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tv   Today in New York  NBC  December 2, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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held by police in new jersey. and a manhunt in brooklyn. a man pointed a gun at police, and now he's on the run. and in just a matter of hours, the lights go on, on the rockefeller center christmas tree. this morning, security measures being taken for the big event. "today in new york" starts now. exciting day. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, december 2nd. i'm darlene rodriguez. >> i'm michael gargiulo. storm team 4's chris cimino here with the forecast. matter of minutes now. rain and tree lights, when they're coming together. >> not coming together in a nice picture right now. nonetheless, tree lighting is always fun, and it will be festive again. there will probably be rain drops around. right now we're just seeing light rain and drizzle. notice this heavier area. that's going to push on there later in the evening hours. again, light rain around this morning. wet roads out there once again. temperatures today a little milder than yesterday. we're going to start out about 46. 52 by noontime with more showers.
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commute as well with temperatures in the mid-50s. let's get the first check on this wet morning commute. here's lauren. >> good morning. we have some delays out there if you're headed towards the george washington bridge. we'll take a live look. it's going to be hard to see, but you'll see delays out there. just a slow ride into the tolls. you have two lanes shut down with road work under the apartments coming off the inbound upper level. maybe head over to the lincoln tunnel if you can right now. might be a better option. also, fedding over to the fdr drive, we have road work out there. northbound from 79th to 96th and southbound 71th to 63rd. >> lauren, thank you. 4:31. happening now in brooklyn, police are searching for a suspect who pointed a gun at them. it happened along avenue b in brownsville. police say officers were responding to reports of gunfire. that's when they came across two men, one of them pointed a gun at them. one officer fired at least one shot. they don't believe anyone was hit. police sources tell news 4 one
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this morning, security is tight here around rockefeller center as crews get ready for the annual tree lighting ceremony. >> it is one of new york city's most celebrated events. here's a look at the tree. it's dark, but millions of people across the country will watch those lights being switched on. news 4's tracie strahan is on the plaza with what to expect. >> reporter: good morning. if you can believe it, people are already milling about the plaza, even at this early hour, trying to get that last-minute glimpse of the tree before it's illuminated before thousands of people here on the plaza. but there are things you need to know about what it will take to get here tonight and what can come with you. of course, you know this is an event. there's going to be plenty of music from sting to andy grammar and mary j. blige. there's also going to be plenty of heavy traffic. the city is shutting down
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anyone coming to the tree lighting tonight is being told not to bring umbrellas, backpacks, and large bags. they're all prohibited, even though we're going to get sprinkles tonight. once again, police say there's no specific threat, but commissioner bill bratton says visitors can expect to see highly armed officers guarding this area all as a precaution. >> it's there really to make people feel more secure. we're asking them to be aware but to enjoy, feel safe. we'll worry about security. they should just enjoy themselves. >> reporter: now, the ten-ton tree will be lit every day from 5:30 in the morning until 11:30 at night until january. on christmas day, it's going to be lit up for a full 24 hours. let's bring you back live. there it is. anyone coming to see this tonight, of course, being asked to use mass transit. keep in mind not to bring those things that are prohibited. we also want to show you the barricades that are still going up at rockefeller center. i'm sure both of you ran into
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they're putting more out right now. the nypd command center is also in the area as well. back to you. >> yeah, almost had to jump that fence. i thought security might tackle me, so i decided to go around. >> i vouched for darlene, and they let her in. i said, release that woman. all right, tracie. thanks. she'll be there all morning. sting, james taylor, carly rae jepsen, mary j. blige, some of the headliners helping to ring in the holiday spirit. watch the tree lighting and the special performances. it all starts at 7:00 p.m. here on nbc 4. i think what i love about this day every year when we do this, there's such an air of anticipation. >> so much fun. and it's really -- it's just great when you see all the kids arriving with their parents and they're excited, big wide eyes. all right. 4:34. also excited and wide eyed, chris cimino. >> excited. i don't know why my eyes are
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nonetheless, yeah, this kind of really makes it official. the holiday season. we like the rockefeller tree. however, we're talking about rain in the forecast. it's raining out there right now. generally on the light side as our live storm tracker radar shows. there's more behind this unfortunately for the rest of the afternoon and into the evening hours. with no umbrellas allowed there, rain slickers with a hood. that's the best way to go. make sure you're wearing shoes that water can't penetrate. it's damp and drizzly to start today. heavier showers for the afternoon into the evening. a little milder today than yesterday. into the mid-50s we go. the showers will likely linger for the tree lighting. first forecast shapes up this way. 46, another soggy day ahead of us. we climb to the mid-50s by late afternoon. keep the umbrellas with you. you'll need them from time to time. wet roads. any early issues? some train issues, perhaps. >> we have overnight track work out there on the 6, a, d, f, n, and r.
