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tv   Today in New York  NBC  November 10, 2015 5:00am-7:00am EST

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minimum wage workers here in new york preparing to fight for better pay and they are not a alone. brace yourself, it could be "today in new york" starts now. good morning, 5:00 a.m. november 10th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. >> just a little bit. november is rolling by in a hurry, too. ten days into t. temperatures averaging above normal will be close to normal. a couple of notches above normal. we have on and off rain to deal with. the first batch of rain is coming through. middlesex county, monmouth and ocean county. as i again notice over the course of the morning, the heaviest bans seem to be sliding south and east of us. we don't get into heavy duty rain. temperatures in the 50s. down the shore, upper 50s. long branch, 59. north and west, cooler numbers.
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no frost, indeed. cloudy, gray day. the breeze will begin to increase to northeast. damp feel in the upper 50s by noon. look for on and off rain. vary in intensity. gets a little heavier towards the end of the day. let's find out about the commute. roads are looking pretty good. quiet out there. live look outside at the brooklyn bridge where we have ongoing road work. we're not seeing any delays in this area. enjoy that while you can. george washington bridge, construction has wrapped up and delays have eased out. if you're headed to the lower level, keep in mind you'll need to use your ez pass until 7:00. breaking news in patterson, new jersey, right now. more than 100 firefighters are battling a five alarm inferno. still burning at market street
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tracie strahan is live with a story that's been developing. >> reporter: absolutely, michael. even though you can see the smoke shooting from the abandoned armory, the heavy volume that's giving firefighters trouble is several feet below ground. show you video of the attack when we arrived. as you mentioned, several hundred firefighters are here from several departments. it's been burning since 11:00 last night. they're putting 5,000 gallons of water on the armory per minute. it's a deep seeded fire that is still not under control. again, there are several fire departments on the scene. they continue to put water on it dousing it. this is an abandoned armory. they were able to do an interior sweep of the building to make sure no one was inside but the fire was so intense it forced them out. we talked to the chief about their strategy going forward.
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volumes of water hoping that, you know, we can put more water than fire but it's going to be a while. it's a very deep basement. >> reporter: that basement 20, 25 feet below ground. you're looking live at the top of the patterson armory. that smoke can be seen for miles around. we saw it when we were on 80 coming here and now we've been inundatewide it, michael. we want to mention one firefighter suffered a minor back injury. the big problem right now, the schools in this area. there are three of them. there's roberto clementi school, old roberto clementi school and east side high. the chief tells us the schools have been notified to make alternate plans today. doesn't look like there will be classes. everyone is being advised to check with the school. >> tracie, thank you very much. new this morning, homicide investigators are at a house in newark. just a short time ago the
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on south 11th street. police have been in and out of the home all night. the street is blocked off. we called the essex county prosecutor's office overnight. so far all they will say is that there is a homicide investigation taking place at the home. >> happening now. police are investigating what september a car out of control in brooklyn killing a man who was just walking on the sidewalk. surveillance video shows the 50-year-old victim talking on the cell phone while walking down flatbush avenue in prospect park. out of nowhere a car slams into him. police say there was a 58-year-old man behind the wheel of that car on centra. a 3-year-old boy was also in the vehicle. both in the hospital in stable condition. >> very, very terrifying. it's very sad. very upsetting, and i hope i will never have to psy such a thing ever again. >> detectives headed to the hospital to try to speak with the driver of that car to find out just what did happen. no word yet if any charges will be filed. 5:04 right now.
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the 4s. we start out with chris cimino. good morning. >> time to get familiar with the rain gear you have around. one batch heading our way for today. light rain moving north. we'll get into the city shortly. light and intermittent. further south and east is steadier. the steadiest and heaviest rain most of us will see will come during the evening hours. temperatures in the 50s to 60s. breezy, too. east northeast will kick it 15, 25 miles an hour. rain could get a little bit sideways especially up against the coast. 55 going up to 58 by noon and the forecast highs near 60 degrees. a damp, chilly, breezy day with on and off rain. let's find out about the commute. how is it treating us so far, lauren? >> so far so good. we have quite a few detours out there. the bx 5, m 9, m 20. m 34-85.
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getting on the trains, subway tracker should be wrapped up. commuter's checklist. good. 4s. 5:05. new this morning, three suspects are facing charges in that police-involved shooting we told you about all morning yesterday. police say a plain clothes detective was investigating a robbery in bedford sty when three men approached him. 23-year-old altron atwater pulled a bb gun on the officer. he shot him in the stomach. the other suspects are 16 and 15 years old. mayor de blasio will head to a brooklyn mcdonald's. not going for breakfast. he's supporting workers rallying for a higher minimum wage. kat, this whole question of income inequality has been a signature issue for the mayor. >> reporter: right.
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why we do expect to see mayor de blasio here a little bit later, really to ramp up the spirit of the protesters. protesters don't need to ramp up their spirit anymore. they are certainly excited. these protests have been loud. they have been huge. we want to show you video of past protests we've seen. one earlier this year. it was during the morning rush. there were hundreds of people, perhaps more than 1,000 people in downtown brooklyn. they disrupted traffic leading to the brooklyn bridge. fast food and other low wage workers across the country will walk off the job in protest today calling for a nationwide $15 minimum wage, also the right to unionize. we do expect mayor de blasio to be here around 6:30 a.m. this is taking place across the country. also, thousands of protesters, michael, expected to pickett at the republican presidential debate in milwaukee tonight. they certainly want to get their voices heard, not just on local
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issues but nationwide. >> it has become a national issue. thank you very much. 5:07. right now today dozens of students on long island could try to go back to king park high school despite being suspended over a sexting scandal. two 14-year-old boys were arrested for recording and distributing an underage girl engaged in a sexual act with boys. administrators took it too far when they suspended anyone who received or forwarded the video. >> the superintendent has to be very careful on what he does and what action he takes without having the requisite information or ploof before he suspends students like he did here. >> parents say they were told their kids would be arrested if they showed up at school today. the school district confirmed the suspensions but would not comment further. a panic caught on camera. this morning we're seeing what happened when two men were shot in the doorway of a deli in the bronx. you can see customers including
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amid the chaos a baby is left behind strapped into a stroller. the clerk says the gunman entered fire as the customer left that deli. two 18-year-old men were shot, condition. >> there's been a few shootings outside and around the store, somebody coming out of the store. it's a store that i choose to stay away from. >> news 4 investigates found shootings are increasing in this neighborhood. this year from november 1st, there's been a 30% spike in shooting victims and more than a 20% increase in shootings themselves compared to last year. the white house is reviewing an appeals court decision that strikes down part of president obama's immigration policy. that ruling affects a presidential order. it allows about 5 million undocumented immigrants to stay in the united states. the court ruled the president overstepped his power. the white house can ask the court to reconsider or appeal that decision to the supreme court.
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today we could see two rikers inmates in a bronx courtroom. they'll both be charged in the slashing of a corrections officer. his wounds were visible at a rally he was at yesterday. he was cut with a blade on thursday night. darnell green and michael whitfield were in court. they want mayor de blasio's reforms at rikers island to be delayed. deliberations. this was the basis of the movie "good fellas." yesterday his lawyer said his accusers are paid turn coats. she said the government's case lacked evidence. in this morning's cnbc money report, target continuing its new thanksgiving day tradition. the stores will once again open at 6:00 on that holiday, on thanksgiving day.
