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tv   Today in New York  NBC  November 11, 2015 5:00am-7:00am EST

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we're coming up on 5:00 a.m. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. keep us with you on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. divers pull a body from a car that plunged into water. what caused it is still a mystery. men armed with a taser and knives. and the game isn't over yet. fantasy sports sites shut down by new york's attorney general. they say they've got a plan to fight back. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. it's 5:00 a.m. on november 11th, veterans day. i'm michael gargiulo.
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chris cimino is with us. >> his poughkeepsie along the shore and out at islip, 49 degree. very uniform temperatures. a lot of clouds left over and leftover rain you see spinning north and east of us. it's thinning out and the back edge is getting closer and closer to the light rain and mist. it's going take a few more hours. once we get to noontime we start to see things dry out. clouds will hang tough most of the time. a high temperature of 58 degrees. changes in the seven-day. any changes in the commute, here's some changes. >> i'll start with good news. we had an accident heading on the new england throughway. that is cleared out and so have the delays, but we still have a disabled vehicle. this is heading southbound on the fdr drive. that takes out the right lane. emergency vehicles got there. left lane closed for construction. the center lane getting by.
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very minor delays. also with the flooding out there, route 35 is shut down between south street and clinton avenue. northbound, you have a lane closed as well. we'll have more weather and traffic. >> now to that mystery. a body ground inside a car pulled from the water off of gerritson beach. katherine creag with the latest. and, kat, the victim lived ten minutes nearby. >> reporter: yes. there's nowhere to turn around unless they turn around. the drive ended up going through a construction fence. you see all the debris and he went into the water. there is surveillance video of the driver in ta car. one of the houses has a security camera. it shows the car speeding down gerritson avenue. this is monday, 4:50 in the morning but it wasn't till the next day in the afternoon when a resident noticed the damage to
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the fence. the nypd was called. they found the dark car, pulled it out of the water. inside they found 31-year-old james miro. people around here did hear a crash monday morning around 1:30. they looked out but saw nothing. >> some lady was walking her dog, heard the bang, looked for the car, but didn't see it. >> reporter: at this point the nypd is investigating what happened, is this an accident or foul play. an autopsy is being done on the victim. again, his name is james miro, only 31 years old and his house was a 10-minute drive from where we are. >> thank you very much. also, a man is accused of being involved in a violent robbery in which his roommate was badly hurt. the victim was slashed and zapped with the taser when he
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they got away with money and two watches from a safe. the roommate is charged with helping with it. new york's attorney general eric schneiderman is calling the games a form of gambling and is ordering the games to cease and desist. fanduel and draftkings are urging people to sign an online petition. our sisters companies, sports networks and comcast. it sounds like rain and it's not raining. >> it sounds like you're walking through a mist. like a misting machine. >> you definitely get moist. there's drizzle, mist, and a few showers, especially toward the north. that's how the day is going to start. but by late afternoon it's back to lots of clouds. dry for the bulk of the parade.
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we may get a glimpse or two of sun or spots and an occasional gusty wind especially this morning 206 to 30 miles an hour in a few locations. right now we're starting out with drizzle. that should gradually wind doubtdown and by noon we're looking at 56. by 3:00 we're looking aet a better chance of seeing a few breaks. 5:05 on the news. let's talk about the commute. here's lauren. >> good nur ews. the "d" train is no longer suspended. you can see by the traffic flows it's not really causing a delay. where we're going to start to see some delays is on the cross island. this is southbound. there's an accident that shuts down two lanes before you get to len den boulevard which is exit 25 hb. you see 25-b. we don't have to move our cars.
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metering rules still apply. what's happening today, delores sharp was charged with resisting arrest back in 2013. she said she was racially harassed and illegally arrested by fellow officers outside a west hampton store. a jury cleared her of all charges earlier this year. there was the fourth republican presidential debate. this time they debated over the economy and they tussled. >> they tussled for sure. kerry barrett has more. >> they had heated exchanges, sus stan chal issues, talked about some of their plans and differences. >> how is it conservative to add a trillion dollars in expenditures. you can't be conservative if you're going to keep promoting programs you can't pay for. >> for 11 million people, come
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on, folks, we know wi can't pick them up and ship them back across the border. it's a silly argument. >> one of the biggest issues was national security, specifically a lot of their discussions focused on how the united states should handle syria and isis. >> he's absolutely wrong on this. we're not going to be the world's policeman but we sure as heck had better be the world's leader. strongest face on the planet and everybody has to know it. >> i want a strong national defense but i don't want us backdropped. >> we can't have an economy if we're not safe. >> it's interesting this time around. some of the middle tier candidates got more of the spotlight than they had in years past. we're hearing new ideas and exchanges. the next debate is set for december 14th. that one is in nevada.
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>> thank you so much. authorities are stepping up skrt where a jogger was assaulted. last month a 30-year-old woman was dragged down the water at knifepoint and raped. a total of seven parks have received security upgrades thanks to a state grant. >> more than three dozen employees are facing charges in a widespread heating oil scam. they say for nine years they shorted oil deliveries but they charged the customers the full price some of they delivered less than they should have. we're told they used magnets to throw off the meter. they even installed by pass valves on the tachlg nkers to rig them. they included nyfd and nypd stations and churches. >> they would be taking the oil that they allegedly stole from the customers and reselling it
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on the black market to others. >> now officials are warning customers to keep an eye on your heating oil gauges as winter approaches and you start using that oil. prosecutors are painting pictures of special privileges of sheldon's corruption study. an attorney at the firm testified yesterday that silver was never expected to do any work and that the firm deposited payments directly into his bank. in today's cnbc money report, federal government taking aim at a deal that would increase united airlines' grip over the newark airport. they the justice didn't sued to block the deal saying that would drive up fares. app ll start accepting orders today for its ipad pro. the new ipad is bigger than current models and is the first apple product to have a four-speaker audio system. prices start at under $800, but
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you also want the new apple pencil for drawing and an optional keyboard. the ipad proand its accessories will arrive in stores later this week. something tells me it will be on a lot of christmas lists. >> yeah. thanks, apple. 5:10. the veterans plan to help them. that's coming jup plus your "weather and traffic on the 4s."
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a live look outside in rutherford. here's 4 things to learn. the parade kicks off at 11:25 a.m. police are looking at a minor who was sent to the hospital.
