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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  October 31, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. live from studio 3 c in rock feller center, this is "today in new york." a stray bullet strikes a woman through a bus window. the woman on the other side of the grass debris describes the terrifying moments. >> the mets take game three at citi field.
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village parade to trick-or-treating, what you need to know before you hit the streets this busy weekend. it is busy, right? good morning and welcome to "today in new york" on this saturday. it is the 31st of october. you know what that means. i'm pat battle. actually i'm gus rosendale. >> a lot of outside activities this weekend. >> and it's dry for halloween although it's a little chilly out there. the clocks, turn them back tonight. don't forget. you get that extra hour of sleep. you'll need it with all that's going on this weekend. and the weekend is mostly a treat and not too tricky. clear skies out there. we are going to be dealing with
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morning, but chilly temperatures to start things out. temperatures stay on the cool side like yesterday. by lunchtime, 52 degrees and bright. clouds by 6:00 p.m. for all the trick or treaters. fall chill out there today. temperatures only in the 50s but it will be dry again. following breaking news out of egypt where officials have confirmed the crash of a russian passenger plane in the sinai peninsula. >> the plane took off at 5:51 local time and disappeared from radar just 23 minutes later. more than 200 people were on that plane. that is file video of a plane. we will continue to follow this story and bring you developments as they become available.
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we are following the world series of course. new york city has done them well. they are back in it. >> i woke up this morning to that news. i fell asleep before the game was over and woke up to find out they beat the royals 9-3 in game three in front of an electric crowd. >> reporter: what a game, what a crowd, what a series we have now. game three was a reversal of fortune for the mets who showed the royals that this is far from over. the mets exploded against the royals in game three. david wright hit a two run homer in the first. and curtis granderson blasted a two run shot in the third.
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run sixth inning. here's some postgame reaction. >> we knew what to expect based on playing throughout the post season. but this was at a different level. to be able to fight back the way that we did, we were relentless tonight. it seemed like every time they had an answer, we had an answer right back. >> what does this say about your ball club, the way you came back and got the win? >> we just went out there and played another game, tried to win another game. like i said, we've been in this situation before, so there's nothing new. >> you've got to give credit to the fans for giving this extra energy we had tonight. >> this place was electric. did you feel it?
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>> reporter: steven matz on the hill. it is an extremely busy weekend here in the city, the world series, the marathon and of course the halloween parade in the village. it has all the makes of a traffic nightmare. if you plan to head to the city, you can expect closures tonight. the mts a is adding extra service. the new york city marathon kicks off tomorrow morning on staten island. thousands of runners finally winding up in central park. that means street closures throughout the city as well.
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closings and subway alerts. a woman hit by a stray bullet while riding on an mta bus speaks out exclusively to news 4. >> she's okay. >> reporter: bandaged and bruised, she is trying to make sense of how her normal bus ride shattered glass around her. her brother translate what had she felt after shots rang out. >> she's feeling the warm, something warm come into her hair. looked like the bullet just went through.
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>> reporter: news 4 obtained surveillance video from a corner dollar store. you see people running away at the top of the screen. seconds later women and a child run into the store. shots fired nearby hit the bus. >> she thinks everything on the bus was hurt like her. >> reporter: she was worried about everybody else. >> yeah. >> reporter: police werl analyzing surveillance video of the shooting. as for whether she plans to ride that bus for a while -- >> not on the bus for a while. >> reporter: as for the investigation, sources tell me they believe three round were fired and the bus was not the intended target. they're looking for several
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for now reporting in the bush bushwick section of brooklyn. two people were rushed to the hospital just before 7:00 at mettler hall on college avenue. they do have a suspect in custody. and a hofstra university student pleading in to manslaughter charges in the drug overdose of his girlfriend. hea injected his girlfriend with heroin in april and waited seven hours before getting her help. the family of a young girl on life support is mourning her death this morning. the seven-year-old died yesterday. she choked on food at school at ps 250 in brooklyn.
