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tv   Today  NBC  November 3, 2015 7:00am-10:00am EST

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maybe a spritz on friday. friday's high, 73. record, 74. that could be a record high. 62 saturday and then back to normal 50s sunday/monday. the "today" show is next. >> that's what's hap ning "today in new york." >> trick question like that. >> wow. good morning. going their own way. e republican candidates briefly unified splinter again over their date demands as president obama takes a swipe, mocking the republican field's beef with debate moderators. >> if you can't handle those guys, then i don't think the chinese and the russians are going to be too worried about u. >> this morning our new poll with a decisive lead for ben carson the has trump lost his lead for good. mid-air explosion, the deepening mystery over the deadly crash of that russian passenger plane.
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out a missile strike but still vestigating whether there could have been a bomb on board. flying high. why former boy band start nicola shay stands to make millions if ohio voters legalize marijuana today, that is, if another measure boonlt doesn't kill his buzz. and hello record books. hello from the other side >> that's adele's new single. she is crushing it. more downloads in its first week than any other song in history. and the countdown to her appearance in our studio is already on today, tuesday, november 3rd, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a tuesday rning. november 3rd, she's coming on
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november 25th, yes. >> yeah. >> sitting here, just wait. >> a lot of people into that song around you've been singing all morning. i think some would agree, you're kind of crushing it already, not in the same way though. we'll wait for adele. >> we'll let her sing that one. absolutely. our day's top story, one year to go to the 2016 presidential election and the new poll has ben carson and hillary clinton suing and president obama is weighing in on the way. we'll get to the lester holt's clusive interview with the president in a moment, but we'll start in washington with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning to you. this race is now just getting good. the big headline this morning, that ben carson has shot up seven points in less than two weeks. that drops donald trump to second. 50% of republicansick carson as either their first or second oice, and while the depth of that support is yet to be tested, he's already proven to be a force in this field. dr. ben carson signing books and
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opponents shaking their heads. our brand new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows carson surging into the lead among gop primary voters at 29%, the highest number foa any republican so far this season, since points ahead of donald trump. carson support strongest among evangelical and female voters, even more if the former neurosurgeon is the nominee, 77% of republicans sayrehey could see themselves supporting him. just 60% for trump. >> i continue to do what i've been doing and that is to tell jethe truth and talklabout the issues that are important to the people. >> reporter: still, trump is la shing out at another would-be rival, freshman senator marco rubio whose delk,e performances vaulted him into third place, ffboth nationally and in the crysiiical early primary state of w hampshire. >> i think he's an overrated person. i don't think he's going to make it. >> reporter: w en asked, trump also dismissed rubio as a po tential running mate and is following jeb bush's lead criticizing rubio's poor senate attendance records.
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he doesn't do things that you're supposed to do. >> reporter: bush remains sagging in single digits in fifth place promising a political reset. >> i can fix it. >> reporter: and giving a glimpse into all the advice he's geheing to pick up his game. >> ditch the glasses, get rid of the purple striped tie. i like this tie. it only cost 20 bucks. >> reporter: meanwhile, the republicans united front pushing to change upcoming debate format formats is already fraying with donald trump insistingt.e'll negotiate with tv networks alone and john kasich and chris christie and carly fiorina won't gn on to any letter demanding changes and the president mocking them last night. >> and then it turns out they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators at the debate. if you can't handle those guys,
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chinese and the russians are going to be too worried about you. >> reporter: a couple more items about our poll. for all his support donald trump also remains the most unpopular political figure in that poll. 56% of americans say they have a nega a ve view ofehim, but this is portyoant. when asked who has the best chance in the general election, ump still leads all republicans. matt and savannah. >> all right. peter alexander, thank you so much. >> let's take a look at demo atic side now. ourouew poll shows hillary inn pulling away. nbc's kristen wel r is in iowa where secretary clinton is campaigning today. krsisten, good morning to you. reporter: matt, good morning to you. secretary clinton has two town halls here in iowa today, and it does come as our new poll shows she is increasing her lead over her top challenge over vermont senator bernie sanders. let's take a look at numbers. according to our latest poll, secretary clinton now leads sanders by 31 points. that's up from her 25-point lead in october, but it's not all good news. she still struggles with the
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general electorate. 53% of registered voters give her poor marks for being honest and straightforward with only 27% of her high marks. now, these numbers are significant because they underscore that voter perception is still an issue for clinton, even after the first debate, benghazi hearing and biden's decision not to get into the race. this morning clinton is releasing this new ad here in iowa and new hampshire. it's focused on gun safety, and it comes after clinton met last night in chicago with mothers and family members of african-american men and boys who were mostly killed during interactions with law enforcement. among those at the meeting, the mothers of trayvon martin, michael brown and tahrir rice. now this issue of gun violence and also the black lives matter movement increasingly pressing in this democratic primary. expect secretary clinton to focus on all of that later today here in iowa. matt,esavannah. >> all right. kristen welker in iowa for us. kiss ten, thank you very much. with an election one year out there there's a popular phrase
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candidates it's the long viewi >> they say you don't want to look at poll numbers now. they have little impact of what will actually happen in 12 months. are they right? we edecided to look back. >> in 2007 this is how the polling stacked up on the democratic side. hiisary clinton had 47 opinion to 25% for president obama. as we know obama went on to win the democratic nomination and the presidency. >> and on the republica side it was rudy giuliani leading the pack with 33% and john mccain hacad 16% and as we know senator mccain eventually became the republican nominee. >> and here's how the race looked in 2011. mitt romney had 28% and her mincane was 27%. romney went on to become the party's nominee. >> let's turn now to nbc "nightly news" anchor lester holt who talked about the 016 race, his legacy in the white house and a lot more in that inteteheiew. >> i have to tell, looking at
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thosenumbers, you forget. you forget how quickly things can change the i sat down with the president. we wanted to talk about criminal justice reform and spent a lot of time on that and gave us a few minutes later on to talk about the 2016 election. he's kind of on outside looking in right now at this process. he talks about silly season as he calls it and he pointed out that right now we're not hearing a lot in terms of specifics. >> i think the problem with election season is sometimes folks want to devote a lot more b to sloganiering and irring folks up emotionally, but they are not spending enough time, you know, really trying to explain to the america people wh tat exactly are you trying to do? >> that was kind of his broad vist at the situation right now. he did, of course, tweak the nose at the republicans a little bit. >>oo mentions it's silly season d.have that mocking comment for the gop candidates and last debate do you get the sense he's following this very closely or occupied with other issues? >> i think he's following it
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very closely and i think he will become more inv lve. by the way, he said something very similar to me about the cnbc debate and pointing out that if you're going to try to take on world leaders you've got to be able to deal with the moderators and we'll play that tonight on "nightly news" but he's dri ing down. he talked about with republicans, the sense that there's kind of a disgruntled element as he put them that seem to be driving the conversation through social media and i -- i think we all recognize that the electorate will become more engaged now as we move past the holiday season. he's watching very closely. we'll get more of that interview with president obama tonight on "nbc nightlytnews." the mystery now of what cause that had passenger plane crash in egypt is deepening this morning. u.s. officials telling nbc news theyo re ruling out a missile, but could it have been a bomb? nbc chief global correspondent bill neely is in cairo.y,bi i, good morning to you. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, matt. a lot of significant velopments.
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u.s. defense officials telling nbc news that heat flash rules out a missile strike but nothing else, and we have the first hints of what might have been he ard on the cockpit voice recorders. the heat flash was detected over the desert of the exact time of the crash, but the brief bsght light seen by the u.s. military satellite could have been caused by many things. it could have been a missile or a bomb on the plane. it could have been an engine or fuel tank exploding in mid-air or even the plane hitting the ound. the infrared satellite detected a flash, not a heat trail, so defense officials tell nbc news a missile is not the cause. russian nnt agency says one black box reveals routine conversations, then unusual sounds in the cockpit but no distress signal. the debris field is also yielding clues. the russian news agency says
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are describes as elements not related to the aircraft structure. isis claims it downed the plane. egypt's president dismisses that. >> that's propaganda. >> reporter: it's propaganda, he says, and warns about jumping to conclusions. the u.s. is cautious, too, about a terrorist link. >> it's unlikely, but i wouldn't rule it out. >> reporter: investigators are working on the two flight recorders, extracting information but still releasing none. the airline metrojet claims a technical fault couldn't have caused the crash, blaming and external impact. russian officials say that isn't based on fact. among the dead the sheen family pictured leaving for egypt. their deaths, like all the others, still unexplained. so investigators are ruling out nothing at moment, not mechanical failure nor mass murder as a result of terrorism, and still no official word here
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on what those black boxes might reveal, the hints though suggest an event so sudden and unexpect the the crew simply had no time to do anything. matt, savannah? >> bill neely in cairo, thank you so much. we learned overnight that the man who played a pivotal role in persuading the u.s. in 2003 has died. >> talking about ahmed chalabi, an iraqi politician. he lived years in exile but he's the guy who bushed the bush administration with since discredit the information about weapons of mass destruction. the 72-year-old died of an apparent heart attack. now to new allegations against volkswagen which the u.s. government says got caught cheat on emissions tests again, this time for more than 10,000 more cars than the company has previously acknowledged. nbc's tom costello is on the story again. tom, good morning. >> reporter: hi, good morning, savannah. this could mean millions more in new fines for the world's second largest carmaker which has already admitted to altering engines to harm harm full emissions in more than 11
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now the epa says it's also found fraud under the hood of thousands of pores,s, volkswagen's luxury line. they are amongst volkswagen's priciest cars and most profitable. luxury suvs like the pores, cayenne and vwturig as well as 2005 audi models with a v-6 diesel engine that the epa says vw equipped with secret software to fool investigators. in a statement to deny the latest allegations, vw insists no software has been installed to alter emissionsr characteristics in a forbidden manner, pledging to cooperate full wet epa to clarify this matter in its entirety. vw's effort to clear the air comes barely a month following
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>> the american people, the epa and their counterparts around the world have been defrauded by volkswagen. >> reporter: then the epa found nebely half a million vw vehicles emitting harmful pollutants known to cause smog and asthma. >> our company was dishonest, and in my german ords we have totally screwed up. >> reporter: proposed first fine, $18 billion. now a possible $375 million more. yeah, that, this laysest spat with the epa could really hurt sales of oughty and pores, brands in the u.s. which had been unscathed by the scandal. meanwhile regul ators ctntinue to tell car owners of all cars affected they are safe to drive even though they emit high levels of nitrogen oxide. guys, back to you.n >> thank you. former olympic star oscar pistorius is facing an appeal by prosecutors who argue taday he should have been convicted of murder, not the lesser charge of culpable homicide for killing his girlfriend reeva steenkamp.
