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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  November 9, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> reporter: friends of the victim say the men were working on getting clean at a nearby drug treatment facility. >> he got into trouble and things. but a bad person he wasn't. he had a good heart. >> reporter: 4 investigates found a spike in murders in this area of manhattan. police believe the motive for this murder was drugs. >> active narcotics location that we made 52 arrests so far this year in front of and inside that mcdonald's. >> reporter: police are still investigating here. you can see the sidewalk is closed. the subway entrances have been reopened. again, right now, officers are looking for the gunman. if you have any information, you're asked to call police immediately. live in midtown, i'm marc santia. >> marc, thank you. breaking news in queens. it's happened, again. a person hit by a car at the same time city officials announced a new safety crackdown. this latest step happened in the area of jamaica avenue and 107th
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but get this, drivers plow down three more pedestrians in various parts of the city this weekend. two of those victims died. the third is in critical condition. news 4 andrew siff has breaking details on all of this. andrew? >> sibila a lot going on. what happened is a 62-year-old delivery man on his scooter swerving as a car door started to open in his path and that pulled him into the path of a pickup truck and hit him and that 62-year-old man, that delivery man lost his life. all of this after what you indicated pedestrians continuing to lose their lives over the weekend. the mayor is paying attention and so is the nypd as this seems to be happening all too often. pedestrians keep losing their lives. >> a lot of these fatalities have beenure seniors and our children. >> reporter: the mayor faying new questions after an especially deadly weekend. an 88-year-old woman killed by a cab driver on the upper west side. a man critically injured by a garbage truck on the lower east side.
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and a man killed by a car in south ozone park. all within 24 hours. >> when they see that police officer pulling them over, that changes people's behavior. we'll keep doing that. >> reporter: a group of queens officials want city hall to do more. >> we want to educate the public public. >> reporter: city councilman and peter say, an 84-year-old woman died when she got hit by a bus outside the sidewalk near main and casina. the message here, get ready to be ticketed for jaywalking. >> after you learn there's a test. the test is, cross the street properly. and if you fail the test, then there's going to be a ticket. >> reporter: the city tried a jaywalking blitz in 2014, but stalled after criticism that an elderly man was hurt and flustered by cops questioning him. today we watched char l.a. from flushing jaywalk. >> what's the reason you do it now? just because it's faster? >> of course, everybody does it.
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lord knows, i've done it. probably way too many times. but given the recent activities and the recent tragedies that we had in our community, i'm certainly more conscious of it. >> reporter: but still others say it's others who need the education. after two vehicles clipped a delivery man today, one driver got a sobriety test right in front of our cameras. but the mayor's office emphasizes the focus of vision zero for the most part is on driver behavior. once they realize that there have been more speeding tickets issued, more summons for failure to yield, that will change behaviors and the mayor did point out that despite this recent spike that pedestrian deaths are down this year, significantly compared to last year. live in richmond hill, queens, andrew sif. tonight police are looking for one of three armed robbers who picked the wrong target. a plain clothed detective. happened near monroe street around 7:00 last night. the detective was responding to a robbery call in the area when
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he was approached by the three men. one, a 20-year-old, pulled what turned out to be a bebegun on the officer forcing him to take action. >> robbed of his cell phone. as he hands over the cell phone, he then produces a handgun and fires one round striking the perpetrator. >> the officer was not hurt. that 20-year-old suspect was taken to kings county hospital and expected to be okay. help them lead to the third robber who is still on the loose. the mayors of america's three largest cities are teaming up against gun dealers. bill deblasio is teaming forces with rahm emanuel and to step up investigations into the business practices. following a big shake up at the university of missouri where the president has suddenly resigned. students and staff protesting the president's handling of
