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tv   Today  NBC  November 2, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. oh, that salena gomez, hoda woman. >> yes, it is funday monday november 2nd and i don't like the word n ember. >> or nday. >> but i do like saying great show aoday, becau
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actor lou diamond phillips is with us. >> how good looking is he. >> yes, one of the goodies. >> it is based on the fill m about the chilean miners that he is in. >> and we also have a jamie randolph with us, and we fell in love with her with her rant about leggings. >> some people wear them a pants pants, and that is not how they r are to be wore. if can wear them where i can tell that you have aztec thongs on, you shouldn't be wearing them. >> and now, too many of you were caught up in hal oween to be payinging attention to the
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of the news with raul shuta and also about leah remmi ini. >> and it was a great weekend and how about that extra hour of sleep. sleep. >> yes, that was nice. >> yes. >> and then sunday, cody went to an event to honor frank at bakersville high school when a man warren beatty saw something in him, and he is the first gifford to graduate from high school can and college, and he has given credit to his first football coach and teacher where
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frank was majoring in shop. and he got a hold of his sigh e key and told him how great he could be. >> and nice to see cody there. >> sorry to hog all of it. but it is halloween with my nep ew aaron who i call chuckie. and look at that. >> with the ears, and he is a happy baby. >> i think that he is an elephant. >> he is an elephant, and he is dumbo costume. >> yes. >> and i did something with rod stewart and 92y live and he likes to do what we do, spankie, and he turned around and there it was. >> that is what people do. >> they just stick it out. in case you missed the halloween show friday we dressed up in "peanuts" costumes, and regis joined us.
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and matt as lucy and al as charlie brown. >> there we are. >> and the red baron. >> he was trying to moeve around. [ laughter ] >> the feathers were flying, they were. and regis had fun, and by the way, the jifs involve d d the spanky one, two, three. and then we turned around. >> some people liked it. >> some didn't. >> and janice day sent us a video of her dog, and apparently we freaked him out. >> everybody is a critic. >> that is just hoda and kathie lee. do you like them? >> apparently he never barks. he calmly watches us until today. >> all righty.
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instagram sent us this that hoda and kathie lee announced the cotton parade. >> is that it? >> no, it a different picture. >> so people dressed up, and carly and her friend made cards that look like our cards, so thank you for that. >> it is a stupid excuse to do as little as possible, but to genuinely walk around with a glass of wine. >> and they were kathie lee and hoda zombies. >> that is before we come in, right right? >> exactly. >> and lots of big celebrities really get into halloween. and heidi klum went as jessica rabbit. she has a big party. >> ten hour s s to complete that. >> and jay z and beyone went as captain america.
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>> and nei patrick harris was obi-wan kenobi. >> andghrince dressed up. >> that is great.e,gl and tf you were a new yorker, it is not, the mets, and the jets and the niants suffered. >> i never thought that i would say these words, thank goodness for the marathon. >> a marathon was pretty awesome, because by the way, lots of -- >> can the kenyans sweep, hoda? >> yes, and the people hold up signs, y ah, mom. one mile left, and another friend of mine held up a sign like this, you're all crazy. can you imagine the last mile there? >> yes, because by that that time, they knew it. >> and by watching the giants' game, and i can't believe i have
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any fingernails left, and it is 49-49, and it is like practice and everybody kept scoring, but in last seconds, the saints' kicker kick ed ed the longest field goal. he has kicked a 50 yarder and this is 511 and the final score was 52-49. like -- giants' fans were upset, but it was exciting if you were a sapts' fan. >> and we are happy for kansas city, and of course, we would have loved our mets to have won, but the kansas city royals beat after 12 innings, the final score 7-2, but the royals, and you have to be happy for thel, first time champions in 30 year, hoda woman. >> and great to see the mets' fans in the stadium, waiting for the guys the to come out, and they chanted that they loved them. it was beautiful. >> we were all touched this morning, and we don't know if you saw brad pit and angelina jolie's interview by tom brokaw.
