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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  November 9, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> and i'm rob schmitt. thousands were on their way to work this morning, streets of midtown turned into a crime scene. >> this all started at the mcdonald's between 34th and 35th streets. and that's where several men got into a fight and one pulled a gun. >> katherine creag is there at the scene with the information about the victims, the suspect, and new video that shows the moments right after this all went down. >> reporter: indeed, you can see 35th street has opened up, traffic flowing right here. it was a wild and frightening scene which gunshots rung out. news 4 investigates has obtained exclusive surveillance video when the shooting happened. in the center of your screen, it appears we're seeing two of the victims, staggering, falling to the grountd. there were three men in all, struck by bullets, and right now police are still looking for that suspected gunman. briefed by his detectives, police commissioner bratton
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looked around where triple shooting took place this morning in the heart of midtown during the busy morning rush, three men were shot by another man who they'd been arguing with inside this mcdonald's on eighth avenue near 35th street. >> i found out that my brother was shot. >> reporter: one of the shooting victims is his brother. >> a friend called me, and said you better come down here. he wouldn't tell me why, and i came down and i find his -- >> reporter: the shooting happened around 6:15 this morning, minutes after the three ims walked out of the mcdonald's where they were arguing with a suspect. >> they were followed in by that same individual, heavyset male with a hoodie, shooting downstairs. >> reporter: he was shot in the head one one in the leg, the other shot twice in the upper body. people in the area who know the victims say they received help daily at a drug treatment facility nearby. >> good guys, man. they come here and they're trying to get their recovery. quiet guys, man. >> reporter: meanwhile people
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trying to get to offices described it as confusing with police officers blocking off al street and sidewalks. >> they didn't tell us anything. i heard it this morning on the news. it's ridiculous. so sad someone lost their life. >> reporter: and the man who was killed was 43 years old. released. and at this point, the nypd trying to get better descriptions of the suspect. he was seen taking off with two other men in a dark-colored reporting live, katherine creag, news 4 new york. >> kat, thank you. new at noon, search is under way in brooklyn after an 11-year-old boy told police that a man followed him to school. this happened in the brownsville neighborhood. hor ri bordonaro is there with the description of the man police want you to look out for, lori. >> reporter: and shiba, police say the man tried to lure that 11-year-old boy with candy and basketballs. they approached that boy about two blocks from here on rockaway
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here to school. a chopper 4 was high above the scene earlier this morning as police were searching for the man. the boy told police that the man walked up and asked him if he liked candy. the boy said no. the man then asked if he played basketball and the boy said yes, and that's when the man allegedly told him he had two basketballs in his car. the whole time, walking and talking, they arrived at school. the boy went to class and the man took off. but that boy told his teachers who then called police and they are now investigating this as a possible luring. they say that the man is described as being in his 20s, about 160 to 180 pounds, he was wearing a blue baseball cap, a green t-shirt with a skull, and a baggy blue jeans. and of course police asking anyone who may have any information about this to come forward. live in brownsville, lori bordonaro, news 4 new york. >> thank you. also in brooklyn, police say a boneheaded robbery attempt ended with an nypd detective
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police say the man shot tried to rob a plain clothes detective at gun paint. >> reporter: rob and shiba, the suspects in custody admit to being part of a robbery team responsible for a robbery pattern in this area. now the hunt is on for the one member who got away after they picked the wrong person to come across a plain-clothesed cop. more than 12 hours later and no sign on bedford avenue of the man who got away after trying to rob a plain clothesed detective at gunpoint. the two others weren't able to escape. one of them, hospitalized after the detective shot him in the torso. now both are being pressured by police to track down their partner who fled. >> after i 16-year-old, it's really scary out there. you can't go around taking people's things. it's just sad. >> reporter: this was the scene just after 7:00 last night. authorities say the detective was responding to a call of a robbery when three men approached and demanded items
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from him. a 20-year-old pulled out this gun which turned out to be a bb gun. prompting the detective to open fire. >> the detective was robbed of his cell phone, as he hands over the cell phone, he then produces a handgun, and fires one round, striking the perpetrator. >> reporter: this video shows the suspect being taken away on a stretcher moments after he was wounded. as the third would be robber remains on the run. residents are keeping their eyes open as well. initially it was believed that this trio was behind a craigslist scam luring people to apartment viewings and then robbing them that way. police say that's not the case, there's no word yet on the one member of that trio still on the run. in bedside brooklyn, tracy strahan, news 4 new york, back to you. >> thank you. any minute now mayor de blasio is talking about the rise of pedestrians being killed on city streets. the latest victim was hit and
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in columbus avenue yesterday morning. the 73-year-old's license has been suspended. the death is one of at least ten just this month. news 4 investigates found information on pedestrian deaths for other years, and just to compare here, you saw the numbers a few seconds ago, in 2013, new york city, 138 people died in 2014, the number dropped to 117. so far this year, there have been 104 deaths on record. just a terrible story here from long island. police working to determine what caused a pitbull to turn, attacking and killing a nine-year-old girl. police say that girl was playing in a friend's backyard in elmont with a neighbor's dog jumped on her. police arrived, the dog lunged at an officer who then shot and killed it. the child was rushed to a hospital, but could not be saved. the dog's owner, carlisle arnold
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was arrested at the scene for an unrelated crime. he has not though been charged for that dog's attack. this is also new at noon, university of missouri president tim woeful is stepping -- wolfe is coming down. this is coming of handle of racist incidents on campus. most recently, black members of mizzou's football team said they would not play until wolfe quit. wolfe says he hopes the community can move forward together. coming up next here at noon, voex lkswagen looking to making amends after lying to customers and cheating on the emissions tests if you own a car, you might expect a surprise coming to you in the mail. plus imagine walking out of a restaurant and finding your car in this mess. new video of a sink hole that swallowed up a parking lot. wow. little warmer outside right now. chilly start to the day, now back to the 50s now we have rain on the move.
