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tv   Today in New York  NBC  November 27, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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wanted in a terrifying attack. and a scare at the white house. what we're learning about the man who successful scaled this fence while the first family had thanksgiving dinner inside. "today in new york" starts now. good morning. it is friday, november 27th. better known as black friday. i'm kerry barrett. >> i'm rob schmidt. darlene and michael have the mornfug off. chris has the morning off. everybody is off. dave price is here with the forecast. >> not us. >> lots of folks getting an early start this morning. need to tell you of a dense fog advisory in effect through much of the viewing area. visibility is at a quarter mile or less in a great area around the tri-state. bend very careful on the roads. warm and 61 degrees at noon. 63 as a high. a nice wrap-up tonight at 60 degrees withlouds rolling in. changes for the weekend. we'll tell you about that in a while. in the meantime, that's your
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first look at weather this morning. let's check in with emily, who is in with us this morning. so hi, good morning. you mentioned very foggy. definitely take it easy. very serious crash in queens. we have tracie strahan there to give you the latest coming up. grand central is closed stbound after rft bridge. also, another accident on the garden state parkway in new jersey southbound. the ramp is closed at exit 143. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. now to that breaking news you just mentioned in queens. a deadly wreck overnight. a car slamming into a truck that had stopped on the grand central parkway in ast terror oria. tracie strahan is there. >> reporter: as people approached accident site, they'r tibeing detoured away from it. all involved the box truck you e m rucknder the overpass.
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suffered a minor injury. a black hyundai that slammed into it, the two people inside of that car both killed. it's unknown why the driver of that box truck was pulled over on the side of the road. apparently it's also unclear if the driver of the black hyundai just didn't see him. it is incredibly foggy out here. driving pretty treacherous as a result. again, two people killed on the grand central here. the driver of that box truck was injured. it's unclear what hospital he's in rigre now, but rob, i can tell you again, traffic really starting to build as a result of the detour. no cars, as you can see, can pass that box truck at this point. we'll continue to bring you updates on the traffic situation here as details back available. >> trey acietracie, thank you. a hit-and-r h driver now behind bars, accused of running down a woman in barack lin. it happened around 7:00 last night in east new york.
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polill say he hit and killed a 56-year-old woman as she was getting into her car. then they say he slammed into several parked cars. he tried to take off on foot. officers caught him a couple blocks away. eight others were injured. also right now, es police are looking for this man. he's wanted in the rape of a woman on the lowerer east side. police say he attacked a 26-year-old woman jogging pthrough east river park. this was last night. after raping her, they say he also robbed her. the surveillance video coming from a store where police say he used her credit card. she was reportedly dragged behind the amphitheater and sexually assaulted around 7:30. they say he got away on a bike. right now, pope francis is in the final hours of his visit to kenya. he just spoke to a huge crowd of young people at a nairobi stadium. the pontiff told them to reject tribalism and radica palization. earlier he visited a slum and warned against the growing gap between rich and poor. in just a couple hours, the
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on his african trip in uganda. coming up on 4:34. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. it is foggy out there, dave price. on way in, you could drive in and out of really dense fog several times in the matter of a couple miles. >> that' what's gy ng to make it so challenging this morning. even though it's a holiday, so many people are out trying to get that early start on shopping. you must be very, very careful. as you mentioned, we have a dense fog advisory in effect for much of the region. temperatures right now scattered anywhere from the upper 30s as you head out to the west to the 50s in our area. 52 in the city. 51 in sheepshead bay. the wider picture shows the cooler temperatures to the north and west. as we head through and out of the area, here are the numbers you need to be most concerned about. eighth of a mile visibility in white plains. quarter of a mile in poughkeepsie. quarter of a mile in islip.
