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tv   Today in New York  NBC  November 16, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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skbhnchts right now, a swift response overnight. raids targeting terror suspects in france and air strikes aimed at isis abroad. here at home, a massive effort to keep millions of new yorkers safe. what you will see when you head out this morning. and grieving around the world as paris takes an important step to reclaim its city from fear. "today in new york" starts now. >> good morning, everyone, it is 4:30 a.m., monday morning, november 16th. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. we have coverage o the terror attacks in paris. that's coming up in a moment. >> we want to begin first with a check of weather and traffic. chris cimino is here with the forecast. chris? >> good morning, guys. we're dealing with temperatures generally in the low and mid-50s in and around the city.
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a big range from city to suburb. it's down to 36 in sussex. westhampton at 36 degrees. skies nice and clear. forecasting a high of 63 degrees. emily west in for lauren this morning. good morning. >> good morning, chris. we have a couple accidents to start off your monday morning. first off, route 1-9 southbound. and another crash in cliffton at 21 northbound just before 46. more weather and photographic traffic coming up. 4:31 right now. to the latest in paris. several now developments overnight. france's president has confirmed overnight that police conducted several raids, not just on suspected terrorists, but anyone with potential links. france has also launched what's described as a massive air strike campaign in syria. the french government has described the attacks in paris as an act of war. today an important step in
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paris. the city will reopen monuments and museums for the first time since the attacks. kerry barrett is monitoring the developments overnight in paris. she's in the newsroom. kerry, good morning. >> good morning, darlene. it's about 10:30 in the morning over there. so there is a lot developing right now. we're trying keep tabs on all of it. prosecutors say two more paris attackers have been identified. one of them from syria. one of them facing french terror charges. one subpoena the attacker the stadium near whom that syrian passport was found. the second is that of an attacker at the bataclan. he was born in paris, a french citizen. he's known to the anti-terror police. he had some sort of aborted deportation to yemen. he was placed under judicial control. we also know this morning that three people from his family are in custody. some of the reports are
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at this point, four or five of these dead terrorists have been i.d.'d. we're working to get confirmation. also, officials are looking for another man. this is a picture of him. police say he's an accomplice of these killers. he's on the run. he's 26 years old, from belgium. police say he's incredibly dangerous, don't approach him. after the massacres, they found a car abandoned with three guns and some empty magazines inside as well. so they're looking for a bomb maker. these terrorists, as you may know, had identical suicide vests. there were nails inside them. intelligence officials say, as we know, there are very, very strong links between these killers and between isis members and family members not only in iraq but syria as well. >> it's hell. it's not even a war. it's hell. it's a nightmare. people were hidden under dead bodies. >> france's prime minister saying there have been more than 150 police raids overnight there.
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this morning saying their country is effectively at war, warning more attacks could hit in the coming days and weeks. the foreign minister of belgium is urge ing countries to exchange information more quickly to better tackle these extremists. specifically, he's talking about a neighborhood, the neighborhood of molenbeek. belgian police just carried out several raids in that particular neighborhood. we're working to get more information on that. additionally, the french interior minister, we've also learned, is expected to hold a news conference. that was supposed to start about
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30 minutes ago.delayed, but it should be up in a minute. >> kerry, thank you. this morning, we're seeing new video of the moments terrorists opened fire inside that concert hall in paris. [ gunfire ] this is cell phone video. it shows the american band eagles of death metal playing when the shots ring out. you'll see the drummer duck. one guitarist is going to run off stage. another just seems frozen in shock. a man who was inside the concert hall at the time said many of the people climbed up to the roof to escape. even in the chaos, though, there were still acts of kindness. >> everyone i had seen really beautiful behaviors there. people, we were gentlemen. it was ladies first. people in danger, but they think about the others, helping the other. >> the man who talked to lester
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even supposed to go to the concert that night. it was a friend who gave him the ticket. you'll notice extra security during your commutes this morning. it's all in response to the paris attacks. tracie strahan is at penn station with what we now know. i just crossed through times square. i saw nypd cruisers on just about every block on my way in. >> reporter: and michael, in this post-9/11 new york city, that's something we usually do see, but when it comes to transit especially, there are already several layers of security in place. you'll see extra surveillance here at penn station and grand central terminal as well. customers have already been given a heads up to expect things like random bag checks and see officers on trains and bus in the wake of the attacks. that was something seen yesterday at giants game. authorities are also stepping up patrols at places like times square and large venues where large crowds tend to congregate.
