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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  October 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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then left the 19-year-old to die room. >> immediately her eyes were rolling back in her head. immediately her legs began idly by. >> the acting d.a. says that he didn't call for help until 17 hours later. >> he is as distraught as anyone. >> his lawyer calls this a consensual accident and says criminal charges just aren't warranted. >> should he be indicted for manslaughter? of course not. >> reached via twitter, olivia's uncle in utah refused comment. campus. but on the street the sophomore responsibility. >> he should have stayed responsible and taken care f her. >> a new york law could have prevented this tragedy. the good samaritan law provides limited immunity to drug users
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who report a drug overdose in >> the state has a campaign, don't run call 911 but it hasn't been promoted effectively. >> in a statement, the school is continuing to be vigilant. university statistics show that drug law violations have been up and down other the last three years with six actual arrests on campus during that period. >> this is an epidemic. it's not going away. >> joseph's lawyer did question the timing of the indictment coming day before acting d.a. is seeking election. but she denied politics had anything to do with this. we're in hempstead tonight, greg cergol news4 new york. more on the partial building collapse today that killed one construction worker and trapped one before he was rescued. news4 investigates is at the scene with more on what he has uncovered. andrew? >> reporter: the city investigators do have some big
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questions at this hour about the coow -nstruction of a hotel in a $12 million building here on this midtown block. what they want to know is toads were workers simply trying to stabilize a shaky construction site or did they ignore the orders of the general contractors engineer who yesterday told them to stop. one trapped under a sharp pile of debris. and 4 investigates asked the buildings commissioner. >> have there been any violations at this location recently or before. >> but the city confirms that violation was fixed and contractors had full permits as they worked to convert 25 west 38th street into a boutique hotel. but yesterday the construction engineer for northeast interior demolition told worker to stop
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today just after 10:00 a.m. -- >> trauma right now, person possibly trapped. >> can you get the building's response. the building is still unable. >> 10/4. >> if floors and the debris came down to a v and he was right underneath the v. >> firefighters used special tools to lift debris one inch at a time. >> we made sure he was talking, made sure he was breathing sentences. >> we paid a visit to the contractor's office in queens and got no response. i asked a relative of the building's owner -- >> have there been any other problems before today? >> no. >> all this as neighbors up and down the street watched for hours in disbelief. >> we're heart broken right now.
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and their families. >> reporter: news4 reached out to osha and there has been a slight uptick in work site related deaths from 15 at this time last year to 17 at this time this year city wide. as for the injured construction worker, we're told he's in serious but stable condition. live in midtown, andrew siff news4 new york. a former new york assembly speaker is headed to striel next week. jury selection scheduled to get under way on monday. prosecutors say he took millions backs. he resigned from his leadership post but still holds a seat representing lower manhattan. police released a sketch of a man wanted for a disturbing crime. a sexual predator attacked an 8-year-old girl on saturday. he allegedly came up from behind the child, wrapped his arm around the girl's mouth and tried to rape her. her screams eventually scared him off.
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a westchester man admitted to trying to kill his girlfriend. 52-year-old sidney brown pleaded charges. prosecutors say he attacked debry henry in april. he faces up to 25 years behind bars when he's sentenced in january. new jersey turned into a big drug bust. the detective stopped a car on has lit street yesterday. during questioning he noticed that the driver's answers didn't make sense. the officers then found 3 kill kilograms of heroin. the driver is charged with here heroin distribution. this man slipped into an
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costume jewelry and cameras. the theft happened in broad daylight. if you recognize this man, miswant to hear from you. so we're two hours away from game 3 of the world series. the first world series game ever >> and mets fans want thor to drop the handle on the royals. they lead the series 2-0. john, it's not exactly do or die tonight but it's pretty close. >> reporter: it is pretty close. this is a game that the mets absolutely have to have tonight here in game 3. and the fans know that the mets need them to give that extra boost tonight inside citi field. it's going to be pricey to get inside citi field. tickets running well into the thousands depending on where you sit. how are you lucky enough to get a seat inside? you have to open up your wallet. in the case of this schoolteacher from the bronx,
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open up their hearts and get her into game 3. citi field will house another capacity crowd. tonight it's game 3 of the world series. >> tapping tonight, they're home. home with us and they're going to cheer them on. it's going to start tonight. >> it's this ballpark's first world series game and it's this die hard fan's dream come true. mary dillon is ready for game 3. dream come through for them to be here. it's mind boggles to think i'm here because of my kids. >> how this schoolteacher from the bronx got her hands on this pricey ticket is incredible. her former students raised the money to send her to the world series. >> and i just made a comment with the price of tickets, this is crazy. the people that have been there all the time can't go. and one of my students, who is in south carolina saw it and he contacted a teacher that he keeps in touch with who is in florida, who contacted a teacher who list in new york and said we want to do this. we want to send ms. dillon to
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the world series. >> mary is so excited, you'll probably hear her. and like the rest of the fans, she has faith. >> i have 600 kids that i've taught in the bronx that are going to sit in the seat with me. might be a little tight but we're going to all be there together and it's going to happen tonight. >> reporter: how is that for good karma. the mets could use some tonight. they could also use noah syndergaard to pitch the game of his life. let's head inside to citi field and join bruce beck. >> reporter: john, buckle up your seat belts. citi field should be rocking to night. it's game 3 between the mets and the royals. the first home world series game for the amazins since the year 2000. we'll get you set for game 3 later in sports.