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shoppers won't have to leave the deal. target says the same prices will be available online on thanksgiving morning, however, fashion retailer h&m says their stores will be closed on thanksgiving day. the company says they want their companies to be able to spend the holiday with family and friends. they say they'll be back though opening the next day, of course, on friday. two separate friends, right? >> yeah. >> rei and now h&m saying we're going to close. others will be open. >> it depends on what you feel like doing that day. 5:11. still to come on "today in new york", the gop presidential candidates are preparing to square off. this time the focus is your money. >> then the best booster seat for your baby. and your weather and traffic on the 4s.
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5:14 now. here's four things to know this morning. first, breaking news out of patterson. a five alarm fire on market street and rosa parks boulevard. we're looking at live pictures here. this could affect students at three nearby schools. officials at old and new roberto clementi and east side high have
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been told to make alternative plans. police in brooklyn still searching for the man who tried to lure an 11-year-old in his car. this happened as he walked to school in rockaway. parents in the area are warned to keep an extra close eye on their kids. we have a warning for tappan zee commuters. tonight one, possibly two southbound lanes will be shut down for road work. the crews are going to get there to start that work about 8:00. the u.s. women's national soccer team will be honored today with a plague in new york's canyon of heroes. they won the world cup this year and they got a ticker take parade. >> right. there. >> it was a great experience. so happy for them. time for a check of weather and traffic. chris, not as good a day today for the team members gathering as it was back then on july 10th. >> not exactly but it is november. compared to july, all bets are off by the time you get to november. around here today, dealing with wet weather, cool temperatures
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it will be a little rough on the umbrellas. gusty breezes out of the east northeast. showers return again on thursday. in all of this we're not talking about any kind of flooding-type of rain, on and off showers. right now at 54 in mid town, 54 in jersey city. temperatures did not cool off that much certainly compared to what happened last night. low 50s out across long island east end. south hampton 54. jersey shore, milder temperatures. 60 in point pleasant. into interior new jersey, east brunswick 5rks 3. the hudson valley the coolest we could find. rain is approaching the area. you can see it coming up from the south. notice this heavier area of rain, the area of yellow getting smaller. it's shrinking and moving off more towards the east. the bulk of that will pass underneath us. the first push on the northern fringe, lighter.
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heavier bands. we'll have to watch for that. the rain may pick up a little bit. allater in the season it is. this is tropical storm kate. the good news is the steering currents will take it rapidly out to the east and northeast. right now moving north at 17. max winds at 60. could increase to 70 mile per hour winds. there's ber mud dampt here we are well off to the south and east. this will be a mist. good news at that. future tracker shows the leading edge of that light rain. flirts with us into the noon hour. the bulk of the heavy stuff sitting off to the south and east. then by the eveninr hours starting to see heavier showers pop up. the evening commute, especially the latter half of it could be rougher. north and west of the city, that's where the heavier showers are. this is through 11:00. it starts to lift smoothly. by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow, a leftover shower. better chance east of the city. notice what happens by noon. the clouds start to break up. get sunshine in here and it should turn out to be a nicer day.
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doesn't last too long. showers return with the clouds on thursday. high near 60. then a pretty good stretch. friday a little chillier as we get back towards the weekend. free of rain and temperatures in the mid 50s. alhsmost 5:18. the latest for ms. scala. >> nice ride out there this morning. not much to tell you about. show you good roads. staten island expressway, here's what it looks like outside bradley avenue. things moving along on staten island right now. heading over for a look at the grand central park way, out by laguardia, smooth sailing as well. we will show you the new jersey turnpike. here's what it looks like outside newark liberty area. a nice commuteato far. it is still early though. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. 5:18 now. now for the race for the white house, the republican andidates wimall debate once again tonight.
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this time the focus will be the economy. nbc's tracie potts is live in washington with a look at what we can expect. a lot of focus not only because of the controversy from the last debate but also we have a change in lineup from the debate participints. >> reporter: well, exactly. not as many participants. we have eight on stage tonigba instead of 10. be carson and donald trump ill center stage. carson since that last debate now facing lots of questions about his past. two of the can dwats who got ininto it are vying for the same key endorsement. here's what it loo.. like at tpi historic milwaukee theater ahead of tonight's dt ebate with donald trump and ben carsoh center stage. trump going after carson and marco rubio at a late-night rally in illinois. >>u cthese ad,re people with no experience. these are people that never met a payroll. >> reporter: carson faces tough questions over claims about his past. he said the media's been tougher on him than anyone.
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>> they do have an actual vendetta or at least an agenda against some of these candidates. >>t reporter: but carson's opponents insist you have to be able to take the heat. >> we're responsible for the personal stories we're telling about our lives. >> i'm thinking, pal, you haven't seen nothing yet. >> i'm htiored to be here with scott walker. >> reporter: marco rubio and jeb bush are courting former candidate scott wa er. rubio met with walker last night. >> we still have time to get ulthly right but we do not have forever. walker could bring either candidate much-needed support, especially from evangelicals. key issues that could come up at tonight's debate, the fed. should they raise interest rates despite the strong jobs report. the keystone oil pipeline stopped. in washington, i'm tracie potts. darlene, michael, back to you. >> tracie, thank you.
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local veterans will have a place to turn. they're creating a new department of veterans services. the new agency will help veterans with problems ranging from readjusting to civilian life to finding affordable housing to overcoming addiction. this afternoon's council vote comes one day before the country celebrates veterans day. new guidelines being put in place to help protect young sp ccer players from head injuries and concussions. the u.s. soccer federation banning now players aged 10 and under from h ding the ball during any practice or game. players who are 11 tody3 years old, they'll be able to head the ball but only during games, not in practice. the change settled a class action lawsuit filed last year seeking new safety guidelines. it's hard to head the ball and they're sometimes calling them 50-50 balls. there's a 50% chance you'll get hurt. >> absolutely. soccer being listed as very often the sport where the kids get the most concussions.
5:22 am
>> absolutely. >> people mistakenly think it's football. >> hard to do. good that they're going to wait. >>gi> 5:21 right now. still to come on "today in new york", funny or offensive. one road sign's play on words has drivers upset. follow the "today in new york" team on twitter, facebook
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nice, actually. >> right. >> yeah, i like the approach. >> obviously putting a tree up behind you. >> keep it to yourself. too early for me. >> have a holley, jolly -- >> no snow yet in the forecast. it will be on the damp side today. breezy, too. up around 60 to 70. gradually working our way to the holiday useason. occasional rain. probably the heavier showers tonight will be the first half of the nighttime hours especially with the city low and northwest. we catch a little break tomorrow before the next round of showers heads our way. we talked about that.
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every couple of days, that's fine. >> absolutely. thank you, chris. hey, lauren. >> good morning. love that we're not having rain during the morning commute right now. things pretty good. beginning on the rales, commuter checklist, it's all running without delays or service changes. we'll tell you what the roads look like. here's the gowanus expressway. plenty of cars out on the road. things still moving along nicely. getting into the brooklyn bridge right now. overall a fantastic tuesday morning commute. 5:26 right now. a roadside is driving controversy in utah. tell us what you think. some drivers think it's tasteless. the state hopes it will save lives. it reads, get your head out of the apps. some say it missed the mark. the department of transportation doesn't mind the controversy and say the attention getting sign is part of their campaign. >> beautiful scenery. >> beautiful. i've never lived in utah. i know in new york it would not
5:25 am
even raise an eyebrow. >> no. there it is. still to come, chris christie not taking any chances on atlantic city's struggling casinos. his big budget decision good for schools but bad for the business. >> reporter: and crews still have their hands full on the scene of a five alarm fire here at the armory in patterson, new jersey. i'm tracie strahan live from the scene with an update on what's happening here and how this could affect schools in the area. if you're about to head out the door, take us with. you keep watching "today in new york." download the news 4 app on your
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right now breaking news. a five alarm fire. we have a reporter on the scene. we will bring you that as soon as we have more details. also ahead this morning, minimum wage workers preparing for a battle of their own. they're taking to the streets to fight for more money. the push to get students nationwide buckled up on the bus. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. it's november 10th. welcome to "today in new york." 5:30 a.m. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo.
