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tv   Today  NBC  November 8, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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i hope you learned some inspiring tips and enjoyed our tour of exquisite homes. if you need more inspiration, head to and if you have decorating hack, share it with us on twitter, instagram, or facebook. we'll be back next week. thanks for watching. [theme music] good morning, live from new york it's donald trump. >> you used to call me on the cell phone. >> donald trump hosts "saturday night live" poking fun of himself and the controversy immigrants. >> you're a racist! >> who the hell is that? i knew this was going to happen. who is that? >> trump's a racist! >> his main rival ben carson in
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an nbc exclusive interview bashes the media. why you? >> because i'm a threat. fbi on the case. the feds at the request of the russians stepping in to help investigate whether that plane crash in egypt was a terror attack. this amid reports that the airport baggage scanning machine was often broken. security elsewhere lax as well. we're live in egypt with the investigation. nfl stars in the spotlight. dallas cowboys lineman greg hardy takes to twitter overnight apologizing after pictures of his battered ex-girlfriend were posted online. while another nfl pro-bowler, the giants jason pierre-paul is set to take the field today just months after he mangled his hands in a fireworks accident. and mystery in the sky. a bizarre streak of light in the skies over southern california prompt panicked calls to law enforcement and sparked a social media frenzy. we'll tell you what it was "today," sunday, november 8th,
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>> from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm chanielle jones. >> and maybe it wasn't a baa zar izarre streak in the light. maybe it was al roker going to his new location. al roker is in spokane, washington. day three, a huge crowd with him up early on a sunday morning. we'll check in with him in a bit. we'll get to the top story this morning. donald trump on "saturday night live." it was an electric scene here on 30 rock overnight as donald trump took to the stage and protesters took to the streets outside the famed studio. that's where nbc's ristmaen dahlgren is this morning. kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. between 250 and 300 protesters joined in that march late yesterday.
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one group called the port racism offered $5,000 to any audience member to disrupt the show. the show went off without any problems, but it didn't ignore the protests. surrounded by trump impersonators, donald trump played the $5,000 brown fi ounty for laughs. >> and we're going to have a lot of fun tonight. >> trump's a racist! >> it's larry david. whemat are you doing, larry? >> they said if i said that they would give me $5,000. >> i can fully see that. they are bringing drugs -- >> they are saying trump was not welcomed back as the host of "celebrity apprentice." >> he's not joking about that. donald trump doesn't joke about those things. for him to make fun of that, that quite shameful.
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>> the show answered critics with satire. >> sort of how like the people outside are chanting "dump trump" but they really just mean, what are his ideas on health care? >> reporter: the cast imagined a trump presidency two years on. >> just like i promised, right? >> prosperity is at an all-time high. >> so everyone is happy? >> we're so happy, mr. president. >> if you think that's how it's going to be when i'm president, you're wrong. it's going to be even better. >> hey. >> reporter: the host of "snl" is usually asked to get out of his comfort zone. >> listen to this, dave. enjoy my tweets. you used to call me on the cell phone >> but it remains to see who gets the last. >> reporter: i won't watch "snl" anymore. and this could spell trouble for nbc. >> i know how to take a joke. >> but donald trump was welcomed back at least for one saturday night. so one other controversy with
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trump hosting is wil the other candidat now ask for equal time on "snl"? now with variety added up, it only was 12 minutes he was on camera, but we'll have to see if others are going to ask. >> kristen dahlgren, thank you. mean while, donald trump's main rival dr. ben carson is facing questions about his past this morning. he opened up to nbc's chris jansing about the scrutiny he lls a witchhunt. chris is joining us from washington this morning. chris, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, craig. ben carson is learning with ontrunner and a us the comes scrutiny, in particular to his rise to the tev in the medical le. but the questions about his biographical details pile up, so does the cash. ben carson coming off a week when his campaign raises jaw-dropping $3.5 million. says he has the media to thank. >> yeah, the people are saying
