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tv   Sunday Today in New York  NBC  November 29, 2015 10:00am-10:30am EST

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now on "today in new york," three people killed, more than a dozen others injured in a crash in new jersey that shut down roadways for hours. plus, how police say they tracked down a suspected rapist accused in at least two attacks. and new details about the man accused of opening fire at a colorado springs planned parenthood clinic. good morning and welcome to "today in new york" at 10:00. glad you could join us. i'm pat battle. >> i'm gus rosendale.
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as you head out the door today, you'll notice quite the change in temperatures. raphael miranda here with that. >> still 37 degrees outside right now. about 20 degrees colder than it was yesterday at this time. we are alsoing tracking some rain. showers are ending off to the south, but the chill has taken its place. temperatures in the 30s and 20s out there on this sunday morning. for tomorrow, as we head back to work, more sunshine but still chilly. that trend is going to stick around for a few days. here's a live look at storm tracker. you can see the rain down towards monmouth and ocean counties sliding away. we have sunshine building in, in the hudson valley. sunny for you in putnam county and westchester county as well. new york city dealing with clouds outside at this hour. you can see in your day planner, on. 37, coat weather right now. back to the 40s by lunchtime. sunny through the afternoon, and chilly and clear around 6:00. today's high temperature, if we can do it, only 50 degrees. yesterday we were in the 60s. how long will this cold last? and what about the rain heading our way?
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>> raphael, thank you. the investigation continues this hour into a crash in new jersey that killed three people and injured more than a dozen others. >> it happened late last night on i-287 in bernards township. ray villeda joins us from the hospital where many of the people hurt are getting treated right now. >> reporter: good morning, pat and gus. as you mentioned, several people at the hospital right now as a result of this crash. three people are dead, and more than a dozen injured. this happened on 287 northbound in bernards township around 10:30 last night. video. the backup lasted for miles. night. there were at least three vehicles involved, including a pickup truck with a trailer carrying cows along with a sedan and a passenger van. crash. you can see the sea of talts taillights.
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this was the scene for hours. they don't know how this happened exactly, which is why state police are investigating. what they tell us is more than a dozen people were injured. three people died. we know at least nine people are here at robert wood johnson university hospital in somerset. they're still trying to figure out all the details. when we find out more, we'll pass it on along to you. for now, we're live in somerville. >> thank you very much. we also an have an update on a long island crash. investigators telling us a female driver lost control and rolled her vehicle near the straight path exit. she survived the crash, walked to the shoulder, but then was hit and killed when she tried to return to her vehicle. as a state trooper responded to the crash, his cruiser was hit behind by a passing car. er er was not injured. firefighters will be back in this brooklyn neighborhood
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after a fire killed two people there. this exclusive video shows two people on the roof amidst the flames trying to save their neighbors. those men were able to save one woman. but 71-year-old octavia kinard and her husband died in that fire. >> put the hook ladder there. then i tried to climb up. shite was saying something that didn't make no sense to me because she was so much in a panicky state. >> three people did survive the fire. investigators say a power strip in the dining room appears to have started it. detectors, which is why firefighters will be back out there today trying to educate people in that neighborhood. oh, so important. and new this morning, police need your help to find the man who set fire to religious flags at a queens home. surveillance cameras caught the man entering the victim's front yard. he started that fire and then took off. 40 hindu flags were burned, but no one was hurt.
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this case, please give crime stoppers a call. and police are crediting crime stoppers for the arrest of a suspected rapist. officers arrested paul niles last night. he's charged with rape and robbery in east river park. police believe he dragged a woman behind the amphitheater there wednesday night, raped her, and stole her cell phone and credit cards. he was also charged in another incident that occurred earlier that day. the man accused of going on a shooting rampage at a planned parenthood center in colorado springs will be in court tomorrow. we have learned that the suspected gunman, robert lewis dear, was reclusive. there are suggestions that he had anti-abortion sentiments, but police haven't officially commented on a motive. yesterday there were vigils to remember the three people killed in friday's shooting rampage. and this morning, police in pennsylvania say they've arrested a man accused of killing a police officer. ray shelter jr. was arrested after a six-hour manhunt east of pittsburgh.