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>> he was released last month less than a year into his five-year sentence and moved into his uncle's mansion for house arrest, but stabe is the arguing that the trial judge emisinterpreted parts of the law and ignored important evidence. a panel of five judges now is he arint thispinpeal. the number ofee. coli cases link to chipotle restaurants is expe ted ttho grow as health n ofeficials in the popular chain ich has closed 43 stores in two states search for the source that have outbreak. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer is in portland. miguel, good morning to you. reporter: hey, matt, good morning. still unclear when stores here in the pacific northwest will reopen, this as customers who have fallen ill have filed lawsuits against chiple. this morning health officials are trying to track down the origins of the chipotle e. coli outbreak that's already affected 22 people. and while they expect to note source and strain of the outbreak later today with at least one official suggesting the outbreak could have been produce.
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they have also b een bracing for even more cases of sick diners in the days ahead. chris collins is one of the eight who were hospitalized. >> and this was intense pain at just would never stop. it just wouldn't stop to the pointts, where i couldn't sleep at all. >> reporter: chipotle says the outbreak may be connected to one of its locations in portland and seattle, but it voluntarily closed 43 restaurants, including all of those in washington state out of a, quote, abundance of caabution. buying local is a proud part of chipotle's business model. local farms whenever possible. >> we're buying great ingredients and making sustainably raise the ingredients available to everybody whichlis a very important mission. >> reporter: but this e. coli tbreak is the third health ca bre in four months for the casual dining chain. in august, almost 100 customers fell ill to the norovirus traced
7:17 am
back to a location in southern california and weeks later a salmonella outbreak that affected dozens of people was linked back to tomatoes served at 22 of its restaurants. doctors said e. coli outbreak can cause serious ealth isrte . tha hope later on today to have a better number on the true scope of those who have been affected by the illness. matt and savannah, back to you. >> all right, miguel, thank you very much. there were tense moments on a spirit airline in los angeles overnight before the plane even got off the ground. ven passengrys had to be removed from the plane because of a dispute over a seat. >> the incident was caught on a cell phone camera. witnesses say the airline overbooked that flight and when one man got to his seat apparent g there was someone already in it. the man allegedly argued with the flight attendant and refused to be reassigned to another seat prompting the crew to call in the police. as we sa f, seven passengers were escorted off the ane, accused of being disruptive and inciting other passengers. at least o of them says they were discrfiinated against for
7:18 am
being black. spirit airlines has not sponded toof request for comment. there was plenty of drama meantime during "monday night football" between the carolina panthers and indianapolis colts. it wasn't just on the field either. look at this. during the fourth quarter two members of an activist group rappelled from the upper deck and unfurled a banner saying dump dominion, protesting america's financing of a liquefied natural gas process. charlotte process was called to get them down. >> in overtime the panthers kicker booted a 52-yard field goal to seal the win for the carolina panthers and keep their perfect season alive. we've done sports. got to do weather, israel. >> that's right. had some windy conditions out in riverside, california, wind blowing around and the storm system pushing through and also as you go into the mountains so does springs, california. take a look at snow coming down. pa s of nevada picking up 10
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inches of snow, so winter out there but guess what? it's going to feel like summer here. jet stream way up to the north and so temperatures are going to stay nice and warm here and staying cool out west. look at some of these readings that we'll see over the next three days. kansas city you're 75, tupelo you're 76 and chicago will see a temperature of 72. highs 22 degrees above normal as you get into the great lakes and northeast and washington, d.c. 73, and if you're lucky enough to be down in florida, record-setting heat today, 90 in gainesville and orlando and 86 vero beach and tampa coming close with a temperature of 86. we're going to get to your local forecast com mastering the art of refinement one dark chocolate rises above the rest lindt excellence created by our master chocolatiers pure, rich, darkly intense... made like no other crafted elegantly thin to reveal complex layers of flavor experience excellence with all your senses
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and discover chocolate beyond compare try lindt excellence with a touch of sea salt. it's cool morning out there. around 50. give or take a couple of degrees around the boroughs. we're still in the 30s and 40s 367893 in sussex. look for temperatures this afternoon, what a rebound. 71 degrees with plenty of sunshine. more tomorrow. sunny, near 70. clouds gather thursday, maybe a shower later in the day. at night, upper 60s. warm on friday with plenty of clouds and a sprinkle in the evening. back to the 50s sunday and monday. that's your latest weather. two days until the start of rokerthon. >> rokerthon 2. >> all right. >> let's not forget last year. >> al. thank you. three yale from a kerntd under nfire for allegedly throwing
7:21 am
and why today's vote in ohi and whether to legalize mariju fa could make former boy
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good morning. it's 7:26. continuing to follow breaking news in newark. an early morning shooting involving police. tracie strahan joins us with the latest. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: darlene, good morning to you. situation resolved here on 4th avenue. we're told by the prosecutor that two people are in custody. two guns were recovered after a police-involved shooting just before midnight. want to show you video of officers in tactical gear entering a home on 4th avenue around 6:15 this morning. we're told they were making sure the coast was clear after two people apparently fired on police just before midnight. not sure what happened. but we do know the officers were on routine patrol when all of it went down. the officers were not injured, again, two people in custody after a police-involved shooting here in newark. back to you. >> all right, tracie. thank you. let's look at the commute with lauren scala. >> thank you, darlene.
7:27 am
the george washington bridge joud bound outbound. 45 at the lincoln, 20 at the holland tunnel. we also have an accident southbound on the west side highway by 59th street in the center of lane. that accident on the belt parkway by knapp street takes out two lanes. back to you, darlene. >> all right. we'll be right back with chris' forecast. beautiful day on tap. lots of sunshine. starting out on the cool side. warm by afternoon. 71. 70 tomorrow.
7:28 am
to a couple of showers. still warm on friday. low 70s. finally cooling it down as we go into the weekend and clearing things up. darlene. thank you so much, chris. coming up on the "today" show, a new series called 24 hours with. this morning an in-depth look at the average day in the life of a police officer. stay tuned. welcome, to the simply orange tour. this is our plant. these are our workers. and this, is upper management. but what you won't find around here, is any freezing, flavoring,
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or concentrating. which brings us to our end product. simply orange. honestly simple. that's just the night watchman. sfx: owl 7:30 now on a tuesday morning, november 3rd, 2015. it's like spring around here. beautiful morning out on the plaza. goinc into the 72s today. we're going to get al's forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. of course, we'll go out in a little while and say ht to those nice folks. >> absolute cely. >> let's take a look at some of the sto es makingeheadlines right now. health officials say they are testingmore people for e. coli in the wake of that outbreak that >>'s closed 43 chipotle restaurants in washington state d oregon.
7:30 am
reported in recent weeks. >> s the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows ben carson with a commanding lead in the republican presidential race at 29%. 's six points ahead now of donald trump. according to that same poll, hillary clinton holds a 31% lead over bernie sanders. and the oscar pistorius case is being heard by south africa's supreme court of appeal today. a panel of judges will decide if the former olympian's culp homicide conviction in the death of reeva steenkamp should stand or be changed to a c arge of murder. also this morning, a fraternity at yale university is in hot water over a claim its members instituted a, quote, white girls only policy at a weekend party. nbc's stephanie gosk is following this story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, guys. well, as u niversity officials investigate what happened on the nitoght of this party, the president of the sigma alpha silon say the only screening
7:31 am
at the door is asking for a yale id and one student was rejected because of the color of the skin. >> reporter: this morning members of the fraternity are defending themselves against allegations of racism after being accused of allowing only white women into a halloween party last weekend. a yalm student first drew tention to the allegation with a facebook post saying in part i would just like to take a moment to give a shout-out to the member of the ya 's sae chapter who turned away a group of girls from their party last nigh explaining that admittance was on a white girls only bas. students across campus had st frong reactions to the facebook post. >> it's absolutely disgusting and deplorable and chant sneer esident grant muller denies the accusations, sening it was just before m'tidnight friday when the police showed up and told the frat not to let anyone else in. >> no one can come into hee house, it's overcrowded, ercapacity and never had anything to do with our entry
7:32 am
tolobr parties ever or entry into being a member of our fraternity. >> reporter: yale chapter releasing a statement ceernight saying white girls only andathe ntiment it express nez no way describes our admission polics for social events. entry into our home was by no means determined by race. the national chapter says it is still investigating the incident, adding our leadership has zero tolerance for any behaviors or actions that de viate from our values, mission and creed. it's the late accusation of racism againnt sae. the university of oklahoma chheapter made headlines last march after a video was released showing members s nging a racist chant. the univers ty took swift action, expelling two of the students caught singing and now sae officials quickly closed the chapter. we should point out that the student who first posted on facebook about this incident was not actually part of that group that was allegedly turne away from t party. she claimed in her post that she
7:33 am
in which she was turned away from an sae patty last year. >> we'll continue to follow stephanie, thank you. meanwhile in ohi today, voters will decide whether o legalize mayor ana in that state. it's a ballot measure gainingr national attention for the well-known names who could cash in if it passes. "today's" erica hill is in hudson, ohio with more on that. erica, good morning to you. >>n'eporter: if this measure known as issue 3 passes ohio wootuld become the fifth state to legalize mhaijuana and that makes the 29 acres of land behind me a potentially lucrative place for growing pot. land one ohio native has expressed interest in buying and this morning that hrs him doing his very best to convince voters to say yes. >> i'm nici lachey. ohio is my home. the former reality tv and boy band star is hoping to cash in on that connection with voters. in a campaign that has him
7:34 am
singing the praises of legalized marijuana. >> proud to be part of a movement that's going to create jobs, rein g rated our economy and improve the safety of our communities.g >> repor r: lachey, along with fashion designer nanette la pore and nba great oscar robertson is aio shawl group of wealthy investors called responsible ohio claiming legalizing pot would create 0,000 jobs in the state and spur a bhelion dollar rket. the catch, the amendment ould give exclusive rights to all the marijuana grown and sold in 1,100 stores in the buckeye state to just ten groups. one is lacheyeth's. >> a good deal for nick lachey and his cronies who would have control over the marijuana monopoly but bad for ohio issue ke would prevent any constitutional amendment from creating a monopoly. if both pass, there cou a be a conflict. most polling shows voters are split on the issue of legamylization. >> i care very deeply about the people here.
7:35 am
>> reporter: with well-funded pr freoponents like lachey's group doing his best to fme it as a business decision, one that could make them very, very rich. >> the rich folks are investing a lot of money to not only change the system, create lots jobs, 30,000 jobs and generate $554 million a year. >> reporter: nick lachey declined our request for an on-camera interview. the city of hudson, ohio, did confirm this morning to nbc news that this land is zoned for agriculturll use. we rea out to the developer and they didn't return our call. responsible ohio, a group of investors backing this ballot measure did, confirm it's looking to invest in this land if in fact it passes, and that would make this site one of those ten sites throughout the state with exclusive commercial growing rights. one other interesting note, matt, nick lachey who did grow up in ohio and is pushing this measure did reveal in a recent interview he won't be voting today and that's because he's still registered in california. >> all right.