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morristown, zero visibility. dense fog advisory in effect until 9:00 a.m. that's a quick look at your forecast for the time being. let's say hello to emily west. >> hello. good morning, everyone. with that fog, dave, s ed restriction on the tappan zee bridge. slow it down, 45 miles per hour here. also, you are going to find modified schedule for metro north today. same with new jersey transit, lirr, and path. also, the buses. regular schedule for new york buses. beeline is on a regular lsaturday. alternate side is in effect. weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. all right. it's the story everybody is talking aboud if you're up right now, it's probably because you're about to go shopping. there are deals to be had. black friday actually began on thursday for a lot of peop suc but this morning people diinuing the tradition of getting up and shopping for
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lori bordonaro is at woodbury commons in orange county where they actually haven't closed since yesterday. >> reporter: yeah, kerry. go morning. they've been open since 9:00 a.m. yesterday on thanksgiving day. people hlve been streaming in here. you can see there's a steady flow of people. lot oftheopls wlth bags here. if you've ever been t re, you know it takes an entire day to get through all 220 stores here. again, parking lot here is packed. lots o people coming in. a lot of people got a jump start yesterday. not just here. many stores in our area opened on thanksgiving day. shoppers flooded macy's in herald square in search of deep discounts. we also saw a constant flow of shoppers at toys r us in times square. of course, today is always the busiest. the national retailer association expects more than 99 million people to shop this black friday. for the first time this year, more people are expected to use
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weekend as opposed to computers or tablets. everyonethough, of course looking for the best price. >> lots of people, lots of big sales, very overwhelming. >> reporter: aod because of the warm weather, lots of coats are ill sitting on shelves in stores. a lot of stores are marking down even further. check this out, guys. 80% off right here. really, kerry and rob, you can't go wrong today. hopefully we're going to fit in a little bit of shopping as well. back to you. >> strangely, i've never been compelled to brave the black friday crowds. you may have changed my mind. lori, see you in a bit. all right. happening today in chicago, protesters are planning to mark black friday with a massive demonstration. reverend jesse jackson organizing this rally. they're planning to march down michigan avenue, which is expected to be crowded with black friday shoppers. this is all following the release of that dash cam video showing an officer gunning down a teen. jackson is calling for an investigation into why it took
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so long for that video to be made public. 4:37. right no we'd like to head to paris. that is where a memorial service taking place. these are live videos of that memorial service. about 1,000 people gathered with french leaders. the president you justuraw there. thtecrowd include families of the 130 people killed in that city's coordinated terror assaults that happened two weeks ago. the people of paris being encouraged to fly the french flag from their windows. and just across the border for belgium, life slowly beginning to return to normal now that their terror threat is being lowered a notch. the brussels subway system is back up and running. schools are once again open. officials say an attack no longer appears imminent. yesterday there were several raids that were carried out in the belgian capital while two paris rror suspects still remain at large. also, the russian president vladimir putin pledging to work with the u.s.-led coalition against isis, but he has a warning.
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russia's help will be jeopardized if another of their fighte jets is shot down. is morng turkey trying to ease tensions with russia over that border skirmish. the turkish prime minister writing in a london newspaper that everybody come gether to defeat isis. in africa, two peopleuwith suspected links to that week-old terror attack on a hotel in mali are now under arrest. officials not giving us any details about who this pair is. we know two of the attackers were killed by police last week at the raddison blu hotel. that ended that deadly nine-hour siege. this morning, a connecticut man in custody for setting off a scare at the white house just as the first family was sitting down for their thanksgiving dinner. in fact,acameras captured himh scaling the white house fence while he was wrapped in an american flag. "today in new york's" rey viellda has more from the man's hometown in stanford. >> reporter: you can see the secret service as they swarm the white house from the roof to the ground, chasing down a man who climbed over the fence.
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draped in an american flag, the white house says this man is joseph caputo. witnesses outside describe a chaotic scene as he scaled an eight-foot spiked fence. the first family was havin hag thanksgiving dinner inside. >> he's climbing. he's likt, woo! >> reporter: new 4 investigates confirmed the man you see in this video is from connecticut. his family is in stanford. in 2011, a local online newspaper profiled caputo as a student with asperger's syndrome. >> any time someone jumps the o fence, there's no question there's a level of danger su the first family. >> reporter: the climb captured on social media caused the white house to go into lockdown mode for hours as the secret service combed the grounds. this type of sec ity scare has happened in the past. a year ago a man with a knife jumped the fence and made it into the mansion before being tackled. thursday's breach of security is
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the first since new spikes were added to the fence. it's also the first time the entire family was at the white house as an intruder tried to get on the property. >> it's a very big deal.vethe secret service treats all these incidents very seriously. >> reporter: this morning we know caputo is in custody. criminal charges are pending. a relative told me the fam fy did not want to talk. > happening now, the nypd looking for this missing woman. her name is rosa gonzalez. she suffers from alzheimer's. investigators say the 64-year-old was separated from her husband at the port authority bus t rminal on wednesday night and then she disappeared. ifsf you have any information on gonzalez, please contact police. it is 4:41. just ahead, not just balloons in the air at this year's macy's thanksgiving day parade. why a man flying a drone over the festivities won't face any charges. and new criticism this morning for donald trump because of something her said about a
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why trump is the one demanding an apology. >> that's a turn of events. > and if you're heading out to do shopping, fog may slow you down. your weather and traffic on the 4s coming up.
