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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  November 3, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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moments ago they did the grid search looking for the weapon used in this attack. that hatzolah member who was slashed called for help right away. moments later first responders were on the scene loading the volunteer to atotretcher. this is news 4 obtained bade witness who saw the aftermath of e attack. here's what we know.
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the suspect came out from behind the hatzolah volunteer who was t on duty but had his radio and was able to call for help ri t away. police have been here doing a grid search looking for a weapon - . police do not have someone in custody and folks who saw this are concerned tonight. what's going on in the world with, it's scary. somebody walking on the street and gets stabbed. >> reporter: again, police right now have not recovered the weapon used in this attack. that's why you see there's a large presence of officers out here in crown heights. again, this is an eastern parkway and rogers avenue. this is here police focused their investigation. we have also learned right now preliminary reports is this does not appear to be a hate crime but they are looking in to that. no one has been arrested and the volunteer is expected to be okay.
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another big story tonight, two people slashed. this time at random by a man armed with a box cutter. it happened at the roth avenue fulton street stop in brooklyn. brynn gingras is live with the latest for us. >> we are talking about two men going about their day on the subway when this happened. now those two men were sent here to brookdale hospital and one has been sfrent the er admitted in to the hospital and the other released. police carried out evidence bags from the subway station in bed-stuy. the biggest piece of evidence a box cutter with snapped off blades, similar to this one. authorities say a 29-year-old man used it to attack two innocent people. >> crazy, you know what i mean? >> reporter: the victims were slashed on the top of their head. the suspect allegedly didn't say
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then police say he ran from the subway stop, dropping the boxy cutter on the platform. authorities caught him a few blocks away. both victims were rushed to brookdale hospital. one of them 22-year-old matthew ruff whose sister gave this update on facebook. please pray for matthew james ruff. he is stable, okay and at the hospital. thanks, all and love. >> i have nephews and nieces that use this station to get to school that. worries me because somebody just got stabbed. it could be anybody, anytime. >> reporter: the thought of an unprovoked attack frightening for those who use mass transit. they found crimes on subways and buses are up 8%. according to the nypd, nearly 2,000 crimes have been reported in the transit system this year, compared to just over 1800 last year. >> i have a cousin who got stabbed. she actually survived.
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like, thys it is not really is fe. they should have more like police officers. >> reporter: as for the suspect, evaluation. police tell me no charges have been filed as of yet and it is unclear what was his motive. brynn gingras, news 4 new york. right now the coast guard ane d other agencies are scouring th ge waters off of long island for a possible missing kayaker. someone on a boat spotted a personal water craft drifting near plum island. no one was inside. this is a photo of the kayak. as you can see it is reddish orange in color and carrying fishing rods and a net. right now no one has been reported missing. the coast guard plans to continue the search for anyone in the water throughout the night m v. >> an m ta bus driver is charged with running down a woman with
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his bus and driving away. the question now is whether the driver knew he hit the woman and kept going. checkey bedford reports. >> reporter: they say it was her ritual a walk to the deli for coffee but as she pushes a walker across the street an mt action bus turns left. we decided to stop the video here because what is next is too graphic. bell is run over and killed. the bus pauses for three seconds and keeps going. leaving her body lying in the street. her friends are devastated. >> she was a sweet heart. i'm telling you, she was a sweet heart. >> she has a daughter and grand baby. >> why didn't you stop? >> tuesday night the man behind the wheel of the bus was walked from the 73rd precinct after police caught up with him three hours after bell was killed.
