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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  November 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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drone hovering above the macy's thanksgiving day parade getting ever so close to that candy cain balloon. when it landed, officers swarmed, tracking down the man at the controls. on the ground news4 was the only crew there when counter terrorism units circled around roman. the police questioned him and his teenage son about the flight and there at their feet, a carrying case with the drone police took the two from the parade route to the 20th presink house. >> they probably had the right reaction just because, you know, it's kind of dangerous, especially with everything going on. i don't think that it was probably the smartest idea. >> sources say he's from russia visiting new york with his son who lives in florida. he told police he did not know about the law forbidding the drone flight. police ticketed him and released the two. >> he was probably a guy who thought it would be cool to get some cool footage.
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>> we spoke with the family. they did not want to comment on the incident. the boy's mom tells me her son was terrified when police approached. security around the parade today was maxed out. the nypd had more than 2500 officers along the route plus 500 members of the counter terrorism unit. the most police force at any thanksgiving ay parade. their presence felt and appreciated by those in attendance. >> you don't see the kind of weaponry that they carry ever. but that's the world we're in right now. so the deter rent effect is why they're here. good for them and for us. >> reporter: and that drone was given back to the father and son after they were released from police. on the upper west side, brynn gingras news4 new york. we want to move now from security to the sights and sounds of may vi's 89th annual thanksgiving day parade. officials estimated about 3
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million people showed up, came out to watch everything. they lined the route the morning to see the marching bands, floats and of course the giant balloons that are the signature of this holiday celebration. tracie strahan has all of the fun and excitement. >> you just never know what to expect when clowns mixed with floats and big balloons are added in to make up one of the biggest holiday spectacles in the country. >> adventure time. >> now in its 89th year, the macy's thanksgiving day parade is always an adventure. >> all of the ninja turtles. >> that's pretty awesome. >> i love them. they're so cool. >> this year the lineup included old favorites like turkey but trey songz kept things fresh. >> it's tie i'd say between snoopy and underdog. >> reporter: of course millions
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line the parade route every year but people this year are probably most thankful for mother nature. >> we're flying high today because of the low winds. it's amazing. >> 12 marching bands dazzled the spectators and as. >> this is a thankful holiday and america deserves a great celebration today. >> tracie strahan news4 new york. the weather boosted the parade's turnout this year. how about foronhe shoppers gearing up for their big procession to the stores. we know where one storm team4 meteorologist was today. we just spotted him. >> oh, you mean rafael. i thought you were talking about me. rafael was in the midst of the parade holding up the "diary of a wimpy kid." it's still nice out there. some of you may just be getting out to start your shopping or if you're not shopping you may be
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stand in line for tomorrow. the temperatures will be mild for the rest of this evening across the tri-state area with clouds mixed in. the temperatures will be in the 50s through midnight. but let's go shopping tomorrow. we'll start at the garden state plaza mall in new jersey, which is closed on sunday. so a lot of people will be there tomorrow going into saturday. temperatures around 62. and we'll cross over the hudson over to the westchester in white plains, another temperature at 62 degrees. it's a beautiful day across the entire tri-state area including friday. but it does cool off this weekend. dell tails in just a few minutes. >> you thought i was going to say you were shopping. >> i thought you were. dozen os families in new jersey endured thanksgiving without running water. a water main break in cranford made a mess. take a look. about 70 homes lost water
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with muddy swamps in their front yards. other homes had low water pressure. they tell us the service should be restored later tonight. imagine waking up and seeing this right out of your bedroom window. it's a blimp dangerously low there and about to crash. it actually happened today on long island. the blimp's pilot experienced some weather trouble on the way to the macy's thank giving day parade. he had to make an emergency landing on a baseball field in farmingdale. >> they came over and we had two lines that you might see in blimp type scenarios. they grabbed them and held me in place while i went through the checklist and shut it down. >> the pie loot walked away without a jach. scratch. the blirch was not damaged and it will be able to fly again. one of the biggest names in new york food delivery says it's going to make changes. it found that they have been
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operating more months without the wrong permit. the company delivered thanksgiving dinner even though the health department says it shouldn't be. >> last week munchery advertised thanksgiving dinner delivered to your door. the i-team scheduled an order. it came right on time. we had turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, all of the fixin' delivered. one hour after munchery dropped the food off a health department spokeswoman told us the company had no business doing delivery. we're informing them that they need a restaurant permit in order to deliver food directly to customers. until now they've operated under a nonretail permit. but according to city health code, nonretail kitchens make food that is not given or sold directly to the consumer.
