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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 13, 2015 12:37am-1:37am EST

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[ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight sam rockwell, star of "fargo," actress cristin milioti, from fox business news, neil cavuto, featuring the 8g band with arcade fire's jeremy gara. ou [ cheers nd applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening, everybody. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] that is wonderful to hear. let's get to the news. an early copy of "the
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new york times" best-seller list obtained by buzzfeed shows ben carson's "a more perfect union" is edging out donald trump's "crippled america." and a little further down the list is jeb bush's, "i don't want to do this anymore." [ laughter ]e[ cheers and applause ] i highly recommend chapter three, "why is this happening to me?" [ laughter ] it was reported that the republican candidates said hillary clinton's name more than 40 times during the debate on tuesday. though usually you only have to say it three times before she apalpears. [ i laughter ] hillary, hillary, hillary. [ larehter and applause ] when asked about the rest of the republican field, donald trump said in a new interview, "we on e they're disappearing. it's a beautiful thing to watch ashey t out." which begs the question, have we actually just been watching "the
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apprentice" this whole time? [ laughter ] is that what's been happening? [ applause ] wer ll played. very well played. donald trump told a 10-year-old, yesterday, that america can't focus on nasa programs and spaceflight because we need to be worried about fixing our potholes. laughter ] yep, there's nothing worse than a big, gaping pothole. [ cheers and applause ] the next democratic debate is being held this saturday in des moines, iowa, and will be broadcast by cbs news. and if that doesn't do the job, try ambien. [ laughter and applause ] wal-mart has unveiled its black friday deals which go into effect at 6:00 p.m. on thanksgiving. so if you get tired of fighting with your family, come on down to wal-mart and fight with
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[ laughter and applause ] according to a new report, warming ocean temperatures are causing a shortage in atlantic cod, which could cause a shortage of frozen fish sticks, which could cause divorced dads to not have anything in their freezer to feed their kids, which could cause them to take their kids to a restaurant, which could cause a waitress to see that dad and not think of him as a deadbeat, but as a nice guy just trying to spend time with his kids, which could cause that waitress to think that dad is kind of sexy, which could cause that dad and waitress to di hook up in the restaurant bathroom, which could cause that kid to wonder what's taking daddy so long in the bathroom, which could cause that kid to go into the bathroom and see the dad and the waitress hooking up, which could cause that mom to take that dad to court to take away his visitation rights. so long story short, warming ocean temperatures are causing dads to lose custody of their children.
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this is not some joke. and if you have sex with a waitress in a bathroom and you're kid sees you, you should lose custody. [ light laughter ] the world's most expensive diamond sold at auction yesterday for $48.4 million to a hong kong billionaire who bought it for his 7-year-old daughter. that way when she grows up, she will be awful. [ laughter ] oh, you're buying dinner? mm-hmm. i got a $48 billion ring when i was 7. the fact that you bought me dinner, hm. [ light laughter ] a prominent investor in oreo cookies, this week, accused co oca-cola of causing enormous dainmage to societ wow. you know, usually when oreos and coke are fighting, it's in yator colon. [ laughter ] [ applause ] that's okay.
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like the most. recordings have emerged of a prominent right wing christian speaker saying that the "frozen" song "let it go" is furthering america's rebellion against god. though after hearing it for the mi llionth time, i'm not so sure there is a god. [ laughter and applause ] and finally, marvel has announced, today, a new line of adult bedding printed with comic book characters like captain america, the incredible hulk, and ironman. you can find the bedding in your store's birth control aisle. [ laughter ] ladies and gentlemen, we have a great show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause ] he's the star of the new film "don verdean" and he's starring in "fool for love" currently on broadway. the wonderful, the talented, sam rockwell joins us this evening. [ cheers and applause ] she's e of the stars of the se nd season of "fargo." i don't know ipeople have been watching "fargo" on fx.