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we'll bring you more news as we get it. these straws and tumblers are being recalled. small pieces can break off and cause a choking hazard. you can take it back to the company for a refund. we're talking about a hurricane. hurricane kate formed overnight in the atlantic becoming the fourth hurricane of the season. 5:14. chris, you say the good news with kate is it's headed out to sea. >> headed tout sea or staying out to sea. >> even fur er away. >> get away, kate. no offense to people named kate. we'll show you that in just a second. we're still dealingy with yesterday's storms. we get a break. more showers moving into the forecast. intermittent. then a chilly brisk wind will arrive in time for the weekend. it's drizzly to start. we slowly dry things out.
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normal highs, 56. we're close to that at 58. sically we'll feel the same temperature-wise. starting out in the 40s. oss-wise sexes. mid and upper 40s. that's what we find in hudson valley. 50 seems to be the popular number and out east it's generally 50s. not a broad temperature. there's that sysrem that brought yesterday's rain. the heavy stuff moving east of new england. wraparound moisture in the form of light showers and drizzle.taparts of long island and connecticut. it's out across western and northwestern new jersey. eventually that dry air should win out here. here's the latest with kate. marginal hurricane. moving very quickly northeast at 40 miles an hour. look at that take it well north of bermuda and it's sitting out in the atlantic oven the next 24 to 48 hours heefrm we are way back here. we're safe and probably not even impact on the seas.
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the afternoon. 40 north and west of the city. another round of showers moving with temperatures into the upper 50s. upper 50s the highs. it's chilly saturday with a high of 512. we get into into more sunshine and less wind. then we're close to 60 early next week. a little after 5:16. let's find out about it from lauren. >> awesome updates and new problems. let's head over on route 130. there's an accident there. now we have an update to this incident on the f dr drive. this was an accident. that's why it's important to look up and pay attention when you drive.
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that was blocking the left lane has clear out and you can see there's not a delay there. let's head over to the cross island. you still have an accident that shuts down two lanes and we'll ta i'ke a look. we have a speed restriction in place today. again, be very careful on the wet roads. alternate side parking is suspend bud metering still applies. we'll have your traffic and update on the 4s. president obama says he's got plan to make life easier for the veterans. tracie potts is live with us. we're dealing with brand-new generation of those from the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> exactly. the administration is trying to do something to help them after having breakfast and laying a wreath at arlington, the president is also putting out there are some things his administration is trying to d
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r to make life easier for our vets. alth care, he's talking about how they've iroved making it easier to get an amsointment but thatey want to fiduciary for changes to make it easier for vets to see a doctor when they need to. dispsability claims. there was a huge backlog, well over half a million cases two years ago. they dropped that 88% but they're still pushing congress. homelessness. this is a big'one. virginia is going to aounc it's the first sta t to end homelessness and they pushed hundreds of mayors around the untry to sign on to a mayor's edge to do that as well. hiring, the administration is trying to get more vets hired. their unemployment down to 3.9% and finally, college, there's been $57 billion worth of aid given in the new revamped g.i. bill. they have a new initiative.
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state tuition to public school nos matter where they live. again, trying to get them educated to affect the hiring and affect the homelessness. it's really all linked. >> that's a huge thing because being able to get the instate tuition is often the big difference between them for our veterans and any college student. thank you so much. >> it is 5:19 right now. three people have been charged in what's being called one of the largest computer data breaches in history. according to an indictment unsealed yesterday. the three are accused of stealing data from jpmorgan chase and other financial firms last year. they then allegedly used that information in various schems to generate hundreds of millions of dollars. two are under arr t in israel. the third is a u.s. citizen believed to be living in moscow. this morning an olympian is pushing for a gold medal in a race that happened more than three years ago.
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he's a race walker. the winner was found guiltof doping earlier this year and they're accusing russia of ring up test results of its own athletes. >> it's very frustrating. the federation that should be looking after it was protecting it. it's pretty hard to sponsor. >> the response was to recommend banning russia from inrnational athletics. they've had a strong response saying they're not going to allow this to happen. >> it's going to be a controversial conversation in the months to come. it's 5:20. still to come on "today in new rk" the pror ssional athlete in trouble for taunting a dog. >> follow us on facebook and twitter and we'll be right back.
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oakland raiders linebacker ray ray armstrong may faye charges for allegedly taunting a police dog. he lifted his shirt, pounded his chest and barked at the dog before heading to the field to play the game. they were playing the steelers. taunting a police dog in pennsylvania is a third-degree felony. investigators right now are looking at video from the stadium to find out if this is going to result in some criminal charges. >> oh, boy. >> he probably didn't mean it in a malicious way. >> you should see what the fine is for taunting a poodle. >> very serious things. we're starting out on a dam note. things are going to change. it's a process. low drizzle, roads are wet through the morning commute. by the evening commute things are drying out. maybe a bright sky in the middle of the afternoon.
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tonight, partly cloudy skies, 48 in town. another round of showers tomorrow and then some chillier weather and some windy weather moving in toward the end of the week and the start of the weekend. we'll talk more about that. >> i rub my hands together. >> you make me feel chilly. well, thankfully a lot of the problems we've had on the roads have clear. the rows are going to be wet through the morning commute. here's your commute check list. all are running on or close to schedule. then we'll take a live look outside at the george washington bridge where you'll see the wet roads there. everything is moving along nicely. the lincoln tunnel and holland tunnel are also in good shape. we will have a couple of problems. i'll have the details coming up in a couple of minute. an i 4 exclusive.
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do you know where your food is coming from when you order online? i'm katherine creag live in brooklyn. this is where a car crashed through a fence and police discovered a young man inside the car. we'll tell you why police weren't alerted to this for 24 hour. 's coming up. if you're heading out the door, take us with you. download the news 4 app on your mobile device right now and we'll be light back. find over 1,000 special stories at hospital for special surgery.
