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tv   Today in New York  NBC  November 24, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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county, new jersey. plus, thanksgiving in hoboken, it can be challenging. why water main repairs can take days. and a freezing cold morning. temperatures taking a big dip overnight. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday morning. it's november 24th. i just made it christmas eve. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. chris cimino. >> run around and do some shopping. a lot to catch up on. it does feel like a december 24th morning. we have a freeze warning in effect for most of the morning. staten island out of it. they've seen sub freezing temperatures already. a lot of folks seeing freezing to below freezing for the first time in the city. that's in effect until 7:00 a.m. at the freezing mark north and
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18 in wall pack, 21, califan. 26 at islip. even 27 at long branch. sunshine mixed with clouds. we see a few more clouds in the mix in the afternoon. 46 by noontime. the wind not as biting by afternoon with a cold and a high of 47 degrees. let's get the first check on a tuesday morning commute. chilly one. hopefully it's a quiet one. >> we have one closure out there in sussex county. 347 out between 111 and mount pleasant road right now. that's shut down in both directions. then if you're getting on the trains, right now uptown 4 and 6 trains are terminating at 86th street and downtown trains terminating at 49th street. no trains in between there. i'll continue to keep you posted on that. more weather, traffic ahead on the 4s. 4:31. breaking news in new jersey. a home up in flames. it happened in fairlawn in bergen county. the house is on berkshire road. "today in new york's" tracie
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strahan is there. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: darlene, good morning to you. now that the flames have been contained here, the bergen county prosecutor's office is actually on the scene going in and out of this home on berkshire road that we're hearing is a group home. we are working to confirm reports that two people were killed here just before midnight. want to show you some video now of the scene and the large response from neighboring fire departments. the smoke could be seen billowing out of a second floor bedroom. now we can see that smoke and we can also hear some victims being removed from the building there. even a rescue was reported from the roof here. now i reached out to the fair lawn police department. they do confirm that one of their officers sustained a minor injury trying to help in this effort. now a quick search of this shows that this is an address that belongs to the alliance against homelessness of bergen county. they call themselves supportive housing for homeless individuals
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again, as we bring you back live to fair lawn, new jersey, that home on berkshire road being investigated, darlene. we are working on reports that two people can be killed overnight. all of this being wrapped up and the bergen county prosecutor's office investigating. back to you. following other breaking news story. details just coming in now about the downing of a russian fighter jet by turkey's air force. we're seeing video of smoke on a hillside near the syrian border. turkey says the pilots were warned they were violating turkish air space. the russians dispute that. we're also told two pilots did parachute out of the jets and you can see a parachute in that video there. unknown. don't forget, turkey is a nato member that did this apparent "today in new york's" kerry barrett working on the story in the newsroom. bit. more breaking news, deadly crash of a military black hawk helicopter in texas.
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this happened last night in a training mission in fort hood. all four people on bored were killed. the cause of the crash is under investigation. the pentagon not yet releasing the names of those killed. all we know is they were members of the first army division west. new this morning, getting a look at a man who tried to pull off a daring robbery at an atm token booth or an mta token booth in the bronx. a man said this man slipped a note to the woman working in the booth, prospect avenue train station sunday night. the note demanded money, threatened to burn her alive. when she saw liquid in the money tray and a lighter in the suspect's hand, she blocked the window opening, she hit the emergency button and that apparently scared the man off. new this morning, the man who police say attacked elderly women in the bronx is now behind bars. the nypd tweeted overnight that he turned himself in. police say he attacked and robbed three women in their 60s and 70s hitting them sometimes
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even throwing a liquid in their faces in order to steal their purses. no word yet on which charges he will be face joog 4:34. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. we had 30s yesterday. chris, high 20s coming in for me today. >> yeah, it was 24 when i got in my car this morning. time to hit the button for the heated seats. get the buns warmed up. temperatures in the teens in some of the suburbs well north and west. coldest morning yet for most of us. sunshine today. we'll have clouds mix in at times. not as breezy so the afternoon even though it's going to be a chillier start, the afternoon may feel better as highs reach the upper 40s by mid to late afternoon. it will take a little time to get there. very cold, teens 20 in the suburbs. right at the freezing mark. first time we've seen that in quite some time. 46 by noon, 37 by 3:00. no rain or snow to worry about. roads are dry. let's hope it's an easy go. >> for the most part, yes, we have a couple of bus detours out there for you today. new york city, bus route b 62
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in new jersey, bus routes 86, 123 and 404. now in addition to the 4 and 6 issues, we do have overnight track work out there on the 6, a, d, f, r lines. expect delays. major routes are fine and alternate side of the street rules are in effect. lauren, thank you so much. 4:36 now. people in hoboken may be rethinking their holiday plans. they're being told that massive water main break, it may not be fixed now until after thanksgiving. "today in new york's" katherine creag is in hoboken. katherine, this started on the weekend and they may go through the holidays. >> reporter: days later, and you see all of this. we're over by patterson avenue. you see the flooding that remains. the streets right here, there is still a couple of feet of water in the street right here. it's really grim news for so many people who live in the hoboken area, jersey city as well. also, new photos from suez water north jersey that shows repairs that have been getting made to a water main line.
