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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  November 14, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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throughout the day. it gets milder day by day. now to those terror attacks in paris. here is what we know right now. isis has claimed responsibility for the six separate attacks. 127 people are confirmed dead, but that death toll could rise. >> france remains under a state of emergency as the country observed three days of mourning. we have live coverage today. dayovid? >> reporter: gus, pat, i just want to give you a sense of what i'm feeling having arrived here just a few short hours ago and driven through to get here to central paris. there is that state of emergency. but there is a state of sadness. there are gray skies here. i'm going to step out of the way and let you see closer as our photographer zooms in.
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we're just a few feet from the erclub where most of the shooting occurred. detects are inside going through this horrific scene of terr , which as you reported, isis has claimed responsibility for. alt you see many of the parisians just coming by. it is clearly not to gawk. they are stunned. this is not a touristy part. this is a part that is vibrant. it is the young people. this club one of the most popular there is. it's 150 years old. this might be a place where you think of williamsburg or some of tht,e hipsters hang out. there is a real, real subdued sadness here in this central part it of paris. again, the state of emergency in plthace. you can see a police presence, though not quite frankly what i expected to see having gotten on the plane right when this was unfolding and arrived here. there is a bit of calmness now.
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nation that is shaken. >> david, we've been talking about those tough border controls. what was it like flying into the airport ere and getting around the city? >> reporter: great question, gus. again, i was braced for something. i talked to a correspondent with nbc news. the moment i came through the airport on an american airlines thight from kennedy it really doesn't bad. the wart of the airport i arrived in was fairly empty. bit. i went through passport control. drove through most of the city fine. it's just right around here in the area of the attacks where you obviously see a stepped up police presence, although i did see some of those -- and we see them in new york city, the trail of police cruiser who is sn who go through and have the sirens blairing.
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that's just as pointed out to me by some of the i french crew i've been working with, we are just down the block from the charlie hebdo offices and that horrific attack just earlier this year. the french president holland hollande is calling this an act of war. >> reporter: french authorities are saying eight attackers in all. seven of them were wearing suicide belts and detonated them as part of the attacks. the multiple locations targeted, that soccer stadium, that rock concert hall and just restaurants where people were sitting. literally the terrorists using their semiautomatic weapons and opening fire, shooting and killing people who were out having dinner, eating at restaurants and drinking at nearby pubs.
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that, the isis statement. president hollande this morning giving his speech saying isis is to blame. there is new reporting out of the paris. one of the reasons why the investigation going in that direction, one of the suspects believed to be carrying a syrian passport. as you know, many french extremists, hundreds of them, have traveled from france to syria to join the fight with isis. and many of them in the last year or two have returned home to paris. and so french authorities have been dealing with this threat of extremists who have fought alongside isis inside syria who are now back home. and the concern is, would they, are they there planning to carry out any attacks inside france. and the concern is now a cell, eight guys, eight suspects did in fact carry out that kind of
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attack. the french president blaming isis for that. 127 dead, 200 injured. and out of the 200, many of those are very critical. so the death toll still could rise. and this is the worst attack in france since world war ii, the worst attack in europe since the madrid train bombings that killed 198 back in 2004. so overseas, the investigation continuing. here at home, the fbi and nypd officials telling us still no evidence of any threats or plots to the u.s. as a precaution as we saw overnight the nypd ramped up security at numerous locations. some diplomatic missions. expect to see that increased presence continuing for the foreseeable future as the investigation continues. overseas, france working real hard, because there's obvious concern that while eight
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terrorists are dead, there may be others out there who are part of this plot. and they want to track them down to make sure no followup attacks take place. >> french authorities really monitor these extremists because they are known to go out and come back into france. how could they have missed this chatter? how could they have missed this very coordinated attack? >> reporter: look, one the sheer number, just think of the man power and the intelligence that's required to follow hundreds and hundreds of people who are suspected extremists. and how do you know which ones are going to be the ones who go from aspirational to operational. two, you can cross borders ri rail. once once you're in the eu it is very easy to travel into france with
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movement is also very easy. factor in those two issues, again, but it is a question. you have eight guys who are apparently plotting for some time inside that country. how did it get missed? that's obviously going to be a key part of this investigation. where did they get the guns? where did they get the explosives? did they in fact train and fight alongside isis? were there orders and commands given from inside syria from leaders of isis to carry out this attack? or was this sort of a lone cell that came up with this plot on its own to follow the radical ideology, the extremist ideology that isis is espousing on the web and that has so many concerned. and we are beginning to hear the harrowing accounts from survivors of these heinous attacks. >> france's president addressed the nation this morning saying the attacks that left more than
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100 dead were an act of war. the president said the terrorism was against the values that we defend everywhere in the world, against what we are, a free country, that means something to the whole planet. there were at least eight attackers, seven of them suicide bombers who struck at civilian soft targets, places where families, young people, residents and tourists often visited. the deadliest site, the theater where more than 100 were killed. the killers executed people as grenades went off. suicide bombers also struck outside a stadium where a match between france and germany was being played. terrorists also targeted a cafe where so many were just out enjoying a friday night. >> we heard what sounded like them reloading guns and another round of gunshots come into the restaurant. i laid on the floor and grabbed hold of woman next to me.