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while you were sleeping a minor found in brooklyn. and a car that went off into the water. what caused the crash still a mystery. and an exclusive in about exactly where your food is coming from when you order online. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday morning, november 1th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> and i'm michael gargiulo along with chris cimino with the forecast. chris, is this not quite rain? >> it depends where you are. it's kind of drizzly and misty. starting very damp. roads are damp. not a big rain jumper. the city, hudson valley, still
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way up in sussex, 50 degrees. everybody in a uniform air mass right now. this is still rain categorically certainly into hudson valley out across eastern long island, west of there very light and mystery. you need the intermittent on the windshield wiper. by the afternoon we expect this sky. maybe bright spots drying out. forecasting a high of 55. should be dry for the bulk of the parade. there's been interesting spots out there. >> we've had a lot of accidents. a lot of them have cleared. one of the trouble spots that's in the process of clearing is the accident just after 96 street. you can see a tow truck as well as police out there on the scene. that blocks the right lane. delays are not so bad. construction just cleared in this area. something to keep in mind. we have an accident northbound out by route 440. that's in the left lane. there's reported injuries. we'll have more weather and
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>> lauren, thank you. 4:58 right now. new this morning police presence in new york after an overnight incident sent a minor to the hospital. tracie trahan is live with more. tracie. >> >> reporter: we can tell you that minor was taken to university hospital but the nature of his injuries not being reported by police. he was the victim of possible gunshot through the home here. we'll show you video of when newark police were at the scene here. at one point the patrol car was actually shining a light on the home on the second floor. one of the apartments i should say. again, we do not have this confirmed we reached out to newark police to see this this minor was caught in the crossfire in this area. we don't see any crime scene tape. everything clear and no tircht inside of that home, but, again, the police do confirm that minor was taken to the university hospital and remains for treatment at this hour.
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>> tracie strahan, it's now 5:31. the wife of a millionaire mcdonald's franchise owner found dead in her hilltop estate in north salem. a caretaker discovered 83-year-old lois's body in the laundry room yesterday. she suffered blunt force trauma. a small fire extinguisher is missing. there was no sign of forced entry. they have no suspects. a fire is under control at an old new jersey armory. >> we brought you the breaking news story from paterson all morning yesterday. the fire is still smoldering. the massive fire grew to 11 alarms. people close by were told to move to a temporary shelter or keep their windows closed. all right. we do want to take a moment and check weather and traffic on the
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wet wednesday morning. >> now it make sense. wet wednesday. hopefully it will lead to a much nicer wednesday afternoon and things will dry out. clouds will be tough to get rid of. it's damp, drizzly, plenty of clouds. it should be dry for the bulk of the parade. temperatures are in the mid and upper 50s. we'll have an occasional gusty breeze out of the north, too, especially the first half of the morning. we've seen a few gusts between 20 and 25. the first forecast, we're starting out around 50. drizzle, mist, a few showers. north and northeast. things will dry out and by noon, just a lot of clouds. 56 by 3:00. a little brightening of the sky, a peak of sun. with geesht more sunny days in our forecast. let's talk commute right now. lauren? >> new accident out there. this one is southbound out by linden boulevard and that shuts down two lanes. we did have an accident southbound on the southbound island. that's cleared.
5:28 am
a couple of detours out there today. the m 101-102, and route 6 and 151, 161, 712, that's left over from yesterday's fire at paterson. alternate side parking is suspended by metering rooming city apply. this morning a new jersey child therapist is abused of sexually abusing a teen patient and officials fear there may be more. he's behind bars. the fbi says he groomed a 16-year-old paetsch whoenlt aspired to become a model. he allegedly used a fake e-mail account to help the victim perform sex acts and record it. police say they know the name of the driver when the car went flying off into the water
5:29 am
now they're trying to piece together what happened. katherine creag has the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: yes. it is's a mystery. people are wondering was this a case of someone speeding, were they lost, but no matter, the car went through this fence. you can see all of the debris here. this is the construction fence. there is nowhere else to go but the water. there is surveillance video we want to show you of the car speeding down gerritson avenue near lois avenue. this was monday, 4:50 in the morning but it wasn't until the next day in the afternoon when a resident noticed there was damage to this fence. the nypd respond and found the dark colored car and pulled it out of the water. inside the police found 31-year-old james miro. the police heard a crash monday morning but it was dark. they looked out their windows at the time. they saw nothing. >> i noticed the fence was damaged. when i saw the video, we talked
5:30 am
about it just a bit. it's possible that a car could actually still be in there. >> and police are gating what happened, trying to figure out if there was an accident or foul play. an autopsy is being done on the victim, and, again, his name, michael, is james miro. 31 years old. he's so close to his house. we learn he only lived ten minutes away from here. back to you, michael. >> thank you very much. >> today we should learn new details about a small plane crash in akron, ohio. the business jet went down two miles from its destination slamming into an apartment building. it immediately burst into flames and caught another house on fire number one was hurt but it's believed everyone on board was killed. so far officials have only confirmed two people died. however, it is believed nine people were on board. >> i just heard this big loud noise and the plane kind of like fell out of the sky and veered left and right into the duplex. it just was a massive explosion. >> officials will be speaking to
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the media at noon today. investigators from the faa and national transportation safety board are expected on the scene this morning. and if you use popular restaurant delivery services like seamless and grub hub, you will want to hear this. the i-team found it isn't what it seems. the i-team visited addresses advertised on grub hub menus roochl e petedly he found no signs of restaurants. they found more than 10% of them have false addresses or unregistered names. many of the restaurants are also not licensed with the city. the department of consumer affairs says regulators have also documented it. >> some people might be illegally operating from their
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apartment, from their home and delivering to people in complete contravention of department of public health regulations. >> seamless and grubhub have merged into one company. they're working with the new york city didn't of consumer affairs. from now on they'll cross-reference with their menus to be sure kitchens have permits to cook and deliver food. see more stories from new york's biggest news team. tap the news 4 logo in the corner, select investigations. the news 4 app is available in the apple app store right now. 5:38 right now. veterans can march with extra pride up the avenue. the city council voted tuesday to create a didn't of veterans services. the agency will address complaints from veterans who feel underserved. before the city didn't have a call center but now veterans are
5:33 am
going to get more help finding housing, finding a job, and medical care. >> they need financial assistance, they're homeless, they're facing suicide, and small nonprofits like us have been picking up the slot. coming out of the military in yen real is really hard because you lose that sense of identity or at least i felt that. >> at first mayor de blasio was going to veto his stance. he later changed his mind. in honor of veterans day ride sharing uber and lyft will offer rides to veterans. the free rides will help veterans get to work and job interviews. uber and lyft say the rides will be offered in the coming months. and several national chains are saying thank you to our nation's veterans and active veterans with special deals.
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ihop is offering free red, white, and blue pancakes from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and starbucks is giving vets and active servicemembers free tall coffees. i'm thinking of my godfather today. he served in vietnam as a member of the air force. very proud member of the air force but came home to a really hostile climate here. you remember what that time was like and he said, we couldn't even wear our uniforms in the air force. >> and hopefully they have learned their lesson. ily has been much better treatment. >> absolutely. >> tough times that people came home from vietnam in a country torn apart by the war. >> that right. we need to do better. >> absolutely. 5:40. still ahead on "today in new york" the plan to make room for more guy sick lists in manhattan. the catch, it's going to be one less lane for drivers in management. we
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manhattan. we'll tell you where that's happening. >> you're watching "today in new york." what makes this simple salad the
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california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple.
