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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  November 19, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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ers ers. he is now linked to 4 of 6 terror plots foiled by french police this spring. and tonight, the french people were expressing cautious relief. >> it is good news that terrorist is dead. >> it still takes time to swallow it all up and digest. >> reporter: he died in a raid in saint denis, and this is a picture she post d ed on social media in june this year according to the belgian media. and a source close to the investigation said that she is abaaoud's cow usin. there was a little bit captured on video moments before the explosion. forensic teams are pouring over the saint denis, and chilling attacks captured the moments
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the shows bullets being fired and glass flying. on the outside of the upper left-hand corner of the tv, the terrorist is armed with a rifle and turns to aim at another target, but the gun jams and he runs away. the people escape to the cellar. in paris tonight as people are going about their lives, they are worried. >> this could have been me, and obviously, it is not something that you take on and move on the next day. >> and perhaps a greater reason to worry are, a lot of discussion if this is a intelligence failure, and abaaoud al allowed to move through so many kun countries and end up right here. and government officials say that those of the european union need to wake up and coordinate their efforts in a better way. live in paris, i'm david ushery, and back to you, chuck and sibila sibila. >> yes, we have shoppe you pick wn you
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up in a new isis video, and authorities say that there is no credible threat, and they reinforced it last hour. >> we are working around the clock as we have since 9/11 and before for any plot that takes aim at the people, the infrastructure and our way of life. >> news 4's reporter is there in times square with more. >> chuck, i asked can a commanding officer of the nypd what his greatest concern is, and he said a simultaneous attack like in paris, but he said that no one is more equipped and prepared to handle something like that than the nypd. >> reporter: the post terror attacks and the isis propaganda posts specific threats, but there is s is no credible threat, and team
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teams are heightened in the city. and more teams are in times square ready to act in a moment's notice. >> and chief brattin said that as many as five simultaneous attacks could be handled at any one time. >> it is the canines that can far exceed anything that a human can smell. >> reporter: this is taylor, an explosive detection dog checking out the garbage cans and bags. rachel the friendly labrador who is seeming to get uncomfortably close, and sniffing for vapor given off by explosive s a s and so for example if someone were wearing them. >> and we are one component for a much greater and efficient and
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strategy that the new york city department has employed. >> reporter: that strategy is evolving everyday to give new yorkers a peace of mind. >> i am keep my eyes open more. >> and again, no credible threat against new york city according to authorities, and they say that as we embark upon the holiday season with so many e events going on in the city, do, as you would normally do. i'm live here in times square for news 4, new york. >> thank you, brynn. and nou w a growing discussion over whether syrian refugees should be allowed inside of the united states. natalie is following this one closely. >> yes, the bill passed hours ago and it presses pause on the flow of refugees into the u.s. from syria. today's vote of 289 to 137
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concerns in the deadly aftermath of the attacks in paris. the house bill would require the fbi to require a background check of any refugee that spent time in syria or iraq in 2011 and goes back years here. the bill calls for the heads of the fbi, the department of homeland security and national intelligence to personally vouch that those admitted are not a threat. speaker paul ryan called protect ing the homeland an urgent responsibility. >> when we have indications that some of the paris bombers, and one at least, may have come through the refugee routes, don't you think that common sense dictates that we should take a pause and get this right? >> rather this than slamming the doors to the world's most vul vulnerable, we should be considering legislation to strengthen and, pand refugee program s s. >> it is important the note that none of the terrorists identified in the paris attack
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have been syrian refugees. president obama has defended the e refugee plan saying it is the core of american values. and now, this is a veto-proof majority,ed a right now, it is unclear if the senate will take up the measure once they return from thanksgiving recess, and the president has vowed to the veto it. and tonight, lester holt talked exclusively to the french police officer who led the group into the bataclan theater. >> as soon as we opened the door, one of the terrorists shot 25 to 30 rounds of the ak-47 bullets. 7. 7.0 caliber. >> right here? >> yes. >> and you can see the entire interview tonight with lester on "world news tonight."