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police believe that shelter shot st. claire township officer lloyd reed last night. they say shelter is being treated for a gunshot wound to his right shoulder, and then he'll be taken in for questioning. turning to politics now. "meet the press" coming up in a few minutes. chuck todd is live in washington with a preview for us. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, gus. >> i know you have donald trump calling in today. he's facing a lot of questions about comments -- a lot of people saying he mocked a reporter's appearance. then maybe lied about it. also, some bold statements about 9/11. a lot of questions for him today. >> there are, and look, i think you know, he's not somebody that backs down from claims very easily. not somebody that admits if something is wrong very easily. and i think you'll get a taste of that this morning. you know, i think the question that we're tackling is, does it matter? you're going to hear some interesting statements from supporters of his who basically say, yeah, so what if he bends
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look at what's coming out of washington. and they believe it's worse with people in washington or worse with the media. even if they believe he is not telling them fully accurate statements, they believe he's speaking to larger truths, and it's something that, you know, he's very effective at when dealing with his own supporters. the question that i have is, is it stunting his growth with people that aren't with him? is this going to be a problem for other voters who are not yet with trump, whether they can accept him. >> larger truths. the whole idea of the post-truth era. there's something a bit orwellian about that. >> it is. i have to say, you'll hear this from donald trump. he keeps saying, well, people are repeating it. i've had people say this to me. there are hundreds of people. it's sort of like, so it must be -- if people repeat a falsehood long enough, it becomes true. that is essentially, i think, the tough place we are in our political debate right now. >> ben carson has been visiting jordan.
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why is that trip important to him? what is he trying to get across there? >> look, you can see it in the polls. his lack of national security credentials has shown itself in debates and other interviews. they know it. that's why he went over there to do this trip. is it going to help? we'll find out. we'll get a debrief from him. he'll be speaking to us from jordan. then he heads back to the states. but i think it's an acknowledgment. if you look, ted cruz's benefit directly at the expense of carson. it's hard not to connect it to the paris attacks. >> all right. carson and trump minutes away here. thank you, chuck. stick around for "meet the press" with chuck todd at 10:30. today president obama heads to paris to join more than 140 world leaders at the international climate change summit. security, as you might expect, will be extremely tight. thousands of extra police have been deployed and several major climate marches have been banned. paris remains under a state of emergency following the
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terrorist attacks two weeks ago. there have been clashes with demonstrators opposed to that security crackdown. police fired tear gas that some activists who had gathered along the route of a planned protest march. and officials in turkey say they will return the body of the pilot of that downed russian war plane. russian president vladimir putin meanwhile calling for sanctions. he has signed a decree that suspends flights and a visa-free travel agreement between those countries. turkey maintains that war plane was shot down after the pilot ignored warnings and entered its air space. today pope francis wraps up his african tour with a trip to the central african republic. the pope was greeted by a huge crowd at a refugee camp today. he'll have meetings with religious and political leaders. francis also has around 900 soldiers deployed in the country. the pope will visit with them too. the pope was warned the visit could be risky, but he was determined to make this trip. till to come on "today in new york" on this sunday
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morning, an i-team investigation. why some of the city's most vulnerable children are being denied transportation that they need to stay in school. and we've got a cold start to your sunday. temperatures in the 30s and 20s right now. windchills even lower than that. how long will this cold stick around? what about the rain that's on the way later on this week? we'll have all that coming up in
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welcome back on a sunday morning to "today in new york." 37 degrees. it's a chilly one as we start this morning, but maybe that's why these thousands of monarch butterflies are beginning to arrive at their winter home in central mexico. it's the annual migration. >> millions of monarchs make the 3,000-mile journey from canada to new mexico and the california coast each fall. the butterflies draw visitors from all over the world.
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>> they seem so delicate. you wonder when you see them in your garden how they make that 3,000-mile journey. >> tougher than you think. >> exactly. gorgeous. >> raph is here with a look at the weather. a little overcast. >> we're trying to get the sunshine going. there's a little sun out there already. north of town, you see a lot of sun right now. rain still lingering to the south. a mixed bag this sunday morning. lots of folks trying to get home today. it is a busy travel day. i'll have a look at your national travel forecast in a second. there you go. north of the city, bright sunshine. the tappan zee bridge. enjoying a chilly but bright start there. around freezing in many spots. let's take a look at your national forecast in case you're head home today. we've enjoyed having you, but it's time to go home. rain in washington, d.c. watch out for delays from the mid-atlantic across the southeast as well. rain in the forecast for memphis, atlanta, and back towards dallas. still dealing with icy spots in places like kansas and missouri. southwest looking good.
