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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  November 9, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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right now on news 4 new york. stranger danger. parents in brooklyn being warned after a man tried to lure an 11-year-old into his car. he promised candy and basketballs, but that boy didn't take the bait and he kept on walking. >> it happened this morning as the boy was walking to school near rockaway in brownsville. news 4 lori bordonaro with more. >> i just got off the phone with police who tell me they're still looking to question that man. they say he walked an entire block with that young boy trying to persuade him to get into his car. >> reporter: chopper 4 over the scene. police canvassing this brownsville school zone where a stranger approached an 11-year-old boy walking to school. >> it's just scary. i have kids, too, they're older. but, still, and i walk through here every day.
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on rockaway avenue near lotts avenue at about 7:30. police say the man asked the boy if he liked candy. the boy said no. the man then asked if he played basketball. when the boy said yes, the man told him he had two basketballs in his car. >> it's very frightening. very frightening. yeah. because, you know what is going to happen after that. uthing. >> reporter: the student didn't fall for it. he went to school and told his teachers. >> thank god he was smart enough to do whatever it was he did to get away. that's ridiculous. >> reporter: police say the man is in thiz 20s. 160 to 180 pounds and he was wearing a blue baseball cap, a green t-shirt with a skull and baggy blue jeans. parents tell us they'd like to see more security cameras in the area and plan to keep a closer eye on their kids. >> you can never be too safe out here nowadays. everything is hang. we now living in a world when we were younger. we're living in a world that is totally different. >> at least one of the five charter schools here in this
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building is sending out alerts to parents warning them about what happened. again, police asking anyone with any information to come forward. we're live in brownsville tonight, lori bord onaro. >> when they happen, they tend to happen on or before school. parents can tell their kids to help them avoid the danger. according to the national center for missing and exploited children, the common approaches by would-be kidnappers offering them a ride and candy or sweets and that happened in this case and offering money or offering to look for or show them an animal. so, parents you need to tell your children this and teach them the warning signs. you should have your child practice responding to the tricks by saying, no, telling an adult and walking away immediately. this is new at 5:30. a not guilty plea from a long island doctor accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill his
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dr. anthony was arraigned on a 77-count indictment. began as an illegal pill and all unraveled when he offered a hitman 20 grand to kill his former partner. that kitman was an undercover cop. he is now out on $2 million bond. he faces up to 25 years in prison. in new jersey, detectives are trying to find out who killed a young mother. they say her body was found tied up and burned in massachusetts. ashley bortner's body turned up last tuesday near railroad tracks and her hands and feet were bound and she was set on fire. she is originally from gloucester county. as you might expect, her cousin says the family there is devastated. >> it's awful. and not to know nuthing is the worst part. this is something that shouldn't happen to anybody. >> police do not think this was a random attack, but as of right now, there is no word of any suspects. president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu are trying to patch up their strained relationship. today the men met at the white house. their first face-to-face in more than a year. president obama says they are looking to find common ground on a wide range of issues, including tenshzs between israelis and palestinians and the iran nuclear deal which israel opposed. >> the oval office and there is is -- >> our deepest condolences. >> president obama says the security of israel is one of his top foreign policy priorities. today defense attorneys gave their closing arguments in the case involving a mob heist was made famous by the movie "good fellas." helped plan the $6 million lufta in, is lufta luftansa heist. deliberations expected to begin
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atlantic city struggling casino industry isn't getting any help from trenton. governor christie vetoed most of an assistance package. the key bill would have let the eight casinos make set payments instead of unpredictable taxes for 15 years. governor christie did provide extra school aid. right around this time that 30 million people were plunge under to darkness. the great northeast blackout. it happened at the height of the evening commute trapping hundreds of thousands of and reeking havoc on travelers and many stepping up to help where they could. >> new yorkers behaved very well. it was really a coming together. there was no crime outbreak. there was an effort really to keep the city functioning within the limits and there was no television. i think that's the part people don't realize.
