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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  November 4, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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in three separate cases in the past. those matters are sealed. ropper's attorney said his client has never been convicted of a crime. >> when there's a video like this people rush to judgment. it would being a great to let the presumption of innocence work itself out. >> roeper's attorney also said in court this model of bus has had complaints of quota blind spot on the left-hand pillar of the bus. we'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. all new on 4 at 6:00 the victim of the family breaks their silence. now breaking news out of san diego. there's an active shooter situation less than two miles from san diego international airport. right now no flights are being allowed in as a precaution. news 4 is closely following these breaking developments. what do we know now? >> first things first. no injuries have been reported in this s.w.a.t. standoff.
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hours to get to the suspect who barricaded himself in an apartment in the banger's hill area. a producer on scene did tell us that authorities just shot more rounds of tear gas at the building. we're waiting to see what happens here. police initially got the call after 9:00 a.m. for a domestic via lils call. when they arrived they immediately came under fire according to officials and officers were almost hit. i checked in the san diego police department twitter account and advised the residents nearby to shelter in place. the schools went on lockdown. >> the residents in the neighboring apartments and homes to stay away from windows, don't come outside and take a look what's happening outside. we believe this person has a very high powered rifle and can reach extension civilian range targets. >> we do know officials shut down traffic on the ground and in the air but a reporter from our nbc affiliate there in san diego said in the past couple of
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departing from this area but, again, those arrivals still stopped. be sure to stick with us. thanks. here at home jewish leaders in brooklyn are issuing a warning tonight asking everyone to be on the lookout for possible attackers. there have been two attacks in crown heights within an eight hour span. the victims, both jewish men. >> reporter: as investigators continue to patrol eastern parkway today local leaders in crown heights are denouncing attacks on two orthodox jewish men in the neighborhood both being investigated as hate crimes. >> this is not a jewish issue. this is a new york issue. this is a human issue. >> reporter: that's the radio transmission of an off duty emt worker who was slashed in the shoulder last night. police say the attack was
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black with a black and white hockey mask came from behind and attacked with a knife. he didn't shout anti-semitic he that's but the worker was wearing a yama camp. this morning another attack on leopard avenue. police say a 49-year-old man dressed in ed ed ed ed in hasidic garb. a man was arrested in that case. rojas was screaming his hatred for jews. >> he was screaming watch this face, i'll be back. you know, i hate all the jews. it was very, very upsetting and sad to hear that. >> reporter: at this point police say there's no hard evidence suggest two incidents are related but exploring all possibilities and they are still searching for the man in the
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there are two separate $5,000 rewards for any information that leads to an arrest. there's growing concern tonight that there may have been a bomb that brought down that plane over egypt. our chief investigative reporter is here to explain why at this early stage in the investigation it's leaning that way. >> reporter: we're told there's no smoking gun to give us a full answer yet. the debris field may hold final answer. investigators are combing the wreckage looking for evidence. but with wreckage spread over a huge area it will take some time to get to that final answer. mechanical failure and expossible sure to the fuel tank has not been ruled out. british authorities are suspending flights from the sinai region. their concern it was a terrorist bombing and u.s. intelligence
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citing unspecified intelligence intercepts. this as isis terrorists claimed responsibility saying the bomb -- they bombed the russian jetliner for revenge for russia's growing involvement in syria. u.s. officials say those claims of responsibility not yet confirmed. no known terrorist suspect found on the passenger manifest or among the crews. they are looking who had access to that plane. a bomb in a suitcase remains a possible leading theory but for now it remains just that a theory as the search for clues continues. back to you. and new at 5:00, take a good look at your screen right now. this is very clear surveillance individual offthree men wanted for holding up a queens pharmacy in broad daylight. we go to glendale where it all happened. >> reporter: these robbers chose a pharmacy that's been barely
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when they went inside the determined to get their hands on prescription drugs. surveillance cameras like this one were rolling on their every move. this all happened in the middle of the day. the suspects were first caught on camera around 12:45 yesterday afternoon, walking casually down 76th street. two of those men were wearing halloween masks and a third one covered his face by wearing a hood. once inside the trinity pharmacy, they bee lined it for the counter. police say one pulled out a gun and that's when they handed over a note demanding their list of prescription drugs they wanted. here's how one worker described those terrifying moments. >> at the beginning i saw them coming or playing or having fun so a gun and they jumped inside. people can be on drugs or do
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what they will do later. >> reporter: police say those three men took off with the prescription drugs and they also took off with the employees wallets. no one got hurt. right now this afternoon the search continues for those three suspects. police are asking anyone with any information on their whereabouts to call crime stoppers. that number 1-800-577-tips. we're live in glendale. . >> a news conference caught everybody offguard hit nothing to do with what was announced. >> reporter: for a moment it was a scary scene at citifield. mets general manager sandy alderson collapsed while talking to reporters following the team's season-ending news conference but the good news is sandy will be just fine. this is a shot of sandy just