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a famous unsanitary site is getting a fresh look in seattle. crews are cleaning the city's famed game wall. this tradition has started with people waiting in line to get into a thee theater. the gum wall was once named the second germest tourist attraction on earth after the blarney stone. there's no way i would stand near it. i wouldn't touch it, i wouldn't tribute to it. i don't want to see it. >> i'm with you. >> i respect that it's cool and some people may like looking at it. love and respect, absolutely. >> the gum wall. there's a subway wall at 57th and 57 75th and -- >> there are a lot of subway
5:38 am
>> i'm surprised it's the second. and underneath all second grade desks everywhere. >> enough of that. let's move along, shall we? walk ways and roads slippery and wet. be careful. especially with wet leaves on the ground. the temperatures have been holding steady, around 50 degrees. it dries out this afternoon. intermittent through the day. then a chilly brisk wind will follow as we go into the end of the week. upper 40s and around 50. just about everywhere you. one of the cooler spots, here. a little bit of light rain still falling across the area. trying to get the system out of there. it's been slow to exit this morning.
5:39 am
issue. here is, again, hurricane kate. it's moving well on out to sea. winds at 75 mimes an hour. here we are. remaining a category 1. may weaken again by tomorrow to a tropical storm. meantime for us, future tracker, light rain and drizzle dissipates by 1:00 this afternoon. we're still socked in with a good deal of clouds. we're seeing a few thin spots for a while and the evening is quiet and fairly cloudy overnight. kl a.m. light showers possible and a few more showers come on through and a couple more in the evening hours. tomorrow, in and out of the rain is the way we think it's going to play out. for today, morning drizzle and a few more leftover showers. maybe breaks in the highs in the 50s. most areas in the upper west and there could be a little smidge more in the way of sunshine.
5:40 am
even the suburbs north and west not all that chilly but it will be a quiet night. tomorrow the showers are back. they're gone by friday. 58. windy and chilly weather saturday with cloud and sun. a nice start next week. low 60s with sunshine. let's find out about this wednesday morning commute. how are things moving along? >> things are moving along. let's head over to the hutch. there is an accident southbound out by exit 5 by orchard beach. that shuts down two lanes. southbound by linden boulevard, another accident shuts down two lanes and heading over to new jersey out by 4:40. that's in the left lane. delays are at five minutes. not so bad.
5:41 am
i'll keep you posted. we'll have more weather and traffic ahead on the 4s. >> thank you very much wchl very a look at the man police say fired several shots into a crowded bronx deli. we first showed you the wild scene in more sane ya. a baby and stroller left behind. they say two young men shot in the incident will recover. a missing woman was found in a neighbor's garage. police found her. she was decapitated and wrapped in a blanket found a block from where she was found. a high school, why it suspended 20 students in connection with a sexting scandal. kings park suspended students they say distribute order even received a video showing two
5:42 am
teen investigation sex at a house party. a.j. fenton, the young man in the middle, he was one of the students suspended. when he tried to go to class, police threatened to arrest him. >> i didn't know what it was at first. clicked on it. deleted it right away. >> my son's job was to do what he did. he opened it, saw wait was, and deleted it. >> they say, quote, the thing that deeply upsets me is that very few if any of our students districtwide reported any recent problematic behaviors to an adult. we need our young people to be good citizens and report problematic behavior to an adult. former senator veto lopez has died. he served in albany for nearly 30 years. he resigned just three years ago as there were developments of sexual harassment. he died monday following a long battle with cancer. he was 74. the nypd's largest police union plans to protest tonight
5:43 am
they're unhappy with an arbitrate're is recommendation to give p.d. members 1% pay raises over two years. they even been working under an expired contract for nearly five years. they held a similar demonstration last week on the upper east side. governor cuomo plans to raise minimum wage for state employees to $15 an hour by 2021. he announced that change on the same day fast food and low income workers rallied for $15 minimum wage of their own. governor cuomo and other political leaders expressing their support of a rally in foley square. >> this is about basic fair ps and basic justice. >> no worker person should be forced to choose between putting food on the table and paying their month's rent. >> about 10,000 state workers will benefit from the governor's pay increase. about a thousand of them are here right in new york city. amsterdan avenue may soon be
5:44 am
waking way for a new bike lane. a proposal unveiled yesterday calls for a bike lane from west 72nd street to west 110th street. it could extend the lane several more blocks to the south. the new bike lane means amsterdam lane loses one lane of traffic. an illustration shows the bike lane will be separated from the rest of the roadway by a small buffer zone and a parking lane. well, it's a challenging project that could reveal a new side of music for the nearly 1 million deaf americans. the indy pop group walk the moon teemed up with a professional deaf arts network and created this. the news director say people in the death community have been making their own version of music videos for years. what a fantastic thing. >> i absolutely love this. what a wonderful, wonderful
5:45 am
idea. >> a great. >> fantastic. it's 5:51. still ahead on "today in new york," one skier's terrifying, terrifying 1,600-foot freefall. >> don't forget. follow us on twitter, instagram, and facebook. you're watching "today in new york." >> i absolutely love this.
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welcome back. >> we've got glitchy things happening this morning. >> it should be friday. it's only wednesday. >> we have a broken clock. i said it was 4:58. it was 5:30. >> it's been rough. we will improve as we go through time today. i was daring man to say that word. 58 degrees with clouds giving way e ing ing way to sunshine. the morning starts out damp, drizzly, cool outside. tonight, partly cloudy. 48 in the city and lower 40s to the north and west. another round of showers hitting our way tomorrow and then it's dry. it gets a little chilly. but it's mid-november by then. >> pre-holiday. what's happening, lauren? >> the rails are in a great shape.
5:48 am
the wanton roadway. we'll continue to keep a clees eye on this. we have an accident heading into the holland tunnel. delays are still 5 minutes into the tolls. >> professional skier ian macintosh. he's in a freefall. he falls 1,600 feet. he finally stops. you can hear him as he's falling. you hear him say when he finish finishes falling, i'm okay, i'm okay. they posted this on youtube. fortunately ian is okay. >> terrifying to watch. their slogan may be america runs on duncan, but for a man running in phoenix, dunkin' donutss is the only thing that would make him shop.
