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tv   News 4 New York at 6  NBC  November 30, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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today finally returning to the courtroom around 4:00 with the guilty verdict. we want to show you these charges. two counts of mail fraud, two counts of wire fraud, two counts of extortion and one count of money laundering. all some pretty heavy charges. six of them carrying a possible imprisonment term of 20 years behind bars. this, again, sheldon silver, the long-time assembly speaker known in some circles, many circles as the most powerful man in the state of new york politics. he single handedly defeated west side stadium project as one example of the influence that he wielded. silver maintains that what he did was legal. his lawyers maintain that jurors may not have liked what he did, but that is the way business was done in albany and that it was perfectly legal. the jury of eight women and four men disagreed and, once again, you younanimous on all seven counts. many corruption cases over
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and, of course, we'll show you what some of that looked like. more than a dozen convictions from assembly members to state senators to sheldon silver, the most powerful of them all considered the cap stone in a recent run of prosecutions by u.s. attorney barara. silver got justice and at long last so did the people of new york. we also got a statement sent to us by the current assembly speaker carl hasty who said that accountability and transparency are critical for the people of new york. and critical for his office right now. sheldon silver emerged just a couple of minutes ago. told us he is disappointed at the verdict, but hopes to clear his name through an appeal. his attorney said they also were disappointed and they will fire an immediate appeal. reporting live in lower manhattan, andrew siff, news 4 new york. >> thank you for all the new developments there from the courthouse. nearly a quarter million new
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care coverage today. >> health republic is the 12th health insurance co-op to collapse. and the shut down is also leaving doctors and hospitals with hundreds of thousands of dollars of unpaid bills. ida segel has more for us. >> chuck and natalie, as of today health republic insurance is out of business. industry analysts say it is leaving a mess in its wake and the victims are doctors and patients. we spoke to one woman who says her health has been jeopardized as a result. sharon sharoni has diabetes. she uses a pump and a blood sugar monitoring device. >> it helps me maintain my blood sugars and it's vital. it's part of my everyday life. >> reporter: a few weeks ago, hers failed and she needed a new one. but sharon says the company that normally provides her equipment, better living now, told her no. why? because she is covered by health republic insurance. and after announcing they were closing down a month ago, they stopped paying numerous claims.
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>> they didn't care what i had to say to them, that they would not provide my equipment. so, i spent hours on the phone filing a complaint, you know, calling health republic. >> reporter: sharon filed a complaint with the state, which is requiring doctors and providers to continue treating patients whether claims are paid or not. the department of financial services tells news 4 investigates that most doctors are complying. dr. paul cooperman is, but it's a hardship. >> i definitely feel for these patients. and the last thing i want to see them is not be able to receive that cap. i would never deny them the care. but from a professional perspective in terms of running a practice, this is the money that we depend on to function. >> reporter: health republic likely owes doctors and hospitals more than $170 million in claims, according to the health care association of new york state. the state says doctors will be paid eventually, but it's unclear how much. meanwhile, patients are now
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insurance co-ops and taking on a whole new set of worries. like is my doctor in the network and is the new company financy stable? >> yes, i'm very worried, but i don't really have a choice because since the changes in the whole health care system, when you're an individual trying to obtain health insurance, we don't have that many choices. and they're not cheap. >> a spokesperson for better living now, the company that sharon says refused to provide her diabetes equipment tells me tonight that they have no ent because of patient privacy. health republic insurance did not return our request for comment. natalie? >> ida, thanks. another water main break in hoboken today less than a week after another burst pipe left thousands of residents here without water and heat for days. and news 4 investigates has discovered that so many of the city's water mains are in need of replacement. the city can't afford to fix them all. news 4 brian thompson has more on what he found out here from
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and they have fixed the one here on monroe street that burst earlier today. but it is all about money. this is the report. an exclusive look by news 4 investigates that shows the city has not investigated invested what experts say it should have over many decades. the current mayor tells me, that has to change. here's an up close look at the valve that was part of last week's failure. a decade old piece of equipment that should have been replaced years ago. it left many in the city high and dry for days while tying up traffic on the south side. >> we have an antiquated water system just like we have an antiquated sewer system. it's underground and nobody pays attention to it until it breaks. >> reporter: jim didn't know the city itself owns these pipes, 41 miles of them. they only operate the system under contract while handle over
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a little more than a third of a million dollars a year to hoboken to make repairs and replacements. some of the water mains here are orig nals. two miles dating to around 1870 and nearly half the city's water mains are more than 100 years old. suez engineers sat down with me to explain the issues it has to deal with and warn the average of two breaks a month will continue. >> you're going to figure it will continue along the same lines and more investment made in the system. >> reporter: suez says the city should spend at least $1 million to put a dent in these aging pipes. mayor zimmer in a statement says this latest series of water main breaks demonstrates the importance of investigating in our infrastructure. 40 high-quality projects totaling close to $15 million and warns hoboken isn't close to dealing with that. >> simply, they do not have the dollars to invest in the system to make a large enough dent.