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storm team 4 chris cimino is here. it felt fairly warm this morning. >> it is. yesterday morning they were scraping frost. it was 20s and 30s. we're talking 40s and 50s this morning. rain is getting closer. it's getting close to central new jersey. it's taking a while to get into the city. northwestern suburbs may have to wait longer than that. the rain probably picks up more today for the evening commute. mid 50s. murray hill, 54. city island, 56. some 40s well to the north and west. coolest spot this morning, poughkeepsie, 43. yesterday morning you were in the upper 20s. big difference there. plan on a gray sky. plan on using the umbrella from time to time. 58 at noon. forecasting a high today of around 60 degrees. let's find out about the commute. >> mostly green. we're still having a nice commute. we have reports of an accident on route 3 westbound after route 21. information still coming in on this.
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i'll keep you posted. we'll take a live look at the belt parkway where things are still moving along nicely. overall all of our major roads are in good shape. there's just that accident out there. >> lauren, thank you. 5:31. we are following breaking news in new jersey. a difficult morning for firefighters in patterson. they're battling fire deep inside an old armory. this is on market street at rosa park boulevard. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is there. is there any indication that firefighters are getting an upper hand? >> reporter: it appears there's a lull in the action. the firefighters are not on top of it. they're not putting water on it. keep in mind, this is a fire that's burning below ground at this abandoned armory. it's kept crews busy for more than six hours now. let's show you what it looked like when we arrived. smoke from every side of the abandoned armory on market street. this started at 11:00 last night.
5:29 am
departments were putting 5,000 gallons of water on this fire per minute. thermal imaging cameras captured images of flames in the basement of the building that broke out around 11:00. we asked the chief a couple of hours ago what made this fire so difficult to get under control. take a listen. >> we were removing all the boards, getting all the windows open, all the means of ventilation that we can, but at this point, you know, it's a very deep seeded fire. so, you know, it's an extensive operation. we're going to need a lot of water. we're in the process of getting all of that secure. >> reporter: when crews first got to the scene they were able to make an initial sweep of the building to make sure no one was inside. again, this is an abandoned armory and it has been for a couple of decades now, darlene. even though it seems to be somewhat under control and, again, they haven't said it's under control yet, several schools in the area have been impacted by this. the chief told me that flee
5:30 am
school, old roberto clementi school and east side high have been advised to make alternate plans today. there is really a wide perimeter all around here and the smoke is very intense. we saw it from several miles away. all of the students have been told to contact their school to see if there's class today. back to you. >> thank you, tracie. former new york mets star jose reyes accused of assaulting his wife. our nbc station in hawaii said this happened after an argument in their room at the four seasons in maui. he's accused of grabbing her by the throat and throwing her into a sliding glass door. he spent most of his career with the mets. now he plays for the colorado rockies. that team released a statement saying they are disappointed and they are concerned. we are now learning what was caught on body cameras, police body cameras in the shooting death of a 6-year-old boy in louisiana. >> that video was described at a closed hearing for the two local marshals who are charged with
5:31 am
place say they had been pursuing chris few. that's the boy's lawyer. they say the client has his hands up when the officers opened fire. five shots hit his son. his funeral was yesterday. the officers are each being held on $1 million bond. it is 5:34. weather and traffic on the 4s on this tuesday morning. chris cimino starting us off. good morning, chris. >> good morning, guys. a damp day ahead. just on the cusp of getting rain in here. not in new york city yet. the light rain is moving north slowly for the morning commute. occasional rain through the afternoon and tonight as well. i think the steadiest of the rain probably falls for the first half of tonight. temperatures staying generally in the 50s to near 60s. not just above normal but it turns breezy. you don't appreciate 50 degrees when you have an east, northeast wind. right now we're holding at 55 in the city. we gradually work our way to the upper 50s by noon.
5:32 am
on and off rain out there. breezy to windy at times throughout the day. brighter days ahead. right now let's talk about the cumulative commute with lauren. >> thanks, chris. let's talk about the buses. we have to add some new jersey transit buses that are on detour this morning because of that fire in patterson that we have tracie strahan. that affects bus routes 151, 161 and 712. as far as your trains go, subways, major commuter lines all running without delays or service changes. you do need to move your car today. alternate side of the street parking in effect today but suspended tomorrow. it is 5:36 now. happening today, it's a nationwide walkout. minimum wage workers will leave their posts. they're going to rally for better pay. this time the mayor will be right there with them. "today in new york's" katherine creag is live in brooklyn with what to expect. kat. >> reporter: michael, you can see some nypd officers have set up steel barricades around here.
5:33 am
this is expected to be an enormous event. organizers setting up speakers as well. we'll hear from mayor de blasio later this morning. we want to show you how big these events have gotten. earlier protest earlier this year you had hundreds of people, perhaps even more than 1,000 people gathering in downtown brooklyn. they disrupted traffic leading to the brooklyn bridge. it started during the morning rush. fast food and other low wage workers from 270 cities across the country will walk off the job in protest calling for a nationwide $15 minimum wage and the right to unionize. we talked with a home health aide worker who takes care of elderly people. she told us how much she makes. >> 10. $10 an hour. some people might be making less than that. some may -- i don't know.
5:34 am
that is why we are gathering, to understand. >> reporter: and thousands of protesters are also expected to picket at the republican presidential debate tonight in milwaukee. as you pointed out, michael, mayor de blasio will be here to make remarks at 6:30 a.m. this is likely to start at 6:00 a.m. people should expect streets to be closed. protesters going out into the streets and marching as well, michael. back to you. >> kat, thank you very much. the nation's top highway safety officer is challenging states and school districts with a tough question. >> and that question is if seat belts are required in cars, why aren't they required in school buses? "today in new york's" kerry barrett is here. that's been going on since we were in schools. >> it has. the national highway traffic safety administration admits that that agency hasn't always been clear on the issue of seat belts on school buses. at one point they said buses were safe without them.
5:35 am
well, now for the first time the nhtsa says school buses need to have not just seat belts but three point belts just like cars do. there are only six states that require seat belts on buses. even out of those six, only texas and california require three point car-like seat belts. surveillance video shows you all you need to know. a school bus driver loses control, rolls the bus. the kids inside, look at that. they go flying. eight of them go to the hospital. 7200 kids are injured in school bus accidents every year. several of them die. the feds say that change at this point is way overdue. >> we know that seat belts save lives so we want to see a three-point seat belt on every school bus in this nation. >> in a statement they say it needs to be up to state or local authorities to decide whether they'll put seat belts on local buses saying it costs 7 to $10,000 per bus to put in belts. it's money that a lot of
5:36 am
districts don't have. however, seat belt manufacturers say that sounds like a lot but really it's only about $5 per student per year. but for the first time a real push to get seat belts on all school buses. darlene, michael? >> kerry barrett, thank you. new this morning, another safety issue. new safety ratings out for child booster seats for children 4 and 8 years old. of the 23 new booster seats out, the insurance institute for highway safety gave 3 of them good beds and 20 were rated best bet. 6 older models were not recommended. it's based on seat belt fit, not the crash test. new this morning, owners of all new jersey buildings must soon install carbon monoxide detectors.
