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tv   News 4 New York at 530  NBC  November 20, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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right now on news 4 new york good samaritans rush into the help when a school bus flips on to its side in queens. three people were injured in that wreck including a teenager. chopper 4 was first over the scene. we'll give you a look at liberty avenue in jamaica two and a half hours ago as the nypded to work get the bus back up right. lori bordonaro has new information. >> reporter: a tow truck hauled o away that school bus just a short time ago. wihetnesses tell us a white bmw rear earned that school bus right here at this intersection, liberty and inwood road. take a look at this video. you can see the school bus toppled on its side. w with major front end damage. there werey' three people onto because the driver, attendant and a 16-year-old student all trapped inside. choppeag4 was over the scene. we spoke to several people who rushed over to help those people out.
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one man who works across the street telling me the student and both adults were very calm as they were taken to the hospital. he says wh he heard the crash he had no idea what was happening. it wa a tually crazy. i looked outside and the last bus tipping over. so it was crazy. g. >> yeah. >> then you ran to help. >> first instinct was grab my back, go to the back and get the girl. >> reporter: the student was not hurt but both adults do have minor injuries. we reached out the that bus company but a spokesperson declined to comment. we're live tonight in jamaica. lori bordonaro news 4 new york. >> we want to go back to those breaking situations we have been following. this man was tackled by police and security outside the app le store on fifth avenue. a witness tells news 4 the man pulled out a samurai store and
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look closely here. you can see the sword in one of the hands of the officers who subdued him. lthe man was taken to bellevue where he's now being evaluated. brynn gingras tells us he'll be charged with criminal menacing. very sad update t this breaking news. a 22-year-old pregnant woman who was stabbed to death in the bronx we now know the police were called to the home in the wakefield section around 2:30 this afternoon. the pregnant woman who suffered repeated stab wounds to the torsoc'ss taken to our lady of mercy hospital where she died. now right now there's no word if her baby survived. another woman on the scene was taken into custody while another update from the scene that's coming up tonight at 6:00. a passenger had to be removed from a plane that governor chris christie was on today. the nighted flight headed from san francisco to boston was delayed after police say a man was taking photos of the flight crew. police calledf im a suspicious passenger and removed him. all passengers and luggage then
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thad to be rescreened. governor's reps said the governor never interact with the passenger. >> tonight new york city police are onto look out for the motorcyclist who hit an elderly man crossing a queens street. the motorcycle hit a ow-year-old man on parsons boulevard. this was at rose avenue in flushing around 6:00 this morning. "the cycle"ist got off his bike and ran away. the bike is registered to a queens man. they are still looking for him. the victim lost his leg. >> family members are pleading for the safe return of their loved one. a college student who disappeared six days ago. 23-year-old anthony areno was last seen leaving a club in the inwood sectiontearly pfeurday morning. .he was wearing a glean leather jacket and blue baseball cap. he has no history of running away. they just want him home safe. >> i'm his mother. we need him back home. he's a student in college. he's my baby.
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we need him back. everybody misses him esp ially his dog. >> he was last seen living cve lounge on west 202nd street near 10th avenue. anyone who may have seen him is beating asked to call police. tonight the family of a brooklyn man shot and killed by an nypd officer will hold a rally and vigil to mark one year since ais death. he died one year ago today at the pink houses in east new york. the officer is charged with manslaughter in the deadly shooting. he goes on trial in january. police have said he fired his weapon by accident in that dark stairwell. tonight's vigil is set for 7:00. new york city is making a all step to put an end to public schools that are nearly 100% low-income and black or spanic. schools chancellor announc o today that seven grade schools well set aside seats for some of those students to increase diversity. th seats will be for low-income udents and for whom english isn.t a fir language.
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settlement involving pharmaceutical company novartis. it will settle allegations it ga kickbacks to specialty pharmacies in exchange for recommending two of its drugs. th tose kickbacks included patient referrals and rebates. u.s. attorney says novartis admitted keeping scorecards to keep track of the drugs. >> the daring rescue caught on camera after a kayaker capsizes. >> why two passengers say they had to call 911 just to get on their flight home. >> dave price is here >> rain coming down last night. tonight the temperature is coming down. what it looks like for weekend. what travel looks like or the holiday weekend. and what thanksgiving looks like.
