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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  November 17, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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brussels, but the two men deny any wrongdoing. today in paris, investigators found an apartment recent many rented by abdeslam and his terrorist brother who blew himself up in the attack. inside, next to pizza boxes, syringes and other materials believed used to make the suicide bomb belts. outside another car believed used to carry out the attacks. another of abdelslam's brothers speaking from brussels called for him to surrender. and investigators today think another gunman, a ninth attacker, might have escaped as well. investigators have now identified six of the paris bombers. two of the dead remain unidentified. and they point to the ringleader in syria abdelhamid. one isis video shows him driving a truck holding dead bodies. attempts to track him and kill
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him in an airstrike even before friday's attacks in paris unsuccessful. secretary of state kerry tells nbc security officials worry every day about potential isis and al qaeda plots. >> we had a bomb that didn't go off in times square, if you recall, a couple years ago. this is within total capacity and nobody should express shock that terrorists have the ability to kill people. >> airstrikes are continuing in raids across france. more than 120 homes searched there today to try to disrupt any future plot. french police a short time ago released this image saying one of the dead bombers was traveling under a fake name, a fake passport, and they now want to find out his real name. this as the full court press continuing nonstop to find anyone who might have helped the terrorists pull off the assault. live in the newsroom, i'm jonathan dienst, back to you.
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to the public today amid concerns. the tribute and tears continue to pour out in a city determined to stand strong. david ushery is in paris where he's seeing it firsthand. david, a lot to take in. >> reporter: i spent the day talking to a number of people not only gathered here but elsewhere throughout paris trying to get how they're feeling. they don't know the details of the investigation as jonathan just outlined, but they know there is a manhunt on. i also talked to new yorkers, and a short while ago a couple students, one from new jersey and one from white plains. they shared with me their thoughts and experiences over the last few days. in a coffee shop in central paris, we had coffee and conversation with alba nouri and two students traveling in paris. >> when this happened, everyone thought of their loved ones back home.
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>> i was in a restaurant near the concert venue. i heard about it and realized i'm only a block away from it. i went upstairs to one of the barmes and one of the waitresses was there and she had just seen the shooter walk by the restaurant with a gun in his hand. the poor woman was shaking. she was just terrified. >> i was supposed to be out to eat dinner, but i was feeling under the weather, so i did not. >> people have been asking me what is the feel in paris now? how are the people? what is the mood? you guys know people here, and you live here. how would characterize it for people back home? >> there is a silence. i went out right after the attacks over the weekend, and it was just so quiet, and everyone was so edgy and sort of -- everyone was on the edge. and i remember when i first got to paris, i really liked it quiet and i really appreciated it, but now it was a different sort, it was a deadly quiet, and it's just so sad that paris has become this way. >> reporter: do you still feel
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safe here? do you think about going back? >> i'm not scared per se, but obviously, i'm more rather aware. i just don't feel like you should be afraid. there's nothing to really fear at a time like this. if you stay in fear, nothing will be solved. i think it's just more of a way for us that we should all come together. >> reporter: i learned a lot from the time i spent with them, and only afterwards did it dawn on me that we were sitting at a table sipping coffee as many of the victims were that friday night. they go back in january, and they certainly have a lot to learn from this attack. back to you. a lot of syrian refugees want to come to the united states. paul ryan asked for a pause for the summons of refugees in the u.s. he said while america has always been welcoming to refugees, we
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advantage of our compassion by infiltrating the country. it is believed one made his way into europe by posing as a refugee. two dozen governors said they will not welcome refugees into their states. chris christie was one of them. he sent the letter today. it was said that it isn't the governor's decision. >> where does it say in the constitution that you can refuse a person placed by the federal government? are you going to have your militia fight the federal government at the borders of your state? it's a pure political statement. >> a spokesperson for new york senator chuck schumer says he's considering a pause in the refugee program until he can determine that the vetting process here is adequate. a father and son's touching talk about friday's attack is getting a lot of attention on
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line. >> it aired on france's journal and has been shared more than a million times on facebook. we are joined at 5:30 with more on their conversation. go to and you'll see personal stories shared by survivors of the attacks. the other big terror news we're following tonight. it was, in fact, a bomb that took down that russian plane in egypt. confirmation today from top officials. isis is claiming responsibility for that deadly crash. news4's rob schmitt is following the latest developments for us. rob? >> reporter: two employees from the airport where that metro jet took off from before crashing had been detained, this according to a senior egyptian official. and also today vladimir putin offers a major incentive, $50 million to anyone who leads russian authorities to the bombers. >> reporter: russia says samples of sand from the crash site and