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asked if she was okay, i looked up and realized she had been shot in the chest and was dying. >> in paris there are more than 1,000 armed troops on the ground keeping watch. in an unprecedented move disneyland paris just outside the city is closed today as a precautionary measure. president obama has spoken to the french president on the phone. he offered his condolences to the french people and also to offer the support of the united states. >> we stand prepared and ready to provide whatever assistance that the government and the people of france need to respond. >> the vatican also responded, saying in part, quote, we are shocked by this new manifestation of maddening terrorist violence and hatred. this is an attack on peace and all of humanity. meantime, an extra 700 soldiers have been deployed across rome
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here at home a vigil is being planned for tonight at the french embassy on the upper east side of manhattan. >> reporter: good morning. i want to show you guys what's happening here near the entrance along fifth avenue. you can see there's's a uniformed nypd officer keeping watch. this is also where mourners are expected to gather in evening to pray for the victims. a memorial in front of the consulate has steadily grown, with mourners leaving a glass of red wine and a piece of a flowers. as jonathan has mentioned throughout the morning, the nypd and intelligence officials don't know of any specific credible threats to the new york area, but the nypd has still stepped
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near where the embassy is. >> nypd immediately stepped up its activity. i can tell you the fbi did and homeland security. >> reporter: the nypd released a statement last night saying they are stepping up their patrols and increasing security as an abundance of caution and to reassure the public. that vigil that's expected to happen here at the consulate expected to start around 7:00 this evening. there's also another gathering planned this afternoon for around 2:00 p.m. in union kwar. . as the story continues to evolve throughout the morning we'll keep you updated throughout the newscast. you can also stay connected with
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continuing e ing ing coverage of the terror in paris and their impacts here at home. >> reporter: good morning to you, pat and gus. it's still early on a saturday morning here at times square. people seem to be going about their business. nobody seems very concerned. but for nypd a very different story. while initially everybody's thoughts are with the people of paris, they had to quickly turn and think about safety here at home. these were coordinated attacks. so the initial question, could there possibly be an element of that coordination that was supposed to happen here in the u.s.? almost immediately we saw nypd jump into action, sending stepped up presence to some
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french consulate here in new york. and they also moved more patrols, more resources into high traffic areas, places like times square, so-called soft targets. what we saw in paris was an attack on soft targets. admittedly those are the hardest to defend and of concern. nypd moved some of its most heavily armed units into times square. we also saw the new york and new jersey state police and port authority upping their presence, checking out more of the surveillance at areas like the bridges, the tunnels, also rails and buses, things like that. so there really is this stepped up concern around the city. but nypd and officials really want everybody to know this is not based on any specific threat, nothing credible. this is really just out of an
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and it's the something we are seeing not just here in new york, but around the country. the same thing at the capital. we've heard in miami things are stepped up. also in boston where they had the boston marathon bombing and out in los angeles and every city in between. everybody staying very vigilant out here today. we want to turn now to weather. >> windy. i mean, that wind is going to throughout. we have windchills in the 30s around much of the region. it will stay windy. think like yesterday when we had per hour. today they're backing off a little bit but we're still seeing winds gusting up to 35 miles per hour. tracker. picture. a high pressure day again. we have sunshine from the hudson valley through new york city and