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>> it's not just a mat are of mixed up labels. have the wrong per met mitt mit is a problem. customers would never now the last evaluation of the munchery facility resulted in 28 inspection points. that ooh the equivalent of a c restaurant grade, the lowest letter grade the city gives out. >> i think you think of it like any other kind of restaurant in new york. >> it certainly would be good to know that they've passed inspections and that they do have letter grades just like a restaurant. >> we asked to see inside the brooklyn munchery facility that got the 28 inspection points. an employee closed the door on us. they said this is a fulfillment center that just processes orders and the problems relate to using the wrong kind of sink.
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two other facilities have gotten health grades equivalent to the letter a. they revealed another way that the kitchens can by pass the kitchen grade system. they're posting with false addressed and unregistered names. we couldn't figure out where our food was cooked. >> do you know what kitchen made this food? >> one restaurant manager said it was a common scheme to con injury up ghost restaurants. >> this is an open secret. >> after the i-team report, grgeubhub pledged to change its policy to make sure the addresses and names are real. >> as more munchery, the department of health is complete aaware of the nature of our business with all inspections resulting in successful licensing. munchery has and will always work to obtain proper permitting. >> i want to know this is a clean and properly cared for kitchen. >> they've now applied for the
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a spokesperson told us they're dedicated to compliance. we should also point out that munchery is not the only food delivery business that is changing its practices. a company called maple has been delivering to new yorkers without the proper permit. maple tells us they're seeking the right permit and four of their facilities have been inspected with scores equivalent to restaurant grade a. reporting from the newsroom, chris glorioso, new new york. coming up here, is a serial arsonist on the list? also, a thanksgiving to remember for a man who nearly died in a motorcycle accident,
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a trio of subway robbers have struck again wanted for a third attack in the bronx. and a mistake by one of the thieves may help police catch them. take a look at this selfie police say one of the alleged robbers snapped this photo as he smash snatched a cell phone from his latest victim on tuesday. the men have targeted commuters at train stops in month haven. five months ago a new jersey man also died in a motorcycle accident. today he met the stranger who saved his life. the emotional reunion took place at the hospital where he's learning to walk with a prosthetic leg. that's when the good samaritan walter reid stop to help.
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>> i was thinking they was just watching a guy die, like in front of me, just take his last breaths. >> controlling the bleeding absolutely saved his life. >> reeves is a former armed guard for nasa and happened to be on the way to his brother's engagement party when the accident happened. coming up when news4 new york at 6 returns we'll introduce you to a brooklyn woman who has been the embodiment of the thanksgiving spirit since he was a child. whhiat she does every year for
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nypd detectives and arson investigators have teamed up to find a possible serial arsonists in queens. the latest fire is in forest hills. lori bordonaro has more. >> a home ravaged by fire, the seventh since last month. the fire chief says news4 this could be work of an arsonist.
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>> the fire was made suspicious. >> sm the fire started just after 11:00 last night. the home under construction. a common link in this string of fires. >> the fire marshals have been actively engaged and, you know, trying to check out to see if in fact we do have an a arsonist on the loose. >> today investigators took pictures and gathered evidence at the home. the nypd and fdny is working together to find out who is responsible. all of the fires happening over the last month. the first one on october 20th, just a few blocks from here. no one has been hurt by the fires but nearby homes have been damaged. you whcan see how close some of the homes are and that has many of the residents worried. >> upsetting. upsetting. >> something going oo definitely, which we got to get to the bottom of. it's scaring people and it's all in this neighborhood. >> if forest hills, news4 news4
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look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." happy thanks giving to you. we're going to start overseas in belgium where there have been a series of raids today in the search for the most wanted man in europe, the man on the run since the paris attacks. we also had the scare at the white house this afternoon, the secret service had put in new spikes on the fence there but that didn't stop a man draped in an american flag from jumping the white house fence, even while the obamas were inside celebrating thanksgiving. and then we're talking about black friday which is already upon us. if you've been on your phone today you know they're trying to get you online to make deals. and we're going to tell you why if you head out tomorrow to the store you really should bring your phone with you. you could save more money. >> all right. we will be looking for that report for sure. thank you. this holiday many are spending the day not just with their loved ones but also helps
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others and serving those who need help. >> sit a day to give thanks. hungry new yorkers enjoy thanksgiving meals and there were no shortages of volunteers. organizers say they plan to feed more than 7,000 people across new york city this thanksgiving. more than 23,000 children are spending thanksgiving in new york city homeless shelters. the next story we're working on. >> and one warm hearted brooklyn woman helped a shelter feel more at home with a gift of treats homemade with love. >> so excited. and the mess is going to begin. you add 14 tablespoons of butter. to me, in my heart i feel like how can i eat thanksgiving dinner knowing there's people that are hungry. >> for mary gomez, baking is love.
