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tv   News 4 New York at 11  NBC  November 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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the stepped up efforts to track down the final key player s in the paris massacre. and who the u.s. now has under surveillance. a father finds his daughter dead in her home. her body found. was she murdered? a string of fires, homes destroyed and now we're learning it could be the work of an arsonist. more on those stories in a moment but first it is nasty outside. >> heavy rain, whipping wind and water pooling in some areas. . >> it i starting to dry out from the city west ward. we are seeing rain in coastal connecticut and parts of long island. you are seeing the last of it there. heavy showers near smithtown and brentwood. across the sound in to connecticut. that's moving eastward, heading
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you will see heavy rain in stony brook centerreach and holbrooke as it moves to the east. so far for parts of long island the most you see is a half inch in farmingdale. off ways to go. may get an inch of rain before this is said and done. you have seen soefr an inch of rain, one and a third in danbury, one and a half in white plains. over an inch in monticello since midnight. caldwell about an inch or just under that. teterboro, near an inch, as well. even in the city in central park over an inch of rain has come down. i will have the details on tomorrow's forecast and might see more rain for the weekend. that's coming up next. back to you. you can tr k the rain on the news 4 new york app. select the weather tab. you'll see the latest forecast, interactive radar and directions how you can submit your own weather video. the news 4 new york app is
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the terror attacks in paris. the ring leader behind the massacre is dead tonight. one key isis operative is at large and isis has added more targets to its list. jonathon is live with the latest for us. >> reporter: the rapid developments continue. france and belgium still hunting for more terrorists. sweden raised its terror alert level with a suspect believed to be the alert as well and rome concerned a terror zell cell could be plotting an attack on the vatican. here in the u.s. the fbi director tried to calm concerns. across new york, patrols continue. the fbi director described isis videos that threat threatened new york and washington in way. >> isil and its supporters put out all kinds of propaganda like video and magazines but that's not credible intelligence. >> reporter: he said there is no terrorist threat connection here but across the country, dozens of potential lone actors are
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the threat here focuses primarily on troubled souls in america who are inspired or enabled on-line. >> reporter: in france, confirmation the ring leader of the terror plot is dead. serious questions, how did this terrorist that made his own threats and led three previous terror plots inside of france could travel from syria in recent weeks. a record of the final moments. there's new video, this from a paris cafe amid the gun fire. 0 outside a terrorist points his weapon to kill two women hiding under a table, but h gun jams. he runs off to reload. the women survive, later seen running away. isis released the third video in
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as many days. this one warning italy will be attacked. italian police searching for five men who may have been plotting an attack on the vatican. in the last day isis operatives overseas released a video showing explosives and video of times square and herald square. the mayor said new yorkers should go about their lives but remain vigilant. >> fighting isis will go on for years but i believe they will be defeated. >> there's no evidence of any overseas terror cell operating in the u.s. concern remains for the possible ne actor. overseas in belgium, authorities took seven more people in to custody saying they have links to one of the sus cts in friday's attack in paris. back to you. thank you. in direct defiance of president obama's plan to a ept 10,000 syrian refugees, the house approved a bill today that would suspent that program. 47 democrats joined the majority of republicans who voted in
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favor. the measure sparked by fears that terrorists c ld enter the united states through the refugee program. many critics say they are concerned the federal government do esn't have the ability toa reliably detect isis militants infiltrating the system. the bill will require fbi background checks and individual signoffs from three high ranking officials before any refugee could come to the u.s. from syria or iraq. the issue also a big topic on the campaign trail. >> syrians are now being caught at the southern border, just like i said. they are going to be pouring in. we don't know who they are. could be isis. >> turning away orphans, applying a religious test, discriminating against muslims, slamming the door on every syrian refugee, that's not who we are. >> the bill heads to the senate next where it faces an uncertain future. nbc news exclusive. we are hearing a firsthand
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police read that ended the le bataclan hostage siege. 90 people died in the music venn view when terrorists attacked. >> first thing we saw the guy shooting and a lot of, maybe 20 hostages between the shooter and us. we cannot shoot at that time because it was too risky. we found two terrorists. it was like a dead end for them and first one blew himself with an explosive jacket. >> reporter: our coverage continues of on nbc new you can find out more on added security measures in place here and not only here but across the country and around the world with. in other news, police are investigating the death of a woman whose body was found bound in her long island home. there is one key question, was the woman murdered? ray? >> right now it is unclear what
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police say a 48-year-old is dead. they cali it suspicious an not a rand attack. the search for answers and a suspect now underway. >> she moved in july. >> reporter: to police, she was a victim. to jack more than a neighbor. he didn't want to go on camera but wanted to share how close they were. suzanne lived in a small cottage behind his home and had been there for years. it was there someone bound suzanne goldfarb and bound and bagged her. she was discovered dead on wednesday by her father. her father had invited her to dinner the night before. she declined. when he hadn't heard from her the next day both parents went to her cottage. >> i went to the back to check is she by herself. >> according to police, goldfarb was found by her father in an upstairs bedroom in her bed tied
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the medical examiner determined she died of asphyxiation. >> she didn't have a malicious bone in her body. like i said she would give a homeless person her shoes. >> reporter: there were no signs of a break in. doors were locked. a random attack seems unlikely. >> we will explore every possibility that this person may have been grant entry in to the house. >> she was dating someone and appeared happy. she remembers one of their las conversations about it. how's things, fine, great, are you happy, i can't remember the last time. >> he tells me he hadn't been able to sleep since that gruesome discovery was made. i reached out to the family. as you can imagine they were too heart broken to do an interview. if you know anything about this death, give police a call. live in u rrick, long island tonight, ray villeda, news 4 new york. an arsonist maybe on the loose in queens.
