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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 6, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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united states. >> thanks for joining us. see you back here at 11:00. good night. developing news tonight. explosion on board. new reports about what investigators are hearing on the cockpit voice recorder of the doomed jetliner right at moment of disaster. stepping up security as concerns mount it was a bomb. changes for flighted headed to the u.s. carson's past. new fire storm today over claims the republican front-runner has made about his life story. the price you pay if you have a mortgage, credit cards or a car loan. why today's news of a job surge could mean you'll soon be paying more to borrow money. what experts say you should be doing right now.
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and targeting cancer. how doctors saved a dying toddler's life with something never tried before in humans. an exciting new hope in the fight. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. several major developments in what could turn out to be one of the deadliest attacks against aviation since 9/11. including new evidence gleaned from the cockpit voice recorder of the crashed russian jet. did d it capture the sound of an explosion. british and american authorities are not backing away from suspicions that the metrojet airbus may have been brought down over egypt by a bomb. possibly planted by isis. and nbc fuse has learned that intercepted reveal isis operatives bragging about downing the plane. and now u.s. is implementing brand new security options that will affect u.s. bound
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air travelers. we have two reports. first bill neely from sharm el sheikh, egypt. >> both of the black boxes have been analyzed from five countries, including france where the airbus was made. sources told french media than on the cockpit voice recorder that the sound of an explosion could be heard distinctly. because that the cockpit was normal with no technical failure recorded on the second black box until the moment of the explosion. this doesn't solve what caused it. a bomb or a kata catastrophic internal failure. >> there could be a structural failure due to the technical problem and as it breaks up, you will get a sound similar to device. >> but jim miklaszewski was told that isis fighter in sooini boasting shortly after the
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at their headquarters in raqqa, syria, that they had taken down the plane. the growing suspicion that it might be a bomb has convinced russia to stop all its flights to egypt. once it evacuated the 50,000 russian tourists in sharm el sheikh, from where the plane took off. the russia's actions speak louder than words. it was the intelligence that recommended the planes stop flying here. putin agreed. >> intelligence shared by the u.s. and britain, almost unprecedented. we still don't know what that intelligence is. british officials now believe a bomb may have been put in the plane's cargo hold. inside or on top of luggage. suspicion is falling on airport workers and lax security there. egyptian security officials are still searching an airport now under intense
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scrutiny in a region why isis is known to operate after a crash claims it caused. bill neely, nbc news, sharm el sheikh, egypt. this is tom costello, tonight across the middle east the u.s. is teaming up with foreign governments to ramp up security for flights to the u.s. cairo, aman and kuwait and across the region. in all just under ten airports. suspended screening of anyone or anything that goes on a plane. luggage, food, beverages, cargo. fresh assessments of foreign airport security and security assistance to those airports. >> we can't rule anything in or out, we have to consider the possibility that a potential terrorist involvement here. >> the security upgrade comes a year after the tus issued an emergency directive for overseas airports to watch for explosive devices. >> have you had concerns specifically
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about the security in egypt. >> more broadly, yes. but really, across the region. >> reporter: former tsa chief said tsa inspectors are constantly probing and evaluating overseas airports. >> they look at the actual check point and the vetting of the employees and parameter security and the catering. they look at soup to nuts. >> it is not about tsa inspection. it is about the other 364 days. tonight intelligence agencies in london, wash and moscow and cairo are asking the same question, if it was a bomb, was it an in side job. >> externally you are looking at people who are handling cargo, mechanics and even third-party vendors like catering officials who are putting food and the like into an aircraft and could look to introduce an explosive device. >> reporter: we have the late-breaking development. sources within intelligence community
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are telling us they intercepted a transition from the sinai before it crashed on saturday and that message warned something big in the area was going to happen. one individual said a call was made between members of a group in the sinai before the airplane actually crashed. lester. >> a lot of developments here. tom costello, thank knew turning to politics now. and claims that ben carson has made, specifically events he said took place when he was a yng man. as the he faced more scrutiny as he is in the lead for republicans. we have more from chris jansing. >> it is a moment that brought him from best-selling author to in demand speaker and now presidential candidate. >> i was offered a full scholarship to west point. >> politico reported that west point has no
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applying or being offered admission an calling the story a fabrication. >> his campaign fired back. >> this book was written two decades ago. [ inaudible ]. but it is all accurate. i mean, the words are not precise sometimes but it is all accurate. it is not made up. >> but still carson admits it didn't happen exactly the way he described. telling "the new york times," it was you, know, an in formal. with a record like yours, we could easily get you a scholarship to west point. in fact, no one can offer admission which has a rigorous application process and low acceptance rate. >> nobody used the term scholarship to west point. there isn't such a thing and nobody in the military would use that term. >> and carson's campaign admitted he was wrong when he met the general. they have obtained records showing him in washington now.
