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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  October 31, 2015 8:30am-9:30am EDT

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live look at lower manhattan. there are going to be a lot of things creeping and crawling around there later, though. welcome back to "today in new york." >> probably one of the busiest weekends we've seen in a while, the halloween parade, the mets today and the marathon tomorrow. >> tomorrow morning coming into work, the posthalloween crowd, the costumes sort of half on, half on at that point, yeah, it's always a fun sight on sunday morning. >> oh yeah. >> you can see on storm tracker 4 radar, not a lot going on now. high pressure still in control for now. but that's going to change. you can see this frontal system draped across the center of the country that's going to be trekking east over the next few hours. it arrives tomorrow and tomorrow night. it's going to weaken significantly.
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juice left. sunshine fades behind clouds as the day goes on. it's a bright start, not as bright when we finish. overnight tonight, mostly cloudy, less breezy. one or two hint os ings s of a shower a possibility. the good news is we're not going to get too cold for the trick-or-treaters that hang out a little later into the overnight hours. police in new jersey this morning investigating what led to a stabbing at a rutgers university dorm. >> reporter: that stabbing happened near some dorms. and right across the street from the student center. a violent start to the halloween weekend here on the new brunswick campus. right after that happened, the students started posting
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from campus police telling them to stay in a safe location. that stabbing happened around 7:15 last night here on the new brunswick campus at mettler hall, one of the dorms off college avenue. two people were taken to the hospital, but officials haven't told us updates on their conditions or the extent of their injuries. t it's still unclear whether they were residents of that dorm or even students here. students got another alert from the university letting them know that a suspect was in custody and the campus was safe and secure. also this morning, police are looking for a driver who hit an nypd traffic agent and kept going. the incident recorded on surveillance video last friday, october 23rd.
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agent is by his car when the car hit him and knocked him to the ground. people in the neighborhood are shocked. >> if he's doing that to a cop or anybody else, he could be out there doing other stuff as well. >> the car police are looking for is described as a burgundy volkswagen passat. a hofstra university student is pleading in to charges in the drug overdose death of his girlfriend. prosecutors say he injected the 19-year-old with heroin back in april. they say he then waited 17 hours before he got help for her. his lawyer insists the injection was consensual. a worker is recovering from serious injuries after a building collapsed at a midtown construction site. the question now why were crews
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even in that structure? >> reporter: what went wrong that caused the 12 million dollar midtown building under construction to partially collapse, killing one construction worker and seriously hurting another. >> this is a trauma now. person possibly trapped. piece of the ceiling that fell. >> box 751, can you get the buildings response? the building is still unstable. >> reporter: instability may have been why one person on the project sounded the alarm one day before the project. the construction engineer warned the demolition company thursday to stop work until the site could be reinforced. it's unclear if northeast interior demolition ignored that working or was working to shore up the building when the accident happened. whatever the cause, the outcome sent rescuers rushing an injured worker to the hospital after he
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three hours friday morning. >> basically trying to get an inch or two at a time, just enough to bring it up so we could get him out. >> reporter: the victim buried up to his chest. firefighters and police afraid more of the building could come down, worked slowly to lift the crushing weight. and when they did -- >> the rest of us want to get out without being stuck in the collapse as well. >> reporter: the mid-morning collapse rattled people on the bustling street. >> we feel terrible for the people and their families. >> reporter: the city says the developer had all the right permits and no open violations. the site now shuttered at the center of an investigation into the accident that cost a worker his life. and rescue crews in china are searching through the rubble for victims after a building collapse there, killing 17 people and injuring nearly two dozen others.
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this happened while workers were renovating the second floor of that building. many crushed by falling chunks of concrete and other debris. investigates trying to figure out what caused the building to come down. police in romania now , people rushing to denate blood after a fire killed and injured people. the fire broke out at a free concert at a club in bucharest. the heavy metal band's pyrotechnic show sfark parked the flames. here in the states two people are died and one other is missing after massive amounts of rain causing historic flooding across texas. this storm system also spawned at least three suspected ed ed tornados. now the rain is moving east towards louisiana and mississippi. zplrgets
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texas, flood water surrounded a school with teachers and students inside. scenes like this playing out across texas. especially in the busy i-35 corridor between austin and san antonio. >> after last weekend's rain saturated the soils, it didn't take a lot to fire things up. that's what we saw this morning. >> reporter: austin saw six inches of rain in an hour. one neighborhood recorded 14 inches total. it caught many drivers off guard. passersby helped this woman escape from danger. on the day before halloween, pumpkins floating in the streets. a lightning strike took out weather radar in groundville. the town of women
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by flooding in may, hit again. it's not over yet. and still ahead on "today in new york," how one school district stepped in when safety concerns threatened halloween for trick-or-treaters. >> and how is that halloween forecast looking? a look at the weather coming up
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new york state police are patrols to make sure this halloween is a safe one. well, it's a halloween scare for some parents in the long island town of brentwood. they say there's been an up tick in crime and they don't want to let their kids out for trick-or-treating. >> the school board has stepped in to make sure the kids get their candy fix. >> reporter: with police roaming the halls of brentwood high school, this is officially a safe place to trick-or-treat.