5:37 am
these two people died inside a commercial factory. the new law closes that loophole. governor christie signed a bill that will launch a crackdown on swatting in new jersey. that's where people call in false alarm and draw in s.w.a.t. teams. pranksters can get 5 to 10 years in prison and pay $150,000 fine. swatting will be elevated to a higher degree felony. governor chris christie says no to a plan to help the struggling casino industry. he said it would not have set the city on a sustainable path. the key bill would have let the eight casinos in atlantic city make set payments instead of fluctuating tax payments for 15 years which would be based on their income. the governor signed a bill that provided extra school aid for atlantic city schools. 5:41. the big announcement from pamela anderson that's been trending on our website for hours.
5:38 am
and then weather and traffic on the 4s coming up. you're watching "today in new
5:39 am
morning hours, then there's more rain behind this. this whole system has to pivot on through. the rain will come through in bands as we've worked our way through the course of the day today. it's encroaching on us right now. we'll call it periodic rain throughout the day. 60 degrees. best chance for the steadiest rain or heavier showers for the first half of tonight. you can see that on future tracker. the light rain dances around. new ban of heavier showers evolves southwest of us. that comes in by 6:00 or 7:00 even into the city. the heavy duty stuff passes from the north and west through 11:00 and that moves north and east of us. things start to improve by tomorrow after leftover shower and clouds. wind gusts, could see busy ones.
5:40 am
hour or higher. that persists through the evening. looking at coastal with 30-mile-an-hour wind gusts in the city. 30 miles an hour up against the jersey shore. the showers return again on thursday up around 60. after that it quiets down. the overall pattern gets chillier. sunshine returns at 39 and mid 50s with a mix of clouds and sun. looking good for monday as well in the upper 50s. let's see if the commute is looking good. it is for the most part. >> we have an accident for people headed towards the george washington bridge. we'll take a look at the approaches on the fort lee side. in bound upper level underneath the apartments there. delays at least ten minutes. building pretty quickly. that blocks the left lane. i'll continue to keep a close eye. head to the lower level on the lincoln and holland. if you're getting on the roads elsewhere in new jersey, route 3 we have a disabled vehicle by
5:41 am
right lanes very minor here. heads up for the new england threw way commuters. that will be out there until 7:15. not causing much of a problem. that's likely to change quickly. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect. next weather and traffic update on the 4s. happening today, work on the new $10 billion terminal being built below grand central moves above ground today. ground will be broken at one of the spots where commuters will eventually access the terminal. the terminal will give long island railroad passengers easier access. we got a good look at the progress that's being made, but the terminal is still seven years away from completion. several transit agencies in our area could be at risk of having their federal funding cut. legislation approved last week by the house will eliminate a program that provides the mta with more than $80 million each year. n.j. transit with about $50 million.
5:42 am
calling on lawmakers to back a senate-approved version of the bill which protects those funds. the search is on for a man caught on camera punching a woman right in the face in a bronx market. we'll show you the man the police want to find. the woman's face is blurred. they show the man winding up before he punches her in the face. police say this happened last month at the pioneer supermarket in fordham heights section of the bronx apparently after an argument. the woman was treated for a deep cut to her forehead. police are looking for witnesses to a stabbing inside the new jersey home of a famous hip-hop artist. thomas norman is charged with a crime. police say he knifed two men. it happened in the home of rizza from the wu-tang clan. 5:49. the president of the university of missouri has resigned and it brings to an end student protests fueled by racial tensions. president tim wolf made that
5:43 am
stunning announcement yesterday after two months of anger and unrest on the campus. while students were seen celebrating, they say it was the hopes of a new beginning there. meanwhile, the school's chancellor also announced that he would be stepping down at the end of the year. >> please, please use this resignation to heal, not to hate and let's move forward together for a brighter tomorrow. >> meanwhile, football practice is expected to resume after practice today. 30 players backed by their coaches said they would boycott until wolf resigned or was removed. students, faculty and staff at yale marched in solidarity to call for racial justice. it comes days after one fraternity allegedly held a white girls only party. the major issue is a lack of diversity in hiring and among tenured faculty.
5:44 am
more legal fallout from the discredited story about a rape at a university of virginia fraternity. the article appeared in "rolling stone" you might remember. it was later retracted. now that fraternity is seeking $25 million from the magazine in a defamation lawsuit. this is on top of several other lawsuits already underway. actress pamela anderson has health news that could impact thousands of other americans. it's one of the top stories on our website. anderson posted on social media that she has been cured of hepatitis c. she says she contracted the viral liver disease some 16 years ago after sharing a tattoo needle with her ex-husband, tommy lee. anderson recently tried a new fda approved treatment for help tight tisz c. each pill costs $1,000. very expensive treatment and she had said also on her social media account that she was really hoping that a lot of people who have this disease are able to have access because, as you said, so expensive. >> hopefully that will bring the
5:45 am
costs down as well. 5:51. still ahead on "today in new york", looks like a scene from "jaws." cameras rolling when a great white shark was rolling. follow us on facebook and instagram. you're watching "today in new
5:46 am
5:54. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. we'll show you the video of the shark going into the shark cage. we're going to skip the diving on vacation. >> we take vacation. >> i'm all set. all set. >> you want a pass on that? >> take a pass. >> i agree with you. great white sharks in action. >> it was a great story, like you said, because he came back whole. >> right. >> that was a good ending. >> absolutely. weather story today is one that you probably step outside without an umbrella, you come back wet. you may not need it early this morning but you will this afternoon. breezy, 60 should do it with occasional rain showers. steady and heaviest in the first half of the night and tapering off overnight. starts to dry out a little bit tomorrow. of course, we have the veterans day parade which is always a nice parade. it should be dry and the sun starts to peek through. perfect time. >> lauren? we're seeing delays building out there on the fdr drive.
5:47 am
shouldn't be out there on the fdr drive. southbound. the truck is on the shoulder. they need to back it off the roadway. this is what it looks like on the 96. avoid the fdr driveway. everything including subways are running on or close to schedule. we have an accident at the george washington bridge. i'll have the details on the delays coming up. 5:56 right now. consumer group launching a social media campaign against the high tech barbie. interesting that it's a social media campaign. >> right. >> hello barbie is interactive and connects to the internet. it uses siri-like technology to record and respond to questions and hold conversations, but the campaign for a commercial free childhood, that's the name of the group, they're warning shoppers that the toy invades a child's property. they warn that the toy could be used as a marketing tool. now to the shark video we were talking about. a man in south africa had a close call. this is a young great white
5:48 am
shark. >> oh! >> you see it there. that's spence riley in the came. he went cage diving while on his honeymoon. the shark rammed that cage at full speed. just missed his hand. riley said it did rattle his nerves but overall, darlene, he said he enjoyed his trip. >> okay. >> if you come out in one piece you can look back at it. >> you can reflect. >> reflect. >> 5:57 on this tuesday morning. coming up next, we'll tell you about a major plan to help our nation's returning troops on the eve of veterans day. also ahead, we're following breaking news in new jersey. a five alarm fire there is creating problems for three nearby schools this morning. tracie strahan is there. she's getting an update from fire officials. if you're heading out the door, take us with you. download the "today in new york" news 4 app.
