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tv   Today in New York  NBC  October 30, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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flames, a passing driver risking his own life overnight. and a bus on the subway, police approach a man who was taking up two seats only to discover something they were not expecting. "today in new york" starts now. it's friday, october 30 and i'm darlene rodriguez. >> and i'm michael gargiulo. chris, a little bit back to reality this morning? >> temperatures bag down s s back s s s low 50s. he won't see 70s like we saw yesterday. low and mid 50s around the city. 40s in the nearby suburbs. 40. newburgh 45. day planner, plan on it being a nice day in terms of nice good deal of sunshine. maybe a few clouds mixing in. we'll be in the 50s climbing to near 60 by noon and then
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in the day. now check on a friday morning commute. friday morning, no accidents on the roads right now. we do have road work out there. delays on the cross-bronx expressway headed west by the bronx river parkway. and we had a road surface collapse, so route 202 is closed down in both directions from ram pa poe road and the state line. so this is certainly a spot the to avoid this morning. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. new this morning, some dramatic video, this is a fiery crash in westchester county, flames engulfing this vehicle on yonkers avenue this is early this morning. a good samaritan, though, managed to pull the unconscious driver out of the wreckage just before it burst into flames. a passenger in the vehicle was able to get out on their own. both victims are injured but will survive.
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believe no matter what the team returns home tonight for game three, winless so far in the world series. they turn to the 23-year-old pitcher that mets fans call thor. katherine creag has a preview. >> reporter: and you're about to hear from thor in a moment. we like to move around the grounds here at citifield. we're right by grand central parkway and this is the sign that drivers passing by and also on the side streets see. national league championship, it takes take mass transit right now, but it changes. but the world series sign big and bright this morning and a lot of fans hoping that the mets can do it. the game three starters for both teams, they worked out yesterday afternoon. did some throwing, syndergaard for the met and eventually you will see ventura for the royals. the mets are trying to forget the game two loss to kansas city, a 7-1 loss wednesday night. the mets hope that being home
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they hope to get a boost from the home crowd. take a listen. >> coming back home is a big thing for us. the greatest fans in baseball. i feel like part of the reason our team has had so much success is being able to come together as a team and win some ball games. >> reporter: and we heard it from other players, too, that there is just a different vibe, a different spirit when you're here at home here at citifield here in queens. and coming up, you'll hear from terry collins talking about just how the offense has to improve, hitting has to get better. back to you. >> thank you so much. governor cuomo canceling plans to sell mets world series tickets as a fundraiser. cuomo was offering up seats for 3 and 4 for $5500 a piece. critics said the governor was exploiting the games to target wealthy donors. a spokesman said the fundraiser
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was nixed to make more tickets available for fans. the senate has approved a budget deal that prevents a national default. the deal did pass after 3:00 a.m. the vote was 64-35. it had the support of all democrats and 18 republicans. presidential candidates ted cruz, rand paul, marco rubio, they all left the campaign trail to be there and they all voted against the spending plan. the bill sets government funding levels for two years. it suspends the nation's debt ceiling. it now goes on to president obama for his approval. mayor deplaz blasio, 48% of voters say he doesn't deserve another term. just 42% say that he does. the poll suggests that many voters disagree with the mayor's handling of the schools and the city's budget. 45% of voters approve of the job the mayor is doing.
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time for weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, it is the pre-halloween, pre-mets game forecast. so much on the line. >> but it's pre-dawn, too, and it is a little bit cooler out there this morning. temperatures are generally starting out in the 40s and 50s. so a chillier morning breeze indeed you will notice that throughout. and that will be the case even throughout the day. sunshine mixes with just a few clouds, so it's a fairly sunny day with near normal high temperatures. it does turn chilly as we head into tonight. so right now in the city, at 54. a bit brisk with the wind out of the northwest at 15 and 25 miles an hour. 357 bri by noon, 57. topping out near 60 today. now an early check on the commute. no big problems. let's talk about mass transit. we have 12 bus detours between manhattan and the bronx.
