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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  November 30, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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sheldon silver as soon as he emerges from this courthouse. that is the very latest, andrew sif, news 4 new york. >> andrew, thank you for that newest information facing up to 20 years in prison. news 4 government affairs reporter melissa russo is in the newsroom following all of it as it unfolds. big angle here, the political implications of this guilty verdict. >> natalie, with their case against sheldon silver, prosecutors took on way more than one powerful politician. an indictment of the entire culture of new york state's government. today's verdict, for better or worse, confirms new yorkers' worst concerns about that culturealbany. a culture that they mocked from the moment sheldon silver a show me the money style of governing, it has taken down dozens of lawmakers in this state, but never in recent new york history a politician as fouerful as
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silver been convicted. it's a scenario that good government groups have long criticized. lawmakers yielding a lot of power over how your tax dollars are spent. allowed to earn outside income without enough public scrutiny. among the other outcomes of this verdict, perhaps, a brighter spotlight will shine on albany. all eyes will also turn now to the ongoing corruption trial of silver's republican counterpart, former senate majority leader dean skelos. questions will likely resume on whether a now emboldened u.s. attorney will also try to push forward with any kind of case, possibly obstruction of justice against governor andrew cuomo. of course, you remember the case against sheldon silver began with an anti-corruption mission which formed and then mysteriously disbanded prematurely. natalie.
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>> thank you for that angle there. want to take you back here to the live pictures, again, right outside the federal courthouse there in lower manhattan. we're waiting for sheldon silver to exit the courthouse there as soon as that happens we'll take you there live. a bad case of deja vu in hoboken. crews are working to repair another water main break there. today 4 investigates found hoboken water system at high risk of trouble and yet today's main was not on the priority list for repair work. why not? news 4 brian thompson is in hoboken to share what he uncovered. >> absolutely correct, chuck. behind here on monroe street that they're repaving now after turning the water on. it should open in a little while. but over the past two decades we have found on average two dozen water main breaks every year in hoboken some big like the one a week ago and some not so big like this one on monroe street. but we also learned what happened on the block behind me
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is now expected to happen. farther down monroe street at any time. this morning's break only affected about 100 customers s s or so. most have lost water during the bigger break a week ago and some could only dream of what a shower feels like. >> i'm going home now to hopefully shower. this is two weeks running. >> it must be frustrating. >> it is slightly frustrating. >> reporter: news 4 investigates that just a block further down this street an engineering report last year says there is an even higher chance of a break and six blocks down monroe, that same report says a water main break could happen literally at any time, putting needed repairs there at the highest priority. >> yeah, it's very frustrating. it didn't even flood this time or rain before it flooded. that's a little annoying. always seems any time there is a big rain storm and not there is not a rain storm and this is happening. >> reporter: repair of this
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break on monroe went much faster than the larger main break last week. but in a city as crowded as hoboken, the ripples of trouble go far beyond those who ended up high and dry. >> it's a big hassle. especially this time of year with driving. it's horrible. streets are closed. >> streets are closed and people are miserable here. they honk their horn already and now they just keep their hand on their horn, which is very annoying. >> reporter: it all comes as you would expect down to money. hoboken owning the pipes, suez operating the system and the two are in detailed talks to try to resolve this issue we have learned. in fact, coming up at 6:00, i will sit down and talk with mayor zimmer and all about this report that we got our exclusive hands on today showing exactly what's wrong in hoboken. live in hoboken, i'm brian thompson, new 4z new york. >> you could just sense the residents' frustration there.
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brutem beating in the streets of queens and people say the victims' choice of clothing has them looking at this as a possible hate crime. it happened in jackson heights. jackie is there with just how violent this was. checkey. >> natalie, that victim neighbors tell us lives behind this gate here in the basement apartment. he was beaten so bloodily you can see the blood stains on the driveway and sidewalk. and investigators now looking into whether what he was wearing played a role in this. possibly him being dressed as a woman. the 35-year-old victim was attacked early sunday morning around 4:00 a.m. sources say police responded to a 911 call for help and found the victim here on the sidewalk near the entrance to his home on 93rd street near roosevelt avenue. the victim was in kritdical condition at elmhurst hospital. still looking for a suspect and tried to determine if this was a hate crime. if the victim was beaten because of how he was dressed.