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it is absolutely my favorite show on television right now. she's also in the new off-broadway musical, "lazarus." crfoistin e lioti is back on he show with us this evening. [ cheers and applause ] looking forward to that. and he is the managing editor of fox business network, neil cavuto. who was also one of the moderators at tuesday night's debate so i'm looking forward to speaking to him about that. [ applause ] i have some exciting news about some of my friends that i want to quickly take time out. my colleagues bill hader and fred armisen, my colleagues, my friends are receiving a smithsonian ingenuity award tonight for their work on the show "documentary now." here's a picture of those guys in "documentary now" on ifc. [ applause ] and i'm very happy for them. i also worked on the show. and not receiving the award. i am receiving the ult -- the very coveted smithsonian's clever little fella. [ laughter ] so that will be something for
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my dear friend, and to my money one of the funniest comedians working today, john mulaney has a great special new on netflix. it's out tomorrow night. if you are looking for something to watch this weekend, i highly recommend. check that out on netfilx. for all you john mulaney fans. and also, "snl" on saturday, the very funny elizabeth banks will be on the show. she is not currently a gop front-runner, but i still think she'll make a heck of a host for the show. and i do think everybody should tune in, because if the ratings go down even a little bit, you know who is going to make a big old deal about it. [ laughter ] you are going to hear a lot about ratings. [ applause ] record ratings. moving on, you know, it seems like it's the time of year when you can't help but -- [ sniffing ] i'm sorry, i could be wrong here. but i think i smell some smoke. that can mean only one thing. it is time for "ya burnt!"
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome to the burn zone. we've got a lot of topics to sizzle through and not a lot of time. over here is the burner. let's turn on the gas and load her up. [ laughter ] yowza. first up, the war on christmas. people are complaining that starbucks is disrespecting christmas by removing festive imagery from their winter cups. hey, why would you trust starbucks with the christmas spirit in first place? i wouldn't trust starbucks to spell christmas. [ laughter and applause ] and if there's a war on christmas, i got news for you. christmas is winning. i went to target to buy a grill for the fourth of july and they were already playing "jingle bells." [ light laughter ] and now donald trump said that when he's president we'll all be saying merry christmas again, but i think if donald trump is president, most of us will be waiting for someone to say, "april fools." side burn, donald trump. >> side burn. [ cheers and applause ]
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be burnt. hey, presidential debates, stop it. there are way too many of you. you're like "the fast and furious" movies except with more car crashes. [ laughter ] [ audience oohs ] and there are too many people on stage. everyone's shouting and stepping on each other's lines. it's like a kindergarten production of "glengarry glen ross." [ laughter ] and much like a school play, poor rand paul's dad has to videotape the whole thing even though his son doesn't have any lines. [ laughter ] and political commentators, stop asking the candidates dumb trivial questions on the campaign trail. nobody cares whether or not jeb bush would travel back in time to kill baby hitler, which he was actually asked. speaking of which, can't people who say they would travel back in time to kill baby hitler, how do you even think that would go down? you just pop into a german hospital and find the right baby? and how would you even be sure it was him? you know, he didn't have the mustache yet. [ laughter ] he wasn't holding his rattle like this. and when you came back, you couldn't tell anyone.
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"hey, guess what i did, i killed baby hitler." "what?" "oh, right, you don't know who that is thanks to me." "no, i'm sorry, did you say you just killed a baby? time traveling baby hitler killers, ya burnt. [ cheers and applause ] hey, sports drinks, stop acting you're what i need after an intense workout. after an intense tequila filled bender, face down on the bed bacon, egg and cheese bagel. [ laughter ] also, no one ever even heard of the word electrolytes until your commercials told us we needed them. our electrolytes were fine. and what's the matter with water anyway? i'm sorry it doesn't have a cool name like riptide rush or douche bag grape. [ laughter ] but it's what we need to live. sports drinks, get ready to dump a cooler over your head because ya burnt. [ cheers and applause ] ah, corn mazes. how can i convey how white i am in just a single afternoon? [ laughter ]
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oh, i know, i'll spend the day upstate in a rustic prison of vegetables. [ laughter ] who was the first psychopath who looked out over a corn field and thought, "you know what this would be good for? a child-trapping labyrinth." and what's that, honey? you want to go through the maze as a couple? great. let's put ourselves in a recreational situation where we can argue about directions. [ laughter ] there is no up side to corn mazes. you either get out of it and no one's impressed or you get lost, cry and a farmer has to come rescue you with a thresher. or worse still, you lose your mind and go crashing through the walls until people think you're a baseball player from 1919. [ laughter ] corn mazes or as native americans call them, maize mazes -- [ laughter ] ya burnt. [ cheers and applause ] up next, world health organization. you released a study saying that bacon causes cancer. oh, you mean greasy, fatty meat is bad for me?