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allegations of racism on campus. nbc jay gray has the latest from columbia tonight. >> reporter: a celebration after weeks of confrontation on the university of missouri campus as embattled university system president tim wolf steps down. >> i'm resigning as president of the university of missouri system. >> reporter: news of the resignation spread quickly across the campus. >> i think it was a long time overdo. i think there's been a lot of racial tensions and i'm glad that something has finally been done. >> reporter: students and faculty were angry after they said wolf failed to react quickly or strongly enough to alleged acts of racism on campus. the school's football team threatened to boycott saturday's game. students stanled sit-ins and the granlwit student was on the eighth day of a hunger strike demanding wolf's resignation. >> this is a movement and not a moment. >> reporter: minority students
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say they have been met repeated repeatedly and last month a swastika smeared in human feces was left on a dorm wall. >> a lot of people have been shocked and surprised, you know, that this is still going on. and i don't think it is for us or anybody to question what these students say that they're going through. >> please, please, use this resignation to heal. not to hate. and let's move forward together for a brighter tomorrow. >> reporter: a divided campus now searching for a way to heal. jay gray, news 4, new york. trying to figure out why captain and jordan's police force opened fire at a training fuisility. two victims were american security contractors. happened on the outskirts of amman, jordan. the officer was shot and killed by troops. u.s. officials are growing more confident it was a baunl that took down that russian
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passenger plane in egypt. what an investigator says the last heard sound appears to be an explosion. crews are examining sand for evidence of explosive residue. but security footage shows nothing unusual. 224 people were killed in last week's crash. we have a consumer alert that could put money in your pocket. that's if you own a volkswagen vehicle. consumer reporter linda baquero is here with details. >> we're talking about that whole emissions cheating scandal. that's what this is about. last month volkswagen admitted that they cheated emissions and it's gotten ugly with some customers filing lawsuits. but, now, the customer, the company, rather is, trying to smooth things over with some money. so, if you own a 4 cylinder diesel from the 2009 to 2015 model years, we're talking to you. volkswagen admits that those vehicles have software that turns on pollution controls only during government tests and then shuts them off while on the road.
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here's the deal, volkswagen is offering you a $500 visa debit card to spend on whatever you want, along with a $500 voucher to spend at a volkswagen dealership. volkswagen is also promising $2,000 to volkswagen owners who want to trade in their cars for new vehicles. that's on top of the gift cards. the company is also working on a permanent fix to fix this mess. along with the recall that could bring all of the cars within u.s. emission standards. and we're told that customers do not need to waive their right to sue in order to take advantage of these incentives. in fact, they created a special website to get all these details. and we should note that 200 lawsuits have already been filed here in the u.s. now, for more information on all of this, including that website that you can go to, go to our website, chuck, back to you. >> linda, thank you. still ahead as we continue on news 4 at 5:00. new details for you on a horrific attack on a little girl by a pit bull on long island.
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and target makes an announcement about its shopping plans this thanksgiving. will they impact your plans? janice is here. >> we have some rain coming our way. we are tracking it right now on storm tracker, which is good news. we need the rain, but how long will it last? i have the details in the forecast, next. a street smart boy walks away from a man trying to abduct him. a report parents in brooklyn are going to want to hear.
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new information on a horrific attack on long island. a pit bull mulled a 9-year-old girl to death while she was playing with her friends at her house. >> 4 investigates uncovered some stunning statistics. 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year. more than 800,000 need medical attention and half of these cases involve children. >> greg cergol is at the scene of the attack that killed that little girl. greg? >> no one here on the island can remember a fatal dog malling incident like this one. today nassau police identified the 9-year-old victim. she was taken to this elmont home yesterday where the dog's
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date or to spend some time with a babysitter. right now prosecutors say charging anyone with a crime in this case appears to be a long shot. grief counselors spent the day comforting at baldwin elementary school. she was a fourth grader there. at her baldwin home her distraught mom covered her face and offered no comments today. her stepdad remembered the 9-year-old with love. >> touched many lives with her presence, smile and laughs. we thank you for your support and prayerers. please, just let us mourn our tragic, terrible loss. >> reporter: no one answered the door where amea was killed. she was dropped off here to play with two other young girls in the backyard. the pit bull was also in the yard and for some unknown reason, attacked and killed her. >> never fishes or mean or anything the dog.