7:36 am
we'll be following this vote as it unfolds today. er a, thank you very much. take a turn and get check 0.he weather net from al. >> i'm going to invest in the cheetos franchise in ohio. anyway, as we take a look, look at this meteor over bangkok, bangkok, thailand, caught on a dashcam, and can you see that thing just firing you, wow. that lights up the sky for just a second or two. what we're going to be lig >>hting up is a lot of strong weather coming in, especially once more pushing its way from the plains down into texas. heavy rain iu san antonio, little rock. we are looking for the risk of strong storms for thursday, and then as we move into friday it moves into eastern texas and the mid-mississippi river valley, mo bile north into cincinnati and what they do not need in texas more rain, but look at this,
7:37 am
through friday night with and a half inches per hour and 3 to 4 locally and 5 between texas, arewkansas, louisiana and al sthanks very much. oking at sunshine this it sticks around all day. while chilly now. it will warm u to a high of degrees. tonight, mainly clear. cooling down to the mid-50s. 40s north and west of town. tomorrow, back at it at 70 degrees with sunshine. coastal areas cooler with the sea breeze. mainly south facing coastal areas. more clouds, couple of showers at nihht. a late sprinkle on friday. breezy and warm. 73. low 60s saturday. makeerure you get that ather channel forecast at 24/7. guys? >> thank you very much. coming up, why matt's twitter ed blew up aft r this segment sterday about thanksgiving turkeys. we'll explain.
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7:43 am
this morning. >> think of this as the anti-supersized me diet. a high school biology teacher atree nothing but mcdonald's for 90 days and he actually lost weight. now he trave a the country sharing his story on school campuses and that's where some parents said teacher and the company are crossing the line. in a crowded high school auditorium science teacher john chrisna is telling students about hisnique fast food experimentul >> myhoetter to use in this experiment as sun who basically contributes to the data of bei erweight, me. >> the mission, eat every meal for 90 days at mcdonald's and keep the total daily calories to 2,000 or less. the result, he lost 37 pounds, druroppe four waist sizes and lowered his cholesterol by a third. >> he ate 530 meals in a row at mcdonald's and lived featured it. >> reporter: and now he's
7:44 am
featured in a new mcdonald's video and has become an ambassador sharing his stories across schools across the country. >> i'm not endorsing fast food. i'm endorsing kids need to mak critical thinking skills when they make the choices that they eat. >> that's not impression one texas mom got what the she watched the video. >> i was really taken aback by wh at i saw. >> she is is a member of a mmittee that makes nutritional choices for students at more than 300 public schoolsncn houston. >> schools ought to be a sanctuary where kids can come and learn and not be bombarded by corporate messages, whether they are from mcdonald's or an organic food company. >> she started a petition asking mcdonald's to drop the program. more than 55,000 parents have signed it with comments like it's a thinly veiled commercial and mcdonald's has no place in education. a mcdonald's spokesperson confirms the appearance at 990 schools in the past year, including one in rochester, minnesota, where this student listened to the presentation.
7:45 am
>> it's a healthy message. i don't see why he shouldn't be able to deliver, it even if it's free advertising for misit is. >> we have to work with the reality that teenagers are already eating fast food so we can't put blinders on as adults. >> critics of the campaign say they don't mind mcdonald's promoting cissna's message as long as the company is not force feeding it to their children. >> this is very much an advertising vehicle for mcdonald's. >> i know it works. >> well, mcdonald's has no plans to stop his speaking engagements and a spokesperson says the corporation does not provide any financial support to any of the schools that ask cissna to speak to their students. he is a brand spokesperson and he is fade by appearances. >> t t's an interesting debate. >> if it's not across the line it's right up against the line. >> thinly veiled, absolutely. >> coming up, why you may want to leave your costume at home when you head to the theater for the new "star wars" movie. >> and up next what adele just did that no artist in history
7:46 am
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music the kind of moments that really bring us together, happen here evera day create your family's story at disney pifks. unforgettable happens here. if there was any doubt that adele is one of the biggest stars in the world, doubt over.
7:50 am
carson's got that. >> that's right, matt. good point. adele's song "hello" only out for a week and a half. already had huge impact shattering the records for downloads here in the united states, selling well over 1 million in just a week. take a looktat the previous record there held y florida ridda "right around" at 36,000 copies. that six years ago. adele's records don't stoe there. it was streamed 23 million time and rocked up 27 million views and now it's up to over 207 mill n views all coming ahead of a very busy month for the singer. a one-night only concert here in radio city new york music hall on december 17bl and thegr release of her new record will be on the 209th and how excited are we for the live performance right here on "today." we've got our countdown clock there. just can't wait for this. that's november 25th. looking forwai to having her.
7:51 am
by the way, the b and one republic tweeting out grateful for the small things in life like not having our next album release date any time between adele's latest album and march. >> carson, thank you very much. coming up, how many hours each day do your kids spend on ei digital devices? the new screen time shocker and what it migis mean for your family, but, first, on a tueay
7:52 am
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good morning. 7:57. i'm darlene rodriguez on this tuesday morning, we have
7:56 am
breaking news from brooklyn. investigators are at the scene of a hit-and-run accident that killed a 70-year-old woman. it happened at 6:15 this morning at the corner of fulton and sack man streets in ocean hill. no word on the type of vehicle that hit the woman. news 4's katherine creag is headed to the scene. we'll have more detaols when she arrives. police a trying to find a man last seen crossing the finish line at the new york city marathon 30-year-old john claudio, an italian national who traveld with a group of runnerte he only speaks italian and has a mental disability. he had been staying at the sleep inn hotel in long island city queens. here's lauren scala with a look at the commute. >> an accident on the northern state parkway. it's causing delays back to the meadow brook. then heading over to the west side highway. we saw that accident southbound by 59th street in the center lane. extremely slow through there as well. accident in both directions on the newark bay extension bridge. back to you, dar halloween.
7:57 am
>> lauren, thanks. lots of sun with a high of 71. not as chilly as last night. tomorrow more sunshine. 70 as a high. thursday, 68 with a chance for a late shower. friday, cloudy and breezy. 73 degrees. coming up on the "today" show, m brokaw helps begin alzheimer's awareness month with a look at the disease that's
7:58 am
kate murray: "i am not a prosecutor. i am a manager." vo: well, the first part's true. kate murray's never practiced criminal law. never prosecuted one murderer, one drug dealer, or one corrupt politician. editorials call murray "utterly unprepared to serve." and "clueless about pressing issues surrounding criminal justice." there's a better choice. madeline singas has spent two decades prosecuting crime. targeting murderers, drug dealers, political corruption.
7:59 am
politician. it start with a whisper >> it's 8:00 on today. coming , kids, teams and screams. disturbing new look at just how much time our kids are glued to oir digital devices every day. plus, an officer and a gentleman. >> do you typically feel fairly safe? >> we take you inside the day in the life of a police officer. and the ale of our i. giada stops by to whip up her favorite ap e-inspired dishes
8:00 am
today,itude, november 3rd, 2015. good morning. celebr ing 42 years of marriage. >> hello, columbus, ohio. >>. he will llo and we're here at the "today" hoe. >> hi, mom! >> we're celebrating no school with matt, al and ranger. ht's 8:00 on "today." it's the 3rd of november. it's a tuesday morning, a pretty one out here on our plaza. definitely feeling fall in tha air. we've got a beautiful week of weather. i know it's going to be a great week, and we are getting ready for tanksgiving. all of our food segments this morning have a thanksgiving theme. >> favorite holiday. >> your favorite. by far. >> really. >> i lov thanksgiving. >> i like it. >> as we said giada
8:01 am
alreadyfindy in the kitchen ready to add some of her favorite recipes to this month long counttown to our favorite holidare she's going to make the ultimate thanksgiving feast. >> yu lm. >> cannot wait. there's another big event marked on our calendars, rokerthon 2 just about here. yes, thank you. we are going for a record by doing the wbaer live in every ate in just one week, and we want you to come along for the ride. head to and tk the adventure. it's a great geography l son all across the countr >> your kids aren't going with you. >> theomy arhi't crazy. >> that would be fun. >> maybe in the for them but would be for me. >> starts thursday. >> well, we will leave thursday. >> okay. >> but it starts friday from hawaii. >> oh, my gosh. >> way to go, pa >> let's take a check of the top stories. nata e is over at news desk. nat, good morning. >> good morning once again. just about a year until the presidential election.
8:02 am
lead in our new nbc new/"wall street journal" poll. nbc national correspondent peter alexander is in washington with a closer look. peter, good morning. >> reporter: nata e, good momprning t you. you hit it on the head. the big headline today, ben carson vaulting pastmdonald trump at 29% earning the highest number yet in the republican race. trump still more than doubles d thi place finisher, that's marco rubio works trump dismissed as a lightweight yesterday. d cruz in fourth and jeb bush's support remains unchanged 8% and a bush aide acknowledges jeb is going to have a few bad weeks, a few weeks of bad polls. comebacks take time. we're prepartd for that. republicans united front pushing to change upcoming debate formats, that's already fraying iwith trump insisting that he's going to negotiate with the tv networks alone, and john kasich, carly fiorina and chris christie all refusing to sign a prothst letter demanding changes. notalie. >> peter alexander in washington, thank you. >>i > meanwhile on the democratic
8:03 am
said the poll also shows hillaryoclinton pulling way out in front of bernie sanders. secretary clinton leads sanders 62% to 31%, a 31-point margin, up from her 25-point lead last month. clinton is campaigning in iowa today. e's rele wing a new ad there in new hampshire focusing on gun violence. monday she met with mothers in chicago of mothers and dies killlled during interactions are la -w enforcement. for his part president obama addresses the reationship betwee police officers and ack communities in his exclusive interview with lester sgloelt have you been influenced in the in any way by the black lives matter movement. >> i think the black lives ma tter movem t is just - an whtgrowth of what has been a very long story in american society. we want to make sure that every community in this -- in this country feels confident that the
8:04 am
police are there to protect and rve them and that they are going to be interacting fairly, of police offi rs do exactly that in a really tough situation and really tough job. >> and we'll hear more of lester's interview with president obama this evenixt on "nbc nightly news." the uber passengers caught on camera this weekend apparently assaulting his driver has been fired from his drther. the assenger 23-year-old benjamin folden is turned olent after being asked to leave the car for being too drunk. golden was arrested in california and he was later fired as a marketing executive and the company also urged him to get professional help the nba got itself into bit of a pickle month night during the fourth quarter of a close game between the milwaukee bucks and new jersey nets.
8:05 am
the referees stopped to action to remove that action, the object a pickle. ever one had a good laugh and everyone had a laugh. the pickle juice mopped up and this is the first pickle delay in nba history. >> when you see it on the napkin i'm glad you said it was a pickle. >> but you have to relish that moment. >> i knew you were going to go interest, al, so i left it to you. >> thank you very much. >> when are you leaving for rokerthon 2? >> if you're a parent you're probably concerned about how ch time your kids are spending on their digital devices. >> this morning a landmark new report is revealing a answer that will likely add to your woh!rries. here's nbc's joe fryer. >> you can call them screena teens. a new study says the average teen spends nine hours a day with media or technology not counting school or mework team and tweens averages six hours a day.
