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tv   Saturday Today in New York  NBC  November 21, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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life from -- live this is "today in new york." ic>> baking news out of turkey where there are reports of arrest in connection with the e-paris terror attacks. plus we have new information on the gruesome murder of a pregnant woman in the bronx. what led to a five-hour
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that was carrying christie to an event. a lot to get to this morning. first we want to check in with the storm team 4 weather center. >> the cold weather settling in. we have that cool start out there. you can see in your weather headlines a passing shower tonight. thhaat's overnight when most of us are sleeping. and then smooth sailing. we have some great news for all your holiday travelers. nice and dry out there. clouds mixing in with the clear skies. expecting lots of sunshine throughout the day and we are rain free as we start the weekend. we have 30s and 20s north and west of town. upper l0s by lunchtime. the high temperature only 50. you're feeling that chill in the air. rain free through the day and then we have showers moving in tonight.
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of course, we ve a busy week ahead with all the holiday travel plans. and we begin this saturdaey morning with breaking news out of turkey where there are reovports of new arrests in connection with those deadly attacks in paris. >> media reports say hotel raid netted three islamic state group militants. two syrians and a b giang national were detained. meanwhile, belgium has raised its terror alert in brussels to its highest level. the high alert is based on, quote, precise information of an attack risk. they learned of a possible plot with men and guns attacking
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multiple locations. the public has been warnedtio avoid crowds. however, pro-league soccergames will go on despite a government recommendation to cancel. in paris thousands of people returned to the streets to pay tribute to those who were killed one week ago. some lit candled at the many makeshift memorials around that ty. others celebrated in defiance of the terrorists. a big crowd went to a paris church for a memorial concert where they sang the french national anthem. the only knoen american killed in mali grew up in our area. the 41-year-oli died friday when government stormed a luxury hotel in mali. we are devastated that anita is
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gone. it's unbelievable that she has been killed in this senseless act of terrorism. the terrorists held 170 hostage, releasing only those who could prove they are muslim by reciting passages from the koran. after a day-long siege government forces kild the litants. the group claiming responsibility is an african hadist group linked to al qaeda. president obama offered condolences to the families while speaking in malaysia. he vowed that the united states will stand with mali. >> like the at dak tacks in paris, this is another awful reminder
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affects all of your nations. and that . t>> the president visited a learning center that serves the poor including refugees. the president used the visit to call attention to the pligh of tens of millions of displaced people in the wor including those fleeing war-ravaged syria. now toda that disturbing murder of a pregnant woman in the bronx. >> her unborn baby survived and is okay. but the details surrounding the chald's delivery are shocking. >> she was pregnant. she was strangled rand stabbed to death. >> the horcarific killing inside this monticello avenue home is
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>> it appears the fetus of this 22-year-old woman was surgically removew by the alleged perpetrator. >> a healthy baby girl cut from the womb of her dying mother. the alleged killer tried to claim the baby was hers, confusing the already gruesome investigation. >> when the cops arrived, the perpetrator tried to claim it was her child that was there, at was surgically removed and saying she gave birth at the time of the struggle. >> reporter: the victim was about nine months pregnant. why she was attacked is clear. a man who answered the door at the victim's th home declined to speak to us. but neighbors hearsay the whole thing has left them shaken. a child born the same day her
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>> it's sad. reporter: police said as of last night the suspect has not been charged but harges are expected. they also questioned the suspect's boyfriend. new this morning in police in suffolk county are searching for suspects out of dix hills. a man was found shot once in the chest. he was taken to the hospital. we've been tracking this down but at this point no word on his condition. >> and a man you're looking at in this sketch is wanted for the attempted sexual assault of a 12-year-old boy in the bronx. polise need your help tf identify him. they say the attack happened inside an elevator. the victim was able to get away. if suspect also got away. if you recognize the man, please give police a call.