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samples from the burned-out fuselage showed traces of tnt. the russians say two pounds of that explosive took down the metro jet flight that crashed in the middle of the egyptian desert on halloween, killing 224 people. most were russian tourists returning home to st. petersburg. >> translator: we won't wipe off tears over our hearts and souls. it will stay with us forever. but that will not prevent us from finding and punishing the perpetrators. >> reporter: russian president vladimir putin promised to hunt down the bombers. isis has claimed responsibility. the russians have joined the french in a new barrage of bombings on isis targets inside syria. putin, angry today, vowed revenge. >> translator: we should not apply any time limits. we should know them all by name. we will search for them everywhere, wherever they are hiding. we will find them in any spot on the planet and punish them. >> 50 million should make that search pretty interesting. prior to the plane crash, russia was clearly more focused on
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overthrow bashar al-assad. putin and assad are allies. now the general hopes to focus in on isis. now at 5:00, scary moments on a british airways flight when a passenger tried to open an exit door from london to boston. the 30-something woman was drunk. does not appear to have any ties to terrorism. they landed in boston without incident. she was taken into custody when on the ground. so many are on edge, of course, in the wake of the terror attacks in paris. simulated explosions will take place tonight at brooklyn navy yard in fort green. marc santia is on the east side with what you can expect to see and hear. >> those simulated explosions will take place across the river in brooklyn, but you'll be able to see them from here in manhattan. again, their controlled explosions. they're not a threat, not a
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danger to the public, and tonight these explosions are for a tv show. tucked away behind the walls of the brooklyn navy yard, crews are working to make a fiery scene for the small screen. tonight's stunt may be witnessed by residents on both sides of the east river. >> especially if they're large, i think it will scare the hell out of people. >> with large coverage of the terrorist attacks, guns and explosions dominating the airways, folks in the five bur bur -- boroughs are on edge. >> it makes me wonder how they're reaching people. >> reporter: here's one way this tweet from nyc went out to citizens, stressing the nypd and fire department will be on scene. they also work with community leaders to spread the word. with the city a hot spot for
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office of emergency management provided for investigates provided breakdown of concerns, like gunfire and raids, with 2015 having the most simulations in the past five years. >> this is incredible. it's coming every day, they're coming up. >> back across in the navy yard, marcus martinez runs a sub shop and says the filming industry has only helped this section of brooklyn. he appreciates the city always putting residents on notice when large, jarring stunts are scheduled to take place. >> it's not like the war. everything is out. >> the mayor's office spoke to the office of media and entertainment just moments ago. they tell us today's activity was permitted last week prior to the tragedy in paris. the two fireballs this evening may go as high as 20 feet in the air, and the sound is expected to be minimal. three bangs within one or two
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no heavy explosion sound. again, these two planned, controlled explosions are set to take place this evening between 5:30 and 8:30. we're live on the lower east side. i'm marc santia, new york. we're following some breaking news in new jersey. chopper 4 is over the scene in garfield where an overturned car was just pulled from the passaic river. there was a man in that car. he has been rescued and is not badly hurt. it's not known what caused that man to drive off the road. traffic is closed on river drive and river avenue. we'll give you more information as we get it. authorities want to know what went on in a new jersey examining room. a woman said she was touched inappropriately in his care twice. and she said she can prove it. jen maxfield reports from ulrich. >> his name is on the sign outside his doctor's office in central new jersey.
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board suspended the 61-year-old's medical office. dr. raman is charged with sexual misconduct involving a 30-year-old patient. she went to him for weakness in her hand. he groped her breasts, buttocks and genitals during a 2006 exam. two months ago, the woman came back for an exam, but this time she brought her cell phone into the exam room and recorded the entire thing. that critical piece of evidence led to criminal charges. the state ruled dr. raman will have no contact with patients, saying that touching during the two exams, quote, exceeded any appropriate neurological examination, end quote. dr. raman has been a neurologist for 33 years. he is the president-elect of the central new jersey chapter of the physicians of pakistani descent. outside his old bridge doctor's office today, patients say they prefer not being alone in the exam room with the doctor.
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>> sometimes the nurse stays in there with me. it protects the patient and it pregts protects the doctor also, for some people can make accusations. >> reporter: neither dr. raman or his attorney returned our calls for comment. hundreds of first responders rally in washington. the permanent change they're calling for and how many would benefit from it here. and actor charlie sheen announces he is hiv positive. details on his diagnosis and the questions it's raising about treatments. and janice is here. >> it's all quiet across the area tonight, but we are tracking a wall of water moving to the central part of the country that will be here by thursday. how much will we get?