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and thanks a lot for telling us now. we literally just finished putting bacon on everything. i assume your organization is call the w.h.o. because every team you release a study people say, "who asked you?" and thanks for giving vegetarians yet another reason to be smug. yes, judy, i did hear the news and no, i still don't want any of your tofu strips. >> judy's just trying to be nice. [ laughter ] >> seth: bacon hating food scientists, if it smells like bacon in here, that's because you're burnt. [ cheers and applause ] up next, canned food drives -- [ buzzer ] oh, that buzzer means we've run out of time. guess i'll have to rummage through the back of my burnt cabinet for you next time. this has been "ya burnt." we'll be right back with sam rockwell. [ cheers and applause ] how you doing? hey! how are you? where are we watching the game? you'll see. i think my boys have a shot this year. yeah, especially with this new offense we're running...
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. give it up for the 8g band. [ cheers and applause ] also, he's been here all week on the drums. please say hello to arcade fire's jeremy gara. thank you so much for spending another week with us, jeremy. it's always great to have you. our first guest is a talented actor who's currently starring on broadway in the critically-acclaimed show "fool for love" at the
12:54 am
you can also see him in the new movie "don verdean", which will be in theaters and on demand starting december 11th. let's take a look. >> i mean, this could be the find of the century. we're talkin' about lot's wife here. >> there are a lot of lots up there, don. they all look the same. how do i know which one is the one? >> well, it can't be that hard. we need the one with the breasts. >> oh, the breasts. okay. that one. ha ha. oh, yeah. >> there's one big white rock and it has breasts on it. >> all right. chill out. it's cool. >> no, it's not cool. okay? get the marines, get the taliban, get the mormon tabernacle choir, if you have to, but find the pillar of salt. >> seth: please welcome to the show, sam rockwell. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> hey, good, man. >> seth: good. >> you know, just hangin' out. >> seth: i'm glad you're here. i am always so impressed when
12:55 am
broadway. >> yes. >> seth: after this finishes you're gonna run out and go do a show tonight. >> yes, i have to fight call and everything. >> seth: that's really impressive. thank you so much for making time for us. >> thanks, man. thanks for having me. >> seth: of course. [ cheers and applause ] and i want to congratulate you, you've received wonderful reviews for the show. >> thank you. >> seth: the thing i'm most impressed with is you, you actually have to use a lasso in the show. >> yes, i do. >> seth: you have to lasso your co-star. >> yes, yes, occasionally we lasso nina and we lasso chairs and stuff. yeah, it's a trip. >> seth: what happens when you miss, do you get a hard time from the crew? >> well, you know, sam sheppard definitely, he scared me a little, because he said that ed harris, who originated this part, never missed. >> seth: right. >> so, that's a little intimidating. >> seth: that's too much pressure. >> that's a lot of pressure. >> seth: you don't wanna hear that. >> yeah, but i maintain the character's drinking tequila and it's fine. >> seth: right. >> shepherd even -- >> seth: yeah. >> shepherd even said it's fine. >> seth: well, i would think even a cowboy, who is very good with a lasso would, after enough tequila -- >> even champion rodeo cowboys are -- >> seth: gonna miss. >> occasionally.
12:56 am
where -- where did you practice before the show? because i'm sure in a lot of states in this nation there are great lasso areas. >> yes. >> seth: but in new york city, like, where do you get your lasso on? >> it's hard to find a cowboy in new york. i'll tell you, man. i found a couple in simi valley. cliff mclaughlin and his father, gene mclaughlin, are amazing. but this guy kyle in massachusetts. but i was roping trash cans in the park, in tompkins square park. i did not have any horses. i was in tompkins square park. and you get some odd people coming up to. you're callin' attention to yourself. >> seth: yes. although, it's probably the one park in america where you're calling the least attention to yourself. 'cause there is -- next to you there was a dude doing something weirder to a trash can. [ laughter ] >> in fact, people are kind of not that impressed. they're kind of like, whatever, you know. >> seth: does anyone, like, walk up and give you pointers? did you ever get that? >> yeah, i had a little -- i had skateboarders sort of street kid come up to me and was like, "hey, man, can i -- can i try
12:57 am
your rope, man?" i was like, "absolutely not." [ laughter ] and he kept walking and took a piss in the bushes. then there was a junkie, older gentleman who gave me some advice about -- as he was nodding out. about roping. it was fun. >> seth: i like that you can take enough drugs that you might start thinking, "you know what? i'm good at lasso. [ laughter ] i just remembered i'm really good at lasso. i'm gonna go tell this guy my lasso tips." >> that's right. no, he was telling me to get a bigger -- a shorter lasso. i said, "no, no. grande. >> seth: the show is -- it's only 70 minutes long. you and say you're not working as hard as your broadway brethren. but it's very intense -- it's very physically intense. >> it is physically intense. we're getting banged up a little bit. >> seth: and do -- like, how do you communicate during the play particularly rough night, like physically. is there any way of knowing like -- >> it's hard. you know, i thought i hurt nina the other night. nina arianda, tom pelphrey, gordon joseph weiss,