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plenty of detours on the buses today. and that's your changes for mass transit. today is a gridlock alert day. like tracie just said, we're encouraging you take the train or bus today to avoid the extra congestion that we're going to see out there in midtown. make sure you move your car. we'll have more weather and traffic coming up on the 4s. >> lauren, thank you. 4:34. this morning we're learning new information about the man accused of stabbing his wife and kidnapping his daughter. we know the man is an mta employee. news 4's katherine creag is live outside st. barnabus hospital in the bronx where the wife is being treated. >> reporter: good morning. it has been a rough 24 hours, or less than 24 hours, for this family. friends tell us that woman who was stabbed by her husband, according to investigators, is in critical but stable condition here at st. barnabus hospital. the child, a 3-year-old girl named rebecca. it is the couple's child.
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her father, though, diomedes valenzuela, according to police, took her after stabbing his wife, the child's mother, in the bronx. he fled to new jersey in a minivan but was captured in clifton. the child being taken set off an amber alert. valenzuela had been described as armed and dangerous. he was tracked down off the garden state parkway. >> it was obviously a high-risk stop. the suspect was arrested without incident. the young lady, the 3-year-old little girl, was inside the vehicle totally unharmed. >> reporter: investigators say this all started when the child's parents were arguing yesterday afternoon. according to the nypd, the wife was stabbed many, many times. people who know the couple tell us it seemed there was nothing giving them a hint that this couple had any kind of trouble. they never saw any kind of domestic violence. you'll hear more about that coming up. back to you. >> katherine creag, thank you.
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blasio plans to push for the renewal of the zadroga act. we're hearing word that congress may be close to making a deal on extending the health care program for 9/11 responders. it is going to run out of money next year, and that is if congress does not act soon. lawmakers in washington want to take a closer look at the new jersey turnpike crash that seriously injured tracy morgan and killed a fellow comedian. the accident will be included in an upcoming study on the potential dangers of long commutes by truck drivers. the national transportation safety board has already released its own report on the crash. it f nd the driver of the walmart truck that slammed into morgan's limo bus had not slept for more than 28 hours. on staten island, one group is launching a petition hoping to save the borough's deer from hunters. city officials are currently reviewing a wide range of method, including hunting, to manage the deers' growing population. the group ny class posted a
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humane way, such as animal birth control. other effective options include relocation, improved roadways, and fencing as well. you may be able to help police find a violent livery cab robber on the loose in staten island. they released photos of the woman. she's in her 20s. police say she tried to hold up two drivers at knife point last friday. both crimes happened within minutes of each other in the port richmond section. in one robbery attempt, the driver's hand was slashed. police are on the hunt for thieves who robbed a mother and son inside their bronx home. we want to show you the men police are looking for. officers say they heard the victim -- the victim heard a knock on the door of his apartment. when he looked through the peephole, he saw his mother. when the 29-year-old opened the door, the suspects then forced their way inside. one of the suspects beat the son while the other one stole a television and cell phone. a homeless teenager is facing murder charges now in rockland county. witnesses say the 19-year-old