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here goes back 20 years and several administrations. zimmer telling me, "i fully recognize that much more investment needs to occur every year to upgrade our water main system through a renegotiated agreement with suez water." vance would agree. >> sure, the city has to invest more. >> so, how can hoboken invest more money without raising rates astronomically? mayor zimmer tells me there is a termination clause in that contract with suez and, "she's not afraid to use it." in order to get a better deal with the water company that would provide more money to fix the pipes under these streets. live in hoboken, i'm brian thompson, news 4 new york. >> thanks for all that new information there this afternoon. the reverend al sharpton and director spike lee joins members of congress to push for new gun violence awareness legislation. the group, which includes congressman charlie rangel and
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create a national gun violence awareness month. also at the meeting, cheyenne norman of the boy fatally shot back in the bronx in 2012. >> my 4-year-old baby, the only boy in my family to this day he has not been replaced. he can't be replaced. >> spike lee says he plans to hold an anti-gun violence march following the premiere of his latest movie tomorrow. new jersey emt is behind bars tonight accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl. police arrested 43-year-old peter mitchell of new millford. a 16-year-old just told police that she had been abused by mitchell since she was 13. mitchell is charged with sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child. he is being held on $200,000 bail. a correction's officer accused of smuggling drugs into the prison is out on bail tonight.
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only news 4 was there when kevin mccoy faced a judge this morning. he tried to smuggle scalps and other drugs into the jail. he has pleaded not guilty. his next court date is set for january. more and more shoppers are clicking to find their best bargains this cybermonday saying no thanks to long lines in the store. expected to spend 3 million or more today. up 12% from last year and predicted to break the cybermonday record. that doesn't include those that logged in early to snag the deals. estimates 121 million people will shop online today. we said earlier that target had some issues because so many people were logging in. >> crashed the system. coming up, more than 200 firefighters were called to fight an alarm and not all made it out without injury. connecticut police search for the person who posted a picture to facebook. that photo right there of a dog with its mouth duct tape shut
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and storm team 4 meteorologist janice huff has rain in our forecast. we're tracking that rain and going to start out on the light side and maybe heavy by wednesday. the day of our tree lighting in rockefeller center. will it stand in the way? i'll have your forecast coming
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here in the bronx dozens huddled in blankets after a 5 alarm blaze tore through their apartment building. it happened this afternoon there in morris heights. more than 200 firefighters worked to put the fire out, which started on the roof of that six-story building. residents describe those frightening moments. >> i was very nervous. >> i saw the firefighters a lot and they said, go down and run
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>> two residents and four firefighters were injured. residents are being told they won't be able to go home for a while. there was a picture on facebook that set off outrage around the world and triggered a local police investigation that shows a dog with duct tape wrapped around its muzzle and the caption on the photo is, this is what happens when you don't shut up. a woman that went by the name of katie brown uploaded that picture and investigators believe she may be in connecticut or florida, but they have not been able to reach her. tens of thousands of people inundated authorities with calls and complaints about this photograph. an unusual fire scene on long island. firefighters hosing down burning garbage in rockville center. witnesses say that fire actually started inside a garbage truck and a worker had to unload so investigators could put that fire out. sanitation crews cleaned up the mess. investigators are looking into what caused the fire.
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expanded nationally and you may now be covered. contact your health plan for the latest information. for the first time a woman is now second in command at the new york state police. patricia grover appointed first deputy superintendent. the first highest ranking woman. she will oversee the day-to-day operations of the force and worked with the state police for nearly 30 years. governor andrew cuomo says she is a proven leader with dedication of the job. lester holt joins us now with a look at what's ahead. all the top stories and, of course, it's cybermonday. for the first time ever, early returns indicate more americans shopped online than in stores this weekend. that's a big deal. one company is responsible for a huge chunk of that online shopping. guess which one. our olivia sterns was with them today right down the road in new jersey.
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>> we know, of course, advantages and disadvantage to the whole online onslot. >> yeah, because, online all kind of apps that will drive you to the cheapest price or whatever you're looking for. the security thing is huge and making sure you're doing all the right things. a list of them and a lot to keep up and a lot of people trying to get into your information and your money. >> always excited when those package comes in the mail. >> especially the ones you don't know. who sent this to me? >> that's all coming up when i see you at 6:30. >> thanks, lester. a boost for governor chris christie's trailing presidential bid in a key place. the back in new hampshire's newspaper. >> melissa? >> chuck and natalie. still in single digits in the polls but campaign is showing signs of life in new hampshire. the new hampshire union leader endorsed christie. a newspaper with a history of boosting with its endorsements.
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the poll numbers of many past presidential candidates. the paper calls christie a solid pro-life conservative with running a liberal state and standing up to public unions. the endorsement does not mention republican frontrunner donald trump by name, but it takes a thinly veiled swipe at trump saying, "other candidates have gained public and media attention by speaking bluntly, but it's important when you're telling it like it is to actually know what you're talking about." governor christie knows what he is saying because he has experienced it. now, donald trump tweeted, how is chris christie running the state of new jersey, which is deeply troubled when he's spending all his time in new hampshire. well, christie and some new jersey residents responded to that today. >> i'm really glad that donald notice mead d me. that's so nice. happy to take any observation he has. only if he can do it in 140 characters or less.