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little girl was brain dead. they've hired an attorney to find out how this happened. in connecticut a cup son has been charged in the deaths of his parents. his girlfriend is also charged with conspiracy to commit murder. people in romania rushing to donate blood after a nightclub fire killed 27 and injured at least 180 more. the fire broke out during a free concert. they say the heavy metal band's pyro technic show. a building collapsed in
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nearly two dozen oh thers. many of the victims crushed by falling chunks of debris. investigates trying to figure out what caused the collapse. president obama under fire this morning from both republicans and democrats for deciding to spend special operations troops into syria. president obama is sending less than 50 troops to fight isis. a number of democrats disagree and say it could lead to open ended involvement in a civil war. others say it's insufficient and too little too late. . onto decision 2016. after months of refusing to commit mare de blasio is now endorsing hillary clinton. de blasio who was clinton's campaign manager for her 2000
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see more substance from the clinton presidential campaign. he said she is the best candidate and best suited to navigate washington. republican national committee said yesterday it's suspending its involvement in the debate that's schedule by nbc news. a cnbc spokesman responded afterwards saying the candidates should be able to answer tough questions. coming up, it is not a haunted house but it does have history. what's behind the fight to save an old farmhouse in queens. is your child's halloween
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>> a little chilly right now. will it warm up by later this
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happy halloween. waking up with you in west chester county and the entire tri state area. there's no question this old farmhouse has seen better days. why some are fighting to keep the farmhouse standing for many more years. >> these are over 100 years old. >> look beyond this burnt out
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it stood in elmhurst before it was a part of queens. >> our society is really judged on not for what it builds but for what it destroys. >> it is the last of its kind, the last home in this neighborhood with a link to its colonial era roots. the landmarks preservation commission is doing research and considering that push for protective status. >> after the hearing if they find it worthy they can landmark it. >> you still have a chance? >> yeah, we still have a chance. >> a developer has bought this piece of land and filed construction permits in this crowded neighborhood with a growing need for housing. the building trend around here is pretty clear. developers typically knock down single family homes and build multistory apartment buildings. >> this is an important piece of this community and really should be saved. >> the odds to save the house
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the cost to refer it would be high. an old house, slowly swallowed by the city that grew around it. >> it reminded us how much queens has changed over the years. things change. talking about perspective here, you were reminded of what city this is. here's what i'm getting at. >> this would be like the event of the year in any other city, right? >> we got a world series, we got a marathon. so you know -- >> just some little things going on around town this weekend. and the weather is cooperating thankfully for all of those events. overall not a lot to complain about, especially for your trick or treaters heading out there.
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that's the most important thing. it's nice and quite this morn et this morning. let's get to your saturday evening forecast for all the trick or treaters. it will be dry, winds light around 5 miles per hour. temperatures in the 50s. that's good news. starting out in the mid 50s and dropping down to the low 50s. feels like 34 in white plains. feels like 31 as you start your day in the hamptons. definitely noting that chill in morning, more so than yesterday even. mets forecast for tonight, partly cloudy and chilly. temperatures in the 50s. it will be pretty quiet in terms of the winds.
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storm tracker, nice and quiet i crystal clear skies all throughout the region. a beautiful sunny start to your weekend. by 12:00 today we start to see some passing clouds. you'll notice the clouds do take over the picture as we head into the overnight areas, a warm front lifting through. i stopped it tomorrow morning 8:00 a.m. as the marathon is getting ready there. notice a few sprinkles west and north of the city. we could have a brief shower even on the marathon route. no lothing heavy, nothing too bad, but a light shower is possibly. the clouds dominate our weather tomorrow. overall the morning today is going to be the sunny time of the weekend and the clouds kind of linger throughout the rest of it. 56 for your high today. a little below average there. we should be in the 60s. tonight not as chilly.
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down to 50 in the city. in the 60s through the race. that's a little warm for the runners. i know they prefer it in the 40s and 50s. look at that warm trend. as we head into next week, temperatures back in the 70s with lots of sunshine. of course with halloween falling on a saturday this year, there are probably going to be a lot more kids out than usual. the streets going to be packed with children rand probably some older ones on a mission to collect as much candy as possible. before they go out trick-or-treating you want to make sure their halloween persona doesn't get in the way of their safety. >> storm troopers haven't always
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stars in the galaxy. maybe it's because their armor made it difficult to see where they were going. inspired by the upcoming "star wars" movie, diy websites are full of how to make storm trooper costumes for kids. masks impair vision, meaning trick or treaters may not see oncoming cards. safe kid world wide says that translates into a scary annual rise in kids killed in car accidents. >> on halloween night we see the number of fatalities double compared to any other night of the year. >> drivers may not be able to see kids, especially if they're wearing costumes like this one called the invisible kid that covers the child in black cloth.