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we have a fan photo gallery on nbc new and coming up as new 4 at 6:00 continueses, what would you do if you encountered this dangerous scene? and he finally did it, mayor bill de blasio endorsed hillary clinton for president. why did he wait so long. and janice huff is here with the weekend forecast. >> we've got the world series, halloween, the marathon, we turn the clocks back an hour and i've
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investigators are looking into how a drive slammed into a restaurant in white plains. crews found this white sedan
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little spot eater relate last night. luckily the restaurant was closed at the time. the driver was treated for minor injuries. >> we get car accidents on this strip often but in talking tony assistant chief, this is the first time that a vehicle has actually struck this building. >> authorities suspect the driver may have been drunk but it's still not clear. so far the person has not been charged. no word on when the restaurant will reopen. >> tragedy in the bronx. now authorities are trying to figure out what caused this fire. it started at around 8:00 last night. the man has died in the hospital. a made call examiner will determine exact hi how he died. two people survived this fiery crash thanks to a few good samaritans. this happened in yonkers this morning. police say the driver lost control and crashed into some trees. another driver stopped and
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managed to pull a man and woman out of the car before the car burst into flames. both victims were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. coming up, more fallout from quinton tear ran tino's controversial comments comparing
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the patrolman benef lent association has gotten a letter from tarantino's forth ather, saying his son was dead wrong to say police officers murderers and says his family has many friends and relatives who have served honorably in the nypd. the pba is calling for a boy koth of quinton tarantino's films until he apologizes. >> lester holt joins us now. >> we're going to talk about today's announcement from the white house. richard engel will take us to
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the evolving u.s. mail tir approach in the middle east. we're going to have a story in a scary incident in a northern virginia incident today. a number of students and their teacher burned after a routine chemistry demonstration went wrong. >> i have two kids, they're out in school and they do these ak experiments. obviously it happens. >> we're going to have examples of where things like this has happened. it highlights the potential danger in the school labs. and with increasing requirements for labs and science curriculum, experts warn you could see more. >> thankfully, you're here. >> we burned some burgers in the classroom. they could set things on fire, including a kid name milo. >> you have a story to tell. well, it has been a long
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finally did it. >> this morning he endorsed hillary clinton as a democrat candidate for president. >> chuck, some thought it was always inevitable but doed mayor de blasio delivered the endorsement, as he's planning to host a presidential candidates forum in iowa with still no word on whether hillary clinton will even show up. and with all of the head lines on how he was holding out, today's endorsement didn't really feel big. there was no massive pep rally, no poed jum on the city hall steps. but the mayor of new york city. >> he has a big announcement. >> and his cup of coffee on cable tv. >> the candidate i believe can address economics and equality is hillary clinton. >> he sounded like a little johnny come lately to the party.
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>> it was awkward as bill de blasio was forced to explain while he held out for months and then chose hillary clinton over the left leaning bernie sanders. >> look into camera three and say i'm endorsing hillary clinton over bernie sanders -- >> endorsing please. >> he saw clinton's platforms develop in the month when he said he wasn't ready to endorse her. he's her former boss and long time free. >> i think it's valid. i don't think decisions such as deciding who to support as president of the united states is something you take lightly. >> he didn't force her to embrace positions that he wanted. >> at the end of the day, some political strategists say if the mayor was trying to plex his political muscle. >> if not a queen maker, as someone who can affect the party's platform.