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so it's fun to bring them here so they can have their own halloween. >> reporter: can't go out in some cases or parents don't want them to. when administrators learned about the uptick in the crime in the community, they came up with a solution. 28 themes in specific class rooms of the school, some spooky, others fun, all safe. >> they're not outside and you know the area and it's well supervised here. >> you don't have to worry about bad stuff for them. >> reporter: no bad stuff, well, neighbor you were this werewolf this halloween week. >> that was a creepy thing. >> what was that? >> if you have to ask -- >> we forget i think sometimes growing up, this is up there with christmas for kids. you plan your costumes were
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adults sometimes forget how crucial this day is. when it's on a saturday -- >> forget it. >> halloween is impressive. some of the numbers are impressive. you'll see that in trivia coming up in a few minutes. i underestimated it. >> come to my house. >> we saw your pictures on social media. very cute what you did there. >> dead and breakfast. >> very cute. nice weather out there today. also good weather for the rest of the weekend. enjoying some sunshine in the rockland county. it's chilly, below arch in some spots. temperatures in the 20s. the heat's on. leaves are changing. it's that time of year. let's take a look at your marathon forecast, important weather for the runners. the good news is mostly cloudy
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skies, only a slight chance of a shower. temperatures could be cooler for the runners. started out at 53 degrees but climbing into the low 60s. you want to see these temperatures in the 40s and 50s. light winds this year. this is that chill we were talking about. feels like 32 in morristown, 28 in monticello. and frosty in danbury. high pressure in control for one more day. let's break down your weekend day by day. today's a real treat for sure. a high temperature of 56 degrees. set those clocks back overnight tonight. get an extra hour of sleep. enjoy it. 66 is your high tomorrow. we go from below average today
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to above average for sunday. the quiet conditions remain in place, but the clouds filter in as the day goes on. by 7:00 p.m. it is mostly cloudy. the clouds kind of want to linger through your sunday. don't expect a whole lot of sunshine. 56 for your high for today. a cool mix of clouds and sun. 50 overnight tonight. it does get less chilly certainly than recent nights. temperatures in the low 50s. we are back to the 70s by wednesday and thursday with lots of sunshine. tap the news 4 logo in the corner, scroll down there. see the little peacock. use our interactive radar and submit your own weather video. the app is available in the app store right now. and while you're online of
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course you want to play our interactive trivia game all about halloween. we're going to test your knowledge on candy, costumes and
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun.
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give it a pop. we're back to play this morning's interactive drif ya trivia game. last week's winner is gary and pam. take it away. >> this is your hair, thanks for letting me borrow it. i appreciate it. it is trivia time.
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today's topic is halloween. everyone at home you have to clear your cache on your brous browser. good luck if you can figure it out. if this is your first time playing, you want to log onto nbcnew you have to hit refresh because your web browser must be up to date. you'll have 12 seconds to choose an answer by selecting those options on your browser. while you're online, chat with your fellow players right there on the site. today is halloween, so trivia today is ghoulish and foolish. did you know halloween began as a superstitious festival to ob
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now americans spend about $7.4 billion on halloween, second only to christmas and about 41.2 million trick-or-treaters will be out there today asking for candy. here we go. harry potter is a goblin, house elf or wizard. what magical being is harry potter? it's three, a wizard. number two, ann rice wrote about this famous vampire. tom cruise played this vampire in the movie interview with a
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it's lestat. question number three, the monster mash was a graveyard what? smash, hit or flop? the song reached number one on the billboard charts, making it a number one smash. picket tried adapting the song over the years. question number four jack owe lan jack o lanterns were carved originally from what? first they carved them out of turnips. pumpkins were more abundant here and it stuck here. the tradition started as a way
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spirits. all hallow's eve comes the day before which catholic festival. all saints' day. question number six, what percent of candy in the u.s. is sold for halloween specifically? 50%, 20% or 10%. halloween accounts for a quarter of all candy sales in the u.s. candy sales will probably reach $2.6 billion. the halloween parade began in what year? the village parade is the largest event of its kind in the world.