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>> reporter: she lives down the street and watched him walk down the street with no signs of danger that's why nassau's d.a. says it will be tough to bring any criminal charges against the pitbull's owner. >> just talking about it i have a chill up my spine because i can't imagine anything more horrifying than that. >> reporter: the dog even charged one and neighbors here share many questions about why this had to happen. >> these dogs you never know. sometimes they are definitely out of control. >> reporter: the dog's owner has been identified as carlisle jr. right now prosecutors have not
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connection with this dog malling incident. live in elmmont, greg cergol. a sexting controversy on long island tonight. a number of high school students received video of a student performing a sex act at a house party. we're told that all the students who got the video have been suspended. at least one recipient says that's unfair because he had no control over what was sent to him and didn't even view it. in a statement late today, the school district confirmed that some students have been suspended. however, it says it cannot comment any further due to confidentiality constraints. doping allegations could sideline russia's track and field games. a panel delivered that complaint government-backed corruption and doping at the 2012 olympics. the agency recommended russian athletes by banned from competition until the country cleans up its act. >> for 2016, our recommendation is that the russian federation
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be suspend >> reporter: raja has until the end of the week to respond. some folks on wall street might not have as much mon to toss around this holiday season. that is according to the compensation consulting firm johnson associates. wall street bonuses are expected to decline this year for the first time since 2011. analysts cite a number of reasons, including doubts about the federal reserve interest rate policy, china's economic slow down and a weak bond trading revenue. starbucks has some customers steaming mad. the reason? this year's holiday season cups are a lot plainer than in year's past. no reindeers or christmas ornaments and prompted complaints and even threats of boycotts. in a statement, starbucks says it's inviting customers to decorate the cups themselves and tell their own christmas stories in their own way. the company said the starbucks
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core values include creating a culture of belonging, inclusion and diversity. target is continuing its new thanksgiving day tradition. stores open at 6:00 p.m. on the holiday again this year. shoppers don't have to leave turkey and football to get a deal. the same prices available online thank morning. is the latest sign of retailers spreading their deals beyond black friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. just moments ago h&m announced all of its stores will be closed on thanksgiving day. the company wants its employees to spend the holiday with family and friends but will be open the next day, black friday. you may soonuree more mila in your morning commute. the big apple is teaming up with the city. tourism officials teamed up. ads for milan and posters
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roll out in italy next week. oit's a fine idea. >> i think it's great. so, weather around here today watha little more close to what we would expect, you know. >> still a wake-up call. >> over the weekend because temperatures were quite cold and this morning we had 20s and 30s on the map. ended up nicely today, though. but now we're going to see rain come our way. we need the rain as much as we need anything. and that will be coming in tomorrow. tomorrow is kind of a wet, soggy day and then things start taclear out. our view from the top of the rock camera looks pretty nice, though, this evening. temperatures 56 degrees right now. under partly cloudy skies in the park. the high today was close to 60. and the upper 50s to near 60 mainly across most of the tri-state area and this, in general, is closer to average. slightly above in a few spots 60 in bridgeport. the headlines. we've got clouds rolling in now. they'll continue to thicken overnight and the rain is here for tomorrow morning's commute. during the day may get heavy at times in spots.
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we'll have a couple more chances for rain, as well. right now in the 50s. brooklyn, emerson, 53 in islip and 5 3 in danbury and upper 40s in monticello. little cooler there. here come the clouds that continue to roll through. the rain is just to our south. moving through washington, d.c., area right now. southward towards the carolina coast. low pressure system that will slowly creep up the coast and bring us the rain showers we so desperately need. in the meantime, a tropical system. this is tropical storm kate. still technically the hurricane season until the end of the month. the bahamas getting big wind and rain and in effect for northwestern bahamas. florida does not have to worry except for some big surf. the storm is going to stay off shore for the duration. the only location that may really have to worry about this is bermuda. it will come very close there. but continuing to move away from the coastline of the united states. in the meantime, we've got clouds out there that will continue to thicken tonight.