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people to call 911. police found a 66-year-old stabbed to death in a top-floor apartment. detectives questioned the boy all day yesterday before charging him with second-degree murder. he is due back in court on friday. coming up on 4:40. u.s. military stepping up its commitment on the ground in both iraq and syria to fight isis. the pentagon now says 150 special forces operators will be sent. that's up from the 50 that president obama announced back in october. they still won't be fighting on the front lines directly. they will be conducting raids against isis. >> these special operators will over time be able to conduct raids, free hostage, gather intelligence, and capture isil leaders. >> the president just returned from paris after talking to u.s. allies. you saw him with francois hollande there. yesterday, a top-ranking general told congress that isis has not
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and we're getting a new look at terror recruitment here in america. turns out new york state leads the country in arrests of suspected isis members. new york state having 13 arrests, two in new jersey. a george washington university study finds there were 71 arrests nationwide since march of last year. 56 so far in 2015. suspects tend to be young men who come from diverse backgrounds. it's 4:41 right now. just ahead, changes at the top in the city of chicago following an officer-involved shooting. this morning the top official who's gone, and who may be next. plus, who owns the statue of liberty? why new jersey is trying to lay claim to this iconic landmark. and chris is tracking the rain. will it put a damper on the tree lighting festivities? your weather and traffic on the 4s is coming up. don't forget to follow us on facebook and twitter. michaelg4ny, darlene4ny.
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4:43 on this wednesday morning. four things to know this morning. rights now a bronx man accused of stabbing his wife and kidnapping his daughter is being held by police in new jersey. the little girl wasn't hurt. today the city council will discuss creating a bicycle safety task force. the group would tackle issues that include crashes and bicycle lanes. there's a live look at rockefeller plaza. this morning, a last-minute rush to get everything ready for tonight's tree lighting. you can watch the lights go on tonight at 7:00 on nbc 4. today the port authority board of commissioners is holding a community meeting at the bus terminal to hear comments, questions, or suggestions on ways to improve. the meeting begins at 4:30. all right. 4:44 right now. time for weather and traffic on the 4s. let's check in with storm team 4's chris cimino. looking over the plaza right now. it's going to be a little wet, but it should not dampen
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>> think about what happens at times square on new years sometimes. people just deal with the weather. that's what will happen tonight. there could be a lull in the action with the heavy-duty rain. i'll show you in a second what some of the computer models are indicating. right now it's a little damp out there on the plaza as the preparations continue for the tree lighting. 46 degrees, drizzly in the city, a few showers breaking out to the south and west. more yet to come. the weather headlines today, it's another wet day. tree lighting looks like it will be damp. dry as we head into the weekend. actually from thursday right on through the weekend. showers out there right now. 48 is where we should be for a high temperature. we're going to be above normal again at 56 degrees. november went in the books as the warmest one on record. december starting with above normal temperatures as well. a lot of 50s across central new jersey. we drop to the mid and upper 40s across central-northwest new jersey. lower 40s through the hudson valley this morning.