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is going on and getting fmoed up. it is the us versus them thing. >>ow reporter: in an exclusive interview, carson criticized re rting as to whether he was offered a scholarship to west point into his redemption story and violence in his youth. and the latest from "toe wall street journal," during a riot at his high school in 1968 he protected a few white students from the attack by hiding them. a dramatic account of courage and kindness. but his story couldn't be confirmed in interviews with a half dozen of mr. carson's classmates and high school physics teacher. >> why would they know about that unless they were one of those? >> reporter: so it doesn't surprise you that no one in any of the stories have come forward? >> well, maybe one of those students will come forward. >> reporter: carson calls the scrutiny a witchhunt, unlike anything any former president has faced. >> i have not seen hat with anyone else. not even close. >> reporter: so what do you think is going on? why you? >> because i'm a threat. >> reporter: a bwh threat, he
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says, to hillary clinton and the secular progressive movement. along with all the new scrutiny comes a bigger press corps with foreign reporters now in the mix. one british newspaper has a photo spread this weekend describing carson's marylanh home as a temple to himself including a painting of the candidate with jesus. ben carson tells me he expects many more questions and will get some of them tuesday at the next repu waican debate. he says he's scheduled just a half a dayopf prep adding life is preparation. you can see much more of my interview with ben carson today on "meet the press." craig? >> chris ja sing, thank you. chuck today is moderator of "meet the press." good morning to you. >> good morning. >> let's stay with ben carson here. he's shifted blame to the media. does it look like he'll be able shakeoff the questions about his past? >> i don't know. and i say this because his candidacy is built on his personal story. his personal success.
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and t it starts coming apart, if the personal story isn't what he has s taid it is, in some form or another, then it can unravel mothre than it would for a traditional politician. you know, we are conditioned to assume regular politicians embellish things. but ben carson was supposed to be different. and that's why i think it's more of a danger to him than it would be frankly to maybe anybody else in this field, simply because of how a his candidacy has been built and why so many voters have been gravitating to anward hwe. thcee it's the honesty factor that has been his strength. >> chuck, here we are a year out from the election and thought it would be a goodenime to look at whtaere the race was four years ago. we dusted off a poll, i'm sure you're familiar with this one. this is where we were, the nbc wall street journal poll. in 2011 you can see right there, rman cain surging. newt gingrich surging. obviously a lot of uncertainty then. what is different about the uncertainty this time around? >> well, notice who you didn't
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pod int out in there. the eventual nominee was actually on top of the polls at that time. the eventual nominee mitt romney was always in first or second. this time we -- if you don't believe donald trump or ben carson's going to be the nominee, well then who is? so i think it's a lot more volatile than it was four years ago.think the potential for a donald trump or ben carson to be the nominee is higher today than it ever has been before. is it possible that the republican party suddenly decides to strt of step out a little bit and goes to a little more traditional way and maybe it's jeb bush, maybe marco rubio? but i don't think so. i think when you look at the different things that have happened, craig, in kentucky this week, an outsider candidate who republicans said was unelectable is the governor and won by ten points. a lot of conservatives believe they don't have to settle this time. and i think it means we are in
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for a long ride. it will be twists, turns, pops of popcorn, sit back and enjoy the show. >> we will do it, my friend. >> the gift that keeps giving. see you in a bit on "meet the press" where your guests are donald trump, bernie sanders, carly fiorina and ben carson. the fbi has been asked by russia to join the investigation into the plane crash over egypt. this as questions surface over whether the bags were properly checked before the doomed fltiight. bill neely is in sharm el-sheikh for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. this investigation is now focused on fractions of a second. the final seconds of that cockpit voice recording and the noise that points to an explosion. it's soundwaves may help unlock this mystery. and now, as you say, the fbi is getting involved. it's not unusual for the fbi to be asked to help in a disaster.
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it is unusual for the russians to ask the fbi has said yes. though a spokesman told nbc news it's roll will be modest. russian teams have taken away 15 sacks of sand from the site and according to egypt, human remains for analysis. they are looking for evidence of a bomb. >> the number one most important thing is testing the residue of this airliner to try to see whether there's any kind of traces of explosives. >> reporter: investigators now know that time after takeoff when disaster struck. >> 23 minutes and 14 seconds. >> reporter: at that moment on the cockpit recorder, the cdr, something extraordinary. >> a noise was heard in the last seconds of the cdr recording. >> reporter: every fraction of that sudden noise will now be analyzed and compared with the sound of other crashes. investigators have found the plane's autopilot was on, suggesting the crew felt everything was normal until that moment.