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achieving that and all he did was make himself look small and amateurish and to be frank, unloyal. >> in a statement today hillary clinton said only i'm honored to receive the support of more than 85 mayors across the country today because mayors know how to get things done. >> tell us how your iowa presidential candidates forum is shaping up. who is coming. >> the forum just got announced in iowa and we've just begun to reach out to the candidates and the campaigns. so we expect to hear back shortly from them. >> some say the mayor may have overestimated his own political influence in the presidential race and underestimated the potential damage to a key political relationship. a relationship that could be key when he's running for reelection in just two years. all right. let's talk about your weather right now. bases 0 loaded with so many things that we have to do this weekend. are we going to hit a home run?
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look at that view behind you guys. it's nice and u clear and beautiful out there. but the temperatures are cooler and it's going to be chilly across the area tonight. i've got it broken down oun all levels for all of the events coming up in a moment. there's that view again. this camera is on the top of our building. it's showing a fantastic view. temperature is 54 degrees right now in midtown. temperatures falling in the 40s tonight. yesterday we were ten degrees warm near the 70s and a lot of spots saw record high temperatures yesterday but not today. this is closer where we would normally be. so it's back to fall temperatures. it's little cooler tomorrow. the weekend looks great. fantastic weather, more treat than trick, especially on saturday. right now it's in the 50s from delaware water gap, but 40s in high point.
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50 in newburgh and sussex. high pressure is in control. you can see the clouds eroding away as the high pressure settles in and clears us out. we'll start with the world series tonight at 8:07 the first pitch, little less breezy, clear and cool, 53 for the first pitch, then falling through the 50s, by 11:00 hopefully they'll be done with the game or close to it, upper 40s. if you're going to citi field, you've got to layer up. same thing for tomorrow night. not that windy but the temperatures for halloween will be in the 50 nz the afternoon but then by the time the sun goes down it will cool down to around the upper 40s with increasing clouds. for the marathon, runners starting out, the temperatures in the low 50s. but by mid day we're talking 60 degree temperatures. 30s tonight in white plains,
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a frost advisory out for eastern suffolk county. dry skies, rain coming in sunday night and monday. then we're back up to 70 for the first week of november. >> wonderful. >> how about that. have a good weekend everybody. bruce beck is up next live from citi field. >> reporter: chuck, the time has arrived for a mets home world series game. the question is, has the time arrived for a mets win. coming up in sports, the amazins return to citi field and there's no question they're desperate for a victory against the royals.
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>> reporter: it feels like a carnival at citi field but will there be a vel celebration tonight? the mets need one win in the worst way to get back in the series. they trail the royals two games to none. the amazins hit the field about 90 minutes ago and went through a full warmup session and batting practice. it was business as usual. the team looks loose and they're talking a good game. unfortunately, their bats have been silent. they managed just two hits in game two against johnny quay do. tonight they send a fireball to the hill in yordano ventura. >> you know, if you show panic now, you know, it could spread in the clubhouse. i'm not going to do that. i like the lineup.
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year long. as we've seen, when they break out, they're good. and tonight they need to break out. >> reporter: in the comic book, thor is the god of thunder. but on the baseball field, thor throws lightning on the mound. i'm talking about 23-year-old noah syndergaard, the youngest of the mets starters. but thus far in the post season he has been unbelievable, 20 strikeouts in 13 innings. >> from the first pitch going on, i mean, you know how aggressive they are but you don't get a full grasp of how aggressive they can be. i feel like being able to watch the past two games helps me out and helps me device a game plan to go out there and approach them. >> it's still a game. the noise is a little louder, but it's still a game. you got to go out and execute. i think what noah did early in
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that hey, look, i begoing here, i can pitch here and even though it's a bigger brighter stage, you know, i'm good enough. i think that's helped him a lot. >> reporter: and finally, let's flashback exactly 14 years ago tonight, it was game 3 of the world series, it was in the bronx, seven weeks after 9/11. president george w. bush threw out one of the most famous pitches, fired a strike from the ground. it was an emotional and riveting moment at yankee stadium. derek jeter told the president, don't bounce it, they're boo you. i don't think they'll have to worry about booing the guy throwing out the sere no moanial pitch tonight. that's mike pea yat so.
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