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charges including leaving the scene of an accident. news 4 investigates found that his family and friends are coming to his defense. >> i don't know how it happened. i believe him. >> reporter: he says that roper who's been a bus driver more than 15 years would never knowingly hit someone and take off. witnesses believe he had to have known he struck bell. >> there were crutches on the ground. you can't tell me you didn't see a person on the ground. that's insane. >> paul roper is waiting to see a judge here in criminal court. we could find out if cameras inside the bus captures what roper was i doing just before the accident. the mt action a says roper has been suspended until the outcome of the criminal investigation. news 4 new york. a murder mystery on long island. a man is found dead in an office
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building. police are trying to figure out who killed him. the co-worker made the discovery this morning. suffolk county police were called to the office 6:45 this morning where they found the body of 30-year-old william ldonahue, a dispatcher at the company. police say that donahue wo was a victim of violence but wouldn't describe the crime scene or other evidence. >> we are conducting an investigation in to the incident right now.seit appears that the dispatcher had been stabbed during the night. >> reporter: no arrests have been made. homicide detectives are investigating. anyone with information is asked to call crime stoppers. family and friends set an emotional good-bye to a man who gave his life to save his sister. this is the father helped in to an ambulance after collapsing at his son's wake in the bronx. they say he sacrificed himself, pushing his sister out of harm's way when a karl barrelled toward
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two others died in the accident. funeral services for he 10-year-old and her grandfather will be neld the bronx on friday and saturday. outrage over the delay of a second avenue subway project. the mta slashed $1 billion from the budget and says that construction for stations above 96th street won't start until at least 2020. it angered some residents. the mta blames the delay not on cash but the tunnel boring machine. the mayor expressed disappointment. >> we were all were surprised to hear the changes an the second avenue subway and i they is a conversation that must continue. >> if we had all the money this world we couldn't have the giant tunnel boring machines by 2018. >> the firgt phase of the project is scheduled to open next year. look at the results in the
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>> start with bridgeport, connecticut joseph ganim is the winner. he defeats mary foster running as an independent. madeleine singas is trying to go from acting d.a. to full-time district attorney. 27% of precincts reporting she has 57% of the vote. in staten island, district attorney race, 90% of the precincts are repo ing that mi sael mcmahon has 54% of the vote. following other key races in the area and we will have more election results in a few minute s. check for updates onbc new and the nbc four new york app. coming up two sneaky suspects. how police say these two managed to break in to a string of stores and get away wa almost 25 grand. what forced a small plane to
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janice is here. >> it is all about the temperaturo . in theb 70s in most spots. cooler 0 tomorrow. this pattern may last a lot longer than this week.
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more results from election 20158. democrat darcel clark is the projected winner. she was hand picked by bronx democratic party after long-time d.a. robert johnson said he will seek a supreme court judgeship.
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he ran against o'connor. contentious race for mount vernon mayor. richard tom mass has 75% of the vote. in other news, and new tonight, police released video of a couple accused of burglarizing several businesses in the bush wick section of brooklyn. they struck at least four times between september 29th and tober 29th. each time cutting the locks on to get in to including twice on irving avenue. this video is from nicker bok er avenue. if you recognize the iman or woman in these pictures give the nypd a call. all lanes of the cross bronx expressway are open after massive delays caused by this truck. a tractor-trailer snagged utility cable and pulled them down to the highway. the westbound lanes had to be shut down force ing thousands of
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up to three hours. the road was reopened to traffic at 8:00 tonight. it could take days to repair the damage caused by flooding at homes and businesses in long island. the water came from a 50-year-old water main that ruptured leaving a gaping hole in the street. it is not clear why it broke but it is in the process of replacing old pipes. engineers will inspect the damaged road to make sure it is sound. a couple whose remains were found months after they vanished is charged with their murder. kyle madden was formally charged with murder today. the couple disappeared in august. their bodies were foind last week outside of a vacant house. both had been shot to death. court documents revealed the couple was sick of their son's drug abuse and money troubles and planned to cut him out of their will. >> they decided it was time for
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him to be an adult. it's a nightmare that something like this could happen to two of the nicest people i have ever met. >> his girlfriend was in court on monday. she is charged with conspiring to kill his parents and hindering prosecution. looking like an explosion brought down the russian airliner that crashed. experts say there is no evidence a missile did it. according to u.s. officials a satellite detected a heat flash around the metrojet bus just before it plummeted from 32,000 feet. we're told there is no indication of a heat trail, which there would have been had a missile hit the plane. experts say it could mean a bomb on board exploded and could indicate an engine or fuel tanks tank explode ed or other mechanical failure caused the plane to break apart in midair. >> if you have a pressurized it is serious and could bring the
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aircraft down. >> the airbus crashed shortly after taking off from the egyptian resort city of sharm el sheikh. none of the crew members showed up on any u.s. terrorism database. the crash killed 224 people on board. $70 million federal fine for a company that made millions of bad air bags. under a deal announced today. the takata company admits it knew its air bags were defective but failed to recall them in a timely manner. they are blamed for eight deaths and 100 injuries. close to 20 million cars are recalled in order to fix the problem. if you haven't noticed, the christmas decorations are starting to go up. tomorrow, we'll see another sign the season. th rockefeller christmas tree
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we 78-foot norway spruce will be hoisted on to a trailer and brought to midtown. it is scheduled to arr me at the plaza on friday. you can watch the tree lighting ceremony on wednesday, december 2nd, right here on nbc 4. mark your calendars. >> seems like yesterday we watched the tree go away. >> just yesterday, right. that's how fast time flies. well, it is starting to look like the holidays but doesn't feel like it. these 70 degree temperatures will stick around for a few more days. as a matter of fact, this pat a earn may stick around for a while. look at the view from the top of the rock. beautiful view. the empire state building in red, white and blue because today was election day. the weather cooperated. 60s, 64 midtown. nice and bright and clear. still very mild. this is quite unusual for november. even overnight the temperatures don't get that cold.