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it takes place right here. it started in 1974. this year the grand marshall will be the most interesting man in the world. question number eight, the most popular halloween treat, is it reese's pieces and peanut butter cups -- about 90 million pound of chocolate is sold during halloween. the reese's and the peanut butter cups are most popular. question number nine, halloween originated as a festival by which people, the romans, the egyptians or the celts? halloween was a celtic festival.
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and costumes and we enjoy it here in the good old united states. new york city was nicknamed gotham by which author? it's number three, washington irving. he wrote the novel and referred to new york city as gotham after a village in england were residents reportedly pretended to be crazy. player 2499. you're the inner. great score, over 9,000. congratulations. don't forget to fill out that form at the end of the game.
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we have an update on that break news out of egypt. officials now confirming there are no survivors from the passenger plane crash over the sinai peninsula. >> the plane was headed to st. peters petersburg, russia. there are reports the pilot did report technical difficulty and
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wanted to land at the nearest airport. that plane was carrying 217 passenger, seven crew members. . before we go, last check of the weather. >> temperatures are chilly. you need to bundle up as you're heading out the door this morning. feeling that fall chill throughout the day. a high of 56 later on. good news for trick-or-treaters. don't forget to fall back. i know some of us will anyway. we have to tell you set your clocks back one hour tonight. temperatures for the runners in the 50s to low 60s, a little milder than they like, but it will be mostly dry. take a look at the next seven days. there is a warming trend headed our way. we are back into the 70s. oh i forgot, the world series by the way.
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cool and dry for that tonight. we all dress up our cats and dogs. look at these animals chomping down on some halloween treats. those tigers got their meat served out of pumpkins.
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough.
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[theme music] the family we're is in desperate need of a rescue. mom works full-time, dad's a retired sheriff's officer. they have home issues, health issues, kid issues, dog issues, you name it, they're dealing with it, but those home issues, that's where i can help. i'm steven. i'm robin and i'm a senior executive assistant as well as a retail sales associate. and i'm a professional domestic engineer or house husband.
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at ruby tuesdays. yeah, and then i was your dessert. you can't say that on tv. why not? steven: i've always said of warren county is the best part of new jersey. it's a great place to raise kids. robin: we have caitlyn. she's 14. steven: my rambunctious that's why i got to put on roller skates to keep up with him sometimes. come on, junior. go ahead, this way! brooke does have motor dyspraxia, which means is she's a little bit uncoordinated, but she has come a long way as far as her learning. steven: the important thing for me is my daughter knows that she's loved, and we support and we help her as much as we can. robin: even though she does have a disability, we don't treat her like she has a disability. where you going? look! brooke's crazy,
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you're cheating! we're sometimes fighting and on each other's backs and everything, but she's the best. i'm not giving you a head start. tag, you're it. i remember when i was growing up and having pets in the home and how that felt to me, how special that was to me. less than a year ago, we adopted two beautiful dogs, ruby and marley from to me, i think any animal deserves a home. i love my dogs. brooke loves playing with ruby, especially at the park, because ruby-- goes down the slide. she goes down the slide. they're always there for you. they cheer me up, want to play with me, try to get me up and out of bed. robin: it's just so nice when i come in, not only are the kids running to give me hugs and kisses, but the dogs do too. as you can see, my sister
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has a lot of energy. [screams] yeah, we are in need of space. we lived here since october 2013. we really don't have any entertainment space. it would be awesome if we have had another room to play in. steven: the outside sunporch, it's a dismal, dismal space. robin: my nickname for the sunroom is useless. steven: i describe it as a concrete floor with popsicle sticks for walls. [laughs] yeah, that's good. we're gonna need george to the rescue for brooke, more like, because-- steven: i would like to see the space fixed and utilized for our puppies and for our children. it is very difficult, because we have to make sure the bills are paid as well as having our kids and our dogs needs met first. steven: so it would be nice to have