5:49 am
he only agreed to surrender if he got coffee and three powders jelly doughnuts. well, the manager of the donut shop around the corner obliged, the man came down, and he was, of course, immediately arrested. >> interesting way to defuse the situation. >> different demands we've heard. coming up on 6:00, a new movie in the wars. a way t-mobile says to stream your shows without adding fees to your bill. an alert as we head into prime holiday shopping or shipping situation. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. download the mobile app right now. we'll be back in two minutes. you're watching "today in new
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getting look at thieves who
5:51 am
some drama as they face off over the economy, spending, and minimum wage. and we'll show you how to stream through your smartphone without burning through your data plan. that data plan goes quickly too. >> it does. >> good morning, everyone. it's wednesday morning, november 11th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> and i'm mike gargiulo. we take a look at weather with chris cimino. is it going to dry out? >> there's a light mist. we're in the mid to upper 40s. well to the north into the upper valley and coastal connecticut. it's 47. 50, we've been holding all morning in the city. close to that out across the island. live radar shows the showers across long island sound and into suffolk county as well. west of there it's fall, more misty and drizzly. that's about it. that will wind down as we go to mid morning hours.
5:52 am
paradeime should be quiet. maybe breaks of sun and a high of 58 degrees. let's check in on the commute. how is it looking? >> we have a road closure. the wantagh parkway is clearing out. we also have reports of a fallen tree. that area not so good. also if you're heading northbound, there's an accident out by route 440 that shuts down two lanes and delays are getting heavy through here. we have a better accident. that has cleared. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> thank you. 6:01. new this morning a police investigation is under way over an incident that left a child in the hospital. "today in new york" 's" tracie strahan is there. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you.
5:53 am
are confirmed to me is that that minor is at university hospital and being treated. we're not exactly sure what it's for but we're working on reports ta that. the we're shining a light on the second floor, the window there. we're not sure when everything went down. we haven't seen any physical signs of bullet holes on the outside but it remains unclear if the gunfire ultimately erupted inside the home. no activity here right now and no activity inside of that house on walcott terrace, door leerngs but, again darlene, the child is currently at the hospital and they're not pursuing anything that happened here. >> thank you.
5:54 am
therapist is facing federal charges. hall very stan used a fake e-mail account to help him perform and record sexual acts. investigators say there could be more victims as well. the holiday shipping season is just around the corner but police are warning residents to now. if nypd now says a pair of burglars have been swiping pack js in the last month. cameras caught the bold thief in the act. you see the man walking into a lobby and whacking out with a pack and. that's a huge package. police say he stole a queen size bed frame and they believe he and a partner stole pack js from two other buildings. here's a video of three people wants for allegedly stealing flags in mastic beach. two men and a woman were captured climbing onto a flag
5:55 am
polyand stealing three flags. the stolen flags were an american flag, a prisoner of war flag and a town of brook haven flag. >> they're going to honor the veterans with the largest parade. it marches up fifth avenue from madison square park. it will end at 57.street and today more than 50,000 people will be marching. the intrepid sea, space & air museum will be honoring the heroes. they do an amazing ceremony, a wreath laying in the hudson river. uber and lyft announce they're going to be offering free trips to veterans. it's a joint initiative to help homeless veterans. free rides will help veterans get to their jobs. they'll be offered over the course of the coming months. it's great. sometimes the difference between
5:56 am
is making it to the interview. >> making it to the interview and having a suit to wear. it's 6:04. time for "weather and traffic on the 4s." saying hello to chris cimino. it's a wet wednesday, chris. >> very damp out there. we've had quite a bit of rain. it's tapered to a drizzle and light showers. will wind on down as we go through the morning. then plenty of clouds but it looks like it should be dry for the bulk of the veterans day parade. we may get breaks of sun, mid to late afternoon. mostly in the 50s. occasional gusty north wind especially the first half of the day. so we've been holding city at this 50 degree degree mark. we'll climb to the mid 50s. maybe breaks by about 3:00. that's where we peek ak with a high of 58. a look into the commute right now from lauren. >> more problems out there. we vn a accident on the tappan zee bridge. that shuts down two lanes.
5:57 am
through here. there's a 45-mile-an-hour speed restriction because of the weather. heading over to the hudson, orchard beach shuts down two lanes so 95 would be the way to go there. everything looks good for the rails. a good way to take alternate. tla're suspended but you still need to feed themeters. we'll have more coming up. the fourth republican prime-time presidential debate is now in the book. it featured eight candidates but had just as many fireworks. kerry barrett is here. you've had the pleasure of following the last few debates. >> it is quite enjoyable, let me assure you. these folks tussled but they kind of tussled over the issues this time, sch is a bit of a departure. and they showed stark differences.