8:06 am
tierme with media and technology than they do with tear parents or anything other things. >> reporter: spend a day with ou15-year-old jake george you'll quickly know that technology follows him as a shaddo. his cell phone is the alarm clock that wakes him and the video game player that entertains him, the tool that keeps him in touch whether in the classroom or at basketball practice. >> i'm normally texting my friends on my phone, m aybe on instagram and social media kind of keeping u with what'st oing on. >> reporter: for ts]eens music is the top media choice and for tweens it's tv. boys lean towards video games wh wile girls are more likely to embrace social media, although surprisingly only 10% of teens fix social media as their favorite activity. for some it's seen as something at they have to do these days. >> in a li tle way you're all mpeting with your friends on who can get the most likes and followers and everythino so everyone s always trying to one up each other. >> reporter: the study also finds while doing homework 76%
8:07 am
text and 50% are on social networking sites. two-thirds of teens think that they can multitask while doing their homework and they are wrong. >> reporter: still, experts say this technology is now a way of life so parents must help kids create a healthy media diet by putting devices away f m time to time and encouraging more fa -to-face communication. the george family has set up rules, no video games after 8:00 p.m. and no technology at the dinner table. mom and dad also keep a close eye on what jake is doing. >> i'll just ask him, what are you listening to, hat's that video about? cayon i hear it out loud. >> reporter: they also see all the positives of this technology. it helps them keep in touch, stay organized, and when the day is done jake is soothed to sleep the sounds coming from his tablet, a modern day lullby tha symbolizis a new way of life. r "today," joe fryer, nbc news los angeles. >> how much do we all retlit that? >> wow, definitely. >> a 14 yearly, 12-year-old and
8:08 am
almost 9-yearveld and we fight this battle ener, day, and i would say we are losing it at the moment. >> i have to say, i have a 14-month-old, but she sees me on the phone. id- feel like i'm setting a bad example >> exactly. >> parent have to look inward and for this study if for example a child is watching tv for an hour and was texting at the same time, researchers actually counted that as two hours of screen time. >>cr you should. >> interesting. coming up next on "trending," matt's little adventure with the thanksgiving turkey had a lot of you reaching out to him on twitter. we'll explain. >> they were lovely tweets. plus the start of a new special series "24 hours with." this morning the day in the life of a hard working police earning unlimited cash back on purchases. that's a win. but imagine earning it twice. you can with the citi double cash card. it lets you earn cash back twice. once when you buy and again as you pay. it's cash back then cash back again. and that's a cash back win-win. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase
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[ dog barks ] and it's also like... [ laughs ] [ engine revs ] but don't take our word for it. try all of our tasty, good-for-you ocean spray cranberry juices and juice drinks. it's amazing what a little cran can do. 8:13. let's trend, guys, okay. we're going to play a little game. a lot of studies on human behavior in the news today so we're going to read you the study and tell you a little bit about it and using the paddles thumbs up or thumbs down. you're going to vote as to whether you think this worksnor doesn't work. >> okay. >> i think. >> here we go. first, having the birds and bees talk with your children, does it actually make them more
8:13 am
responsible when it comes to the choices they make involvingwe sex? thumbs up yes or thumbs down know. >> thumbs up, thumbs up. re>> he.e the talk earlier. >> yes. >> okay. >> very good. this is a yes. having the talk does make k s more responsible and here's an interesting fact. apparently it works with children more when the moms have the talk with them than with the dad. >> go see your ather and my dad was in the garage at his work bench listening to the dodgers on an a.m. radio, gave me a cr razy speech but it helped our bond more than anything and i always felt from that moment on i could talk to him about anything. >> dads are more honest. >> terrible metaphors. >> this big a wrench. >> or this big a wrench. >> you would go there, carson. >> have you had the talk? >> i've had the talk a little bit, but i think -- i have two
8:14 am
to -- because a guy to the boys. >> zach doesn't want to hear it from me. talked to annette a little bit. >> all right. next up, those calorie counts you see on menus at fast food restaurant. do they work and do they get people to consume fewer calories? thumbs up or thumbs down. >> carson yes. savannah yes, natalie no and al yes. the answer is this is as thumbs down. the calorie counts were found to have zero effect on what people ordered. >> i disagree. >> you go in a restaurant and you look. >> and when i see that the scone is like 500 calories, i'm like oh, forget that. >> same thing. >> actually no. >> if it's something i wanted when i came in there, i'm having it anyway. >> i agree. >> and i think that people who go to these places they go in there with the idea what have they want. >> what do you think in. >> they are going that a fast food restaurant. >> i -- i haven't had an issue with weight so i don't really pay attention to calories. >> if you're someone would
8:15 am
battles weight every day and you see something 630 calories versus 1,100 you're more inclined to go that way and if someone doesn't have a weight issue, and we lie to ourselves, that cooky is 100 or if i find out it's 500 i don't have it or eat half. >> fans cheering loudly at a sporting event, does that actually affect the outcome in the game? in other words, does the loudest side win, thumbs up or t mbs down. >> down, down, yes, yes. >> in football they are yelling so much they confuse the quarterback and can't get the calls out and it could have an pact on the game. >> i'm thinking they are talheng about does it inspire your time to excel and perform better? >> yes, yes, no, no. >> players are always talking about how inspiring it is and the crowd was with w them. >> yes, they are. >> and the answer is no. it doesn't have any effect. experts say the cheering does not interfere by the way with the performance of players. >> didn't work for the mets. >> okay.
8:16 am
you gave me a good segue. can we all agree as much as you love your sports team maybe don't get the celebratory tattoo until your team has actually wo.n. lifelong mets fain new jersey should have heeded that message. hour one before game one of the world series josh got tattoo. th be mets logo with world series champion 2015. no regrets a w the mets is even good and maybe he can add a little ink next year to 2016. >> or 2018, the ve. >> or just change the 2 to a 3, 3015. >> wow. >> nice. >> carson is all about getting tattoos made into other things, right? >> yes. >> 2016 is going to be the best bet if the ou're a mets fan. >> when you mess up, it's right there to let you know how you messed up, so watch this video yesterday. here's matt handling and having his way with that turkey and
8:17 am
then did you see what happened. that was really fast. >> he didn't wash his hands. >> handles the turkey and dipss it in there aha massagesled turky? raw turkey. >> and now is eating with the same hand. >> social media caught on to this. moments later, look at that. there's the slow mo. >> what kind of mail do you get from this? >> i got some beauties, like enjoy salmonella for the next 24 hours, idiot. hope you don't get sick. we were screaming at the television set. did you not hear us. >> you may need psychological counseling to get over this u >> you did a mea culpa on twitter. i blank the, a brain camp, i da bbed them off on the towel and i did pick up. >> did you feel any effect in. >> hi some rumbling for the entire afternoon. >> say more about that. >> everything was fine. i feel great today, but point well taken. >> even the world's best chefs ve been knownalo do this. >> exactly. you don't do that. wash your hands afterngou handle
8:18 am
raw poultry of any, any kind. >>e unless you want to lose ten pounds in a hurry. >> exactly. now to what you can't bring to the new "star wars" movie and the halloween prank that has parents laughing and kids in tears. carson, "pop start." >> hello, everybody. i'm your father. first "star wars" when hits movie theaters next month you can bring the force with you but no props. theater chains around the country are banning them to keep fans safe and secure. one of the signs posted. look at the bottom, "star wars" costumes are welcome no face conversation or face paint or simulated wt.pons including light sabers or blasters will be allowed in the building so leave them at home, al roker, now the nual prank that goes viral from jimmy kimmel with parseentsa telling their children that they ate all their kids' halloween candy which leaves their kids devastated. >> no candy, you are in big trouble, young lady.
8:19 am
related and i know. >> i ate all your candy, all your halloween candy. >> that's all right. >> that's'sll right. >> yeah. >> so you'rk.e not mad at mom h are is or anything. >> i don't ever want to see you gever again. go get a job. go get a job. that is the "pop start" for today, guys. >> that's awesome. >> never stop doing that, jimmy. al, let's get a lent ofne sun. maybe a late shower. sprinkle friday evening. and warm, 723.
8:20 am
saturday, mid-50s by sunday. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah. >> all right, al. thanks. we're beginning the new series this morning 24 hours with, an in-depth look of the lives of people who in their o [ ways really make up the fabric of our untry. >> great story. national correspondent craig melvin will find some remarkable people. first up a man with the last two decades who has honoryo his pledge to protect and serve. >> a pledge that rick mauer takes very seriously at at time when police officers all over this country are under great scrutiny and a great risk. it's hard for him to imagine doing anything else. cleveland is ohio's largest city, home to the rock 'n' roll hall of fame and according to the fbi it's one of the most dangerous places in america. we're just outside cleveland, ohio. rick mauer has been a police officer with the city of cleveland for more than 20 years
8:21 am
today we go on patrol with him. riofck mauer starts his day at 5:32 a.m. making breakfast for his wife val. when he leaves for work in the morning how much do you worry it is. >> i always worry about him and hope that he's safe and comes home to me. >> reporter: at 7:15 he hits the gym, at 54 rick is in better shape than most men half his age. afterwards he heads to the police station and suits up. >> all right, guys. >>. rep ter: roll call is at 10:00. >> m be safe, be tactful. >> reporter: rick straps on his body camera which officers in cleveland started wearing a few months ago and then we hit the streets. do you typically feel fairly safe? >> probably the least safe i've felt in my life as far at just being a target, but just because, you know, the uniformed badge that i wear, what i represent, some people resent that. >> reporter: when you're out and you're actually talking to people, do you get that sense as well? >> oh, no. man, there's still a ton of
8:22 am
great people out here. >> reporter: this part of cleveland has seen better days. at 11:17 rick gets his first call, a woman claims her son got into a heated argument with his girlfriend and then ran off when she called the police. >> you didn't see any type of physical confrontation, anybody injured or anything? >> reporter: after taking information to file a report, we're on the move again, but within minutes rick is hailed down. >> my car was shot up with a bb gun. >> reporter: man claims the same person who shot his car with the bb gun may be targeting people, too. >> all we need is the police in this area. >> reporter: to be a little more vigilant patrolling. how often are you flagged down like that? less than half an hour later it happens again. >> i don't know what's going on. this guy is doing some crazy stuff g.check him out a. >> we'll check it out. >> reporter: rick pulls over a man driving with a suspended license.
8:23 am
in situations like this do you get nervous at all? >> oh, sure. >> reporter: he remembers a friend killed in 2000 during a traffic stop just like this one. >> first partner who trained me on the job, who i looked up to, admired, respect, great person, wayne lyon was killed in the line of duety. >> that danger, rick says, must be met with restraint. how many times have you had to use your gun in. >> there's been two instances in my career where i had to use my gun, firearm. >> reporter: twice in 20 years isn't awful? >> no, i would like to say no time in 20 years, but doing what you're trained to do almost comes second nature when you're in that situation, but the hard part is living with it. >> reporter: at 1:15 rick starts his second assignment what's kn heowy as community-based policing. he spends several hours at a public recreational center. >> what's going on? >> oh, you look so nice. >> reporter: how his polpeicing ch ged since you started 20 years ago. >> before i think we tried to arrest our way out of problem and obviously that hasn't worked so we need to find alternatives
8:24 am
>> reporter: policing in cleveland has been under especially intense scrutiny since the shooting of tamir rice, a cleveland police officer shot and killed a 12-year-old after he was seen brandishing at turned out to on a pellet gun. two independent investigations concluded the officer's response was reasonable given the circumstances. so far no charges have been filed. rick and the cleveland police department declined to talk about the specifics of that case. there have been some high-profile incidents in this city. how has that impacted your job. >> people have biasses and then one incident occurs and that ojust confirmed their bias so it makes our work even that much ust. reporter: how dieyou rebuild that trust? >> when i come here, if i could change one person's understanding of i'm the person just like they are. >> reporter: at 5:41 p.m. rick heads downtown to work off dut ing scurity for the cleveland valiers. hials long day ends after the preseason game.