5:49 am
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5:50 am
good morning, everybody. tuesday, november 10th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i am michael gargiulo. let's see what's going to happen with chris cimino. >> the rain. the rain and the leaves now and the whole thing. do be careful. make sure they're clear of the leaves. as we get into heavier rain, the leaves will come down and could cause street flooding. tends to be light. central new jersey on south
5:51 am
heading into mercer county and i think it moves in light rain through the rest of the morning commute. the steadier commute later in the morning. cooler temperatures in the north. mid 50s in the city. down to the shore 60 degrees. day planner, look at the breeze increase out of the east northeast. again, talking about upper 50s to 60s. periods of rain will vary in intensity. we'll talk about that. latest on the commute, relatively dry roads. hopefully it's a good one. >> for the most part, yes. we have big problems at the george washington bridge. live look outside. we'll show you what the approaches look like in fort lee. there is an accident coming off the in bound upper level by the apartments. very heavy delay out there. we're having a little bit of trouble with that. it's a 45 minute wait in bound. the lower level is the way to go. head over to the lincoln or the holland tunnel. you'll have no more than a ten-minute wait. i'll keep a close eye on that. delays on the fdr drive. here's what it looks like coming
5:52 am
out by 96th street. over height tractor-trailer is out there. they'll need to back that off the roads. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. now breaking news we're following, patterson new jersey. more than 100 firefighters are battling an inferno on market street. the fire is burning close to three schools. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is there. lots of questions of what's happening with the schools and whether the fires are under control. >> reporter: that's right, darlene. matter of fact, i asked a couple of firefighters the thumbs up or thumbs down if it's under control yet? they simply shook their heads no. as you mentioned, there are more than 100 firefighters from several area departments trying to get control of the five alarm fire that started at 11:00 last night. that has made for no shortage of smoke in the area. show you some look at what it looked like. the armory has been abandoned for several decades. the fire chief told us they put 5,000 gallons of water on this
5:53 am
you'll be able to see the smoke from several miles away even on the highway, the heavy amount of flames are underground in the basement of this armory. the chief told us what's going on here. take a listen. >> we're deluging it with large volumes of water hoping that, you know, we can put more water than fire but it's going to be a while. it's a very deep basement. >> reporter: now the chief told us that one firefighter did suffer minor injuries, but to get a sense of just how extensive this is, let's send it up to chopper 4 to start off with. you can see the large perimeter around this armory right now. that's why three schools in this area may not have classes today. if your student attends old roberto clementi school or east side high, you better check in with the school. the chief told us the department
5:54 am
make alternate plans for today because there is so much smoke. let's bring you down to the ground. take a look at the light and all of the smoke coming head on towards it. we have been inundated with smoke since we arrived at 3:30 this morning. it shows no signs of slowing down. the chief told us they plan on being here for quite a while trying to get a handle on what's going on here. back to you. >> tracie strahan, thank you. more breaking news. a homicide investigation underway in newark. the essex county prosecutor's office does confirm now one person killed inside a home on south 11th street. police have been at the scene all night. we've been asking authorities for more information. prosecutors will only say at this point there is a homicide investigation taking place. >> in brooklyn police are investigating a horrific crash that killed a man walking on the sidewalk. surveillance video shows the 50-year-old victim walking down flat bush avenue in prospect park. then out of nowhere a car slams into him. police say a 58-year-old man was behind the wheel of a nissan
5:55 am
sentra. a 3-year-old boy was also in the car. both were taken to the hospital in stable condition. >> very, very terrifying. it's very sad. very upsetting and i hope i will never have to see such a thing ever again. >> detectives were headed to the hospital to speak with the driver of the car to find out what happened. there's no word if charges will be filed. today a federal jury does resume their deliberations in what's been called the good fellas mobster trial. 8-year-old vincent asaro is accused of master minding the 1979 jewel heiss. it was the basis of the movie "goodfellas." they called the accusers paid government turncoats. the case lax direct government evidence they say. 6:05. weather and traffic on this tuesday. rain expected, chris. >> headed our way. very, very slowly working its way up from new jersey. light rain especially for the morning commute. light rain moves north.
5:56 am
afternoon and evening gets steadier. temperatures mostly in the 50s to near 60. normal high should be 56. we're close to that. maybe a couple of notches above it. breeze i y breezier. higher gusts especially up against the coast. the rain is scraping closer for the morning commute. 55 at 8:00. 58 at noon. the heavier stuff if we get any at all is coming for the evening commute. not morning commute. >> see, lauren, i spared your morning commute. >> thank you, chris. i thank you on behalf of everyone. whether it rains or not, the morning commute is never that easy. if you're taking the bus, we have ten different buses on detour. nj transit commuters, bus 151, 161 and 712 because of the fire in patterson that tracie strahan is live on. you can see the delays like a
5:57 am
parking lot out there. 45-minute wait at the upper level, 30-minute wait at the lower level. altogether the george washington bridge is the spot to avoid. the holland is at about the same. if you're getting on the trains, we have good news from there. everything running on or close to schedule. that includes the subways and alternate side of the road parking effects. the crowds are starting to gather in downtown brooklyn in support of a nationwide walkout for fast food workers. "today in new york's" katherine creag is there hoping this will become part of a nationwide trend today. >> reporter: they certainly do. mind you, there have been so many protests in recent years, michael. one woman we talked to said she's been to nine protests. this will be the ninth one. in fact, there are protesters starting to gather here on court street. the nypd set up those steel barricades that you set up there. this is promising to be an enormous and loud event. want to show you some video of rallies that we've seen in the past.
5:58 am
huge and loud ones. one protester disrupted traffic leading to the brooklyn bridge. you'll hear from speakers at the fourth street event later today. fast food and other low wage workers from 270 cities across the country will walk off the job in protest calling for a nationwide $15 minimum wage. we talked to the fast food worker, she and others she works with make about $10 an hour. she says it's tough to get by with how much she makes. >> we have people now, you know, as far as workers go, workers living in homeless shelters. people are not, you know, being able to feed their kids and support their families. that's a huge problem. it has to be addressed. we oing to try to fix these problems. >> reporter: along with hundreds of protesters who will be here, we also expect to see mayor de blasio right around 6:30 this morning, michael. he'll deliver remarks. this is court street by livingston street.
5:59 am
they're planning to march here and elsewhere as well. back to you, michael. >> kat, thank you very much. tonight is the first gop debate that may deal with questions surrounding dr. ben carson. he could be questioned about his past. reports are casting doubt on some of the personal stories he told in his autobiography. also, donald trump is coming off his "saturday night live" appearance that sparked protests. governor chris christie will not be on the main stage. he is in the earlier undercard debate. coming up on the "today" show, peter alexander will be live in milwaukee. that's ahead at 7:00 a.m. this is an issue that might come up tonight. the white house considering their next step now that an appeals court has struck down part of president obama's immigration policy. order. it allowed about 5 million undocumented immigrants to stay here in the united states. court decided the president had overstepped his executive power. now the issue could be headed to the u.s. supreme court. also today, israeli prime
6:00 am
minister benjamin netanyahu will address the center for american progress. this is significant because it's a liberal think tank in washington. his invitation is sparking controversy. yesterday the israeli leader was at the white house. he and president obama have been at odds, especially over the iran nuclear deal. yesterday he spoke about a joint commitment to israel's security. today ew york city will take a major step to help our nation's veterans take a step back into civilian life. corey barrett has the story. >> good morning. the city council is passing legislation to create a stand alone new york city department of veterans services. it is the largest municipality in the entire country to establish an agency that is solely to serve veterans. council man eric ulrich is the sponsor. it's supposed to help them with all aspects of transitioning back. finding house,, health care, securing good paying jobs. he says we have a moral
6:01 am
often feel forgotten or alone. you may not realize, but close to 900,000 veterans live in new york and close to 1/4 million live in the city. in fact, according to the state comptroller, queens and brooklyn are in the top five counties in the state for the most veterans. this is a huge victory for advocates. they've been fighting for this for two years. this bill would replace the current mayor's office of veterans affairs with as i mentioned the full-fledged city agency. de blasio's administration has hosted a bill saying it could lead to a costly duplication of city services, that's how they phrased it, and further remove it from city hall. council members and advocates pushed very hard to get it passed before veterans day. again, the city council expected to vote on that bill a little bit later today. there will be about 100 veterans out on the steps. still a lot more on this story
6:02 am
right now it is 6:11. up next, shakeup for seaworld. while those popular killer whale shows, they're about to become a thing of the past. later, a sexting scandal at a local school. find out why some parents think some of the student punishments are too harsh. plus, local weather and traffic on the 4s.