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it was moving. >> it is interest, because you see them as a coup. we see the pictures of them in video, but you rarely see the interaction, and they did talk about angelina's many surgeries in the last couple of years. the double the mastectomy. >> and the ovaries and the fallopian tubes as well. >> yes, this is one exchange. > there was no vanity to my wife's approach. it was mature, and it was an excitement to where this is our life and ws will make the best of it, and there is a strength inthat. it is another one of othose things in life that make you tighter because she was doing for it the kids and the family, and so we could be together. it trumped everything. trumped anything and everything. >> as much as he talks about my strength, he made it very, very clear to me that what he loved a what was a woman to him was somebody who was smart and
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family, and that it wasn't about your physical body, and so i knew through the surgeries that i would not feel less of a woman, because my husband would not let that happen. >> that is beautiful. >> they makes you cry. >> and i g e that marriage all of the open in the world. >> who thought that n in the beginning. >> and new things. and the handsome gen himself, you do all this research on the perfect car. gas mileage, horsepower torque ratios. three spreadsheets later you finally bring home the one. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy to raise your rates. maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light.
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it is hard to believe that lou diamond phillips got his first big break as richie valens and now he stars in young guns which is a rescue of 30 chile yan an miners who were trapped for 30 days. he plays the foreman. take a look. >> we eed a ramp. >> it is a draw. >> it has 20 more years. >> we may be looking at the weakness in the mountain's internal structure. mar eodo co marco, it is p my job to keep these men safe.
10:14 am
>> on the job. >> yes, you are. >> and it is wonderful to see you again, and absolutely wonderful to be here. >> and a tell us about the making of this, and it was not a vanity project. >> there was no glamour to this ne whatsoever, and we shot in two real mines outside of bogota, colombia, and going in and out of the mines six days a week 24 hours a day, and the real deal, and the great thing is that i was down there with antonio banderas, and he took the shirt down. if you are going to be trapped, be trapped with antonio banderas banderas. >> he is a blast. >> yes, a w derful man. >> and you had a brotherhood. >> and 100% bonded and being in the actual mine lent to the awe then thenticity and the veracity on the screen. and the rest of the cast were unbelievable. it is an international stellar cast, but under those conditions, we really created this bond and chemistry which is what the miners experienced, i'm sure. >> and where were you when this
10:15 am
actually happened? >> i was in los angeles and working, and i followed it because it was part of the 24-hour news cycle, and it was almost like reality tv, because they got the cameras down in the mine, and the men were trap there hand the low jis gistics of getting them out was space age, and nasa got involved with the phoenix as you can see it there, and brought them out one man at a time. >> did it occur to you at any point that the same thing could happen the to you and your fellow actors, because one of the mines is over 500 years old? >> yes, both of them were 500 years old. and i thought, my god, what an ironic headline that would be. we were down there with mine safety people there, and they would literally clear us out of the way of falling rock once in a while, an constantly checking the ceiling, and that sense of paranoia and peril was always there >> did you have a sense of
10:16 am
>> no, but we also shot in the desert a mile from where it happened and maybe i am projecting, and i felt fine in bogota, but when we got the chili, we said, oh, this happened a mile away, and going into the mine, we only filmed the entrances, and it was surreal. >> you talked about the brothers and the brotherhood involved and there was singing involved. and what was the music that you had? don't cry for me i am truly behind you muchacos i am craving nachos >> you are a bad boy. >> yes a little bit. and the number one on to fbi's most wanted list and i don't know why i could not be number one. >> and why couldn't you play a
10:17 am
scandinavian. >> yes, absolute ly ly. >> was it fun to be on the set with these guys? >> yes, sullivan stapleton and jamie alexander, and just a love, i lovely cast and people of that caliber to be on a show doing incredibly well on "blind shot" it was so much fun. >> if you have a chance to see him "king and i" you have to see it. "33" hits the theaters this november. >> and maybe more than you want -- >> a rant. >> uh-huh, and leggings and such. >> and she is the viral video sensation, my budget and i are way better buddies since we started shopping at first down! it's close as two friends trying to annihilate each other can be. ahh, interception!
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thank you. look at what we have. jamie sullivan. >> remember we showed you a video of a tennessee woman nting about the leggings, and you probably saw it on facebook, too, and it is hilarious, take a look. >> ladies, i love leggings weather. don't judge me, they r are co fortable. and some people like to use leggings as britches, pants, pants, and that is not how they are supposed to be wore. if you can't wear a shirt that covers your tail so that i can't tell that you have aztec thongs on, you don't need to be wearing them. >> jamie, we love you.
