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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 16, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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is. >> it's monday, november 16th. isis if syria, french police carry out looking for suspected terrorists. president obama is meeting with terrorist leaders and hunkering down with russian president putin. ir tributes from around the nation continue to pour in as americans get behind the french yet again.
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plus, presidential cand dates weigh in on keeping america safe. that and much more, "early today" starts right now. good morning. we started with latest on the terrorist strikes in paris. 12 aircraft, including ten fighter jets, dropped 20 bombs sunday fight local time. officials with the french defense ministry said the bombing targets included a command post, a arms depot an a training camp. it was carried out in cooperation with u.s. forces. the french interior minister announced an emergency meeting this friday to coordinate response to the attacks. reuters reports police are conducting searches of suspected islate extremists across france at this very moment.
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confirmed dead from friday's coordinated attacks 352 are wounded. 99 are in serious condition. among them killed was a 23-year-old cal-state long beach student studying in paris during a semester abroad. seven attackers are dead. a former official confirmed the name of one attacker an par, name of an her, defending them as 47 nationals. they confirmed two were living brussels. officials have arrested five people in the suburb of brussels in connection with the attacks. meanwhile, there is a growing international manhunt for an accomplice directly involved if friday's massacre. msnbc's richard lui joins us live with more from paris. >> reporter: that treat that
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came out yesterday for a 26-year-old born in belgium indicated there was an individual outside the seven assailants killed that the french government officials were looking for. we are hearing just this hour this eighth individual, they believe, a senior french senator briefing nbc that he was stopped by french officials as he was trying to cross the border and then let go. also hearing from this senior french senator, that there is evidence that he is the one who rented a vehicle. that was then used to transport others, possibly involved in the attack on friday just this hour, we are learning at npc news a senior french senator that has briefed us is saying that 8th individual was stopped by individuals and let go. so also what we are hearing overnight is that there were anti-terror raids here in paris
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related to cases of extremist islamist. whether that's related to friday's case, we do not know or cases government officials are looking at. in addition to that, two of the attackers named over the week, we first of all have omaris male, 29-years-old, a french citizen and then the second is abdul akbaq b. you mentioned the five arrested in belgium related to that. the reason why i do mention that again is because that black saed identified on saturday, they identified it sunday east of downtown paris, in it they found three clich kalashnikov rifles. they believe it was masterminded in belgium. though it did happen here in
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paris. i want to sew you some of the head lines to have come out just this morning on a monday as they try try to get back to normality. this is le monde, it says terror in paris. another one of the papers here go to the front page, it says, hollande, the french president here, is challengesed to respond. that was the question yesterday. we knew he was meeting and the question, what was he going to do next? as you reported, there are those air attack, the ten planes in the 20 bombings. we also have other papers that came out i don't have night. this one right here, if i can get that, is a picture here of sala abdul salum. that is the hope whether they can do that.
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>> quite a day, richard, thank you very much. at the vatican on sunday, pope francis condemned the paris attacks calling it quote blass fe many i to use the name of god for hay tret tread. he invited the faithful to pray for the victims of the attacks and expressed his condolences to the french people and president hollande. the fountain was turned off last fight in memory of the victims. as global powers are united to strike back against isis, world leaders are gathered in turkey for the g-20 summit. whose agenda shifted from the economy to erat indicating isis. president obama had a big meeting off to the side. >> reporter: well, he did. he sat down for quite some time with vladmir putin to talk about how they're dealing with syria. syria is essentially the ed quarters for isis. the u.s. and russia have been at
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odds on how to strike and deal with syria. programs now having to deal with isis there. programs now after these french attacks. it may help them get out on one accord. the other thing is the g-20 trying to garner support from other allies. as the president put it. this attack in paris is not just about france. >> as was true with the terrible attacks that took place in ankara, the killing of innocent people based on the twisted ideology is an attack not just on france, not just on turkey, but it's an attack on the civilized world. >> reporter: back home, reaction on capitol hill, lawmakers are concerned whether we are trying to destroy isis or as the president put it the other way, contain isis. the goal needs to be destroy.
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what they believe are intelligence failures that lady to attacks like this. this is spilling over into the campaign trail with jeb bush and marco rubio both saying that we knead to declare war on isis and finally concern about refugees and whether or not they knead to be accepted in the united states, whether it's an easy way for isis to slip in. >> a lot on the table. thank you so much. major cities across the u.s. are also increasing security following last friday's attacks. the new york police department has dispatched a critical response group for new york stichl on abc's "this week" with george stephanopoulos. george bratton talked about the response. >> first off in the rnc, we are always on the offense if terms of our intelligence gathering capabilities task force, almost a thousand people assigned to counterterrorism. we have 35,000 personnel the
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capably to ramp up very quickly as you saw over the last 48 hours. >> football fans around the country noticed an increase at security at nfl games yesterday, with counterterrorism vehicles and officers stationed outside stadiums. some fans had to go through extra metal detectors. many states are taking security into their own hands, robert bentley says his state will refuse migrants. they are fleeing mainly to europe. in statement, bentley said i will not place alabamians if the slightest rick of an attack on our people. rick snyder says she postponing until the federal government fully reviews security clearance and procedures. geoff bobby jindal is hearing calls for the same in lousiana t. gop candidate is asking the white house for more information ability refugees in his state.
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valley are cleaning up this morning. a rare tornado touched down sunday knocking out power and damaging several buildings. no injuries were reported. meteorologist bill kierans has more on the severe weather. there might be more expected? >> there will be. that's the same moving through the four corners region. you can kind of see that moisture increasing off the pacific. and now what we will be dealing with is a late night event for the most part. mostly after dark. this is the area at risk. 13 million people are in the slight risk and the enhanced risk, houston, san antonio, dallas, up to oklahoma t. threats will continue well into the overnight hours. more of the wind damage threat. they say the tornado is most likely spotted near the red river. wichita falls, all those areas, we have to watch this closely.