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its power and we had no legal tv. >> the lights came on in new york the following morning. covered 80,000 square miles and it was sparked by a power failure that originated near niagara falls. >> no one was watching tv but dave pressman was reporting that night from nbc and you can find that on our facebook page. some of us have been posting that and gabe still reports here today. >> interesting note. coming up, a diver's close call with a great white shark caught on camera. >> unbelievable video. a warning about something you may have seen on your facebook feed. the secret sister gift exchange it's called promising you dozens of presents if you just send one. still ahe, why it ad, why it is too good to be true. dave price is here. >> look behind me. we have rain on the way. when does it get here and what does it mean to the morning commute? take it hour by hour and give you the specific forecast coming
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new tonight new jersey lawmakers will hold a hearing this months on legislation that will legalize marijuana. it will call law enforcement officials and health professional and clergy members and other experts to testify. nicholas gatari says new jersey's current drug laws are archaic and need updating. if you're thinking about swimming with the sharks, perhaps, as your next adventure, you need to check out this video. maybe you'll change your mind. spencer riley was cage diving with sharks when one of the predators slammed into his cage at top speed. the great white narrowly missed getting a bite out of the newly wed who had part of his arm out of the cage. still in tact, this was his honeymoon trip in south africa. besides a few rattled nerves he
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was not hurt and was able to enjoy the rest of his honeymoon. >> was he really? >> you could hear everybody laughing. shark tried to bite me. coming up -- not many can say that. seaworld drops a bombshell. coming up, what will take its place. a social media uproar forces several malls in our area to bring back christmas. why some shoppers thought a new modern santa looked more like the grinch. lester holt has a look at what he's working on tonight. >> here's what we're covering tonight on nbc "nightly news" students take a stand on a major university campus. tonight, how they forced out the university president and what happens now. we'll tell you why federal highway safety officials have changed their thinking and now calling for seat belts on cool buses. could russian athletes be banned from the next olympics. the world anti-doping agency
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coming up on new 4z at 6:00, a new law she wants passed to help prevent similar tragedies. news 4 investigates a viewer tip about unsafe conditions at an upper east side apartment building and wait until you see what we found. those stories and more all new tonight when chuck and i see you at 6:00. dave . a car lost control, flipped and l.a. landed on a sidewalk in prospect park. let's get to dennis in chopper 4. dennis? >> pretty serious accident. a lot of pictures here. dealing with a vehicle accident here happening within the last
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15 minutes and you can see the vehicle on its roof driving here along flatbush when it lost control and rolled over and landed on its roof and one vehicle taken out of this vehicle and unknown the exact extent of injuries and one person taken off that vehicle and put onboard this ambulance. luckily no reported injuries here to any pedestrians working the area. very biz area and a lot of people on the sidewalks at this hour. again, the accident investigation continues, you can see that flatbush avenue is closed down and a lot of activity going on down below. reporting live from chopper 4, david and shiba, back to you in the studio. new tonight, seaworld is making some big changes. it is plann iting to phase out its popular, yth controversial killer whale shows. this is at the san diego park. e decision comes amid criticism over how orcas are treated. wext year will be the last of the show.
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2017, which is in a more natural setting. not clear if the seaworld parks in orlando and san antonio will follow suit. new york public advocate say child care should be more affordable and more available for new yorkers. a new report found the cost of child care in the city is increasing more than $1,600 every year. today james announced new recommendations to help families including expanding the new york city child care tax credit to include families making up to $65,000 a year. if you're on facebook you've seen this post. the secret sister gift exchange. and while it sounds pretty harmless, it is actually a big hoax. the idea is that participants spend $10 on one gift in return they get 36 gifts send back to them. experts say if it sounds too good to be true it probably is. >> yeah, this is a typical pyramid scheme. we're just seeing this on facebook this time instead of the old way of using letters and facebook allows it to spread a lot faster. >> it's pot just a hoax, it's
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actually illegal. post office regulations are very clear about pyramid schemes and the gifts are sent through the mail. it's also against facebook policy. and if that's not enough, just think about this, the strangers that are seeing your personal information also can see your home address. signing up an aging parent or a medical alert can give loved ones peace of mind, but when they were billed hundreds of dollars for a service they canceled they said better get baquero. the 98-year-old customer, linda. >> she is fiercely independ t. determined to live on her own. because of her age, though, her daughter turned to a company that specializes in sending out medical alerts in an emergency. eugenie white is 98 years young. three years ago, her daughter marilyn signed her up for medical alert monitoring. >> i was concerned that if anything happened to her while she was at home, we would need
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to be alerted. and alert one h excellent reviews. >> reporter: the whites paid $323 a year for thu alert 1 service, and came mn handy to falls by her mother, including one this past april. >> in the sition that she fell, she uldn't touch the alarm. she was on the flo a for a least 12 to 14 hours. >> reporter: marilyn's mom was hospitalized and now lives in a nursing home. this past june, marilyn answered a call from alert 1 about renewing service for cenother year. she said she'd no longer need their services. >> if she were going to return home, we would call. he said, thank you. >> reporter: so, she was surprised to find this charge for $323. marilyn called the company and was told she needed to return the machine and bracelet. she did. but the company then sent this collection notice saying that because it wasn't returned
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the family owed $323 for anotherwyear of service. that's when marilyn asked news 4 for help. >> i'd like you to contact them. they market very well. okay. to caregivers and the elderly and the disabled. i would like their billing de partment to be just as compassionate and transparent. >> so we reached outto alert one marilyn's behalf and immediately problem solved. the company said that it wasn't aware that there was a "situation" but they spoke wouh marilyn and her mother's account balance was waived. shmee is not responsible for the amount. and marilyn is grateful to have this matter behind her so that she can better focus on her mother's health and we're happy to help. david, back to you. >> see what a call from linda can do. to get in touch with our consumer investigative team, send an e-mail to better get baquero and also call us at 1-866-news-244. feeling more like november would you say?