10:22 am
were you surprised when we we called you? >> yes, very surprised. >> you said that you keep all of the facebook posts private until one of the loud mouth friends decided to make it public. >> absolutely, i had a friend ricky taylor who said, lease changee our settings so i an share your video, and i didn't think the anything about it, and a day in, it was like a million. >> and million. >> this is how the careers are made. you are like justin bieber. >> you do a rant on babies? >> yes. >> wel we were talking ab ut the nurturing that bok. between moaher stuff? >> get rid of that. >> brank it out. >> okay. with well, we were at my mother and i were at the moonshine festival a couple of months ago and what my stepfather does which is competition barbeque, and we had parents with the babies running around the moonshine festival, and it was 2,000 degrees, and the babies
10:23 am
know you want to get the drink on, good for you, but leaf them babies at home. >> all right. we want to pick these, and these are rant, and we love you. we don't care what you are saying. >> see somebody climbing on the seats in the airplane. >> i have been on a airplane three time, and two in the last week. i don't mind you climbing up on the seat, but don't kick the back of the seat or the one by me, and if you is have to take your sh es off, put on some fresh nonhf -holey socks. >> and get a pedicure. >> and chewing loudly. >> like hoda. >> i have a sister and nephew who do that and it is terrible. okay. you should work on that. >> and give it to me. >> i can't evenb handle the crunch the sound, the smacking
10:24 am
lips is the absolute worst. you smack your lips. and 'm like, boom, boom. >> this one, oversharing on facebook. >> oh, lord. now, look i overshare and not private and half of my friends don't know if i am legally married and i like to keep them guessing, but we do have friends who like to put on every single sol solitary thing that you put on there from the minute that you wake up or go the bed, and calm it down. >> and even life -- >> yes shgs , people do i . it is out there. >> and for being fun and we brought you our favorite leggings. >> thank you. >> and they are by tony lisette, and we love these, because they are kind of like spanx and leggings together. how about that?
10:25 am
>> thank you for come ing to the big city. >> all righty. >> all right. we are going to come back after the break right after this. thank you. i am totally orlind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24.
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grand central parkway. 10:27, november 2nd. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. >> crews are at the scene of a gas leak prompting the evacuation of a daycare and schoiv. happening when a construction crew accidentally struck a gas main on wolf roaden mt. olive.ifthe students from the township's midle school were moved to the high school out o caution. students from the mt. o ve care learning center taken to the township council chamers about. that's where they are. checking the weather, partly sunny andnmild, 6 tomorrow, mostly sunny with a high of 70 tomorrow. a few clouds. 72. thursday, sun and clouds. late shower possible. up next, on the "today" show, kathie lee an hoda. tips foric taing
10:28 am
it is funday monday and if you were out enjoying the festivities over the weekend -- >> or getting that extra hour of sleep, you may have missed out on the hollywood gossip. >> and not the worry, because we have you covered on the buzz. and this is the naughty rob chuter. >> it is going to be fiesty when you show up. >> yes splchlt and actress leah remini has a book out that is getting a ton of publicity. >> yes, and it is number five on
10:29 am
the amazon and it is going to be a huge book and she sat down with abc news, and she got a clip of the first interview. >> and you know, written up for that, and being critical of tom the cruise is being critical of scientology, itself, and you are a person that is anti- the aims and goals of scientology and you are eel. >> you don't hear people speaking out like that. >> it is if first time for omebody to talk sit down to talk about her story. and she did attend the wedding of katy holmes and tom cruise, m and she was asked by the church to bring her friend jennifer lopez to the wedding to introduce her to the church
10:30 am
and we had a statement from the church that her repeated callous treatment of others which e led in a review to her being expel prd the organization. >> and her quote is now that she regurgitates the message of the church and debunked. >> and leah claims that after the wedding katy hand wrote a note to the church complaining abut leah's behavior, and kay katy's people have put out a statement saying that she regets any problems that she may have caused her. > and the discussion, and do we know anymore? is who knows. that going clear has already gotten them what they have been looking at. >> yes, the documentary, and it is not going to be ending any time soon. >> and taylor swift aufz has fun on the tou r.