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there's been a string of fires in a matter of weeks there. natalie pasquarella is in forest hills with the alert that's gone out to residents. >> police say the first suspicious fire happened on october 20th here inside of this vacant hospital building behind me on 113th street. five fires later, police are asking for the public's help. intense flames engulf this home under construction on 66th avenue in forest hills on tuesday night damaging nearby homes. just two weeks earlier, this blaze at another home under construction. some living here were nervous to hear police now deem these and others as suspicious. >> it is like astonishing. >> reporter: we made a map to show you the six fires. you see the cluster dating back a full ago to the most recent this week. the fires popped up in vacant buildings that were renovated or under construction. now they are putting more officers on the streets and looking for people that look
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suspicious. i talked to a local dad heading home tonight. he told me his neighbors are pretty aware. >> i knew something happened here. people will stand up and call 911 or call police. >> reporter: the nypd has teamed up with the fdny's arson unit to investigate. police say even though no one othas been injured in the fires they deem suspicious, fire can be unpredictable. they are asking for the public's help to get answers sooner rather than later. natalie pasquarella, news 4 new york. coming up on news 4 new york, we have told you about pilots being blinded by lasers. but what about bus drivers? news 4 spoke to one mta driver who said he was blinded by one of his own passengers. a cruise ship helplessly drifting in the ocean, in danger of capsizing them military rescue of those on board. and how facebook is making i
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easy to get over your achy breaky heart.
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in new jersey tonight, a mix of grief and relief as authorities announce a break in the case of a middle schoolteacher murdered six years ago three men are under arrest charged with the fatal beating of jonelle melton. the arrest stirring the emotions of her family and friends. her body was found in her apartment in september of 2009. investigators say the killers originally targeted another apartment and broke in to meltons by mistake. they were all in custody for unrelated crimes before their arrest in this case. you have heard about laser danger in the skies. now it is hitting the streets.
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beam in his direction. light temporarily blinded his left eye. it happened on wednesday during the height of the rush hour as the driver was behind the wheel with two dozen people on board. he brought the bus to a screeching halt but the passenger ran off. >> it was terrifying at first because when i saw the beam i wasn't sure what it was exactly. it was startling. >> planes, helicopters have automatic co-pilots, the bus operates by themselves. >> reporter: they are reviewing video from the bus to see if they can identify the attacker. state officials the coned safety -- they blame the explosion on a gas pipe not erosion. eight people were killed and dozens injure when the explosion caused a building to collapse on march 12th, 2014. in a statement coned said it is doing everything it can to make again. psychologist testify head
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traded his food addiction for a sex addiction and now former subway spokesman jarrod fogel will spend 15 years in prison. he confessed to possessing child porn and having sex with under aged prostitutes. foglo spoke for the first time since his arrest and said not a day goes by that i don't think of what i did. an executive who put a stop though the gwb lane closures is stepping down. patrick foye told his staff he is quitting. he ordered the bridge lanes reopened after four days. several chris christie aides have been charged with orchestrating the closings. spotify is the latest company to offer employees extended pay parental leave. the music streaming company announced all employees are
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this on the heels of an op-ed in the "new york times" written by a new york city mom. amber's 3-month-old son karl died at an unlicensed day care on her first day back to work. on "the today show," she said she was hesitant to put her baby in day care that young, but she had no choice. >> we feed women in the work force. the economy needs it. i think as a society we should be encouraging women to stay in the work force, not doing everything we can to make it nearly impossible for them to have children. >> reporter: a senior white house adviser joins spotify executives with their announcement today and encouraged states to support updated paid policies -- paid leave policies, that is. facebook unveiled another new tool. this one designed to prevent users from having to see photos and posts from their ex boyfriend or girlfriend. when users change their relationship status to single. facebook will ask if you want to
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if you do, your ex's updates won't appear in the news feed and you won't get reminders to tag him or her. and former flames won't be notified of your changes. >> to the ypang and single. >> all the games you have to play. >> facebook has gotten in it to. >> exactly. >> a mes sas out there tonight. we did see mor t n an inch of rain in a lot of spots. it is starting to wind down. you don't need your umbrellas tomorrow but maybe part of the weekend. go outside right now, the top of the rock camera that shows a lot usually but not tonight except th e clouds. that's what we are seeing right now from our view. not much of a view. can't see the empire state building. we can see times square and still nasty, even though most of the rain is tapering off right now. 63 degrees. even though it is raining it is very mild. light rain and fog.