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we have a lot to get to. unstable conditions out there. le no walk on over to the weather wall and take a look at times square in the background. people hustling and bustling to get here and there before we see precipitation come into play. right now we have 55 degrees and the cloud blanket continues to thicken over us. here are our headlines. temperatures as shiba just mentioned feeling more like fall. we are going to bring the umbrellas tomorrow morning and then end of the week dry out is what we expect. let's flip the monitor in front of us and let's talk about what's going on map wise, shall we? numbers around the area right now pretty much in the 50s regardless of where you go. couple of 49s pop up in stanford and farmingdale. as you head down south to the jeey shore and along central jersey, we talk about temperat es in the mid-50s to low 50s. coy oler up tohe north and west and that's what we see at this hour and that's what we talk about our overnight lows later on. ill plenty warm for a lot of folks today. 63 degrees in morristown and 60 in bridgewater and islip saw 60,
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now the clouds move on through. they'll insulate us oddly enough tonight. what are we talking asfwhout rain. the models for the most part talking about a half inch to 3/4 of rain for the city. little bit more as you head to places to the south right along the jersey shore and then all of thishtoaming to the north and to the east. we're talking about most of this taking place through wednesday. and then clearing out for the veterans day parade. as we take a look at the future tracker, clouds roll in tonight. first thing tomorrow morning, we see the rain begin to push on in so the commute is going to be on the sloppy side. then a rainy day for most of the day, but by early wednesday morning, we should be saying good-bye to all of this. tonight, east winds at 5 kicking up tomorrow and temperatures into the 40s. as we head into tomorrow, folks, temperatures s s will rise up. here is your seven-day forecast. here are things take shape. we will talk about several days of sloppy conditions but then we'll clear on out rather nicely for the end of the week.
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weekend but be careful tomorrow, but all should be good for the parade. folks, back to you. >> dave, thank you. christmas ia coming back to some local malls after a huge backlash. up next, what teplaced santa's traditional backdrop of decorated trees and gifts and why political correctness had nothing to do with it. cookie monster created out of cans. passion for nyc took this pic in lower manhattan. when it wraps, all the food will be donated to city harvest. use the #nbc4ny and could be selected as the social pic of
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experience than a christmas village. that includes a few malls in our area. >> customers here at the shops at riverside were wondering why the new santa display looks so sleek and modern. simon malls heard their complaints and now they're decking the halls with the christmas decorations their customers really wanted. at the shops at riverside, traditional christmas is back with all the trimmings. the minimalist glacier display which caused an uproar on social media is gone. >> it wasn't special. like walking into the amstore and seeing something. nuthing to it. noozthing warm. holiday seasonish. >> reporter: simon malls removed all six glacier sets from malls around the country this weekend, including the modern interpretation of a christmas tree. shoppers we spoke with say christmas doesn't need a reboot. >> christmas trees. elves. santa's helper. things that i are had. some things never change. >> reporter: simon malls have resisted the criticism that
5:55 pm
these streamline were part of a "war on christmas." a posting on the facebook on saturday reads the idea that we eliminated christmas trees in order to not offend anyone is simply not true. we love christmas. >> be interested why they had it so basic. you know, you think that all the trees and all the reindeer would attract families and kids to come and get their pictures taken. >> reporter: this modern neon light backdrop has been compared to a night club. simon has pledged to add more traditional elements to this display. both at rockaway and menlow park. today the president called those glacier sets anpairment and he promises all the christmas trees are back with still 6 1/2 weeks to go until christmas. in hackensack, new jersey, i'm jen maxfield. >> heard the feedback. that does it for us. we thank you for watching. >> stay right here the news continues at 6:00.
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live from studio 3c in rockefeller center. this is "news 4 new york." now at 6:00, angry correction officers storm the steps of city hall. what they're demanding of mayor deblasio. >> our interview with the mother of a murdered jersey city police officer and the new law she wants passed in his name. news 4 investigates at an upper east side apartment building. i'm chuck scarborough. >> i'm sibia vargas. construction officers upset over an attack on one of their own. >> officer cauldron was ambushed who brutally slashed and beat him. his fellow officers say mayor deblasio is not doing enough to keep them safe. sarah wallace joins us with more. >> it was ruckus and rowdy. a couple hundred correction officers, many of them holding photos of injuries rallying at city hall for the latest victim. >> what i can del you right now. i was choked from behind, as
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hard as the guy could choke me.
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