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minimal delays across the southwest and also chicago always a busy hub, quiet weather for you. temperatures in the 40s with sunshine and clouds. closer to home, we're looking at the sun building in, in places like sullivan county, orange county, rockland county, westchester. dry in the city and the sunshine will be building in as well. tracking this little last bit of rain through ocean county. south of toms river, you're seeing light showers streaming on in. they'll continue to do so over the next hour or so. then you're also going to dry out very nicely. probably by 11:00. i think the rain has shut down. this is what it feels like right now. you need the winter coats. 30 in poughkeepsie. we have windchills just below freezing in white plains. feels like 32 this hour in newburgh. this is 2:00 today. it's a much brighter picture, especially from the city towards long island and the jersey shore. mostly sunny skies right through the rest of the afternoon. we'll set this into motion here. stop it just for your morning commute on monday. 7:00 a.m., it's bright, quiet, and no umbrellas needed
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tomorrow. but it's cold. starting out especially monday morning. doesn't get much better through the afternoon. monday evening commute is also dry, around 5:00 p.m. sunshine and clouds fading away to a mostly clear sky. the rain approaches monday night into tuesday. forecast. first a look at the cold heading our way. this is what it will feel like monday 7:00 a.m. 26 degrees. that's what you need to dress work tomorrow. windchills in the teens. the coldest spots in the hudson valley. how about 17? that's what it's going to feel like in monticello for tomorrow morning. 50 for today. much cooler than yesterday. bright skies to enjoy throughout the afternoon. overnight tonight, mostly clear. a chilly night ahead, down to 36 in the city, 20s north and west of town. a little breeze out of the north, 10 to 15 miles per hour. only adding to the chill. there's your seven-day forecast. tomorrow is a chilly one. all day long, temperatures in the 40s. we have some unsettled weather for the middle of the week. showers arrive on tuesday. fortunately, temperatures will
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be mild. maybe a hint of freezing rain to start well north and west of town. that should change quickly over to plain old rain. we're in the 50s tuesday. wednesday, the tree lighting at night. hopefully we'll be dry by then. breezy and dry thursday and friday with temperatures on the cool side. you want to stay up to date with this changeable forecast, a lot going on around town this week. of course, it's with the news 4 new york app. tap the news 4 logo in the corner, scroll down, and select the weather tab. you'll get your latest forecast, use our interactive ray dar radar, and learn how to submit your own weather video. pat and gus, over to you. >> thanks. and now to an i-team exclusive. they're some of the city's most vulnerable children, battling extreme poverty. they live in shelters and temporary homes far away from their schools. >> melissa russo is asking why the school buses are denying them in this time of need.
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>> we wake up at 5:30. we have a 6:28 train to catch. >> reporter: it's a long trip to school for a sleepy headed 6-year-old named zion. ever since he had to move to a domestic violence shelter with his big sister and mom, who asked us not to show her face. >> i come from one borough to the next. it's hard, it's far. they're agitated. they have to get up in the morning. it's really not fair. >> reporter: not fair that the city has denied them a school bus, as if homelessness and trauma weren't hard enough, add sleeplessness and a triple train commute. >> one train? >> three. >> three trains? >> it's like chaos. >> reporter: then comes train number four as mom drops her 11-year-old daughter at her school. >> i feel like my mom is being committed to all these challenges because so many bus. >> reporter: under federal law, children living in shelters or even temporary housing are
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due to their vulnerable state. but the i-team has learned in many cases, instead of a big yellow school bus, the free transportation they get is a small yellow metro card. the d.o.e. says they're not required to provide buses. >> so we have students that come in. they've woken up at 4:00 in the morning because their shelter is in queens. >> reporter: emily is the social worker at the exceed charter schools in brooklyn. she says there are about a dozen children here in similar situations, running on fumes without a bus. >> it's taking months to get responses back. kids are missing a lot of school. >> how was your day in school? >> reporter: kids like these who live in temporary housing. >> i'm on the verge of being in a shelter. >> reporter: the i-team learned the kirkland children were denied a school bus for three months because the city said adding a stop for them would put the bus route over the five-mile