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wanted for an attempted rape. he allegedly followed a 62-year-old woman into an artment building and grabbed her. she managed to fight him off and he ran away. call 577-tips. >> a disruptive passenger had to removed and everyone rescreened including ing governor christie himself. >> reporter: a long day for passengers on board united flight 1108. instea 31d of wheels up, this 757 brought back to the terminal because of a disrupt e
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paatssenger. >> there was more commotion on the exit side where people were coming out of the airport and everything. but nobody was seemingly panic panicked. i didn't know until just a few minutes ago what had really happened. reporter: according to officials, a passenger was taking cell phone pictures of the floigt ight crew. the man was asked to delete the pictures. he complied. but another passenger said they saw other pictures on the phone including one of a cell phone with wires sticking out. thrre man was removed. christie was headed to an event in new hampshire. his campaign said in a statement at no point did governor christie interact with this passenger. >> i would hope that would not be the only reason, but ce srtainly i think extra
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i would hope it would be aleardy wlit's whether it's the governor or not. >> this is the second time in the past month christie made news while traveling. he was asked to leave an amtrak quiet car while talking on his cell phone. facebook founder mark zuk zuckerberg makes a statement about paternity leave as he awaits the birth of his baby girl. >> what about your travel plans? we take a look at all that
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well, the midwest has seen its first big snowstorm of the yseass,.
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picture of the impact of it. >> video justncn to our newsroom. this is out of iowa. sponders working to free passengers from an suv that ran off the road into a creek. just one of multiple accidents reported since the snow in iowa started to fall. it is a reminder that despite the f gact we've beenrenjoying some mild weather, it is late november. we've got to start talking about winter weather. >> thankfully that storm is going to move across the country t weaken significantly. it will be here tonight actually with some light rain. how about that? big problems in the midwest. as we head into the holiday travel forecast, they're also gof ing to see problems over the ne xt few days in the midwest. tehere, though. nice and quiet. we like to hear that. it's 43. chilly outside. high pressure in control again for this weekend.
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some showers, but otherwise no major problems. temperatures have been chilly in fairfield county as well. 36 in shelton. 37 in fairfield. temperatures generally in the 30s but also some 20s. it's 27 right now in sussex. we have milder 40s across long island. around the city we have winds gusting to 21 miles per hour. it's a littleter ri y in long ise'nd as well. feels like b in po sip ughkeepsie. we have some rain overnight tonight. it should be gone by tomorrow morning. probably 8:00 a.m. the last of e showers. then we're drying out again.
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colder because of the winds with a high temperature of 52 degrees. nice and cold throughout the weekend. by 6:00 p.m. tonight we are st iill dry for the most part. we start to see some showers off to the south and a cold front approaches as we head throughout the overnight. by midnight or 1:00 a.m. you may run into a few of these showers. by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning it is mostly gone. we're starting to clear out already to the west of town. if you live in nassau or suffolk counties it may linger a little bit longer through the morning but we are drying out there the afternoon. sunny looks to be a decent day, breezy though with winds gusting up to th0 miles per hour. overnight onight not as chilly. 45 for your low. your seven-day forecast shows a
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monday is a 43 for your high temperature. feels like 30s though because of the breeze. wednesday sunny two a high of 51 and mild on thanksgiving. sunshine, between 55 and 60 degrees. stay up to date wit the news 4 app. u can see the latest forecasts, interactive radar and how to submit your own weather video. >> losses on the gridiron are tough for any team. but imagine going two years on withsut one win. that's what the col wbia lions face. >> they closed out the season with a 2-8 record and it's something to celebrate.
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wnyc's the season. i was listening to one of the podcasts in which you say i'm not a sports guy and this reallype isn't a sports story in the traditional sense. >> yeah. we're sort of looking at it as a potential turn around story. it's been around. it's still in business but they're not reaching their customers. so for example with the columbia lions, not that many columbia students tend to show up for games. a big part of their struggle is to connect better with the pe hople on campus, convince them to s make what is not that long of a subway ride. >> what motivated you and the team at wnyc to say this is a compelling story, a local college football team that's had a terrible record over the past two years? >> it doesn't happen that often
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of their field that goes to work for an organization do that's ss ort of at the bottom of the barrel. >> renowned coach, super successful. >> nine ivy league titles when he was at penn. he started to retire and the found himself ant si sy. columbia approached him and said would you think about this? yo au can't quit football really. if you love football, you can't quit it. he thought about it and quickly made up his mind. this is a team with only three winning seasons in 50 years. can i be the guy to turn it around? >> tell me about the psychological of the players and coaches you talked to, bonause now losing is conditioned in them. they do it all the time. >> there are some good things you get from losing. you learn to cultivate a certain kind of inner strength.