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plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referralsvvv needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. authorities are investigating the deadly shooting in jordan where overdane january police officer gunned down two american contractors in a south african colleague. it happened inside a u.s.-funded training facility near aman. the attacker, who is dead now, before. again he was shot and killed. defense officials say the shooter was a former cop who had recently been fired. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is in washington today meeting with president obama for the first time in more than a year. netanyahu arrived last night. the last time that he was there,
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them to vote against president obama's nuclear deal with iran. well today, netanyahu is seeking billions of extra dollars in a new ten-year military aid package from the u.s. we'll see how that goes. the two men were also planning to discuss violation in the west bank on sunday. look that the, woman seen here on video to an israeli settlement, goes from being calm and collected to suddenly lunging at that guard with a knife. well he then shot and wounded her. also a palestinian driver was killed by security forces, police say he rammed into a group of israelis at a bus stop injuring four. >> that is startling video. we are getting new clues now that a russian airliner was in fact brought down by a bomb over egypt. one investigators say the last sound heard on that voice recorder appears to be an explosion. possibly a bomb. but the egyptians say that the security video shows no irregularities, 224 people were killed in last week's crash, security has been tightened at the airports.
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and this unbelievable video was taken above a parking lot collapse at an ihop near mer rid yan, mississippi, look here. it is a drone that captured the aftermath of the collapse which swallowed 12 cars outside of restaurant into the round. amazingly, no one was hurt by this massive event. the collapse doesn't appear to be caused by a sink hole. huh. by engineers will be on hand today to try to find the cause. >> unfortunately right next to the restaurant too. all right. turns now to the race to the white house, crisscrossing the country campaigning before tomorrow night's big debate. we can expect a lot of questions for ben carson tomorrow who has recently shot up in the polls. news 4's kerry barrett has more. >> reporter: ben carson's on the defensive ahead of tomorrow's debate in the milwaukee. his beliefs about pyramids, claims he was a violent youth, a west point scholarship that doesn't exist. he says, it's because his numbers are rising.
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>> because i'm a threat. >> reporter: to? >> to the progressives, the secular progressive movement in this country. i'm a very big threat. >> reporter: donald trump tells nbc -- >> he's going to have to explain a lot of things away. >> reporter: bernie sanders says the focus should be issues. >> this man does not believe that climate change is caused by human activity. he wants to abolish medicare. >> reporter: and rand paul hinting he may go after marco rubio, comparing him to hillary clinton. >> i see her and rubio as being the same person. they both want a no-fly zone, they both have supported activity in libya. >> reporter: and chris christie says being bumped from the debate isn't the end of the world. >> what really matters is what's happening in new hampshire and iowa. >> reporter: the latest poll gives christie 3%, donald trump's on top two points ahead of carson. meanwhile, hillary clinton is filing her paperwork to run in the new hampshire primary today. she's the final major democratic candidate to do so. she and her supporters, in fact, at the state house this morning kicking off a two-day swing
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kerry barrett, news 4 new york. well in today's money report, a big sell-off on wall street this morning. >> with more on that, let's check in with bill griffith, hi, bill. >> hey guys, happy monday. yeah, we've got pretty good selloff now more than 1% on all major a rages, a lot of different reasons, it's really unclear why we're selling off today. we had a strong job's report on friday king it more likely the fed will be raising rates sooner rather than later. maybe as early as this next month. and the dow is down 218 points, just off the low as a result now at 17,000. lantime, volkswagen is offering cash to owners of its diesel vehicles here in the united states as kind of a way to gain back some of the goodwill that it lost after admitting that its vehicles were programmed to cheat on emissions tests. st week, vw took the unprecedented step of halting sales of all diesel vws and
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sorts things out. lksw en's stock has been cut in half since the cheating story first broke. and with thanksgiving only two weeks away more and more retailers are announcing their intentions of whether they'll be opened for the holiday, toys r us saying it'll be open at 5:00 p.m. on thanksgiving to give shoppers a head start on black friday deals. sears, macy's, and staples said they will be open o thanksgiving. walmart has yet to announce its intentions, but you can be sure it'll be open on thanksgiving last year the number o o brick and mortar retailer said that 22 million customers shopped its stores. walmart stores on thanksgiving. so you can imagine they'll want to take advanltage of that opportunity again. >> i'm still amazed that people have the energy after eating all of that food to go shopping. >> yeah, it hasn't kicked in yet apparently. >> all right. take what they can get, thanks so much. >> see you tomorrow. feels like fall again. >> yeah. >> after last week. >> how about this morning? >> chilly. >> had to wear a coat for the
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first time in a while. >> it was that kind of morning. coldest of the month. we were in the 40s here in the city. 30s and 20s iemany suburbs. there was a chill, in fact, especially north and west of town. and we had some freezing conditions across suffolk county as well. under mostly sunny skies. let's look at weather headlines for this monday afternoon. nice one today, again, turning much milder as the hours go on. rain in the forecast, that arrives tomorrow morning, and it looks like we have a bit of an unsettled pattern over the next few days, you want to have that umbrella handy. we'll tell you when coming up in the seven-day. temperatures even in fairfield county already well into the 50s, 57 in fairfield, 57 in stanford. 56 degrees in shelton, temperatures where they were in the 20s now in the 50s. 54 and it's a nice day in poughkeepsie poughkeepsie, sunshine for you. tracker shows a few clouds filtering that sunshine around new york city, but especially off to the south and west.