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some clouds well north and west of town. temperatures are stuck in the 40s. they're going to stay here for quite some time. barely making it into 50 today. 46 for you in jersey city. temperatures in the 40s now from bridgeport to danbury. look at the winds. winds are now picking up in intensity, gusting to 35 miles per hour. white plains and newburg got a wind gust of 30 in central park. watch out for delays throughout the day today because of these winds that will continue throughout the afternoon. when you combine the winds and the temperatures, this is what it feels like outside. feels like 41 degrees at this hour in central park. sunshine continues, the wind continues as well though. it's a blustery day. definitely want to have a couple
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will be useful as well. sunday, lots of sunshine for the second half of the weekend and the winds are much lighter tomorrow. it feels better and feels more like 50s. today is your november chill day. also maybe a good day to check out the leaves. this is the last day for leaf peeping. especially with the wind most of the leaves are going to be gone over the next day or so. bright and blustery through the afternoon. overnight tonight, 39 for your low. the winds diminish. skies remain mostly clear. and it's going to be a chilly night ahead. a warming trend day by say day. 63 for your high on monday. next chance of rain not until tend
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news 4 new york app for iphone is available in the app store right now. and still ahead on this saturday morning we continue our coverage of the terrorist attacks in paris. >> we're going to keep you updated throughout this newscast. also stay connected with us
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>> we are keenly aware we're throwing a lot of new information at you. we want to get you recapped on the latest. >> police continue to work through the carnage in paris just hours after the city shifts into a war zone. >> i saw a gentleman with a towel wrapped around his hand bleeding out of his hand. >> reporter: more than 120 killed, as many as 200 injured. more than a half dozen attacks across the city including a packed soccer stadium, restaurants and a concert hall. at least eight terrorists unleashed the deadly assault. isis is claiming responsibility for the attack this morning. they've called it, quote, the blessed battle of paris and the first of the storm.
9:22 am
hollande has called the act of violence and total savagery. as he spoke this morning antiterror teams worked to identify possible acomp komp ccomplices to the eight who carried out the deadly attacks. french troops gather along the french border, locked down now. it's the worst terrorist strike on western soil since september 11th. >> as and you can imagine, social media has lit up of course with the developments in paris. so muchon going on. there's a hashtag pray for paris. the pope has been quoted online as well saying these inhuman acts have no place in this world and no basis in religion. as you can see there are lots of
9:23 am
a diverse group of people holding the top of the eiffel tower together. >> a collective grieving and how people get out and spread the word. it was a far cry from 2001 where we didn't have more than a theoretical knowledge of terror inel this town. i was not living here, but my family was living here. i remember trying to page my dad frantically. yesterday i got an alert that somebody i know in paris is safe. so much as changed. it is how we communicate. there's a lot more ahead on "today in new york." our continuing coverage and a live report from paris in just a moment. >> reporter: we'll bring you right to the heart of where it happened.
9:24 am
the french president called it an act of war. this is one of the battle fronts down behind me, that packed concert hall where so many young innocent lives were taken or forever changed. we'll have a live re rt coming up.
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he gus, i think we are all just so shaken to our very core, collecti
9:26 am
ly grieving as a nation. you've seen all these international iconic buildings from here in new york, the world trade center lit in memory of what's happened in paris in the colors of the par ian flag. what separates us from evil is our ability to mourn for people at we don't even know and to support them in the way that we have. it's the uplifting part of this horrific horrific, horrific terror attack. >> that neighborhood is almost akin to williamsburg for us. it's not a big bustling neighborhood. veryry much a sense of neighbor and community there. and of course the spoken or unspoken thought here in new york city, y, is it relatable. boy, could you look at that and just imagine the worse. we have a lot to get to this morning. we also want to talk a little bit about the weather right here. >> still blustery out there today. we're seeing those winds gust up to 35 miles per hour this morning.
