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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 10, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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close as a perfect game as you can imagine. >> great hospital. good man. a lot of fun to cover that today. >> thank you. coming up next on nbc "nightly news." the latest on that deadly plane crash in ohio. >> thank you so much. see you back here at 11:00. good night. breaking news tonight, a plane crashes into an apartment complex in ohio, exploding into a raging inferno. reports of a growing death toll, we have late details. the largest bank breach ever, a massive attack hits 100 million americans. how the feds say the thieves made off with so much money. the cheap trick they used to fool so many people. fight night, the republican candidates face off tonight, trump versus carson, bush versus rubio. the stakes couldn't be higher.
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drastic measures, controversial new rules to prevent concussions in kids soccer. no more headers. will that really work? what's in your food? why an iconic american brand is changing its recipe. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening, our top story is developing right now in akron, ohio. searchers are recovering victims from a fiery plane crash into an apartment building. as many as 9 people were reported to be on board, all are feared deads. the small business jet was operating near the akron/fulton international airport this afternoon, when according to witnesses it clipped utility wires and plunged into an apartment complex erupting into a ball of flames. tom costello has late details. >> it happened just before 3:00 p.m. >> it looks like we
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have a plane into a house, heavy fire, we have a lot of wires down. >> firefighters first arriving on the scene in southeast akron, found an apartment house fully engulfed. roberta porter was just 50 feet away. >> i heard this big loud noise, the plane veered out of the sky and into the duplex. >> witnesses say a 10 seater business jet came out of the clouds and seemed to trip over utility lines. and plowed into the apartment house. the debris set the neighboring building on fire. >> oh, my god. >> a neighbor was live chatting with a friend when the plane suddenly flashed by her window. >> oh, my god. >> i need to go to the street. directly south of -- >> thankfully no one was in either building at the time. it's believed no one on the plane survived. >> we know the plane when it did go down,
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house, and then continued on into an embankment just behind that house. the plane became engulfed in flames, which ignited the residents that had originally struck, and also continued on to another residence that was behind that house. >> reporter: 1500 people were without power shortly after the crash. tonight the faa and ntsb are investigating what went wrong. >> as many as 9 people might have been on board. we don't have a kwon firmed number yet. we're tord there was light rain at the time, very little wind, some fog, most of the power has also been restored. >> tom costello tonight, thank you. some of the nations biggest banks and financial firms have been mit by the largest computer hack at this time. three men are suspected of gaining access in this the personal information of tens of millions of us. where this hack differs from most is how the suspects allegedly use that information to pocket
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our justice correspondent pete williams explains. >> the sheer size of the hacking attack carried out over the past eight years is stunning. the biggest target was jpmorgan chase. the hackers wormed their way in and stole information about 83 million of its customers. among others hit, discount stockbrokers e trade and scott trade as well as dow jones, publisher of the wall street journal. >> by any measure, the data breaches of these firms were breathtaking in scope and size. the defendant's allegedly stole personal information for over 100 million customers. >> here's the twist. the hackers were not looking to steal identities and credit card information like the hackers who went after target did. they mainly wanted financial customers names and e-mails many the hackers could send out millions of offers from phony companies they made up to buy cheap stocks. when the 3r50iss went up, the hackers dumped the stocks.
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>> all they wanted from jpmorgan chase was mostly stepping stone information. e-mail addresses and things they can use to target those individuals. >> how the hackers get in? by exploiting weaknesses found in bank computers in egypt and elsewhere overseas. two of those accused have been arrested in israel. a third, a u.s. citizen, joshua aaron is on the run, thought to be in russia. prosecutors are calling this case stock fraud on cyber steroids. it proves that almost any customer information can be used to make millions. lester? >> pete, thanks. it's fight night in milwaukee, the last time we'll see the 2016 republican candidates clashing in a debate for more than a month. the main stage is down to 8 candidates, as peter alexander tells us, that leaves more time for the fireworks to go off in the key matchups. >> tonight's debate here in milwaukee features two different
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the battle among establishment insiders with the rest of the field fighting to stay alive. donald trump and ben carson are due for an on stage confrontation. despite new questions about carson's life story. trump's already teeing off. >> this is the only election in history, where you're better off if you stab somebody. what are we coming to. if you try to hit your mother over the head with a hammer, your poll numbers go up. >> carson's campaign manager saying, you donald is going to show up. carson's camp is looking to capitalize on the controversy. this fund-raise ing letter entitled vicious lies. >> it's not going to be on me to corroborate everything i've ever talked about in my life. >> are jeb bush and marco rubio in for another fight?