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janice huff is tcking all of it for us. janice? >> well, chuck, it is lighter most of the day, but it is becoming heavier and the winds are picking up. and you may notice it if you go out oside, and wind-swept rain are is what we are expecting with the gusts up to 30 miles per hour, and don't be surprise ed if you see thunder and lightning with some of the downpours. we are seeing the heavier showers headed to middlesex county, and moving into new jersey now, and continue spreading across the area. the cold front is across the west with the drier air, and in the meantime, the heavier showers are picking up as the front moves through the region, and this is going to be continuing through the rest of the eveninger and pockets of heavy rain may add up to the an inch or more, and between now and say midnight and the winds will continue to uncrease. and we will talk the more about what to expect tonight and
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towards thanksgiving in a few minutes. >> thank you, janice. and you can go to the latest forecast on >> and now, a woman is found dead and tied nup a home. and investigators want to know what happened here. it happened in merrick. and in mineola, a news conference was just held, and sheldon, what do we know? >> well, we were told that there were indications that the woman's body was bound, but they would not go into detail of how. what they are saying is that they are looking into the possibility that perhaps she knew the suspect. >> reporter: yellow police tape block ed blocked the entrance to suzanne goldfarb's home. this afternoon the de e detectives continued to the search for clues.
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>> reporter: police say that she declined to have dinner with her parents tuesday nishgts and her dad stopped by to check on her last night and that is when he found the gruesome discovery. >> it was in and upstairs bedroom and lying on the bed unresponsive. >> reporter: an autopsy reveal ed she died of asphyxiation, and this has stunned the neighborhood. >> and a couple of times i have heard that people get robbed, but not like this, man. killing someone. oh, i don't foe about it. >> they have to find out who did this. it has to be found. this is ridiculous. >> reporter: and the nassau county police are investigating, but they say it does not look like anybody forced their way into goldfarb's home. >> we will explore every possibility that this person was granted entry into the house, and maybe access and possibly a key, and if possibly this person is known to the victim. >> reporter: and the neighbors and the police say not too much crime that happens in the neighborhood in merrick, and
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this evening the search continue fors continues for the suspect in this case. with we are live at nassau county police headquarters in mineola, sheldon dutes. >> thank you, sheldon. and today, a flight took off two hours later today, because somebody was on the plane that was not supposed to be. and that plane was moved to a remote location where a bomb squad did a sweep of the plane and the lug badge gage before an all of h clear clear, and no arrests have been made. and now, in more than a dozen men were arraigned after several arrests in newark. >> reporter: this nondescript apartment building on johnson avenue was home to heroin
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million to $7 million a year. six suspects are still on the run. this is a family affair, and four taken into custody are related and the two men that the police allege at the top are actually half brothers who brought two of their brothers into the operation that awe authorities say sold heroin 24 hours a day and 7 days a week here. this woman was in court where the nine faced the judge. >> i had no idea. i don't know anything. >> reporter: federal authorities say that the ring op ratd primarily on the first floor of the building and worked in designated shift, the dealers did, but u they had a lock on the whole building and paying the people here who lived here to leave theer doors open so that if they did have a raid, they had somewhere to run. >> i am looking for the solution for the ones who had the problem. >> reporter: they ran the operation mob-style and giving the families money, and food at thanksgiving and gifts at christmas.
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and they said they had a hard time to get past the crews for the people who gave them a head's up to the police. according to the indictment, some of the buyers were undercover cops with cameras and mics. pat battle, new york. and a warn for anyone who uses and at m m to get catch. >> this is a simple trick at the atm to make sure that identity thieves can't steal your information, and that is coming up. a woman has a plea for justice saying that their toddler was abused at a long island day care and the action they are taking now. >> and drivers, how does this sound, gas for $2? when you can expect to see the
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the worker at the south hampton day care sen center told them that their 1-year-old daughter averill was being abused. >> what right do they have? they were supposed to be like a third parent. >> reporter: they had been bringing her to side by side day care for three months, but then they noticed bruises on the toddler's back, arms and legs, but never suspected that she was being harmed. >> how could this happen? we entrusted them and we should not have anything to worry about. >> and two dare care employees were arrested in september, and that their cases are pending, and the police affidavits, a couple of the co-workers described their colleagues forcibly picking up children and slamming them to the floor or stuffing food into the mouths of children who refused tot eat while screaming at them. >> they should be ashamed of themselves. >> and now, a spokesperson for the agency which regulates
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side's owner s s are still contesting the case against them. and we reached what we believed to be the office of one of the owners, but he never got back to us. >> and stella said that the owners were alerted about the allegations of abuse, but in his words, ignored them. >> they should be held accountable, the owners, and the school and everybody. >> reporter: the stellas are moving to sue in this case, but they want tighter oversight like cameras in day-care pa silties, and their daughter is now being treated by a psychiatrist. >> it is going on, and it needs to stop. >> reporter: greg ser cergol, news 4, new york. and a judge sentenced a 38-year-old to 15 years and 8 months for trading in child pornography and having sex with underaged prostitutes. he spoke in court and said that he apologized and said not a day goes by that i don't think about what i did.
