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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  October 30, 2015 5:00pm-5:28pm EDT

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>> reporter: you know what? the fans are nervous. the players are not. but let's face it, it's put up or shut up tonight for the mets who trail the unflappable kansas city royals two games to none in the fall classic. down but not out. that's the only motto the mets can lean on right now. and why not. this is a team that has thrived on adversity all season long. hey, it can be done. remember, they won four straight games against the cubs in the nlcs. what about the last time the amazings won the world series, 198 f. they rallied back there from a two-game hole to beat the red sox in seven games. >> we're not going to give up obviously. we're going to continue to battle. teams have been down 0-2 before' come back. >> we've been in tough holes before. we're used to it and used to
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playing with adversity like a lot of big legal clubs. i thought michael put it good yesterday when he said, you got to win four anyway. you can start now. >> for a much needed win tonight, the mets turn to noah syndergaard, the man known as thor is usually clocked around 100 miles per hour and he has 20 strikeouts in 13 innings this post season. last hope. >> same game, just a little louder, little bit different atmosphere. travis is still sitting 60 feet 6 inches away. still have to execute every single pitch. >> reporter: billy joel will sing the national anthem. this place, citi field, should be electric tonight for the mets home world series game in 15 years. chuck and sibila, hope springs eternal.
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but you know what in the fans hopes the mets offense springs into action tonight. they need to get something going. >> that they do. thanks a lot. you the imagine all of the excitement at citi field. john chandler is the at the stadium with the fans. >> reporter: well, as bruce said, this is the first game at citi field, the 192nd world series game ever played here in new york and the 14th hosted by the mets. a word to the rise, to the kansas city royals and everyone inside tonight. it might get loud. >> let's go mets! let's go mets! >> mets fans have a world series game to attend and a job to do. rat tl royals. and we'll be loud. we're be extra loud. they will forever hear us. >> it's going to be intimidating. i wouldn't want to be out there. >> that's the easy part. i can get loud.
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getting in might be the hard part for art and his father who grew up in astoria but moved the family to dallas year ago. they got in line at 10:00 a.m. this morning. >> never been to a game. this may be my first game ever. >> we're taking this game, one at a time. >> the mets are in a 2-0 hold but you'd never know it with these fans. >> this is exactly what happened in 1986. the same scores and everything. so i'm not worried at all. >> think it's a good omen? >> yeah, we got great pitching, great spirit, great players, team, camaraderie. we're all set. >> this is probably the best day of my life, other than the day my daughter was born. >> reporter: he had to think about that for a second. i can tell you, that gentleman did get his daughter come mets gear. he's at least going to talk that back to dallas. he hopes he'll take back an experience seeing a mets win in game three tonight. who knows.
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got to give the mets some life in this world series. live outside of citi field, john chandler, news4 new york. >> show us your mets pride. we have a fan photo gallery on and the team has had to deal with rain out in kansas city. what's the weather going to be like tonight. janice huff is here with the baseball forecast >> well you won't need umbrellas here tonight but you'll need layers and heavy jackets. temperatures across the area were cooler. no record highs today, no 70s. pretty close to average under sunny skies and the skies will remain clear tonight. right now it's in the 50s across queens and brooklyn and the bronx and the city. 60 degrees in staten island. most of the area temperatures are in the mid 50s to around 60 degrees. this is close to average. 40s to the north and west. tonight as the first pitch comes
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it's a little breezy out there. and the temperatures will drop a degree or so through the evening and the game. by the end of the game. probably around 50, close to the upper 40s. you're going have to bundle up if you're at citi field. there's a lot more going on this weekend. i'll have the forecast for that later this weekend. yes, if you're trying to get anywhere in new york city, remember this is the weekend of the mets, monitors and marathoners. that means one thing, a lot of traffic, a lot of street closings and a lot of people trying to get around. your best bet is to use mass transit and the mta says it's ready. for the greenwich village parade tomorrow night, people should use the 14 street station. extra trains running on the 1, 2, 3, d, f, and l lines. for the early birds for the start of the marathon on sunday,
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use the 4 or 5 to bowling green or take the n or r to the white hall street south ferry station. i know that's a lot to remember. don't worry. we've got this posted on the street closings and the subway alerts everything you need to know on nbc new also find the info on our nbc 4 new york app. news4 investigates has been digging for information on this deadly scene all day. a building collapse in midtown. one person is dead, another had to be rescued. and we're uncovering details about concern raised by contractors at the site just yesterday. news 4's andrew siff is at the west on west 38th street with >>. >> reporter: this is where the today. going on for weeks. you may be wondering did the
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the answer is yes. ju yesterday the contract engineer said we need to stop this work until there are reinforcements. the ambulance with the wounded worker inside, raced from the scene to bellevue, three hours after he had been trapped under pounds and pounds of collapsing debris. >> it was a v-shape collapse. the person that was trapped was trapped at the very point of that v, which made it vsh difficult for the members of the fire department, police department to free them without releasing all of the material that was precariously hanging above them. >> reporter: 19 construction workers were inside 25 west 38th street just after 10:00 this morning. 4 investigates has learned one day earlier this demolition engineer said the job wasn't safe. >> the contractor's engineer was out yesterday and requested that they stop the job until they get additional shoring.