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>> everyone's convinced that attacking me will help them. >> reporter: with the backing of the super pac that sports jeb, that group is threatening to spend up to $20 million in a wave of scathing attacks on rubio in his hardline stand against abortion. rubio's rebuttal using bush's own words. >> he's probably the most articulate conservative on the scene today. >> ted cruz keeps climbing. aids say he'll look for moments to be forceful, showcasing his conservative credentials. >> the impression these candidates make tonight may stick for a while. the next debate isn't for five weeks. right in the middle of the holiday shopping season. to give you a sense of how far along we are in this campaign season? donald trump and ben carson get secret service protection beginning tomorrow. new fallout at the university of missouri, after a student uprising toppled the president and the chancellor, the school has created
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a high level position to oversee diversity matters. but as jab cob mascomb reports -- >> reporter: the team is back on the field, after a day of change, many protesters vowed was only the beginning. >> we do have power. it's a few individuals on our team, look what it becomes. amid the excitement over the resignation of the president dan chancellor, protesters were scene shoving a freelance photographer. >> i have a job for you. i'm documenting this. >> reporter: the professor seen in the video may lose her job. >> why not? >> reporter: the missouri conversation is a tale of two americans. university of missouri, you embarrassed me this week, writes one many. >> the democratics of the country are changing.
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pretty soon this will no longer be a majority white country, that is making a lot of people very nervous, very angry. >> universities around the country have been plagued with racial tension this year, video of a university of oklahoma from aternity sing stg a racist song went viral. there were protests at duke after a student hung a noose from a tree. another student in mississippi hung a noenose around the statue of the school's first black student. hundreds protested at ucla after students were black face to a party pep and at yale, protesters arrested after weeks of racial tens n. the seeds of change have been planted. g >> sa many student bodies have been reaching out to us and saying, because of you guys, we feel empowered to ask our administration for more. >> tonight the university has made good on one of its promises by appointing divsity officer, a black law professor.
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24 as protesters are still camped out on campus. >> jab on rascon, thanks. parts of the country are bracing for a heavy winter weather wallop. reno, nevada is covered in heavy wet snow and there's already a foot of snow in the mountains in blizzard warnings are up in colorado, where wind gusts are expected to hit 60 miles an hour, 9 million americave live in areas at risk for tomorrow including parts of missourir and iowa. if you have children who play ccer, there is a ruwile change you nee know about, that could alter the game was we know . in response to a lawsuit over brain injuries, the u.s. soccer federation is banning headers for the youngest players. as ron mott explains. that only addresses part of the danger. >>tr in soccer, keeping
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is more than mental. but now, in resolving ara lawsuit that saw rules changes, the u.e. soccer federation announced headers are out of bounds for players 10 and younger and limited durint practices for kids 11 to 13. a doctor from boston university is one of the country's leading authorities on athlete concussions and their long term consequences. >> the youngsters have very weak necks, that bobblehead doll motion is a problem for them. they're undergoing changes at 10 and 12, if you injure the brain at that age, you're not g ng to have what your genetic potential gave you. >> nearly 80% of high school boys concussions were caused while attempting headers. >> they hit heads or an elbow to the head. that's how a majority of these concussions
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the soccer ball is one of the softest thing on de the field. >> reporter: reigning in rough play will have a greater impact on concussions. brandy chastain gave the u.s. the 1999 world cup, applauds the ban on heading for the youngest players. >> it steps back from the idea that winning is most important and safety is really what we should be talking about. >> reporter: parents looking on today, safety is paramount in a game that has grown increasingly physical over the years. >> i'd rather have her learn how to do it the right way and then learn ween she's older.t >> reporter: a goal to protect young brains. ron mott, nbc news, boston. the fight over immigration could soon be heading to e supreme court, the obama administration says it will ask the justices to uphold the prllident's executive
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acontion to shield as manyans 5 million nundocumented immigrants from deportation. annnppeals court blocked implementation of that plan. still ahead tonight, deadly flooding, massive mudslides, al rokerc with how the extreme el nino moving into the country is going to wreak havoc on millions of people. why a classic american brand is i (state your name), do solemnly swear that i will support and defend the constituti of the united states against all enemies foreign and domestic... bring us your aching and sleep deprived. bring us those who want to feel well rested. aleve pm. the only one te combine a sleep aid... plus the 12 hour pain
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now about a weather threat that could trigger disaster after disaster in our country. a particularly powerful el nino we've been telling you about is coming, and in fact some ofggts effects may alreaey be here. al roker looks at how it will impact the millions in california in our special series of reports, extreme el nino. >> reporter: a four-year historic drought has california begging for water, now it may get it this winter in what's being called a godzilla of an el nino. >> this is larger, more intense. and it's still growing. >> reporter: el nino is causing temperatures in the normally cold pacific ocean to rise. while it's only three degrees, it's expected to wreak havoc on the golden state. >> the sub tropical jet stream will shift further north. it will be a series of storms, like a conveyor belt, almost like a convoy. >> southern california has already gotten a look at what's to come.
