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tv   News 4 New York at Noon  NBC  November 16, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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and good afternoon, everyone i'm shiba russell. >> and i'm rob schmitt. its been a busy morning. in the investigation in paris, we're stilling getting new information by the minute. first an international manhunt, investigators say this man, alabama dell hamid abaaoud likely the master mind of the coordinated attacked, 27 years old, he's on the run. >> france is retaliating, they've destroyed a jihadi terrorist camp. france's president, francios hollande addressed two chambers of parliament says they will eradicate terrorism and at the same time president obama says this threat will not last. >> we are united against this threat.
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our goal, as i've said many times is to degrade and ultimately destroy this barbaric terrorist organization. >> we have been following every development today here and in paris. we to want begin with news 4's chief investigative reporter, jonathan deeds and the terror suspects behind the attacks. >> reporter: working around the clock to close down the support network. they expanded their network, arresting extremists trying to prevent the next attack. we know now a lot more about who they say carried out the paris attacks. in cities across france, over 100 raids, weapons were seized, launcher. but the alleged master mind of the paris attacks remains for now, out of reach in syria. alongside fellow isis fighters. his name is abdelhamid abaaoud.
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he's a radical clerk who lived in the same brussels neighborhoods where three brothers tied to the bombers lived. one brother remains a fugitive. investigators believe he drove some of the bombers to the targets. in a car loaded with ak-47s. his brother was one of the suicide bombers at the concert hall. the other brother, arrested in belgium over the weekend. four of the seven other paris bombers have been identified. this bomber, carried a syrian passport and blew himself up outside the soccer stadium. he made it from syria through greece and then on to paris. bomber omar ismaaiyl lived in france and bombed the concert hall. he's a known radical and turkish officials reportedly warned he was traveling back and forth to syria. this man, also identified. two remaining bombers still not known. isis released a video and threatened washington, d.c. investigators believe the cleric
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from belgium might have ties to pass plots, including the "charlie hebdo" massacre and a foiled plot to shoot passenger on a french train. and it may have been his contact with some of the suspects inside syria that helped lead to the latest attack in paris. no word if french or u.s. officials know where in syria that belgium cleric might be hiding. french officials are vowing to hit isis targets and terrorists inside syria. in the newsroom, jonathan dienst, back to you. >> thank you. at the same time, people in paris and around the world are remembering the lives taken in the attacks. this is a live look at one memorial in paris right now. people have left flowers and messages there all day long. news 4's david ushery is in paris where it is evening now with their story. >> reporter: a spokesperson told
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us that attendance is off by a little bit, but not by much. we've seen a steady stream of terrorists come. and the last photographer to look down, we've seen police officers and elsewhere, we have seen military personnel as well. >> all the people say us, thank you, you make good job. and they are very happy to see us in the city. >> reporter: now this is the third day of national mourning here in france. and earlier, there is a moment of silence, right along with the prime minister, and also, in places like the place where we were, we saw people stop, pause, and reflect. and then, they started trying to get about their normal business, their normal routine, although nothing is normal here, but people headed to the subways, someone who rode on the subways today told us they thought there were fewer people than usual. parents took kids to school, but there is a stepped up police presence around paris and there's a general, general sense of unease.
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and they don't feel safe. especially given the global developments and what's happening. so an effort today to try to get back to normal or at least some routine, but still very much a feeling of unease here in paris. rob, shiba, back to you. >> understandably nervous there in paris. david, thank you. the eiffel tower is once again open to the public. it was closed since friday's attacks. cheers and applause broke out about 90 minutes ago when tourists began riding elevators to the top. like many othri iconic buildings and monuments around the world, including here in new york whereabout 116-year-old tower is now lit up in the colors of the french flag. here in new york, well-wishers are gather on fifth avenue to sign a condolence book for those lost in the paris attacks. visitors must walk through a metal detector.
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heavy security also posted at transit stations all across our area in the wake of the paris attacks. news 4's tracie strahan is at penn station, tracie, so far, no specific threat to new york? >> reporter: that's exactly right, shiba. and you heard david speaking about it in paris, here at home, we have seen layers of security since before day break, really, just now we saw new york state police troopers patrolling the area, and we spoke to a lieutenant from the mta police, he said passengers have been giving them an extra glance, especially since the city's top cop said what happened in paris could certainly happen here. it was nearly impossible for a commuter to walk through a major transit hub in the area without passing some form of extra security today. >> i saw three additional police officers in the main waiting area. >> reporter: extra national guardsmen stood post at penn station during the morning commute. deployed along with mta, amtrak, and nypd officers. the patrols and surveillance
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have become routine, but in the wake of friday's terror attacks in paris, some felt the increased manpower was a welcomed sight. >> what happened in paris, yeah, there should be more. >> security i'm pretty sure is tight enough, you know public. >> reporter: k-9 units patrolled at day break break, and subway riders that random bag searches and random uniform patrol could be part of the morning rush. while he insists there's no indication of a specific threat, police commissioner bill bratton says the extra lay yers of security have been activated based on the blaef that new york is always a top terror target. and he plans to add another 500 people to a direct counterterrorism effort. >> and here we have the financial capital of the world, the institute capital of the world, the news capital of the world, it is all that they hate, so we are the most likely target. >> reporter: as a result of that, things like those random bag checks and extra police on platforms is something you'll likely see during the evening commute as well.