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and concerned. it's very dangerous this area? >> yeah. before it was very nice area. >> and neighbors tell us that police have been going from home to home looking for surveillance video that may have captured this suspect. they ask anyone with information to contact police. live in jackson heights tonight, checkey beckford. >> checkey, thanks. chopper 4 was over the scene as hundreds of firefighters raced to this apartment building there in the bronx. the fire broke out late today. it forced the residents out of there. some are dealing with the harsh reality that they won't be back for some time. marc santia is at the scene with more from those residents. marc? >> natalie, within minutes 200 firefighters and emts descended on this apartment building that finally put that stubborn fire out. now, so many families wondering what is next.
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huddled in blankets, cradling coffee, trying to keep warm as the cold reality sets in. >> i was very nervous. >> reporter: the fire started on the roof and affected many of the 66 units in the building. the family escaped, but they don't know if their apartment is damaged or where they will sleep. >> i thought a lot and they said, run and go down. and i did. >> reporter: woken up by rushing water and sounds of chaos, victoria was still in her pajamas when she ran from the fire. two of her neighbors and four firefighters suffered minor injuries. >> concrete and we have to pull them down. it's very difficult. >> reporter: right now investigators are trying to figure out if a crew working on the roof may have accidentally set the fire. 4 investigates checks with the department of buildings and there are no open permits pulled for this building right now.
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heights, i'm marc santia, news 4 new york. a refugee family has arrived in paterson, new jersey. their arrival comes amid much controversy over allowing syrian refugees into the united states. you may remember that governor christie said she wouldn't accept anyone else from syria. jen maxfield is has the latest on this arrival. jen? >> yes. well, we are being their five children will call home. a bunk bed for the younger children. a comfortable bed for their parents. a dining room table big enough for ten and a living room complete with a sofa and board games. all of this was privately funded by an interfaith coalition led by pastor caperdale. >> to provide refuge to the orphan too, the wid sxoe to the changer.
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to be loved and respected and we plan to do that regardless whether our governor says we could or not. >> reporter: close to syrian refugees out of concern that isis militants could slip in. the federal government takes two years, three sets of fingerprints and multiple interviews before giving clearance but today governor christie's spokeswoman said, "governor christie will remain opposed to the continuation of this program." senator robert menendez the son of political refugees from cuba says he disagrees with the governor. >> new jersey has always been a welcoming state. it is replete with stories of an immigrant past and present. and it will continue to be so regardless of what the governor may say. >> reporter: new jersey is currently home to just 20 refugee families who have fled syria civil war. freeholders continued to keep refugees despite the governor's comments. the city already has a thriving syrian community and he hopes to
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meet with the family to personally welcome them. >> we will eagerly await this family of seven to arrive and do whatever we could to make their stay a pleasant stay. >> this family is being intentionally kept out of the public eye because of concerns for their safety. but today in new hampshire, governor christie was asked about possibly revoking the benefits that refugees get here in the u.s. for syrian refugees, specifically. he would not say whether or not he would commit to that, but he did say he was considering all options. that is the latest live from paterson, new jersey. i'm jen maxfield, new 4z new york. >> jen, thank you. the man accused of shooting up a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs made his first court appearance today. robert dear is charged with first degree murder. faces the death penalty if convicted. dear muttered no more baby parts after he was arrested on friday. possibly indicating an
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anti-abortion motive. three people died, nine others hurt. dear will be back in court next week. jury selection has begun for one of six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. porter is the first officer to go on trial. prosecutors say that porter ignored gray's requests for medical attention and failed to put a seat belt on him in the back of that police van. potential jurors are being asked how much they knew about the case and the protests it fueled. a judge set bond at $1.5 million for a chicago police officer. squad car videos showed jason vandyke shooting mcdonald 16 times as he walked away from the frs os. the video sparked large-scale protests in chicago, including one that blocked access to popular shopping destinations. he was on drugged and armed with a knife and his client feared for his life. leaders from around the
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start of an 11-day climate change. they arrived they gathered for what is called the official family photo, as you see it there. then they got down to business sharing thoughts on climate change and goals for this conference. president obama spoke about paris' resolve in the wake of the recent terror attacks. >> we salute the people of paris for insisting this crucial conference go on. >> leaders hope to come to a sweeping climate change. president obama had a chance to talk with vladimir putin on the sidelines. you see in that photo taken there. he urged putin after turkish forces shot down that russian jet last week and also expressed regret for the death of the russian pilot and crew member in that incident. they both agreed a political resolution in syria is needed. still ahead, if you own property in new york state, a check could be in the mail with your name on it. plus a deadly crash on long island.