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some parts of the wreckikage, thceey've said, are still missing. they suggested that even a passenger's lithium batteries could have caused this. they are also examining reports that a baggage scanning machine was often broken. the baggage handlers weren't monitored. and the deliveries to the airport weren't properly searched. 11,000 russian tourists have now been evacuated from the airport in one day. it will take nearly a week to get them all out. in st. petersburg where most of the victims were from, the church bells tolled once for every victim, 224 times. and here the search goes on for those missing parts for the plane. bad weather hampering that search. it is now day eight. some new clues but still, craig, no solid answers. >> bell neely for us in egypt, thank you. in louisiana investigators are now looking at 911 calls connected to the chase that led
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to the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy last week. two police officers are charged with killing the boy who was kiting in the front seat of his dad's car. and now there are reports that the deadly encounter may have started with a 911 call about a bar fight involving the boy's father. nbc's gabe gutierrez is on the scene. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the two officers are being held here without bail. the chase reportedly started after the father got into some sort of argument with his girlfriend in a local pool hall and someone called 911. but exactly what happened next is unclear. today we're hearing more about that young life cut short. this morning friends and family are membering 6-year-old jeremy martin. >> heartwrenching. your heart is burning because you don't know how to feel. >> miranda siegler was his baby sitter for four years and said he was autistic and full of life.
9:14 am
ever think of having around you. for a child to be so loving, it was just amazing in the most wonderful feeling you could ever experience. >> reporter: on tuesday night jeremy was buckled into the frfoont seat of his father's suv when he was shot five times and killed following a police chase in central louisiana. >> this is a wounded community. this is a wounded family value. >> reporter: officers derek stafford and norris green jr. are facing charges of murder and attempted murder. the boy's father was injured during the shooting and remains hospitalized in serious condition. stafford and greenhouse worked for the marksville police department, but that night they has been working side jobs for the city marshall's office. greenhouse is the son of a local prosecutor. investigators won't reveal exactly what led to the pursuit or what triggered the shooting. initially, the local coroner had said the officers were serving a warrant with state police now saying that wasn't the case.
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there was no exchange of gunfire, they say, and no weapon was found inside his suv. video from the officer's body camera has not been leased publicly but the head of the louisiana state police called it extremely disturbing and said that it led to the arrests. >> this is a complex case with a lot of moving parts. >> reporter: they expect to have midweek. jeremy and his father have moved to louisiana within the past year. jeremy's visitation is scheduled for later today in mississippi. his funeral is set for tomorrow. >> so sad. gabe gutierrez, thank you. kristen welker is here with more on the streak of light out west that really got folks rattled. >> it really did. it looks like something out of the movies, right, guys? we begin with the serious bright light over the california sky that sent residents into the absolute panic. social media lit up and police were inundated with calls claiming it was everything from a ufo to a comet to a nuclear explosion.
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the test firing of a missile by the navy. high temperatures took their toll on runners at the rock n roll marathon in savannah, georgia. one person died following the race as the mercury soared into the 80s. race officials said dozens suffered from heat-related illnesses and for a time conditions were so dangerous that coordinators actually moved runners to shorter routes. in australia a daring rescue to remove climbers from a dangerous situation. take a look. two men ended up clinging to a narrow ledge over (f a sheer 160-foot drop to the sea. it started when one of the climbers fell off what is called wedding cake rock. his friend got stuck while trying to reach him. it took crews several hours to figure out how to get the men off the cliff before they were both lifted to safety. and we have some amazing pictures of a huge sinkhole in mississippi. residents in meridian heard cracking as the earth opened up. the parking lot sinkhole expanded to 50 feet as it
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swallowed 15 cars. huge gaping hole there. at the university of missouri, members of the football team are staging a protest. the athletes of color are refusing to play ball until the resignation of university's system tim wolf. it's the latest in a string of demonstrations over wolf's response to racially charged campus incidents. protesters say the university president is not taking their concerns seriously. well, check this out. you could call this an unwelcomed mat. one man in florida opened his door to find a huge alligator standing on his front step. animal rescue had to be called in to rope the unwelcomed visitor. so the resident could get out the door. i think i would have to call the ambulance as well. and finally, a long lost guitar has a new owner this morning. this gibson is said to have been used by john lennon, the one and only, to write some of the earliest hits by the beatles. it disappeared after a 1963 concert reappearing just last