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and we don't know for sure if that was what was happening today. >> reporter: whatever was happening, the collapse killed one worker and seriously injured the second. >> we're heart broken right now. we feel terrible for the people and their families. >> reporter: the scene grabbed the attention of hundreds who work on this busting commercial block. some tweeted their pictures while others watch i.d. unfold from office windows. >> it's like burning concrete and metal smell and that's what's going on right now. >> reporter: as for the man who was rescued, firefighters worked side by side with police lifting the crushing weight after he had been buried up to his chest. >> basically we were just trying to get an irj or two at a time, just enough to bring it up so we could get him out. >> a feeling of elation and then the rest of us want to get out without being stuck in the collapse as well. >> reporter: back live now at the scene. a key question as indicate bid the buildings commissioner is did the workers heed the order
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yesterday to stop work before reinforcements were made or were they making the reinforcements today and that's when the accident happened. as for the injured worker, you could see from the police and firefighters who worked so hard, they were covered in dust themselves. the worker is in serious by stable condition at this hour at bellevue. life in midtown, andrew siff news4 new york. some us troops are now going to be sent to syria. the white house says several dozen will go to train kurdish fighters to help the war against isis. jonathan dienst is here with what the white house calls a strategy. >> there will now be u.s. boots on the ground in syria, several dozen special operation troops will be sent in. said there could be no american soldiers on the ground there. their role will be to provide training and equipment to mostly kurdish fighters but they'll be near the front lines with isis and they have the green light to act if necessary.
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made is to send fewer than 50 troops to syria to offer training and advice. >> along with the ongoing civil war and the huge flow of refugees, the white house says change was needed. in addition to syria, more u.s. troops will be helping inside iraq. just last month american forces teamed up with kurdish rebel to rescue 70 prisoners there. more use of air power is also expected but some experts say to weaken isis and press for regime change in syria, more will likely be needed. >> in my experience it takes a lot more than they're talking about and it's going to take a lot more time to do these kinds of thing. >> some republicans can't to say that the white house has been too slow to face isis. >> isil is not going to be intimidated by this move. >> in vieian that, iran joined talks with u.s. and russia.
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elections must be administered under u.s. supervision. >> four years of civil war has left more than 250,000 people dead and half the population has been forced from their homes. the white house says sending advisers to syria is not a mission. there are still no plans to have u.s. combat operations under way on the ground inside syria. chuck, so beale ibila? >> thank you. a pastor found dead in niz new jersey church. the outpouring of support tonight for a man who used his trouble past to uplift others. a report left a lot of you can questions. processed meat causes cancer. tonight the warning clarified. up at 5:30, we're following new developments in the discovery of human remains in connecticut. the case that authorities are
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a man known as the urban pope was found dead today in his church rnls tonight parishioners
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reverend ron christian. news4's brian thompson is in irvington with the story. >> reporter: yeah, foul play is not suspected here. reverend christian, according to sources was found dead in an office area of his church early this morning. but regardless of how he died, the loss is certainly real. 15 years the reverend ron christian had been the dynamic leader of a church that started with a dozen or so and now counts some 6,000 members. many of them came to their tears. a community in grief over a hero >> i want to preach to some people that you might not look like you know god. but if anybody spends time with you, they would know that he a walks with you and he talks with you. >> it's a major blow. pope. >> the urban pope.
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drug addiction and prison. something this man identifies with himself having served 25 years for robbery with a bb gun >> people always tend to focus on that. >> reverend christian never hid his past. but became the sort of pastor who touched everyone he met, including shontaye mack gee who his church. >> he calls my son the little preacher. >> christian showed up everywhere, knew anyone and ministered to everyone. >> all sinners are welcome and he meant what he wrote. >> if you were in a trench, he was in a trench with you. >> reverend jacqueline robinson had breakfast with him yesterday.