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>> being direct and rude and sarcastic and disrespectful. you know, certain people are going to vote for him for being blunt. >> whether you're blunt or plain spoken it depends on where you stand with the issues regardless of how blunt you are. >> the new hampshire primary is ten weeks from tomorrow. hard to believe, chuck. >> all right, melissa, thank you. new york state, new york city leaders announced new legislation to make tree pruning is going to be safer. all comes on the heels of the death of a delivery man last week. among the legislation, city personnel and contractors will be required to be accredited and new safety protocols will be established. in four recent incidents the city has paid out more than $21 million in settlements. well, it's definitely time now. i think we made the switch to the winter coat, it feels like. everyone out there. seeing the folks making the switch to the longer. >> they have winter coats. but you still need lighter rain coats.
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the temperatures still aren't all that cold around here. even though we had a chilly weekend because we'll be back into the 50s most of this week and it's going to be rainy on top of that. maybe a raincoat with some layers underneath. you have to figure it all out as we go through time. here's a look outside right now. our view from the top of the rock camera. tomorrow is world aids day and that's why the empire state building is a day ahead for that tomorrow. beautiful night out there. just a little on the chilly side. clouds are moving in overhead and no rain just yet and a few sprinkles will show up later tonight. temperatures in the mid-40s. for now chilly and dry in some spots. but those winter coats we'll trade in for rain coats because it does warm up and the rain will be here overnight and most of the day tomorrow and even on wednesday during the tree lighting here at rockefeller plaza. although, we're not expecting it be a total washout. there will be rain in the forecast, though, extending into wednesday. wednesday the program is from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. and we know a lot of you may be lining up and
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ready to get your place in rockefeller plaza early. 3:00 is when we'll see some of the heavier rain. it should start to taper off by 6:00 to some showers. and even throughout the program and just before the tree lighting, there will still be a few sprinkles around. as we go through the evening. the chances for rain will become less and less and temperatures will be generally in the 50s. right now, though, we're in the 40s in tribecka and sheeps head bay and jersey city. temperatures north and west are in the upper 20s and when that rain starts up through the hudson valley and those valleys, you may get some icing early on before it warms up tomorrow morning. so, just be ready for that on roads and sidewalks. you can see most of it still suppressed to our south, but a lot more to go. this moisture that is flowing in all the way from the pacific and a cold front that will help to bring all that together in the next couple of days. for this evening, though, partly to mostly cloudy and mainly dry and some sprinkles and temperature in the may 40s. as we track the rain, you can see it coming through overnight and continue on and off throughout the day tomorrow.
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extending into wednesday. at time there could be some heavy, patchy showers, especially along the coast where you may get some higher amounts. and there by wednesday afternoon, you could see as much as an inch and a half, maybe two inches of rain for the jersey shore. the rest of us, between a half inch and about an inch. a high of 52 tomorrow. we're back to the mid-50s on wednesday and on thursday, the sun's back out and we dry out going into the weekend. it should be dry and temperatures just about near average. that's your weather. we'll have another update at 11:00. >> see you then. bruce is straight ahead with sports. >> chuck, the jets are back in great position to chase a playoff spot. coming up in sports, gang green runs at metlife stadium. chris ivory is still taking names. the giants turn it over one too many times against washington and suddenly their fate is out of their own hands. we've got your monday evening
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leave slow internet behind, get fios. >> are you talking about the jets. >> one team up, the other team down. that's the kind of season it's been for the jets and giants. and now big blue gets set to host this sunday at metlife stadium with playoff positioning and bragging rights on the line. lets lets start with the jets. ryan fits patrick tossed four touchdown passes including two to brandon marshall and chris ivory in the demolition with a marvelous 31 yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter. he's still going. at 6-5, the jets are right in the thick of the afc wildcard race.
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>> we needed to right the ship. you know, we needed tacome out and this was an important one for us. this season hasn't been perfect. there has been a lot of bumps so far, but we're playing meaningful games right now and, you know, we have to continue each week to put everything we have into it and win these games. >> meanwhile, the giants came up empty in our nation's capital. washington jumped out to a 20-point lead, thanks to an old nemesis. deshaun jackson, beckham jr. tried to rally the troops and provided another highlight reel, touchdown catch, a spectacular diving grab in the end zone, but it was too little, too late for big blue. both new york and washington are 5-6. atop the nfc east, but washington owns the tiebreaker right now. >> we have five games to go and if we can get back winning,
6:27 pm
>> how we finish and we have to play better football. but we have another opportunity this week coming up. and it's going to come down how to how we handle it and we have to win some football games. in hockey news, rangers forward stefan is out four to six weeks with broken ribs. the blue shirts host carolina tonight. the islandards play the colorado avalanche at barkley clay's center. chris young to a multi-year deal. mets coaches and players may still get over the world series loss but wiping the national league pennant earned them all a cool $300,000 a piece. the team's post-season share is a record. series are based on gate receipts from playoff games. $300,000 just in time for the holidays. consider this, matt harvey made $614,000 during the regular
6:28 pm
season and jacob $555,000.
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