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some fog is trying to form. a mile and a half in islip. a little more dense in belmar, where it's at a half mile. this is the concern right here, the heavier area of rain moving across west virginia and western north carolina. this is what's going to ride up along the cold front that heads in our zrex direction later today. right now we're in the midst of lighter rain this morning. you'll need the umbrellas throughout the day from time to time. one push of rain this morning, then another one this afternoon. this is 1:00. there's space in between these showers. heading into the evening, we get that one push between about 3:00 and 6:00 where it could be at its steadiest. then a little break in the action, so to speak. into the tree-lighting time, 8:00, 9:00, there's a line of showers. that's the actual cold front that has to come on through. the timing of that is going to be tricky. then things begin to clear on out overnight. tomorrow should see sunshine return. then it's quiet. as we break it down for the tree lighting, if you're heading out
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lined up and in position, expect rain at 3:00, 56 degrees. 6:00, showers still out there, 55 degrees. for the actual tree lighting, right before 9:00, about 54. still could be a couple showers around. once we shed the rain today, it's a dry stretch of weather for the next few. friday, saturday, and sunday all with sunshine. late clouds monday. maybe showers again by tuesday. let's find out about the early commute from lauren. >> thanks, chris. good morning, everyone. visibility is not zbraet great in certain areas. we have a lot of road work this morning. heading to jersey city, route 139 is shut down in both directions between jersey avenue and tonnelle avenue. you'll want to use the turnpike extension or local streets. we'll take a live look outside at the alexander hamilton bridge. things are moving along nicely on the cross bronx expressway. those roads are wet out there. delays have eased out that were into the inbound upper level tolls at the george washington
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35-mile-per-hour speed restriction this morning. something else to keep in mind. heading over to the grand central parkway by laguardia airport, smooth sailing here as well. just take it easy. recommend driving slowly this morning. alternate side of the street parking rules in effect today. >> okay, lauren. thank you. 4:48 right now. chicago's top officer is out, and now there's new pressure for the mayor to step down as well. new accusations suggest mayor rahm emanuel took part in a cover-up. many critics say video of the shooting that killed laquan mcdonald was suppressed for a year because the mayor feared it would keep him from being re-elected. emanuel fired police superintendent garry mccarthy. emanuel insists releasing the video earlier would have hampered the investigation. >> mr. mccarthy had become a distraction. there are a lot of questions in this room about you and your office. have you become a distraction as well? >> you'll make that judgment. i think i'm doing my job. i try to do it every day and do
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>> a judge will rule next week on the release of another video showing chicago police shooting and killing 25-year-old ronald johnson a year ago. police say he had a gun. his family insists he was unarmed. in the race for president, you don't necessarily make some big gains in the polls, even if you spend a lot of money on advertising. jeb bush, marco rubio, john kasich are all outspending donald trump, dr. ben carson, and ted cruz by a factor of 16-1. but they still dominate the race. bush, rubio, and kasich spent a combined $47.5 million. trump, carson, and cruz spent less than $3 million. new jersey is at it again. first they tried to claim new york's football teams. now it's going after lady liberty liberty. they want to put it on their upcoming state quarter. they point out they're in new
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but peter king says new jersey should find something of its own, possibly, quote, a swamp or something. harsh, harsh words back and forth now. >> in this holiday season. university of connecticut officials releasing a plan to raise tuition there. they want a price hike of more than $3,000 for in-state students, $4,000 if you're out of state. this will be over the next four years. officials say that move would help close a projected $40 million gap in the school's budget. the proposals still have to be presented to the school's board of trustees on december 16th. >>,> the beacon theater will be jerry seinfeld's new home away from home. he'll perform there once a month for at least the next six months. seinfeld says he was never really interested in doing a residency, but the opportunity to do one at the beacon helped change his mind. >> it was really more about the theater itself. it's like i love this theater, i love performing here. i thought, if i could do
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this is the place i would pick. >> all right. well, tickets for seinfeld's residency at the beacon go on sale next monday. his first show is scheduled for january 7th. i'd love to see him. i'm a huge fan. >> it's interesting. he's doing that. billy joel in residency at madison square garden. maybe the artists feel comfortable in a certain place. >> at a certain point in their career, they want to just chill. we're in residency as well. sort of, kind of. 4:51 now. still to come, a consumer alert. the warning you need to hear just as your black friday and cyber monday packages start arriving at your door. and he's known as the dancing cop in rhode island. he'll be sitting out the next dance this holiday season.