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the winds continue on this saturday. it's also dry, though. that's good news. sunshine mixing with the clouds. temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s later ontoday.onthat's the best we can do even with the sunshine. there's your northwest wind. gusting up to 45 at times. 51 in central park. and 46 your high in franklin lakes. chill comes back tonight especially in the suburbs. but even in midtown we're down to 39 degrees. wind do diminish. look at these temperatures dropping well into the 0s in places like yorktown, monticello and answer poughkeepsio near freezing. thank you. we want to bring you the latest
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that deadly attack in france. isis has claimed responsibility for the bombings and shootings that killed more than 127 people in an online statement the group also threatens that france will remain at the top of its list of targets. >> 1500 troops are on the ground hunting for any accomplices. french president francois hollande has promised a merciless response. >> reporter: i'm kind of struck by the contradiction that i just kind of observed here in this immediate area. the french president has said the response will be merciless. he's deployed 2,000 members of the military alone and they are actively looking for accomplices that worked with the terrorists. and yet here, just a few short away from where the bloody attack happened at the packed
9:29 am
concert hall, you don't feel apprehension or security. you just see stunned faces. i talked to a young man named christian who lives here and he literally just kind of quietly said i'm shocked. i always felt safe here in paris. and this is despite recent incidents, where on the commuter train two americans helped intervene on that one. and charlie hebdo attacks that rattled the nation. but this cuts them to the core. this neighborhood here not necessarily touristy. this is in central paris. it's kind of a hip, trendy neighborhood. certainly vibrant on a friday night. that young man that i talked to, he was due to go to a concert here another this can cert oncert hall tonight. he said, i'm changed, my friends are changed. >> what we find extraordinary is
9:30 am
in fact yourself to the media to that concert hall. i recall back on september 11th we were blocks and blocks away kept back and certainly no onlookers. so the investigation is concentrated inside the theater? >> reporter: yeah. i'm going to citizenship out of the -- step out of the way. there's media on the other side as well. this may speak to it, pat. despite everything that's happened, certainly about the concerns here in europe about radical jihadists, paris really prides itself on the openness and the freedom. it's going to be interesting to see how this attack might change them, if it will. we're used to that tight security grid in new york. but it's going to be interesting to see tim pact he impact of this.
9:31 am
the plot that have emerged overnight as the search for possible accomplices does continue this morning. >> reporter: amid the shooting and explosions witnesses told investigators that some of the terrorists were saying this is revenge for france's bombing of our brothers in syria. and today the islamic state has put out its own statement saying this attack was also revenge in part for france's involvement in bombing their terror group inside syria. as you know, the u.s., france, britain, other nations launching air strikes to target this terror group. apparently this terror attack being claimed as retaliation. also, the statement from isis that paris was targeted because the city is a carrier of the cross, a city of filth and prostitution.
9:32 am
the french president today came out and while not verifying the claim of responsibility, the french president did point the finger straight at isis, saying that he believes that group is responsible and considers this an act of war. 127 dead. 200 injured. some of the injured are americans, we learned this morning. among those 200 injured, 80 them listed as critical. so this death toll could rise. u.s. officials not as confident as french authorities in pointing the finger at isis, but it certainly has all the hallmarks. what evidence exists that suggests this is an isis plot? well, there's one syrian passport found at the scene believed to belong to one of the terrorists. they're also looking into whether an egyptian passport found at the scene also belongs to one of the terrorist bombers. and french media is reporting as well that one of the suspects
9:33 am
jihadist inside france and may have been involved in the plotting and organizing of this attack. again, eight attackers in all, seven of them armed with suicide belts. appears to be some sort of isis terrorist cell. unclear if this cell had met and trained in syria with isis operatives there or somehow formed on their own. that part of the investigation is certainly ongoing, as is the search across france and other parts of europe to see if there are any other suspects, any other terrorists out there who may have provided support or were involved in this attack. but any of the terrorists blooe believed involved in last night's shooting and killing, the french authorities are saying all of them are dead. seven of the eight killed by their own suicide bombs, one shot and killed by police.
9:34 am
witnesses of the attacks. >> right now in france, strangers helping strangers. people have been lining up in paris for hours to donate blood to the dozens of wounded after the terror attacks. president hollande said it was an act of war and the country will be, quote, merciless against isis. there were at least eight attacks, seven of them suicide bombers who struck at civilian soft targets. suicide bombers also struck outside the stadium where a match between france and germany was being played. terrorists targeted a cafe where so many people were just enjoying a friday night out. the deadliest site was at a theater where more than 100 people were killed while an american band was on stage. the killers executed those in the crowd as grenades went off. >> i saw these men carrying rifles towards us and shooting randomly to the crowd.