8:25 am
the next morning, there's breakfast to be made befe rick spends another day trying to win over hearts and minds in his hometown. so here's the thing. rick mauer, you know, he's a guy who has been on the force 0 years, his dad also served as well. you would not believe how seriously he takes his job. i mean, it is -- and every day, you know. there's a chance that he doesn't come home. >>
8:26 am
good morning. 8:26. tuesday morning. i'm darlene rodriguez. breaking news in brooklyn. police looking for the hit and run driver in observation on hill. it happened at the corner on of fulton street. the woman's name has not been released. she was 70 yy rs old. no word yet gn the type of car that hit her. 8:27. let's look at the morning commute. >>e the west side highway has been out there over an hour. this is 57th street. two lanes shut down. delays back to the george wa ington bridge. heavy delays northbound on the garden state parkway. accident has been moved to the shoulder. an accident southbound after 148 on the parkway as well. the one on 280 eastbound has been moved to the shoulder.
8:27 am
>> thank you so much. lots of su o 71. clear skies. not as chilly as last night. tomorrow, more tn, 70 degrees. thursday, 68 with a chance for a laicte?showe friday, 73. >> coming up on the "today" sh iow, actor tofa gray talks
8:28 am
we're back now, 8:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 3rd day of november, 2015. it is just a spectacular day here in new york city. lots of smiling faces out on the plaza and even wrangler has a special smile this morning.
8:29 am
>> he's smiling, he is. >> he's so happy. >> coming up the great n l patrick harris who we actually specifically said is no longer invited here is still here. he's going to tell us about the season finale of "best time ever" and we'll talk to him about the whole prank incident and what we can expect for the season finale. >> and rereg is amdish served best called. >> never will live that down and tom brokaw stopping by to bring attention to something he feels very passionate about. >> but first let's go across the street. al has got a special check of the weather. today's weather is brought to you by oceanrsprampt to it's amazing what a little cran can do. so for the 11th year in a row the folks at ocean spray bringing us the cranberry country to our plaza. that's right. chef curtis stone is a paid spokesperson for our sponsor, ocean spray, and joining him is
8:30 am
you've got 2,000 pounds of tcranbury, and you've got at mpletely st table hereld >> that's right. we're doing dinner in the rog, al. >> and have you to wear this outfit for dinner in the bog. >> have to get in here somewhere a really short dress. >> you can see all the waiters toready to go. >> what's your cranberry tip for thanksgiving? >> we're celebrating the 58th anniversary of ocean spray so i've got so many. i've got a beautiful cheesecake with cranberries. the tru is you can use them from appetizers through to the main course. we all know how important it is for the thanksgiving turkey to have some cranberry. >> can you eat them just like this? >> you've got cook them down. >> and with people standing in them, i don't know that you want to do that. you could do that. >> like, al, al, roker. >> what's your segment coming up, giada? >> i'm not making cranberries. >> okay. >> but i am cooking with apples which are a lot easier to cook with. >> making apple strata. >> yes, a turkey aal strata and also making a cake. come visit me.
8:31 am
>> all right. i certain hely will. >>n and i don't have t,o wear a wader to do it. wader, wader, there's a fly in my soup. there's a giada in my soup. t's how you what's going on. rokerthon 2 taking america b storm and ickionng off friday in hawaii so our forecast for great state of hawaii is looking pretty good. got a few clouds but otherwise right through thursday sunshine and temperatures going to be in the mid to upper 80s. that's what's going on around the country. sunshine sun up to sun down. one of november's best. 71. very comfortable this afternoon. tonight, clear. nice star-lit sky. mid-40s in the suburbs north and west. not as chilly tonight as it was last night. southeast winds. still nice at 70. upper 60s thursday. a couple showers at night.
8:32 am
breezy and warm in the afternoon, 73. >> that's good. that's good. all right. now let's head back to savannah. >> all right, al, thank you so much. neil patrick harris has been showing us the "best time ever" with his live primetime show here on nbc and from what we hear tonight's season finale is going to be the biggest best show yet. we'll talk about that, but first a little look at the fun he's had this season. >> i know you guys got married. take a look. >> that's your dad? >> help me out. >> lie and cheat. >> the you're right! >> the little understated show. >> subtle comedy. >> good morning to you. >> good morning to you as well, thanks.
8:33 am
>> are you ready for the big finale? >> all ends tonight, the circus packs up and we move to another town. >> the freak show is out of here. >> and we can go to physical therapy. >> can you give us any hints? >> it's -- it's a giant show this week. we have an audience that we call it where we're surprising someone in the audience. it's more of an awards show kind of structure. we have a big gigantic get lucky. we're giving away more stuff than we ever have, if you answer questions right and the end of the show show where we d crazy st thuff is jie normous. i'm not sure can i do it. i'icve had melt pal meltdowns in thd e last 36 hours, i won't lie. >> i've gotten to i have to say i've gotten to know you and you seem a little stressed. >> doing a song that wraps up the entire season and it encompasses everything we've done and a one long shot that doesn't edit so ifithings go wrong it will be disastr s and
8:34 am
little airous. >> and still super? >> i'm very proud of the show. you do it once and it's done the feels like doing an awards show every week and then you wake up the next day and have to do an awards show the following week. >> the show is fun. we sought highlight it's crazy. any standout moments for you? >> i love learning stuff so the first episode i did a stunt off a pogo stick and learned how to breathe fire. >> oh, look at you. >> watch this one. >> i almost broke my colla b e ther wie. >> my mom was on the show and i surprised her. she had no idea. that really fun. it's cool. we're doing it live so we really only reassess it afterwards. the first eight episodes this season we're going to look back and see how to improve it and what -- what were the best elements of it, and i think the notion that families can watch it together, mott just kids with their parents, but parents with their parents, it's kind of a nice show that sort of bonds people together so i'm proud of whikat we've done. >> yeah.
8:35 am
but i wouldn't prank you guys. >> i was going t bring it up and i'm glad you segued to us. remember that time in. t >> do i ever. time. >> we don't. >> i mean -- that. i didn't really get a bad of a prank. it was really matt who got covered in this smelly goo. >> isn't that reallyt propriate? >> it is >> can you tell me now at end. season what was in that goo. >> i don't know and we had a lot of goo discussion. >> it smelled like socks and underwear. >> the intention was not to e gma him smell bad and cover him with a weird color. >> but it did. i wanted to actually know what that stuff was, in the story of it all, was that numtic fluid it a had broken, we didn't know, it just kind of became what it was. >> can i tell you something. did that a couple months ago, the odor is really still kind of there. hasn't washed off of him. >> the reason i did it with matt is he's apparently the one here that's always checking things
8:36 am
out and thinking he might get pranked. >> he is. >> and doesn't really like the germs. >> he sglont so we tried to fill him with prank and with -- yeah, with germs. >> don't look at me. >> well, you're hiding in the corner and i feel like you'll run out and throw something at me o. >> filled with revenge. are you nervous at all? >> it's carpal karma, isn't it. >> food taster. >> what does that mean? >> i may go after your food supply. >> at least you're inviting me dinner. >>s. neil patrick harris, thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> and he best time ever" finale starts tonight at 8:00, 7:00 central right here hon nbc. good luck. don't broke anything. coming up, tom brokaw on an issue close to his heart, but,
8:37 am
our friend and colleague tom
8:38 am
issue he cares deeply about, alzheimer's disease. one in nine people, 67 and older has it. that's 5 million americans, and the number is only expected to grow as the baby boom generation ages. one organization on the front lines is the fisher center at rockefeller university. their message of hope on displayggon this window outside our studio for the month of november, alzheimer's awareness month. howard lutnick, ceo and chairman of cantor fitzgerald leads the boarded a the center and dr. mark flogolet is on the board and head of research. good morning. everybody thinks they know about until it affects them personally and the they see a different side of it. it happened to you. >> as much as i was tuned nto it it was an an centraly artery until it hit our family. a younger brother who was living in denver, well away from the rest of the family, had some reverses in his personal and business life and so we were not as connected to him as we probably should have been.
8:39 am
my mother at age 92 was beginning to fade s? we were gathering at her bedside and he would tell stories and couldn't the guy figure out what was going on. and our eldest daughter is a physician and she figured it out and confirmed him to go tr denver and he had onset of alzheimer's and then it wen very quickly. >> hour, obviously the search for a cure is paramount but i know at the fisher center you work with supporting people who are living with the disease and people living with the people living with the disease. >> so it goes two ways. you want to do core research so eventually you can knock it out and, you know, dr. greengard who found theed the fisher center and i had the honor of giving him theonobel prize and it was amazing and then we have to worry about the people who tear care of it so huge, $200 billionr.a year we spend on taking care of alzheimer patients. it's unbelievable.
8:40 am
>> where does the search, doctor for a cure and root cause stand right now? >> where do casts stand. right now it's billions and we're thinking it will reach 2.3 trillion by 2050 if nothing changed. >> what do you know about the root cause? . >> the root cause is really hard to guesstimate because most of the cost is coming from the family support. >> no, the cause, the cause of the disease? >> the cause of the disease is still not entirely clear but there's a few ways, you probably heard about the plaque. there is a debate about the way the neurons come inside the brain and this is going slowly from short-term memory loss. >> it's a plaque that gets in between the cells of the brain and like on your teeth, it's a plaque and then they can't communicate and you lieutenants abilityuto really gli your thoughts around.
8:41 am
lifetime thereto will be a cure for this disease? >> it's a tough one. there's a lot of research going on, especially at the rockefeller university and around the country, but i think families when they get into the late 50s, mid-60s have to sit down and assign roles. my daughter jennifer feels very strongly about that. too much of the care-giving is left to the women who have kind ofyo a ma errioue instinct. they give up their jobs, their lives and sit at the beth bedside and do all that so families have to start planning now and hope that it will never come, but if it does everybody ows what their role is. in our case we had bill in a distant city and hired a very good advocate for himanho can be th e and give us an alert and then we rotated femily members through visitations with him, and -- and it was heartbreaking but in many ways the last month of his life were in some ways some of the best months. >> we should concentrate on this all the time but we concentrated especially during november which
8:42 am
is national alzheimer's awareness month. guys, thank you appreciate it and good luck, doctor. >> thank you. up nextarolding court with
8:43 am
welcome, to the simply orange tour. this is our plant. these are our workers. and this, is upper management. but what you won't find around here, is any freezing, flavoring, or concentrating. which brings us to our end product. simply orange. honestly simple. that's just the night watchman.