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what went wrong and the personal details a heartbroken father is sharing with us tonight. that's at 5:30. cybermonday meltdown. the crash that had tons of angry shoppers taking to twitter today. the deals you could still catch tonight. janice is here. >> inweather is dry for now. but changes are coming. rain is in the forecast that may interfere a bit with the tree lighting on wednesday. we'll break it all down for you,
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right now waiting for sheldon silver to exit the federal courthouse in lower manhattan. the former new york assembly speaken has been committed of charges. as soon as silver leaves the building, we'll take you there live. still some time to score cybermonday deals. workers have been processing orders all day long. >> that's right, 121 million shoppers are expected to shop online by midnight and we want you to check this out. so many people trying to logon to target to get its 15% discount. well, the site crashed. shoppers were locked out for most of the morning. nbc jay gray has more. >> reporter: it's a new sound of
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the season. the whiz and hum of the holidays. robots and conveyer belts. moving orders at amazon as fast as shoppers and point and click. >> we are in full force. 5% of people probably spent four hours on average shopping online at work but going into the evening, a lot of the cybermonday deals will be holding strong. >> reporter: data from adobe shows online sales have been strong since thanksgiving with shoppers spending more than $7 billion online from thursday through the weekend. up dramatically over last year. about a third placing orders from their mobile devices. >> i can't tell you when i was in the mall last. >> reporter: you know, even in small communities like this one, that is anything but high tech, many are logging on and looking for deals on cybermonday. >> it's ease of use. >> reporter: in the distribution and fulfillment centers like this one.
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are almost 200,000 employees and 30,000 robotic drive units out servicing customers for our record cybermonday. >> reporter: high volume and high tech, a growing holiday tradition. jay gray, nbc news, heights town, new jersey. >> you want to pay attention, we're talking about rebate checks. if you own property in new york, you might get money in the mail. the state began sending out the first of 2 million property tax rebate checks to homeowners. in order to be eligible, the property must be your primary residence and your household income must be $500,000 or less and depends on where exactly you'll love. you'll only get a property state check and the average check will be about 350 bucks and could take several months for all the checks to be mailed out. >> little delayed holiday check there. your money coming back. >> we all welcome that at any time. >> yes, we do. >> so, big week this week here. wednesday is the tree lighting here in rockefeller center and there is some rain in the
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forecast, but will it get in the way of the tree lighting and will it dampen things? we have the forecast coming up and there is a live look right now opour beautiful tree prelighting right now on rockefeller plaza and going to be beautiful on wednesday. rain, shine, sleet, snow no matter what coming up for the holiday season. right now the temperature 43 degrees in midtown and partly cloudy skies and those clouds rolling in ahead of the storm system that will eventually bring the rain. no rain out there right now. temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. right around 50 and pretty much close to average as we end the month of november, which was a very warm november. high of 49 in the city today. it will be mild the next couple of daze, but it will be rainy, too. we'll trade in the winter coats from this weekend to rain coats coming up for tomorrow. and the tree lighting, we'll see some showers. right now the temperatures in the 40s in the park and brooklyn, but we have 30s to the north and west. you're down below freezing in monticello and watch out in the valleys. north and west in the hudson valley, you may get a bit of