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4, a, e, f, n and r lines expected. so far so good for your major commuter lines and you do need to move your car today. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. so we do have a commuter alert thousand. if you're planning to drive in the city this weekend, may want to rethink your plans. sheldon dutes is in times square with events that could cause gridlock. sheldon, we should say events that could cause more gridlock because times square is grid locked already. >> reporter: exactly. even on a good day. but still even with all of the scheduled maintenance work that normally happens on the weekend, using the subway will still be your best bet for getting around through all of the weekend's big events. and the mta is it actually running super express 7 trains to help mets fans get home after the game tonight. they will be making a few stops in queens and then all of the stops in manhattan including right here in times square.
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and aside from the world series, e village halloween parade will be the other one of the big draws this weekend. as a result, you can expect road detours in the areas south of 14th street. because that is where tens of thousands of people are expected to line up for the parade to watch that go north on 6th avenue. but the mta says they plan to have extra trains along 6th, 7th avenue and 14th street if needed to help oat with the parade. and road closures continue on sunday and that is for the new york city marathon. the mta has made a customized subway map to help people get around throughout the marathon on sunday. as for keeping everyone safe, the nypd says they are brainstorming and preparing for every possible disaster scenario. >> in the post-boston marathon bombing world, we always looked at this event as a complicated event for traffic, for crowds
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a counterterrorism overlay. >> reporter: so far the nypd says there have not been any specific threats related to the marathon. michael, we want to tell all of our viewer has they can find out about some of these road closure closures, the detours and subway service changes on our website >> good luck to us all this weekend. thanks so much. new this morning, an arrest in a story we told you about yesterday. police tracked down the driver they say hit an off duty nypd officer. it happened wednesday night in middle village queens. moya is charged with leaving the scene of the accident with injury. she ran a red light and hit the officer while he crossed the street. the officer is in serious condition. well, after eluding police for nearly a year, the man who allegedly stabbed a grandmother to death is now behind bashes. transit police spotted gregory white taking up two seats on the a train at columbus circle yesterday.
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they discovered that he was a suspect in the murder of 58-year-old victoria hammond. she was found in her apartment more than two dozen stab wounds back in january. her family is relieved the alleged killer was caught. >> a little bit of closure. every day i was waking up wondering why so many would kill my mother. >> police say white admitted to murdering hammond, but he claims it was in self-defense. and right now police are trying to find the bikers in these photos. they say one of then opened fire injuring a man in front of his harlem home. the bullet grazed the victim's head. he's recovering in the hospital. the two men arriving on a single dirt bike in the image on the left. if you recognize them, give police a call. a new jersey police officer accused in a deadly wrong way crash on staten island is offering an unusual defense.
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someone may have drugged his client while he partied at a strip club before the accident. prosecutors say abad was drunk when he drove on the west shore expressway and slammed head-on into a tractor trailer. two friends died in that crash. it was black in march. abad's lawyer is hoping to get a blood sample tested for the date rape drug known as ghb. on long island, a hempstead village police officer has been arrested for misconduct, sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child. 49-year-old lewis arcillo accused of grabbing a woman's breast and thigh in front of her children. it happened in june. he's pledded not guilty. he's due back in court on november 13th. police continue to search for connecticut couple who vanished nearly three months ago. last night state police were in weston looking for evidence along north field road. investigators are still hoping to find clues in jeffrey and jeanette's disappearance. their 27-year-old son kyle is a
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he is currently in custody on federal gurp n charges. today row than polanski could appear in court in poland .they are deciding on a u.s. xa extradition request in a 1977 sex abuse case. it's part of a plea bargain, but he fled the country fearing a longer prison sentence. just ahead, a close call with a drone at jfk airport. hear what the pilots say happened. and then a dramatic scene on the runway. what witnesses tell us they saw just moments before the flames. plus a local man says his home was torn down while he was away having surgery. why the town says it did nothing wrong. and chris will tell us if the weekend forecast will be a trig or treat. and chris will be dressed as a vampire. your weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up.
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it's 4:44. here are 4 things to know. tonight mets try to get their first win of the world series. noah syndergaard takes the mound. an early morning vote on capitol hill, the senate approving a budget deal. now it goes to the president. and an important recall to pass along. epi pens recalled because some dosage. more information is on our website, and triple crown winner american pharoah will run one final race, breeder's cup classic in the blue grass state.
