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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  November 3, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> the mta bus driver that killed a grandmother this morning actually stopped, looked at the woman, then took off. this happened in ocean hill near sacman and fulton streets and katherine creag is there with the latest this afternoon, kat. >> reporter: indeed, the nipt also confirming that that bus driver at this very moment is ing interviewed, being questioned by detectives. the bus was coming down this way, made a left on fulton street, and over there in front of lum ber company, tha tis wher the 70-year-old woman was struck and killed. we've been talking with business owners around the area who have seen the surveillance video, they are convinced that the bus driver new he hit someone, then he took off. the victim's belongings laid scattered on the ground next to the walker. 70-year-old woman used, we saw a purs t wallet, the driver of an mta bus struck the elderly woman and kept going. she died. it happened after 6:00 this
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sacman street in brooklyn. >> there's a stop at the corner. stop for like two seconds, and then kept going. >> reporter: you said you know that he saw that he hit someone. >> he stopped. i don't kn if he know, but he stopped and started going. i don't know what it was or if he was nervous or didn't realize. >> ri ran over here. >> reporter: residents tell us the victim was sweet, well-liked, and well-known in the neighborhood. >> she has a daughter and a grand baby. so when this girl comes to see her mother, she's going to go ballistic. and it's so sad because she is a swees: lady. >> reporter: several hours later, workers transported the victim to the medical examinper's office. those who knew the woman looked on. saddened, and in shock. >> she was a sweetheart. i'm telling you, she was a sweetheart. she was a sweetheart. and i don't know with what to say. >> reporter: and the 70-year-old victim lived one block away from
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again the investigation ongoing right now. no arrests, no charges s of yet, the bus driver for the city still being interviewed by detectives. reporting live in brooklyn, katherine creag, news 4 new york. >> thank you. this is new at noon, connecticut man just been charged with the murder of his parents. they made headlines back in august when they manchester reducely disappeared and last ek, remains were found in a vacant house. lori bordonaro is in bridgeport with t more on what led police to the couple's son to begin with, lori. >> reporter: and shiba, kyle naven is expected here at the course very shortly to face a judge. he's been faced with two accounts of murder, accused of killing both pare s. as you said, their bodies found on friday, several months after they went missing. authorities believe that kyle plotted with his girlfriend, who's charged with conspiracy to commit murder during her court appearance yesterday, heifer
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to help find the couple. but the arrest warrant tells a different story, alleging kyle resented his father and revealing kyle's parents were anning to cut him out of their will. it also highlights a series of text messages between kyle and his girlfriend saying, we need figure ou what the best way to take them wn. and another revealing a possible motive saying, then we'll have the 200k credit union, westton house, and j & j profit. that was their business. jennifor is heldn bond, the boyfriend kyle expected here at the courthouse very shortly to face a judge. of course we'll be here and bring you the latest de lopments we're live here, lori bordonaro, news 4 new york. >> scary story, thank you. we are learning more about an overnight shootout with cop hs in newark. neighborhood was locked down as police chase two armed men right on the street.
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news 4's tracie strahan is in newark wktmore information, tracie. >> reporter: this area was a frozen zonafor hours overnight with a police chopper hovering low overhead and residents trying to get back in their home being told to stay away from their own safety. authorities are trying to piece together exactly what police said led to a wild shootout. long night turned into an early morning of work. we't watched a they went door o door along north 12th street searching for answers that landed two men behind bars. maenld's mother warned her to use caution walking to school after hearing the gunfire. >> as you heard the gunshots, when she went outside, she said there was police everywhere and one guy was getting arrest. >> reporter: the suspects are facing charges, and pointing guns at police officers at plain clothes copped came face to face with them.
