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tv   Today  NBC  November 4, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ya, ya, ya. >> getchi, getchi --
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>> and valerie bertinelli. >> and look at the two of you over there. >> and she s is here for cooking and i'm here for lung cancer. >> and were you on "empire" patty? pat patti patti? >> yes. and clint black is back for us. >> and the cmas are tonight, and he has been working a lot of hit hits, and he is going to sing for us, a new album out. >> and would you like some words of wisdom? >> hoda, after the day yesterday, i am ready. >> if you are thinking of beginning again. here we go. and suddenly you know it is time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings. >> i love it. >> who said it? >> a flos philosopher of the 13th century. >> i dated him.
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>> how was it? >>as you know. >> all right. >> time for a different -- >> we had a busy, busy day yesterday. >> oh, my gosh. it reminds me of what my life used to be like all of the time. and i'm so glad that i don't have to do it anymore, but let's relive it, hoe d.a. >> irs first of all, we to lunch on the smith's on the west side and great calamari. >> and they have to get my stuff or i can't go back. >> right. and so then we went five blocks down to see "bridge of spies." have you seen it? steven spielberg and tom hanks. >> and cody had called me last saturday and he rarely does and he says, mom, please tell me that you will go to see this movie. and cody went to the film school at usc and he is at oxford now studying this stuff and a real student of the film, and he said, mom, i can't wait for you to see it. it is so oscar-worthy in every way. >> you were on the edge of the
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some of the time, and your heart is lifted, and it has tom hanks. >> and nothing blows up. and nothing is wearing tights. you know what i am saying. >> and nobody is doing the nasty. >> no. >> and i know. >> it s is about true heroism and it is almost like a "mr. smith goes the washington" but it is berlin. i remember the time, and patti, remember, during the cold war when we were our biggest enemy was the soviet union and we were afraid of the nuclear arms race and spies and it is based on the true story. >> oh, yes. >> and so go see it. >> and when we were done with that, we took a little break a nappy. >> i wish. >> and we went to the favorite things party, which is a fun event. and we go to the party where the advertisers and the executives come, and we have a couple of hundred people who come out, and there is jen miller with us, and
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will talk about the products on thursday. >> and that is thirsty thursday today. >> i know it. look at that crazy posse, hey. that is that and then -- >> on the way to it. on the way to the favorite things party. >> i don't know if i have that picture. >> yes, you do. >> no shgs , they don't. >> hoda woman. >> and donnie deutsche has a new show called "donnie." that is donnie there. >> and it is at the rainbow room, and they did a screening of it and now look at donnie. look at him. >> and go out with an age appropriate woman. you two will be the first to know that i'm running for president. >> ugh. >> oh, my god, you would make the best president ever. >> well, i'm not really running for president, and i want to create some buzz for the show, and i want to the run for president, but i don't want to b be president. >> no. >> i love this announcement. and we do the brand
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people, and now i want to help america. out-trump trump. >> it is so difficult do break through to the landscape, and you have to be so different, and the rainbow room, and the best one was the one we were on, and he is so clever and original and risque, and that is donnie and cutting edge. >> cutting edge. >> and you will find yourself laughing out loud. it is an exaggeration of himself. >> for people who don't know him, you will know him after this thing. it premiers tuesday november 10th at 10:30. anyway. yeah. good luck to donnie. >> we wish him such, such success with it. >> it is not a reality show. >> it is not scripted though, it is loosely scripted. like they will give you a scenario. okay now we will talk about this, and when we did it, he was going to be dating christie brinkley, and so we are interviewing him that finally, you are dating an
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age-appropriate person that you will be arrested with. >> but they are not memorizing lines. >> improve. >> yes. and we have been tell people that they have p been been rushing christmas and star the bucs came out with the holiday cup. and joanne showed video of a neighbor with christmas lights and apparently in her neighborhood, this is not the only woman. and more went up across the street. >> is that kathie lee and regis. i guess i do like this season. silver bells hear them ring >> never too erl arly for regis. >> and rhonda says she has had the tree up since october 10th. that is not it. and this is jenny sending aus picture to tree, but she does not decorate it until after thanksgiving. >> and this is an idea, lori said she joked to her husband,
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we should dress up in costumes and eat turkey dinner and exchange gifts and jump up to say happy new year's. and the problem is that we are not spending enough time with each one individually that we appreciate it. it is what is wrong with the culture, we are rushing through it. >> and even though stores, you get it, because why they have to rush through it, but why everybody else does is interesting. and so now we have been hearing rumors, unsubstantiated rumors. >> yes. >> and now we have been hearing that gwen e stefani and blake shelton are dating, but we have photograph proof that they are. >> remember they were friends. >> and they were seen at a halloween party, and it could have been anybody, and then ryan seacrest asked gwen about the relationship on the radio show, and this what she said. >> so blake is also on this show. >> is he? who is blake?