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commission promotes giving glow sticks to kids. >> also line the costumes with reflective tape. >> keeping kids safe on halloween is the best treat of all. and anyway little storm troopers may be cuter without their masks on. coming up after the break, an amaze -- >> hey everybody there are three movies opening this week, burnt, scouts guide to the zombie apocalypse and the comedy our brand is crisis. burntcooper as a chef trying to open a restaurant while dealing with his demons. also opening this week is
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scout's guide to the zombie a apocalypse apocalypse. it's a fun way to spend your halloween weekend. finally we have our brand is crisis. this is a smart comedy starring sandra bullock as political strategies working for competing parties in south america. it's one of my favorite performances of sandra bullock's in years. that's what's going on at the
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it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner.
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give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. . well, he has been a standout at the plate for the mets during
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this world series. >> mr. granderson. >> yes. >> granderson hits one deep right field. it's out of here! >> you were a yankee and now a met. >> yesment is that weird? you how did that go? >> i'm one of the few that have done it. but there have been some people that have done it, got a chance to meet with them. >> i would like you to know that doc gooden did the horah here on talk stoop. >> we can do the cabbage patch. everything is with the hands. then we go like we're stirring it up, then we start to gyrate the hips, then get a little lower. >> to the corners, to the
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>> tell me you're not warm now. >> i am warm. >> being a his ghly visible baseball player means you represent the league and you represent the things that are important to you, kids, charities seem to be your thing. >> baseball has obviously been the tool to get me where i am today. so the importance of athletics and being fit and playing baseball is what encompasses the grandkids foundation. >> you look good to have grandkids. >> not that i know of. >> thank you. you have been amazing and i appreciate you coming. >> thank you very much. i'm warming up here. >> to the corners. oh yeah.
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>> you want to do it too? >> you can watch talk stoop every sunday at 9:00 p.m. on cozy tv. he's great. coming up at 6:30, knocked off his feet. the hunt for a hit-and-run driver who sideswiped a traffic cop. >> and sandy four years later. >> thankfully it's dry right now. getting ready for all the trick or treat activities around the city. we thought we' d be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us.
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we didn' t need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can' t predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself.
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that is the george washington bridge early on the saturday morning. it's a cool 43 degrees. welcome to "today in new york." >> boy, this weather forecast is
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a number of events going on. not to put the pressure on. >> we saw the big weekend coming days ago obviously. and the forecast has been pretty steady that it's going to be mostly dry. it is quiet right now across the northeast. high pressure in control. look what's waiting off the to west. this is a frontal system all the way from the upper midwest, canadian border. texas saw lots of flooding yesterday. this is marching towards the east and it will reach the tri state storm. not a lot of juice left in that storm as it approaches is the good news. sunshine fades behind cloud later on today but a beautiful day for anything around the tri state whether you're doing some leaf peeping up in west chester county. winds are light and variable. even more comfortable for
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the clouds lower and tricken and that's when you may see a few sprinkles tomorrow morning. notice the temperatures, not nearly as chilly as they are right now. take another look at your marathon forecast coming up in just a few. we are tracking breaking news out of egypt where officials have confirmed the crash of a russian passenger plane in the sinai peninsula. >> air force jets have located the remains of the planes and that bodies are being recovered. that air bus took off from egypt in route to st. petersburg, russia. that is file tape of a plane similar to the one reported missing and now crashed. we will continue to follow this story of course and bring you
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closer to home, a traffic cop recovering after getting sideswiped by a car on a city street. and what the driver may not realize, this whole thing was caught on camera. >> reporter: surveillance video caught it all, a traffic agent getting back into his car is struck hard and thrown to the ground and the driver, whoever they are, they didn't even stop to see if the victim is okay. they keep driving as if it never happened. >> heartless. it's shocking. >> reporter: it happened near the busy intersection of washington and myrtle in brooklyn. you see just how fast the car is going. the hit-and-run left the 30-year-old traffic agent in the hospital. fortunately his injuries aren't life threatening but the driver
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>> hit another human being, that's wrong. >> reporter: we showed the video to people who live in the neighborhood. they couldn't believe what they saw, especially after hearing the victim is a traffic agent just trying to do his job. >> that's just someone who's being completely insensitive and, you know, not caring about human life. >> reporter: the hit-and-run driver may think they got away but they may not have counted on this surveillance video. police do know a few things about the driver. they say the car is a red or burgundy volkswagen passat. this morning investigates g ing investigators are trying to figure out what
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caused a collapse at a midtown construction site. >> reporter: what went wrong that caused the $12 million midtown building under construction to partially collapse, killing one construction worker and seriously hurting another. >> reporter: instability may have been why one person on the project sounded the alarm one day before the accident. news 4 investigates found out the construction engineer warned the demolition company thursday to stop work until the site could be reinforced. it's unclear if they ignored that warning or took the engineer's recommendation and was working to shore up the building when the accident happened. whatever the cause, the outcome sent rescuers rushing an injured
6:34 am
worker to the hospital after he was trapped under the rubble for three hours friday morning. >> basically just trying to get an inch or two at a time just enough to bring it up to get him out. >> reporter: the victim buried up to his chest. firefighters and police afraid more of the building could come down, worked slowly to lift the crushing weight. and when they did -- >> the rest of us want to get out without being stuck in the collapse as well. >> reporter: the mid-morning collapse rattled people on the bustling street. >> we're heart broken right now. we feel treshl errible for the people and their families. >> reporter: the city says the building had all the right permits and no violations. the site now shuttered during the investigation that cost a worker his life. well, of course thursday marked the third anniversary of super storm sandy.