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they said that he suffers from mild pedophilia and he traded the food addiction for a sex ed a dick shun. >> and now, take a look at this man who is want d ed for robbing a store in the bronx. it happened in webster avenue and eisenhower street. and now shgs , the 511-year-old woman had her purse stolen, and the man got away. >> and now, the man who put a stop to the controversial bridge lanes reopened. he is now quitting. several aides of governor chris christie have been charged with orchestrating the lane close ings, but he said that he will stay on for four months to help with the executive tran thesition. >> this is a little something extra to be thankful for. if you are planning the drive, analysts expect the gas to fall
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below $2 a gallon. and the oil has dropped to below $20 a barrel, and the savings is going to be passed to consumers. americans can expect to save $7 million for gas and a little more than $40 a driver. >> yes, it makes you want to take a road trip, but onot tonight, because it is a mess out there. and it is worse in spots, too. and we have a video coming in from harlem, and the umbrella s s are up, and that is what you are doing to need for the next several hour, and that is a way s s that we have the go before it rolls in. and so far up to this point, we have had light spotty showers and not adding up to much, and in parts of new jersey, a a quarter to a third of an inch in places like andover and the city is not that much yet, and a tenth of an inch, but we are expecting it to add on to this evening evening, and up to midnight
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30 miles per hour, and in islip near the coast, and we have the wind and the rain, and these were the highs today, and despite it all into the 60s this afternoon afternoon at 63 for central park. right now, it is near 66. and tribeca bay at 6 2, and all across long island and new jersey and up to the hudson valley and connecticut, it is mild out there at this time. with the rain and the fog in spots, visibility is bad, and 2 1/2 miles in the city, and two miles in the morristown and a mile in white plains, and that is going to be a problem for the drivers for the rest of the evening. and wind gusts near farmingdale and along the coast. we are seeing the steadier rain build build, and this is going to be continuing until about midnight, the back edge of the front is here, and here is the dry cooler air across the ohio valley, and it is not going to be sliding into the area until late tonight.
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it will be near the atlantic coast, and south coast, but not here. and now, this is going to add up to about an inch of rain, before it is all said and done, and you can see it is going to continue through the rest of the evening. it will dry out tomorrow. 55 and cooler and breezy friday and saturday and sunday looking good. maybe some showers friday night into sunday, and as we are looking ahead to thanksgiving, not bad. so far, so good. 52 with dry skies. back to you. >> nice. thank you, much. still ahead, tired of being stuck in traffic? now a chance to do something about it. >> it is new york, and always a gridlockment. that is et coming around next. >> tonight at 6 #:00, a hidden treasure found in a home on staten island. >> could this be the find of a lifetime? we will have more
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investigations and more answers to tonight at 6:00. tonight, it is a night of
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traffic is a a part of life here in new york city and we have all been caught in gridlock are are. >> wouldn't you like a plan to fix it? lauren siff has a report on what would -- andrew siff has a report n hat could make it bet ter. sxwlit is chaos on this street in the morning. >> reporter: but instead of feeling helpless, david medlock found a way to vent. >> it is incredibly crowded with all of the cars jammed up in manhattan and at all of the points around the city, and it is not safe. >> reporter: he is taking pictures of his least favorite intersection christy and canal and he posted it online. on the other end of the post, joshua brooks from cornell law
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school who is hosting a site smart we got an exclusive look, because the site is up through december 1st, and the new yorkers are sharing their problem, like this woman in brooklyn worried about the traffic near her chil's school >> and then the comments will be shared with people in power. >> we will combine it into a report and then submit it to every lawmaker in new york state. >> reporter: and that is going to be added to a group owho is wantinging to add some tolls and low lower tolls at some bridges and tunnel, and then add a automatic collection spot. the plan plants to generate $1.5 billion >> we are convinced that the more the average new yorker understands the move new york plan the more likely they will support it. >> reporter: but the plan has
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many opponents, and encountered albany gridlock something that even the interactive web traffic can't get around. andrew siff, news 4, new york. and now, a look at what is coming up new at 5:30. >> chuck and sibila, a broken down rides right ton on the street, and we will tell you where in the city it is the worst. and we investigate the red flag s that you need to look out for. >> a bus driver behind the wheel with passengers on board and blind blinded by a laser. i'm marc santia, and how he managed to stop the bus and keep new yorkers safe. and also, the crooks are breathing new life into a scheme that we have seen many time s s before. we will show you how to protect yourself the next time you take
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