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this is one of more stories coming under intense scrutiny. including his claims he had a violent young. now the low key carson defense. >> a lunch of lies, attempting to say i'm lying about my history. i think it is pathetic. >> donald trump treating, wow, one of many lies by ben carson. big story. but will the questions about his past impact his future political prospects? >> it may limit his ability to gain more in future with other voters who might no longer be open to his candidacy but were before this occurred. >> reporter: isn't staff said they were angry and now they are gearing up to defend his integrity. hard to say how much he used his personal story with voters. may be a big strike to his campaign. >> chris, thank you. and a program note, the democratic candidates for president, hillary
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sanders and martin o'malley are in south carolina this evening for a forum in which they will each be interviewed by rachel maddo. you can see it live at 8:00 p.m. eastern time on msnbc. the fight over obama care is headed back to the supreme court. this time the issue is health insurance for contraception and groups that object on religious grounds on providing it for employees. pete williams is at the court with details. pete, break it down for us. >> reporter: lester, good evening. this is obama care's fourth trip to the supreme court and this time the decision will affect hundreds of rlgs schools, chairs and hospitals nationwide and the women would work for them. here is the issue. the obama care requirement that they provide contraceptive coverage for employees. churches, temples and mosques are exempt. but what about nonprofits with religious affiliation. for example, the little stirs of the
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poor. the pope met with them in september. they object to providing the coverage and the obama administration said all they have to do is put that in writing, provide contact information for their insurance provider and the government will take it from there. but the nuns say that makes them complicit in something they believe is unacceptable. the government said all the nuns have to do is next to nothing. but the nuns and other rlgs groups say that is too much. the court will hear the case in march with a decision by late june. lester. >> pete, thanks. news of a big surge in jobs catching even the experts off guard. u.s. employers added a robust 271,000 jobs in october and the unemployment rate fell to 5%. the lowest in seven years. but those healthy gains could mean the fed will raise interest rates and you'll soon be paying more for a mortgage, a car loan and more. nbc's business correspondent olivia sterns has the story. >> reporter: now that
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the job market is strong enough for the fed to finally raise interest rates for the first time in a decade, get ready to pay more for everything. from your car loan, to student debt, to your credit cards and of course your mortgage. in maryland, the lynn family, like millions of americans, worried about a rate hike. so they locked in their low adjustable rate mortgage. >> i'm very happy that we're able to jump on that great rate that we got and now we know what will happen for us for the next few years. >> reporter: for $300,000 mortgage, it means paying an additional $420 a year. mortgage brokers say within hours of today's report clients called to lock in rates now. >> if the fed raises rates a half a point in the next six months the payment may go up $100 which people can afford but psychologically it impacts them greater. >> it effects where they send the kids to
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car they buy and where they shop for clothes and groceries. >> when the fed raises rate they said they will do so slowly. >> this is likely to be followed bia pause, to allow the economy to adjust and see if everyone is okay. >> the fed will make the decision next on december 16th. and lester, another bright spot in this morning's report is wages, showing more americans are finally getting a raise and that means more money in your wallet. to pay off the higher rates. plus it could be good news for retailers as we head into the holiday shopping season. >> thank you. a new twist in one of the most contentious issues in the country for years. president obama is rejecting the extension of the keystone pipeline to transport crude oil from canada to the gulf. the reaction was swift from all sides and nbc's kristen welker is at the white house with new details. >> lester, good evening. president obama took another step to
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solidify his legacy on the environment it. was a celebration outside of the white house tonight with the pipeline at the center of a pitched political battle. keystone proposed to carry oil from alberta, canada to alaska. they say it would create jobs but most would be temporary and it would harm the environment. the president argued the economy is rebounding without the pipeline, noting toad's unemployment rate is at 5%. a seven-year low. the u.s. also he said has to set an example. >> america is now a global leader when it comes to taking serious action to fight climate change. >> reporter: transcanada, the company that wanted to build the pipeline released a statement that reads in part, rhetoric won out over reason. and on the campaign trail republicans slammed the decision while democrats praised it. lester. >> kristen, thank you. in chicago we have an alarming new case of a young boy shot and killed this week.