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a lot of work is being done, but the utility has said it might not be until after thanksgiving. the water will be fully restored to parts of hoboken and jersey city. for some residents in hoboken the only water they have is a trickle from their faucets in their kitchens. trucks providing safe drinking water are stationed all around hoboken. this started with a water main break on sunday night. then a valve broke yesterday. now many are wondering what they'll do about the thanksgiving holiday. >> i'm going to go to my friends and take a shower in manhattan. >> given that it looks like it could be out beyond thanksgiving, needing to find some alternate accommodations. >> reporter: but, again, suez water north jersey saying that it won't be until after thanksgiving that water will be fully restored. coming up in the next half hour, michael, you can imagine what this is doing to businesses. they're losing thousands of dollars every day. you'll hear that coming up in
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the ne alf hour. >> major problem in the holiday season. kat, thank you so much. happening today, french president francois hollande meets with president obama. nbc news has learned hollande will ask president obama for more u.s. special forces in syria. hollande met with british prime minister david cameron yesterday after the visit to the u.s. he heads to moscow to see president vladimir putin. the state department issues a worldwide travel alert citing the increased likelihood of a terror attack. it warns travelers to exercise caution and be aware of their immediate surroundings. it also advises u.s. citizens to avoid large crowds and crowded places. the travel alert remains in effect until february 24th. meanwhile, brussels remains at its highest terror alert for at least another day. the city schools and subway systems not expected to re-open until tomorrow. meanwhile, belgium authorities
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have now charged a fourth person with terrorism-real estate lated offenses. most others in raids around the country have been released. in france a street cleaner found what appears to be an explosive belt in a paris suburb. police said it contained some of the same types of explosion sifs used in the november 13 attacks. also found where salah abdeslam's cell phone was located on the day of the attacks. here in new york there's a new anti-terror message. if you see something, send something. that's what governor cuomo named a new app. you are encouraged to take photos of anything unusual, like abandoned briefcases or packages, and use the free app to upload the pictures and send them to police for investigation. 4:39 now. in presidential politics, donald trump is sticking by his comment that muslims in jersey city celebrated the september 11th attacks. >> i start getting phone calls
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in my office by the hundreds that they were there and they saw this take place. >> now trump spoke last night ohio. he said the celebration was reported in "the washington post." they say trump was wrong. the "newark star ledger" also disputes trump's account. >> there's no record of anything that he said and so we would hope that he would be more responsible. >> at first republican candidate ben carson, dr. ben carson also said that he saw the jersey city celebration. later he corrected himself saying he saw celebrations in the middle east joompt in west chester county two suspects running from police hit and killed an innocent woman. it all started when they spotted the suspects trying to break into parking meters. police saw them a stolen van a short while later and tried to pull them over. the van crossed into an oncoming lane and hit a sedan killing the driver.
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first responders disagree. >> battalion 1, be advised this originally initiated as a vehicle pursuit from the police. they were pursuing a suspect and apparently they crashed and now we're in a 10-24 with a 10-34, the person trapped. investigators have not said how fast the van was going. police say the two suspects involved were seriously injured. suffolk county police commissioner is retiring after 34 years with the department. he said he couldn't commit to four years. he wants to spend time with his family. the announcement comes as the department faces a federal investigation on police conduct. the chief of the department resigned last month. it's 4:41. just ahead, a 4 investigates exclusive. what a local doctor's office says about an e-mail mistake that puts thousands of people at risk. the teenager is back and he wants an apology and a whole lot more.