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despite all of this ramped-up protection, what happened in paris on friday is still on the forefront of many minds here at home. >> in a way, yes. you always think about the most famous areas in new york city and you think if you're exposed to any danger. >> it's in the back of your head, but you can't let it worry you. you just got to keep on going. >> reporter: port authority says they have also stepped up patrols as well. not just on bridges and tunnels, michael, but also at port authority terminal. nypd tweeting out several photos, especially yesterday, of them on patrol, saying this is what we do. so they're really making a commitment to reassure everyone that they have a plan in place. back to you. >> and to have that presence there, tracie. all right. thank you so much. 4:37 right now. this morning as we learn more about the victims of the attacks around the world, tributes and memorials for them are growing. here's a live look at a tribute that's lit up right now. the arch in washington square park is lit up in the colors of the french flag.
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consulate on the upper east side. kat, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, darlene. this morning we're taking a look around here. not only is this memorial getting larger, but you look around here, you see the candles, the flowers, and the tributes. there are also messages written there, messages of support and solidarity. letters have been left here. we also want to show you what took place in brooklyn. more than 100 people gathered there in carol park for a prayer vigil. one of the community leaders said we stand together with paris, and then they prayed. they also marched over to st. agnes church in brooklyn for another prayer service. many of the people at that gathering are french-americans. many have been in constant contact with friends and family. for one woman, she feels fortunate her family is safe. . >> all my friends in paris are really just still reeling. thank god everybody is okay. >> reporter: and here, as we
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posters, letters showing support and solidarity for the french people from new yorkers and also the flags here are at half staff. that's the way it is for all the flags across the city. mayor de blasio ordered them to be lowered in tribute for the victims of the massacre. back to you. >> all right, katherine creag. thank you so much. at st. patrick's cathedral, a special tribute. sunday mass began in french and featured words of comfort for those in attendance. services ended with the french national anthem. governors and lawmakers are now battling over america's open-door policy to syrian refugees. the u.s. says it is committed to taking at least 10,000 people in. some of them are already settling in florida. now some lawmakers want to stop admitting the migrants immediately. they fear isis fighters will slip into the u.s. with them. the white house insists the
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>> there's a very careful vetting process that includes our intelligence community, our national counterterrorism center. >> right now there's no responsible way to do the vetting and that's the reality. >> the governors of michigan and alabama now say they will not allow syrian refugees into their states. michigan had allowed them to settle there before. right now, president obama is discussing the isis threat at the g-20 summit in turkey. yesterday he met with russian president vladimir putin. they talked about how to handle syria. that's where isis is now based. president obama also vowed to stand shoulder to shoulder with france and help the country track down the paris killers. >> the killing of innocent people based on a twisted ideology is an attack not just on france, not just on turkey, but it's an attack on the civilized world. >> yesterday the g-20 leaders began their session with a moment of silence. they'll do that again today at
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paris stop to remember the tragedy. david ushery is in paris right now. stay with with us for a live report at 5:00. still ahead, it's not something commuters are used to hearing. who's actually pushing to, yes, lower fares. and today could be the nicest day of the week with sunshine. temperatures into the 60s. a cooler shot heading our way tomorrow. rain likely by thursday. we'll talk about this and more straight ahead. >> and we have weekend track work still wrapping up. coming up, a check on the rest of your commute. and what's happening today in new jersey, what could be the first step to legalizing marijuana. don't forget, follow us on facebook and twitter, michaelg4ny, darlene4ny. instagram as well. you're watching "today in new
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it's 4:43. here are four things to know this morning. here's a live picture from paris. a very large memorial is now in place paris. and france launches air strikes targeting isis. today, new york city is unveiling new safety improvements for pedestrians at several locations. and today, big sign of the season. it's the grand central terminal holiday fair opening up, featuring 74 vendors. it's mostly for all the husbands who forget that gift until the last day. >> right. >> furiously buying anything they can. >> but lucky grand central has
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some really nice shops now. >> it really is fantastic. >> you're okay if you're in that situation. >> you're not going to get one of those little boxes made with match sticks. >> right. shannon, here's a giants helmet. >> that might not go over so well. >> in the meantime, the holiday season, that feel is in the air a little more this weekend with chillier temperatures. today is going to turn out to be the mildest day of the week. the much more comfortable day of the week. a little less wind. a little more sunshine. and a little more warmth. 53 degrees right now with a clear sky in the city. that's a good starting point. suburbs, quite a bit chillier. seeing a lot of 30s in the northwestern suburbs especially. not as chilly as recent mornings. sunshine for the entire day. really nice for this time of the year. temperatures between 60 and 65 this afternoon. it does turn colder and breezy later on tonight. a front drops down from the north and knocks our temperatures down tomorrow. a real treat today compared to where we should be. normal temperature is 54 degrees. we're going to be ten degrees above that today.