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being asked by all of these agencies to be as vigilant as possible. we're live in penn station, tracie strahan, news 4 new york. >> thank you. we will continue to bring you any breaking updates on the paris attacks throughout the day. you can also get update any time on nbc new and on the news 4 new york app. coming up next here at noon, a medical break through, how doctors in new york gave a firefighter a new face. and a special honor for an american hero who took center stage at the stock exchange today. and we're talking about some colder air, much colder air working in our direction, and the possibility of rain as we head through the midweek, we'll tell you about it and give you the timing coming up in just a
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right now, cameras are in court for a hearing for the convicted killer known as the grid kid slayier. john juco was convicted of killing college football player mark fisher back in 2013. today family members of both fisher and juka are in court along with a witness that testified against him. prosecutors are reviewing evidence that the defense says could challenge his murder conviction. defense attorneys say prosecutorial misconduct led to that conviction. you may remember this video from june. kelly duggan, and employee of the apple month sorry school roughly hand american league two-year-old girl. prosecutors offered duggan a plea deal that was reduce the charges against her to one count of child endangerment, if she accepts, she'll spend six months behind bars outside court. she told the i-team she does not deserve to go to jail.
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her next date is november 30th. mississippi firefighter has a new face all thanks to surgeons at nyu medical ce ter. patrick heartson was badly burned while trying to rescue a woman from a house fire back in 2001. and this august, he got a new face, scalp, and neck in a 26-hour operation. it is the most complex facial transplant ever, all made possible by the family of the donor, a 27-year-old man killed in a bike accident. 93 days now after the surgery, patrick is healthy, enjoying being able to walk around without people staring at him. wow. >> wow, that is something else. turning now to the terror in paris. the attacks were marked in the financial markets today with a moment of silence at both the nasdaq and the new york stock exchange. medal of honor recipient, captain flornt groberg ran a single chime of the opening beflt stock exthange. it w followed by a moment of silence there on the floor. and all day, the nasdaq ticker
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and time's square will display e paris peace sign along with of course, the stock quotes. the army captain who rang the bell at the stock exchange was born in france and became an american citizen 14 years ago. he was given the medal of honor for tack american league suicide bomber in afghanistan in the summer of 2012. earlier today, he sat down with our own michael on "today" in new york and told us what is it is like to receive such an honor. >> we could tell it was a very emotional time for you. what was going through your mind? >> don't fall out. and, you know, just kind of keep it together. my composure. it was just overwhelming. it was very emotional. >> what a story. you can see the full interview tonight on news 4 at 7:00 on cozy tv, check your local listings for that number for that station. >> yeah, timely interview, considering what has just happened in paris. >> true. in today's money report, facebook may keep a feature that was very helpful in the wake of
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a paris attacks. >> yeah, mary thompson joins us from cnbc's gloeshl headquarters with that and a check of the markets on this monday, mary. >> good morning, good afternoon to you, stocks are mixed at this hour. the dow and sepp showing some gains. the nasdaq showing some very, very slight losses today. now this weekend's terrorist attacks in paris doing little to shake the markets at home or abroad. where they closed mixed as well. in the wake of those attacks though, facebook says its plans to increase the use of its safety check tool, this lets facebook users check in and mark themselves safe on their facebook profile after unexpected and deadly attacks like those in paris or after natural disasters. users like it, but it means facebook is likely to come under criticism for when it activates this tool because it will have the discretion to activate it after some events, but not others. well, there's a big deal about in the hotel industry, marriott is paying $12.2 billion for starwood hotels. a move that'll increase its presence in europe, latin
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america, and asia. with over 1.1 million rooms and over 5,500 hotels under names including cherren to, and ritz. the combined firearm will be the largest hotel company. rob and shiba, back to you. >> all right, that's huge news, mary, i think anybody who's a starwood member now needs to check to make sure the loyalties will stay in place. >> then there's that. >> who's worried about being inside a room? >> gorgeous outside, just beautiful today. folks, let's head outside, look outside with the time square shot. a lot of construction going on, a lot of traffic, people outside enjoying the sunny weather and ese mild temperatures, look at it already. 63 degrees at 12:15. let's go and take a look at the y headlines righ now, and that'll set our agenda for the next 90 seconds or so. sunny and milder day, that we have felt already during the morning hours and we'll get a re
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great dose through the afternoon. but, we are going to w e up tomorrow to much cooler condheions, and we will gain those cooler temperatures with ohigher wind spieds and that is only going make it feel better. enough that it is goinn to be call for the use of the $6378 in central park, same in emerson. 67 rosell, 67 at newark too and 2i6 in parsnipy. 55, the cool spot in monticello. 52 in poughkeepsie and 60 in bridgeport. 52349 month t k everyone, couple clouds hangings around, that's all she wrote. to tmorrow morning, the first series of changes for the week happen, and they relate to the mercury. 34 is what it's going to feel like as you walk out the door at 8:00. then, as we head to ahe afternoon hours, and through the evening, we go up, and then slide down.