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that's where the next storm is coming from. lots of rain associated with low pressure here across the carolinas into virginia. and all of this will slowly move up the coast tonight and especially tomorrow into tomorrow night. time it out in the future traek r, this is the ride home, 5:00 today, nice and quiet, no weather problems here, and it does stay quiet up until your morning commute around 5:00, 6:00, we start to see the showers pushing in from southwest to northeast. so new jersey, you're going to see the rain first. umbrellas, yeah, you want to have those for you tuesday morning commute, new york city south and watch what happens during the day. periods of rain overspreading the tri-state, by lunchtime, even the hudson valley, you're dealing with the rain. occasional heavy downpours a ability when you see the yellows and oranges that are in the mix. and the showers taper off to lighter showers, but the evening commute is still a wet one. this is tomorrow, 7:00 p.m. and a wet ride home. showers continue around the region. again, this is your veteran's day, 6:00 a.m., there may be a few showers leftover wednesday morning.
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the afternoon, the good news is, it look likes most of the rain will have stopped. it should be drying out just in time for the veteran's day parade. great news there. and maybe even some sunshine by the end of the day wednesday into thursday. we need the rain. how much rain are we expecting? over and inch if we get the heavier downpours. most probably about half ampbl to up to an nimpbl many spots. still good news we can take what we can get. high today 60 sunshine early on. fading behind clouds. mostly cloud yvr overnight tonight. not nearly as chilly tonight as it was the past night and winds are out around five miles per hour. seven-day forecast shows umbrella weather tomorrow, on and off showers, again a morning shower on veteran's day, then drying out by the afternoon. and another chance for rain on thursday, temperatures in the 0u, this is above average, guys, we should only be in the 50s this time of year. closer to average as we head towards the weekend. sunshine and temperatures in the mid-50s. most importantly, looks like it's going to be a dry weekend
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ahead, rob and shiba, over to you. >> nice fall. rafael, thanks so much. "new york live" next here at 12:30. >> here are sara and jackie with whteat's ahead, ladies. >> happy monday. responding to the empire scene b you see it? what she has to say of critics of her weight. not ju t for tourists and travelers. o new hotel restaurants winning rave reviews for some pretty amazing meals right here at 12:30. >> oh. protein shake for breakfast, i'm starving. >> i had the green juice, yeah, both of us. okay, thanks, ladies. still ahead here on news nee york at noon, coffee cup controversy. >> why these new red cups have stomers accusing starbucks of
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there's a new controversy involving the royal family, and it has to do with a collection of love letters sent business princess diana. it appears her former lover, james hewitt was trying to sell them. and now a closer look at just how in love the two were. the daily mail published several of the notes and cards. diana siends one kissy kissy, another says you have just left, and it all seems very empty here to me. and that includes one bottle of champagne too. hewitt had a buyer lined up, but got cold feet and backed out of the sale which was supposed to be sold somewhere in america. you know that red starbucks cup? it looks innocent enough, but it is at the center of controversy right now. >> yeah, some christians say it
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they say do they see merry christmas, former pastor got everything rolling by posting on social media, saying that starbucks, quote, hates jesus. the holiday cups have been offered since 1997 with varying designs. the company says this year it's embracing the simplicity and the quietness of the season. another scandal.
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have a tip for new york's biggest i-team? call 866-news-244 or e-mail tips@nbcnew a man on a honeymoon in south africa had a closer than expected encount we are a great white shark. spencer riley was cage diving when one of the predators slammed into his cage at top speed it appears. the shark -- right there, narrowly missed riley's arm. had it hanging out of the cage. spencer was not hurt and able to enjoy the rest of his honeymoon. you wouldn't to want lose your
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arm on your honeymoon. good way to start the marriage. >> hungry shark. tonight on the news 4 new york starting at 5:00. what can you do, we to want thank you so much for joining with us for breaking news and weather updates, go to nbc or our mobile app.
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