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nasty weather out there. heavy rain moving east. long isl d and coastal connecticut getting it a couple mohe hours. gusts to 30 miles an hour overnight. it is back to sunshine for friday. you won't need your umbrellas tomorrow but may need a heavier jacket, a couple of layers n the 50s gn with a breeze. nice and sunny in the area. temperatures in the north of in the city, hopewell junction, 60. 58 in la grange. danbury 61. 60s long island to new jersey. some cooler air will be coming in tonight n. the morning it will feel chilly. wind 25 to 35 miles an hour across coastal long island. still a mess there. the visibilities are down in spots. it is starting to improve to the west as the dry er air moves in and clears everything out. there's the rain east of the city. heavier showers parts of new
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showers that are on the heavier, steadier side across long island and the sound over to bridgeport. that will be moving out by 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. future tracker, the temperatures are mild the next several hours. cooler air will be here in the morning. 40s and 50s. it cools down in the afternoon, too. be prepared because on saturday morning we are back to the 30s in a lot of spots. it will be chilly over the weekend. during the day, around 50, another weak system comes through saturday night. a chance of a shower between midnight and 8:00 in the morning on sunday and then it dries out again. for tonight, eventually we will get a little cooler. gusty winds will continue overnight along the coast at 30 miles an hour. 30s and 40s in the morning, except along the coast when you wake up. low to mid-50s, newark, islip, white plains up to 52. no 60s tomorrow. it's not mild. pretty close to average november temperatures.
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46 monticello. so a bit chilly but pretty day with a lot of sunshine. cool over the weekend. we look ahead to thanksgiving. finally starting to see that show up in the seven-day forecast and so far the busy travel week looks dry. at least here in the northeast and on thanksgiving day 56. that's not bad. >> not bad at all. >> great day for a parade, too. >> yes. we tell you what is coming up after a special break in the program. we call it a tease. you are about to find ouft why. john tell us? >> a great hockey game for ya. rangers trying to get revenge, tested in tampa. a rematch of the eastern conference finals from last year and you won't believe how it ended. this is yankees general manager brian cashman. what what's he doing sleeping on the street tonight. we'll explain ahead. >> are you properly teased? here's what jimmy fallon has coming up tonight.
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and music from r. kelly, justin bieber a great show. do not change the channel. have a tip for new york's biggest i-team? call 866-news-244 or e-mail
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new video of a cruise ship rescue in the south atlantic. hundreds of people were stranded at sea after an engine room fire
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the ship was left powerless, drifting and listing off the coast of the islands in argentina. rescuers from the british royal navy responded to the ship's distress calls and safely removed all 347 passengers and crew members. some had already taken refuge in life rafts. new video shows an nfl player assigned to a $2 million contract apparently shoplifting from a department store. police in texas say the former dallas could you boin boys running back randall stole $123 in underwear and cologne by shipping it in to his bag. it happened at dillards last year. according to toe this police report randall said he didn't pay for the merchandise because he didn't want to take the time to do it. he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. the cowboys released him for an unspecified personal issue.
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we're there were certainly high hopes on the ice today, john. >> we remember how the eastern conference finals ended.
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so you want to exact revenge tonight. winners of nine straight. the longest winning streak in 42 years. tonight taking on tampa, the team that bounced them from the playoffs last spring n. the third, failed to clear the pocket. dominick makes them pay. ties the game at one. rangers had a man advantage with under 90 seconds to play. a two on one. buries the short-handed game winner. 2-1 the final tampa. on to college hoops, good matchup. st. johns and rutgers. johnnies travel by 16 before storming back. the triple makes it a two point -- down in front there. had team high 13. rutgers went for the win.
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high 21 didn't get the shot off that won't count. st. johns improves 3-0. seton hall. to that long beach state in charleston. pirates trailed most of the way. carrington knocking down the triple. a chance to tie at the buzzer but he heaves up an air ball than 49ers hang on 80-77. final baseball awards were handed out. harper of the nats and donaldson are the mvps. the yankees will be active this off season. asked about the possibility of trading miller, he said he soap to anything, even sleeping outside in the rain. cash was on call with another gm heading in to the covenant house. he will sleep in the open elements to raise money and awareness for the homeless. it is part of a 17-state initiative expected to bring in
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$7 million for this worthy cause. the fifth year the yankees gm will rest his head on manhattan pavement tonight. the first time he's doing it in the rain. >> very first time i did this i could not operate the next day. i got no sleep that night and the next day -- i don't know how anyone gets up and has to do this every day trying to decide and figure out where to lay their head. it is a scary world if you don't have the security of a safe place to hang your head. i cannot fathom the world they have to try to work through to get an even playing field, let alone building a tremendous life. >> pretty cool thing that cashman is doing with over 200 others tonight out there. he did bring his cell phone. he's willing to take calls if anyone baseball executives want to talk trade with him tonight. >> tough night. >> impressive.
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