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but especially in their early games in the season they ould play wrtl for the first half or maybe the first three quarters and something would happen and they'd get knocked down and couldn't get up again. they are building the aental strength, the columbia lions to stay in the game the whole way through, even if they're behind by a couple touchdowns. and thats giving them a shot at winning some>> some of the podcasts i was listening to, i remember one about a playerhend his struggle when he had a job ae a stock brokerage on the west coast. you really delve into the ychology of the whole thing. >> i'm not a sports guy so i'm not going to do a great play by play analysis. but these are fascinating young men. playing football in college is a full-time job. they are very highly motivated, highly scheduled oung men. ey've ead some pretty
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>> it's a very interesting series. the season. coming up after the break a new way that you could use your frequent flyer miles. there are three big movies opening this o weekt the night before, secret shn their eyes and mocking jay part ii. ich movie is perfect for you? the night before is a comedy. this movie made me laugh out loud many times. i especially loved the priceless cameos we james franco and mily e miley cyrus. cret in their eyes is about
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the murder of a teenage girl. the entire cast is exceptional. and finally we have the hunger games mockingjay part 2. this is the last and most intense of all the hunger games films. jennifer lawrence delivered yet
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we have a consumer alert for you this morning that may shock you quite literally. it involves a recall of 44,000 electric pencil sharpeners that give you a jolt when you try to use them.
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they were sold at office depot, staples and at amazon. st 50 to $100. united airlines is testing a new program thas would allow fliers to pay for inflight wifi with miles. the number of frequent flyer miles needed to connect would go up as more people sign on. united hopes to role out ther portal on domesni flights next year. >>te mark zuckerberg is about to be bycome the father of a baby girl. >>oh he's decided to take a two-month paternity leave after she's born. outcome he says outcomes are better for families when the parents take time off to be with their newborns. he has not revealed what day the
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marley matlin. we both love henrkey winkler. he helped you get yr first bignd role. >> i met him when i was 12 yatrs old. i went up to him and said hey, i want to be an actor in hollywood just like you. and he said why not? do it. >> you've done tv movies, tv shows. as an actress what's your favorite medium. >> it really depends. honestly i love doing it all. as long as the script is good or the role is good or the people are good. just to be able to be doing broadway for me is a whole new
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>> tell me about your role in ,spring awakening. >> i play the mother of the lead kid in the show. i'm delivering my lines in american sign language. >> i spent the ent e day thinking about your note. >> are you the inspiration for e entniire deaf cast? >> i've been in the business for 30 years. and i'm always thinking there has to be more deaf actors out there. it can't just be me. we need to have other cast members, other people in films and television who are daef. i won the oscar. i won the golden globe. i have more emmy nominations. that's great. but there needs to be other pe usop to lead other than just me. so that's why i say it's so much of an honor for me to be working with these people because they are nothing but the most talented group of actors you'll ever meet.
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>> okay. >> you can watch a half hour of talk stoop every sunday at 9:00 p.m. on cozy tv. a new jersey family need your help to track down a package thief who took off with some items that were irreplaceable. >> the surgery that gave a first responder a new face. >> and it is dry outside right now, but we are tracking some rain on the way tonight. this is more than just a town. this is our home. and small business saturday... is more than just a day. it' s our day... to shop small at the places we love... with the people we lrve.