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of progress in many neighborhoods and communities not everything is back to normal. who could forget these pictures from seaside heights? the casino pier just torn apart. knocked into the ocean. and when the pier it is finally rebuilt, it would extend over beach and not into the surf. and kwhiel while it's true we have come along way, there's a lot more that needs to be done. >> it's very time consuming, very strenuous, very depressing. >> reporter: exactly three years after sandy slammed his hometown, he's still in limbo and dealing with red tape on the amount of recovery money his family will get to elevate their house and renovate it a second time since the storm.
6:36 am
because this is our third appeal. and even time the paperwork takes so long. >> reporter: in his neighborhood, some houses are abandoned. others have been rebuilt and lifted to comply with stricter flood insurance requirements. >> it's still not restored to what it was. >> reporter: but the sound of construction is still everywhere with homes in the process of going up. >> i would have never thought three years later there's still people out, still people out of their homes. it's sad. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for the state department of community affairs says the agency does not know the total number of people who remain displaced by sandy. but she says in an average week dca distributes $7 million directly to homeowners. the agencies says of the more than 8,000 enrolled homeowners at least 7600 have received at
6:37 am
least one payment to rebuild their homes. 2,000 have finished construction. >> the whole bureaucratic process -- >> >> reporter: he says it could be another year before his family's house is finally finished. and still to come on this saturday morning, a halloween creation that's huge after the break.
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that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough.
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. okay. what skills. this woman in ohio has created a larger than life image of a
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>> say hello to donald trumpkin. she says it was challenging. >> i hope she's got a website because i now want to go back and see what else she's done. that is dead on. >> she put hair on it. somehow she got some blond hair. kree creative creative. >> i love this time of year. i love today. i saw a werewolf coming in, a storm trooper and some things i didn't recognize. and that was just on the walk here. >> yeah. it is a fun day. a fun weekend. lots going on. and the weather is cooperating for your plans. that's the good news. we're not dealing with any real rain. again, a slight chance of a shower tomorrow. the world series and we have the
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marathon. the marathon forecast coming up. here's the deal with the marathon, it will be dry for the most part. lots of clouds, one or two sprinkles a possibility. remember how windy it was last year? i'm sure you do. temperatures starting out in the 50s at the start of the race around 8:00 a.m. back to the low 60s as we head into the early afternoon. it does get warm for the runners. they prefer temperatures that are a little bit cooler than this. temperatures are cool in fairfield county. 32 in fairfield. 36 in westport. we have some colder spots than that. 20s in monticello. feeling that chill north and west of town. 34 in westchester in white plains. storm tracker is quiet.
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the radar and satellite picture. today a high temperature of 56 degrees. of course you get that extra hour of sleep tonight. we love that here. fall back, don't forget to set your clocks back of course. change the batteries in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. you could see on future tracker, beautiful weather for a stroll outside. the clouds roll in later on tonight. tomorrow morning as we're getting the marathon underway, one or two sprinkles possible. we're keeping it mostly cloudy into the average. one or two sprinkles may intrude into your sunday clouds.