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the owner, happy, he looks around around, see me, we hugged. >> reporter: and an autopsy is being performed. however it will include toxicology testing that could take week to finalize reverend christian's cause of death. again, however, foul play is not suspected in his death. and i was told just seconds before we went on the air here that funeral arrangements are still incomplete. live in irvington, i'm brian thompson, news4 new york. we have new information tonight about that plane fire at the airport of ft. lauderdale. the national transportation safety board says the voice and data recorders are being flown to washington. 23 people were injured yesterday during the evacuation from the flight. it caught fire on a taxi way venezuela. at a news conference this afternoon, an ntsb investigator
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told reporter what is he saw during his initial examination of the plane. >> the left engine is fire damaged, the left wing is fire damaged. one interesting thing is that going inside the cabin, you can't tell there was a fire inside. >> he also said this plane does have a fire suppression system. but it's not automatic. he told reporters it needs to be activated by the pilot. and the faa says the plane has no record of previous incidents or accidents. well we want to show you some video that has a lot of parents upset. it shows an iowa school bus driver assaulting a special needs child in front of dozens of his classmates. police say that the video shot by another student shows 61-year-old robert scarborough attacking a 15-year-old boy. that child apparently taunted the driver and refused to sit in his seat. several students hopped off the
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>> he just grabbed him jacket and threw him on the ground like that. like he was worthless. >> no one that works with special needs kids should ever treat a kid like that. >> it made me sick. >> scarborough is charged with child endangerment and assault. he's being placed on administrative leave from his job with the school district. a new world report linking processed meatser cancer got people upset. the organization is saying ith's not asking people to stop eating processed meat. next year the organization is going the take another look at the role of meats in a healthy diet. let's talk about the weather. it's a little brisk out there but it was nice. the sun is out. >> the sun was out today and the temperatures are going to be comfortable this weekend. a far cry from yesterday. 70s. the temperature dropped ten degrees today and we expected
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the temperatures in the low 60s this afternoon is still slightly above average. no rain to get in the way of your outdoor plans. back to fall temperatures. the weather is more of a treat than a trick. it's going to be nice across the area as it has been today. 50s from newark to jfk, up towards knew burg, islip near 60, 59 degrees in long branch. some 40s in the north and west over the catskills. winds are brisk, gusting up to 20 miles an hour. but not nearly as strong as what we've seen over the past few days. the winds have relaxed. clear skies and it stays that way for the rest of tonight. we're tracking heavy thunderstorms, water rescues in parts of texas. they've had flooding rains here and even some severe weather. part of the storm system will reach us later next week, into monday.
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temperatures in the mid 50s, 6:00, around 53 degrees, calm and cool. 40s overnight. for the marathon, around 8:00 in the morning, it starts out in the low 50s and by noon in the low 60s. the elite runners will be done by them i'm sure before it warms up. a 64 degree high is pretty warm for the runners. so we go into monday we'll see the rain coming in but it's mainly south of the city and fair skies for the rest of next weekend it warms up again. still ahead, an encounter you do not want to have. >> no. it starts with a phone call and an offer for a pretty nice deal. but it doesn't end the way you think. we have exclusive video to prove it, next. and coming up at 6:00, a long island college student accused after fatally injecting his girlfriend with heroin. >> immediately she could not breathe. >> now news4 investigates the
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well we have an offer that you do not want to accept. it starts with a phone call then ends with you getting ripped off. >> you probably heard about this sort of con before. but this one is different. it is very specific. and it might just fool you. news4's brynn gingras has exclusive video you need to see. >> this man strategically covers his face to avoid the surveillance cameras but the police know who he is. a con artist. >> they play the part very well. >> here's how it works. exclusive video obtained by 4 investigates shows that man who is responsible, according to police, for convincing customers on the phone to come to sears for a good deal on a samsung tv. potential buyers show up. they're greeted at the door by that same man who dresses like a sears employee. even has a name tag.
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the scammer takes the money, hands over a fake receipt, walks back into the store and disappears. >> that's pretty awful. doesn't really sound like something that happens around here, which is surprising. i guess that's why it's working. >> the scan has been happening at this sears, five reported cases in rockland county. police say it's an old employ rearing its ugly head here. >> this originated in the boston area in the '60s. >> the part that stays the same is the meeting point. >> never give somebody $800 in a >> reporter: if the police know who the person in the video is, you may be wondering why they have not made an arrest. authorities tell me they believe scam ring and they're trying to arrest those higher. in the meantime, they warn, don't become a victim.
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>> it's easy to fall into the lull of feeling comfortable that this is a good deal for you. >> reporter: brynn gingrass news4 new york. david is here with a look at what's coming up new at 5:30. >> if you're heading out on the evening commute, skip the surge. we've got the kips you can use coming up. also, human remains found during a search for evidence in the disappearance of a local couple missing for months. we've got new information on the investigation this evening and who is being eyed as a possible suspect next. let's go mets. but before you buy the last-minute tickets or gear, how do you know if it's the real deal? i'm marc santia, we're going to fif you a few things to look out
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