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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  November 27, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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it and tipped it over the rest of the way. it ookelike there were about seven people in the water. but luckily none of them got pulled towards the rocks and they were all able to get out in the water. >> reporter: again, new jersey state police confirmed there were seven men in the water as a result of the overturned pontoon boat. the sad news from the new jersey state police, two of those men have died. the others at the hospital. we understand they're expected to be okay. we're trying to figure out more on their conditions and who they are. when we find out more, we'll get that information to you. i'm ray villeda, news4 new york. out of colorado, four officers are hurt and a gunman is still on the los after a shooting ear a planned parenthood facility. thngis is happening in colorado spring, an hour outside of denver. >> chuck at this moment police in colorado springs are looking for the shooter believed to be
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a long gun. the ap reporting four officers e hunt, an unknown number of civilians are hurt as well. police are telling people in the nearby businesses to shelter in place. scene. you're seeing the response. here just in he past 45 tminutes. i'm seeing a new update saying at the officers are in the building open taking gun fire. this information just comong in. here's how it started. colorado springs police say it all unfolded around 11:38 this morning mountain time, a call foidr shots fired near the planned parenthood. when the officers responded they encountered active gun sfier. injured. lice the not know the extent of their injuries at this point. an unknown number of civilians al iso hurt, that according to colorado springs police. through the different businesses
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and buildings to make surehat we proeide medical treatment to the individuals that are injured and as well as try to locate the shooter in this situation. >> so again such an active situation there. asking people nearby to shelter in place while they try to get is gunman here. now on a local note, as a result of the situation in colorado, suffolk county police on long island are increasing patrols around the planned parenthood locations there. chuck. >> thank you. breaking news n new jersey, crews are fighting a large brush fire. you don't see the flames from the video, but notice the thick smoke in berkeley heights. the west bound lane is closed because of the smoke. you can see the firefighters on the ground trying to put out the flame. new at 5 o'clock, video you have to see to believe. a dashboard camera inside a coounnecticut state police vehicle captures a wild cash. a 21-year-old bridgeport man was
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of nowhere in the video slamming into a car on the shoulder of i-95. the driver nearly ran down two people standing nearby along with a state trooper. fortunately they were not hurt. michael george is there talking with investigators. comi up at 6:00, more on the criminal charges against the man and why cops are hoping that story becomes a popular click on social media. and now we go to black friday, te official start of the holiday shopping season. millions hitting the malls egg ager for a bargain. linda baquero is out there with a look at how many shoppers are cashing in on the discounts. >> reporter: you've got to buy a little for yourself too. you can see might be a little n.nd me, the ml here tonight is beed but it's not packed.
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perhaps the impact of online and temperatures outside. but there are plenty of shoppers inside getting a jump onitheir holiday lists >> merry christmas. >> and they're off. e 2015 hol ay shopping season is officially under way and the hunt for bargains begins. >> we come out every black friday. >> why in person. some say it's more convenient to shop online. >> just gets you in the spirit of things. >> it's crazy. >> reporter: long lines? >> it was long lines. i just went to victoria's secret and i was like, no, i got to go. that crazy. >> the man rush is now diluted thanks to online sales that began earlier this month and thanksgiving day store hours, including here at the jefferson valley mall. >> we were open last night at 6:00 p.m. as h,ll. right before gates opened we had shoppers waiting outside to take advantage of the great sales. >> reporter: mhy do you come to the mall. some people say it's convenient to shop at home.
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why did you decide tou ome here in person? >> i feel like in person it's better. online shopping is great and all but sometimes you get the things and you're like, i don't really like it. i'm going to urn are it. >> i c 't standbying stuff online. half the time you have to return it. >> stores boasted 50% off hoping to entice shopper to spend big this season. >> we did our biggest sale this year, which is 50% off. we here eight years, we never did the big sale. >> prices look really nice. some good deals right now. >> reporter: and if you want to join in on the black friday madness, you've got just under a five hours left to go here at this mall. they close at 10:00. coming up after 6:00 we're going to have another live report and tell you which apps the shoppers prices. reporting live at the jefferson valley mall, i'm linda baquero, news4 new york.
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one of the ri-state's biggest outlets is in the middle of a maerathon shopping session. right now wood bury common opened at 9:00 a.m. yesterday and hasn't closed sense. big deals coupled with the nice weather led to huge crowds. shoppers we talked to said it was well worth . i g 60%. it was great. it's not that cold today. >> we got here at midnight, we lked around and we found some good deals. this one was actually 50% off the whole store. >> the stores will close at 10:00 tonight but they'll be morning. >> a great day for shopping but or selling coats, winter coats. >> no one is thinkin about coats right now. meteorologist janice huff is here with that. >> we didn't think we would get there with the fog in the area this mornin .