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>> we always have to stand. >> the train is always crowded. >> it's like walking all the way to the school. >> reporter: their mom says she's been forced to make desperate choices between picking her children up from school and completing her home health aid job training program so she can work, feed her kids, avoid homelessness. >> i feel frustrated, angry, upset. i made several calls, e-mails, sent letters. >> reporter: but it wasn't until late last week after the i-team interviewed the kirklands that they finally got a school bus. but by then, the children had missed 13 days of school. the department of education tells the i-team, we are aware of these cases and have already resolved one. we will continue to work closely with families and schools to provide all students with appropriate transportation services. >> when it comes to a young pe. rson who's in a shelter, it's our mission to try and reduce the amount of disruption and absolutely to tighten up the system so they are nearer their school. >> reporter: with more than
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shelters right now, it's understandably a challenge to keep them all close to their schools and because the d.o.e. won't necessarily create new routes for homeless children, nor will it bend its five-mile limit, many are stuck taking the train. >> families should not have to choose between sending their child to school and looking for a job. >> reporter: the nonprofit advocates for children gets state funding to advocate for poor kids in public school. they say they see way too many families who have to battle for bussing. >> there's nothing more frustrating than seeing a family that is working so hard to sustain their child's education, and they're climbing up such a mountain. >> reporter: despite zion's difficult commute, he and his sister have managed perfect attendance and good grades this year. but their mom still spends four to five hours a day on the train. hours she says would be better spent looking for a job and new housing, suggesting maybe in these cases, it's the city that
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should gol the extra mile. >> the d.o.e. won't tell us just how many homeless kids were denied school buses, but after the i-team got involved, the d.o.e. approved at least two additional school buses. still ahead onnen this sunday morning, a newborn baby girl rescued after she was buried alive on a california bike trail. how police were able to get to
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in central california, a suspected burglar died after he got stuck in a chimney during a break-in. a homeowner discovered the suspect when he heard screams after lighting a fire in the fireplace saturday afternoon. firefighters used jackhammers to smash open the brick chimney to get the man out of the home near fresno. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. investigators in los angeles
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buried a newborn baby alive. police did find the infant girl near a creek bed in the compton area friday after they got reports that people were hearing a baby crying. deputies had to remove pieces of asphalt and garbage to dig her out. they say she's barely a day old. this morning that baby girl is hospitalized in stable condition, and police are looking for whoever abandoned her. a new yorker who rode his way across the atlantic ocean for a.i.d.s. awareness is finally back home. >> victor mooney arrived home friday after 21 months at sea. he rode 5,000 miles, all in memory of his brother, who died of a.i.d.s. he'll celebrate his return in a ceremony at the brooklyn bridge tomorrow. and we're coming right back with a final check of your forecast.
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a research team in egypt says it may have finally found the tomb of a legendary queen. experts say the radar imaging of king tut's tomb indicates it has passages to a hidden chamber. >> that chamber could be the last resting place of the lost queen nefertiti. researchers have never been able to find her burial site. this new evidence will be sent to japan for analysis. the results are expected to be announced in a matter of a month. king tut had more rooms than we knew. >> a palatial tomb. we wait with baited breath. that would be fascinating. so much history. raphael, weather has changed dramatically over the last couple days. >> sure has. feels like the holidays now.
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good weather for that. she chopped down her own tree. check out her facebook. very interesting video. 50 degrees, cooler today, lots of sunshine, especially as the day goes on. tomorrow, 47, chilly and sunshine. tuesday into wednesday, that's where we're tracking that rain chance. it'll be mild enough for plain old rain. no snow this time. maybe a little touch of freezing rain deep into the hudson valley, changing over to rain. of course, wednesday night the big tree lighting. we're going to try and dry it out by then. some showers may linger. breezy wednesday and thursday. drying out by the end of the week. chilly temperatures starting to take over a little bit. you can see those overnight lows generally in the 30s. >> okay. rain or shine, we're lighting that tree on wednesday. come on doub. thanks for spending this part of your sunday with us. we'll see you next saturday starting at 6:00.
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