12:58 am
nina's incredible. and she can't wear pads. i get to wear elbow pads, knee pads. she wears a slinky dress. so, she can't -- she's got bruises everywhere. >> seth: right. >> poor thing. >> seth: oh, i'm sorry. well, at least you're fine. [ laughter ] >> i'm fine, so, that's all that matters. >> seth: so this film "don verdean", you're a producer as well as star of the film. >> yeah. >> seth: tell us about it. because it's definitely a little bit different than a normal film. >> yeah, it's about a biblical archaeologist. >> seth: that explains the clip a little bit, why he's trying to find the pillar of salt. >> yes, yes, yes. jermaine clement, who is astonishing. danny mcbride, leslie bibb, will forte, i mean, the cast is incredible. and jared hess is really awesome. he's great. i did this movie, "gentleman broncos." and he let me be a producer on it. >> seth: and jared hess directed "napoleon dynamite." >> that's right. >> seth: he's directed many other films as well. >> yes, that's right. >> seth: and had you worked with him before? >> i did "gentleman broncos" and i played two different characters. and we got to know each other on that. we had a lower budget on this. and it's a lot of fun.
12:59 am
religion, but i think -- i feel like it also has a pro-faith message. so i feel like, you know, hardcore christians will think it's funny and bill maher will think it's funny. you know what i mean? >> seth: that's nice. yes. >> it's got both. >> seth: that doesn't happen that often. so, congratulations. well, it's interesting you mention faith, because jared is a mormon and a very public mormon as well. did he and his wife -- >> jerusha, yeah. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> they wrote it. >> seth: they wrote it together. >> they're kind of modern mormon. >> seth: right. >> sort of artsy mormon. >> seth: what's it like on set? is it different being on set with a non-mormon director? >> yeah, you know, if you swear -- like my girlfriend in the movie, leslie bibb, and she and i -- she, you know, talks like a truck driver and i do too, a little bit. so if you mess up a take and you say something and the crew gets a little shy. it's fine. but it was kind of funny. crews's not hungover. that's one good thing. [ laughter ] >> seth: oh, that's good. so they're fresh every day. [ applause ] >> very competent crew. >> seth: a huge up side. >> no caffeine. >> seth: right.
1:00 am
that's nice. now, i have a question 'cause i'm always fascinated by what actors were doing before they were acting. i guess this has happened -- you knew you wanted to be an actor when you were doing this, but you were an intern for a private investigator. >> yes, that's right. >> seth: how does that even come up? first of all, i never -- because in movies with private investigators they never, like, say to the like a sultry dame that comes in, this is jerry, my intern. [ laughter ] you have never seen an intern in a private investigator -- >> no, it was ridiculous. it was so boring. the most exciting thing we did was chase this woman in a car that was having an affair. >> seth: that's very exciting. >> very sleazy and very exciting. >> seth: gotcha. >> and that was it. and after that i got paid 50 bucks and it was really boring after that. >> seth: what other things would you have to do? >> go to like a library and research something or go to like queens and find -- see if a house was actually there or something really stupid. >> seth: like what you want to do undercover and see if you can get a woman to cheat on her husband with you. [ laughter ] >> exactly. >> seth: how did it come about? like, who hooked you up with this p.i.
1:01 am
>> my friend, i think it was our innocence -- i was in acting class years ago and our friend daniel was doing -- he was an intern. and he was walking around suspiciously in a restaurant. and i heard about it. and i said, "what are you doing, man? what's going on?" he says, "i'm an intern for this private investigator." says, "you want a gig?" "yeah, yeah." because we were all broke. [ laughter ] >> seth: it does feel like if there's ever -- if you were in an acting class, you should get credit for being an intern as a private investigator. that's close enough to acting. >> it's dramatic. and slightly comedic, yes. >> seth: well, thank you so much for being here. >> yeah, man. >> seth: and thank you for making time for us. have a great show tonight. >> absolutely. >> seth: and congrats on the movie. >> thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: sam rockwell, everybody! "don verdean" will be in select cities and on itunes starting december 11th. and "fool for love" is in the samuel j. friedman theater now through december 13th. we'll be right back with
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[ cheers and applause ]
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>> seth: you know our next guest frtiom her work in "how i met your mother" and "the wolf of wal street." starting next week, you can see her in t new musical "lazarus", which features music from david bowie, at new york theater workshop. she also stars in the critically acclaimed series "fargo", which airs matday nights on fx. let's take a look. heard about the fire. you okay? >> you didn't have to come down. dr. solverson. >> i'm worried about you. fe cels like the tide might just en rig out in the cold these days and take you rie't along with it. what's that for now? >> i'm just imagining you parachuting in the mekong delta telling the black pajamas to leave your husband lone. >> shudda. could've saved a lot lives if wives and mothers from both sides came and dragged their fool men home by the ear. >> seth: please welcome back to the show, cristin milioti.