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welcome back. 4:44. 52 r degrets. king a look at the grand central parkway at the long island expressway. if you're heading out this morning, you are going to be faced with a little bit of fog likely, depending on where you're coming from. >> yeah, and in fact, some of this fog really dense at this hour. visibility in some cases down to zero. let's ta a look outside. rockefeller plaza, this is the busy season, everybody. in just a few hours, it is going
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let's take a look at the numbers. 4:44 right now, 52 degrees outside. again, we have dense fog throughout the area. an advisory in effect. we'll get to that in a moment. in the meantime, to the headlines. springtime in november? certainly feels that way. we're going to be up in some locations into the mid-60s today. a mild riday but big changes into the weekend temperature-wise. and into next week, we see some instability in the environment and some heavy rain rolling in our direction. much-needed rain. all right. the important thing right now, so many people heading out so early. please take good care. you will get to where you need to go, but keep it slow. a dense fog advisory in effect through 9:00 a.m. this morning. i wouldn't be surprised ifthe see some building airport delays for those of you heading back early during the first part of thtte morning just because of the limited visibility. quarter of a mile in bridgeport. quarter of a mile from islip to westhampton.
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in morristown, no visibility at all. quarter mile now. half mile in bridgewater. much better as you head to the far north and west. monticello and sussex looking gopood. future tracker, we see clouds beginning to roll in tonight. early morning showers tomorrow potentially. then possibly another dose later in the day. we'll keep our eyes on that. in the meantime, 63 de togrees. real nice. we talked about the dense fog this morning. other than that, lots of sunshine today. soxuthwest winds 5 to 10. mostly clear during the first part of tonight then clouding up. cooler and less breezy. wind 5 to 10 miles per our, down to 49. weekend planner, we talked about the scattered showers. maybe showers to the south on sunday. then as we ead through the next seven days, take a look. we are in for much cooler air. monday into the 40s. back into the 50s tuesday and wednesday with a chance of some significant heavy rain. we'll keep an eye on it. and 44 and chilly as we head into thursday. that's a quick look at your forecast.
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you need to go and doing it carefully. >> definitely. as you head out, as you mentned,he fog, dave. just be careful with that. also, the grand central parkway is closed eastbound just after the rfk bridge. tracie strahan is out there to give you the latest coming up. we are finding delays in connecticut as well. a couple lanes are blocked, the right and the center, on the turnpike southerbound between 38 to 36. they're getting a sanding crew out there to clean up the mess from this accident. let's ta p a live look at the george washington bridge. the upper and lower moving along fine. you're not going to find a wait this morning. and for the new jersey travelers, also an accident on the garden state parkway southbound right near exit 143, lyons avenue. that ramp is going to be closed from that accident this morning. also, alternate side and meter rules are in effect. more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> emily, thank you. millions of people kicking off their holiday weekend by
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lining the streets of manhattan to get a glimpse of a timeless anksgiving tradition. in its 89th year now, the macy's thanksgiving parade headed down 6th avenue. as always, a mix of clowns, floats, balloons, and musicians. this year's lineup included some old favorites, such as tom turkey, ronald mcdonald, and even a sky-high power ranger. mayor de blasio weighing in on which ones he enjoys the most. >> it's a tie between snoopy and underdog. it's a generational comment. >> the ninja turtles. >> that's pretty awesome. they're so cool. >> they are cool. and what is a thanksgiving day parade without a visit from this guety, santa. there was also a record police presence at this ear's parade. organizers say the goal, of course, was to give the spectators some comfort desp e the fears following the par attacks. there were no arrests at the parade, however this guy here was issued a ticket for his poor judgment.
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this is exclusive video of nypd officers detaining him after he flew a drone over the parade just a coulle feet from the balloons. he is russian. he was at the celebrations with his son. we're told he may not have known about the law. a blimp that was supposed to fly over the parade never made it to manhattan. take a look. the pilot ran into some trouble in the air and had to make an emergency landing on long island. some news 4 viewers captured video of the aircraft hovering very close to the ground. it finally landed on a baseball diamond. the pilot said it was too windy to make it to the closest airport. >> they came over, and we have two lines that you might see in blimp-type scenarios. they grabbed them and held me in pl e while i went through my checklists and shut it down. >> there it is landing. the pilot fortunately walked away without a scratch. arnobody on the ground was hu . 4:49. moving to presidential politics. dr. ben carson spending the weekend overseas. he's visiting a syrian refugee camp. this is in jordan.
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that he's looking for firsthand knowledge of the migrant crisis. this trip seen as an attempt to build his foreign policy credentials at the same time as he's slipping in the polls. me yoanwhile, donald anump causing a new controversy because of mething he said. this time it's about a "new york times" reporter. nbc's hailey jackson explains. >> reporter: donald trump under fire for seeming to mock a reporter's physical disability. >> ugh, i don't know what i said, ugh, i donuspl't remember. >> reporter: the reporter works for "the new york times" and has at congenital joint condition. trump was referring to a 2001 story written after seember 11th, which said authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks. >> the poor guy, you got to see this guy. ugh, i don't know what i said, i don't remember. maybe that's what i said.