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hours into east texas and eastern oklahoma. 7:00 p.m., a few isolated strong storms near the dallas area. this line back here will be more or less with the wind damage threat. >> that will continue into early tomorrow morning. even at this time, the wind damage threat, it will be a long duration event. a night of watching the weather in texas. here's a closer look at the day ahead. so once again, the bigger threat for the tornadoes will be late this afternoon into this evening and then overnight more of a wind damage threat. also very cold and snowy. a lot of problems traveling through utah and western colorado during the day today. as far as bad weather, this will be the worse of it. i will break it down coming up. presidential candidates weigh in on defeating isis. u.s. officials released five gitmo detainees. you are watching "early today." ay."
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. welcome book. the defense releases five inmates at gitmo. that was transferred after authorities determined they no longer posed a threat. they were captured in 2001 near the pakistan-afghanistan border. they were held there for 13 years. in massachusetts the governor made a shocking announcement yesterday, the army reserves in wooster was broken into saturday night and weapons were stolen. authorities, however, believe the break-in is not connected to any terrorist threat. >> nothing at this point in time that would tie this to you know any specific threat or anything tells e else at this point. >> the national weapons will be received in the national crime
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they are ig knight among the 2016 candidates. family, how do we stop isis a. day before the attack, president obama said isis was contained. this week's debate, hillary clinton put herself in contrast with the president. >> we have to look at isis as the leading threat of an international terror network. it can fought be contained. it must be defeated. >> it's our condemning president obama and slamming hillary clinton in the process at a rally, donald trump focused on gun control, saying paris has quote the toughest gun laws in the world. >> if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry, it would have been a much, much different situation. >> reporter: then on "meet the press," jeb bush went after hillary clinton, like hillary clinton, he used president obama's containment remark to frame his answer. >> this is not something you can contain each day that isis
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exists, it gains new energy and more recruits around the world. >> president obama is even hearing it from past opponents. senator john mccain, who lost the election to obama in 2008 says the president's failed poises and lack of leadership led to the crest of isis. and the 2012 candidate mitt romney said obama must wage war not nearly harass it. ahead in the sports world, why one fan's action during a moment of silence has a historic player fired up. latest from the amop\ premium foot care line, to see why women are admiring their beautiful nails. they have good reason... introducing the latest innovation from amop\, the new electronic nail care system specially designed for your toenails and finger nails with 3 heads for filling, buffing and shinning. an easy way to have natural looking shiny wow nails. wow!
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>> from college athletes to the pros into the nba, nhl and many teams took time out for a moment of silence in honor of those who lost there's lives injured in the paris terrorist attacks. on the gridiron, the lions hand the packers tear third straight loss. following the game, quarterback aaron rogers had there to say about a fan's nasty comments during a moment of silence. >> i think it's important to do things like that and we're a connected world. you know, six degrees of separation. i must admit that i was very disappointed with whoever the fan was who made a comment, that
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i thought it was really inappropriate during the moment of silence. it's that kind of prejudicial ideology that i think puts us in the position that we're in today. >> peyton manning became the nfl's all time leader surpassing brett favl. broncos were defeated. manning was benched in the third quarter after throwing 35 yards and four interceptions. it was a wild one between the new york giants, as tom brady connect with rob gronkowski. in the end, a field goal sealed what was the pat's toughest challenge this season. finally, the carolina panthers remain the nfc's only unbeaten team at 9 and o. just ahead, on a roll. can you guess what billboard has called the greatest of all time? plus madonna's highly emotional
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. the attacks in paris resonated all around the world. even here at "30 rock." ey dtlivered a so lem offering support before saturday's sho. >> paris is the city of light and here in new york city, we know that light will never go out. our love and support is with
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we stand with you. [ speaking french ] # d now, live from new york, it's satday night. >> the show continued as usual, but without the traditional cold open sketch. in stockholm on saturday, madonna paid tribute to the victims of paris. she considered can selling her show but decided to go against it. >> they want to shut us up. they want to silence us. and we won't let them. >> the singer later broke out in tears afteg leading the crowd in a moment of silence. >> k> billboard magazine declared adele's 2011 "21" greatest album
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nbc news has confirmed an eig h attacker was checked at the border between france and belgium, he was let go because th hadn't yet put out an alert on him. msnbc richard lui joins us live from paris again with the latest. richard. >> reporter: dara, we now have
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new news that four of the at tackers were named.rtthe two new nthes according to paris prosecutor. one, his named is ahmed al mohammed him that is related to a passport that was found. the question is in addition to o other names na m we were reporting. it's now four. we take a step back, though, this is a city depending on the reaction, has been reacting in different ways. a woman, anita took me by the arm to two locations. one of which is over here to my left.
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saying it means tassled but not toppled. symbolic of what paris is going through. they may be pushed. she also took me to a terrorist of a very famous liberty leader from the world war i and world wa co ii. her name is emilienne. and she was a champion of liberty. she took me to that location was so proud in saying these two locatie s wheredyou stand now, richard, symbolic of what we will do and what i will do as a 60-odd-year-old woman here in paris who has lived in this community for 40 years. i am not going to give up and move forward. so very much challenged, toppled, but tern e certainly not toled. they're being pushed a bit here, but staying strong. >> richard lui thank you so much for those developments there. we will ask you to keep it right here for the latest developments
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richard will be back with us later. throughout the day on msnbc and nbc. stay tuned.
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