6:03 am
6:15. time for weather and traffic. >> we just wanted to come right out there. here we are. >> i have another one for you. umbrella weather unfortunately.hthe weather is getting closer and closer. the umbrella will get difficult to keep overhead. brief break in the unsettled weather tomorrow. after a morning shower, the clouds may break up with a little sun. the clouds will return for thursday.
6:04 am
on and off periods of rain. average high 56. weuc should get to 60 degrees. a little bit above normal. in inigh point, 49 delaware water gap. 47 in franklin. these numbers considerably milder than yesterday morning. in some cases 20 degrees warmer because we had a lot of frost and freezing. suburbs it's 50s and the 60s along the jatseey shore. the area of rain moving north northeast or reallyng more east northeast. that's where the heavier band of rain sitting over southern new jersey. it will pass underneath us. there's more rain that will fill in later on this afternoon or this evening. cr e leading edge of the rain encroaching on the city. places like staten island, brooklyn, queens. nothing real heavy through the rning commute. meantime, the tropics late in the season. we have a tropical storm as we take a look at this. this is moving off towards the north at 17 miles an hour.
6:05 am
winds of 60 miles per hour. tin the movement. here's the coast. the u.s. coast. carolina coast line. we are all the way up here. look at that track. way to the east and northeast away from us. that's good news as this system that's moving on through now will help keep that storm off shore. periods of rain for today. 50s to near 60. breezy at times. windy at times. early shower talking 6:00, 7:00 in the morning. clouds should give way to breaks. low 60s. another round of shower activity moves in by thursday afternoon. right up aro d 60 degrees. then we transition back to more typical november weather. little chilly. not bad. on and off rain today. eak omorrow from the rain showers thursday. back to sunshine friday. little cooler. chilly and dry, sun and clouds temperatures in the mid 50s. after 6:17, how ids the morning commute?
6:06 am
42nd street to 96th street. then we'll take a look outside at the george washington bridge which is a bigoness because of this accidentoming aff the in bound upper level underneath the amounts out there. it's going to take you 45 minutes between the turnpike and the tolls. on the lower level you have a 30 minute wait. really bad over here. over at the lincoln tunnel 15 mimenutes in bound. holland, 10. the other side of this, the alexander hamilton bridge where delays are starting to build westbound on the cross bronx as you make your way to the bridge. there's likely rubber necking there as we have reports of avinjuries with this accident. could be out there for a while. an accident on route 22 aseastbod.d heading through hillside. ry heavy delays there. that blocks the right lane. alternate side of the street pa plrking rules are in effect today. weather and traffic up on the 4s. a big update to the breaking news we've been following all morning long in patterson, new jersey. these are live pictures of the fire scene from chopper 4. because of this fire we've just
6:07 am
abandoned armory on market street, six nearby schools are going to be closed. they include east side high school, all three academies as new roberto clementi school, roberto clementi elementary school, school 15, school 11 and dison avenue pre-k and it's all because of that five alarm fire going on in patterson, new jersey. we'll continue to follow this. right now the latest news, the closure of those six nearby schools because of this fire. the president of the university of missouri stepped down from his p ost to ease racial tensions at the school. tim wolf said during the stunning announcement that he hopes it brings peace to the university. students were seen celebrating, however, they say it was for the chance at a new beginning. school's chancellor also announced that he will be stepping down at the end of the year. we've been telling you now about the protests against the shamu show at san diego seaworld. now it's coming to an end. the orca killer whale perf
6:08 am
mances will be phased out by the end of next year. seaworld admits -- they admit that fewer people are going to see that show. it's been the target of animal lovers protests. they call it the could be fid nement of the park's 11 whales cruel. >> i think it's a recognition by seaworld they need to move to a different business model. i would love to see seaworld go beyond this and announce an end to their breeding program. >> starting in 2017 seaworld will offer a different orca experience. that's where the ocean going mammals will be viewed in a more natural setting. new this morning, there are new safety ratings out for child booster seats for children ages 4 to 8. also 23 new booster seats, the insurance institute for highway safety gave 20 of them their best bet. the other 3 rated their good bets. the agency rated 6 older models on the market as not recommended.
6:09 am
crash test joos 6:20 now. still ahead, we'll tell you why a little pot belly, having that, might be a little worse than you think even if you're not overall overweight. coming up next, rex ryan stirring up controversy as he prepares to face his former team. we'll tell you about the surprise he threw at the jets. follow the entire "today in new york" team on facebook and
6:10 am
welcome back. the jets take on the bills this thursday night and buffalo coach rex ryan already playing the mind game. >> all right. he's going to have the former
6:11 am
on the field for the coin toss. i.k. enemkpali will be on the field. he names players who have a history as a co-captain. >> you don't like it? >> no. i think it can back fire against you. i think you get the jets really strong. get them pumped up. >> that's what you do. >> brandon marshall said this is a rex move. this is what he does. he names the captain, somebody who the other team has some sort of connection, bad or good with. >> he won't make it to the coin toss. >> they may not. >> right. >> legs broke. trying to get noompt it's a physical game and mental game. >> few days. >> like the news and weather. >> mind games with each other all day. >> all day, as a matter of fact. we've got some light rain over the city right now. maybe some of those drops aren't even reaching the ground that you see on live radar. steady with the rain in new jersey. monmouth, ocean county.
6:12 am
from exit 9 south steadier and the same thing from garden state. ocean county, rain steady. on and off rain throughout the day. i think the steadiest and heaviest shot comes in the morning hours. rain tapers to a few showers. low of 50 in the cities and 40s in the suburbs. dry it out and a quick hit of rain. then it's a very autumnal weekend. >> autumnal, very nice. hey, lauren. >> hey, guys. we have some subway issues. we have delays in downtown c trains all because of a sick passenger. hopefully they'll feel better and that will get wrapped up. and then uptown trains running from 42nd to 96th because of mechanical problems. we have a 30 minute wait right now. the real problems at the george washington bridge. we have an accident coming off the in bound upper level.