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>> i love to bake. >> every thanksgiving since he was a child, mary has been mixing. >> it's starting to stick. >> measuring, warming the hearts of the needy from her sheepshead bay kitchen. >> i like to use my hands. >> it's easier. >> no actually a rolling pin is easier. >> today she teaches her young helpers the most important ingredients. >> apples cinnamon. >> what else? >> hard work, love and a lot of joy. >> people took a bite of my food, i love their reaction. >> but for ten years mary has never been able to see the reaction. delivering her treats full of love, anonymously to the nearby bay family shelter for the homeless. this year news4 asked if we could all come inside to meet the luckry reci ents. what mayry did not realize is that many of the young children have lived in the shelter for
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several years and her anonymous gifts of goodies have become some of their most vivid holiday memories. >> i can't believe you remembered. >> 7-year-old tyler remembers the ginger bread house that mary brought last year. >> it's nice to support all of the kids. >> year maya has been in the shelter since he was 8 years old. >> makes me feel great that there are people out there that care about me. >> not everybody does things like that. >> i was going cry because they made me so excited. it made me feel like wow, i'm making a difference, you know. >> in sheepshead bay, melissa russo, news4 new york. what a heartwarming story. >> making you feel so much better. janice, how are you? >> i'm feeling great. happy thanksgiving to you. hope everyone has had a happy thanksgiving as well. it's not over yet. some people are getting ready for shopping. we're going to talk about the forecast tomorrow and how things are going to change this weekend.
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rock camera shows the empire state building. it's so mild night. temperatures in the 50s in most spots. 56 right now in central park under partly cloudy skies. that's 6 degrees higher than a daytime high temperature this time of the year. we're still in the springtime in november on this thanksgiving day. it will be mild on friday. warmer than today. we're talking into the 60s tomorrow. but it does cool down over the weekend. next week with e e may sea some heavy rain. today's highs were right around 60 and over 60 in the hamptons. morristown at 61 and 50s in the north and west. right now 40s and 50s. the coldest temperature is danbury at 44 and that's really not that cold. but it will be cool in some area tonight. 64 in louisville, the mild air coming tomorrow.
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air, temperatures in the teens and 20s right now over the northern plains. we don't see that. we're expecting 60s in our area with sunshine and clouds mixed in. this front that's producing a mixture of precipitation, anrain on the front side and snow and ice on the backside will be heading our way this weekend. tomorrow in the 60s. but this weekend cool, back to the 50s. yes, a few showers are possible over the weekend. but we're not talking about a lot of heavy rain. that's going to be next week. in the meantime, here's a look at the highs. 52 on saturday. 50 is the average daytime high. we'll see that on sunday. tonight, way above freezing, 45 in belmar, temperatures 62 by noon at the jersey shore. if you're going to wood bury commons to shop within temperatures around 60. springtime conditions. you can shop without the heavy coats. leave those at home.
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you may want to buy spring clothes for the holidays instead of the winter chloes. 52 saturday and cooler over the weekend. hope you had a happy thanksgiving. bruce beck is up next with
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thanksgiving day is about feasting and football. the nfl menu includes three games in less than 12 hours. let's start with the eagles and lions in the motor city. it was the matthew stafford calvin johnson show. johnson now has 11 touchdowns on thanksgiving day. the most in history. good news for the giants as the eagles fall to 4-7 following a
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the 3-7 cowboys trail the undefeated panthers in the third. tonight on nbc, the packers welcome the bears. from the pros to high school football, the game of the day featured heated rivals in connecticut, undefeated darian taking on undefeated new canaan to decide the title. connecticut schoolboy legend bobby valentine was in attendance along with 10,000 other fans. with new canaan trailing late in the first half, michael collins connects with johns. it was collins' 47th touchdown pass of the year. the game was tied at the half. in the third quarter darian quarterback tim graham hooks up with rock stewart on a 29-yard aerial strike. what a beauty. tied at 21 at the end of three. now four minutes to go, the blue wave with a third and five. and hudson hammel makes a
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spectacular catch in the back of the end zone for the game winner. graham, four touchdowns as darian improves to 9-0. 28-21 the final. let the celebration continue. >> hudson, how did you make that catch? >> well, you know, tim any saw me, i pulled up a little from my original route. he just trusted me to make a play and i was fortunate enough to get my feet inbounds. >> how special is this rivalry? >> this is the best rivalry in america i feel like. waking up on thanksgiving morning playing in front of 10,000 people. >> what does this mean to you? >> it means the world. i've been coaching 37 years and i've been fortunate to win a few of these. but back to back with my sons and juniors and seniors and a wonderful senior class that i've coached since they were in third grade, you couldn't have written a better script.
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>> what a scene and what a
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