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seanrate investigation say they opened fire on one suspect who pointed a gun at them while the other suspect took off. >> and they was like, get down. and then they just started shooting. the police just started shooting, boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: officers swarmed the area shortly after the second suspect was finally cated. was hiding underneath the porch of a home. despite reports that a blood trail led authorities to him, neither the suspects nor officers were injured. weyo've been told that two loaded weapons were recovered here at the scene. and authorities also tell ugh that those suspects now custody we re with a group of men when thaerp apprehended, but so fand no one else has been charged. ve in newark, trac strahan, news 4 new york. >> anks. new heri at noon, runner from italy who was reported missing right after finishing the new york city marathon on sunday has been found. he was found this morning at a
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authorities had been concerned for his safety as he only speaks italian and has a mental disability. we are told he is in good condition. also new at noon, the jury is seated in the federal corruption trial of former new york state assembly speaker shelder si er. opening statements began within the ,ast hour. silver is accused of accepting nearly $4 million in payoffs and kickbacks andidisguising them as legal fees. silver insists he did nothing wrong. he claims prosecutors are misinterpreting the law. well in just two hours, a wake will be held for a man who gave his life to save his little sister. chris laka was one of thr e hit andilled by a car in morris park on saturday night. the terrible story we've been reporting. he was taking his little sister treat or treating when a car lost control, jumped the curve, and hit a large group of asople. as the cer barrelled toward them, witnesses say laka pushed his little sister out of the
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all around our area, polls are now open on this election day. >> yeah, it may be an offyear, but we are tracking important races in bridgeport, nnecticut, joe ganum is trying to get his old job as mayor. this despite seven years in federal prison on a corruption conviction. he's up against mary jane foster who is running as independent. ing on long island, w are watching a an important race in nassau county. acting d.a. to full-time, she is in a neck and neckattle wl kate murray. and there's no incumbent in the staten island da's race, they are fighting for that post. there's plenty of time left to vote, the day just began, polls are open until 9:00 to tonight. hour earlier in jersey and connecticut. after that, results as they come in by logging on to our website, nbc new sticking with politics in
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carson is now surging ahead of fellow republicans. he has a six-point lead over donald trump, 29% to 23. this is-out a new poll that's out this morning actually. carson shot up seven points in less than two weeks, and you stlee, senator marco rubio from florida lands solidly in third place. coming up next, here at noon, teens and sixteens. look at just how long teens are staring at those screens every day. what parents can do to get them to cut back. >> yeah. and a party for white girls only. the new claims of racism involving a fraternity at yale university. dave. maybe we should bring back the beach and boating forecast, how about these warm temperatures? we'll tell you how long it all lasts and when rain comes into
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hap wning today, voters in io will decide if the state will become the fifth to legalize marijuana. constitutional amendment is on the ballot to allow those 21 and older to use up to one ounce of marijuana recreationally as well as llowing medic?l marijuana for those who get a prescription from adoctor. one of the big winners, if marijuana is legalized is former boy band singer, nick lachey. he is part of a group of investors that would have rights to grow and sell marijeana in that state. a lot of money. members of a yale fraternity
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hosted a white d girls only party. fraternity said the only screening theymdo is to ask for a yale id. but one student took to social media after the party friday night. she claims she was told admittance was on a white gir only basis. no one else could come inside. >> it never has had anything to do with entroy any of our parties ever or being a member of the fraternity. it's overcrowded, overcapacity, it's a safety hazard. >> the national chapter released a statement saying the social event including a diverse crowd. if you have kids, to hate to admit they spend a lot of time staring at some sort of an electronic device. >> teenagers specifically here, t youpaight be shocked to learn just how many time they spend. news 4's kerry barrett looks at the new numbers. >> reporter: 63 hours a week, teenagers are spending more than
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to media, social or otherwise. >> so natural to me. like if it's not in my pocket, something doesn't feel right. >> new report from the non-profit group common sense media finds the average american teenager spends nine hours a day watching tv, playing video games, surfing the web, listening to music, or texting. kids between the anyones of eight and 12 do only sligh y better, they log six hou a day. >> kids spend more time with media and it cannology than they do with their parents, time in hool, i any other thing. >> i'm normally texting my friends on my phone, maybe on instagram or social media kind of keeping up with what's going . >> reporter: the study found when it comes to media use, teens prefer listening to music, tweens, watching tv, boys video girls, girls are active with social media. although most don't love it, they view social media as more of something thevehave to do. >> in a little way you're all competing with your friends on who can get the most likes and followers.
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reporter: and they're doing all this while multitasking, trying to fit in hoe work at the same time. kerry barrett, news 4 new york. and experts say manage your d's technology by c heckin your own. whhe do you do? if you're on your cell phone constantly, they will be as well. no phones at the dinner table or after a certain time at night. >> i think we all do it. we're just staring at these screens. >> we are bad examples. >> > staying with the technology theme here, kids may be playing cand crush on those phones, one of the games. but the company who created that game is being sold for billions now. >> yeah, i see that on the subway, everybody' playing thah game on the subway. with that story and the markets, let's check in with a bill griffith. >> late breaking news out of the automotive industry. federal regulators are going to fine that takata $70 million for its role in not informing
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a timely manner about their ruptured air bags that caused eight traffic deaths and dozens of injuries. so $70 million is the fine for now, but they've got this agreement with the federal government and if they violate any part of that agreement, they are subject to further fines up to $130 million. we're getting some numbers out now on that takata air bag story. meantime a rally on wall street today, good-looking autosales figures for the month of october, low energy costs are helping all of that. the dow is up 83 points, was up 100 points a little while ago. you mention the video game merger, two companies coming together is blizzard that is buying the company named candy crush, king digit mall media for almost $6 billion. the issue here is mobility. a lot of games played by ac tivision blizzard, they make war cr ft, those are made on consoles. king digital, they are all
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wat ure.tivision is after, they have 500 million subscribers at king digital. they're going after all of those mobile players. shares up 18% as a result of that merger. and by now you should have received all of those new credit and debit cards that have the computer chip on them that are designed to thwart id theft. the deadline to receive them was october 1st. however, some banks and credit card issuers are ehind schedule for whatever reason and id thieves are taking advantage of that gap in , me. the federal trade commission out today warning that scammers are e-mailing people pretendingo beca their credit card company, the scamming e-mails say in order for you to receive your new credit card with the chip in it, you must click on a link on the e-mail and confirm your personal information. don't do it. if you want to know where your new card is, contact the issuer itself. they don't contact you with e-mails, you don't need to confirm anything. don't do that.