9:18 am
checked out a guitar bought for $175. at last night's auction this piece of music history sold for, get this, guys, $2.4 million. so save your pennies if you want to buy that one. it's john lennon, the one and only. >> $175, wow. now to dylan dreyer. >> we have a gorgeous day today in parts of the u.s. but we'll focus on the southeast with heavy rain moving through the panhandle of florida. this is going to stretch up into eastern alabama and most of georgia where the ground is saturated. so that could lead to isolated flash flooding. as we go throughout the day, it's a fairly quick moving system that will clear out by tonight for florida. but it does linger across the southeast as we go throughout the day on monday. definitely a washout for most of south carolina. we could end up with heavier pockets of rain. as much as three inches near
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coast near charleston and wilmington, north carolina, that again could lead to the potential of flash flooding when all the rain comes down in a short period of time. but the middle of the country looks fantastic. a beautiful fall day with lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. a little stormy with rain and that's a look at the weather across the country, here's a peak out your window. good morning, everyone. temperatures in the 40s for the most part. headed to the 50s later on today. enjoy. feel like. cooler but still a beautiful day to get outside. overnight tonight chilly down to 44 in the city. some freezing and frost conditions north and west of town. and here's a look at the seven-day forecast. a bit warmer tomorrow with a high of 61 degrees. tracking showers moving into the tri-state. umbrellas out on tuesday. and that's your latest forecast.
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the dallass cowboys star was apologizing after photos were released from his ex-girlfriend's injuries after a fight. he said that he was mostly grateful to play in the nfl. hardy missed 18 games following the incident. and the comeback from jason pierre-paul returning to the field against tampa bay for the first time since the gruesome fireworks accident on july 4th. pierre-paul lost an entire finger that mangled his hand. he's expected to be wearing a custom-made glove today. he believes he can be the same player before the accident, but many wonder if the defensive end still has the magic that made him a first-round draft pick. >> he'll get a lot of attention. >> that's incredible. good for him to get back out there to try it. up next on "today," is this
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9:23 am
chris and their little dog louis. they were engaged and wanted to take photos and mentioned to their photographer just how much louis likes to play in the leaves. check it out, i didn't realize how much he enjoyed playing in the leaves. he'll really getting into it. but you won't believe this. the he launches himself completely in front of chris blocking him. and here's the kicker, guys, it turns out this isn't the first time louis has photobombed chris and megan. and some of their friends are starting to think, louis might be just a little bit jealous of chris. what do you guys think? >> i think you're probably right. >> everywhere they get big ideas. >> thank you. coming up, the race for governor in louisiana turns ugly. >> we'll talk about why this ad is being called the mother of all attack ads. check out al roker winning his way across the country for roker-thon part 2. you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this
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good morning. 26 minutes after 9:00. a little closer to 50. 4 degrees as we take a live look at the george washington bridge on a sunday morning. i'm pat battle. a man is in critical condition after being hit by a garbage truck when he was hit overnight. police do expect the man to survive. no charges have been filed. we're trying to contact the garbage truck company for comment. we'll keep you posted. and six people including three children are recovering after they were rescued from a fishing trip gone bad. suffolk county police say the fishing boat had a sandbar off east fire island late last night. one of the passengers thrown during the collision lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital. the other passengers had minor injuries. [ chant ]
9:26 am
200 protesters marched along fifth avenue from trump tower to 30 rock where donald trump hosted "saturday night live" last night. many of those protesters represent the latino group who are upset with trump's comments about hispanics and his comments on undocumented immigrants. he believes the controversy boosted the audience's ratings for last night's end pisode. >> cooler today and 56. a low tonight of 44. tomorrow we get up to 61. tuesday, 60 degrees. rain moves in later in the day lingering into wednesday. but hopefully we'll be dry in time for the labor day parade. i beg you pardon, the veterans day parade starting at 12:00 on fifth avenue. thursday we might get more rain. thank you for joining us. gus rosendale and i will see you back here at 10:00 for more
9:27 am
the giants and jets take center stage tonight on "sports final." >> sports final on nbc 4 new york is brought to you by stihl. baby, baby baby baby i'm coming home home > i like it. >> if you do not know him, you will soon know him. a rising star just a year ago. the guy was actually washing dishes for a living. we are back on a sunday morning, november 8, 2015.