6:13 am
the upper, 30 to the lower. link lincoln tunnel is an option. 6:26. coming up next, an update on the breaking news in new jersey. >> reporter: new information this morning about just how many schools here in patterson will be closed because of the five alarm fire still not under control. i'm tracie strahan live at the scene. we'll give you that info coming up. >> reporter: i'm katherine creag live in downtown brooklyn where you're looking at and hearing the loud and large protest fight for 15. we'll tell you what's happening now and how it's affecting traffic coming up. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. keep watching "today in new
6:14 am
the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. t
6:15 am
fewer than 10% received 5 stars. r among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
6:16 am
breaking news in new jersey. a five alarm fire has forced the closure now of six local schools. live pictures here. tracie strahan is there. firefighters try to get the stubborn flames under control. and live pictures from downtown brooklyn where minimum wage workers are making their
6:17 am
to get support from a top city official. also ahead, it's going to be a wet day. storm team 4 tracking the system. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. 6:30 on this tuesday, november 10th. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. let's check in with chris cimino. >> good morning, guys. wet roads to the south of us all morning long. gradually the rain has been working its way towards the city. the leading edge of it especially. i think the evening commute may see some bigger puddles than the morning commute. from central new jersey on south the steadiest rain and the city of long island beginning to break out. the middle to the end of the commute may get damp from the city north and east. throughout the day there will be periods of rain. great sky. the breeze increases, too. temperatures not straying much from where it is. a high close to 60 later this afternoon. talk about further changes in the afternoon. changes on the commute so far. any to speak of, lauren?
6:18 am
>> the george washington bridge is still a big old mess this morning. a live look outside at the approaches to fort lee which look like a parking lot. you have a one hour delay getting into those tolls on the upper level. 45 minutes into the lower. again, avoid this. over at the lincoln tunnel you have at least a 30 minute wait. at the holland, only a 20. that's the best bet. also in hillside on route 22 eastbound, watch out for an accident by north broad street. that blocks the right lane and the entrance. delays pretty heavy here as well. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. breaking news in patterson, new jersey. a five alarm fire on market street. it's now forced the closure of a half dozen schools. "today in new york's" tracie strahan is there. tracie, you've been reporting all morning. they were trying to figure out what to do. they had to close the six schools. >> reporter: it's no surprise, michael. honestly within the past two
6:19 am
up again. there's a firefighter climbing the ladder and on every corner we've seen the hoses back on top of this five alarm fire. as you mentioned, because of this and the heavy smoke, six schools in patterson just confirmed to news 4 they will close for the day. let's show you what those schools are. eastside high school. roberto cla mentee middle school, school 11, school 15, madison avenue pre-k. they will not have school today all the result of a fire that started at 11:00 last night. if i show you video now of what it looked like when we arrived. there are at least 100 firefighters from several area departments trying to get a handle on the fire that's not actually inside of the armory up top but below. several feet underground in the basement. don't know if that's where it originated but they were able to make an initial sweep and the fire was so intense it forced all of the firefighters outside.
6:20 am
we do know that one firefighter suffered a minor injury to his back. we asked the chief what made this so difficult to try and get under control. take a listen. >> we were removing all of the boards, getting all the windows open, all the means of ventilation that we can but at this point it's a very deep seeded fire. extensive operation. we're going to need a lot of water. we're in the process of getting all of that secured. >> chopper 4 gave us this bird's eye view moments ago at the perimeter of this fire and especially all of the smoke. you'll be able to see this from several miles if you're on 80 west or east today, you will be able to see the smoke. bring you back live to the ground. you can see the 5,000 gallons of water per minute being pumped onto the fire. you heard the chief say, michael, because of the way that the structure of this building is set up and many of the windows are boarded up, the fire
6:21 am
is really contained on the gloubd. they're trying to ventilate it. they're going to be here for several hours. the department of education confirming six schools will be shut down today as they try to get a handle on things. back to you. >> they have to come up with an alternative plan for the day. tracie, thank you. dozens of students from kings park high school on long island are fighting back after being suspended over a sexting scandal. two 14-year-old boys from smithtown were arrested for recording and submitting a video showing an underaged girl in a sexual act with one of the boys. parents say administrators took it too far when they suspended anyone who forwarded or received the video. >> it does. it does. somebody sent a video to my phone and i opened it up and it was a naked girl with something and i shut it. >> parents say they were told their kids would be arrested if they show up at school today. the school district confirmed the suspensions but wouldn't
6:22 am
comment any farther. >> time for a check of weather and traffic on the 4s. chris, when are you going to need the umbrella today and tomorrow? >> probably within an hour. we're starting to see the first rain drops fall. the light rain is moving northward bound. you'll need the umbrellas from time to time today and tonight. temperature wise mostly in the 50s. gets breezy to windy. especially up against the coast with an east to northeast wind. 15 to 20 miles an hour. could see gusts over 30. the rain is creeping closer for the morning commute. 55 right now. temperature hasn't budged all morning. we'll only slowly climb back to the upper 50s. again, we're thinking the steadiest rain, heavier showers may hold off until the evening commute for most of us. let's talk about the commute right now, the morning one, how it's moving along. >> things starting to slow down in the usual spots. things are starting to change colors on the map here. we have big problems at the
6:23 am
george washington bridge. take a live look and show you the spans. in bound upper level is shut down with this accident underneath the apartments coming off the upper level. that took place about 30 minutes ago, maybe 45 minutes ago. an hour wait into the tolls. i'm hoping this is a good sign that they're clearing it off the roads. that's why it's temporarily closed. meanwhile, this is certainly the spot to avoid. the holland has a 20 minute delay. we'll continue to keep a close eye on that. if you're getting on the buses heading towards the gwb bus terminal, there are problems there. in addition to that, a bunch of detours for new york city today mostly because of protests in brooklyn. alternate side of the street parking rules are in effect today. we'll have the next weather and traffic update on the 4s. downtown brooklyn is packed with protesters fighting to
6:24 am
raise the minimum wage nationwide. "today in new york's" katherine creag is there with more. kat, good morning. >> reporter: darlene, good morning to you. a busy morning here. mayor de blasio addressed the huge crowd. counted 400 people here. he's frustrated like many of the people here are frustrated that the fight for 15 has gone on for so many years and nothing has been done about it. we want to go to chopper 4 and show you that traffic is actually closed off on livingston street. at one point the nypd had the street open. because of the huge amount of people it's closed off to traffic. there are fast food and other low wage workers here protesting. this is the scenario. they're calling for a nationwide $15 minimum wage and the right to unionize.
6:25 am
minimum wage workers. one woman said it is a struggle to get by. >> 10. $10. some might being making less than that. some maybe saying, you know, that is why we are trying to get them to understand how we feel. >> reporter: again, you're getting a live look here at these protesters. we've estimated about 400 of them here on fourth street by livingston street. even though they're supposed to stay here. organizers do expect them to march all around here. they've gone into traffic and during the morning rush hour. again, that is what they're expected to do withome of the speeches that we'll hear in the next several minutes. katherine creag, thank you. 6:39 now. this morning we're seeing video
6:26 am
were shot in the doorway of a deli in the morris section of the bronx. a yisng child ducked for cover. amid all of this chaos a baby is left behind strapped into a stroller. a gunman opened fire from outside. two 18-year-old men were shot. one victim in critical condition. new this morning, russia is disputing a report accusing some of its olympic athletes of doping. an investigation by the world anti-doping agency claims russia's track and field athletes took part in widespread doping with the support of the russian government. it recommends the athletes be banned from the olympics in rio de janeiro. a spokesman said the accusations appear unfounded and are notg backed by any evidence. new this morning, former new york mets star jose reyes is accused of assaulting his wife. our nbc station in hawaii reported it happened after they got into an argument in their hotel room in maui.
6:27 am
he's accused of grabbing her by the throat and pushing her into a sliding glass door. he spent nine seasons with the mets. he now plays for the colorado rockies. the team released a statement saying they are disappointed and concerned. coming up on 6:41 right now. up next, a little boy'yesccig catch. we'll share this. amazing. look at him struggling there. amazing fish tale. wow. later, a warning about belly fat. why a podge around your mid section could be dangerou even if you are in shape. >we>> traffic is moving nicely around liberty airport.