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it is another stunning day tomorrow. tehomperatures approaching 70. maybe not as cool near the coast because a little on-shore flow with temperatures cooler because they are coming off the ocean. they will warm up by the end of the week. we may see a bit of rain coming in, as well. a slight chance at this time of late-day showers on thursday. temperatures are mild despite the clouds that will be around. a few may linger in to friday, as well. highs. we weren't that far off today by five degrees in most spots. poughkeepsie 46. 56 newberg. bridgeport 50. you are in the 40s in sussex and morristown. skies are clear across the area. all the way across the region. high pressure in control here. keeping most of the clouds at bay for now. as a matter of fact, it spreads all the way back to the midwest. to the rockies and down this the
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gulf coast because of the jet stream. look at how far north the winds are. these winds in the upper atmosphere separate the warmest and coldest air. according to the outlook from noaa, it looks like the jet stream pattern will remain much the same this month. thsat means temperatures could average ten above average noerall for the rest of the month. could we see 70 degree temperatures on thanksgiving? we shall see. in the meantime, wednesday's temperatures start out in the 50s in the morning. 60s throughout the day to near 70 the weekend cools down for those who like the cooler weather. 62 on saturday. 50s on sunday. beautiful day and weekend. a few clouds on saturday. tonight n the 40s in eastchester . 51 garden city. the city 54 degrees by tomorrow morning. the rest of the outlying areas in the 40s from bethel to milford, east brunswick 47. light northerly breeze. tomorrow, if you are closer to
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will likely be in the 60s. bukit go inland and near 70s. the city around 70 tomorrow. same on thursday. more clouds and a slight chance for late-day shower. we will see another warm up on friday. 70s, maybe mid-70s and possibly a record high. then it is cool for saturday and sunday. we're back to the 60s by tuesday. warm weather comes back next week >> what's coming up in sports? >> i'm grabbing the sticks. on friday, an early test for the rangers. a barometer if you will. coming up in sports, the blue shirts welcome the capitals with the top spot in the metrotopolitan division up for grabs. and the mets take ahaue from kenny rogers. they know when to hold them. manager terry collins io coming h back. we have the latest on the team's skipper in a few moments. here's what jimmy fallon has
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coming up tonight. >> thank you, chuck and sibila and everyone in new york. i'm clucking a song with alanis morris set and meghan trainor.
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the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. t fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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surprising sight. a small plane descending from the sky. the plane lost oil pressure. the pilot lowered the chute and it worked. it came down on a road in arkansas. all three people on board survived with minor injuries. >> love the idea of the parachute on the plane. check out these commuters scrambling to stay dry after their light rail car gets flooded. it happened during a halloween downpour in portland, oregon over the weekend. the engineer decided to plow through the waters despite the risk. pretty crazy. the train agency apologized calling it an error in judgment. i'd say. a lot of folks got wet but no one got hurt. >> we always tell people to avoid that.
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don't charge puddles when it is raining or a flood. >> makes sense.
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it's never too early to make a statement. tootnight atathe garden, the rangers entertain the red-hot capitals with first place on the line. if you were at the game, i hope you didn't get there late. tied at one. late in the first period. kevin hayes looks to pass but shoots instead. blisters one off the glove. less than two minutes in to the second. 4-2. klein blasts it inside the far post. five minutes later, the capst failed to clear the puck. the pass to nash deflects off the stick. they win the fifth straight at home 5-2. at barkley center, the islanders and devils hooked up for the second time in four days n. the third period, new jersey draws even in the power play as
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kyle pal merry's shot is deflected. the loose puck in the slot. tied until just over two minutes were left. follow the bouncing puck as it takes a number of deflections and it is finally the game winner. the islanders snap a three-game losing streak. an eli manning sighting in midtown tonight. the giants quarterback was a brand ambassador for the citizen watch company of america. he was in the city for the grand opening of the new corporate offices. coincidentally i asked him about the issues involving time management. does the inability to close out these games frustrate you? >> we have to figure out how to win these close ones. that's what good teams, playoff teams do. we won a couple of tight ones, san francisco, the dallas one we were close and found a way to
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obviously this past week, new penalty. a tough way to lose a game in that aspect. but we have to keep fighting and we're still in a good spot in the division. it will come down to how we finish and we have to finish strong. less than 48 hours after their disheartening world series exit, the mets made the first move in the off season and it was a smart one. according to multiple reports the amazins are bringing back collins on a two-year contract extension. the 66-year-old skipper guided the mets to their first fall classic in 15 years. it was his first appearance in the world series after 45 years in baseball. the move is expected to be announced at a press conference tomorrow. other than the matt harvey mess in game five, collins made all i of the right moves in the playoffs and showed confidence in his players renn when they are struggling. this time old school wins out for all of the right reasons.
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>> class act. >> good man. >> thank you, bruce.
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