1:07 am
>> seth: how are you? >> good! >> seth: i'm so happy you're back. >> thanks for having me. >> seth: i want to get to "fargo" because i'm in love with it, but i'm so fascinated by this new project you're doing, "lazarus." >> yes. >> seth: so this is music from david bowie. >> th yes. >> seth: in this musical. >> yes. seth: it is already -- tickets have already completely sold out. >> yeah, they sold out in an hour. >> seth: solt out in an hour. >> yes. >> seth: it's fascinating. congratulations. >> thank you. >> seth: but, have you met -- the question i'm dying to ask is have you met david bowie and if so, how did it go? >> i have met david bowie. he could not have been lovelier. he's very lovely. we had like a rehearsal to sing through it, all the music -- the old music and new music. >> seth: okay. >> for the first time. and i can't see very well. and i wanted to look cute on my fi orst day. so i didn't bring my glasses. anred i was singing and i was in the middle of a very, very iconic song, which i don't want to give away. and i saw someone walk in. and i could feel the energy in the room sort of change.
1:08 am
know who that, so i'll just keep singing. and i kept singing and i kept singing and the person sat down. and i was like, nope, i don't know -- i don't know who that is. i don't know how they let him in. will someone check if he's supposed to be here, i'm not sure. and then it took us a couple minutes and he opened his mouth finally. he was like "well, that's just lovely." and i was like, "now, who are you -- oh." [ laughter ] okay. david bowie. >> seth: that's fantastic. >> from the -- everything, yes. >> seth: from the everything. and his first take on you was like, "she is big time. she iced me." >> she iced me. >> seth: fully iced me. >> she squinted at me. >> seth: it is -- it's interesting how you wouldn't tell us th, isng. new york times" wrote an article secrecy. it's so much so that this is the playbill -- this is the program for your play. this is all the info you get [ laughter ] this is people come and even when you sit down, you don't even know what's going on. >> no, and that's a close-up of my lower back. >> seth: oh, that? i got it. you got the tattoo removed. >> super pale. yes. still doesn't see the sun, though. but yeah, no, we don't really
1:09 am
talk about it because it's sort don't more -- it's meant to be experienced. i know i'm going to sound such like an actor-y theater nerd. >> seth: i love it. bring it on. >> but, like honestly, it's supposed to be experience. [ laughter ] it's up to you what is it about. but it is. >> seth: sounds great. >> it is obviously very much like in david bowie's world and o's world and enda who -- and it's out there and it's an art theater piece. >> seth: and ivo is the director. ivo van hove. >> yes. director. >> yes. >> seth: and you've worked with him before. >> i worked with him five years ago. he's the closest thing to school i dever had. >> seth: interesting. >> 'cause i'm a dropout. >> seth: oh, gotcha. so have you ever tried to get a regular job, where you're like, "the closest i came to school was a weird dutch guy." >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> seth: because you -- it was a very physical -- your first play was a very physical experience. >> yg h. >> seth: every night you got thrown down the stairs. >> i got thrown down a staircase by -- >> seth: you're character, not because you were like so bad at it. >> 'cause i just was not good enough. he was like, "do it again!" and threw me down. yeah, exactly. i don't believe you. that's not even how he talks.