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i can said his article does not back up trump's claim that will thousands of new jersey residents cheered 9/11. "the new york times" writing, 're outraged he would ridicule the physical appearance of one of our reporters. critics arguone trump crossed a line. others wonder wheeser for him a line even exists. >> he still has a pretty hard core base at this point who to date he's said nothing that's offensive. reporter: trump demanding an apology iswhow taking aim at the "times" and the reporter today. he should stop using his disability to grand stand and get back to a paper that is rapidly going down the tubes. advocates for people with disabilities not pleased by trump's remarks. quote, it is unacceptable for a child to mock another child's disability on the playground. never mind a presidential candidata mocking someone's disability.
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kovaleski says it doesn't surprise him that trump would, quote, do something this low rent, given his track record. the fda says a celery and onion mix is the source of e. coli found in costco chicken salad. the vegetable blend has been recalled which is also used in other outlets. so far the costco rotisserie chicken has sickened people in seven states. still to come, the jimmy fallon holiday sing along you have to see. and something very unexpected happened overseas. how a fearless goat has taken over a tiger's den. no kidding.
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all right. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. welcome back. we're going to start with dave price. it's very warm outside. >> it is. and it is going to remain so. big concern, by the way, the dense fog advisory in effect through about 9:00 .m. if you're watching us, most likely it affects you. keep in mind, 63 degrees is what we're going to see today as a high temperature. that's what we like. that's going to keep a smile on your face, even though that money is going to fly out of your wallets today. varying amounts of sun and clouds for today. milder temperatures than we've seen in a while. tonight, down to 49 degrees. still on the mild side for this time of year, but we'll cloud up. could see morning showers tomorrow. emily, what do you have? >> if you want to get out and do shopping, mass transit, if that's the way you want to go, a couple changes. metro north on a modified schefule. same with new jersey transitnd path. lirr is on regular schedule. also, a live look at the
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alexander hamilton bridge. seems to be doing oke-. the cross bronx is really not too bad at this time. coming up at 5:00, an update on that accident on the grand central. >> all right. see you then. thank you, emily. so thanksgiving had new meanreg for partso,n long island. they spent the holid18 being thankful for two people who saved their son's life. the 10-year-old stopped breathing wednesday at laurel park elementary school in brentwood. officer john mccully responded to the call and found the boy unresponsive with no pulse. he and a school nurse performed cpr. the boy started breathing again. he is now in stable condition at the hospital. sgood work. the new jersey man who almost died in a motorcycle accident five months ago ise ow meeting the stranger who saved his life. the emotional reunion took place at the hospital where rufus graham is learning to walk again with a prosthetic leg. he lost that leg in a crash on route 130 back in july. that's when walter reeve stopped on the roadside and jumped in to help. >> he just took his belt off and
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just watching a guy die. lin ke in front of me, just take his last breaths. >> controlling that bleeding absolutely saved his life. >> that's an amazing story. reeves is a former armed guard for nasa and just happened to be on his way to his brother's engagement party on that fateful day. >> right time, right place. in new jersey, service finally back for dozens of families who spent their thanksgiving without running water. crews worked through the holiday to fix a water main break in cranford. about 70 homes lost water yesterda thy morning. that's the worst timing. the break also flooded two homes. no word on what caused it. all right. to football now. the giann ' lead continues to widen in the nfc east fter a nightmare thanksgiving perform by the dallas cowboys. less than a minute into the game against the panthers, tony romo's pass is picked off by curt coleman. he took it all the way to the
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dallas trailing big the entire game. if it couldn't get any worse, ro left the game after reinjuring his surgically repaired collarbone. so he may look like a cross between jarjar and chewbaca -- we're not talking about dave -- >> geez. . >> i'm sorry. it's a holiday. he's 4-year-old good time charlie. he was best in show. that is the top prize at yesterday's national dog show in philadelphia. in case you're wondering, charlie is a sky terrier. his win came as a bit of a surprise. he was considered the underdog y. he's cute. look at his ears. >> how does he see? >> i guess it's not important. >> maybe he smells his way. >> there you go. this morning, another animal who's getting international attention for taking on a tiger. >> yes, this is a goat named t-more. was supposed to be dinner for a siberian tiger at a safari park in moscow.
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feeds live animals to the tiger. this time, though, the goat apparently was unaware of the arrangement and actually started chasing the tiger around. park workers say the two have become quite friendly. now not only is the goat not on the menu, he's taken over the tiger's den. he sleeps there. he's made himself right at home. kick the tiger to the curb. >> that's amazing. >> impressive. who knew? it is coming up on 5:00. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 new york app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. breaking news right now out of queens. a major route shut down by a serious crash. what police are telling us. plus, what we know about the local man who hopped the fence at the white house, setting off a scare as the first family was inside. and also right now, in search of the best deals. it's black friday. if the clouds don't slow you down, the fog might. "today in new york" starts right now.
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