6:28 am
party on, glpeople. blinds to go's 60tn'anniverkary le is back... plus 1! celebrate when you buy one get one at half price off the entire store. inds. shades. sunscreens. thcamntire store! 'cause the older we get, the more you save. that's just how we roll. blinds to go. blinds for life. back on this tuesday. a little angler from new jersey was able to reel in a big catch. >> he has video to back up his sh ta. >> blake, you've got a big one!
6:29 am
sam adams working alone. sam struggled to bring in a huge striped bass. 41.5 pounds. that weighed only two pounds le"mss and was a quarter inch longer than sam. the catch was the boy's second place in the lbi fishing classic. he weighed 43 pounds, the fish weighed . >> you see him there struggling. >> ab strong little boy. i'm proud of sam. >> that fish weighed more than any of the fish i ever caught in my life cumulative that was a beautiful striped bass. >> very gk d job. >> today is one of those days, i'm not sure how they run when you get the strong east to northeast wind. temperatures on the new jersey coast line, wind gusts 30, 35 miles an ho gour. wealt weather and rain edging towards the city. been raining in central portions of new jersey. the up brem la here.
6:30 am
headlines, we have the umbrella. increasingly breezy. brief break in the rain tomorrow. and then a few more showers return on thursday. right now the temperatures mid and per 50o in and around the five boroughs. north and west a few 40s but it beats the 20s and 30s we saw yesterday morning at this time. meantime, the rain is getting closer. a large area sitting off south and east. most of it will be on the light side. it's getting closer and cser the city. south and west. you can s it on future tracker. light rain kind of breezes across the area until noon. heaviest off shore. watch to the west what happens. this area starts to fill in a little bit. by 6:00, starting to see steadier, generally light rain. eaalern pennsylvania, moving through northwest new jersey. may c
6:31 am
lip the city for part off tonight. by 6:00 a.m., most of the city north and east will exit. the clouds will then sta to thin out by 1:00 in the afternoon. get a little bit of peekaboo sunshine. it clears out briefly tomorrow night. the clouds come back in thursday morning. here comes another round of ac shower activity thursday afternoon. that should be out by thursday night. nice weather, dryer weather for the early weekend. early showers exit at 61. nexte ound of showers by thursday. especially late morning and early afternoon. weekend plsnner? not too bad. crisp spart on saturday. in the 50s. seven day putting it altogether. 60 on and off rain and breezy today. 61 early shower tomorrow and drying out. moodre rain thursday afternoon. back to dry weather friday, saturday, sunday, monday with temperatures in the 50s. back to lauren scala. new problems out there for the commute, right, lauren? >> not too many new problems. the big problem still out there
6:32 am
we're going to show y a what it looks like completely jammed up. all lanes shut down in that up beper level. underneath the amounts it's been out there for quite a while. here's at least a 60 minute wait to the upper and lower levels. certainly the spot to avoid. we'll continue to keep an eye on this. that's been out there for quite a mile. if you're headed to the lincoln tunnel, 30 minute wait in bound, 20 minute at the holland. we got word of a disabled vehicle heading southbound. stop-and-go traffic here. accident westbound on the cross bronx expressway by the bronx river parkway. we have an issue on the jacquie robinson parkway. that's in the right lane. that's all of the issues on the roads. the rails are in good shape. alter night side of the street parking rules are in effect. your health and study finding possible game-changing benefits in lower blood pressure. >> in a study looking at
6:33 am
thousands of people with hypertension and one other risk factor, some target the 140 blood pressure reading, others went to 120. the lower group had fewer heart problems and a reduction in heart-related deaths. however, there were side effects such as a slight increase in fainting and kidney damage. you may call them muffin tops or belly roll, but it could be a danger sign. people with fat concentrated at the waste or above are at higher risk of death even when you're not over weight. most of these people have fat in the hips and thighs. that's when it's deadly. it's not just what you have, it's where it collects. >> they call it mid section fat, visceral fat because it's closer to the organs. more dangerous. 6:49. coming up next, we'll tell you which major retailers are rolling out big deals. don't forget to follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram.
6:34 am
michaelg4ny and darlene4ny. you're watching "today in new
6:35 am
6 a. 52 now. this morning's cnbc report. the thanksgiving day tradition. the stores will open at 6:00, 6:00 p.m. on the holiday so shoppers don't have to watch football to score a deal. the same prices will be available online thanksgiving morning. target is revealing some of their black friday bargains. we're told there will be a lot of incentives, darlene, for shoppers who want to buy apple products. >> all right. >> little hint there. 6:53. the "today" show is coming up. >> darlene and michael. good to see you. coming up on a tuesday. what's at stake for the eight candidates taking the main stage as ben carson's camp says he's ready to fight. also ahead in the wake of the downed russian passenger plane, we asked the question why
6:36 am
the u.s. going through daily security screenings. >> those stories plus the ageless christie brinkley stops by and shares her beauty secrets. al has surprises lined up as he hits the halfway mark of his epic rokerthon event. >> how issal al holding up? >> we've been texting him back and forth. some of the texts have been vile. >> i can't repeat a single word. >> to me, it's all an emoji. he is doing great. looking forward to seeing more. thank you. up next, we'll have an update of the breaking news we've been following in new jersey. the five alarm fire forcing the closures. this is live pictures. forced the closure of a half dozen nearby schools. you can see why.
6:37 am
every sip. the taste uniquely dunkin'. each cup uniquely you. brewed fresh because it's not just any coffee. it's your coffee, your dunkin'. america runs on dunkin'. now to that breaking news in patterson, new jersey. half a dozen schools are now closed as firefighters battle a five alarm fire. >> "today in new york's" tracie strahan had to put a mask on. >> reporter: we are so close to this abandoned armory. the smoke can be seen all around this area. that's the reason the six schools have been advised to shut down today. let's show you what those schools are.
6:38 am
roberto clemente school. roberto clemente middle school. eastside high school, school 11 and school 15 as well as madison avenue pre-k have all canceled classes because of this five alarm fire that started at 11:00. the patterson fire chief tells us at least 100 firefighters are here to try to get ahold of the heavy amount of flames that are in the basement of this building. about 20 feet below ground. again, michael and darlene, six schools closed today. this fire is still not under control. >> we want you to get somewhere safe and your crew as well, thank you. now to katherine creag in downtown brooklyn where a major rally is taking place. kat. >> reporter: darlene and michael, we counted 400 people here. this protest is growing. the fight for 15. a rally for increase in minimum wage. you see all of the protesters here, they were to stay here for the protests on court street near livingston street. organizers told me, it looks
6:39 am
they are going to take to the streets. they are going to march around this area. drivers and pedestrians need to know this rally, this march is going beyond here, court street. mayor de blasio was here and others taking to the podium saying that it has been way too many years that this fight for 15 has gone on and the minimum wage needs to increase now. back to you, darlene and michael. kat, thank you very much. check in with lauren. >> it's still closed. in bound the george washington bridge shut down for at least 30 minutes right now. this is really bad. we have at least a 90 minute wait to the tolls. noing is moving. heading to the lower level you'll see about an hour as well. over at the lincoln tunnel, 45 minutes. holland, 20. we also have a disabled vehicle heading to the western 20 on the tap. >> no way on the west side coming in. >> no, not right now. >> lauren, thank you. chris, one more check of the weather. >> traffic and the scenery, doesn't look good weather wise. low clouds and rain breaking out across the city. most of it will be light through
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