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first responders made their voices heard in our nation's capitol today taking up a hot button issue affecting many here in new york. >> a rally for a permanent extension of the health and compensation act. government affairs melissa russo is following this fight. >> reporter: today veterans
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groups joined the fight, feeling a kinship with the men and women who responded to the terror attacks on 9/11. veterans said the attack on the world trade center sounded a lasting call to service for so many americans who have since served in iraq and afghanistan. some of those who worked on the toxic pile at ground zero were veterans themselves. last month marked the exploration of that law which provides for medical treatment and payouts from a victims' compensation fund for responders who can show they suffered trade center-related illnesses and injuries. >> today the veteran community is bringing a message to the house on capitol hill who think it's too expensive to support these efforts and those who answered the call of 9/11 and the weeks and months after. stand with our veterans or get run over by us. >> now, supporters say there is enough support to reauthorize
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could reach the floor. republican house chairman bob gidra tells us an alternate bill from his committee would mean a reward for their service but also a compensation fund which would benefit people who died in other sponsored attacks such as the nbc bombings in africa. some drivers in new york state can now keep proof of insurance on their smartphones. today governor cuomo's administration announced that geico is the first insurance company in the state allowed to provide its customers with electronic i.d. cards for their phones. starting today the e-card is available on the geico app. the e-cards can be used when registering vehicles and during traffic stops. the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade is only nine days away now, and some very lucky students got a sneak peek at the floats making their debut this year, the new ones.
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the kids took a fun-filled trip to the studio in new jersey today to see the six new floats. they include build a bear and snoopy's doghouse. the float will be part of a fleet of 27. you can watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade a week from thursday. >> we may just luck out with the weather. it was ridiculously cold last year, i think. >> during the thanksgiving day parade? >> it was chilly, i think. >> i remember there was one that was just -- gosh, i can't deal with this! >> looking ahead this year, it's still pretty far away even though it's about a week away. there is a slight chance it could be relatively mild. we're still tracking all that and we'll let you know in the days to come. in the meantime we're tracking rain headed in our direction. that will be here on thursday. temperatures today were cooler across the area by some 10 degrees in most spots, maybe even 15 degrees. 40s and 50s this afternoon. didn't warm up that much but it was a beautiful day. we're expecting another chilly night across the area as the
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temperatures drop off into the 30s. already 30s in some spots. clouds are moving through tonight but they'll be thicker tomorrow and the rain will follow that into thursday. you're cool in fairfield, 37. 38 in stanford. quite a few sprinkles across the plains. elsewhere in the 40s, but it is cool. a few scattered high clouds are out there right now. the thicker clouds are still back to the west. they will be moving in tomorrow. part of this big storm system, low spinning in wichita, kansas. snow on the back side of that. thunderstorms and severe weather out ahead of it with heavy rain to the west of memphis down near houston, and these are all tornado watches that are in effect for the mid mississippi river valley, so severe weather there tonight. all storms head to the east on thursday. we'll start to see some drizzle on wednesday night, but between 3:00 and 11:00 in the evening on thursday, that's when it will be the stormiest with gusty winds, more than an inch of rain as well as street and highway
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the evening commute on thursday seems to be the worst part of it. some areas will see more than an inch of rain, some areas an inch and a half of rain. this evening we have clouds here and there, temperatures in the 40s. it's dry tonight, it's cloudier tomorrow and we'll start to see some drizzle tomorrow evening. a high of 56. it's a little bit warmer. very mild on thursday and stormy, but clearing out in time for the weekend. guys, back to you. >> jans, ice, thank you. still ahead, the confession from bombshell from charlie sheen. >> i am hiv positive. >> when he got the diagnosis and
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well, it is the health
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announcement that has a lot of you talking. actor charlie sheen tells the world he is hiv positive. >> in that exclusive interview on the "today" show, sheen says he's had that disease for four years. we report on the questions that this is raising. >> i'm here to admit that i am, in fact, hiv positive. >> reporter: charlie sheen's very personal health battle turned into a public announcement on the "today" show. >> i have a responsibility now to better myself and to help a lot of other people. >> reporter: eric bartley of brooklyn has been living with hiv for 35 years and applauds the actor's decision to speak out. >> mr. sheen's announcement in this situation has again brought up this conversation, and i'm glad that it has. >> reporter: sheen's announcement, similar to basketball legend "magic" johnson's admission 25 years ago he had contracted the virus. >> we have come a long way, but at the same time we still have a long way to come.
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>> reporter: advocates say while sheen's announcement helps bring renewed awareness to hiv and aids, it also highlights something more sinister. sheen claims he's been blackmailed over and over again to keep his then secret quiet. >> i don't want to guess wrong, but enough to bring it into the millions. >> there's something about hiv, obviously, in society that leaves someone to be so terrified to be outed that he would pay millions for that. that tells us there is still a stigma with hiv and aids. >> reporter: sheen's doctor says the virus is undetectible in his blood thanks to therapy. rendering the virus undetectible is key. >> if someone can render the disease undetectible, something mr. sheen says he is now, then
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we think that's the way to fight hiv and aids. a big recall for a popular food that could be in your freezer. we have everything you need to know. and a father's touching talk with his son about the paris terror attacks is seen by millions.
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