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the temperature plunged overnight. your weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. follow us on facebook and twitter, darlene4ny,
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. it's 4:43. here err four things to know this morning just in time for the holiday rush. the state department issued a worldwide travel alert. avoid large crowds and crowded places. tough news for people in hoboken. water main issues won't be repaired until after thanksgiving. katherine creag is on the ground tracking the work. we'll check in with her 5:00 a.m. ford rlgs thousands of fusions and mercury milans. today 17 americans including the late yankee great yogi berra will be awarded the presidential medal of freedom. director james spielberg, james
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great willey mays are all being honored. we said it's a great group. >> really is. good company. all in good company. congratulations. meanwhile 4rks:44. time to check weather and traffic on this tuesday. hey, chris. >> good morning, guys. not too bad other than the cold. no rain or snow to worry about for at least the next few days, but we're bottoming out with this cold air mass right now. i think we'll start to see a comeback and a slow buildup as we work our way into the thanksgiving holiday. 32 degrees at the freezing mark in the city. glance back at the records. last time we were at the freezing mark was april 1st. it's been a while. headlines, a cold morning, cool afternoon with less wind. great travel weather for tomorrow. no issues to deal with. the roads stay dry, relatively mild for thanksgiving day. we may have to shake a few low clouds especially for the morning hours. still running below average. average 51. made it to 44 yesterday afternoon. a couple of degrees better today. still officially we have the freeze warning in effect in the
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five boroughs. exception is staten island. this is the first time we've seen freezing or subfreezing temperatures in the boroughs. this is in effect until 7:00 a.m. 27 in staten island. 28 in floral park out at massa peek wa. just above it at 34. lots of 20s north and west. even teens. 19 in danbury, 19 in sussex and monticello. those are our wind chills, not the actual air temperatures. little area of cloudiness, even light snow shower in western pennsylvania. no snow showers heading our way. clouds will mix in with sunshine for a time today. we'll have intervals of i think we'll start to see more sun. high temperature, 47 degrees with less wind. should feel a little bit better. clears out by tonight, moonlit sky. 36 in mid town. still 20s north and west. another cold night, indeed. tomorrow we bounce back again with temperatures around 51. big travel day. lots of sunshine throughout the
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entire eastern corridor. stormy across portions of the plains. travel wise east coast excellent. upper midwest, great plains delays likely. especially stormy in the southern plains. as you go out to the west, intermountain snow. valley rains expected in the pacific northwest. southwest should be fine. cooler than normal. pretty good travel conditions. seven day forecast. whole holiday in there. 47 today, 51 tomorrow. dry days. low clouds around on thanksgiving. some breaks of sun. turns milder upper 50s. 63 for black friday. great for the shoppers. passing shower on saturday especially early. cool it down on the 40s sunday and monday of next week. early tuesday morning commute. things are rolling along for the most part. couple of problems. we'll start with the subways. service suspended in both directions on the 4 and 6 between 86th street and 149th street grand con course. no fun getting from the bronx
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keep a close eye on that. shut down between haupaugue road. heading over to new jersey route 21 heading northbound, overturned tractor-trailer on the ramp to eastbound route 3. another spot to avoid here. we'll take a live look outside at the long island expressway near the grand central parkway. things are moving nicely i promise. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4ed. 4:48. the 4 investigates exclusive. a doctor's office in manhattan inadvertently shared the social security numbers and other sensitive information of almost 15,000 patients. the e-mail was sent from dr. mary ruth butchness, a dermatologist in soho. missy brown was one of the e-mail recipients. >> i think that it says coupon attached. i saw there was a spreadsheet attachment as soon as i opened it i saw that it was a database
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that had personal information in it. >> now how and why that file was sent out still not clear. missy says the receptionist told her the e-mail was being recalled. we reached out to the doctor's office. we were told they had no information about what happened. big update in the eric garner case. the secret grand jury testimony will remain secret. that is the decision of new york state's highest court. activists wanted the minutes made public. they wanted to see why no officers were charged with garner's death. his case sparked debate over a chokehold. review board is backing an atlanta hawks player warning that he was wrongly arrested back in af but the civilian complaint review board ruled they did not use excessive force. sefolosha claimed they broke his leg. in october the nba star was acquitted of all criminal charges. police in norms have ew orleans have