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beginning at 4:00. is defeated the last time narrowly. so like to see him end his career with a win. a lot money there stud fees, so i think he will still be okay. >> can you still drink mint juleps in kentucky at this race. >> i don't know that there is a law against it. but the track that they have it at is a beautiful track. and a beautiful time of year to be in kentucky. i lived there for two years. it was a wonderful experience. >> fall is beautiful. i was in cincinnati just to the north. for us, the weather has taken a turn to nice crisp autumn type weather. and here we have the backdrop citifield, hopefully the mets enjoy a little home field advantage. they have one of the best home field records in baseball this season, so hopefully that trend continues now into the world series. 54 and clear right now in town, everybody is enjoying clear sky. weather headlines featuring a good deal of sunshine but it's
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mostly treat for halloween, again seasonable temperatures. no rain to worry about. a mild marathon. could be a spot shower towards the tail end, that would be the worst case scenario. but not bad. so near normal today. on the cool side, 59 is the normal high. we're forecasting a high of 60. so we're pretty much right on the nose. 52 in in chelsea, 52 in city island. so pretty uniform temperatures in the five boroughs. outside of town, upper 40s to a few mid-40s and way to the north and west, success sex, monticello, a few 40s. high clouds towards the south. a patch or two to the north and west. so we're in between right now and we will start out bright and sunny. we may mix in a few clouds at times today, but for the most part, sunshine will take the rule of the sky. future tracker shows that. we see a few clouds and then they dissipate into the afternoon hours.
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game time should be nice and clear. tomorrow starts out bright and sunny. a few clouds later in the afternoon. they will thicken up tomorrow night. but notice no rain. this is saturday night 7:00, we go towards marathon sunday and again moving forward in time, we'll get lots of clouds. a couple sprinkles to the north and west. better chance for any type of showers probably holding off until later on sunday night. you can see that is 11:00 and chance for showers overnight into monday morning. but in the meantime for today, we'll see temperatures that are more seasonable, up around 60. rye brooke 56. northwest winds still busy. tonight it cools off this into the 40s in the city. low 40s, a lot of 30s in the outlying suburbs. 37 in scarsdale. 29 up in liberty. all under a clear sky. should be about 52 degrees first pitch temperature at citifield. 55 tomorrow, sun followed by clouds. on the cloudy side milder
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marathon sunday, 63. remember clocks go back one hour sunday morning. monday some clouds and sun. 64. 70 again by wednesday of next week. and that is november by then. >> wow. >> crazy talk. >> i love it. i'll take crazy talk. we always have crazy talk when it comes to the roads. plenty of road work out there jamming things up at the george washington bridge. we'll start with a live look where you'll see pretty heavy delays in the upper level tolls. it looks like they're holding traffic as they clear construction. in the meantime, you'll want to head to the lower level or lincoln or holland tunnel. new york state thruway, we have an accident in the construction area. so southbound in the left lane. and then between the tappan zee bridge span and palisades parkway, lanes block fld both corrections. 202 still shut down between ramapo road and new jersey state line. this is because of a road collapse.
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parking rules are in effect. 4:48. a long islands man suing the town of hempstead after discovering his home was demolished while he was away. phil williams lived in the home until last december. when he left for surgery in florida. when he returned this summer, his allows on garden city boulevard was gone. city officials say it was in danger of collapsing. they used a local law called chapter 90 to tear it down. >> it need some had repair. i won't dance around that. it was certainly not in the shape where it was dangerous. some of my father's jewelry, wedding rings, things like that. and it's all gone. >> williams says a lifetime of memories and possessions were destroyed. the city claims they notified williams of the did demolition. mayor de blasio expected to sign a bill that would speed up emergency elevator repairs across new york city. it comes after constant complaints from residents at a building in the bronx.
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they say their elevator has been broken for at least fich ve months. elderly and people with disabilities are forced to climb the steps to get to their apartments. >> not if. not good. i have to depend on people to help me take stuff upstairs. >> the building's manager says they already hired two companies to fix the elevator. neither of them were able to finish the job. so that's what the people are doing. there has been another close call with a drone how at kennedy airport. >> we just had a drone report, 300 feet above zalpa, which is the final approach course for 22 left, just off to your left side, 2 miles. 300 feet drone reported. >> the faa says a crew of british airways flight spotted it last evening. the boeing jumbo yesterday land safely. this is the 40th drone sighting
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near kennedy in the last year. so many talking about this scene on the runway in ft. lauderdale. an airplane engine burst into flames just before the plane took off. there were 101 passengers and crew on board, the delight headed from florida to sven way are a yesterday. they were forced to use the inflatable chutes to get out of the plane. witnessing reported seeing fuel leaking from an engine. >> i heard like a bump and i heard people screaming, running to the front. i'm like, oh, what's happening. so i turn around and look in the window and it's like flames all over the turbine of the plane. >> at least two dozen people were hurt trying to get off the plane. one man fell, hit his head on the runway as he ran from the fire. state police in pennsylvania used shotguns to deflate a wayward military surveillance blimp.