10:31 am
1989 tour a has a surprise cast member, and this cast metber was adena adena manziel and they did a duet duet. >> and she is going to singapore and australia, and we are told that in every one of the e local markets, she is going to be finding a celebrity from that country to join her. >> and that is so cute. >> that is going to keep it so fresh for the performer, too, and she has something to look forward to, that it is the same show. >> and we should point out that even though it is a surprise to the audience, she is carefully planning this and the oshg rchestra doesn't happy to have the music r "let it go." >> and i wonder if the other
10:32 am
singers will do it to tie that market in, maybe kate middleton or the queen in englnd. and it is a total box office of the year. >> and is that because it was halloween saturday? >> yes, and some were saying that the movies didn't connect, aland surprisingly h sandra bullock who we adore had the lowest box ffice of her career with 3 million and the big movie of bradley cooper did poorly. >> and it is called "burnt." >> yes. i want to see it, and they both got great reviews, but the sandra bullock movie is about politics, and maybe people are overpoliticked. and matt damon fourth week at number one. >> well, thank you, rob. it is a pleasure. >> if you are caring for a loved one, we will tell you where you can go the get some help. >> daddy gator couldn't push the throttle on his little boat any harder
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>> ask any mother or daughter and they will tell you that the bond is special, and also one of the most challenging. >> in the reality series "fix my mom" is putting the relationship to the test as mothers and daughters are forced to get to the root of the issues and build a stronger mother/daughter bond. >> and joining us is the life coach with guests who appear on the show. >> velvet and her daugt hter ashley. >> and now, mom ashley and daughter brittany. hello, kids. >> yes. >> as we begin, these relationships are with a lot of love and frictions built-in? >> yes, these women came raw and red ady to work. and it is love from the bottom, but there is a lot of conflict, and a lot of the women have a difficult time understanding i am the mother, and you are the
10:38 am
daughter, and we have separate identities. >> velvet, you identify with na. >> i'm the mother. >> just kidding. >> and now, let's go to the clip and see how they interact and then we will talk about it. >> no, because i don't -- >> you don't appreciate me -- >> i appreciated it. why don't you stop. because i care about you and i want you to give me away at the wedding, i can't do that because you are going to the drink your ife away? i can't do that the >> and so who is the mother and the daughter? >> i am the mother, and i have to check in on her, and we live 3,000 miles away now, and so it >> do you mind my asking. >> 24. >> so you have left the coop, and you are a grown woman yourself? >> yes, it is very hard because three years ago my grandmother passed away, and so it has been hard on her, and she has
10:39 am
and i am concerned about her. she is my everything, and best friend and it is hard to watch her be weak and go to that lifestyle. >> and i feel bad to put it on her to worry like that, and -- i am a crier by the way. >> we have kleenex, guys. >> and so as we come out and realizing what i am doing to her in -- >> what are you doing to her? >> i go out an i party and i do work full-time and i don't drink at home, but sometimes i don't want to go home. >> and ashley, what do you worry about your mom? >> i lose her quicker than i should, and i don't want to bury my mom before i am 30. >> this is a real serious subject. >> yes. >> and we want tou meet the other mother and daughter ashley and brittany. >> and we will watch this clip and talk about it. >> it is the mom that won't be annoying like. >> that is so irritate ing to ing to me t
10:40 am
of other people >> mom, they don't care. >> they are not here. >> in is a problem. >> oh.vewell, i couldn't quite tell what it was about. >> describe the relationship. >> we have a unique relationship my mother and me, because she had me at the same age i am today, 22, and so she did raise me and she was a great mother, but she grew up with me, nd she was so young when she had me, and our relationship which is relatable, it is critical and rough at times. >> yeah. >> and do you have the roles defined? you are clearly the mom and you are clearly the daugt hter? >> she is very much a mom. >> i am a controlling mom, and i have learned through the process that i have to get over that, because i did not realize that this is my grown-up daugt hter, and she has made great decision, and i have to take a step back and stop controlling, and he this is not just about mother and daughter neegd help, but it is my own issues and a journey of self-discovery.