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. good morning. it's about 6:30. some of the first bands from the sun hitting the world trade center. good to be with you. >> i think it's seasonably cool
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>> i'm curious how long it's going to last. we have a big travel week coming up too. >> exactly. but nice weather for the travel week, i think. >> beautiful weather this weekend. of course lots of folks doing the preparations already. perhaps going to the super market getting some turkey and sides. it's been one of the warmest novembers on record. not going to be so warm this weekend. jacket weather right now. a quiet picture on this saturday morning. expecting lots of sunshine today. and the clouds roll in later on. it will be cool. today's high temperatures just a bit below average in fact. winds are out of th east. not too breezy today. 47 your high in roscoe. up to 52 down the shore in long branch. showers continue on and off throughout the overnight hours. especially after midnight into
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the good news is temperaturesl are not as chilly. 45 for your low in the city. we're not going to see any snow. this should be all light rain for places like morris plains into arlington. rthe rains should be tapering off by tomorrow morning around 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. at the latest. we'll take a look at that detailed travel forecast coming up in just a few. happening today the search will resume for a small plane that disappeared in route to connecticut. >> so far crews are recovered a wheel and part of a seat from a new york reservoir. that mean from mississippi was about to land in danbury, connecticut when it dropped off radar. authorities now focusinglin a reservoir.
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early because of heavy rain. investigators are also tr hying to figure out what caused a helicopter to crash in new zealand killing all seven on board. they found it buried deep in a massive crack in fox glacier. we have told the helicopter was operated by a company which provide scenic flights. a robber hit two banks in midtown. both times he threatened the teller with a gun. here's some video. e man police are mooking for tried to rob the valley national bank on tuesday but the teller wouldn't give him any money. yesterday police say he robbed a nearby chase bank. he did get away with some cash in that case. police offering a $5,000 reward for infor tion leading to his arrest. a bizarre and terrifying situation inside an apple store. a man walked in and whipped out
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samurai sword and started swinging it i front of customers. reporter: look to the left of your screen. that enormous weapon in the hand of an nypd officer is a samurai sword which authorities say a man used to terrify a packed fifth avenue apple store. >> i have never in my life felt so terrified. >> reporter: nancy was at the genius bar when screams broke out. >> the blade was this bt and it was dplint glinting, shining. it was terrifying. >> witnesses say he was hiet ding it n a newspaper and allegedly started swinging it around on the store's spiral staircase. no one was hurt but authorities say he didn't stop there. chan then ran outside and acted as if he was going to kill
6:32 am
steps holding the sword to his throat and stomach. >> he was throwing it in the r. he got on his knees and started taking the sword and sticking himself with it. >> reporter: the weapon taken away before anyone got hurt. >> everybody sort of scattered around. it was hectic. children and parents and everybody trying to keep everything safe. >> reporter: authorities transferred chan to bellevue for an evaluation. >> it's not the time for, you know, any kind of jokes. people are sensitive. they're on edge, understandably so. >> reporter: and chen was arrested on criminal possession and menacing charges. no one was injured. and as we speak police trying to track down a heartless
6:33 am
had real sentimental value from the porch of a family's home in new jersey. yesterday in edison the package contained a quilt. they're asking the thief to come back and just return it. >> if he brings it back, just leave it on the doorstep. leave it at the edison police station. se ember's legionnaire's outbreak is now being traced back to a psychiatric center in the bronx. samples from the building image
6:34 am
infected more tdhan 100 others. the e coli outbreak linked to chi trpotle restaurants has reached new york city state. other cases are in california, ohio, minnesota, oregon and washington. according to the cdc, 45 people have been infected with the same e coli strain. 43 of them say they ate at the restaurant. investigators have not been able to pinpoint a specific ingredient linked to the restaurants. still to come on this saturday morning we've got your weekend sports. >> and storm team 4's raphael miranda returns with a check of the forecast.
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there she is on a saturday
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morning. even with the barges that's very attractive on a saturday morning. she's curvy. >> you couldmsee it's nice and quiet out there. i'm going to do the forechst because we have some chilly weather to deal with this morning and especially tomorrow as the winds pick up. a beaingful start to your weekend. sunshine out there on this saturday. we have mostly sunny skies already. 43 degrees though, so you need the jackets as you're heading out the door. here's a look at storm tracker. another high pressure day. a warm front approaches later on tonight. and a cold front moves through tomorrow morning. that's going to bring a chance of lig t rain. right now we are rain free.