8:44 am
1:46. we're back with the aboard-winning sports writer "new york daily news with the "columnist and best-selling author, likes that best, mike lupe camp his latest book "fsst break" is about a young boy who struggles to find himself after the death of his mother. nice to see you. >> hey, matt. >> not just sports back but they are well-rounded and you tackle some very tough issues. >> of a the things i've asked kids to overcome in my books i don't think i've ever asked anybody to overcome more than this young boy. 12 years old, lost his mother, like the artacl dodger, living on his own fooling the school, fooling everybody and even stealing food to keep going, but as bitasketball season starts he
8:45 am
tries to steal a pair at a footlocker and ends up in child protective services but he doesn't know it at the time but it's the beginning of a better life. >> and goes on to live with a foster family across town, and in some ways here's where we get into a reverse "blind side," the movie. this is a white kid from the wrong sides of the track who ends up living with an a llent rican-american family. >> people made that reference and i never thought of it that way. the amazing thing about the boy is he's being pulled back to the projects. the only happy time in his childhood has been playing basketball with his buddies in isicore at a project called the jeff, and the cul wre shock of's moving to the right side of the tracks makes him actually angry at start of this book. >> i like it because it does, ain, it deals wish use that all kids and all parents are dealing, not just sports. when i have you here i like to get your take on other event. >> okay. >> can do i that.
8:46 am
world series just ended. great for the royals. will the mets be back in the fall classic next year? >> yes, i think they will be because of the young pitching and by the way i would have left harvey in the game myself the other night. >> all right. after all the talk about deflategate and the pressure it put on the patriots and tom brady, he's killing it this year. they are undefeated. do you see a loss in their near futu -re? >>to you know what, i'll tell you something. the only thing that makes me think they might not go undefeated s seating broncos the other night and what they did to the packers on "sunday night footba ." this is one of the great grudge tours of all time. they are going to show everybody, the patriots are. >> steve williams, a longtime caddy for tiger woods has written a tell-all book very critical of tiger. who comeouwors tiger or on steve williams in. >> steve williams does. by the way, that book i'll get to it after i re-read "war & peace." give him his 5 iron and shut up.
8:47 am
this is bone-picking to me. i don't care what his caddy thinks. >> and you've signed on to wri a memoir with bob costas. this is short storeies? >> no, actuallyai tried to encourage c tas to write -- >> i waited all morning for that. >> i tried to explain to costas that maybe he shoul write my story, but we thought this would be a more profitable way to go. that's a good one. >>ry all about the questions. >> when your friend bob costas, talked about red eye at olympics. >> i remember vaguely. michael, congratulations. the book is called "fast break" out today. up next giada delaurentiis shares her thanksgiving apple
8:48 am
welcome back to "today." all month w ve been preparing for the ultimate thanksgiving and giada will share a perfect for the holidays apple recipe from her new book "happy cooking." the hi. >>.no time for pleasantries. let's get right to it. >> i'll make an anal walnut cake and apples in a savory way. >> here's our ingreed yentsd. >> lots of thanksgiving fall flavors with brown sugar, maple syrup, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger. >> yummy. >> what i like to do is take a nice pan because it makes it decorative and make it in anything. make sure you brush it with melt
8:49 am
the butter really well. >> you don't need a bundt pan. >> don't but look how pretty it is. dusted it with flour, dust upside down and get all the extra flour out. pan is done. you do the wet ingredients and i'll doled dry. >> add the wine, just kidding. >> lots of wine for savannah, who knew. >> eggs in. >> eggs in, go. >> brown sugar. >> brown sugar and vanilla extract and apples. >> three apples, and i just did all the dry ingreen yentsd of flour, baking soda and baking powder and cinnamon and nutmeg. i cubed the apples. >> you can break up the eggs with a whisk. should have pre-broken the eggs. this is a hot mess but if i had thought that would are been better. >> all good because it all works itself out. >> let's pretend this is right. >> that's what great about the ca
8:50 am
little bit of the dry ingredients. >> i love it. you don't need to use utensils but this could be a lot more fun. >> i'm stirring it very well. >> a little bit at a time and add tug dry ingredients until the wet ingrediend?ts absorb it. >> are you going to finish this on the 9:00 hour? >> like a dog or cat covering in the kitty litter. >> okay. you get the point. >> giada is being very kind, savannah. >> doing great and shows you can do it any way you want. >> doing great. are you number in the same universe as we are. >> once that's missed all together. >> that's the mess i'm trying not to the make. >> it looks great. you're doing great. and then you put it in the pan and bake it for an hour at 350. >> and we forgot the walnuts. >> the walnuts. >> this is what it looks like, threat rest 15 minutes before
8:51 am
like that and i have a nice sort of -- you can do this, cream cheese. >> and just drizzle. >> or dump. >> it's great. what. >> it's like a kid. you want her to be creative. >> i like a lot of icy. >> my gosh. >> the icing is the best part of it. >> i'm going to cut you a little teeny piece. >> i'm going to lick the spoon. >> thank you. >> we have clean hands unlike matt. >> nice. >> one minute. >> go, go. >> this is the next one. >> okay. >> sausage, spinach, apples, saute it all together with some shallots. >> okay. >> for about ten minutes, mix it all together and you dump it and layer it in here. bread, sausage ipxture, more bread, and then a custard may have had eggs, heavy cream and a little milk, salt and pepper. >> gosh that looks good. >> threat sit overnight and the morning off -- >> even happens to you, giada.
8:52 am
>> happens to everybody, just wipe it up. threat sit overnight and bake it in the morning and everybody gets up the next day and it smems good. >> fantastic. >> and do all the work ahead of it. >> you guys do love it? >> oh, my gosh, it's good and so low-fat,iumy. >> make it the night before, the same with the cake, it lasts all week. >> oh, my goodness. >> not if my house. >> can't say good-bye, busy husbandy. >> this is the shizth. >> the shizzle. >> i'm telling you. >> she actually said it was the shizzle, i love it. >> giada, thank you so much. back with hoda and kathie lee later. peanut gallery, settle down.
8:53 am
8:54 am
kate murray: "i am not a prosecutor. i am a manager." vo: well, the first part's true. kate murray's never practiced criminal law. never prosecuted one murderer, one drug dealer, or one corrupt politician. editorials call murray "utterly unprepared to serve." and "clueless about pressing issues surrounding
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this morning on "today's take," hello adele. the singer makes music histry with her new song. then, get ready to ease on down the road with the cast of "ter wiz" live. and from the hit tv series "elemen tary" lucy liu is with us. all that and more coming ot now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, ubllie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a tfesday morning, november 3rd, 2015.
8:57 am
it's election day in the united states. >> yeah. >> and we're here along with al and natalie. tamron is on assignment. my morning jam, let's listen tore a second. >> this is "my shot" from the hamilton, the musical. if you haven't seen it yet, know it's a ugh ticket, try to get some. co deme sometime to new york city a-qnd see it. talked about this. >> finally got to see it a couple weeks ago, and i've got to say, it's one of those shows everybody bulked it up so much, so much hype and i said can it really be and it really is as good as everybody says it is. >> just incredible. you can download the album now to get ready for when you come see it on itunes. >> that's probably the best way because when you actually first see it it takes almost fi,e minutes i think to kind of cclimate your ears to the rhythm and everything that's going on because you are not ready for it. >> that's how uneekt show is. >> it's genius. recall berets way you watch musicals. a great song. it is election day. one year, 52 weeks from today,
8:58 am
the united states. we've got new last night nbc news/"wall street journal" poll to show you where we stand a yrhear out. ben torson sis up seven points from a couple weeks ago, at 29 six points ahead of trump. let's put this the in >> okhy. >> go back eight years in a 2007 poll in the election, here's how the republican field sat. rudy giuliani was at 33% and john mccain at 16%. >> we know how that turned out. >> john mccain would go on. >> don't know where this race is he saaded but gives you a little bit of pause to show you how much things can change. >> on the democratic side this morning hillary clinton leading 62% to bernie sanders' 31%. she's up 30 points now, leaped a bit si ce the last poll and let's go back with the democrats, eight years ago, 2007, this same time. hillary clinton at 47% a senator barack obama at 25%. >> how did she do back then? >> that one got away from her. >> can't remember.
8:59 am
>> puts it all in perspective how much can change in a year's time. >> exactly. >> as much as we look at these polls on practically a daily basis, a new poll is out and everything can change on a dim . >> absolutely. fascinating new characters this time between bernie sanders and donald trump and ben carson so interesting to watch the next few months. mentioned hamilton and politics and all came together last night. president obama got some laughs at a speech in new york. he was in the theater where they -- where they performed "hamilton" poke fun at republican candidates and their cisomplaints about recentn debates. >> every one of these candidates say, you know, obama's weak. he's, ymy know, putin is kickill sand in his face. when i talk to putin he's going straighten out. just looking at them i j going -- heds going to be -- and hen it tur
9:00 am
handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. if you can't handle those guys, you know then i don't think that the chinese and the russians are going to be too worried about you. >> there you go. >> just a side note. yesterday we were going to a meeting at nik's school in brooklyn and going sobt on the fdr. they had shut off the northbound lanes and the presidential motorcade came by on his way to the theater, and i've got to tell you to see the presidential otorcade motorcade, if you've never seen, it it's an amazing sight. all the new york city police, ku torcycles and then the cars and the suvs and then you see the presidential limo, that's pretty cool. >> pretty cool and the president was doing fund-raisers last night including the one on broadway there in the theater where they do "hamilton." >> had the speech in newark earlier as wellr here's something, caught our attention and teported on this
9:01 am
an iowa high school biology teacher john cisna ate nothing but mcdonald's for 90 days and actually lost weight, the anti-supersize me campaign, ate every meal for 90 days at cdonald's, 540 meals in a row, and he kept his daily calories to 2,000 calories or less and he was able to drop 37 pounds and four waist sizes and lowered his total cholesterol by a third. so now he's traveling around the country sharing his story at schools as mcdonald's brand ambassador, all right, but here's the issue. some parents say that this biology teacher and the company, they are crossing the line and some saying it's a thinly veiled commercial for mcdonald's. you know, we actually did a story on the science teacher last year, and he told us he walks 45 minutes a day. his overall gument for doing this itwe have an obesity epidemic in this country, and he
9:02 am
they are eating fast food anyway because, let's be real, kids are going to eat fast food, you know, he's encouraging them to make the right choices can and choose the right foods and right combinations under those 2,000 calories a day. that said, a loa of people saying well you're a brand spokesperson, he's getting paid to go, to tresel. >> obnd when he did it the food was donated so how much would that have cost her y to dl? >> i think the good news on the progress, not just for mcdonald's is you can go into one of the fast food restaurants now and get a relatively healthy meal. >> get a sal rad. >> calorie sound and sodium amounts and yo can make the right choices. >> our kids get hit with brands from the second they wake up at night until the second they go to sleep, do they need to at an educational stitudl to g iet a paid spokesman? >> that's right on the line there. >> yeah. >> can you talk about like let's make healthy choices but i don't think you need to say mcdonald's, if you're going to choose on the men, choose this
9:03 am
versus this. >> here's something, people have made a choice, and a humm choice, so here's a question. what do these two songs have in common? first, let's listen to if lo rider >> when i hear that song. >> adele's new single "hello" releases. that's a slow ballad, slow dance. >> get goose bumps every time i hear this song. >> here's the deal. "hello" has joust broken flo rider's record to sell over 1 million downloads of a song in one week. cordiag to "billboard" adele 1.11 millions copies of ello" and in 2006 flo rider sold 636,000 copies. adele performing live on
9:04 am
november 25. wtoeek before on tuesday, november 17th, going to be doing a e-ntght only concert at radio city which coincidently will be aped and played on nbc as a special which we are very excited about. >> and i love, as i said before, reward for raw talent. >> my gosh. >> if you're that good, stand on a stage with a microphone and nothing else and a million downloads. >> i c an't wait to heart other songs on that album. i went on itunes yesterday, and i'm like when is it available because -- that one song is just so incredible you can imagine the rest. >> and she's a giant in the music world and a giant in the tree world, of course, the rockefeller center christtas tree. they have chosen it, a 78-foot hudson valley norway spruce. itt will be rockefeller center's christmas tree and it will get cut down tomorrow. arrives here friday.n >> does it seem too soon? >> never too soon. you know me. >> mr. christmas. >> weighs ten tons, coming from ultser county new york. >> are you going to ride in the truck and the wholeething?