10:41 am
you too much to deny you the privilege of king mistakes. we have to let our children learn. > we do. >> and that is very difficult for most moms. most moms want a redeux. >> yes. and we want your life to be better than mine. >> and that is where the perfectionist comes in. >> yes, and my mom would do anything in the world for me. >> and stop the party thing life that is hurting you. >> and tn s is fascinating show "fix my mom" on our sister cable station oxygen. if you have postmenopausal teoporosis and a high risk for fracture... i can tell you prolia is proven to help protect bones from fracture. but the real proof? my doctor said prolia helped my bones get stronger.
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it is estimated that 40 million americans are currently care caring for an elderly, sick or
10:46 am
>> and if you are one of them, much of the time you are doing it alone without any guidance or help, but here is the thing. the folks at aarp magazine are hoping to change that by highlighting caregivers. >> and here to spotlight it is a care giver herself amy goiier. >> and you are a care giver, too? >> yes, my dad lives with me who is 92 and he has alzheimer's. and i cared for my mom who passed away and my sister who passeded away. >> how do you know what you are doing? >> i dont 't know most of the time. >> and kath says that we know it is coming, but even still, we are ill-prepared and what can we do to get ready? >> well, plan ahead, and have conversations with the loved ones about what their wishes are, and if you are in a crisis, and in a hospital, talk to the discharge planner right away and don't wait for the discharge
10:47 am
because you need to do some legwork about that. >> and before the person is out of the hospital. >> yes, contact the person on aginging about community-based care, and go to the locator a find information about area locations. >> and through the insurance? >> well, it is usually not covered for long-distance caregivers. >> and first you say that you need a team, but not al a loan. >> i can do anything at this point, but can't do everything. you have to fill the gaps with the other family members and hospice or respite organization, ptd and you can look at the ersonal care. my mom's hairstylist came to the house sometimes to make it easier when i could not get h er there. >> okay. >> and so many people want to be helpful? >> people are offering. and let me take you up on it. and if they the offer, say, yes. yes. >> and connect with other caregivers. >> yes, connect with other caregivers, and nobody
10:48 am
understands that somebody who is going through same thing. and we learn the most from each other. we get the most tips from each other, and so go to the local support group and the agency or the hospital can give you a list. if pou can't go on person, get online, and there are support groups, and community boards, and aarp is a community online to pose questions and get answers. we learn the most from each other. >> the trouble is that if you are a care giver, you can't ave the person that u are caring for the go to these things. >> that is right. >> and you were talking about the technology, and this is something that you can do from home? >> exactly. we are juggling so much, and my life, my parent s s' lives, and everybody else's life, but you can't do everything, but you canu do it better if you are organize organized. >> all kinds of care giving apps, and i use grocery iq for the shared grocery list with the care giving team. >> and there is a new app
10:49 am
list by creating a list of the medicati bottles, and team and journal and share a calendar, and this is helpful to get gt together. >> and one of the important thing which is one of the final points is to care for yourself, because you can't give what you don't have. >> exactly. we don't exsopect the carsto run on empty, but we expect ourselves to. so it is not selfish to take care of yourself, it is practical. you have to take the energy in to put it out. what fills you up and gmves you joy and take care of your health as well. >> and joy is nonnegotiable. >> and be kind to the caregivers. >> yes, and that is something foun give to a care giver. >> yes.
10:50 am
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it stim for the "favorite things" and lot s s of "favorite
10:52 am
things." i wanted to show you princess leia out there trick or treating with her dad, the prince. >> and now, our makeup artist turned me on and you, too, hoda, to this with which is call d ed the pure one-step camilla cleansing oil which is $48 from a japanese company, and you put a couple of the dollops on the dry face. >> and moisture your face. >> and the makeup goes away like that. >> and you can use it on the eyes. and in is really lovely, the travel size, but it is called a gentle rice enzyme powder, and it is pricey, but you don't need much. you gently, gently exfoliate, and it is t best exfoliator, and we love it, and smells nice. >> we do. and now, a cute story, a couple of guys on the plane, and they ended up switching seats and sat next to each other. can you tell they are not related.
10:53 am
>> they took a selfie. >> one is from glasgow, and one from london, and they were going to the same hotel sblchlt they are doppelgangers. >> they are related. >> look up the word doppelganger. >> and tomorrow we wi.l have
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