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>> deadly flading trapping hundreds of motorists and triggering massive mudslides last month, just north of los angeles. forcing i-5 to close for several hours. >> when these great rains come, there will be nothing to hold the water, we certainly are expecting debris, mud, water to come pouring out of the mountains. >> reporter: normally vegetation helps soil cling to mudslides. wildfires burning more than 3 million acres in california in the past five years. >> two years ago, the fire burned more than 2000 acres, you can see there's no vegetation on those hills, and if we get heavy el nino rains, those homes are in real danger. >> the mud went over and went right around, filled up the whole swimming pool. >> reporter: sandra's
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but fears for what is yet to come. >> really worried. scared, really. >> reporter: warnings to residents along the coast, in the hills and along the rivers. >> they need to have that plan in place. it could change in a heartbeat. >> reporter: leaving a state on edge with this monster el nino looming in the wings. al roker, nbc news, los angeles. we're back in a moment with late word about a former president's battle with cancer. sometimes the present looked bright. sometimes romantic. there were tears in my eyes. and tears in my eyes. and so many little things that we learned were really the biggest things. through it all, we saved and had a retirement plan. and someone who listened and helped us along the way. because we always knew that someday the future would be the present. every someday needs a plan. talk with us about your retirement today.
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there is good news to report in former president jimmy carter's battle with cancer. doctors have found no evidence the cancer has spread, no new tumors and he is responding well to treatment. the medical treatment works to maintain the melanoma that had spread to his liver and brain.
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campbells is tweaking ingredients in one of its classic recipes. it's all because of changing american tastes and what more and more people say they don't want in their food. as nbc's anne thompson reports, campbell's is just the latest food company to get the message. >> warms you, makes you glad -- >> reporter: it's an american staple. campbell's soup, immortalized by andy warhol and parents for a generation. >> it's healthy kids pasta with chicken is getting a modern makeover, cutting more than ten ingredients. gone are the additives you cannot pronounced. added are dehydrated chicken broth, on yans and water. the public has lost its appetite for anything artificial. >> they need to think about all the ingredients they're putting in their food. >> reporter: the
6:53 pm
nation's top food and beverage companies sold 6.4 trillion fewer calories, by changing portion sizes and lower calorie options. the next step, general mills cereals are going all natural. taco bell pizza hut and craft's iconic macaroni and cheese are doing the same. tyson chicken will no longer use human antibiotics. and 150 additives will be shown the door at panera bread. it's being called a seismic shift. >> people are realizing they want the food they eat to be healthy, they want to know what goes in that food. i think this is here to stay. >> reporter: if we are what we eat, american consumers want nothing less than the real thing. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. when we come back, who can get it done faster, the race behind the scenes to get you the book you want to read when you
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finally tonight, when you walk something to read in this day and age, you want it now. so to survive, many libraries use a vast behind the scenes operation, that most of us never see, as stephanie gosk tells us, there's a battle between the coast of who can do it fastest? >> new york and seattle, testing skills and strengths. the fastest library book sorters in america will be crowned. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. go. hit it. >> the contest is one hour, the team that sorts the most wins p.m. every day these warehouses store as many as 200 books a minute. by million dollar machines, fast hands. the books go to branches around the city. >> keep my eye on the belt and make sure the bar code's up and try not to overthink it. >> the new state of the art sorter was developed by the team in seattle.
6:58 pm
one in. >> a little rivalry back and forth about who was better. we started the competition about five years ago. >> each city has won twice. today is the rubber match. >> we've been well rested, your nutrition has to be right, your body has to be right. >> your nutrition has to be right? >> yes. you'll be moving slow. >> a half hour to go. the west gets a big push beyond the page. it's not just about skill. it's about heart. >> at the end of the hour, the librarians are wiped out. they left everything on the conveyor. the difference between cities, just 200 books, sorry, new york, but today seattle was the winner. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. >> that will do it for us on this tuesday night, i'm lester holt, for all of us at nbc news, thank you for watching, and good
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