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an open space, a warm spac that they can relax and play, one that says home. all right, surprise time! you know, years from now we can look back and see how much joy that it will bring. it really, really makes a tremendous difference to us. it would definitely take a lot of stress off their backs and my back. stop, what do you guys do in your bedroom, huh? george: uh-oh. here's somebody. maybe they know i'm here. morning, steve! oh, george, it's great to see you! -how's it going, man? -it's great to see you. you must be junior, what's up? yeah, no, my pleasure. and you must be robin. oh, hi, oh, wow! brooke, thanks for that kiss. and these are the puppies and you must be caitlyn! your hands are full is what you got. yeah, you got a little bit of everything, i know. you got toddlers, teenagers, puppies, and a house that needs some fixing up. yeah. i understand you guys obviously had to put some home improvement projects on the back burner, and i'm here to take those off the back burner
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and put them right in the oven and get them done, what do you say? we're here to rescue you. i was in shock. it's been a struggle here at the house since we've been here. this is the best thing that could happen. just to have an area for us and the kids and the dogs. it's gonna be amazing. i would love to see what we're dealing with now that i met the family. i love the kids, the dogs. where are you? what? wait. hey brooke, where are you going? so it's chaos, but it was good chaos. well, it's going to be great to have my own space, and brooke's gonna have her own space in the sunroom. i can't wait. george: now that i got to get my experts in here so i can figure so welcome to what i guess could be considered a screened-in porch maybe at best. george: yeah. little help, george. well, i'll be honest with you. it's a rough space. because the house has been and because it hasn't been construction, you never know what you're gonna find. the bottom line here is
9:03 am
that this structure is not conducive to living space. right. pull out this slab, get rid of these concrete steps, put proper footing in, a proper foundation and a proper frame. this is a take it down and do it over. george: what about design-wise? how are we gonna make this all flow? i think that we should get rid of that door, give us more floor space in here, probably going that way. right, and we'll keep the outside door to give them access now, so they'll still be able to get access to the rear yard. and the dogs will need to be able to get out. we almost feel like we are below the ground level so. absolutely. i'm sure they're getting tons of water in here. when you look out the door, when the grass is higher than the floor you're standing on, that's a problem. the best way to determine what we need to do is to take a look outside. announcer: george to the rescue is sponsored in part by 3m. for more information about 3m products or to find a retailer
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we're on a hill. it's flowing right at the house. how are we gonna resolve that? well, the most important
9:05 am
thing we need to do here is establish a proper foundation. once we raise the foundation up to where it should be, we can then make a nice swale to direct the water around the house. looking at the house structurally, if we tear off the existing porch dug, how is that going to affect the rooflines and how well it comes back together? the main house has a gable. what we probably do is take from that existing right-hand side of the gable and just let the roof continue up to a ridge and then come back down. it's going to make it look like it has always been here. aha, so you can much more aesthetically pleasing. a dry, structurally sound home. i draw a beautiful room, that's the plan. that's what it's all about. we're going to hit the project hard and i've got everybody ready. all right, team, demolition, nothing makes me happier than taking something apart, but safety's always got to come first. so we got hard hats. we got glasses. we got ear protection, respirators. -do i get one too? -you got your glasses? -yes, sir. -here's your hard hat. so ken, what's the game plan, we're ripping this roof off, starting from scratch, right? we're gonna fold it up like a dixie cup and throw it in the truck. -i like the sound of that. all right. can i drive?
9:06 am
sure, absolutely. all right! i like to say i know enough to be dangerous. so i'm gonna need you to talk me through this. so if you have, do you got insurance? what i even tell my kids when i taught them how to run the excavator, hands in will lift it up and pull things in, and hands out will put things down and push things away. up. down. there we go. side to side. there's really nothing better than demo day, smashing things, taking things apart, jumping in heavy machinery and literally ripping down a sunporch. so i'm just gonna dig into the roof and pull it towards me. pull it down! all right. stay clear. just keep pulling? go ahead! put it all on the ground, george! [laughs] that's why you're wearing a hard hat when you're in the thing! so when we gave george the machine, he really gave it a challenge. he was riding it around like a bucking bull. it came down with a lot of force. boom! face first.
9:07 am
wearing my 3m hard hat so i didn't knock myself out. there you go! that was awesome. that's perfect. all right, yeah! think my work is done. no, you did perfect. and so this is my masterpiece. demo by george oliphant. dug structure has been cleared. it's time to tackle the pad and see what we're dealing with. let's hope that there's no more surprises. wow, look at the ant problem, george. george: oh, geez. wow, these are all carpenter ants. we didn't even need the back out. george: yeah, if we had a couple more months, then it would have been gone by itself. george, come on over here. as you can see, we got quite a bit of water damage. george: oh! what a mess. yeah, so we're gonna have to strip all this off.