1:10 am
[ laughter ] at all. >> seth: down the stairs with you. >> exactly. he at home right now being offended. no, he's not. he's like, who's that? but no, with beth marvel who is on "fargo." >> seth: okay. >> she plays the salon own th. >> seth: oh, fantastic. >>th and we played mother and daughter on the show. and eight times a week she threw me down a staircase and he doesn't believe in fight choreography. >> seth: oh, wow. >> so i just got thrown. >> seth: wow! >> yeah. >> seth: and is this show -- is "lazarus" physical as well. >> yes. >> seth: oh, wow. >>dr i just came here from dress rehearsal. and i spent the whole day ju running all over the stage in, like, six inch heels. >> seth: it's really exciting. >> it's very exciting. >> seth: we were also saying backstage, this will be a show that is like sort of guaranteed to be divisive. people will love it, people will hate it. >> yeah. >> seth: and that is exciting to you. >> i find it really exciting. the last time i worked with ivo, like usually during the show we hear the seats go -- like, you know? [ laughter ] but only a couple times.
1:11 am
times. then at the end also in the same performance people would stand up with tears streaming and just -- >> seth: and then when everybody stands you hear a bunch at once. >> i don't know how to take this! but it is very divisive. and i like that. and it's freeing, because you're like i'm just going to do my thing. >> seth: it's fantastic. >> yeah. >> seth: so excited to see it. so i'll just need two tickets. >> let me know. i'll see what i can do. about "fargo." wonderful television show. >> seth: for those who haven't seen it, it is inspired by, more than based on the film "fargo." >> yes. film. a wonderful coen brothers film. and you -- is it true that you saw "fargo" when you were 9-years-old. >> yep. >> seth: which -- >> inappropriate. >> seth: is really inappropriate. how did that come about? who was asleep at the wheel that you were seeing that movie at 9? >> that would be my dad. [ laughter ] love you. no, my dad took me to see
1:12 am
"fargo" when i was 9, i think because he wanted to see it. >> seth: great. >> i was sort of like, you know, his little buddy. and he just took me and i didn't understand a lot of it. i remember being like, "what does circumcise mean." and he was like, "i'm not sure. i don't know what that means. i think it's a regionalism." >> seth: it's a mid-western thing. >> i think they just say that. >> seth: it's when you cut a hole in the ice. >> exactly. i think it has something to do with ice fishing, yeah. i believe. but yeah, a lot of it went over my head except for the wood chipper part which stayed. >> seth: yeah, that stayed. and of course francis mcdormand one of her great -- she's great in everything, but i think that's one of her more memorable parts. and you got a chance to meet her. >> i did. >> seth: with your dad, is that true? >> with my dad. years later i was nominated -- i was given an award -- i wasn't nominated. i was given it. it was like one of those awards where everyone who goes there gets one. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> yeah, i didn't have to -- >> seth: oh, this is a show-up award? >> it's a show-up award.
1:13 am
which is fitting, because i'm from the show-up awards generation. so i was very comfortable. >> seth: yeah, right. exactly. >> oh, i know this. i get an award. so i -- yeah, so i was given this award. it was like for women in theater. and francis mcdormand was also there as a presenter. and when i had my acceptance speech, i just was, like, because performances like yours in "fargo" and i saw it when i was 9. what you did in that film, it inspired me. and i, like, said all this other beautiful stuff. and at the end of the show she came up to my dad and she was like, "you let her see 'fargo' 's a at 9?" [ laughter ] she was so angry. and so sweet. but it was really cool for him. now, he texted me the other night. i can't believe you're on this show. like i took you to see it. i was wrong. and then the thing with frances mcdormand happened and now on the show. it's amazing. >> seth: that is so fantastic. also fantastic is your hair in this show. >> i know. >> seth: because it does take place in the '70s. >> yeah. >> seth: and you just hit the jackpot with that look.
1:14 am
you know how i said i wanted to look cute on that first day. i was supposed to be bald the whole season and they changed it. i was so excited for that. and i'm not someone who, when it comes to shooting stuff, i'm not very vain, but i am for like the first two minutes. >> seth: right. >> so like when they turned the hair chair around. i'm like "uh, no." and then -- [ laughter ] but then immediately i was like, this is great. yeah people thought it was a wig. nick offerman thought it was a wig. >> seth: this is -- i thought it was a wig. >> no. it's my hair. >> seth: oh my god, wow. [ laughter ] that's just lustrous hair. >> yeah, thank you. >> seth: that's not the hair's fault. >> no. >> seth: someone made it do that. >> they did make it do that. yes. >> seth: and you feel like it is brothers hairstyle. >> yes. when they turned it around, i was like, oh i get it, this is an easter egg. >> seth: yeah, this is -- yeah. there you two are. i guess we should do it this way. him looking at you. there you go. >> can i say -- that resemblance was so uncanny it makes me deeply uncomfortable. >> seth: yeah. >> yeah.