9:35 am
i stayed on the floor for about five to six minutes, basically playing dead. many people tried to walk on me, to walk on bodies to reach the scene and they were shot at the time. >> as investigators collect evidence, france's president has declared three days of mourning. gus. >> thank you. well new yorkers are showing solidarity with a planned vigil tonight that's going to happen along fifth avenue. >> reporter: this is where new yorkers who want to mourn and show their solidarity and grief with the victims are going to get together here at the embassy later tonight around 7:00 to pray. and throughout the morning people have been stopping here at the embassy, taking pictures of the flags that were lowered last night. and right now this morning there are uniformed police officers still keeping an eye at the front door. and this morning also the
9:36 am
embassy continues to grow. people have left mementos behind like a glass of red wine and a piece of baguette and lighted candles and flowers. people want to pay their respects and honor the victims and also to reflect on their own green bay packer. >> first it gripped me. now i'm angry and saddened and i pant to pay home age age to all the french people. innocent people were murdered. >> reporter: intelligence officials don't know of any known credible threats to the new york area, but that still hasn't stopped the nypd from stepping up patrols in the area around the embassy and other points in the city. they said they are doing this as an abundance of caution and to reassure the public. in addition to that vigil that's expected to start here on fifth avenue, there's also another
9:37 am
gathering of mourners expected 2:00 p.m. in square. side. thank you. as this story continues to evolve throughout the morning we're going to keep you updated throughout this newscast. also stay connected to us online with the nbc 4 app. storm team 4 will be back with a check of your forecast when we come back. find over 1,000 special stories at hospital for special surgery.
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the weather is changing and it's getting more seasonable. but a lot windier than we might expect today. >> yeah. and that will make your want to grab the hat and jacket as you're headed out the door. those winds are whipping. we do have some blue skies to enjoy. so it is a dry start to the weekend. and we have a lot of sunshine around the region. 46, though. that is a november feel for you in central park with windy conditions as well. let's take a look at our storm tracker 4 radar. from the hudson valley right down the jersey shore we're not worrying about any rain today. but we are worrying about the chilly temperatures and the winds, the combination making it
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feel very blustery today. it's it's 43 in tarrytown. 43 and windy in danbury. down the jersey shore right now your current wind gusts 39 miles per hour. that is a whipping wind. and we have wind gusts in the 30s. we have wind gusts of 28 miles per hour in bridgeport. we are tracking these winds gusting up to 40 throughout the day today. maybe some airport delays. make sure to call ahead if you're heading out to the airports. with the wind and temperature combo it feels like 30s in poughkeepsie. chilly in central park. let's break down the weekend day by day. today is the chilly half, but it's bright. gusts of wind up to 40 miles per hour. a high temperature only in the low 50s today.
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it doesn't even feel like 51. it feels like 40s. less wind for tomorrow. high temperatures back to where they should be for this time of year and much nicer because of that lack of wind. sunny and windy right through the rest of the day into the evening hours. 8:00 p.m. looking good if you're heading out. no weather problems here. and dry into sunday morning as well. it's bright and blustery on this saturday. down to 39 for your low. tomorrow back to 57. 63 for your high on monday. tuesday sunshine and 56. and rain chance thursday and friday. you want to stay up to date with your news 4 app. scroll down, select the weather tab. you can see the latest forecasts, interactive radar and how to submit your own weather video.
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for iphone is available. normally at this time we would have trivia, but because of the breaking news we are postponing that.
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we want to take you back now to hear some of the harrowing accounts of the survivors of the terrible attack in paris. >> hearing about what they saw and experienced. >> gus, in the last few hours we're beginning to hear stories of incredible heroism and survival. one man who lived through an explosion outside the soccer stadium said his cell phone saved his life by blocking flying shrapnel. he was walking and had hung up the phone when he heard an explosion. his samsung smart phone was bent out of shape.
9:44 am
said four gunman systematically attacked people at the music hall. that's cell phone video you're hearing and seeing as people escaped the theater in the midst of gunfire. there were also five other coordinated attacks in the paris region where more than 40 people were killed. >> thank you so much, mark. throughout the night new details about the plot have been coming to us. there's still a lot of questions but trying to piece together exactly how this could have unfolded. >> yeah. this has got to be a game changer for people overseas. >> reporter: u.s. security officials we've been speaking with say the leading theory is isis. the french president we heard directly point the finger, saying that group is behind this. and the group itself has now put out a statement this morning claims responsibility.