9:08 am
keep chasing the rot until we see how far it goes. -yeah. might push back our time frame a little bit, but we'll make it right. all right. let's get this thing fixed. look at that. just give it a kick. don't kick too much, the whole
9:09 am
the easiest way to address this problem is to put the foundation in so we have a nice, flat surface from which to work. makes sense. then we'll cut it off, put it in some dry, solid wood, reshingle it the right way, problem solved. problem solved. walking the blank down into the pit where our old sunporch patio slab used to lie. patio had to go. george: so how are we rebuilding it the correct way? the most important thing is to get ourselves down below the frost line and put a proper footing in. we've got our forms in place. we got our rebar in place and we're ready to go. [laughs] george: i tell you,
9:10 am
the girls really-- kevin: go, george, go! george: big biceps. kevin: go, george, go! next time, kevin, i want the job where i get to push the chute. never take the shovel first. always take the chute. kevin: we got a nice, strong frame now, george. we're ready to put our addition on. george: that's all the block that we're going to need for our foundation? yeah, sure. watch out though. so what do i do? george is taking the controls. just a minute. don't worry about a thing, all right, kevin? i got this. --[laughs] he's actually doing okay. george: that where you want it? that's fine, perfect. george: sure? kevin: yes. george: because i'm gonna put it there. kevin: go ahead. that's the way! --[yells] oh, here comes the truck. well that, my friend, is a lot of lumber. look at all that! that's a good thing to see, isn't it? george: i'm super psyched to have blue ridge lumber on board. what can we do? how can we make
9:11 am
your life easier? -can we help you at all? -nah, i'm good. kevin: let's just get the heck out of the way. yeah. now there's some machinery i like to try. i think i'm gonna leave this one to him though. that's right. no, i'm not driving that. yeah. see, this is existing, this is demo. exactly. the next wall will be a foot higher. george: right. man: so when you put the rafters, this part will be vaulted. george: and then meet with the other roof. this has to stay. these are all trusses. you can't mess with trusses. -don't mess with trusses. -you can't. i'm gonna get that tattooed right here. you need headers and don't mess with trusses. don't mess with the trusses. so we'll be putting our new system on top of this and then new rafters across here. george: no, i'm feeling this room all coming together right here around me. okay? okay, don't forget to pull back. pull back. easy, easy. all right, kevin, you ready? i'm gonna shoot you in the foot. kevin: i got it. where we going with this?
9:12 am
we going up? all right. get on your ladder. i'm getting on my ladder. this one is your header. that's the drop header because you drop it in. then you got your jack studs above. de george: give you this, ready? kevin: ready. slide it in. i just wanted to stand here and make sure you did it right. there you go. we got all our tarps ready to go. so as soon as we're done finishing this frame, we're going to flop those tarps right in place. george: we're finished. not now. almost. almost! it is almost time. batten down the hatches! [laughs] abc supply company coming in huge. siding, roofing. no reason to build this whole extension and not have a roof over it, right? kevin, it's no secret that when we arrived here, the yard was in pretty bad shape, but now that we've had
9:13 am
everyone working here, we've had the excavators, the trucks, it's safe to say this thing is a mess. so what are we going to do about that? well, when we first got here, we had a grade issue for water penetrating the house. yeah, water issues, all kinds of things. we're gonna go ahead and put the grade back where it needs to be, re-topsoil the yard, and it will be good as new. kevin's got everything under control here at the house, so i'm gonna have a little fun with robin and caitlyn at the ramapo-bergen animal refuge where we're gonna play with some cats and dogs. meow. [music playing] this is my friend wendy. -how are you? hi. wendy, this is robin and caitlyn. hi robin, hi caitlyn! good to see you. -great to see you. i'd love to take you through the kennel, and then i thought you could maybe take some dogs for a walk, and we'll see what it's like when they play out in the run. sound good? i told you we'd get a chance to play with cats and dogs. let's do it! we're the leading no-kill shelter in bergen county, meaning that once an animal comes here, they stay here until they find a forever home.
9:14 am
george: do you ever wonder what they're all saying to each other? they're saying adopt me. you really do speak the language of dogs. i do. would you guys like to go walk some dogs? yes. hi! you're so cute! george: pretty sure you're missing the point by carrying the dog, caitlyn. it's called walking the dog. caitlyn: i know but she's so adorable! robin: oh my god, it was the best day. we had so much fun. whoa! whoa! wendy: this is one of our more energetic dogs. his name is mac. george: yeah! yeah, mac! it's no secret that robin and caitlyn are big animal lovers. mac literally had robyn pinned on the turf and was licking her face. she was just loving it. who doesn't love dogs? i think we could call ourselves the dog whisperers, huh? you saw how good they-- -they really love me. -and me?