9:28 am
a lively bunch. we'll share his incredible story with us in just a bit. and day three of roker-thon. al roker is in spokane this morning but first we'll check the headlines. donald trump is taking the stage on "saturday night live" heckled by larry david, dancing to drake and mean tweeting backstage. as ben carson tells nbc in an exclusive interview, his detractors are questioning his past because he's a threat. meanwhile in texas, police are still searching for suspects after a texas state judge was shot and wounded in the driveway of her austin home friday night. she was hospitalized with injuries that are not believed to be life-threatening. and dallas cowboys' star greg hardy is expressing regret on twitter after the website deadspin released graphic photos of his bruised ex-girlfriend om a 2014 domestic violence incident. hardy missed 18 games and eeted he's grateful for the
9:29 am
opportunity to play in the nfl. a lot to get to i this half hour but we start with the hotly contested race for governor in louisiana and what is being called the mother of all attack ads. isten's back with that story. kristen, good morning to you. >> hey, craig, good morning to you. we are talking about an ad released by democratic state representative don bell edward that cthyares his military service to the prostitution scandal that lmost ended his opponent david visitor tter's career. it's t lhe new attack ad in the race for governor raising eyebrows this morning. democratic state representative john belledward slamming opponent republican senator david sprrks vitter for his prostitution scandal eight years ago. >> john bel edwards served as a ranger in the 82nd airborne division.
9:30 am
prostitution call minutes after honoring 28 united states soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom. >> reporter: in 2007 vitter apologized for being linked to the madam scandal after his number showed un on a client list. >> i want to again offer my deep sincere apologies to all those i have let down. >> reporter: vitter sr. drived d was re-elected, but now that past is coming back to haunt him with this latesaend airing last nighttdurdng the w >>dly watched lsu/alabama football game. >> david vitter chose prostitutes overtpatriots. >> reporter: the campaign and veterans for vitter lashed out saying john bel edwards' commercial is a disgray to those of us who actually live by the honor code. it's the latest shot in a bitter battle. vitter rently released an ad
9:31 am
some believe that vitter may have run the ad concerned he could lose in the state. >> many believe that edwards had the race locked up but could have overplayed his hand here. >> a letter was sent to the vitter campaign prohibiting me tmbers of the military from i aring their uniforms in campaign ads. the edwards' campaign stands by the video. the national republican party is watching all of this very closely. the gop has recently picked up a number ofostatehouses in rec nt years and louisiana is another key state as the party extends eir region to win back the white house. this is going to be a tough one nationally. back to you guys. thank you. we'll talk to dylan for d threeg f the now day three roker-thon. >> and nrw it gets tough for the e and onlyngr. roker. al, i know you're in spokane, washington, you've made your way. my brothers wers stationed at the air force base just outside of spokane. so i'm very familiar with the
9:32 am
on today and what your big plans are? >> reporter: well, we've got big plans but we've got a big, big crowd here. along the spokane river, that's the washington power station there, that's the oldest hydroelectric plant in washington state. we got all these folks, day three of roker- thon. we are going to be leaving here in a little bit and going to missoula, we'll be in wyoming, sacramento, we are just making our way across. but we are really excited all the nice people showed up. and it's just a nice thank you, we are giving them the first view, ladies and gentlemen, this is the apple ipad pro. 13 inches. this is nice or what? so we'll use this to give you the forecast. you like that, dylan? huh? pretty sharp, hu >>ar i'm pretty jealous right now. >> i'm telling you. here's the forecast. for washington, our rokerthon
9:33 am
forecast in wal walla, up to 53 in spokane. 56 in yakima. we are looking at 51 in seattle. now, as far as the country's weather today, a lotouf wet weather down through the southeast. the gulf coast states. sunshine in the northeast. sunny through the great lakes. we're looking at wet weather here in the northwest where we have seen some showers. and then for tomorrow, wp've got wet weather moving into the northeast, midatlantic states. w england looking good with lots f sunshine. sunny skies making your way out west. snow i >>n the mountains and you may be looking at light snow getting into the inner mountain region. an gthe rockies. by the way, before we go to our local, here's a little trivia if you about washington state. what national holiday was created here in spokane?irdon't say it. doavt -- don't say it. don't say it. that's what's going on around the country, here'shwha t's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning, everyone. much cooler out there on this sunday morning. temperatures in the 40s for the most part.