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mets press conference room. according to pr guru jay horowitz he didn't eat breakfast and got light headed with the hot lights. he was walking around and doing fine moments later and was cleared by the mets trainer. a short time earlier sandy talked about the pain that lingers following the mets defeat in the world series. >> when you do get to the world series and get that close, i think it hurts a little more knowing how close you got and didn't get there. 29 teams go home unhappy and in some ways i think the 29th team goes home the unhappiest of all. >> the mets also announced the two year contract extension for manager terry collin. we'll hear from the mets skipper coming up at 6:00. some intense moments today but all is fine in mets line and
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pennant resides in flush. >> thanks so much. new at 5:00 violence erupts at a california college leaving five people injured and a suspect is dead. campus police at ucmerca shot and killed the attacker. a helicopter airlifted two victims to the hospital. three others were treated on campus. the violence has students on edge. >> i'm shaken up. this never happens at ucmerced. it's shocking to have this happen on our campus. >> school officials lift ad lockdown at the university but cancelled classes for the day. authorities say the suspect was a student at ucmerced. >> flight disruption. >> the commotion that cause ad new york plane to make an emergency stop and federal
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>> he is renarks the -- serena williams the hero. >> another 70 degree day. can we make it one more? you might get a how many more. i'll have the details in the forecast. >> the beat goes on. at 5:30 a proposal that might have you rethinking how you get to and from the airport. the new fee you could get hit
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>> we're digging up new details on a passenger who forced a flight to be diverted. >> the passenger accused of acting out is facing federal charges. >> reporter: the folks at this barber shop had a hard time hiding their surprise. 38-year-old jason has been coming here for 15 years. even posted photos of the shop on his facebook page. so no one here could believe he had been arrested on charges he made threat on a passenger plane. >> pretty big shock.
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definitely. but definitely not, you know, definitely not a terrorist. >> reporter: he was one of 126 passengers on board an american airlines flight from phoenix to jfk. the flight had to be diverted to wichita, kansas after a disturbance captured in this twitter to. it was posted by another passenger a member of the rock group the augustins. he told news 4 the flight attendant told me a passenger was threatening to kill people around him. police swarmed the plane and removed a man. police in wichita said he's being held in a jail there and the case is being handed to the fbi. investigators refuse to explain exactly what happened on that plane. what may have driven jason to allegedly make any threats. >> i would never expect that from jay. great guy. harmless. >> reporter: no one answered at his home but neighbors here
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this guy has gotten into so much trouble. >> probably just had a few too many drinks and can't do that on a plane these days. a former public school band leader accused of duct-taping a student's mouth is getting support from his school community. parents of the marching band stood in solidarity, united in their support for their beloved former band leader. last week he faced a judge after taping a 9-year-old student's mouth shut. >> it took kids off the streets. >> if you look at it, all the things that are being said, i just don't understand how could it be true. >> he put the tape on the child's mouth as a lesson about slavery. his case returns to court later this month. >> in washington a pair of republican senators is blasting
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spending taxpayer money on patriotic promotions at sporting events. they don't have a problem with honor are men and women but they say the pentagon should not be paying sports teams millions of dollars for honors that should be free of charge. >> a consumer alert. mercedes is recalling 126,000 cars and suvs because of an error that could cause airbags to inflate without warning. it covers 2008/2009 c-300, c 350 and c 63. they could malfunction causing air bags to go off without warning. the defect has been linked to unintended deployments. thieves be warned if you plan on stealing a phone you shouldn't target the world's top woman's tennis player. in a facebook post serena williams says her superhero sense kicked in when she noticed
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to her table at a restaurant. when he swiped her phone williams said she ran after him and tracked him down and asked if he accidentally took the wrong phone. she ended the story saying just because you're a lady don't be afraid to step up to any challenge. >> then she beat him to a pulp. >> exactly. especially bench pressing 200 pounds. designee didn't know who he was messing with. >> i bet she wasn't wearing that superhero suit. >> she doesn't need a superhero outfit. >> she stands alone. >> okay. >> you should have an s on your chest. >> you think so? the sunset is stunning. this is a live camera view for those of you that don't know, 70 stories above here at 30 rock catch it every single night. >> tune in every night. >> it is stunning too. what a great day again today as
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there's a look at lower manhattan and you can't get much better than that for a lovely november evening. and with temperatures like this too, clear skies. crystal clear thanks to high pressure right on top of us and it's 63 degrees right now. down from 70 today. there were some cooler temperatures today especially near shore areas lightning bridgeport, you were in the mid-60s because the winds coming in off the ocean and off the sound. a little bit cooler today with that south wind. but going into friday we have a southwest land and temperatures will warm up even more. we could see record high temperatures by friday. in the meantime there will be a few slight changes tomorrow. still mild but more clouds and a few showers scattered around here and there. not looking for a lot of heavy rain, probably not even enough for an umbrella but take one just in case for tomorrow afternoon. meantime, here's a look at the temperatures around midtown and through new jersey. madison is at 60.