9:15 am
there will be a moment, when all the wonder, excitement, and joy of christmas will be contained not on the stage, but in that little face, in the seat to your right. that can only happen... the radio city christmas spectacular presented by chase. you bring the family, we bring the joy. visit
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part of the design considerations we had early on was that the house had a series of level changes, and what we decided to do was to raise that floor up to make it marry up with the existing family room. what that allowed us to do was to be able to open up that room from one to the other. we trayed the ceiling up, gave us a little bit more of a celebration of height, and by surrounding that space with windows, it's now a very bright and airy space and it has volume to it. i love all the windows, and i love how this room just flows into that room as if they were always part of the same original structure. we created the flow and this organic feeling because we have the same carpet running into both rooms. george: right. we also extended the same paint color into both rooms, giving us this very, very beautiful, open feeling. i like this. this is true rescue style. the carpets are literally
9:17 am
is coming in to be positioned. sara: and all the furniture is coming from michelangelo designs, a great italian company. i can't wait to uncrate it! this room should have seating in the middle so that they can all sit together if they choose to do that. well, what's nice about this furniture and these fabrics that are on it is it's pet and kid-friendly. i'd love to have a game table and chairs over here, homework, paperwork, arts and crafts. ooh! look at these chairs! perfect. aren't they great? they're easy for the kids to pull in and out of the table. i call it elegant and edgy. and we need a place for our furry friends in the corner. yes, the dogs need a place too. live, love, bark. sara: and we'll leave the small one in the corner and the two bigger ones on the side. george: all right. that's gonna go right here? sara: yes.
9:18 am
we'll put their treats there, too. so you put one on the wall, one on the picture, and then boom. if you need to pull it off, doesn't leave any marks. kevin: throw it up there, george. do you remember what this space was when we started? kevin: it was rough. and then look around at what it is now. i do. now it's usable. it wasn't before. it's just a great, friendly, warm place now. and every time it's done, but they are gonna have a lot of fun in here. a lot of good times in here. -thanks, george. aw, bring it in. group hug. group hug. this house had a lot of issues. what made the experts so great on this rescue is they had to marry an old, existing structure with a new structure, make everything feel organic and seamless. that is the sign of true professionals and true experts. we've created a circular space for everybody to enjoy being with one another. it's just nice to walk into your house and smile and feel that you have a place to be.
9:19 am
high five. high five. hugs. brooke's got the energy. i can tell you this. your house is in a lot better shape from when we started and to where we are right now. so it's all buttoned up. you wanna see what we did? -yes. brooke: mommy. george: follow me. caitlyn: come on, brooke. brooke: wow!
9:20 am
brooke: mommy. george: follow me. caitlyn: come on, brooke. go, go, go, go, go! brooke: wow! robin: oh my god, this is amazing! caitlyn: it's so beautiful! boy, the transformation's amazing. brooke, how do you like the new room? i love it. why do you love it? because i love my animals. this is for the dogs. george: that's for all the dogs. robin: oh, how great! oh, that's great! we actually have a real yard.
9:21 am
i didn't envision this at all. this is the space that always should have been here. now it actually feels like a home. i think the kids are really gonna enjoy it a lot. [laughs] i think everyone's gonna be happy in here. dogs and people alike. yes. steven: george, this is absolutely beautiful. well, welcome home. glad we were able to give you an area that flows with your original family room and just gives you more space, and it's dry, it's comfortable. obviously, you guys, i didn't do this all by myself. an amazing crew came together to make this all happen, but instead of telling you all about them, why don't we go outside and meet them? robin: yes. sound good? been a struggle the past couple years. it's been hard. financially, we were sweating it out because we really didn't know what to do, and i really think the sunroof probably would have collapsed on us. we know that there are great people out there. i can't say thank you enough. [inaudible]. i couldn't ask for anything more.
9:22 am
follow me. this is the family and family, these are the amazing people that made this rescue possible. [all cheering] brooke here, she'd always be in my room, annoying me. i think this room's gonna change that. she's not gonna bother me as much. i mean, i feel like she's gonna be in here playing. you know, it's good, it's a good thing. thank you, george. george: release the hounds! oh yeah, they're like oh my god, oh my, oh, oh boy, oh boy, who's is this a big play space for us? is this a big place we can run around? oh boy, oh boy. i'm so excited. i don't even know what's going on. you guys don't have to thank me. any time, any time, happy to do it.
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