5:58 am
immigration, economy, and taxes. >> go to a three-page tax code. yes, there are plans. >> this time they offered a couple manufacture specifics. exact economic plans. how would the candidates fix the middle class? i >> i have rolled out a simple flat tax. >> i have a child tax increase, i'm proud of it. i'm proud i have a pro family tax code. >> each one of those tax plans is better than the mess we have right now. >> every time we raise the minimum wage the number of jobless people increases. >> i want a government really, really small, so small you can barely see it. so i want lower taxes and much more money in the private sector. >> carson and trump actually said they would not raise the minimum wage. now, the impressions that were left by the eight candidates, they're going to last a while because the next debate isn't going to be for a while it's
5:59 am
december 15th in nevada. >> kerry barrett. thank you. governor chris christie was in an understood card debate. he got into a debate with bobby jindal. >> if you come to new jersey, they'll call me lots of different things. a liberal is not one of them. >> mike huckabee and rick santorum rounded o it that debate. we'll have a few report at 7:00 a.m. they've kanlsled their plans to host a party in iowa. they were hoping to get both candidates to talk about the income and ee inequality. mayor de blasio is not expected to participate in that. if you're looking for a
6:00 am
cnbc's landon dowdy joins us for more. they're going to offer us deals. >> we're going to be getting a lot of deals and you can find a lot of bargains. unsold goods are piling up on retailers' shelves, a concerning trend that could force stores to step up discounts to clear out manage. retailers are also feeling the downturn of u.s. tourism due to the strong dollar and the weather may be curbing their appetite for winter clothes. timo -mobile is giving a new option without having it count against their data plan. the feature called binge on will be rolled out with people with top tier plans of 3 gigabytes or more. wireless providers have been trying to get people to update. glow can squeeze in a little
6:01 am
rehouse of karsd on f "house of cards" on your smartphone. >> he is doing. i'm watching season one of -- >> some sites are limited in our area. later on, a big change could be coming to citi field. why a large part of the stadium could be gone. what? >> "weather and traffic on the 4s" is coming up. you're watching "today in new
6:02 am
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>> more than 100,000 travelers u dwide. they're stranded by a lufthansa striechlkt strike. a thousand fligh have been canceled. a new concern for parents. these buen o o contigo straw and drink cups are being recalled. rts can break off and cause a choking hazard. you can return them. for offers head to the website, our website celebrate veterans day. >> absolutely. and say thank you to a veteran. >> as we should. >> as we suld every day. >> we need to reach out to them. >> yes, we do. >> i hope i can give them a little parade without the rain and drizzle. hopefully things will dry out in time for the parade but this
6:05 am
thing will end out with a damp start and dry finish. tomorrow, a chilly brisk weather. we'll slowly dry out. in terms of our temperature today, normalized 56. we're pretty much close to the mark much like it was yesterday. high of 57. the rain is starting to pull on out. we're t the btuk edge of it right there. you can see light rain, drizzle, mist involved. this has to pifbt vot and drift. late in the season we do have a hurricane out there. the good news about kate, it's out in the middle of the atlantic way off the eastern seaboard and it's moving northeast at 40 miles an hour. max winds at 70 miles an hour. that's going to take it out harmlessly out to sea. so drizzle diminishes. this morning, a brightening of the sky. partly cloudy for tonight.
6:06 am
showers are gone by friday. a gusty breeze kicks in. weekend, chilly start. sun will mix with more clouds and we see more sunshine around. but that northwest wind will be howling for a while. 57, sunday, sunnier of the two and low 60s. let's go over to lauren scala. 6:16. >> the northbound wantagh parkway has reopened. and the accident at the tappan zee bridge cleared out. still slow going. out by the orchard beach exit, that blocks two lanes and,they are building in this area. heavy delays because of an accident by queens boulevard. that's in the right lane but delays go back all the way through queens. a very slow right. we have an accident out by linden boulevard. that shuts down two lanes but the delays are heavier from
6:07 am
earlier construction. heading over to truck route, this now blocks one lane but delays are still pretty heavy. we'll show you a live look at the inbound side of the lincoln tunnel where you'll wait about 15 minutes. only five minutes at the holland tunnel. alternate side parking is suspended. thaiere are still meters charging. a business jet went down in akron two miles from its destination. it slammed into an apartment building and immediately burst into flames. no one on the ground was hurt but it's believed everyone on the jet was kill. so far two are confirmed dead but it's believed there were nine people on board. >> i heard a big loud noise and it was like the plane fell out of the sky and veered into the duplex.
6:08 am
it was a massive explosion. investigators will be speaking at noon. they're expected on the scene this morning. three people have been charged in connection with major computer data breach. prosecutors say they stole customer never frgs the computer systems of jpmorgan chase and other financial firms last year. they then used that data in a stock buying scheme that generated hundreds of millions of dollars in profits. two of the suspects under arrest in israel. the third is a u.s. citizen actually believed to be living in moscow. fanduel websites have been ordered to stop taking bets. they're calling the games a form of gambling and have ordered the sites to cease and desist. fanduel and draftkings are urging users to sign a petition that will be sent to lawmakers the keep the games going. our sister companies nbc sports ventures and comcast ventures have invested in fanduel.
6:09 am
and apple is accepting orders for ipad pro. it's taller and wider. it's the first product to have a four-speaker audio system. prices starting at just under $800. the new i pad will be compatible with the new pencil and sharp keyboard. they're expected to be in stores later on this week. as darlene said. likely to be on people's lists now. >> oh, for sure. there will be a lot of lists. >> i'll be wrestling sinbad for the last movie. still ahead, make a note in the baby book. we'll show you a big milestone for the giant panda cub at the national zoo. >> stop. i am not well. don't forget, follow the entire new york today team on facebook and twitter and instagram, and we'll be right
6:10 am
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welcome back. a little smulk on that lens. 6:23. mets will notice a change. >> the massive pepsi sign in right field and it's known to fans as the pepsi porch, they're going to be leaving. they've been at citi field since it opened in 2009. pepsi has decided to reinvest in a different way.
6:12 am
is leaving, another may move in. coca-cola is thinking of moving in. what do you think? >> coca-cola corner. >> i like that literation. that means they'll be serving coca-cola. >> that's the deal. >> it sort of goes with the territory. >> i never said -- i walked past the pepsi porch. i never sat in it. next will be the coca-cola corner perhaps. it's damp, drizzly, dismal. it's not a great out there. live radar shows most of this continues to slide off to the east and way from the city but it ooh goes doing take a while for the clouds to exit too. upper 50s, partly cloudy, lows in the 40s and a little bit cool never the suburbs. we're talking about another round of showers heading our way
6:13 am
a very changeable pattern. it keyss us on our toes. >> you keep us on our toes. let's check in with lauren. >> the roads are not so much. we'll take look outside at the tappan zee bridge where it's very heavy. we had an accident out there that just cleared but there's stel that 45-mile-an-hour restriction. leave yourself some extra time. we have an accident on the l.i.e. we'll have details. we'll have an update on our top story os testify morning. >> reporter: a child in newark remains hospitalized a that hour after being possibly caught in the crossfire inside of this home. i'm tracie strahan outside of the home. >> reporter: and i'm katherine creag live in brooklyn. this is where a car crashed through a fence and into the water. police found a man inside of it.
6:14 am
why it took more than 24 hours for police to be called to the scene. that's coming up. >> if you're heading out the door, watch us your honor phone.
6:15 am
now at 6:30, a more of an elderly woman. a car that blunched ed plunged into the water j and we'll show you a bike lane on a busy stretch in manhattan. good morning. it's wednesday, november 11th, veterans day. i'm mike gargiulo. >> and i'm darlene rodriguez. we check in with chris ka minot and the weather. >> right now wet roads and walkways. temperatures have been nearly steady all morning. some upper 40s along long island and the hudson valley and connect. it's going to be a fairly gray day now and you can see the back
6:16 am
slide east of the city. that should be the trend as we go along. 56 at noon. forecasting a high today of about 58 degrees. let's find out about it at 6:30 on this morning. lauren, the latest? >> we had an accident that cleared on the l.i.e. it was exit 19, so delays are starting to ease up. now we have an accident on suffolk county. this is out by exit 59. that shuts down two lanes. wheel show you what that looks like. you can see pretty heavy trying to get around this. we'll have more weather and traffic coming upton 4s. new this morning a police investigation on its way that's left a child in the hospital. now, this happened overnight on wolcott terrace in newark.