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police say the boy himself was the target. because of his father's alleged gang ties. john yang tonight with that story. >> reporter: when a 9-year-old boy was fatally shot in chicago on monday in a part of time plagued by random shootings and gang violence, community members were stunned and the boy's mother begged for justice. >> please come forward and find whoever did this to my baby. >> reporter: but tonight police are are saying ty sean lee was purposely targeted, lured into an alleyway near his grandmother's house still wearing his school uniform and shot multiple times in the head and back. >> he was murdered in probably the most abhorrent and cowardly, unfaj onable crime that i've witnessed in 35 years of policing. >> reporter: investigators suspect it was gang retaliation. the boy's father said he doesn't know anyone who would do such a
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thing and wants justice and not retaliation city officials are struggling with gang violence but targeting young children is wear. >> there were lines that were drawn. you didn't kill and shoot anybody's mother. you didn't shoot their grandmother, you did not shoot children. >> as his family plans the funeral, the search for the killer is underway and once again the community is in mourning and on edge. john yang, nbc news, chicago. still ahead tonight, targeting cancer. when all else failed, the innovative treatment that appeared to have worked in one little girl.
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we are back with a fascinating new frontier in targeting cancer. a first success for a technique that appears to have worked in eating a little girl with leukemia. it involves a donor's immune cells that were genetically modified to fight the girl's cancer. we get details from keir simmons tonight. >> it is like a dream. >> this one-year-old girl may owe her short life to an exciting medical advance and her parents decision to take a risk. >> we saw it as the only decision. >> layla was dying of leukemia. the moment the parents agreed to a treatment in a london hospital never used beoure. it seems to have kicked her cancer into remission. >> so far, so g. she is just well. >> the technique is
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called gene editing. the cells are removed and tweaked to recognize cancer and attack it. when the super-chwiged cells are returned to the patient, they act like guided missiles, tarting the -- targeting the leukemia. in laylas a case there was no need to find a match donor because ghthe jenity ings could be modified. it is a technique doctors say could be used for other diseases. like breast and pancreatic cancer. >> if you know what to look for, you could guide missiles for them too. and that is what they are trying to do. develop new targets for them to hit. >> some worry that scientists are playing god and more research is needed. >> it is only one patient and the duration of observation has been very short. >> reporter: but for now, layla is a normal child again. >> he is energetic and keeps us up late at
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here is something we haven't seen in a long time. water falls flowing at yosemite national park. recent storms providing enough water to make them move again after drying up during this historic drought. some amazing scenes to show you out of australia where the weather brought new meaning to the term cloudy day. look at the time lapse video showing a shelf the coast. you could see why some were calling it a cloud tsunami. just another day at the beach down under. and almost a beach day here in new york as temperatures hit the 70s on this friday in november which made it almost urreal to see the rockefeller going up outside of the studios. but there it was. a 78 foot high norway spruce that came from
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up state n york. a reminder that ristmas is just 49 days away. pleaev don throw anything at the tv. when we come back,
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finally tbts, we're starting something new here. our correspondent kevin tibbles is going to spend the next year traveling the country to cover the 2016 elections. bringing us the voices of you, the voters. and what you want the candidates to address. for his first assignment, we sent kevin whoer dubbing america's correspondent to a small town in ohio that sure knows how to pick a winner. >> the trucks rumble through pemberville in swing state ohio. we are here because this town knows how to pick a president. they weigh their choices with prudence. in 23 of the last 29 elections, pemberville county has voted for the winner. >> i have not made a decision yet. by any stretch. >> with a year to go -- >> it is almost wore everybody out already. >> with the local manufacturing and agriculture and small-town allure, pemberville is once again decided. >> that is one quarter of a beef right there.
6:57 pm
>> this family runs the local butcher >> where is the beef. >> here service is a big deal. >> all i've gotten is it seems like the entertainment factor. >> so far bob has heard nothing but a lack of civilize and that doesn't sell in these parts. >> they never really get to the meat of the situation. >> reporter: diane hoskins watches closely too. her latino parents moved here to grow vegetables in the 1509s. >> it is the american dream, have a home and start a family. >> from growing tomatoes to owning a small flour shop, it call came from hard work. >> why don't they come and live in our shoes for a while because we do feel far removed sometimes from washington. >> but in bem perville as elsewhere, economic recovery is key. this town is struggling. the priority needs to be the homefront. >> the politicians, i think they need to see the real angst that we feel at night when we didn't have a great day. >> reporter: there is
6:58 pm
and decide and pemberville, like america, is all ears. kevin tibbles, nbc news, pemberville, ohio. if you want america's correspondent to tell your story in your city or town, let us know on our facebook page. that will do it for us on this friday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watch.
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