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the 240-foot helium filled blimp broke loose from its moring and floated down into trees in the pennsylvania countryside. it took down power lines causing thousand thousands of electrical outages. investigators are trying to figure out how it broke loose. no one was injured. all right. 4:52. still to come, it looks like part of the fancy halloween costume, but this is anything with but that. we'll tell you what it really is. it's a life changer to one little boy. and do you recognize it is this why this 12-year-old suv is expected to sell for a lot of money.
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mayor de blasio is once again hosting a halloween party at gracie mansion. this weekend's event will include a magic show, story telling and face painting on the front lawn. you need a ticket to attend.
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all were given away earlier this week. no word yet on whether the mayor and his wife will be in costume again this year. last year they dressed as greek gods. we shall see. i would guess that they probably will get into the spirit. if you're hosting a party. >> he may have lost the six pack, though. it was a rough winter. all of us did. but actually halloween looks comfortable. for today we're noticing the change to cooler weather, but it's a little breezy out there throughout the day. just seeing gusts of 20, 25 miles per hour at times. but sunshine just a few clouds up around 60 degrees which is close to where it should a be. and then tonight chillier night, 43 in the city, a lot of 30s in the suburbs. quiet weekend. it getting milder by marathon sunday, but for the most part, maybe a sprinkle around late sunday, but that would be about
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it. >> lauren. >> no major problems out there. we still have changes to the subways for those of that you ride them. overnight 4, a, empty, f , f, n, r, still some changes. still moving up through industrial city. we have the unusual construction on the bqe and brooklyn bridge, but it's still early. no major delays yet. new york state police want to remind you they will be out in force this hal oliday weekend to catch any suspect drunk drivers. president obama approved a bill that gives railroads more time to put a safety feature in place that some say is already long overdue. experts say the automated braking system called positive train control could have prevented the deadly metro derailment in the bronx two years ago. nation's railroads had until this year to i believe stall the system, but this bill extends
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the deadline by three more years. in westchester county, a community college basketball coach is charged with forging grades for eight former athletes. prosecutors say he faked courses students never took, gave them grades they never earned, all to get them into universities across the country. most of those students have been expelled. westchester community college has canceled both the men's and women's basketball seasons because of this investigation. in new jersey, you will soon have to be 21 to buy cigarettes in paterson. the new rule takes effect next month. it covers tobacco, electronic cigarettes and other smoking products. businesses will be fined a minimum of $250 if they're caught selling cigarettes to anyone under 21. new star wars film that is just around the corner, but now fans have something else to be excited about. chicago city council approved plans for a new star are wars museum.
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soldier field home of the chicago bears. george lucas received zoning approval for this museum. he's promising bears fans they will have more parking lots for the home games. but they have to change the name of the bears to the wookies. so he prano fans can now cruise around in his suv. the escalade that tony soprano trove is on the auction block. the late star signed the truck in two places. bids will open at $5,000. a similar model also used in the show sold at an auction in 2008 for nearly $50,000. >> that's gone already. >> i was a huge fan of the show. and a that was the opening montage where he pulls finally into his own driveway in that white escalade. a determined 10-year-old boy in delaware has a new hand and it's thanks to his local
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amazingly a 3d printer. >> collin was born with with shorter fingers. but after seeing printing demo, he and his mom decided to make a 3d hand. collin spent with 12 hours at the library molding 24 parts to create a robo hand. >> i can pick up a few bottles, attach a lego. i'll still be a righty. you can't really change that. but, yeah, eventually i'll be able to work with them pretty much equally. >> a great kid. collin got the directions from a company called enable which helps children create and design their open mechanical hands. incredible program. what a smart boy to be able to take the initiative and do that for yourself. >> fantastic. coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new
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