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>> blake shelton. >> oh, the country guy. >> is that true or not true? >> i am not going to be answer because i have given up enough of myself. don't you? but to be super honest, but it is crazy that we both went through the same thing at the same time. of the evidence. and now, how about this. i was watching very, very closely when matt was interviewing the cast of "voice" and watch how blake looks at gwen when she is talking. this is proof. >> okay. let issei it. >> wait, look at blake. look at blake. look at him gazing and smiling. look looky. >> you r are in trouble. you looking for trouble. okay. >> okay.
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yes, i am. >> aren't you? >> yes, i am. >> and ladies, today, you know, ladies, it is winesday wednesday and it is also what we call hunk hum hump day. >> well, you can't say that. >> yes, we do. and why don't you say it in unison. unison. >> hunk humpday. >> valerie. >> you can say that on tv? >> yes. >> okay. >> hunk hump meaning to get it through the week. >> that is what a hump will do you. >> exactly. and here is joe mang nell o. >> you say it, hoda. >> i don't want to embarrass valerie. >> and he got off of the virgin american flight. >> and so he didn't get the hump then. >> and so let's hear it for he is a hot guy. and he is getting married this month? you are into all of these
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>> but i like them. tont you like them as a relationship? >> and you know who we love, adele. >> on the cover of "rolling stone" and we usually see her fully made up and hair blown and everything, and this is her stripped down, and she looks great on the cover of "rolling stone." i love that picture. >> we will have a big concert here as we told you yesterday. father and son halloween is interesting, because i don't understand it. >> they dressed up like each other at halloween, and we are trying to figure out who is who. son and dad costumes. who is who? reveal the obvious. >> that is dad as son. >> amazing. >> that is incredible. >> good. >> and the real thing on the
10:11 am
other side -- wow, that is scary. >> which one is the dad. >> hoda, the first dad on the left is the real dad. >> as the son. or the son as the dad is on the right. >> it says that, hoda. >> i am reading. let me get to it, okay. this is all very confusing. >> how many times do you think that you check the cell phone during the course of the day, the time, something buzzed, somebody is calling. >> and you remember that, you answered it because somebody was calling you. >> and the study at trenton university say thas s that the average person look at their phone 85 times. and i was in the makeup room, and i counted 15 checks, because my sister was ek texting me, and i wanted to know if it was a problem, and buzzed again, a nd nd no, it is this person. >> hoda, i don't have a phone. so i never check.
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i don't do phones. >> are you computer illiterate? >> no, i just don't want to be bothered. >> you are my hero. >> and my sister and my hairdresser have my phone number. >> and what if you want to the talk. >> no, i go into the bathroom, and it is not important. i didn't go into the stall to the make a call, because i don't have to. i have a watch. >> do you have a iphone? >> i do. >> and how often do you check it? >> too often. i want to take a four -- i am planning on doing that. >> and you guys are missing life. >> aren't they? >> aren't we? >> well, you tricked yours, too. >> two children away and traveling, and that is the best thing it is for, and otherwise, what a waste of life. >> and twitter. my son and i tweet each other.