6:17 am
more on what we know at this point, tracie. >> reporter: a man drove by and said he heard a single shot around midnight. the minor is at university hospital. the nature of the injuries not yet known. we can show you video. when we arrived. at one point one of the officers put a light on the second floor window of the home on wolcott terrace. now, we're hearing that that child may have been caught in the crossfire here and we don't know if that's something that happened outside or inside of this multi-family home. again, police confirming to me that that child is at university hospital being treated at this hour. they say they're not looking for anyone in connection to what happened here. back to you. >> all right, traci y tracie, back to you. a caretaker discovered 83-year-old lois colley's body
6:18 am
police say she suffered blunt force trauma. a fire extinguisher is missing from the home. she's the wife of a mcdonald's franchise. we leerning about the death of a missing woman. they found the body of 50-year-old pamela davis inside a neighbor's garage yechltd she was found decapitated wrapped in a blanket. she had last been seen a block away from where she was found. the medical examiner trying to figure out how she died. and happening now, we're getting a look at man who police say shot two people in a bronx deli. we first showed you this wild scene. it shoes panicked customers running for cover. in the chaos a baby was left in a stroller left behind. the two men who were shot will recover. president obama will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier in arlington that.
6:19 am
is an annual tradition. then the president will call on congress to extend education benefits for veterans. heal also applaud successful state programs who are ending homelessness. several national chains are saying thank you. ihop is offering free red, white, and blue pancakes from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and starbucks is giving veterans and active servicemembers free tall brewed coffee. >> would you want to say happy veterans day to all of them out there? >> we do. we honor them. we're so grateful. >> we do. chris, hopefully when the parade starts the weather will be better. >> hoping the weather will dry out. it looks like it will. it's going to be a process.
6:20 am
still a drizzle and a few showers especially from the city on east. there will be plenty of clouds but it should be dry. there should be some with breaks of sunshine. you need the jacket throughout. a gusting breeze out of north. we've been holding at 50 degrees all morning. look for the clouds to cling to us through noon. 56 and then a little brightening, mid to late afternoon with a high of 58 degree. we even got changes in the seven-day forecast. let's get to lauren scala with a look at the morning commute. >> thanks, chris. if you're traveling northbound out by station road there's been an accident. also eastbound lanes have been shut down in this area as well. something to take note of. but if you're getting on the buses, we still have a bunch of detours. the new jersey transit 151, and 712. alternate side of the parking street rules are suspended but you still need to pay the
6:21 am
meters. we'll have more traffic ahead on the 4s. >> right now there's an investigation under way on a fatal accident. it was partially caught on camera. a car plunged into the waters. katherine creag is in gerritson beach with that. >> reporter: neighbors told us they heard something. they heard some kind of commotion but they didn't see something because it was so dark. we want to squloi surveillance video. according to the nypd speeding down gerritson avenue, monday, 4:50 in the morning but it wasn't until the nex day, tuesday afternoon when the resident noticed damage to the con strukd fence here. the nypd was called. the harbor unit responded and recalled it. they found a 31-year-old man. james miro heard a crash monday morning.
6:22 am
at the time they saw nothing. >> somebody was walking her dog in fact and heard the bang and looked for the car but didn't see it. >> and police are investigating what happened, if this was an accident or something suspicious. an autopsy is being done on the victim and, michael, again, his name is james miro, only 31 years old and according to the nypd, his address, he only lived ten minutes away from where we are. back to you, michael. >> thank you very much. >> 6:36. a massive fire is out burke hot spots do remain. we brought you this breaking news story from paterson all yesterday morning. the fire smoldering. it did grow to seven alarms as
6:23 am
>> the newark school may have violated students' rights. students were suspended for sending or receiving sex texts. there he is in the middle. he tried go to class. police threatened to arrest him. when it appears a.j. did not break the law but school policy is another story. >> they're not prosecutors. their job is to make sure the code of conduct is enforced and followed. they say one of those boys had sex with a girl. the other boy recorded it. more than three dozen employees are facing charges in a widespread heating oil scam. authorities say for nine years they shorted oil deliveries but charged customers full price. we're told they used magnets to
6:24 am
by pass valves to rig them. they affected nypd and pd stations and churches. >> they would take the oil they aedged willy stole and resell it on the black market. >> officials are warning customers to keep an eye o. heating oil gauges as the winter months approach. the federal government steps in. united wants to acquire 24 takeoff andand ing ing sooits. they say it would block the deal because it would drive up fares and give parliamentarian ssengers fewer choices. the city's didn't of transportation is proposing a plan to create a northbound bike layne from west 72nd to west 110th street. the work on that phase of the project could skbin next spring. the second phase would extend the bike lane south of 72nd st treet.
6:25 am
r.well, the proposal called for the bike lane. but in order to make room for the bikes, amsterdan avenue will have to be reduced from four lanes to three. certailly not the last. it changes thing. you grew up in the city. your parents live in the city. >> right. tamd way the lanes come in is a subject for debate. the bike laneuisf?- you park inside of the bike lane and that's a debate for a lot of people. >> sure is. >> 6:39. they saved each other's lives countless times ding the war in vietnam. now see how it's proving to be life-s ing. plus, heavy breerkts, seat
6:26 am
s breerkt breathers, seat kirks
6:27 am
6:43 on this veterans day. it could veal a new side of music fo nearly 1 million deaf americans. >> i love this. it's the indy pop group walk the moon that teemed up with deaf professional arts network. they completed this video. they say they've been making their own version of music for years and we salute them. >> fantastic. love that.
6:28 am
it's 6:43. it's not often a baby's first steps are newsworthy, but to a parent they are. this is a milestone we all have to see. >> i can't take it. check out bei bei. the began cub in the national zoo. after-r weeks of trying, bei bei finally took his first steps sort of with his mother watching closely. at one point she had to step in and help. he toppled over. >> they expect him to wander, leaving his den and exploring his enclosure. it's so stinkncg cute. i mean i could look at him all day. >> he's like a little cartoon character. so cute. >> i know. adorable. let's keep looking at that. >> it's 6:44. we want to check in with chris chris chris.