9:45 am
the question now is how did this cell of eight terrorists evade detection? how did they get their weapons, how did they get these suicide vests? and the question is, were they among the hundreds and hundreds of radical who left france to train and fight in syria and then return to france to act as operatives, to act as a sleeper cell to carry out this kind of attack. this attack took time, planning. it's not just something that happened overnight. hey they had to build the bombs, pick the targets and successfully carry out the attack. we're looking at whether they had a support network, help or whether they were acting on the orders from overseas. french media now reporting that a syrian passport was found on the bodies of one of the suicide bombers, further hardening the evidence suggesting this was
9:46 am
some sort of isis inspired plot to target france. again, the statement today isis putting out its statement, unverified, but if true, saying that this was revenge for the syria bombing and insulting the french president and basically warning that there will be many, many more attacks to come in france and elsewhere. security officials obviously taking this very seriously. u.s. officials say there are no specific threats inside the u.s. we've heard the fbi director and security officials point out there are numerous plots across the u.s. right now -- or excuse me, numerous investigations underway across the u.s. right now into possible lone wolves or isis followers. again, there's no specific threat or plot here in the u.s. no connection to what happened over there.
9:47 am
being ramped up in new york. what is happening now with the u.s. intelligence officials, working hand in hand with the french authorities, find out who else is connected to this cell, how did this happen and try to put a stop to anyone who else may be plotting any additional attacks. back to you. >> i know it's early, so definitive answers are going to be few and far between. but you used the phrase lone wolf associated with isis. now if isis is able to pull off a coordinated attack like t s and some of the theories about what brdught down that russian jet liner a couple of weeks ago. i know it's all theoretical at this point, but how big a game changer might this be? >> reporter: i think it's a pretty significant development that you have this terror group that was trying to use social media to inspire lone wolf actors to go out and attack anm.ywhere you can and now you have perhaps have them sending
9:48 am
targgh innwcent civilians. the head of al qaeda has said don't just target civilians and the innocents for no reason. go for a specific target, military, economic. here this is just pure, cold-blooded murder of innocent young people that h all the hallmarks of what isis represents and is clear heering about. you're right. if isis has taken down a jet liner, if isis has now directly orchestrated this attack in paris and killed over 120 people, it is a game changer because it shows this terror group is getting more and more sophisticated. its capabilities -- its reach further and further. and that would be a real concern for any security official. >> absolutely, jonathan. i think we can all say a couple of years ago isis's attacks were
9:49 am
we're seeing beirut. turkish officials are blaming them for that attack that killed 100 people. i guess this begs the question how do you defeat an enemy you can't see. >> reporter: what intelligence officials are doing is using whatever tools they can to try to monitor the known extremists. the good news is we don't have as significant a radical population as france, as britain, where some of these communities are marginalized, where it is a much closer journey to go from syria to france than it is to get into the u.s. that is one of the good things. but, again, the french, the frisch, the germans, their resources really being taxed because literally there are thousands and thousand z s of jihadists who have traveled from their countries to go to syr weia d iraq and made it back to eir home countries.
9:50 am
they're doing what they can to track and mononitor thes relatively small number. but it is still a huge undertaking to try to track that many peocke to see what might they do, what might they be up to. >> as always, we appreciate the latest information and perspective on what is going to be a very complicated story going forward. thank you, jonathan. as the story continues to evolve throughout the morning, brwe will of ourse keep you updated throughout the morning.
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. we want to recap for you now the headlines from the paris temperature attacks. 127 people confirmed dead, but that death toll could rise. >> right now france remains under a state of emergency as the country observes three days of official mourning. just in to us from the u.s. department of homelands we are hearing that an unspecified number of america ns are among the wounded. not killed. >> a final look at the forecast for the weekend. >> still windy and chilly out there now. temperatures in the 40s. bundle up as you're heading out the door. there's a live look at storm tracker. temperatures starting out in the low to mid 40s. but it's l about the wind tais morn morning.
9:53 am
33 miles per hour at newark. 32 la guardia. that could cause some airport delays. the wind are howling all around the tri state. 37 miles per hour down the jersey shore. the winds will continue to bring at windchill down as you're heading outside. so windchills are in the 30s to w 40s. that's what you need to dress for today. later on, a high temperature back into the 50s. we're going to see the seven day forecast in just a minute. 51 is your high for today, but it doesn't feel like 51. you do need to dress for 40s. overnight tonight down to 39. one more chilly night in the city and the suburbs. the winds finally diminishing tonight and it feels much warmer for your sunday with a high of 57 degrees. very solid fall weather over the next few days. the next chance of rain not until thursday and friday. it looks like we could have some
9:54 am
decent rain totals. we have a drought going on. most of the workweek is going to be dry and seasonal with temperatures in the 50s and low 60s. we'll keep track of that rain chance for you later in the week. >> thank you. and thank you for joining us the morning. please stay with us for the late latest on those paris terror attacks. >> as we leave you, we take a ve look at the consulate where people have been gathering to
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