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the temperatures shot up into the six. 64 in entral park and islip, 66 at jfk. it was mild everywhere. not that many coats i'm sure being sold across the vie onbecause of the mild conditions. look, it's still like that out ere. 50s and 60 , no 40s. 63 in long bran , 50s out toward the hamptons and bridgeport as well. back to the west you can see the mild air around cleveland, d.c. and louisville but just behind that the coldair, 35 in chicago, mild yesterday, it's turned cold there for them. 20s in minneapolis. it is going to change for us. the temperatures are going to drop tomorrow when the front combs through. it's producing a mess from detroit all the way down to dallas. they've got ice, freezing rain and rain. what will we get from the system?
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>> stay one step ahead of the weather with the nbc 4 weather app to see the latest forecasts, interactive radar and a lot more. tonight we're hearing from the family of a retired nypd employee killed in a hit and run. several others were hurt when investigators say an out of control driver slammed into cars and people in brooklyn last night. news4's sheldon dutes is in eastern new york with more. sheldon? >> reporter: and shiba, that path of devastation unfolded just behind me here on pennsylvania avenue. and that retired nypd employee who was killed in this accident lives not far away from here. her relatives say she went out to buy the newspaper and that's when the accident happened. >> she was so loving, so caring. can't believe it. >> her loved ones consoled each other outside their brooklyn
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her niece overcome with emotion that her aunt just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. newspaper. >> police say the driver of a white mercedes rein over molina after hitting a car that was sitting at a traffic light. when the driver tried to get away, police say she slammed into another car that was stopped at a traffic light causing a four-car pileup. away. some drivers were treated for nonlife threatening injuries but the hospital. >> she's a lovable person. >> 24-year-old michael mcbean has been charged in connection with the deadly accident. molina retired from the nypd in 2008. today her friends and family gathered to remember her selfless dedication to others.
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she's a diligent worker, very loving person. >> she loved everybody. she was a cat lover. she just did all she could. >> reporter: and the suspect has been charged with attempted robbery, leaving the scene of a deadly accident and discorderly conduct. up next here on news4 new rk at 5:00, we'll have an update for the search in colorado for the gunman on the lose after a shooting at a >> plus this -- >> the former landlord here was murdered and now in a bizarre ist, toe tenants have been rced to vacate the premises. why. hundreds of protest ares crash black friday in chicago and manhattan. at 5:30, what they're demanding. be thankful it one your luggage airline workers caught on camera playing a game of toss the bag.
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we want to take you back now to the breing news in colorado springs. four police officers injured in a shooting out there. the gunman is still on the loo e ar a planned parendhood facility. an unknown number of cglians are also mutter. and police are asking people to shelter in place until the gunman is found. here in new york the nypd deployed units to planned parenthood buildings in the area. we ale continue to follow this story and bring you the latest developments as they happen. a solemn remembrance for the people in paris for the 130 men and women murdered by terrorists two weeks ago. the ceremony similar to ones that we've held every year in manhattan si
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of silence followed by the ading of all of those who lost their lives. david ushery has more on the emotional remembrance. >> even as the nation mourn, it doessinvestigate and work to builo a bigger effort to bake on isis. france paused today to mourn, honor and respect the victims of a domestic terrorist attack two weeks ago to the day.nyfrance's predident francois hollande after a week of travel that included stops in washington and moscow, told loved ones and the nation at large that france will do everything to defeat what he called the army of fanatics. and simultaneous with the sorrow, the aggress e h t for mooure terrorists believed to be
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both belgium lowered its threat vel today though it may not immediately calm the people there. >> the impression is that you've lost control of the security. >> i can't confirm that the threats for an attack is imminent and serious and we want to ask our population to stay carlm. >> nbc's heir simmons asking that question. rd tonight that belgium police have taken another man into custody, underscoring that two weeks after the atalk the fallout still being felt. > back here in new york, defighters rushed to the scene a hig rise fire in east rlem, on the 17th floor of lexington avenue. woman told news4 that she woke up and smelled smoke. nearly 40 years afro man polanski admit ed to raping a
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poland decided not to extradite him to the u.s. he's free to liv and work in poland. the director served more than a month in jail after a plea bargain but later fled the u.s. fearing he could be imprisoned much longer. some baggage handlers are in hot water. this is what people saw when they looked out the windows at san jose airport on wednesday. those handlers work for alaska airlines. now it turns out that's not a customer's bag. it's actually just a suitcase filled with magazines to play this game. but this passengers watching this didn't know that. they were worried it could be their bag. they were not amused. >> they were drawing a line with chalk as the starting point so they knew where to start from and from there everyone started