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cheers of relief after a kayaker is pulled to safety during a daring rescue. the kayaker fell as he faced the fiazye rapids. that's when someone leapt into the rush watering. someone else pulled the pair to safety onto river bank. that kayaker suffered a broken tail bone and fractured two vertebrae. >> two ihiladelphia men say they ha d some trouble boarding a flight because a passenger was raid to fly with them after hearing them speak arabic. the pizza shop owner and his friend were heading home from chicago when they were told they coul't board. the men said they didn't know
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so they called 911. after being questioned again by airport security and police they were allowed to get onto plane. >> that person doesn't feel safe then catch the bus. i'm not going cancel my flight. ss. >> southwest says its employees ar e trained to make decision to ensure safety and the flight was only delayed ten minutes. >> coming up y e story behind a homework assignment asking recruitment posters. >> the cost of going green? >> this is something we should have done years ago. >> want that food to going a bag? a jersey shore communities is being the first in the state to make you pay more. >> i don't think it makes any sense. >> i'm ted greenberg. it's a larger push to cut down plastic. >> lester holt has a work on what he's working on for 6:30. >> coming up at 6:30 on "nbc nightly news" is there a french
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in mali today that left 20 dead and many others health hostage. we'll have the latest. bill neely sits down with the man who thread raid in paris that killed the mastermind of the attacks th re. and a letter to isis penned by a man who lost his wife in the attacks, why he says isis will never have his hatred when we
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coming up on news 4, 6:00. news 4 investigates a woman was sexually assaulted mol ted by prison guards while visiting rye kerr -- rykers island. why commissioner bratton is asti a school saying it's
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doing what terrorists want them to do. looking forward to it. some parents are not happy about this. a teacher asked students to make an isis propaganda poster. the controversial assignment was given to a ninth grapd de history class and asked to talk about the goals of terrorist groups. school officials found out about this after the parents complained. a former state trooper in connecticut has lost his pension three years after stealing from a dying accidents victim. aaron huntsman would have been eligible for $1500 a month, but a law allows the state o revoke fences of employees convicted of crimes related to their jobs. huntsman was sentenced to a year in prison for stealing $3700 and a gold crucifix from a biker as he lay dying. >> starwood is warning customers about a data breach affecting dozen was its hotels and resorts.
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the list of affected properties include a number of sheraton, westin and w hotels. the hotels were mitt between march and may of this year. i targeted the hotels restaurants and gift shops. starwood is offering a year of free credit monitoring for anyone whose information was stolen. >> hyundai is recalling nearly 305,000 cars due to a brake light problem. the recall involves mid sooiz cars from the 2011 and 2012 model years. the company says tto brake lights can stay illuminated wy hen the driver isn't stopping thus increasing the chances of a crash. but the automaker says toere haven't been any crashes yet. hyarundai plans to replace the brake pedal stopper pads next january. >> is salmonella outbreak now extends to connecticut. new york is one of 38 states gating this outbreak.
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one person became sick in connecticut. the cucumbers are linked to mexico and six cases were reported in new york. 71 people got sick since october 14th bringing that total number of cases to 838. more trouble for volkswagen as a lawmaker from our area pushes for the car maker to payback customers affected by its emission cheating scandal. and better go to about a -- better to lynda baquero for extra money for holidays. >> more bad news for volkswagen. environmental protection agency says so-called emission cheating software is on more diesel models. connecticut senator richard blumenthal surging vw to buy back cars at a fair market value.
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it's an offer already being made to some car owners in europe. here they are offering a goodwill gesture worth $1,000. meantime as the giving and buying season cks into gear. levi strauss is showing you how to ship clothes to goodwill. if you need extra spending money foz thislholiday, kiplinger says sell unwanted electronics. get paid for your opinions. join a focus group and earn between $50 and $200. sell gently worn clothing to ne. you get paid about half of the selling price. redeem reward points. the average household loses $205 a year in unredeemed rewards.