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i did it. you can too. actress valerie bertinelli has been acting since childhood, but recently starred in the sitcom "hot in cleveland" with betty white, and now, she is cooking up food for friends and family, and it is a hit called valerie's home cooking. so the food team called on valerie to show us a perfect thanksgiving perfect for the girl's night in. >> hi, guys. >> and congratulations starting your new season. >> and it starts saturday. >> the two starts in three. >> yes, it starts in three days. >> and are you excited that it is working out the way you
10:17 am
liked? >> i have never worked harder and never had that much fun. i don't like the to work hard. >> but cooking is so authentic to you. >> yes, it is what i do. >> and what you love. >> yes, and we are going to be making some pizzas. they are really good. you roast them up with the warm spices of the holiday with a little bit of the pumpkin butter and the pepitas and put them on salad, and i want to make something different for thanksgiving called tur can key meat loaf, and we have the mill k in there from with the bread. you guys are going to help. >> okay. >> and val, you are doing some, too? >> yes, we will be handling the turkey meet and if you don't want to watch your hands a million times a day, wear gloves. the white turkey meat is in, and hoda is great. this might take a while. >> commercial break. >> and okay, in any case.
10:18 am
>> good enough. we will put the turkey meat in after the bread has been soaking for ten minutes with the milk, and some pancetta in with it. >> what is pancetta? >> it is an italian bacon. a and so many things bad for us at this point, do it in moderation. >> and two eggs in there? >> yes. something like that. >> and that is ketchup. >> yes. >> and if you want the play with it, you can add some balsamic ketchup. italian spices? >> yes, good girl. and onion. >> so we have parsley and parmesan cheese right there, and all of that is going to be mixed together. the thing about this is mush, mush. >> okay. >> and then we basically get it to look like this, and this is going to go into the oven for --
10:19 am
>> we should let you just have some fun over here. >> i am going to have my way with this. let me have a moment. >> all right. >> get cooking. >> and now, when you take it out 335 or 40 minutes when it is done, you put a bunch of ketchup on top of it and sometimesly take the ketchup bottle and do some fun designs on top or you put it back in the oven, and then it is going to be nice and browned. >> you don't need this, do you? >> no. you are just doing it for the fun. okay. there you go, kathie. >> and the pancetta in here cook ing again. and the if you want to make it a a vegetarian dish, don't put in the pancetta, but onions and you want a strong flavor there. these have been put in hot boiling water with a little bit of the salt in it. >> how much?
10:20 am
>> just blanch them and soften them up. >> and the sizzle! >> i love that sound. and you get them -- >> why are people after raid of brus sell sprouts? >> they are so good for you. >> and they are really, really good for you. >> and how long up in the pan, val? >> you want them like they have been softened and when they get the light fun brown part on it, that is the chewy and the yummy part where all of the flavor comes in. >> shall we try it? >> yes. have some. >> i want to be over here and over here. >> i can't leave the pan. >> you can't? >> no, i can't. when something is cooking, i feel like i can't leave it, because i am known to burn something. >> mm-mmm. >> sandwiches some times cold. >> and you can get more of these recipes at
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10:25 am
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10:27 on this wednesday,
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november 4th. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. the giants christmas tree that spends the holidays in rockefeller center, cut down this morning. we are going to show you the 78-foot tall norway spruce. that tree is going to be brought into the plaza, friday morning on the "today" show, of course. we sure to watch the tree lighting live here on nbc 4. that happens wednesday, december 2nd. it will be at 7:00 p.m. i will check our weather on holiday like you might say. sunny, high of 71. tonight, light winds, 57. tomorrow, spotty shower. friday, some fog. 73 degrees. coming up next on the "today" show with kathy lee and hoda, the latest fashion trend, wearing all black.
10:29 am
oh, it is winesday wednesday and we are ready for the weekly trivia game, and it is called "who knew" and this time it is about the lyrics of the all-time greatest hits. and kathie lee is over across the street at the experion store, and she is going to give you $100 if you get it right, but if you don't, you will get a signed cd. and in the studio is the host of z100 elvis durant. >> the music is awesome and my favorite songs. >> you gave them a question
10:30 am
"city boy" born in the 1991's -- >> wait, ask clint black. >> born and raised in south detroit. >> and nobody was ever raised in south detroit. >> thank you, clint, for that solo bit. kathie lee. >> and a young lady who hurt herself in the marathon, but she finished like the woman she is. in michigan a man named paul is talking with davie who is still in the navy. is that a bshgs krshgs bc? >> piano man. >> he's still in the navy. >> it is still his very, very big signature hit.