1:15 am
>> because he's like such a swarthy handsome man. especially in that movie. what does he always say, "are you ready to die?" >> seth: something along those lines. yes. >> you know what i mean. and he says like, but then i look like him. i don't know how -- it jars me. >> seth: well i think you look fantastic. and i am so really blown away. and i think that says great things about your hair. >> my hair choices. >> seth: and congratulations on such a great season. and thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> seth: cristin milioti, everybody. "fargo" airs monday nights on fx and "lazarus" begins previews at new york theater work shop on november 18th. we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] sfx: ding dong prime time? game time gold at mcdonald's, baby! i'm here to get the fans, super fans in on all the action! first get the food and peel baby. you could win instantly... i won $50! or text the code and watch the game to see if your team is picked. you may win one of the guaranteed $500,000 weekly prizes.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. last saturday was national book lovers day. we are big lovers of books here at "late night", so we thought we'd take some time out to pay homage to book lovers. >> hey, seth. >> seth: yeah, tom. >> it's actually pronounced omage. >> seth: oh, what did i say? >> well, you said homage. >> seth: and what do you say again? >> omage. >> seth: huh. hey, wally, do you say omage or homage? >> i've always said homage. >> seth: so that's one for omage and one for homage. gene, what do you say? >> i say oh-maj. [ laughter ] >> seth: what about you, jim? >> mahudge. >> seth: hmm. michael? >> anchorage. >> seth: what about you, donna?
1:20 am
>> seth: okay, you know what, let me check in with the band. marney, eli, sid, seth, arcade fire's jeremy gara. >> ohudge. >> jarmoosh. >> roughfudge. >> miss mash. >> hairbrush. [ laughter ] >> seth: all pretty good. hey, baze, you're the head writer, how would you say it? >> well, typically you give an omage and you pay homage or homage as both pronunciations are acceptable. >> seth: and is there like an easier way to remember that? >> you can just not do this sketch. >> seth: you know what? that's a good point. [ bleep ] book lover's day. we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] there are things we expect from a phone screen we expect it to be ridged. we expect it to be flat.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. our next guest is the managing editor of fox business network and host of the network's weekday show, "cavuto coast to coast." he also hosts "cavuto on business" and "your world" on fox news. and earlier this week he was a moderator for the fourth republican presidential debate. please welcome to the show, neil cavuto. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> i'm fine. >> seth: good. >> i was in waiting room three. >> seth: okay. >> and all the other stars -- big movies, broadway star, and another big movie. >> seth: sure. >> star. and then i was there. >> seth: yes. >> and so i was noticing people running back, looking in the rooms, looking in the rooms. and kind of looked in my room. and nothing. >> seth: nothing. [ laughter ] >> like i thought it would say
1:26 am
we have a -- >> seth: we don't call them waiting rooms. we call them dressing rooms. this isn't surgery. >> believe me, mine was a [ light laughter ] >> seth: we've got to get that medical table out of there. >> exactly. by the way, the forms you fill outside here -- >> seth: there's a lot of forms. >> you sign here. >> seth: look, those forms are important. you're going to make like you know. >> i know. and then you've gotta factor in currency. >> seth: well, thank you first of all, for being here this week, because you obviously moderated the debate. i felt like there was some pressure on this debate, because everybody felt that the cnbc debate had gotten off the rails. afterwards the candidates seemed happy with the job you did. donald trump went so far as to call it an elegant debate. >> elegant and my name has never been together. when i heard that, did i hear that right? did he called you elegant? >> seth: but did you -- are you pleased when the candidates are pleased? or do you judge it through a different prism. >> well, that's a no-win situation. if the candidates say, "hey,
1:27 am
that could be a problem. but i think what they were kind of saying is that they felt that in first economic debate, what they thought would be an economic debate, they didn't get to talk about that. >> seth: right. >> so, i think to a man and woman, carly fiorina, we want to get this out. 'cause this is really what our mojo's all about. >> seth: sure. >> we have this great plan to improve the economy, we're gonna cut taxes. we got to get that out there. so i think that was part of it. >> seth: 'cause i even find this when i interview politicians and certainly in a debate it's even higher level of pressure for this. but you will ask them questions and they'll try to veer into their stump speech. >> always. always. they will pivot into that. >> seth: what do you do when you realize they've stopped answering my question and now they're just saying things they want to say? how do you do -- where do you decide i'm going to jump in here? >> it's tough. it's tough. because, you know, they will always pivot to the issue and what they want. and that's a big deal with another of these debates. they want an opening statement. we wouldn't allow that. but what we would allow is a