9:05 am
>> i'll be in hawaii for the first stop of rokerthon 2. >> savannah can. >> the last couple of years we've all ridden. >> covered in the sap later. >> don't talk about willie like that. >> covered in sap. >> got a check of the weather. >> i certainly do. smells like pine. i like it. well, as we look right now we've got some heavier showers and thundersudrms off the southeastern atlantic coast. wet weather making its way through california and snows in the mountains and cascades. li inner mountain region and on into the rockies. later today as we move on throukh the week, afternoon highs 80s us a get into texas and look at how warm it is through the mid-scation of the country and into the northeast. a swath of 70s, although cooler in the mid-atlantic states where it will be raining and where we'll seat showers and hunderstorms. weno also look for a lot of fog, about 30 million people under
9:06 am
morning, snow through the plenty of blue sky, plenty of sunshine heading our way. starting out on the chilly side. warming up nicely to a high of p71 degrees. normal high is 58. well above normal. 56 in the city and most of tht suburbs. under a clearlsky. tomorrow, right back at it with sunshine, near 70. cooler at the coast. upper 60s thursday. shower or two thursday night.semember a late sprinkle friday. low 60s saturday. back to the 50s saturday and sunday 37. time for the attack of peppermint. >> it's here. >> it's christmas, baby. >> forget pumpkin spice. >> the red cups are oullt. up next, michael jackson and diana ross made sweet music together, the 1978 classic "the wiz" and how great is that. now a new generation gets totsee "the wiz" live with a whole new cast and talented you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him.
9:07 am
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9:10 am
i kn ow i can't wait for this month, a month away from the big nbc three-hour television show "the wiz live" based on the broadway musi al which hit the stage 40 years ago which showed stephanie mills as dorothy, the kansas farm girl swept up in a ornado only to find herself in the land of oz. >> then for the 1978 movie version, the great diana ross stepped into that role, but it's a brand new day. we want to meet the young woman taking over the iconic role now, 19-year-old jersey girl shanice williams landing the part leading an all-star cast including actor and neo and the very brave david allen greer plight cowardly lion and elijah kelly playing scarecrow. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> so the count is on. you've got a month to go. how has it been going in. >> it feels great.
9:11 am
it's been going really quickly. >> you weren't even born yet, 40 years ago, but you loved this show. >> yeah. >> and you have spent -- i imagine you're pinching yourself every day to be able to play this role. >> yeah, definitely. >> and you got to the meet -- got to the meet stephanie mills. >> she's an amazing person, the southwest and gives meet best advice. >> like what? >> what has she told you? >> tells me to just live in the moment and take everything one step at a time. >> you being the tin man, what's that like, putting on that makeup and wearing that outfit? >> >> the costume definitely helps because there's not a lot of range of motion in that thing so it -- it adds to the whole tin man thing, you know what i mean. >> but being part of the show has to be such a great experience. >> this is historic. making history right now. when i found out that this was happening i told my people, i don't care if i'm in kraft services i need to be a part of this and they got it the to go
9:12 am
and here we are. >> david, you've done so much, but here there's going to be a live show. >> yes. >> doing a broadway classic. >> yes. >> got butterflies? >> good butterflies, you know. ne-yo, there's good and bad butterflies. we open and close in one night. that's two parties. >> true. and you plate cowardly lion. >> yes. >> and with a good sense of humor, i imagine. >> let us hope. let us hope. no, it's been going really great. i love this company and we're having a ball. i can't get to work early enough. i'm enjoying the experience. >> elijah, a little pressure on you knowing that you stepped into a role that michael jackson immortalize the. >> who is that? >> you know what. it is -- i don't take it as pressure. i just take it as a responsibilit y to honor,heou know, a great actor, great singer and da cer, one of the greatest enteainers of all time and,
9:13 am
an you know, with these incredible castmates and our team i think that collectively can do that, so, you know, got a little bit of weight off my shoulder because i get to lean on these guys, but i think i'll honor em pretty well. > and we've got some behind-the-scenes footage. you guys are rehearsing the song "brand new day." from the video of the making of "the wiz." >> is this the first time you've seen this? >> you guys sound good. can't you feel a brand new day >> got your moves. >> we're all there looking. probably the most energetic point of the show, and we're al just like -- >> i carry picture of my costume in a pocket and any time i mess up it's like that's what i'm wearing, i'm wearing a fur coat. >> as you guys get ready to ease on down the road and here's somebody who is ready to ease on down the road.
9:14 am
do we havegsome prop, prop help. come sn, roker, put on the half. you're the wiz. >> that's right. >> ease on down the road. nobody beats the wiz. thank you all. we cannot wait. "the wiz" live airs thursday, december 3rd at 8:00 eastern live right here on nbc. >> so good. we can't wait, guys. up next, the new film about the journalist who came the story starring robert redford, te blanchett and this guy
9:15 am
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9:18 am
>> and now he's starring alongside robert redford and cate blanchett in "truth." >> it's about what led to dan rather's resignation. >> i didn't get a chance to introduce myself, dan rather. >> i meaeant'm mike smith. i'm familiar -- i mean, i -- hello. >> mary tells me that you're the one that calls me the old man. >> really wish she hadn't shared that with you. >> topher grace, good morning. >> thank you for having me. >> how familiar were you with this story before you signed on? >> you know, i think i had the same level of familiarity that most of my friends have with this which we all kind of remember something happened but i never found exactly -- i remember, it's weird. denis quaid is in the movie and he and i were doing -- we kind of talked a lot, kind of inside
9:19 am
so it was great o read the book. >> yeah. >> and then -- and then read the script which is even more in-depth than the book in some ways. >> and you got to meet mike smith, the guy you were meeting. >> i didn't meet mike, i met marry mapes whose book it is and dan rather was on set. >> wow. >> really intimidating. >> there was one day where bob, robert redford asked me to call him bob. >> oh, nice. we can't. >> that's a moment, yeah. >> it really was. this is like better than winning an award, i can walk up to him and say, hey, bob, like how are you? but we -- he said let's all go out to dinner tonight, so it was bob and dan and mary mapes, and -- and cate blanchett and me. >> bummer. >> and we started talking about current event and someone asked my opinion and i'm like nope. >> you opted out. >> yeah. >> smart man. >> i'll just shut up. >> take a pass.
9:20 am
>> you also, we were just talking before you came on you're in abu dhabi filming a new movie with brad pitt called "war machine." >> the that's why i'm so high and tight and apologize for my haircut. >> looks good. >> what's that about? >> it's about general mckristol, another kind of government journalism film but it's great and brad's performance is like he's doing a really amazing thing. fun to watch. >> you guys are partying it up big time in abu dhabi, right? >> we've always been tight, and this is a chance where i called him up and said let's do something together. >> what do you call brad, brat? >> b. rad, bp oil. >> we're going to play two truths and a lie. >> al's version is two lies and the truth. >> might be better the other way. >> three statements, and you tell me which one is false. one, i can juggle five apples at once. i learned how to do tat summer
9:21 am
camp. two, oer-nomin4te the actress chloe sevene was my babysitter growisg up. three, i once played the major general in the "bite rants of pensance" and i can perform the major general. >> and i think he fake stumbled other it. i think number one is the lie. >> your fake stumble. >> that totally got me, the fake stumble. >> well, i'm an actor. >> i have a lot of tape on you. >>ennd that's why bob digs you. >> and b. rad. . topher grace. "truth" by the way is in theaters now. lucy liu com g up after tour local news. you'll want to stick around for er. pone of the cool perks of this place pis you can eat as ch cereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some. al >>righty. , we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it.
9:22 am
breaking news. the marathon runner has been found by police. he was an i lian national. disappeared shortly after cros wng the finish lies. they say he onlyinpeaks italian. he has a mental disability. buff the breaking news s he has
9:23 am
>> lots of sun, high of 71. clear skies. night, 56. thursday, 68. but a chance for a late shower. coming u on the "today" show, the great frankie val le. who doesn't like a good surprise? you'd be surprised how easy it is to get a good low-cost health plan! at ny state of health you'll find many quality plans to choose from, help paying for your plan, a new essential plan at less
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e taking a look at headlines, a u.s. military satellite detected a heat flash over the sinai desert in egypt at the same time a jet crashed over the weekend. all 224 people aboard the plane ere kill. the heat flash rules out a missile stri e, but if does not rule out a bomb blast or engine explosion, and this morning investigators said they are about to examine the plane's black boxes. drinking too many sweetened beverages may increase the risk of hemrt failure. a new study looked at the food a >>nd drink consumption of more than 40,000 men er a year
9:26 am
researchers found two or more servings of sweetened drinks a ay was linked to a 23% higher risk of heart failure. it's not clear if women or minorities though have the same risks. do restaurants that list the calorie count on their menus have an impact on what people ollrder? well, according to a new study the answer for most people is no. researchers compared receipts from new york which require calories on menu items and from new jersey which doesn't have that info listed, and they found the consumption was almost identical. a shorter night of sleep ith no interruptions could leave you feeling better than a longer night where you wake up several times. for a saudi at johns hopkins school of medicine one group of people was given a normal b taedtime with forced awakenings and the other half went a sleep later and with no interruptions and by the second day the interrupted sleepers had a drop in positive mood that was almost three times greater than the later bedtime group. w ll, if you haven't alreony heard it is notional sandwich
9:27 am
sandwich chain is joining the celebration. subway offering a buy ne give one deal at participating locations today. customers who purchase any six-inch or foot long sub plus a 30-ounce drink can get another sub of equal or lesser value for free, and at arby's you can get a roast beef sandwich for just 99 cents. good deal. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. hey, al. >> i'm hungry now, gosh. are have to try to do that as we're on harbor tunnel rokerthon2 and kicking off friday in the great state of for you. we are looking at just a few clouds but for the most part it is going to be a spectacular next several days. you've got highs in the mid to upper 80s with partly sunny sunny skies. of course it will be 2:00 a.m. when i'm doing the show from there live, but it doesn't matter. it still will be hawaii. tiki torches and drinks and spam. yeah! at's what's going on around
9:28 am
starting out a little frosty in spots thimorning north and west of the erty. down in the 30s there. ch milder this afternoon. temperatures heading to 70 or better. sunshine today right through tomorrow. next chance of avy showers, not a big chance of that. that is later thursday or thursday night. the forecast, 71 depress. 70 tomorrow. both days plenty of sun. maybe a late shower. sprinkle friday evening. cooling down ver the weekend. 60 saturday. 50s sunday. >> and that ie your latest weather. come on in. ctress, producer and director lucy liu has appeared in more than -- like a warner brothers cartoon. >> i'm sorry. >> where am i? >> most memorable roles was the vicious lynn wu on the hit drama "alley mcbeal" and ca as " a charlie angels" and then went head to head with uma thurman in "kill bill".