10:31 am
is great at the garden. >> he is awesome. really is. kathie lee, over to you >> people from tampa bay, where is some dance to remember, and some dance to forget. stairway to heaven, sweet home, alabama or hotel california. >> hotel california. [ laughter ] >> "hoe tel california." >> here it is. some dance to remember some dance to forget >> people know this when they are young and it is 1977, and that is a huge hit from the eagles. >> from san antonio, texas, in what 1980s hit will you find the
10:32 am
total eclipse of the heart -- >> i am going to say b. >> you're right. >> and "total eclipse of the heart." >> start. forever's go g ing to start tonight >> hey, clint, did you know that one? >> of course. >> you knew it, too. >> no, i didn't. >> bonnie tyler's biggest hit, and listen to this lyrics of the song, because it is about vampire love. isn't that creepy. >> speaking of creepy, back to kathie lee. >> really? really, elvis. by the way, it is hard for you guys to sing, and remember the lyrics when there is weird music going on here, and we have to turn it off here, because it is hard to remember. i am sorry that your wine glasses are empty. >> but they are in minneapolis. >> according to aretha franklin in respect, which one of these is not sweeter than honey, your time, your kisses or money.
10:33 am
>> b., your kisses. >> yeah, you get a cd. >> yes. >> i hope you have a baby somewhere. >> it is a-your time. >> this is aretha franklin's first hit. to this day, she will not travel on the airplane, and only on a bus. >> we have clint black here, and patti labelle is here and elvis durant. durant. and you know when pat i ti la bell performs she kicks the shoes off. >> and elvis is being inducted into the radio hall of fame in chicago tomorrow night, and so we are going to be with you on the radio tomorrow morning. >> absolutely. >> congratulation, elvis. >> thank you very much. >> and coming back, kathie lee is coming back from across the street, and we will have some
10:34 am
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and the two-time grammy winning legend who has sold over 50 million records over a five-decade career. >> and she is here to talk about lung cancer, a number one killer of women and a cause that is very personal to patti. >> reporter: patti labelle catapulted into the spotlight as the lead singer of the trio known as la bell. their 1975 hit "lady marmalade" was a combination of funk and soul. with vocals beyond compare, patti decided to go solo and the star continued the rise on the strength of tunes like these can -- i've got a new attitude got to break it now somebody loves you baby
10:39 am
>> reporter: but singing was not her only calling including "out all night" and she continued to wow us with what she did on "dance "dancing with the stars." but she also suffered incredible loss, two of her sisters both died of lung cancer in their early 40s, so in the memory of her loved ones, patti is speaking out in an effort to fight this deadly disease. >> i don't think that many people know about this, and patti la bell is a paid spokesperson for the lung association lung force initiative to raise awareness with us. i did not realize that you had lost. >> i am happy to be here, but not happy happy, because i have lost so many family and friends to lung cancer. this is the color, the turquoise. this is the lung cancer awareness color, turquoise, and i'm the spokesperson for the
10:40 am
american lung association lung initiative. it is like lung cancer is the number one killer of women. more so than breast, colon, pancreatic cancer combined. one woman every eight minutes will die in the u.s. of lung cancer. >> nobody knows that better than you, after having lost two of your sisters? >> and you know what happened, hoda. barbara was diagnosed with cancer in the say, a beginning of the year, and before the year was over, she died. my sister jacqui. >> we are just going to move that. we are live. >> oh. yeah. >> no, it is there. anded a she been a smoker? >> my sisters were both smokers, but you don't get it because of smoking, but it can be second-hand or the third-hand smoke, and you can get it from inhaling the ribs from cooking them on the grill, and my grandmother died in afghanistan
10:41 am
inhaling all of the fumes, and so it is all kinds of ways to get the lung cancer, but the thing is that we have no, and it is like nothing happening with the lung kans cancer. nobody is speaking on it, and i as a celebrity, if a celebrity has to speak about something this important, i'm patti, and if i can get people to look at it, and this is the breast cancer color turquoise, and you can go the, right? >> all righty. >> and find out all kinds of information, and if the that does not workings call me on the cell phone. i dont 't have one. but i am so involved in the lung cancer initiative trying to bring aware s on the s on the the illness. it is the number one cancer killer of ladies. >> that is news to an awful lot of us. >> it was news to me, a lot of it. >> yes. >> and so i'm here to speak and -- >> there was a time that you were feeling guilty that the
