moving in overnight tonight. and is going to get chillier, a low of 47 degrees, mostly clear, breezy and cooler. tomorrow is going to be a breezy day as well, but pretty comfortable for this time of year. this is seasonable, 60 degrees a good amount of sunshine. as we head into the weekend, milder weather arrives, but there is another weak frontal boundary. it could produce a quick sprinkle on sunday itself, but after the marathon is over, that's the only chance for a shower that we have on sunday. and it's a very minimal chance. monday, much better chance for showers. temperatures in the mid-60s though on both sunday and monday, then tuesday, we return to the dry weather and it's going to get mild again, upper 60s by wednesday, 70 degrees for
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your high temperature on thursday. david and shiba, back to you. >> all right, erica, thank you. "new york live" is next at 12:30. >> here are sara and jack que with what's ahead. >> ellen's producer went into a haunted house with eric stonestreet. looking for a scare of your own this halloween, going on a tour of a few local places said to be haunted for real, real real ghosts. >> looks like a spooky bed. >> puppies here in costumes. don't want to miss that cuteness at 12:30. both of us gave a double take at your dress. what is -- what animal is that on your dress? >> i think it's a toucan. >> good guess. >> yeah, all right. we are going with that. >> something different. >> yes. yes. >> we like it. we like t all right. thank you. still ahead here on news 4, new york at noon, it is twice as big as the biggest whale and it
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was missing, floating free for hours. up next, the investigation into exactly how this military surveillance balloon broke
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new at noon, a major policy change in china after decades limiting the couples to only have one child, the country will allow them to have two china's ruling communist party announced it is abolishing the party in place since 1980. and that restriction was introduced as way to curb the population growth, but now, 10% of the population is older than 65. u.s. military officials are still trying to figure out how
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broke free and floated 100 miles away. the pictures and video were all over social media yesterday. this 243-foot-long helium balloon float aid way from an army facility in aberdeen, maryland, yesterday, dragged a cable, tore down utility poles, of customers. it eventually went down in pennsylvania. the military team is now broke into two pieces. >> someone has some explaining >> they do.
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just three days away from the tcs new york city marathon. everywhere. a little over an hour ago as well, the blue line that trace the marathon route was painted in central park to mark the finish and over on the west side, the marathon health and wellness expo just kicked off, where registered runners can pick up their race bids and get tips much the expo is open for the public. seeing a lot of lines out there >> yeah. uber is playing matchmaker for the day, the ride-hailing app service offering to bring a carful of kit to your workplace in brooklyn and manhattan. customers will spend 15 minutes with the uber consists and opportunity to adopt one of them there is a $30 snuggle fee but uber says that money is just going to support the pet adoption and welfare group. >> those faces are delicious. >> who could resist?
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>> be here with the "new york live" folks as well. tonight on news 4 at new york at 5:00, a major recall for something meant to keep your family safe. >> we will continue to cover the anniversary of superstorm sandy and the recovery efforts.
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