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and temperatures generally in the 50s. they won't drop too far. won't have as cold a morning tonight as what we saw this morning in most spots because of the blanket of cloud cover. the rain showers will start to pop in around 5:00 or 6:00 in the morning and on the light side to start. heavy at times through mid-day and into the early afternoon. by the time we get to 6:00, 7:00, the showers are moving northward. everything is in a northward direction away from us and it dries out after that. i know a lot of commemorations and celebrations and the ceremonies coming up and the parades for veterans day and it should dry out by then. in the meantime, half inch to over an inch of rain between now and early wednesday morning. things are looking much better, though, by wednesday afternoon. a high of 62. and a chance for s e more showers on thursday. we'll take it. we need the rain around here. 61 is our high temperature tomorrow. 62 on veterans day with the sun coming out by mid-day and a couple more showers on thursday and then dry for the rest of the weekend. guys, back to you. >> janice, thank you. > still much more ahead on
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news 4 new york at 5:00. a big study on how we control bleee pressure. what researchers have discovered and why some say this could change the suidelines that doctors follow from now on. coming up t 6:00, thy iteam reveals a deadly flaw in keyless car ignitions. >> i thought it turned it off with that push button. news 4 investigates what is be wing done to ensure the safety you and your family join chuck scarborough and sibila
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more bad news for meat lovers. another study links meat consumption to a higher risk of cancer. the temperature it's cooked at can impact your risk for kidney cancer, according to the researchers at md anderson cancer center. more people are susceptible to the cancer causing chemicals released when smaet cooked at a really high temperature. the study comes on a report labeling processed meat as a carcinogenic. a study in controlling blood pressure is getting a lot of
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attention tonight. it could change the guidelines for doctors. >> 17 heart experts are in florida this week and are learning about these findings. shiba russell has more for us. >> reporter: when if comes to treating high blood pressure, doctors keep one question in mind. >> how low is too low? >> dr. jackson wright in cleveland is one of the main investigators in a clinical trial that appears to give some answers. more than 9,000 people with hypertension and one other heart disease risk factor target the either 140 blood pressure reading or much lower down to at least 120. just three years into the planned five-year study the benefits of more intensive treatment were clear. fewer heart problems and a reduction in heart-related deaths. >> regardless of whether the patients had cardiovascular disease or not, had kidney disease or not, black or white, male or female or above or below
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age 75. all appeared to benefia similarly. >> reporter: the study does not apply to people with diabetes, anyone who's had a stroke and those under the age of 50. some outside experts call the results a policy game changer. >> i'm thinking about patients over 50 who have real risk for heart attack or stroke. but aren't frail. they're robust enough to tolerate a lower blood pressure where we can see the benefit. >> reporter: troubling side effects with the more aggressive treatment. a slight increase in fainting and kidney damage. >> we don't want to ignore these results, but we want to understand these results better before we change practice across the country. >> reporter: researchers are still trying to figure out if the lower blood pressure had an effect on memory. those results won't be ready until next year. shiba russell, news 4 new york. david is here with a look at what's new at 4:30. santa is in the news. he will return to a more traditional look at some local malls after a big backlash on social media.
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we'll explain. plus, this -- >> the walk to school takes a frightening turn for an 11-year-old boy. i'm laurie in brooklyn with what a man said to him to try to get him in his car. baffled? busted? broken? better get baquero. >> she was charged for a medical service after canceling months ago. turns out a litp help tle help from news 4 is just what the doctor ordered. have a tip for new york's biggest i-team.
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