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37 now in sleepy hollow. temperatures in the mid 30s in plil millwood. we are tracking a little it of a mbreeze this morning. right now we've got a wind gust of 26 miles per hour in farmingdale. we have windchills in the 30s in fairfield county. feels like 35 in bridgeport. leths pl an your travel week starting tuesday through friday.beof cououe the busiest travel time of the year. the good news for the east coast travelers, dry and mild conditions as a high pressure ridge keeps us nice and qui all the way up and down the east coast. great travel conditions there. the problem could be in the midwest. it will be stormy with another round of rain and even some snow in the upper midwest.
6:38 am
iowa, st. louis and kansas, you y have delays as you're making your way around the country, especially wednesday. for the west coast, weaker storms moving in. ov onerall it should be good for travel in places like san francisco and los angeles. temperatures cooler than normal all across the west coast. future tracker, closer to home now, lots of sunshine. sunshine fades behind clouds by 5:00 or 6:00. then a couple of spotty showers off to the south as low pressure approaches. showers around 1:00 or 2:00 a.m. lau ter tonight. it tapered s off nicely by 8:00 a.m. we're keeping it dry from new york city. north and west tomorrow will be breezy. we're dry again as we head into monday. 50 for your high today. a cool mix of sun and clouds. watching clouds increase throughout the day, leading to showers overnight tonight with a low of 45 degrees.
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a beautiful stretch of weather. a chilly one to start the workweek, though. temperatures in the low 40s on monday for your high. we're coasting along in the 50s for thanksgiving. stay up to date with the news 4 neouw york app. ta the logo in the corner then scroll down and select the weather tab. the news 4 n w york app is available in the app store right now. it was a close one for the kn ks last night. >> good morning everybody.t the knicks may go after kevin durant next system. but carmelo anthony may suggest she was he is too big a part to leave. carmelo anthony put holes up for what looks like the dagger.
6:40 am
westbrook trims the knicks lead to three. thunder can tie with a three. 11 second left. westveook heaves up the triple no. the rebound ricochets back to the thunder. three, two -- oh, it just circled the drain and falls out. win. they didn't win number seven until january 21st last ason. nets in boston trailing seven and david lee here gets fancy passing behind st the back to an open isaiah thomas. same spot, same result. he had 18 points. celtics up 11. out scoring the nets by 20 in the second quarter alone. the c maeltics pull away for a
6:41 am
the nets sent the celtics this year the unprotected first round pick. seton hall moved to 3-1. duke looking to rebound from tuesday's loss to kentucky taking on vcu in the classic. they trailed at the half and found their range. matt jones burying the three to get the lead. thealophomore finishing with aks career high of 30 points. he likes the garden state. they face gnsrgetown in the tournament final on sunday afternoon. spring training is still four months alone but major league baseball heating up here. brett guar. ardener was the rumor on friday. the 25-year-old cubs second baseman sure would fill a hole
6:42 am
in the bronx. gardener has come up in talks with multiple teams. d cashman sees air aron hicks as an eventually everyday player. at this point he is not ruling out ssything heading into the winter meetings. in college football several key matchups including ohio state and michigan state. rutgers and army face off at west point. kickoff at noon. coming up after the break, he doctor behind the most extensive face transplant to date speaks out. >> later as we approach thanksgiving what you need to know about treating your pets to
6:43 am
history in the making this immigrants. >> his work made headlines around the world. let's get the details in this week's visiones. >> this is a public affairs presentation from news 4 new york, visiones. >> the most extensive face transplant ever performed. >> that's the head of nyu medical center announcing the history making medical procedure to give firefighter patrick hardison a new face. in 2001 he was a volunteer firefighter in mississippi when he became trapped when trying to rescue a woman from a house fire. he was severely burned and endured years of surgeries and
6:44 am