9:34 am
lots of blue skies and sunshine to enjoy. this is what november should feel like, by the way. cooler but still a beautiful day to get outside. overnight tonight chilly down to 44 in the city. some freezing and frost conditions possible in the suburbs north and west of town. and there's a look at the seven-day with a bit warmer and high of 61 degrees. tracking showers into the tri-state with umbrellas out on tuesday. and that's your latest weather. dylan, any guesses? >> i forget the question. >> clearly i don't know. >> i'm the one who is supposed to be loopy, not you. anyway, okay, so what -- what national holiday was created here in spokane? >> father's day! >> that's right. father's day. there you go. >> i didn't know that. >> yes. there you go. >> i got a question for you.
9:35 am
>> okay, dylan. have you traded in technology for the goat or is the goat coming back at some point? >> no, we do not have the goat today. we don't have the goat. but we've got some of the cutest babies you have ever seen. this little one, makenzie, i'm going to give you the flag to old on to for rokerthon. hold on, wait. we've got a goat! okay. >> i love it. >> i've got the goat! >> we need 47 more goats, al, keve it going. >> thank you, al roker. >> that's right. oh, there's another baby. hold on, there's another baby. where is lincoln? is he still here? oh, lincoln left. all right. he was such a cute little guy. but anyway, yes, it is big, big, big. >> well, al, you've got a big day today. so safe travels and see you again tomorrow. >> you got it.
9:36 am
>> go, al. all right. up next, from a police officer turned social media star using his badge to bridge a growing divide. then to a town with no wi-fi and the people seem to be okay with it. we'll take a look at that. and an inspiring artist in the music industry making soul cool again, right after this. i use what' s already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals
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morning with an i welcome back on this sunday morning. >> this police officer is in arkansas. and he's connecting with his community in a very unusual way. this is a social media star and a hero. it's a local kid. here's nbc's kerry sanders. >> reporter: in northern rock, arkansas. the most popular guy with a kid -- >> i have candy right here. >> reporter: it is a cop in a uniform. today like every day, officer tommy norman shares the moment on social media. >> it keeps your ears warm and your head warm. have a good day. >> to look on social media and see my daughter is on every video and photo is kind of, it's very inspiring to me. >> reporter: with a hashtag of communitypolicing, officer
9:41 am
some who call from as far as australia. >> you are the nicest police officer. >> how are you doing? zblood good to meet you. >> we do eat donuts, yes, we do. there you go. >> getting a cameo on officer norman's videos goes to a much deeper connection he makes with everyone he knows. >> can you think of this officer as -- >> a community dad. >> a community dad. >> reporter: that's a sharp contrast for some kids here who have grown up skeptical with the police there to help him. >> where there's hurt and there's pain in certain neighborhoods or certain families, we want to step in and we want to do our part to erase that and make those people's lives a lot happier. >> reporter: 17 years on the force and never afraid to reveal
9:42 am
those in blue are also human. >> i love you, too. they will remember that when they are 17, 18, 19, 20 years old. >> reporter: to protect and to serve, and when it comes to one officer in north little rock, also to post and post and post. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, north little rock. >> i recently spent 24 hours with a police officer in cleveland. and he said that community policing is the one thing he thinks can bridge the gap right now between police and the police. and that is policing at its finest. >> those kid when they are 18, 19, as they get older they will remember him and the connection. and then social media adds the next step to it. still to come here on "today," we will take you to a town without wi-fi. they do exist. but first, these messages. you owned your car for four years. you named it brad. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through
9:43 am
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9:44 am
back now with probably the quietest town in america. green ba i recently traveled to green bay. it's a powerful telescope looking to space that's been looking for more than 60 years. it's a telescope to sensitive to
9:45 am
wireless signals even your cell phones will interfere with its work. >> welcome to green bay. population 143. no matter where you go, it's impossible not to see this. it's known as the green bank telescope and it essentially dictates life for everyone here. >> it's not perfect here, but it's the only place i know of in the world that protects its cell phone towers. >> many people can't imagine living without a cell phone tower but 20 years ago we didn't have those things. >> we are outside most of the time. >> all the activities are outside. >> it's a caring community. >> reporter: charles and caroline sheathe met here in first grade. he remembers when the first telescope came to town. telescope, what are you talking about? >> yeah, we really didn't know what it was about the telescope. >> you could see the entire stadium from up in morgantown from west virginia university
9:46 am
and stick that inside our telescope. >> these are so sensitive to pick up the equivalent energy of a snowflake falling to the ground. the wi-fi will completely blow away the astronomical signals we are looking for. >> reporter: even green bank's office space is protected. >> it's a big vault to control the electronic noise. the way the doors open and close, it's the electronic noise. >> reporter: it's a dream environment for green bank's newest resident like diane who came here tope the noise, which he believed is making her sick. >> i came here because i was harmed by emissions from a cell phone tower. when i'm exposed to a cell phone tower, i get headaches. splr she's >> reporter: she's not the only one. >> she makes the trek all the way from canada a few times a year just to get relief. >> when i come here, it's like my body relaxes entirely. i don't feel anything on my skin and feel like a normal person.