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>> alaska airlines apologized for the confusion saying the game should not have been played at the airport. really? we'll show yyo a few things you can do to make sure you get reimbursed if your bag is lost or damaged at the airport. today the white house celebrated a 50-year holiday tradition. the white house christmas tree finally arrived. sounds like the tree is about to get married. a horse drawn carriage, sleigh bells and the song "0 christmas tree" welcomed the stree. the first lady was there for the festivities and as you can see here, she wasn't wearing a coat. enjoying the same unseasonably warm temperatures in the nation's capital that we are here in new york city. the growers said this tree has special meeting, it was planted
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14 years ago, the same year as 9/11. >> it has a special imbe lichl, a beautiful tree coming to the white house that was planted in such a horrible year. >> the tree will be lit in the blue room and the president will flip the switch on the national g stmas treeutside the white use. the season is here. just checking off everything. >> trees with trees the trees are arriving. >> i was out in a short sleeve shirt today. >> a lot of people were big co s. those weren't necessary. it's like april w ther out there. average temperatures in april. mid 60s across the area. it's still pretty nice out there if you'v gotask e thid to do. you won't neod your coat tonight. you can go skating on the rink without your coat. temperatures in the city right now are in the 50s and 60s. 62om in midtown under mostly clear skies. it's still mild. that's down a couple of degrees from the official high at 64 in the park.
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it was also in the mid 60s in islip and farmingdale, west hampton, belmar at 66, 67 in bridge water, mid 60s in morristown and all the way up into the catskills and poconos. beautiful weather on this black friday for all of the shoppers and anything else you had planned. but this is going to change in a matter of hours because there's a cold front coming. itll's over the middle portion of the country right now, bringing showers on sunday and a cooling trend next week. right now mid 50s in blairstown. it's nice over northern new jersey, morristown 59, 58 in danbury. we've got some 60s sprinkled in down towards long branch 61. winds are light but they're out of the south. that's part of the reason why it stays warm acros the area, mild air that extends all the way back to the ohio valley and to the south. we're seeing high c uds stream through right now in advce of the cold front that's coming. the northern edge of the front
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is pretty weak. the southern edge has a lot more rain, south of st. louis and down into texas, on the back hside it's snowing, freezing rain and sleet. for us we're expecting less than a quarter are of an inch of rain and in some cases less than a tenth of an inch of rain between now and saturday night. mostly that will be on and off saturday morning into the afternoon. this evening, no rain at all, clouds come in and temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. by sunday it's clearing out more angoi we're up to 50 degrees. that will be heavy rain that's coming. back to you. >> still no sign of snow. >> nope. not here. up next on news4 new york at 00, tenants forced out in the st hreets. why this came without warning. and the quad kopter drones are expected to take off as a holiday gift. new at 6:00, why they could come wrapped in lots of legal red
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new tonight, tenants an an upscale brooklyn apartment building are homeless for the holidays. >> they say they were forced out after the building was deemed dangerous by the city. and as andrew siff explains, they're wondering about their building's mysterious past. >> salon owner maria barka had customers in the chairs when suddenly city inspectors ordered everyone out. >> we're prebooked for two weeks. like sorry, closed down. >> 20 many families at 120 south fourth street got the same urgent order, vacate. making them wonder -- >> this tenant said theres had been no hint that the apartment complex was dangerous. >> how the heck has this building been rented out for three years and all of the sudden it's deemed unsafe.
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>> two years ago a different kind of danger lurked here. the building's former landlord was found murdered in a dumpster on long island. authorities say a disgruntled construction worker stild stark over a money dispute. the question now did that dark past cover up construction dangers at the building. >> they told me you might as well look for another space because this building is coming down. >> maria is still waiting for an explanation from the city beyond the vacate order. in the meantime -- >> the kind lady at the other salon has given us a few chairs. >> we're neighbors and we have to help each other. >> the nearby salon let her set up shop. as for barka and the evicted residents, no word yet on whether repairs will be made. and until then the door is closed. >> i reached out to the
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building's department and no clair occasion as far as who happens next. in brooklyn, andrew siff, news4 new york. natalie is here with a look at what's hay head new at 5:30. straight ahead, new information on the breaking situation out of colorado where officers and civilians have been injured. an update on how many people have been taen to the hospital. plus thimb- >> a long island school nurse says she always wondered how she would do if faced with a real life and death situation. i'm greg cergol in brentwood. we'll tell you what he did to save the life of a 10-year-old. >> one person is dead after a fire ruy crash at an atlantic city toll plaza. tonight, details into that
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