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temperatures in the 70s next week with lots of sunshine. you could see the latest forecast, interactive radar and how to submit your own weather video. the news 4 for weather app is available in the app store. . coming up after the break, one musicians journey inspires an album. >> and later, has halloween gone to the dogs? we have some tips to stay safe
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. well, she's been entertaining children across our area with her must have been and now she's using her talents to tell a personal story. >> this is a public affairs presentation from news 4 new york, visiones.
6:45 am
and then you wave them in the breeze. you wobble your knees all around the kitchen >> that's sonya there on the left performing on sprout. sonya is now branching on out her own with a solo debut reflecting her journey from mexico. she joins us here today. great to see you. congratulations on the new album. it's about your journey from mexico. describe some of the sound that you hear on the album. >> well, it's songs that i picked, a couple original songs from mexico and some songs that i picked along the way. i've been here in new york for ten years. eight of those singing and
6:46 am
also from all my latino friends here in new york city. >> it's great you perform for children all around the area. tell us about this instrument that you have. >> the is is a mexican traditional instrument from southern mexico. it could be confused with the ukelele. it has eight strings and it's loud. >> we're going to try to get some of the other special guests from the album.
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>> it's january 2nd. take it away.
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it'll be here before you know it. hello, halloween. it's the one night when everybody dresses up. and that includes dinner. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough.
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it's time to go across the street. let's check in and see what's coming up next on weekend today. >> just ahead here on a saturday morning on "today" we're going to get you caught up on that breaking news we've been following, the crash of the russian passenger jet. >> also ahead, a brand new nbc online poll puts donald trump and ben carson in a dead heat. there is some bad news for jeb bush in iowa where jeb bush and marco rubio with campaigning later today.
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plus, last night on television there was the first ever life broadcast of an exorcism at the same house that inspired the movie the exorcist. we'll tell you what happened when the investigators went inside looking for demons. >> wait until you see what we are wearing. that's not all. there's one more halloween vise. they've kept it from us. we don't know about it. >> and carson, i have to say i was walking through the wardrobe department there. i'm not going to give anything away. wardrobe maven deb over there. >> she may have out done herself this time. >> that's saying something, as regular viewers know. it's going to be a big day for carson. >> yes, it is. 6:53 and it's time for this
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morning's pet profile all about halloween dressing up your pet or taking them along for trick-or-treating. >> good morning. >> happy halloween. lot going on. >> that's right. >> people elect to go out with their pets. but can be a little -- >> stressful on your dog. we do recommend if you have a dog to keep them home on halloween. >> don't go door to do with them? >> that's right. it can stress them out and they don't understand the costumes. so they can become frightened pretty quickly. if you do have to bring them with you, keep them on a leash, keep them close to you, watch closely when trick-or-treaters come up to pet them because they could be under some stress. >> the other thing i was thinking of and i just remember growing up with our own dogs is the doorbell once a day would send them into a tizzy.
6:52 am
and when there's too many rings it can become stressful and they can get fearful. you keep them in a quiet room with a toy and keep them away from all the demotion commotion so they can rest. >> the chocolate, the treats, bad news, so bad. >> so important. chocolate can be poise onous and even deadly to a dog if they have too much. all candy is toxic to a dog and cat. it can give them a lot of intestinal problems. it can mean a trip to the vet. >> tell us about who you have here today. >> let's start off with the cat. >> this is lucy. and lucy is just two years old. if you can see these markings,
6:53 am
white cat with a really soft clean fur. she's in great shape. she's fixed, all her shots, ready to go. she's available in brooklyn at the petco in sheepshead bay. she'll be up for adoption at 12:00. >> look who i'm holding here. >> this guy is one of the best dogs we've had in a long time. >> can i pick him up? >> absolutely. >> then you talk about temperament -- >> he's available on the upper east side at an adoption at 11:00 a.m. this morning he will be available. what's his name? >> alberto. >> this dog in terms of temperament he is so -- okay, i'm just going to take him. see you all later.
6:54 am
about these pets on the website on your screen happy halloween to you.
6:55 am
all right. tell us how many layers or long johns you might need under your halloween costume. >> today as we're starting out today you need some layers out there. temperatures in the 20s and 30s right now. but temperatures in the 50s throughout the afternoon. trick-or-treating, low 50s, so comfortable. you don't need too many layers.
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you'll be fine, especially since
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