9:47 am
>> i did scientific tests called the telephone. she turns it on and off without me knowing. and every time she turns it on, my heart rate intervals. >> reporter: this is interesting that you guys are not saying i wish i had a cell phone. >> yeah, we just don't want one. >> we don't need one either. >> let's hope we can keep that little pocket here. >> kids are out playing soccer. they are going out to try to understand the universe and how we got here. >> people would say, i wish we had cell phones. they love not having it. the kids don't miss it and don't want it. >> thank you. up next on "sundays with harry" from dishwashing to headlining, an overnight singing sensation to knock your socks off right after this. one dark chocolate rises above the rest lindt excellence created by our master chocolatiers
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this morning on sundays with harry, sharing d this morning on "sundays with harry," sharing discoveries is one of the things we like to do. the hidden gem, the untold story. harry smith joins us with one now. >> we have a good one this morning. except for a handful of people in a few tiny bars in north texas, until a year ago, there was g tno way you had heard of leon bridges. but there was just something about his sound, his look, that captivated audiences. was it old school or old school made new again? baby, baby, babe i'm coming home >> reporter: leon bridges looks like a guy with stories to tell. the video appears to have been pulled from an archive. the sound, familiar somehow.
9:51 am
is it soul, r&b or sam cook reincarnate? >> when people think of soul, they think it has to be a big james brown, preacher man shouting on stage. nat king cole wasn't doing that, neither was sam cook. i look at my sound as southern texas soul music. on stage, i want to give off those simple vibes, and i feel that simplicity is key. let me tell you, honey >> reporter: that simple thing is working. >> my name is on the marquee. >> reporter: we met bridges at th apollo theater in harlem, preparing to play for a sold out crowd. let it shine let it shine let it shine >> reporter: a year ago, bridges was washing dishes. he thought he was going to be a dancer or choreographer, until he picked up a guitar and started writing songs.
9:52 am
he can't help it. sweet honey darling, you know i'm calling >> reporter: bridges knows his music cuts against the commercial grain. >> i was looking at black music today. and i was like, why isn't anybody doing this? this music in general, but specifically black music. i felt that as a young black man, i needed to go carry on this sound the best way i could. it's such beautiful music. i wanted to recreate it in my own way. i just want to be a better man >> reporter: the world took notice, social media spread the word and, soon, bridges and his band were on the road from austin to amsterdam. on the other side of the room, a brown skinned girl staring with her brown eyes i came from playing 10, 15
9:53 am
people around town, at a time when it didn't really matter. now, that it's on the big stage in front of everyone, you know, i take it one day at a time. feels good. >> i'll bet it does. >> yeah. don't close your eyes >> reporter: leon bridges is the next new thing, with a great old sound. >> everybody everywhere is all like this this morning. >> i'm rooting for him. >> good luck if you want to see him. he's on tour in the united states and completely sold out. it used to be on veterans day, if you were a vfw, you would get these. i think it's time to bring it back. >> bringing it back. >> stay tuned for "meet the press." >> that does it for us.
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