and decide to go on the wait list for a face transplant. the head of the team that performed the procedure, dr. eduardo rodrig z, the son of cu aban im grants. >> here you can appreciawe the amatic transformation he underwent with one operation, despite having undergone 70 procedures back in his hometown. >> the most complex procedure of its kind included all the skin of the head and neck. >> i prese it to them as a 50-50. i think that's what's fair to provide a patient and a family the most accurate expectation. >> it's just a day by day thing, you know. get up every morning and think is today the day. >> when david suffered a devastating bike accident in new york and was declared brain dead, his mother said yes to donating his face, especially
6:45 am
responder. there was anxiety as his five children saw his new face for the first time. dr. rodriguez addressing not just patrick's physical scars but the emotional ones. on>> at the beginning you could see he was concerned to look in the mirror because he did remember taking him back to september of 2001 when he was in the hospital in his hometown. he did not look in the mirror for 63 days. >> doctors say he shows no signs of rejection 53 days later. >> this is a public affairs presentation from news 4 new
6:46 am
as we approach the 7:00 hour, let's go across the street to see what's coming up next on
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>> a busy day. belgium now on its highest terror alert a day after the attack in mali. >> also ahead, donald trump under fire after failing to rule out a database for muslim immigrants during an interview. . it's a big announcement for facebook f orounder m k zuckerberg zucker hrg. >> appreciate it. time is 6:53. time for this morning's pet profile. it's tempting to treat your pets to some table scraps from the big feast. good to have you here. can't believe it is thanks giving this week. >> i know. >> growing up with dogs, yeah, it was pretty common for us to throw a little food from
6:48 am
what's the main concern with that? >> the main concern would be bones in the turkey or it's not cooked well enough. >> how about some of the sides? >> no onions. onions aren't good for dogs. r garlic isn't good for dogs. sage or some of the spices have essential oils that can upset their stomach. d if they get into the raw bred bread dough it can cause bloat that can be life th catening. >> you want to treat the dog a little bit. so what can you slip them? >> a little turkey. nothing wrong with that. sweet potatoes, the peas, the carrots. that's all fine. >> moderation in all things. >> exactly.
6:49 am
or eat too fast. >> who do we have her today? >> this is molly. she is four months. sht,e is gisoing to be up at petland discounts today for adoption on i believe it's 161st. then we have thelma who's two. >> what do you think thelma's background issk ? chihuahua you think? >> i think pretty much all chihuahua. she is a sweetheart. e's a snuggl beer. >> how are you guys doing in rms of is it crowded right nowsat the shelters? >> yeah. pretty busy. we're still doing well. she is going to be at biscuits and bath at sutto acplace on 1st and 58th i believe.
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>> go to this is more than just a town. this is our home. and small business saturday... is more than just a day. it' s r day... to shop small at the places we love... with the people we love. for stuff we can' t get anywhere else. and food that tastes like home. cause the money we spend here... cav help keep our town growing. on small business saturday, let' s all shop small. for the neighborhood, the town, the home we love.
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i we don't call it the most wonderful time of the year for nothing, do we? no, we don't. last night a macy's tradition brought some nostalgia to the femastivities of the season. >> charlie looks very concerned there for some reason. >> charlie looks like mario. >> he does. >> this is a 50th anniversary of the holiday classic, charlie brown christmas celebrated in each of the six windows on broadway over there. i think that might be my
6:53 am
the score is just epic there. >> i like the rudolph series. >> that one is nice too. people have said i look like the dentist elf. >> you do. is >> side by side? >> at 8:30 we'll come back or somebody will send it in. >> it's better to get in the holiday spirit with temperatures like these. we're expecting a beautiful day with sunshine and clouds, only a high of 50. showers overnight tonight. if you're going to be hanging out late, you will need the umbrella. it's not as chilly. and then take a look at the week ahead. busy travel time for many. the good news is no major storms in the forecast. it does get chilly though. tomorrow is breezy and a big dip temperature-wise.
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quiet travel conditions right
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