10:42 am
>> yes, i lost one to colon cancer, and two to lung kans cancer, and my mother of alzheimer's, and my father to diabetes. i am a diabetic, and i have it, but it does not have me, ap i'm here at 70 to be speaking about it. my sister s s died in their 40s. >> patti, thank you. >> you want the say it again? >> go the >> yes, baby, say it again. >> i believe that for every drop of rain that falls a flower grows i believe that somewhere in the darkest night you asked me to sing every time i hear a new voice baby cry or touch a leaf or see the skies and i know why
10:43 am
? oh, patti! >> what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next, after the next? so predictable and so unsatisfying? what about pulling up a chair, a stool, a beanbag, and actually tasting our food. we are a creamy cheese that still believes in the beauty of a knife, in the of a . . . swipe. of course, that doesn't mean you can't dunk us or scoop us enjoy every single, sol-i-tar-y bite. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. our veterans are all around us, but it's hard to show them our appreciation when, out of uniform, they're more camouflaged than ever. america, this veterans day, let's shine a light on our veterans by changing one light to green, and keep it glowing every day. because even if we can't see them, they should always be
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hey, hey, everybody. the bait is over and one of the biggest stars is back with new country music >> clint black! >> he never went anywhere, because he has been writing for tv and movies and other artists. he is back out with a new album called "on purpose." >> good to to see you, ladies. >> how are you? what is the reason for the ten-year wait? trying to get the right material together? >> well, i was doing other thing, but i was being courted by record company, and never right. so it was my excuse. once you get a deadline, no more. >> you have to do it.
10:47 am
us is called "better and worse." what is the genesis of that. >> and it is is smart-alecky thing, when people say, how are you? and you say, i have been better and i have been worse. it is okay not to be at your best. >> and these guys, are they your band? >> i don't know. >> all right. here he is, clint black. i've been better i've been worse i've been blessed and i've been cursed ain't dead last and i ain't in first not everything's going to go my way i've been better i've been worse i'm right on purpose and unrehearsed
10:48 am
singing into chorus and i need more verse not everything's donna go many my way so i push too hard and lean too far thinking i can have it all then i stumble just a little i end up in the middle thanking god almighty i didn't lose it all i've been better i've been worse i can do without the doctor but i need my nurse my heart's beating steady but it it's in reverse not everything's going to go my way push too hard lean too far thinking that you k can have it all i stum theable just a little my head against a brand new wall i've been better i've been worse, and i got a yen yang thing, and it could be worse universe not everything is going to go
10:49 am
i've been better i've been worse i text with the best but i can't converse i got a little money but it's in her purse knot everything's going to go my way >> yes! woo-hoo-hoo. >> and the money is in her purse. >> that is the best line of all.
10:50 am
from clint black to the hottest trend in black. >> oh. >> lilliana has the luxe for
10:51 am
all right. what woman out there doesn't own that perfect little black dress. >> or the lbd as hoda calls it. >> how trusty are the black pants that make you feel slimmer than you are? >> well, our gill lilliana vasquez is here to help us with are all luxe for less. >> and clint black looks great this in all black, and everybody knows that. >> and we know it. >> and hanging with you? >> yes, and you are show g all black. >> but you need the black hat, thinner. >> and the texture, and what we started here is mixing leather thought that those two look
10:52 am
both pieces from jc pennies. and another update is velvet. and these joggers are $20 from that is off of the shoulder called the cold shoulder for the season. >> and clint is like, what am i doing here? >> now i know what to wear. >> eye candy. just drink it in. >> all right. >> and everybody has lace, and don't do lace on lace, but lace on texture, and here the shirt is from forever 21 and the skirt from nordstrom, and the little black dress is so perfect to mesh for the holiday party. >> and where can everybody find your outfit? >> well, first of all, i want to shorten the hem a little bit. >> all right. >> coming up tomorrow, we will have meghan trainor singing for us, and we will be nut s s for her. >> and ambush makeover and
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