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50 in hoboken this hour. 47 in jackson heights. most of long island is in the 40s. 30s in westhampton. around the edges here, poughkeepsie in the 30s. certainly heavier jacket needed in the suburbs. we're fine for now. there's some moisture lurking off towards the south and west. that will be a bigger player by the time we get to thursday. there's a front from the north that will drop down later tonight. not a lot of weather in terms of clouds and moisture associated with it, but we're likely to get into chillier temperatures on a more northeasterly breeze. future tracker, looking good throughout the day today. most of the clouds stay to the north. you can see the little thin patch of clouds. that's the actual front that's going to drop on through tonight. once it does, the wind turns more northeasterly. tomorrow we're fine. still looking at sunshine. notice by wednesday, more clouds start to gather. as we go through time, you'll
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gathering to the west of us. that's what's going to push in here by the time we get to thursday. for today, 63 degrees. enjoy it, soak it up. for tonight, about 41 in the city. nearby suburbs in the upper 30s. distant suburbs, upper 20s. the fly in the ointment in terms of getting any rain this week looks to be thursday. could be a good soaking rain. 62, a milder day. back to breezy conditions on friday but clearing out, 56. a changeable sky saturday and sunday, temperatures low 50s. early on, on a monday morning commute. hopefully no big problem, emily. >> no big problems throughout. your ride is moving along okay through queens. in new jersey, a couple things going on. in elizabeth, route 1-9 southbound at 439, a couple lanes taken up due to a crash.
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also in cliffton just before 46 another crash. let's take a look at the george washington bridge this morning. moving along fine. also, the lincoln and holland dealing with really no delays. some construction wrapping up. by laguardia airport, grand central parkway looks great. no delays. the turnpike by indian field road also a smooth ride this morning. for your commuter checklist, keep in mind lirr, new timetables are in effect. everything is starting off on schedule and alternate side and meter rules are in effect. more weather and traffic coming up. >> emily, thank you very much. five men who spent the last 13 years at guantanamo bay are now free. department of defense determined they're no longer a threat. the five are all from yemen, but because the u.s. considers their homeland to be too unstable, they were sent to the united arab emirates for resettlement instead. their release leaves guantanamo bay with 107 detainees. today, new jersey lawmakers
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will hold a hearing on legalizing recreational marijuana. clergy, health professionals, law enforcement offici s, and other policy experts will testify. governor chris christie says he will not approve recreational use. right now marijuana is only legal for medical use in new jersey. an mta board member plans to push for lower prices for new yorkers who take lirr and metro north. according to the daily news, he plans to plead his case at the mta's board meeting today. in a letter to the paper, mta officials say lowering ticket costs would lead to loss of $70 million a year in fares. today, new york's once powerful state senator is due in court for the start of his corruption pri . prosecutors say skelos used his influence to get his son a job. both will be tried on charges of bribery and conspiracy.
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in connecticut today, bridgeport mayor elect joe ganum will name his transition team. he won back his old month in this month's election. his transition team will prepare him to a return to office. on long island a father and son face charges in a major heroin bust. prosecutors say richard bruno sister and richard bruno jr. were the ring leaders of a drug operation that stretched from suffolk can want ounty to brooklyn. investigators seized 19,000 envelopes of heroin ready for street sale. detectives plan to release more information on this bust later today. this morning, new calls for safety reforms after another corrections officer was attacked at rikers island. officials say two prisoners are charged with tossing scalding liquid on the officer's face thursday. it happened just days after a correction officer was slashed in the face at rikers. brooklyn borough president and officers from across the city
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are now pushing i for stricter safety measures.e 4:50 now. still to come, just as you start to think about that thanksgivng me annu, concerns now about a turkey price hike. zblshlgts and on the run. a zebra, how it got loose in a major city. you're watching "today in new
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welcome back. 53 degrees. i think that's a nice tee mperature for the middle of november. 4:53 in the morning. not too bad at all. i think that's okay. could be worse. >> big difference is suburbs. some to 20 degrees colder than that. by afternoon, we're heading into the low 60s. 63. that includes even the suburbs starting out in the 30s this morning.