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freezing rain or glaze when that rain starts tonight and moves over those cold surfaces. otherwise, it's just mainly rain that we're expecting. most of the showers are south of the area right now. the moisture stream is coming all the way from the pacific ocean and crossing texas and into the southern and mid-atlantic states. that will help to feed the storm system that's coming our way. a cold front that will push through and several areas of low pressure that will come through between now and wednesday night. for tonight, though, for this evening, it's dry. up until about 1:00 in the morning. we'll start to see some light showers coming through the area. the rain is mainly light as we go through the day tomorrow and it's patchy on and off throughout the day. heavier rain showers, though, are expected on wednesday. particularly during the early part of the day. and we'll see some showers linger into wednesday evening. but most of that should start to taper off by the time we get to the tree lighting if you're coming out. in the meantime, this is how much rain is possible between tuesday and wednesday afternoon. maybe as much as a couple of inches for some coastal areas.
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the tree lighting begins at 7:00 p.m. here at 30 rock. 3:00 it will be raining because a lot of people will come early, of course. temperatures in the mid-50s, but between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., it should taper off the showers and by the time the tree is lit t will taper off to sprinkless. it will be rain and will be damp and will come to an end just in time for the tree lighting. if you are coming out, bring the rain gear with you. tonight, temperatures north and west, icy areas on roads and you'll have to be on the look out and dave price will have an update coming up in a few minutes. we're watching this for you and a look at dry weather for the end of the week and that extends all the way through the weekend. >> yauz thinking about maybe nice if the rain turned to snow and the last time that it ever snowed during the tree lighting. i can't remember. >> you know, i do remember it snowing during a tree lighting, i cannot tell you when it was. was probably in the last five to six years. i'll look it up for you. a plan to increase the
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safety of school buses in connecticut. new seat belts are required. but one big road block and you're going to want to know about this one. keep it right here. coming up at 6:00, a major health care provider shut down. what you need to know if you're one of the nearly 200,000 new yorkers affected.
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sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. tell your doctor about all the medicines you take and if you have any medical conditions. so talk to your doctor, and for details, visit being debated in connecticut and this affects every student who takes the school bus in that state. >> newly manufactured buses are required to have modernized seat belts that are believed to be safer but one big problem. nbc connecticut max reece reports. >> reporter: most school buses in connecticut are like this one, they don't have seat belts. >> overall, it's proven to be one of the safest vehicles. >> reporter: costs about 15 grand per bus was always the biggest point against the belts. but now leslie sheldon with the connecticut school transportation association says the group is open to a conversation about seat belts.
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>> you compromise the safety of the bus and the seat if you retrofit a school bus. if it's not seat belt ready from the manufacturer, every time you take the seat out of the floor, you compromise. >> reporter: just two weeks ago the federal authority on highway safety saying if they're needed in cars, they're needed on buses. according to the group, out of 42,000 motor vehicle deaths each year, six are school-age children on school buses. there are 450,000 school buses on the roads in this country. parents say the see belts are a necessity. >> a lot safer if they have seat belts in my opinion. >> reporter: they'd even be okay with a local tax hike to pay for them. >> might as well be something worthwhile. >> reporter: only six states have any laws requiring seat belts on school buses. in hartford, connecticut, max reece. linda is here with a look at
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we'll update you on our top story. the guilty verdict for one of the most powerful men in new york politics. fallen, disgraced and now convicted. start paying closer attention to the menus. new york has new rules to keep you healthier. and this -- >> tonight a fire looks for answers about the fiery car crash that killed his 20-year-old son and he talks
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