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all right. a live look there at the grand central parkway by the l.i.e. a little foggy out there. definitely be careful. >> foggy and messy. not the best conditions this morning on this wednesday. >> very moist. >> very. >> i hate to use the word moist, but it's been that way. nothing very heavy in terms of rain. the visibility down in some locations. storm tracker shows the rain, light for the most part, moving on through. heavier showers sitting to the south and west. we think that gets here later this afternoon and evening. for today, a milder day. however, on and off showers likely with drizzle in between. high temperature, 56. tonight, showers and drizzle tapering down overnight with a low of 46. then a nice stretch of dry weather. by december standards, we're talking 50 on into the weekend. >> fantastic.
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>> hey, lauren. >> sloppy roads. no accidents though. we like that. it's a little early yet. we'll show you some road work. there's the brooklyn bridge. you have the manhattan bound side of the span shut down. things are still moving along. heading over to the connecticut turnpike, here's what it looks like. visibility is a little bit better on 95 in this area this morning than elsewhere. of course, we'll continue to keep a close eye on that. so far, so good for the morning commute. >> lauren, thank you. we're learning more about a new parking lot in rockland county. it will serve people who want to walk and bike across the new tappan zee bridge. the lot will be located at exit 10. it's supposed to answer the protest of south niack residents. they don't want cars in their neighborhood when that it's a small town. >> i was driving through there over the weekend. all right. rhode island's famous dancing
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rhode island. >> he says he's also been denied jobs in east providence. he claims it's all because he participated in a counterprotest of the black lives matter movement. he'd been entertaining holiday shoppers there for decades. he says he loves the notoriety, but not the kind he's getting now. >> i need this for my pension, so i can live comfortably. children. i love doing it. >> he says other communities have hired him to dance this holiday season, but he's not saying where out of fear of protests. two puppies who were stolen on the upper east side are now back with their owner this morning. a couple stole her bag with the puppies in them as she was leaving a store. the couple later approached a security guard in the city and asked him if he wanted the yorkshire terriers. the guard saw on social media
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the puppies to their owner. >> they've been with me since the day they came into the world. i was handling them from the moment they were born. >> well, they are just 6 weeks old. we're happy to say they're both safe and healthy. >> that's good. in news for your health, a new study suggests false positive results from mammograms can be an early warning sign for women. north carolina researchers found women with a history of false positives had a slightly higher likelihood of later developing cancer. it is about one additional canker in every 100 women who have a false positive. that's over a ten-year period. women who have an abnormal mammogram should stay vigilant. more and more thieves are taking advantage of your online shopping. 23 million americans have had packages stolen from their doorsteps. experts suggest having those packages sent to your office if
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having a neighbor watch for any deliveries you are expecting. more than 1.5 million cordless drills are being recalled after reports of burns. harbor freight tools says it received reports of the drill switch overheating. at least six people were burned on their hands and fingers. there are also reports of minor property damage. customers can return them for a replacement drill. manhattan getting a new area code. the new 332 area code will be added to the borough sometime in 2017. the new york state public service commission says the new code is needed to meet the rising demand for new phone numbers. experts say without it, manhattan would run out of the available codes and numbers within two years. so move over, 212. >> i don't think they're all going to like this. >> 212. >> all day. it's 4:58. the white house is getting ready
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the capitol tree lighting ceremony begins at 5:00 tonight with the lights scheduled to go on shortly before 5:30. reese witherspoon will host the festivity ies festivities, which will feature performances by crosby, stills and nash. if you're about to head out the door, take us with you. >> keep watching "today in new york" by downloading the news 4 new york app on your mobile device. our next hour starts right now. a wild scene in brooklyn. police open fire on a suspect. this morning a manhunt is under way. >> and ready to shine. this morning security is tight, ready for the crowds. it is the annual rockefeller center tree lighting. but will the weather cooperate? tomorrow steam 4 tracking rain threatening to make for a wet tree lighting. "today in new york" starts now. good morning, everybody. 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday, december 2nd. i'm michael gargiulo. >> i'm darlene rodriguez. storm team 4's chris cimino here with the forecast. >> good morning. a little damp is what the tree
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