1:28 am
them a little more time. but invariably they will find a way to go off it. and so a lot of people will find creative ways to get them to limit it. like, we had a bell. >> seth: right. >> i noticed you had field day with that. >> seth: yes. >> but one of the things we'll try to do is just say, all right, if you're not answering the question, we'll politely remind you that you haven't. and some candidates can take that very well. others can just keep ignoring you. then other candidates will jump in on them. so by the time the debate gets going, it's like an italian family reunion and people are throwing bread and pasta. >> seth: i don't -- one thing i'm fascinated by that we don't see is what do they all do during the commercial breaks? like you have eight people, eight candidates at the podium -- >> they wander. they wander. >> seth: do you worry they're just going to wander off and not come back? [ laughter ] >> i do. actually, i do. because in this particular -- i've done this before, but in this particular -- this is true. the podium and the area where we are and the candidates are is significantly above the main
1:29 am
stage floor. and the steps to get there, at least for me, i'm getting old. they're like the steps to the parthenon. >> seth: oh, yeah. not your steps. >> so you need like a rope and -- so i think during the break the candidates can wander off, but we don't want them to wander down the stairs. because, as i said, they're the steps of the parthenon. >> seth: have you thought about this -- giving every candidate a buddy. [ laughter ] like, beforehand you're like, " carly, rand is your buddy. and if rand's not at the podium" -- >> ah, that's a bad pairing right there. >> seth: none of them good pairings. >> the closer you get to iowa and all of a sudden the buddy system is starting to fray. so what you -- all i ask and all we ask is: could you just stay on the stage? but invariably what they'll do is they'll come out during the break and some will feel that they haven't gotten adequate enough time. >> seth: sure. >> they won't yell at you. they'll just come over like tony soprano. [ laughter ] and then the next thing is you haven't given them enough time. and i get a little worried, because jeb bush, he's a tall guy. he'll walk over.
1:30 am
don't know. rand paul, he's not that tall. so i just figure, all right, you're upset, calm. but our goal, seriously, is to make sure they all get that time. but that's what they'll do. they won't yell at you. they'll just make it very clear, i'm not happy. >> seth: passive aggressive. >> like tony, we're not happy. i'm just saying. >> seth: it'd be a shame if, you know -- >> enjoy your flight back. i'm just sayin'. [ laughter ] >> seth: what about you? you received -- and again this is not unique to your debate. there's always criticism, certainly with the gop fieldu because of the number of candidates with the cutoff was. you had the fewest, so far, with eight. and, you know, chris christie droppe down to the smaller debate. and, how -- >> now, we did not distinguish it that way. yoou did. >> seth: no, it's the polls. right. it was all based on polls. >> no, we called it debate one and debate two. >> seth: oh, right. oh, sorry, right. of course. >> sort of like kids -- my kids will argue, well, you know, do you like him more and? and it depends on the days. i actually like your brother more. >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> i mean, i hope you're okay with that. it's not that i don't want a
1:31 am
complex, but you're on this debate. >> seth: they're not okay with it, just so you know. >>ar i know. [ li t laughter ] >> seth: but now, do you think ultimately -- and again every network is going up against this. is the problem right now there are too many candidates? >> yes. that's the problem. but, you know, it's interesting. when you think about it, we've always had -- it's unusual to have this many, but we've always had crowded stages. four years ago in sioux city, we had seven candidates on the stage. people forget. i mean it happened to the democrats, too. i mean, in 1992, george bush sr. was unbeatable. no one could touch him. and there were seven democrats opposing him. they were called, in fact, the seven dwarfs. >> seth: yep. >> and the tallest among those dwarfs was this guy named bill clinton. no one gave him the time of day. "nlyew york times", "washington post" writing headlines about what a farce this was with their debate. but obviously now we know in history one of those guys stood out. >> seth: right, we should keep continuing these debates. 'cause you never know -- >> no, no, no. only on fox. >> seth: okay, gotcha. [ laughter ] well congratulations on getting through it -- >> i don't want you -- it's a political -- >> seth: really appreciate having you on the show. thank you so much for making time for us.
1:32 am
>> thank you very, very much. >> seth: neil cavuto, everyone. "cavuto coast to coast" airs weekdays on fox business. you can also see neil hosting "your world" and "cavuto on business" on fox news. we'll be right back.
1:33 am
ne [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to
1:34 am
sam rockwell, cristin milii, neil cavuto.
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