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>> for more information on that offer from levi go to their website and scroll down the bottom of the page. you'll see a banner give them away for good. >> i'm sure people want tips on joining focus groups. >> you can et up to $200. ware of scams. if a company charges a fee upfront for you to join that focus group or ask you to cash a check first that's a red flag. legitimate companies dosnot ask you to ay to take those online and ph e surveys. instead they pay you once you complete the survey. >> that's a nice little incentive. >> good way to make some extra money. >> to get in touch with our customer investigative team send an e-mail to lynda baquero or call us. >> when i first looked at the tab, okay put my small jacket on. it's windy out there. >> the temperatures at dinner break, when you look at the
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temperatures when you go home it will go down and down and down. we're in for chillier conditions. it will dip into the 20s and 30s in the suburbs. 53 degrees outside. a gorgeous view of our fair city under fair conditions. partly cloudy skies.'timemill 5:50. let's go the headlines and see what we'll talk about. temperatur heading mouth everyone as so many p wplc are new york for this holiday week. we'll talk about your travel forecast in just a moment too. some sunday precipitation is possible but it's going to be ou t of the way early. thankful for everything you have including next week's weather because it is going to be terrific. straight through the holiday week. right now we talked about temperature in the city, 51 degrees in poughkeepsie. 57 in montauk. new jersey temperatures 43 in morristown. bridgewater 50. 50 in trenton. cool spot leading the way in monticello down to 39 degrees. we were talking on the desk
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through the afternoon. now beginning to subside. calm in sussex at 7 miles per hour and white planes and 5 in the city. why are we showing the national map? typically we try to be hyper local. this is a week when so many people are traveling near and far. we have some problems right now. iowa pushing into illinois into chicago. chicago a big hub as you transfer to fly east or west. we do have problems building there tonight into tomorrow if you're on an early getaway. up and down the east coast looks good. west coast looks good. nter storm war ngs stretching fromway in -- from iowa into illinois.n.we map out our>> getaways. east coast excellent. onto roads or in the air all week tuesday through friday. upper midwest to the great plains sto s likely as this storm continues to march its way eastward tha wilo cause some delays. we'll go out west and west coast
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intermountain west from let'sre say the rockies to the cascades to the sierra nevada, intermountain west there you could see some delays and trouble if you travel by car. for us sunday morning thowers. that gives way to yrer y conditions and clearing through the afternoon. we are going get that dose of cool air. by r monday down right cold with a gusty conditions and of course breeze that are going to make fit feel even colder. seven day forecast looks like this everyone. as we stretch it out four. saturday, 50 degrees.asunday 52 with that little bit rain. really chilly monday, 44 f.r a high. then look at that stretch of weather. make your plans, get a good seat for the macy's thanksgiving day parade or watch it right here on channel 4 with 55 degrees. enjoy your week ahead. >> great seat is the couch. i'll take it. thanks, dave.
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>> taking a leftover from a restaurant could soon cost extra. up next the new jersey town where diners could get hit with a new fee and the one thing they can do so you don't have to pay up. >> social pick of the day, jumping for joy because it is friday. a a lratee double dutch in hon boken. you e,n see one world trade in the distance. fun capture. share with us if you have an interesting picture. use the #nbc4ny. might be select as our social
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almost all of us use them, plastic bags whether for groceries or take out. >> a town on the new jersey shore is the first in the garden state to make people pay more if they want to use a bag. d greenberg explains local leaders hope others will follow their lead. >> reporter: only somewhat
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cofencealed by sand a plastic bag that's clearly cap fle of owinr int the ocean. >> trash and litter do not know any boundaries. seporter: to try to reduce e am noount of litter like this leaders in the small shore community pass ad new law today requiring its local restaurants to charge customers ten cents for each plastic or paper bag they use for take out orders or leftovers. long port is the first municipality in new jersey to enact su a fee. >> what this will do, should do is encourage people to use reusable bags. >> i don't think it makes any sense. how many people do you think are going go out to dinner and c e walking within a bag. >> reporter: the new law only affects three businesses here in long port. supporters admit it's mainly a symbolic move that's part of a gger push. >> we're actually hoping that this same idea spread throughout ito the other shore towns.
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tougher sell, though in places like neighboring margate which has a supermarket, shops and more restaurants. >> clearly difficult. it impossible, no. >> reporter: in lt g ort restaurants can keep every dime they tollect for bag. >> the intention to get rid of the plastic bags is a great idea. i'm for anything that's positive for the environment. this w ld be a good one to get on facebook and get some feedback on. thanks for watcng. >> stay right here, the news continues at 6:00. now at 6:00 news 4 gaits ocking claims a woman says she was sexually molested by prison ards when she was visiting her husband on rykers island. >> commissioner bratton has haruh comments to long island schools saying terrorist hey are doing
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what they are doing. >> did trump really call for a registry of all muslims in this country. >> first updating breaking news we have been following since 5:00. >> a woman has been stabbed to dei in the bronx. checkey beckford is live on the scene in the wakefield section with new information. >> reporter: police say they are still trying to sort out the details. initially we believed it was a ampegg woman stabbed to death but we're learning, police are saying if that's the case. two women were involved, two 22-year-olds one of them we're told by the landlord of the home where it happened that one of e women was pregnant. at this point it's unclear if that woman was the one who was e victim or the one wielding the knife. police say this all started around 2:00 this afternoon at a home here on monticello avenue. they say one 22-year-old got in a dispute with another 22-year-old inside the home. one woman stabbed another woman multiple times in the torso. they say one of the women was
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taken to the hospital.
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