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>> another warning. >> bill, thanks so much. see you tomorrow. breaking news right now long island, there is a major water main break in the nesconset. this is brooks avenue, if you're in that area, you know it. we were told water is seeping into people homes. this is a very severe break. chopper 4, as well as long island and a reporter on their way to the scene. >> let's get to the weather. it's getting warmer and warmer, milder and milder as the weather department puts it. >> we're not done yet. we could be in record-breaking territory, it's ab absolutely gorgeous outside. so strange to be talking about temperatures in the 70s in november, but take a look outside. it's got to put a smile on your face, doesn't it? sunny skies out there, 68 degrees is the current temp, and again, what you see is what you get as you walk out the door, it's going to be spectacular. let's hit the headlines and go
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shall we? another order of perfection, swing it up, let's get it in. it's what we're going to see tomorrow, another perfect day. the rain stays in bay until the end of the week, or i should say at bay until the end of the we s and record-setting temps as we talked about at the desk briefly. co uld be getting here on friday. so we'll go through all of the details, right now, best way to show you exactly how warm it is is to put a graph togeth . 5la e is the a rage temperature, we are 13 degrees above that ght now. we could be swinging as m h as 15, 16 degrees above the normal high before we get to ohe end of the week. and then we'll return to near normal condition as we begin next week. right now, 69 in jersey city, same number in yonktrs. 72 already at floral park, and we have got several hours before we'll reach our day's high, 70 in harrison and madison. as we take a look at sayeville 67. stanford it's 71.
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down by the jerszy shore, we're talking about talking about talking about 2k67 degrees in -- 67 in seaside park. ad up to t h north, 69. that's a good look at what temperatures are like around the entire region. now visually, just look at storm tracker right now. a real strong area of high pressure kind of acts as our bocker, keeps all of the bad stuff away. we saw some of the clouds from the system in the carolinas, but now they've pushed out into the atlantic, and nothing else can get at us, that's good news for the next couple of days. the bad news in all of this, we so desperately need the rain, it's like we're a broken record, but this is our story. abnormally dry to moderate drought levels throughout much of the region, and no clear path to tetting through that deficit in the near future. what to expect, well, best days of november are upon us.
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north and west tonight, 56 in midtown ae we head to tomorrow, 70 degrees. look at it, it's going to be perform tonight. clear skies, that's the way we like it, tomorrow more of the same, and the seven-day forecast stretches out as follows. we see 68 degrees on thursday, friday, we're also going to see the possibility of some residual rain staying with us. we're going add that to the forecast in addition to the warm temps and nice as we head into the weekend. that's a quick look, back to you. put on the shades. >> dave, thank you. "new york live" is up next at 12:30. >> sheer sara and jackie with what's ahead. >> coming up here, move over ghost busters, which all-female reboot just landed sandra bullock at its star, it is a good one. >> it is. and from jail time to marriage proposals, we are getting candid with the cast of vanderpump rules. jax taylor and tom schwartz will join us live. exceptional. >> yeah.
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> still ahead here on news 4 at noon, where you canca get one of the most famous, delicious
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it is a huge day for brooklyn institution junior's, the restaurant is interotating its 65th anniversary today. they have a gift for customers. all day they'll offer slices of its famous cheesecake for 65 cents as the original restaurant on flat brush avenue. eat up. >> yeah. >> tis the seas f. speaking of the season, the christmas decorations are g ng up. and guess what. >> yeah, tomorrow, we'll see another sign of the season. i bet you know what that is. this year's rockefeller center christmas tree will be cut down
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the 78-foot norway spruce, beautiful tree, will be hoisted on to a trailer and brought to midtown. it is scheduled to arrive at the plaza on friday, and you can watch the tree lighting ceremony -- oh my god, t hey're really playing christmas music. on december d, right here on nbc 4. >>re know. >> we love christmas, we do. just seems so early. but it's here. >> yeah. >> it's here. we'll be right back. behave for uncle pete. bye, see you guys later.
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