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anyearthen, as we head into wednesday, 54 degrees i' what it's going to feel like, but we could still see al breeze in the air. all right. the future tracker shows that we do have a system pushing in from the west right now. that is going to bring us our rain as we head into wednesday. so, late wednesday night, that's when we call for west to east showers beginning to move on in, and then as we head into thkeursday morning, more significant rain begins to work its way over the metropolitan area and the tri-state. 41 s degrees should be the temperature tonight, turning colder as weas talked about. suburbs, look at that number there. 20s, yes, we could see some 20s out ther and 30s in the near suburbs. 50 degrees tomorrow, much cooler and east winds five to 15 miles per hour. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. so we head into the cooler temperatures tomorrow. wednesday night and thursday, but we'll level out to ice conditions.
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albeit on the cool side. and the weekend looks good. at's a quick look at your forecast everybody. back to you guys at the desk. >> we'll take it today. thanks so much. all right. one dad's misadventure with a gopro has people all over the world shaking their heads. joseph griffin who's from ireland borrowed a gopro from his son for his vacation to las vegas. he was recording during all the sight-seeing with the camera in selfie mode. hinds son posted the video on hilarious. oh dad, griffin describing all the scenery he thinks he's recording while we just stare at daed's face. >> at least he tried. those things look incredibly difficult to operate. for me. >> now, now. doaln't age yourself. "new york live's coming up next he lre. >> you're very kind, shiba. that is a major fail. major fail. >> poor guy, poor guy. all right. well coming up, kim fields makes
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her real house wooifs debut. we are chatting with kenya moore about what he she really thinks and the latest feuds brewing this season. we knoll there's got to be some. >> plenty. the famous whale at the natural history museum look different? we're getting surprising secrets of the city landmark. that and more here at 4:30. >> okay. real housewives f atlanta, getting good. >> that's your show, shiba. >> that's her guilty pleasure. all right. thanks, ladies. still ahead here on news 4 new york at noon. the circus animals who made a run for it, you see it right there, look at that, the great escape.
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well get ready for a pair of adorable new animals to move into the bronx zoo. mayor de blasio is now telling the chinese that a gift of pandas is welcome. china was reluctant, rather, to send over the pair without the mayor's blessing. at first, he objected to the high cost of maintaining the bears, well now the daily news reports that private funds will pay for the pandas upkeep. police had to get creative in wrang lg two zebras that escaped. this is video of them running through the city. they escaped from the universe soul circus outside the man center yesterday after about 20 minutes of freedom, one zebra was nabbed by police, the second caught about 20 minutes after that. the circus trying to figure out how the animals broke free. they should have just let them stay free and procreate. i'd like to see them walking around dplpd they had a good trot going down the roadway
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there. >> put them on in. >> blend them right in. still ahead here at noon, a sign of the season right here at 30 rock. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see, we need an internet that can do more. we do more games,
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to stick with him. [ male announcer ]rrr you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospitalnthat accepts medicare patients. p p plus, there are no networks, and virtually no referralsvvv needed. see why millions of people have already enrolled in the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. well with just 39 days and counting until christmas, signs of the holidays are popping up everywhere, including right here at rockefeller center. today's crews hoisted a 500
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pound star to the top of this year's rockefeller center christmas tree. that star weighs 550 pounds, is made up of 25,000, the crystals, the 78-foot norway spruce will get more bling and lights before the 83rd annual christmas tree lighting on december 2nd. you can watch that live right here on nbc 4. there you go. >> just when you didn't think it was the holiday season. there you go. and the music. cue the music. it's here. >> it's holidays, yeah. tonight on news 4 new york beginning at 5:00, david ushery reports live from paris as the investigation into those terror attacks continue. plus how are the terrorists able to plan the attacks without anybody noticing? we take a closer look at the apps, even a video game system that may have helped them fly under the radar. that's coming up tonight here at 5:00. and don't forget, for breaking news and weather updates any time, anywhere, be sure to log on to nbcnew or our mobile app.
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