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a pleasantly mild amp fternoon. en a quick shot of chillier air for tonight. a clear sky, 41 in the city. back to the 20s and 30s in the burbs. only unsettled day this week looks like thursday. we'll more about that in the next half hour. >> thank you very much. lauren is off, but we're thrilled to have emily this morning. >>ke good morning. we have some weekend track work. should be wrapping up very soon. if you head out, just keep in mind these lines are still dealing with some of that track work. also, the buses. we have delays. the b-63, bx-19, m-101, 102 going to be detoured this morning. >> thank you very much. >> t> now, this is not your erage police chase. these animals escaped in philadelphia. theyvaere free for about 20 minutes. one zebra was nabbed by police.
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second said, you got the wrong zenebra. animal rights activists are not laughing about this. they think it's very serious. >> it's a horrific experience for the zebras who probably saw a chance to escape and thought they were going to maybe get some outside time instead of being in a small pen. instead, they end up in traffic, running, terrifying. >> fortunately, they were captured safely. the circus says the animals are okay but are investigating how they escaped. you may want to thi abott changing your thanksgiving menu this year. an avian flu outbreak could drive up the price of turkey. the flu killed 3% of turkeys in april and may. but if you buy a frozen turkey, chances are it was frozen in march before the outbreak. >> when the turkey comes from the farm, it's taken to be packaged, ready, sealed up, and instantly flash frozen down to zero degrees.
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>> however, the u.s. agriculture department still predicting a 20% price hike this thanksgiving. and this morning, a warning about antibiattics in your food. using them to stimulate growth in livestock may cause the drugs to be ineffective when used to treat infections in people. this poses the greatest danger to children who have the highest rates of drug resistant infections. just like humans, animals should only receive antibiotics for infections. all right. did you watch the giants game? it was a heartbreaking loss. the last second at metlife stadium. they were trailing the pat$4ots by one. just over two minutes to play. joint ants appear to score a touchdown. they did a review. didn't have complete control of the ball. giants had to settle for a field goal, up by two. one second remaining, the patriots got a 54-yarder. that gave them the 27-26 win.
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we knew it would have to be physical. was it as physical as i would have liked? i don't know. i'm have to look at the numbers. very frustrating loss. >> despite that loss, the giants amazingly remain in first place.ank you, nfc east. this week it's a bye week for them. they'll next play washington. that won't be until november 29th. the mets may be in the market for a new second baseman. daniel murphy turned down the team's offer of a one-year it $15.8 million contract friday. that suggests he may seek a long-term contract worth more money elsewhere. mud rphy set a new record by sitting a home run in six consecutive games this past postseason. but he also committed two key errors in the world series. we'll see what happens there. >> someone is going to snap him upro. >> i tllnk he'll be okay. coming up on 5:00 a.m.. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading our app on your mobile device.
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our next hour starts right now. we're monitoring several new developments in paris. raids, air strikes, and word now that two more attackers have been identified. right now, tighter security as you head out the door. what's being done to keep you safe. and this morning, memorials are growing. not just in paris but around the world for the victims of the attacks. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. coming up on 5:00 a.m. on this monday. it's november 16th. good morning. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. chris cimino is here with the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. quiet start weather-wise out there. a little bit of a range in temperature from low 40s in north babylon. go along the north coast, northport is 51. milder there. milder yet in the city at 52. then it drops to the 30s through most of the northern half of new jersey. 40s and 30s across the hudson valley. danbury at freezing mark. we're starting out with a clear sky.
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a quick climb into the 60s by noon. 63 the expected high this afternoon. notice all those sun symbols. a very nice afternoon. emily west in for lauren this morning. >> still these crashes in new jersey. first one in elizabeth on route 1-9 southbound at 439. couple lanes blocked. there's also road work heading into new jersey. that's causing a slow down. clifton, 21 northbound, another crash there. new timetables in effect for lirr. more weather and traffic coming up. >> emily, thank you very much. and now to the terror attacks in paris. there's been several new developments overnight on the investigation. just learning now that investigators have identified two more of the attackers. kerry barrett is in the newsroom with that. >> yeah, michael, there's a lot breaking right now. french officials say the suspected mastermind behind these paris attacks is linked to some previous unsuccessful train
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and church attacks.
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