9:29 am
on the tv series "elementary" and when sherlock tells her the pair is no longer to consult for the nypd dr. watson sticks by sherlock's side. check it out. >> when it comes to what we do, the only thing that matters to me is our partnership, so you go, i go. you offered me a job. i didn't take it to work with the police. i took it to work with you. >> well, you should know that my detractors are not limit the to the nypd. my professional prospects are quite blehak in general. >> we'll figure it out. we always do. >> there it is. lucy liu, good morning. >> good morning. >> now it's setted, the chaos is over. so good to have you with us. people know the fundamental story behind the relationship but this is a totally new spin on it over the last four seasons. how are sherlock and watson getting along these days? >> i think that their
9:30 am
a very even sort of foundation wh kere she's a not his champio ton and not constantly try to help hed and he's not trying to sort of poke at her in that way and trying to get her to say som thing that's neg tive and they are not just pgtners now but they are really friends, sove it was her suggestion at end of season three to move back in which i think really has been helpful. i don't know. t's going to be wonderful because this year we're also introducing his father who we talk about a lot and the haven't actually seen before and seeing family dynamic always adds an element of surprise, and i th in some ways comedy because people interact with their families is always very funny, mo wtt for that person necessarily but for the audience >> the fourth season though, i u mean, this is resonating so well with viewers. wh do you think that is? >> i think that honestly arthur conan doile wrote something and wrote characters that were so rich and colorful that there's always something to draw on and
9:31 am
many incarnations of sherlock holmes and peop ren gaged, people that are fans and people that are curious about what did they do, and itheyked modernizing that idea is always going work. to > and you've also directed a few epiyodes. es that exercise different muscles for you in doing something like that? >> absolutely.neit's such an amazing thing to engage with the people that you work with on a daily basis, but behind the scenes, because you really get to become more intimate with them and then it's a different sort of creativity, too, because it's not just this microcosm of i'm going to show up and act and do my lines and i'll interview with people, hits say. you'll do everything behind the scenes and you get to see, you know, how much work goes into even clearing a name sr putting, you know, something on a paper, you know. it's really involved, and the i think it really gives you a better idea how things are done and how things are produced and created from a seed. >> can we just say congratulations because we understand you're a new mom too. you have a little son, rockwell. >> yes. >> he is 68 days old.
9:32 am
>> 68 days. >> you're down to the day and the hours, right? >> around i know that because every day is just -- it's just a miracle and a dream because everything is so different every day, you know, so you're not even thinking about is it monday or tuesday or what time it is anymore. you're just thinking how he's changed, you know, from minute to minute and his reactions and also just how you are and how you grow as a human being being around another human being, you know, like that. >> i love the name, too, rockwell. >> is it rocky for sure? >> i hope not. hope not. >> putting that out there. >> at what point will you tell rockwell his mother was name checked in an outkast song. >> it will be a real long time. ancient by then. >> congratulations. the new season of "elementary" premiers this thursday on cbs. coming up next, bond is back in theaters, trump is taking over "snl" this i've been coloring since i was 19. my hair showed it. then everything changed
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9:37 am
the new bond movie is here and the next "hunger games" flick is on the way and we've got music from one direction. >> radio host she is can a shaw will help mark our calendars for the month. it's a good month, jessica. >> it is. >> lots going on. let's get started first, the new bond film "spectre" opening the 6th, friday. >> this time he's facing the evil groupspectre which loyal bond fans are familiar with and his archnemesis. this is daniel craig's fourth time as bond but he recently said he's rather slash his wrists than come back for a fi nfth time. >> wow. >> sotit sounds like someone is over martinis. >> subt put by andrew ai people will love this movie, saying it may be one of the best bond films ywt. also on friday "spotlight" at fascinating movie about a hepulitzer prize winning investigation into the catholic church. >> from the "boston globe's" pulitzer prize winning investigation intorsexual abuse
9:38 am
in the catholic church, this is movie you'll defi iably want to see. mark ruffalo, rachel mcadams, the cast is extraordinary, and if you wa t to get a jump start on movies that will be nominated r os characters got to the see this one. >> just watched it l t night. it is riveting. the ower of good journalism. okay. let's move on to the 7th, if it's saturday night it's donald trump on "saturday night liv ree"a on the 7th. >> absolutely. hillary clinton was onurhe season premiere and he's not like i'm not doing the segment, i'm doing the whole show and that's donald trump, that's what he was on last tias years ago, but he's going to be hosting and he is going to be the musical guest so the cast member who plays trump gets the week off. no word on which "snl" cast ember will playhis hair. >> trump about a decade ago, a great episode. >> that's crazy. >> friday the 13th, new music from one direction and a new album. >> one d and the first time
9:39 am
without zane, oh, my good and the last album before they take their extended hiatus which a lot of people think they are breaking up.r.this song we're listening to is "perfect" and everybody thinks it's about harry stiles' relationship with taylor swift because it's not a relationship. >> i'm one d groupie. christmas music "love the coopers". >> we're just going to let that the go. >> i was going to go away from that. >> i love them, and i'm missing zane and i have a problem. >> she's honest about it. >> holiday season and time for a lot of dysfunctional family get-together. if you want to escape your own f aamily, watch this, the cast amazing, diane keaton, marisa toe my and owe lifea wilde, want to get together for a nice christmas eve dinner, what could go wrong?
9:40 am
jessica shaw, thank you. coming ug next. hope for first class flights for some vips and some very give extra. eet extra. if you struggle with type 2 diabetes, you're certainly not alone. fortunately, many have found a different kind of medicine that lowers blood sugar. rdiagine what it would be like to love your numbers. discover once-daily invokana . it's the #1 prescribed in the newest class p of medicines that work with the kidneys to lower a1c. rinvokana is used along peth diet ane.exercise
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9:44 am
remember the old airline slogan on something special in the air this morning we've got something that fits theme bill. >> shiping he light on a group of airline workers going out of their way for special passengers. >>sh with priceless cargo and changing lives when they land. >> if it looks like this flight has gone to the dogs, you're not mistaken. these labs are all boarding a speclil plane with you a unique purse. truth is this only looks like an airplane, butit's firmly planted on the grod weere two dozen american airlines employees are gearing up to learn how to fly with man's best friend. > r love animals and i fly quite a bit so i figured why not parrot two together. >> for the flight attendants and the airline workers travel is their day job, but their
9:45 am
passengers are all virs who have november flo n, soon to be head for new homes around the country, where they will work as service dogs for veterans. >> to be able to transport a puppy from one destination to another. >> they are volunteering their time and flight privileges to transport service dogs to people in need. >> there we go. good boy. that is perfect. >> learning how to walk the walk and talk the talk. >> and then you say let's go and start walking that way. >> with the latest class american now has 100 employees as part of its puppies in flight program and plans to transport more than 200 dogs this year. >> a ot of people love puppies ao nd dogs and they love to see hem on the plane, but it's more than just that. i think that they feel the importance and the urgency of geatting this puppy transported to where they need to go. >> push. >> service dogs generally spend 18 months in a program like .patriot paws wher
9:46 am
a remarkable and expensive education. >> this dog has learned how to use his nose to open aer door, pick up a phone and bring it g to its owner and use his mouth to open the fridge and pick out a water bottle but this pup has one more training hurdle. he needs to learn how to fly. >> trainers need to train the dogs to do whatever the veterans will do, so if the veterans travel and get on airplanes, then our dogs need to know how to get on planes. >> he arrives at dallas-fort worth airport where he meets flight attendant sharon johnston who has volunteered to take him on a training flight to los angeles. just like other passengers he goes through security and passes time roaming around the terminal, even stopping for a potty break before boarding. >> welcome to flight 2485. once on the plane, he settles in for threet-hour flight. he gets a little nervous during his first takeoff. after that it's smooth sailing under touchdown. >> passengers, everybody comes up and says bless you for what you're doing and iom like i'm
9:47 am
playing with a dog, but it does ,"make me feel good. >> johnston has done more than 100 of these puppy flights which are free to the service dog organization. the flying is fun, but the feel-good comes from moments like these. >> i've handed one over to one of our young veterans who has come in and had ptsd and his mom said that was pretty much their last hope and within a week he was a changed person, and i've hoyad two that i've handed off to children with autism. >> john o'brien's service dog was flown from florida to new york, a 28-year army veteran, he was injured in a rocket attack during his fourth tour in the middle east. o'brien was awar the the purple heart and bronze star, but the puppy he t received from america's vet dog changed his life. >> getting quinn, the physical help that he gives me is fantastic and i think the emotional help that he provides, you just can't beat ith now home in rhode island quinn helps o'brien move around his house and gives him encourage to embark on a new journey.
9:48 am
so great. it can cost as much as $35,000 to train a service dog, so the ney these organizations save wiseth fr puppy flights allows them to train more dogs red to help morepeople. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:49 am
got at couple of special greuests off the plaza. kristen farrell and joey buchanan from johnston, iowa. running the marathon on sunday. i was standing at mile 23 and they yelled over to come and take a picture and now i'm being blamed for costing them 1 second of their time. >> it was awesome. >> how did you finish? >> was it worth getting the icture. >> i was feeling miserable and we saw you and it just made my day. really did. >> you ran across finish line. >> we saw your dad, your dad was behind you so wonderful to see you. >> had the whole family? how are you feeling today, two days ler. >> looked great.
9:50 am
>> down that for sure.
9:51 am
ivvestigators are trying to
9:52 am
bus who ran down a 70-year-old woman in brooklyn at 6:15. her mangled walker still lying on the street. police not released the woman's name. a man from italy had been missing after completing the new york city marathon. he has been found. he was found this morning in a way station. they were concerned for him because he only speaks italian and has a mental disability. today, sunshine, 71. tomorrow, 70 degrees. a chance for a late shower. coming up on the "today" show with with kathie lee and hoda,
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