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arrested a suspect. 25-year-old euric cain is in custody. he faces attempted murder charges. he confessed to shooting the medical student peter gold. gold stepped in when he saw cain allegedly dragging a woman down the street. cain shot him in the stomach and tried to shoot him in the head. the gun jammed. gold is recovering in the hospital. the texas teenager arrested for taking a homemade clock to school is back. ahmed mohamed sent letters demanding $15 million. the 14-year-old student was arrested in september when a teacher mistook his homemade project for a bomb. the family says ahmed was publicly mistreated and they're threatening to sue. he is attending school in qatar. 4:50 now. psi and deflated footballs, pounds per square inch, will be dragging into this upcoming off season for the nfl. the u.s. court of appeals will hear an oral argument in the tom brady deflated football case in
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case could finally come to an end there or could go onto the supreme court. the nfl is appealing a lower court's ruling that dismissed
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and one little boy's mission to say thank you. what inspired him to visit every police precinct in new york city. you're watching "today in new
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less wind so a little bit of the sting taken out of the cold. chilly night. 36 in the city and 20s in most of the suburbs. then we start to moderate the temperatures a little bit more tomorrow and through the rest of the holiday weekend at least up until friday. could get 60 or better. >> lauren, what is happening besides the -- >> you like the sweeps.
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the commutes are doing okay. mostly good. here's a live look at the george washington bridge. everything moving along nicely into the tolls on both levels. head over to the brooklyn bridge where we have construction out there. manhattan shut down. we have lanes closed on the bqe. things moving nicely. closure on long island. i'll get that to in a moment. talk about roosevelt. a new government report finding some of the worst bottlenecks in the country. right in our area. >> oh, gee. >> the lincoln tunnel traffic in the morning. take the lincoln tunnel 8. 8th worst spot. >> specifically between kennedy boulevard and new jersey all the way through the tunnel to 10th avenue manhattan. >> right behind the tunnel on the list, here's no shock, the
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way from the sheridan expressway to the george washington bridge always jammed. that was 9th in the country. drivers are being warned. traffic could only get worse. >> this thanksgiving what america's getting is a preview of what we can expect to occur over the next 30 years if things go unchecked. a nation consumed by traffic and thanksgiving traffic every day in some places around the country. >> not surprisingly, los angeles had the most trouble spots of any big city on the list. highway users alliance and the administration, they're trying to use this report to encourage lawmakers to find the money to fix these bottlenecks. transit activists have a plan to get you out of your car and on to public transportation to laguardia airport. they want the q 70 bus to be turned into a free shuttle. it runs directly from 74th street roosevelt subway stop to laguardia terminals. the mta says that idea is not cost effective. shocking. all right. a new jersey police deputy went
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above and beyond the call of duty when he came to the rescue of one of the state's wilder residents. >> come here. i'll get it. come here, dude. you have to get this off your head, man. >> yeah. this is not your typical police pursuit. that's ocean gate patrol chasing down a skunk that somehow got his head stuck in a juice carton. >> i felt bad for t. i figured it was either going to get hit by a car or an animal was going to attack it. i realized if i didn't take it off there was no way he was going to get that thing off. >> the video has been viewed thousands of times on the department's facebook page. viewers are admiring the officer's compassion. officials remind everyone leave the animal rescues to the professionals. >> he had to, right? i think he felt like he had to. >> a lot of compassion. a little boy is on a mission and he wants to give a special thank you to every officer in our city. >> 7-year-old zachary baccara is hand delivering thank you cards
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to more than 35,000 nypd officers. >> department, city of new york. >> zachary has a love for the nypd's real life super heroes. last december after two officers were murdered in their patrol cars, zachary decided to show his thanks. since that day his mom spends her only days off from work making the rounds to every police precinct. >> this is what he wants to do. as a mother, we try to help our kids and encourage them. >> that day they come to us and i'm glad i was. >> so far zachary's visited 60 of the 76 precincts in the city. i met zachary and his mom at the nypd plaza headquarters during hispanic heritage month. they were honored for this. he loved doing this. the police officers in the room, i'm talking several hundred, they're so grateful to him, to his mother for doing this. they say, well, commissioner bratton said he would be running the department one day. >> there you go. coming up on 5:00 a.m.
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