6:29 am
>> chris chrmsis. >> i get it. >> seeing chris chris walking is fabulous. >> but it was on a friday night it might have been different. >> might have been a little weird. >> let's play it safe and go to one that's pointing toward a better veterans day parade. sunshine returning. at least it's drying out. winds a little gusty. you can see winds gusting. dridsly, breedsy too. that's the way it will start out. damp, dridsly and on the chilly side, but a dryer day. weekend looks dry with sunday being the brighter. we've got 5ly0 in hampton bay, 57 in rivers and kings park. everyone in the low 40s, 50s for the most part. a little warmer in central new jersey. morristown up to 54 degree. the back edge of the rain, you
6:30 am
can see lighter sprinkles out there, but eventually to the west the cloud kochk is going to try to break up. it may take a while. this morning the clouds may take their time to thin out. this is 2:00 in the afternoon, potentially over eastern long island. it could be a touch of light rain. notice thinning and then you'll see that come over the city mid to late afternoon. we may get sun peaking through just before the sun sets and it's fairly cloudy. no rain until tomorrow morning. that coming through. then in the mid to late afternoon, showers. that's the actual front that pushes through and behind that it dries out and gets brisk and cooler. for today, a damp start. 58. then breaks of sun possible by the afternoon. torn, upper 450s should do it with partly cloudy skies. looking ahead toward the end of the week and weekend it gets breezy. in the upper 50s with sunshine back.
6:31 am
we start out in the 30s in the morning but that brisk northwest wind stays busy until saturday evening and then it finally calms down. then we're in good shape. early next week looking good. 60 with sunny skies. let's see if we're in decent shape on the commute. here's lauren. >> the roads are wet. take it easy. it's a slow ride to work today. we have this accident on the l.i.e. westbound. that shuts down two lanes. they continue to build. then heading to the hutch, the accident still blocks the right lane. then we have a disabled vehicle on the cross bar heading westbound by the sheridan expressway. expressway. delays are not so bad. all things to keep in mind. aisle ter gnat side of the street parking rules are suspended but i'm going to show you the lincoln tunnel because you need to know that if you're heading out the door.
6:32 am
10 minutes at the george washington bridge and the alternate side is suspended but you still need to pay the meter. >> a man is receiving a life-saving gift from his brother. they fought together in vietnam and kept in touch. when warner whou grew up in long island needed a kidney mr. middaugh didn't hesitate. >> he would have given an arm or leg. >> this is no different from those missions so to speak. he would do the same for me, there's no doubt in my mind. >> a a great bond there. mr. middaugh was released on saturday. the recipients generally have a longer recovery than the donor.
6:33 am
a blessing it is they were a match in the first place where he was even able do that for him. it's a wonderful story. 6:48. coming up next, see which behaviors are being named worst among airline passengers. >> we'll have a live demonstration. don't forget to follow us on facebook and twitter and insta zbram gram. you're watching "today in new
6:34 am
welcome back. 6:52. 50 degrees on this wednesday morning we know the worst people to be trapped on a plane with. >> i don't mean to laugh. this is fantastic.
6:35 am
for the most offensive things. coming in at number one most people complained about the rear seat kickers closely followed by inattentive parents and evan's favorite. >> i can't say it. >> the aromatic. >> rude. it's rude. >> audio insensitive and then another favorite, the boozer. >> the thing about the boozer is that the boozer usually ends up arrested. you know what i mine? he gets his or she gets her. inattentive parents. i don't mind babies crying or giving everybody a hard time but the inattentive parents. >> and the boozer. >> i was on a night flight once where a mom -- lights went off. she gave her children, i kit you not, co-miner's light and everywhere you looked there was a beam.
6:36 am
>> they were strapped to their heads, i swear, with a light on their forehead. it with us as crazy. >> why? >> so they could read. >> you were in the beam. >> have we not established you were the boozer. >> as long shaz arizona she's not the aromatic. >> savannah, that was the one time. >> yarks eah, yeah, yeah, good morning. stray straight ahead, last night's debate. was there a clear winner? we'll get into that. we'll talk with senator marco rubio when he joins us. plus, surviving a house fire. the simple thick you can do to make it out alive. plus, 44 years after its debut, we're reuniting the cast of the "willy wonka and the chocolate factory." >> al roker attempts to do all
6:37 am
and we'll have a special segment only children wearing miners lamps on their head. >> you can get them at toys "r" us. >> i'm telling you it's a true story. up next we're going to check in with chris and see when the damp weather will push out of the area. >> you're watching "today in new
6:38 am
for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! p at stop&shop, prices are down. savings are up. pwhich makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my stop&shop. party on, people. blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale is back... plus 1! celebrate when you buy one get one at half price off the entire store. blinds. shades. sunscreens. the entire store! 'cause the older we get, the more you save. that's just how we roll. blinds to go. blinds for life. new this morning police are trying to unravel an incident
6:39 am
>> tracie strahan is in newark with that. tracie. >> reporter: we do know that that minor is at university hospital this hour. we're still working to confirm reports that the child was caught in the crossfire. earlier we saw a couple of police cars patrolling this area. at one point they put a light on the second floor apartment here. that child, from what we understand, was possibly inside. we don't know if a bullet, however, entered from the inside or if this with as shooting that happened inside of this multifamily home. but, again, newark police confirming to us that a child was at university hospital for an injury sustained here and that they're not looking for anyone in connection with what happened here. back to you. >> all right. tracie tracie. thank you. now to katherine creag in gerritson beach where a car made a deadly plunge into the water. kat. >> reporter: they're investigating whether this was an accident or foul play. the car went through the fence as you see here and ended up in the water. there is surveillance video
6:40 am
showing the vehicle going extremely fast. according to the nypd, this was monday, 4:50 in the morning but it wasn't until the next day the resident noticed the damage to the fence. neighbored tell us they heard a commotion. it was so dark they didn't see anything awful happen. the victim was pulled from the car, james miro, 31 years old. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you very much. we want to check in with lauren. >> slow. we're going to head to queens where we have an accident and then one reported eastbound out by there. take your pick there. and we still have an accident on the southbound by the hutch at orchard beach. >> thank you. chris, one more check of the weather. >> slow spin. we've got showers out across suffolk county and fairfield right now. elsewhere a little drizzle here and there. look for the clouds to eventually give way to a little
6:41 am
break or two of sunshine, i
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