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out towards long island, upper 50s and low 60s and cool over the shores facing the sourngsd westport, stamford in the 50s. inland you warm up a few more. 69 in surf city. 64 in cream ridge. north and west temperatures are in the low to mid-60s from danville to chester over to saddle river at 67. clear as a well. high pressure pushes down on the atmosphere and that doesn't allow any development, any vertical development to get the clouds that we need. they are all down here over parts of the carolinas and virginia. seeing some scattered showers there. some of that moisture creeping our way and we'll have more clouds in the area tomorrow and one or two showers mainly in the afternoon. not that many. you can see they are pretty spars sparse and scattered around. so, that's coming up tomorrow
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friday still a very warm day. forou this evening you're going out, you don't have to worry about rain, don't have to worry about a big heavy coat. temperatures will fall in the 60s to upper 50s by 11:00. pretty mild in the city. clouds return with spotty afternoon showers tomorrow and then friday is a day when we may get a record high even in the city. record is 74. we're looking at 73. breezy and cooler going into the weekend more like november sunday into monday. guys, back to you. a large group of teachers is rallying in front of the offices on the east side. royal about 200 faculty and teacher members down below in front much cuny at 42nd street between 2nd and 3rd, this rally began at 4:00 this afternoon, started as a protest and civil disobedience. 200 members here, faculty and
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here on the sidewalk, but just within the last 15 to 20 minutes they began to do a sit in directly in front of the welcome center here on the sidewalk. we understand possibly a couple of them have been arrested. we have not confirmed that yet by nypd. we can see that the sidewalk is re-opened to traffic. you can see traffic on 42nd street eastbound and westbound is getting by. again about 200 teachers out here protesting the fact that they have been working for over five years without a new contract. we'll keep an eye on this. right now things have seemed to calm down but we'll bring you any additional information as we get it. still ahead as we continue, on to 30 rock. >> this year's rockefeller tree has been officially cut down. next stop right here our backyard. we'll give you some stats on this worldwide attraction. a major update on an iteam
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birth control device. news 4 investigates the new action now being taken by the fda.
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. take a good look behind us because the scene here at rockefeller plaza is about to change. >> world famous tree is on its way. the tree is coming. it was cut down today. >> we get a look at this year's holiday star. >> reporter: the rockefeller center christmas tree was cut down this morning in front of a small crowd of mostly families and a lot of kids. about two hours north of the city. this 78-foot tall, 10 ton norway spruce maneuvered so well using all sorts of heavy equipment will soon arrive onto plaza to be decorated for christmas. >> we figure we would watch it get cut down and then go down for the lighting. >> tree taken from a front yard in gardner, new york. albert has lived in this home is
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the tree has been in his front yard since he was 4 years old. albert was a baby. the tree was a baby. >> a little bit heart warming that it's cut down like that but it's going to a great place. >> today after the slice families could be seen sitting on the massive stump. children counting the rings of this more than 50-year-old tree. they have a lot of memories with this tree. >> kids played on it. made forts in it. they climbed it. so, you know. >> tough to watch it come down but an honor. tree had been eyed for months. >> head gardner came up last august and said it was a nice tree and we'll consider it for a christmas tree. >> it was. before you know it this tall spruce will look something like this. lit up for millions to see, a
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kind of crazy to talk about a christmas tree on a day when it's in the 70s free speech will be arriving this week on friday and takes about a month to decorate and then the lights come on. that's december 2nd at 7:00 p.m. right here on nbc 4. spectacular thing to see. >> always is. made a good point about the temperature. the tree and it's 70s. david is here now with a look what's coming up new at 5:30. >> a new twist in the fight for health care funding for 9/11 responders. how some harsh words from a worker could tip the scales. plus this -- >> as if flying these days didn't cost enough i'm brian thompson with why getting to or leaving the airport could cost you more. find over 1,000 special stories at hospital for special surgery.
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